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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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mr. runyan votes no. mr. scott? votes no. mr. griffin votes no. mr. palazzo votes no. mr. west votes no. ms. roby? ms. roby votes no. mr. brooks votes no. mr. young votes no. mr. jones? mr. jones? mr. mcintyre? no.
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mr. chairman, the nos are 34, the ayes are 27. >> that means the amendment is not agreed to. okay. the committee postpones further proceedings on the amendment offered by mr. rigell. the question now occurs on the amendment offered by mr. rigell, the clerk will call the role. >> chairman mckeon votes aye. mr. reyes voets no. mr. thornbury votes aye. ms. sanchez votes no.
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mr. jones. mr. mcintyre. mr. mcintyre veets no. mr. akin votes aye. mr. brady votes no. mr. forbes votes aye. mr. andrews votes no. mr. miller votes aye. mrs. davis votes no. mr. wilson votes aye. mr. langevin votes no. mr. lobiondo votes no. mr. larsen votes no. mr. turner votes aye. mr. cooper votes no. mr. kline votes aye. ms. bordallo. ms. bordallo votes no.
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mr. rogers votes no. mr. courtney votes no. mr. franks votes aye. mr. loebsack votes no. mr. shuster votes aye. ms. tso 234 gas votes no. mr. conaway votes aye. ms. pingree votes no. mr. lamborn votes aye. mr. kissell votes no. mr. wittman votes aye. mr. heinrich votes no. mr. hunter votes aye. mr. owens votes no. dr. fleming votes aye. mr. garamendi votes no. mr. coffman votes aye.
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mr. critz votes no. fwlchlt rooney votes no. mr. ryan votes no. mr. platts votes no. mr. ruppersberger votes no. mr. riggell votes aye. mr. johnson votes no. mr. gibson votes no. ms. sutton votes no. mrs. hartzler votes aye. ms. hanabusa votes no. dr. heck votes aye. ms. hocl votes no. mr. schilling votes no. ms. speier votes no. mr. runyan votes no. mr. scott votes no. mr. griffin votes aye. mr. palazzo votes aye.
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mr. west votes aye. mrs. roby votes aye. mr. brooks votes aye. mr. young votes aye. mr. jones. mr. jones? >> how is mr. shuster recorded? >> mr. shuster is recorded as aye. mr. shuster votes no.
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>> clerk will record the tally. >> mr. chairman, the nos are 36, the ayes are 25. and the amendment is not agreed to. >> if there are no further amendments, the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. thornberry for the purpose of adopting a motion. >> i look to adopt the full committee provisions as amended. >> the question is on the motion from the gentleman from texas. if you're in favor, say aye. those opposed no. >> no. the quorum being present, the ayes have it and the motion is agreed to. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. thornberry, the vice president of the house for the purpose of a motion.
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>> i move that the committee approve hr-410 favorfulliabliabo the house with the recommendation that it do pass. the question is on the motion of the gentleman from texas. so many as are in favor say aye. those opposed no. >> the chair calls for a recorded vote. the clerk will call the role. chairman mckeockeon. aye. blchlt smith? aye. mr. smith votes aye. mr. bartlett votes aye. mr. reyes votes aye. mr. thornberry votes aye. ms. sanchez votes aye. mr. jones mr. jones? mr. mcintyre. votes aye. mr. akin votes aye.
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mr. brady votes aye. mr. forbes votes aye. mr. andrews votes aye. mr. miller votes aje. mrs. davis votes aye. mr. wilson votes aye. mr. langevin votes aye. mr. lobiondo votes aye. mr. larsen votes aye. mr. turner votes aye. mr. turner votes aye. mr. kline votes aye. ms. bordallo votes aye. mr. rogers votes aye. mr. courtney votes aye. blchlt franks votes -- >> will the clerk please suspend. before everybody rushes out, can i thank all of the members for the great job you've done and
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sherry chris from the council and your team, thank you very, very much. last call of the house staff, both committee and personal, please stand. thank you very much for a great job. and now you may continue. mr. loebsack votes aye. mr. shuster votes aye. ms. tsongas votes aye. mr. conaway votes aye. ms. pingree votes no. mr. lamborn votes aye. mr. kissell votes aye.
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mr. wittman votes aye. mr. heinrich votes aye. mr. hunter? votes aye. mr. owens votes aye. dr. fleming votes aye. mr. garamendi. votes no. mr. coffman votes aye. mr. critz votes aye. mr. rooney? mr. rooney votes aye. mr. ryan votes no. mr. platts votes aye. mr. rupperberger votes aye. mr. rigell votes aye. mr. johnson. >> clerk please suspend. we will need to keep a quorum here. we have a little more business. please. go ahead. >> mr. johnson votes no.
