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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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it also taught me that seeking to take a leading role in this volatile economic environment is never going to be easy. i know i speak for many others here in the audience when i say with the leadership roels come some of the sacrifice that we need to make that comes with that. i'm very privileged to have my wife kim here. i'm delighted that she's with me. but i'm also sorry to say that most of the time the only chance we have to speak with each other is on the plane when we go somewhere. so i want to thank her for everything. and i couldn't do that without her. i also within the to especially welcome my mother-in-law who is here and the widow of the late senator purcey. [ applause ] >> but i think you'll agree with me that the personal sacrifice that we make as leaders in business is nothing compared to
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the price willingly paid by those who risk their lives in the cause of peace and stability. so i feel especially humbled tonight to be receiving this reward on an evening when you recognize the men and women of the armed forces. i'm accepting this award at a critical time for business. capitalism as we know it is being questioned. at a time actually when trust in corporations and governments is at a low. yet the need for responsible business has probably never been greater. the world faces many challenges that he summarized. food security, poverty reduction, sustainability of resource, yes, climate change and social and economic development for all. the scarsity of food, water and energy alone represent what many experts are calling a perfect storm. and another two billion people will be entering this world in the coming 30 years and these
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challenges will only multiply. it is clear that we do have to act before it is too late and yet we face a dilemma. in fact, if forgive me as a business person i put it in terms of supply and demand. in fact, the demand for change from citizens is growing. in fact, they're screaming out for it. and social media is increasingly giving them a voice in these demands. and at the same time the ability of governments and others to supply, to supply the changes that are needed is increasingly limited. now i believe that business has an opportunity and a responsibility to step up and give the lead. i always like to call franco who said in his book's man's search for meaning, when they built the statue of liberty on the east coast, they forgot to build the statue of responsibility on the west coast. i think that is true for all of us.
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now we have a historic opportunity to strengthen the confidence of all the citizens and to reverse this mistrust that increasingly exists this mistrust towards business to show that capitalism isn't that and that it's just a need of a fresh expression. at unilever we try to give the lead in this respect. we put sustainable and equitable growth at the heart of our business. that is our business model. we set our ambition higher. we want to double the size of our business, but at the same time half our environmental footprint, a total decoupling. we want to in effect decouple this growth from the negative impact on the environment. no company of our skiez or complexity has set such audacious goals. yet this new model of sustainable and long-term growth is absolutely needed and we call it the unilever sustainable living plan. we have 60 time bomb targets covering the entire value chain and that will reduce hopefully the impact that we have and at
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the same time improve the lives of millions of people around the world especially the many that go to bed hungry, or the many people that we call small home farmers and many more. we want to save lives. it cannot be right that in today's world millions of children die every year of preventable diseases like diarrhea when the answer lies in simple hand washing. it simply cannot be right that one child dies still every six seconds in this world it simply cannot be right that a billion people go to bed hungry every night. therefore i'm very please that had the secretary general is here as well and would certainly call for endorsing strong lizly his initiatives of every woman, every child, our energy for all and scaling up nutrition. our sustainable living plan is a ten-year plan. with one year on we're starting to see real progress. not least because others are also rallying to the cause.
