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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 2, 2014 9:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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person everywhere. they're scattered. >> up front. >> i hear many americans say it's our fault the terrorists hate us because we shall wronging them. isn't it true a lot of the the hatred and the reasons we're attacking americans also is because we're just different? and that's the case, if we're just different, say we're christian versus muslim, say we're, our women go more skin clad than maybe their women do, if we're fighting all this terror because of those reasons, are we not justify -- enabled to take them out then? >> the first part of your question brings up blowback theory. and blow-back theory says america goes abroad, and because of that we're getting blow back from groups like al qaeda and
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hamas, to address the second half of your question, the goal of these groups is to establish a grand islamic state. no matter what we do, that's your agenda. >> dr. matusitz, thank you very much for coming. in your book or maybe if you can comment here, do you have what is the most effective ways of combatting terrorism? like we know, there's cells and it's so hard to combat. but do you have in your book i guess some suggestions on the best way to combat terrorism? >> well, the book is about communication, not so much tactical strategy. home grown terrorism can be by operating on the principle that prevention is better than cure.
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so anybody from any country with questionable bgt should not enter our country. >> way back here. >> how does the misinterpretation of religion affect terrorism? >> do you think it's misinterpretation of religion, or it's following the core principles of the religion? >> my sbeinterpretation. >> some religions have been hijacked. other reasons are following their mainstream fundamentalism. i'm not going to list them. >> do you maintain, then, that there is a core function within a religions that purpose is t terrori terrorism? >> i wouldn't say that the purpose is terrorism, but some
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religions have a specific agenda that they need to fulfill. if they cannot fulfill the agenda in a peaceful way, they're going to use more violent needs. >> but doesn't that undo the prophesy of their faith, if they act in violence? isn't there a common belief of all different faiths of peace and love, and if you strike out at another person to get them to see your way of thought, you're undoing your faith? >> well, some religions have 90, 150 sects that contradict each other. even in christianity you have christian fundamentalists. they say only white christians should be called christians. i would say a lot of religions have conflicting sects within them. >> way back here. >> so if you give all these reasons for why terrorism exists and why these people, terrorists are doing what you do, are you
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not by there justifying terrorism? >> if i am justifying terrorism? >> right. >> no, no. i'm not sure i get the question. i'm explaining reasons why terrorism exists. >> he's not justifying it. he's explaining why the incidents happen, sir. >> okay. >> did i answer your question? >> way back here. kyle, do you have something? >> good evening, dr. matusitz. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> in the homeland security program here we are taught that highly kinetic military solutions are not the most effective at insurgency or terrorism. what is your take on that? what's the most effective tool? >> well, you know, i can say, for example, that changing a culture from the bottom up is one way to do it. it's very difficult to change a doctrine. especially a doctrine that's bent on killing us.
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so i believe that killing the target of target and the target of influence is the way to go. >> how much of our way of life is so offensive to other people that they feel that they have to act out to exterminate us? is that common? >> well, if you look art what george w. bush said in october of 2001 at the joint session of congress, he said, referring to groups like al qaeda, they hate us. they hate our freedom. they hate our freedom of religion. they hate the fact that we're meeting here freely. i think that really captures the essence of what you say. it's like a class of civil vaigss. >> and i think it was based on something said in the audience. the way we dress, the way we act, the amount of skin we show, does that bring out violence in other people? because it's so against what they believe is proper? >> yes. i can give an example. one of the supreme leaders of the muslim brotherhood.