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mr. gibson votes aye. ms. sutton. ms. sutton votes aye. mrs. hartzler votes aye. ms. hanabusa votes aye. dr. heck votes aye. ms. hochul votes aye. mr. schilling votes aye. >> ms. speier votes no. mr. runyan votes aye. mr. scott votes aye. mr. griffin votes aye. mr. palazzo votes aye. mr. west votes aye. mrs. roby votes aye. mr. brooks votes aye. mr. young votes aye. mr. jones. mr. jones.
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the clerk will report the tally. the ayes are 56, the nos are 5. quorum is present a enthe motion is agreed to. for what purpose does the gentleman from washington seek recognition. >> pursuant to clause 2 l house rule 11, all members are entitled to notless than two calendar days to file such views in writing. i ask unanimous consent that technical clerical changes remove from the bill provisions that would cause the bill to be referred to other committees or would result in additional direct spending or result in an earma earmark. without on jex, so ordered.
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finally i ask unanimous consent that the chairman be authorized to make such motions. without objections, so ordered. if there is no further business, the committee standsed a durned, subject to the call of the chair. thank you. >> the u.s. ebegins debate to continue military presence in afghanist afghanistan, requires a missile defense site on the east coast, continues development of the f-35 joint strike fighter and
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been as gay marriage in defense department facilities. you can see that debate tomorrow live on c-span. the house with legislative work at noon eastern. >> as the week gets under way in the u.s. house, what's ahead on their agenda? >> there's two main things on the agenda. the violence against women's act and the defense reauthorization. the defense authorization will be a big bipartisan vote at this juncture. they're typing up some language on detainee treatment, which should kind of seal up the last ends for them. but the big problem, the big thing that they'll have to contend with this week is the violence against women act, which is far from a sure deal in the house. house republicans have taken the legislation and done fixes to it that the senate is not willing to swallow. and last week, they met with women's groups to get their
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support in a last-minute move to kind of seal it up for moderates to make sure moderates were onboard. there's three kind of main issues. the way the legislation deals with people in same sex relationships, native americans and immigrants. so they're trying to close those up. the same-sex relationship hitch still exists. it's unclear how much they're going to lose. they're not likely to get any democratic support. they have to get it on the infinish line on their own, which is problematic .. >> will democrats get a chance to offer the senate-passed bill as an alternative? >> republicans believe so. that gives some shelter for both sides that the democrats will offer the bill which got 68 votes in the senate which hardly anything does these days, including every republican woman. so that could be an option for both republicans and democrats. although republicans say they'll hold all their members together on that -- on the senate passed
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version. >> back to the defense reauthorization bill. the defense authorization bill for 2013. that got some 16 hours in debate in committee. are you looking for lengthy debate in the house this week. are they likely to finish this week? >> they believe they're going to finish it this week. the floor has been an unpredictable beast in the last couple of weeks. but lengthy debate is expected. >> then the house is set to go oen their work fear yod for folks outside of washington. what do folks do when they're not in the nation's capital. >> several members are getting into the 60 and 70 numbers on their town halls. there's primaries about to go on in several states across the country. california has a bunch of interesting primaries coming up. so in the los angeles district, brad sherman versus howard
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berman. so there's a lot of those kinds of races going on. a lot of raising money. but this house republican conference twried to pride ems thises on doing a lot of constituent work. they try to do a loet of constituent work, so that's their main focus. the violence against women act is going to be a very politically charged week. things like that could carry over into the district work period. >> speaker john boehner making some news today for comments on the debt increase at the peterson institute today. how does a speech like that set the tone for debate. >> this is trademark john boehner. it's going to come up and it's going to set the tone for the rest of the congress. boehner lied out kind of his view for how taxes should be dealt with at the end of the year when the marginal income rates are set to expire.
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and the debt ceiling they'll have to deal with. he wants to offset the debt ceiling hikes with cuts of a greater amount. and he also wants to lay out an expedited process for tax reform. it's unclear how that's going to play itself out before the election. but this was a big preview of kind of how he sees republicans take ang aggressive stance into the election on two issues that a lot of folks care about. it gets a lot of attention inside and outside the belt way. >> jake sherman covers congress for politico. you can read his reporting at thanks for the update. >> thanks. is when people are .saying to him, don't take the vice presidency, right now, you are a powerful majority leader. don't take the vice presidency. you won't have in i power.