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we simply cannot do it alone. we've always said power comes from collective action. so when for example, the world's major retailers and food mmplers under the global consumer goods forum commit to put an end to deforestuation we begin to move the needle. i know there's a growing appetite for the agenda here as well. we need to bring the u.s. obviously in the foreground on this leadership. the ingenuity and innovations for which you are known for are needed more than ever. in particularly we hope that the u.s. government can set the right tone and ambitions for the up coming conference. we also need the europeans to join the u.s. together you compromise the largest models in the world for a long time to come. you can can set the example once more of what sustainable development is and to step up the leadership, the leadership that we need to work in partnership with business, multilateral institutions and civil societies to solve some of
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these biggest challenges. the secretary general mr. ban ki moon understand this very well. i know they're doing everything they can to break down these institutional barriers we have and kept close in cooperation amongst the many stake holders particularly in one of the biggest challenges that we have which is food security. it certainly is a privilege to lead the private sector group on these issues ahead of the up coming g-20. if we're serious about lifting people out of poverty. stimulating economic development, ensuring that we can feed the world, and if we're serious about destabilizing effects that come from food shortages and we simply have to act now. on food security and other pressing global issues business simply has to take the lead. but it requires a new way of thinking. it requires a new business model. and we used to talk about business getting a license to
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operate. i don't think any longer. today the challenge for business is to earn permission to lead. the world needs it, the consumers demand it. we cannot leave these challenges to governments alone. business simply has to step up and time is running out. as one of the greatest countries here on earth that you are most influential as well. one of your founding fathers benjamin franklin once famously observed that you may delay but time will not. and lost time is never found again. at unilever we're trying to earn permission to lead. it is a journey in which the 171,000 men and women who work for our wonderful institution are committed. on their behalf and mine, i certainly thank you for acknowledging that this evening and for giving us this presentation, this evening as well. i'm deeply honored and certainly thank you for your time. [ applause ]
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>> now we turn to the distinguished humanitarian award which is very exciting because actually you know, mika, this is the first time that prince harry has been in washington, d.c. >> that's correct. i think that's news making. >> that is news making. >> i think we need someone really big to introduce him. >> who could it be? >> someone, i don't know, like a true american hero. >> a true american hero like jengenerajencgeneral colin powe. as a soldier, a diplomat, a statesman, a civic leader and role model, he has by the range of his achievements and by the dedication of his service provided an inspiration around the world and he's a man and i'm
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editorializing here that my republican party could sure use instructing it on foreign policy decisions. [ applause ] >> maybe just a little. you might be right about that. the atlantic council 2005 recipient of the international distinguished leadership award, former secretary of state, chairman of the joint chiefs, honorary director of the atlantic council and one of the most celebrated men in this country and around the world. >> ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm atlantic council greeting to general colin powell. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, joe and mika for your kind introduction. it's a great pleasure to be back at the atlantic council.
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especially on this occasion when the atlantic council has the privilege of presenting its distinguished humanitarian leadership award to his royal highness prince henry of wales. all of you know him better as prince harry. i prefer to know him better as captain harry wales. don't you forget it, captain. [ applause ] apart from recognizing his contributions to humanitarian projects, i would be remiss if i didn't note that his presence has altered the normal demographic make up of our audience. we have a record number of young single women attending this year, prince harry. and you saw them outside. i also have to say that the average age for an atlantic council dinner has dropped 25 years as a result of your
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presence. and for that, we really, really thank you. [ applause ] >> prince harry is a young man who has grown up not just with good looks and royal privileges, it would have been easy for him to choose a life of ease and leisure. instead he chose a more difficult path. by so doing he has become an example to millions of others. it is a path that fully embraces the noblist traditions of service to his country and to his fellow human beings. on the one hand prince harry has bravely followed the tradition of generations of british royals before him by serving his country in the military. he has been an army officer in the british army since 2006. and deployed with the household
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cavalry regiment battle group to hellmund province in 2008. during his time there he served on the front lines directing british and american aircraft on to enemy targets. he has shown that he knows what it means to lead by example. even when it means possibly paying the ultimate price. almost three years ago he applied for pilot training with the army air corp. his aptitude and skills were ideally suited to this role and he earned a place in the apache attack helicopter course as a result of that. the end of this training his training this year he was awarded the prize for best co-pilot gunner. one of two awards that marked the best students in the course. and he is now serving as an apache pilot with three regiment air corp. on the other hand prince harry has wholeheartedly continued the
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royal tradition of advocating on behalf of society's less fortunate members. clearly the loving effort that princess diana made to teach her sons the importance of serving others has touched the heart and souls of her two sons and continues her legacy. harry and his brother prince william have always focused on veterans' welfare as one of the principal causes of their charitable lives. in launch of help for heroes in 2007, both princes played a leading role using their positions to put spotlight on this extraordinary charity. since the creation of the foundation of prince william and prince harry, in 2009 both princes have moved to make their own mark in the world of philanthropy. they have acted together in developing many different