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qutb. and at the end of the 1940s, from egypt, went to the united states. he lived here for a few years and he said that america was basically a whorehouse. people live in debauchery. people live in corruption. and it's a state of ignorance. so he went back o egypt and it has become the bible for global jihadism. and the book is milestones published in the 1950s. so that would be an example of direct attack on our lifestyles. it's like what? girls have beikinis at the beaches. what? you guys do this? i know he was heavily inspired by his milestone book. >> in syria today you have different muslim sects fighting against each other. do you think that there's a
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chance if they -- if israel should feel threateneded and strikes against syria, do you think that there's a chance all the muslim sects will unite in a common enemy against israel which would draw us into? >> yes, understand that israel is 700 times smaller than the people surrounding the country. they feel threatened by syria, by lebanon, and in syria you have the syrian government oppressing its own people. and you have some of the syrian rebel groups beheading christians and attacking people. so in my opinion both sides are not clean. both sides have a lot of blood on their hands. >> of some of the societies that you spoke of that are involved, a sector of these societies involved in terrorism. do the good people from these cultures ever speak up and say this is not the way to be?
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>> in a lot of these places. in places like pakistan and soem la. if you speak up, if you have your own television program, if you point the finger at people, you may not stay alive a long time. out of fear. a lot of people want nothing to do with terrorism and jihad, but a lot of people are afraid. it's the fear factor, unfortunately. >> back up in the audience. good evening. >> good evening. i would like to ask you a question. >> if we could ask you to speak up a little. >> i would like at this from a different perspective. in recent relations about foreign officials, i would like your opinion on how the american -- how american actions that are classified by military and other organizations have contributed to the sympathy by
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terrorist groups against america. >> i'm not sure i understand. >> i want to make sure i understand you correctly. the answers of americans are perceived as -- >> no. what i would like to say is not the american ideology. but the actions staken by some sitting agencies abroad. >> okay, let me do this in pieces. >> like the nsa acting abroad. >> and the damage from tours. i would like to have your opinion on how much it's contributed to the terrorists? >> well, let me talk about the nsa. it's resented not just by people in the middle east, but people in germany. according to people like edward snowden. the nsa was investigating and tapping phone conversations of angela merkel. so sure these organizations because of their actions are resented. but then again, there's a lot of things we don't know is going
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on. we're here talking. i'm sure there are many things we don't know are happening. >> we have an e-mail question from one of our listeners listening on wmbd radio. is jealousy of our way of a life a reason why terrorists act ou? >> i wouldn't say that jealousy in it of itself is a massive motivator to lead people to commit terrorist attacks. i would say it's the same term of clash of civilizations. >> what went on in my mind when i read that was the haves and the have notes. those who don't have any. it goes back to one of your points about being in poverty. that they resent us because we have much in riches. >> in the occasions of palestinian suicide bombers, their life on earth, from their perspective, is a life of abject misery. and they're promised 72 -- and 80,000 servants and eternal life. so it's incentivizinncentivizin.
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so in that case there's deprivization. do they hate us as americans based on that fact alone? i would say partly, but that's not the only reason. >> over here your question. good evening. >> good evening. just to make people aware that the koran is the holiest books for all muslims around the world. just my question, as you mentioned earlier, how would koran and -- motivate for terrorism? i just want your take on this. >> so, do the koran and the hadiv lead people to commit terrorism? >> as you just mentioned earlier. they would motivate for terrorism. i just want you to tell me how the koran motivates terrorism.
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>> certain verses are clear. chapter nine verse 1:11. if you die in jihad, if you die in holy war, and if you kill people in the process, you will reach the highest place in paradise. that verse has motivated people to kill. it's a fact that has been ascertained and validated. so some verses definitely motivate some groups to do what they do. now some are considered fraud, forgery, but the ones, the volume written by albukari a thousand years ago is considered more credible. in fact, albukari is considered the most credible hadiv author by muslims who understand islam. >> good evening. your question. >> do you think because of the impoverished areas that terrorism could be considered a self culture in some of these
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areas? >> well, it's definitely a subculture in many areas of the world. in cze >> are there governments that are willing partners of terrorism? in other words, they fold their arms and say we're not going to do this because twooer the the elected government. but we these those sectors exist. we're going to let them do what they have to do? >> well, i mentioned the country of iran. iran has helped hezbollah. there's no question about that. so do we let them do what they do. >> not necessarily us, but other countries. >> maybe it goes on here, too. # # there are cases of terrorists acting in the country and the government knows but doesn't do anything about it. >> do our agencies turn a blind eye on terrorist activities or pre-terrorist activities? i don't know. i hope not.