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johnson says power is where power goes. meaning, i can make power in any situation. and his whole life, i saw nothing in his life previously makes that seem like he's posting because that's exactly what he had done all his life. >> sunday night, the conclusion of our conversation with robert caro in "the passage of power." his multivolume biography of the 36th president. sunday night on c-span's q&a. >> president obama provided remarks today at the 36th annual peace officer's memorial service. it honors law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty in the previous year. house speaker john daner, robert mueller and homeland security secretary janet napolitano also attended. this event was held on the west front of the u.s. capitol. it's about ten minutes.
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>> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. please, please have a seat. thank you, chuck, for that very kind introduction. chuck is a proud police officer. he's the proud parent of a police officer, and he has dedicated his life to law enforcement and their families, so i want to thank him for his extraordinary service. i want to recognize the entire fraternal order of police and its leadership, including jim pasco for all your work on behalf of those who wear the badge. i'd like to recognize fop auxiliary president linda henney. all the members of the fop auxiliary, members of congress, including speaker boehner, congressman hoyer and senator leahy as well as members of my
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administration and, most of all, i want to acknowledge and thank the families of those who have fallen. as scripture tells us, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of god. blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of god. our country's law enforcement officers use force when they have to. they are well armed and they are well trained. but they never forget that theirs is a mission of peace. their job is to keep the peace. to allow all of us to enjoy peace in our neighborhoods and for our families. and today with heavy hearts we
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honor those who gave their lives in the service of that mission. their families are in our thoughts and prayers as we remember the quiet courage of the men and women we have lost. these are officers like detective john falcon of poughkeepsie, new york. in february, detect falcon responded to a shot fired call on main street. and when he arrived on the scene, he saw a man holding a gun with one hand and a small child with the other. in a situation like that, every instinct pushes us towards self-preservation. but when the suspect fled, still holding the child, detective falcon didn't think twice. he took off in pursuit and tragically in the struggle that followed, he was shot and
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killed. he is survived by his parents. but there's another survivor as well, a 3-year-old child who might not be alive today had it not been for the sacrifice of a hero who gave his life for another. this willingness to risk everything for a complete stranger is extraordinary. and yet among our nation's law enforcement officers, it is also commonplace. last summer, the north platt river was running high near douglas, wyoming, when a teenage girl got caught in the current. deputy brian goss of the converse county sheriff's office jumped in after her. the girl was eventually pulled from the water, but deputy goss was swept away and he's survived by his wife amy.
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today we remember a man who swore to protect his neighbors and who kept that promise no matter what the cost. i suspect that at that moment, deputy gross wasn't trying to be a hero, he was just doing his job. you can find that bravery, the courage to do your duty day in and day out in so many officers across our country. one of those officers was deputy sheriff suzanne hoppen from clark county, ohio. deputy hopper was known as the go-to person in her department. no task was too large or too small. and on new year's day, 2011, deputy hopper arrived at a crime scene and began a preliminary investigation just as she had done many times during her 12 years of service. but as she was photographing evidence, a man opened the door
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of his trailer and fired at her with a shotgun killing her. and today we remember not just a fine officer but a wife, a mother and a stepmother. like all those we honor today, deputy hopper is also survived by the fellow officers who she meant so much to. and who meant so much to her. last week her childhood friend, sergeant chris schultz, posted her flag at a memorial in ohio. he made a promise in her memory. he said to honor her, we will keep going and continue to do what we've done no matter how hard it is at times. we will keep going. there's no pledge that better honors the memory of those we have lost. and there are no memories, there
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are no words that better capture the unbreakable spirit of those who wear the badge. because even in the face of tragedy, i know that so many of you will return home and continue to do what you've always done. some of you will kiss your husbands or wives good-bye each morning and send them out the door not knowing what might happen that day. some of you are children and parents, sisters and brothers whose pride is mixed with worry. and, of course, there are the officers themselves. every american who wears the badge knows the burdens that come with it. the long hours, and the stress. the knowledge that just about any moment could be a matter of life or death. you carry these burdens so the rest of us don't have to. and this shared sense of purpose brings you together. and it brings you to our
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nation's capitol today. you come from different states and different backgrounds and different walks of life. but i know that you come here as a community. one family united by a quiet strength and a willingness to sacrifice on behalf of others. the rest of us can never fully understand what you go through, but please know that we hold you in our hearts. not just today, but always. we are forever in your debt. and it is on behalf of all of us, the entire american people, that i offer my thoughts, my prayers and my thanks. may god shine a light upon the fallen and comfort the mourning. may he protect the peacemakers who protect us every day. and may he bless now and forever
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the united states of america.
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