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initiatives to help veterans. for someone so young prince harry's charitable ambitions are notable and the impact of his work is already very, very significant. through his efforts, he restores hope and confidence to those who have been wounded in the service of their country. the most prominent example of this is the participation -- his participation in the walking with the wounded program which helps wounded troops demonstrate their courage and determination as they prepare for the return to civilian life. prince harry has shown a remarkable ability to lead by example and demonstrate the importance of using one's experience, talents and position to benefit one's fellow man. the atlantic council recognizes the tremendous commitment prince harry brings to his humanitarian endeavours and honors him for the significant impact of his charitable work on behalf of soldiers and their families. in presenting him with the 2012
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distinguished humanitarian leadership award, we know he will continue to be an inspiring example to young people around the world on the importance of service to others. ladies and gentlemen, i am honored to present to you, the recipient of the 2012 distinguished humanitarian leadership award his royal highness, prince harry. [ applause ] ♪
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>> this isn't daunting at all. jeb powell, thank you very much for your incredibly kind words. for a captain in the british army to be introduced by such a world renowned soldier and statesman is truly humbling and a little terrifying. so, it is with great humility that i accept this award. generally, i obviously don't feel that i've done nearly enough to deserve it, but i'm immensely grateful to chairman of the atlantic council, senator chuck hagel, the president fred kemp and the board of the atlantic council for affording me this great honor. if i may, i would like to accept the award on behalf of my
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brother william, our foundation, all those on both sides of the atlantic who work so tirelessly to support our wounded veterans, but particularly for the guys because this is their award. it would be wrong of me to speak for these heroes but not presumption of me to pay tribute to them. so many of our servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice. so many lives have been lost and so many changed forever are by the wounds that they have suffered. they have paid a terrible price and keep us safe and free. the very least we owe them is to make sure that they and their brave families have everything they need through the darkest days and in time, regain the hope and confidence to flourish again. for these selfless people, it is after the guns have fallen silent, the battle quietened
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that the real fight begins. a fight ma may last for the rest of their lives. we all continue to support our armed forces in defense of freedom at home and abroad, but sooner or later the coverage of them in the media will diminish or cease as coalition forces withdraw from afghanistan. they will no longer be at the forefront of our minds. but the injuries left from a 762 bullet, an ied watching a fellow comrade injured or killed these are experiences that remain with you for life both physically and mentally. we must be there for our servicemen and women and their families standing shoulder to shoulder. british and american forces train together, they fight together and tragically some are wounded and some die together. it makes perfect sense to me therefore, that we should wherever possible and appropriate work together by
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pulling our expertise and experience to heal and support the wounded veterans of both our nations. truly brothers and sisters in arms. it was a privilege for me to fight alongside members of the united states armed forces. their professionalism and dedication to the values that we share and hold dear are inspirational. i would personally like to congratulate marine sergeant major brian battaglia, i hope i say that right, who is to receive an award tonight recognizing the united states armed forces contribution to the defense of freedom. using our fortunate position william and i have sought to raise awareness of the challenges confronting our wounded to help mobilize support and resources for them. we have tried to do what we can to ensure that sefs men and women and their families leave the military with purpose, with
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hope and with confidence. whether in their working environments or in the wider community, these fine people, examples to invaluable contribution to make. last year, i struggled to keep up with four british soldiers who i joined for part of their expedition to walk to the north pole. each of these men had been gravely wounded on the battlefields of afghanistan. theirs was the fastest team to reach the pole that season and at this very moment, another team of our wounded are returning from mt. everest. sadly, i have to be the first to say that i understand they have been frustrated from reaching the summit by the unusually warm weather, which brings particularly dangerous conditions. however, the mere fact that these guys are up on their fearsome peak, i find totally amazing. ladies and gentlemen, these people, ours and yours, are are extraordinary.
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that is why i feel so humbled in accepting this wonderful honor from you tonight. i congratulate my fellow award winners, but most of all, i salute our wounded veterans. thank you very much. >> thanks so much to prince harry for being here tonight, but more importantly, for his service and most importantly tonight for bringing attention to the men and women who serve in this country and all across the world for our freedoms. especially those that come home injured. now if you will, please enjoy
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your dinner. i had my ambition to walk with john smith. i got to pocahontas. a rectangular space that would be the chancel. pocahontas married john in this church in 1614. so i guarantee you i am standing exactly a little deeper than she was, but this is where pocahontas stood when she got married. >> this saturday on american history tv, since its 1994 discovery, it's yielded artifacts. take the tour starting at 1:30 p.m. visits rediscovery lab at 2:00 and then join in the conversation with william kelso and others answering your questions. live saturday at 2:30 p.m. eastern. part of american history tv this weekend on c-span3.