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>> other countries. do you think that goes on in other countries? zble definitely in some countries. i won't mention them. there's no question about that. >> way back here. >> we talk about the peaceful muslims and the radical muslims, which we consider about 10%. but my question is when the radical muslims start to pressure the peaceful muslims, will they stand up for what the love that they claim they have, that they get to enjoy in america under the liberty we have, and stand up and die, instead of submitting to the oppression of the minority? >> well, i would like peaceful
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and cultural muslims in many countries on earth to stand up more. but again, out of fear, some of them don't stand up. >> do americans -- should americans have a fear of sharia law? i hear people say it's coming. is it coming to the united states? >> well, it's not going to be here any time soon. if we're too complaisant, you know, it may come here in a few centuries. understand it's not compatible with our constitution. >> because of mercy killings? what? why? >> well, because of the main tenants of sha ree ya. basically, it's just it has freedom of speech restrictions. which contradicts the first amendment. >> over here, sir. good evening. >> i get the impression that the current administration thinks we should not fight terrorism but we should negotiate with them.
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is that a possibility? >> has barack obama said we should not fight terrorism? >> you said that was the impression you were getting? >> when he went to kentucky wroe and made a speech. he went to make friends with the brotherhood and other organizations. i get the impression he's not out for a physical fight. i get the impression he wants to negotiate with them to settle issues. >> in my opinion inviting the muslim brotherhood openly there was a mistake, but i don't think that he refuses to fight terrorism. so he does fight terrorism. as far as negotiating with terrorists, for me that would be a no-no. never goeshs with terrorists. they have a very different agen agenda. >> i beg your pardon. >> how active is the muslim brotherhood in north america? >> oh, it's very active. the muslim brotherhood is very active in america, in other
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countries. it's very active in belgium, where i come from. they have what we call sharia for belgium in my country. sharia for the u.k. it's abilityive in many countries. understand that a billion muslims are directly or indirectly affiliated with the muslim brotherhood. >> i had a question that came from a listener that wanted to know, is how does the asian sector of this world deal with terrorism? do they handle terrorism, the chinese, the japanese, the koreans -- do they handle domestic terrorism differently than other countries do? >> i don't think they handle it differently than we do. for example, in china, you ha have -- in asia you have a lot of separatist terrorist groups. groups of people who want to be independent. that's why that commit terrorist attacks. >> way in the back.
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your question. >> okay. my question is you mentioned freedom fighters earlier in your presentation. so my question is, is there good terrorism, if you look at the american revolutionary fighters, we won, but during the 1760s through 1790s when we were fighting british, we were freedom fighters, we were terrorists, we just happened to win. if you look at the the tigers, they lost, but their claimed as terrorists. if you look at vietnam, so can there be a good form of terrorism? >> no. because don't look at what they say. look at what they do. the tigers used suicide bombs. they used terrorist practices. during the revolution here we use no terrorist practices. s. >> hold on. we want to hear you. >> we used unconventional methods for the time. in that time war was men online
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facing each other. front line shoots, they take a knee. second like shoots, they take a knee. third line shoots, they take a knee. >> there were different methods. >> if you look atz francis marion in south carolina how he fought, that was completely unconventional. they would ambush the british soldiers. my question isk6ñ -- we won. the 0puáionary soldiers won. so it's okay. why is that not considered terrorism? why is that not wrong? >> let me go back. the tigers have a suicide on a moped and blow themselves up next to a tourist bus killing civilians. did we do anything like this during the american revolution? we used rifles and some of the techniques we used. i doubt they were terrorists. for the students if your class, what do you want them to do with what they learn in this class?
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how will they apply it in their lives? >> well, a class on terrorism, unlike a class on engineering is less applicable to real life. it's more of an awareness class. it's more of a theoretical class. it's not really applicable. i'm not telling them to buy a gun. that's not the case. it's more about information and how to understand the concept of terrorism better. it's not a hands-on class. >> do you find students are generally aware of much of this, they just haven't focused on this? or are they blown away by what you're teaching? >> look at the term blown away? >> you thought i was going to walk into that at some point. >> well. >> hi, my question to you is, have you studied koran in its entirety? do you read arabic? do you understand arabic? >> i do not speak arabic, but i have studied the the koran.
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i have a lot of copies of the koran. now the other is like this. so, it would take -- before i get to that, entirely will take some time. >> well, you're telling me that -- you're telling me that -- a lot of muslims themselves don't speak arabic. a lot of jewish people don't speak hebrew. i have a lot of translations of the koran in english. >> like mike her so she can be heard. ma'am, go ahead. >> and you agree that you have not studied koran in its entirety, and you have started judging the religion. that's wrong. >> is it your assessment -- ma'am. stay with us for a moment. is it your assessment he cannot speak to the issue completely until he has studied all of the koran? >> yes. the passages meant you have to
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know the subject in its entirety. you cannot judge by the acts of a few terrorists. that's what you are doing right now. you have judging religion by the acts of a few terrorists. i live in peace. i can die for íhcv)tár(pbecause this is my country. i can die for america. >> counterpoint. >> hold on, ma'am. let him respond. >> you're saying because i don't speak arabic i will never know the subject entirely? a lot of muslims don't speak arabic. >> you are right. i am from india. i read and understood koran from the translation from my participants and grant parents. i know the hadivs. i can read arabic. i don't speak arabic. i'm still reading. i'm a muslim for the last 40 years. i'm still reading koran. i'm not completed yet.
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how can you judge a religion by just copying some verses. >> you're making assumptions about me, then why do 90% of suicide bombings happen in middle east? why do most terrorist attacks happen -- >> terrorist exists in all countries, all religions. some people link and choose who they want to link some terrorisms to are religions. you don't link timothy mcveigh to christianity. no religion on this earth teaches violence. every religion encourages peace. and for your information, to be a good muslim, according to islam, we should believe in jesus christ. we should believe in moses. to be a good muslim. and also in koran it says in one of the versus, if you kill a human being, you are killing the entire humanity.
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>> okay, ma'am, thank you. >> i did not expect to get a rant in here, but i will address your ranting. >> let mim speak. the koran mentions the name of jesus, moses, abraham. a lot of names that appear. same names, different people. the koran of jesus was not a son of god. so what you're doing is -- and that means deception. >> we're not going to settle everything here. we want to get many voices. we have precious minutes left. hello. thank you for being with us. >> i wanted to talk about the oppression of palestinian people. >> do you have a a question? >> yes, i do have a question. >> go ahead with your question. >> i am a christian. you said 90% of bombings or suicides or whatever it was was from the middle east. i'm a christian born to a palestinian father. why can i not go back to my country? why can i never see my country and am not allowed back there?