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in an ten minutes, defense secretary leon panetta and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey brief s reporters at the pentagon. we'll bring it to you here on c-span3 as soon as it gets under way. until then, house speaker john boehner's weekly news briefing from earlier today. he talked about the economy, gas prices, and president obama's announcement yesterday that he supports same-sex marriage. >> good morning, everyone. you know, just last week the american people received another depressing jobs report. just 115,000 americans found
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work, while three times that. gave many gave us looking for work. wages in the country are flat. and while they've fallen slightly, gas prices are way too high. you know it's graduation season around the country and today half of new college grads are not going to be able to find a job. and between a weak job market, falling home prices and the rising cost of living, the american people are getting squeezed. they're getting squeezed, because president obama's economic policies have failed. they feel stuck and so the house is going to do the work that the american people expect of us. last week we passed a responsible bill to extend current low-student interest rates. the conference committee is under way on legislation to rebuild our infrastructure and advance new energy projects like
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the keystone pipeline. yesterday the house passed a reauthorization of the export/import bank with reforms that will help create jobs in our country, and this week it will pass our first appropriations bill of the season under an open process with real spending cuts. and today i believe that the house will pass reconciliation bill to protect our military from devastating cuts while providing significant deficit reduction. so the house is doing its work. the house is governing, and what do we get from the other side? show votes in the senate, more gimmicks and posturing by the president. i can't think of a better symbol of how small this presidency has become than looking at the post-it-note the president's been carrying around. got the most powerful office in the world, there to tackle big
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problems and he's shrunken it to the size of a post-it-note. my goodness. our economy is stuck. we have a national debt over $15 trillion. millions of americans are out work, and all the president has is this gimmicky to-do list. give me a break. if the president's looking for a to-do list he can start with the more than two dozen house passed jobs bills that are sitting in the united states senate. he can start by putting americans to work by approving the keystone pipeline. he could do something about sky-high gas prices by increasing american energy production. and he could empower small businesses by cutting red tape and reforming the regulatory process. he could deal with our crippling debt by encouraging democrats in the senate to finally pass a budget after more than three years. look, we want to work with the president, but it's about time
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that he get serious, focused on jobs, focused on our economy, and enough with the gimmicks. yes, sir? >> [ inaudible ] -- issa to go forward with the contempt resolution for the attorney general? >> chairman issa and the committee are doing a very good job. i believe when it comes to "fast and furious" we've got to get to the bottom of what happened an who's responsible and the committee is doing that and i'm supporting their efforts. >> you're supporting -- she at the process right now of writing a resolution. you say supporting -- you're supporting a resolution? >> their efforts to hold those people in the department of justice for what happened. the committee has work to do. they know what they have to do. they're pursuing a lot of unanswered questions, and i would hope that we would continue that.
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there's all options are on the table. >> mr. speaker -- >> mr. speaker, gay marriage. leader pelosi and several other democrats say you're on the wrong side of history on this issue. do you think this is a civil rights issue? >> i believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. and the president and the democrats can talk about this all they want. the fact is, the american people are focused on our economy and they're asking the question, where are the jobs? >> you don't think it's a civil rights issue at all? >> the senate passed a version of the violence against woman act reauthorization with bipartisan support. the house was taking it up next week. a different version. if this moving forward, as it often does, as we see the back and forth, does it threaten to hurt republicans politically if democrats continue this drum beat of it being another example of a war on women? will it hurt -- >> this is another one of the democrat gimmicks that goes on around here. you know, there are thousands of
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unauthorized programs that continue to be funded through the appropriations process. this is a reauthorization of that law. it's getting a review in both the house and the senate and a lot of that review is based on a gao study that called for more transparency and more audits in this process. i believe that it's important for the house to work its will. i'm hopeful we'll be able to do it next week, and the senate can take a bill, we can get a conference. but we want to resolve this issue. this is an important issue, but for our friends to be playing political games with this, frankly, is very inappropriate. >> speaker boehner -- >> yesterday the support for gay marriage, trying to figure out how to weave it into this year. how much of a -- how big of a role would you like to see that in this --


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