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that's my question to you. >> first of all, you may go back to your country. >> i am not allowed there. >> by your own state department? you're not allowed to return? >> i'm not allowed there due to the operation -- the invasion. by the oppression. >> are all people in your situation? >> there are many people in my situation. my dad just lost his citizenship. >> why? >> because of the oppression. why they don't understand why there's an invasion towards our country and why we're being wiped away. there's an invasion towards our country and why we're being wiped away from the country. >> with all due respect, we can't answer that. we're having a greater discussion on terrorism. that's a state department issue. we won't be able to answer your question, sir. >> i can't answer your question. we can't get it answered. i don't know what the details are of the situation. so we can't answer it. >> thank you. but advice. i suggest you go visit the
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middle east. it's not the way you say it is. we're not jealous of your way of life. your way of life is so much like yours. look at the way i'm dressed. look at the way i speak. >> the young man raises a question. have you ever gone to the countries? >> no, i've never been to gaza or the west bank. you're assuming i made a generalization, and i did not. >> okay, let me come over here. your question. good evening. >> good evening, sir. why would you relate terrorism toist laum. terrorism happens in america you don't relate it to the person's religion. >> no, i don't. >> i'm sorry. we can't understand that. >> let's say a terrorism happened in the united states, why don't you relate it to this person's religion? but if a muslim does terrorism attack, you right away, relate it to his religion. and his religion, you know -- >> i'm sorry, sir. we can't understand the
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question. it's too c >> my question is why would you relate a terrorist attack to muslim, while there was a terrorism attack in the united states or somewhere else? you don't relate it to the person's religion. >> i'll try to answer the question. if you read my book. i talk about islamist terrorism. i talk about christian terrorism. i talk about all kinds of religions. >> what's an example of christian terrorism? modern christian terrorism. >> the christian identity movement. and the christian identity movement operates on a group of elite people. the white arians. >> and what do they do? they kill those do h that don't agree? how do they act out?
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>> would you define those who act out against abortion crimes as terrorists? >> oh, definitely, definitely. anti-abortion terrorism, like the aog, the army of god. understand that the number of anti-abortion killings in the past 20 years has been just minim minimal. >> in the audience now, sir. >> you were mentioning verses of the koran. you know, some of these are cherry picked, for example, by al qaeda, to suit their own ideas. now a colleague mentioned that misinterpretation of religion might cause terrorism, but you said it's the core of the religion. due to these verses of the koran, having the context, by cherry picking them, not understanding the concept, are they misinterpreting it? >> if you read the speeches by osama bin laden, if you read the
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mission statements of these groups, they're saying they're following the core of their religion. so they would disagree with you. atz i've said before, i would like peaceful f, cultural muslims to stand up more against these things. but again, out of fear, they're not going to do it. >> igt over here. then we'll come back to aalyssa over here. >> you mentioned pakistan, iran. why the relationship between terrorism and israel? >> well, one of the goals of many jihadist groups is to take israel. the noble holy place. and tradition has it it's the place where mohammed ascended to heaven. it's the third holiest place. number one is mecca. if you tread the mission
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statements of hah mas, hezbolla and jihadist groups, they want to take jerusalem. they want to take israel. that's kwhi there's tensions between israel and all these groups in pakistan and afghanistan. >> we have time for a couple more questions back here. >> i'm having trouble understanding the difference between a freedom fighter and terrori terrorist. isn't it in the eyes of the beholder? and isn't afghanistan a wonderful study in freedom fighters versus terrorists? >> freedom fighters, we hear this often. are they the same? >> well, we call them terrorists. they call themselves freedom fighters. we call them suicide bombers. they call themselves martyrs, heroes. they have a different understanding of the world, a different frame of reference. that's where the discrepancy between what we call them and
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what they refer to themselves comes from. >> one of the reasons is obviously a nations of people's self determination, with the united states as an example. another example would be the state of israel. you've mentioned groups who used bombings and other things to achieve their political goal. you're a member of christians united for israel. do you think you have a biased of the police call ideology towards the the religion of islam? do you think that influences your work? >> no, i wouldn't say that. >> are you that organization, by the way? >> yes, it just started at ucf. i'm the faculty adviser. it started two or three weeks ago. they were looking for someone. i said yes. for sure the idf has not always been clean. are they a terrorist group? no. no. >> right here. arthur? >> when we talk about freedom fighters and the difference between freedom fighters and
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terrorists, someone mentioned the revolution. i see the difference as being whether they attack military targets or civilian targets. do you see that? am i correct? well, look at hezbollah, what they did in october of 1983. that went to the marine barracks in beirut and had two truck bombs but killed 241 people. the targets were military. but the incident was still called a terrorist attack. >> i have time for one more question. >> did we get everybody? oh, right up front. >> sir, you're question. thank you for being with us tonight. >> i heard some of your radio speeches, and i am surprised that -- i know you raised a question of koran motivating terrorism and all that. at the same time, you
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mentioned -- >> if you could speak into the microphone. >> so osama bin laden is an individual. he's not a prophet. he has nothing to do. he might be following a religion of islam, but he has no authority to say anything about terrorism or motivating people. >> let me address your question. >> it's mistaken. >> osama bin laden was considered and he considered himself a direct successor to the prophet mohammed. we know he was not. that's how he saw himself. >> we're running out of time. i apologize, sir, for having to stop. i want to thank several people who helped make this possible tonight. chris and brendan up in control. aylissa and kyle who worked with the audience here. jerry kenny at kenny tv. our friends at c-span who came to be with us tonight for this
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event. we will let you know when our partners at c-span are going to carry this. most like this the next month. joining me on the 18th, congressman will be back for a live town hall. you're all invited to come and ask your questions in a live broadcast. again, that will be the 18th, right here. i want to remind you that dr. matusitz will be selling his dvds in just a moment. if you can line up to that side, you can say hello and pick up a copy. ladies and gentlemen, once again, dr. jonathan matusitz. [ applause ] >> on blaf of dr. john johnson
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thank you for be with ugh from tonight's president's speaker event. >> friday night, american history tv looks at world war i. at 8:00 eastern, a visit to the national world war i museum in kansas city. and then a look at the experience of world war one soldiers. and author michael laser on the music of world war i and how patriotic songs contribute odd the war effort. >> here are just a few comments we recently received from our viewers. >> i just watched a c-span qaand
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sbi view with sally kwin. she was so authentic and inspiring. her comments about spirituality. i would really like to see another interview with her. >> i would like to compliment c-span on their coverage of the representative gutierrez from texas. that was a wonderful segment. i thoroughly enjoyed it. >> i just watched a segment you guys had eli from the daily beast on. your host said that eli is a frequent guest. please widen your scope. i think he was very limited in his knowledge and there are more far eers experts to have on your program. >> yes, i would like to tell you how much i enjoyed and how informative this kevin barrens
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guy was. it was sbr interesting and knowledgeable. i wonder when this is going to repeat. >> continue to let us know what you think about the programs that you're watching. call us or e-mail us. or you can send us a tweet. join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook. follow us on twitter. she spoke earlier this year at the conservative forum of silicon volley. it's an hour and 20 minutes. >> thank you, jerry. before i introduce our speaker tonight, i want to tell you a quick story. the other day i was chatting with a friend of mine, and we were comparing great inventions
9:38 pm
of various civilizations, i mentioned the micro chip, the personal computer and the internet as pretty decent inventions on our side. he scoffed and said, that's nothing. compared with islamic time machine. i said, islamic time machine? never heard of that one. he said, oh, yeah. it can take any country back 1,400 years. our featured speaker tonight was born and raised a muslim in egypt in the gaza trip. her father was a prominent leader of the egyptian military who organized the operations which targeted and kills hundreds of israeli civilians until he was killed in 1956. she grew up in an environment that cultivated a keen sense of resentment, grievance, and
9:39 pm
hatred of israel. she earned a gree at the american university of cairo, immigrate ed to the united stat in 1978 and subsequently converted to christianity. she founded the group arabs for israel in 1994. shortly after the new england attacks in 2001, she began writing peawrite ing pieces critical of islamic criticism. she was a cofounder of former muslimses united. she's written extensively on islam. including several books. most recently, the devil we don't know, the dark side of revolutions in the middle east. an expert on the middle east, she covers topics such as human rights and womens rights under islamic law. human rights and women's right under islamic law. that sounds like a contradiction in terms to me. she lextures extensively on college kem puss and
9:40 pm
internationally. apparently some organizations are fearful of the consequences of her message. just last month she was scheduled as a keynote speaker for a week long pro-israel event at the university of california ir vin. unfortunately one of the sponsoring organizations feared her appearance would be two d s divisive and canceled. she had the wit to reject the islam and the courage to speak out eloquently and fearlessly about the harm that sharia law can and does inflict on its host. please help me give a warm and conservative welcome to nonie dorwish.
9:41 pm
>> thank you. what an honor and a pleasure to be here with you. really your group here just warms my heart. i didn't know there were any conservatives in silicon valley. and you are the patriots of today. and let me tell you i learned from you. when i came from egypt and immigrated to this country, i came with baggage. i didn't know what liberty means. i didn't know what human rights meant, women's rights. i didn't know equality. all of this is never taught to us. peace. the concept of peace. i didn't know any -- and people like you, it's americans like you who taught me what i am today. so that's why i want to thank you. i lived for 30 years of my life in oppressive dictatorships and
9:42 pm
police states. i saw and/=v experienced and m meal who are killed. female mutilation. oppression of women, polygamy and how polygamy destroys the family dynamics completely. for a man to have a polygamist marriage, his loyalty is to no one. if you look at the contract, which is in my second book about sharia, cruel and unusual punishment, in the muslim marriage contract, there's a question for the groom. please name an address of wife number one, wife number two, and wife number three, ifny. so the bride signs the marriage contract knowing he does not voi loyalty to her. it's the total concept of
9:43 pm
marriage where they both vow loyalty to each other equally. that was a revolution brought to us by the christian culture. when i see middle east marriages compared to my jewish friends or christian friends, i find it very different having lived the there and lived here. i saufred it in america and especially israel. powerful men and powerful women who respect each other. in the middle east you either find two kinds of women, the door mat or the extremely aggressive. because when you put so much pressure on women, oppress them under the law, you will either completely get suffocated or you will become extremely aggressive and oppressive.
9:44 pm
i want to start by saying i'm not here to decide people or the muslims, the people. the problem is not the people. it's the ideology. and when i speak about islam, don't misunderstand me and think i'm trying to insult muslim people. sochl the nicest people i know are muslims. so we're not here speaking about human beings. germany gave us hitler and the most horrific ideology called naziism. it doesn't mean every german is evil. communism is evil because it oppresses people. it doesn't mean everyone in the soviet union was evil. so i don't understand why in america we're not getting it.
9:45 pm
and not people. there's good and bad in every culture. i hope i made myself clear. when i speak on college campuses and make the statement, at the end they come back and say why are you cite sizing all of it? which is not true. that accusation is happening to silence us. to silence people like me. ladies and gentlemen, we are living in crucial times. and we have just succeeded in ending in the cold war. and now we are starting and you -- we are confronting a new enemy. but this enemy we are now -- we don't want to name by name.
9:46 pm
this is the first time in american history we are in a war. and people have declared war against us all over the middle east. we are the great state. israel is the little state. they have declared war on us in every one. it aults ends with may god destroy the jews? and jihad, jihad, jihad. why? why isn't this coming here? and we commenting about it? why aren't we afraid of all of it? don't we have enough with hitler being afraid of commenting on what happened. it's just a different ideology. that's all. but it's preaching the same evil, if not worse.
9:47 pm
with hitler, they didn't have religion to say it's god's will. they have humanities for 1,400 years. and we have to speak about it. openly and honestly. and i think muslims, the good and peace loving muslims should join us. because they also need to see the reality. but by appeasing the situation and not wanting to mention it, and we keep getting hit and terrorized and our men and women are being killed and airplanes are flying into buildings. and 13 years later we can't name them? something is wrong here. this is not america. and we have to start speaking out.
9:48 pm
so this is a war. you have to understand that has been imposed on us by the jihadists. and it is our duty to call them by name. and i'm not saying go bomb muslims, of course not. but we have to identity our enemy. and any reference with a 9/11 memorial in new york, any reference from the word islam or jihad, that would -- that would -- what does that mean? it means -- it means terrorism worked on us. terrorism works, ladies and gentlemen. it doesn't only work on individuals. terrorism affects the psyche of
9:49 pm
whole nations. it makes them elect the wrong people. [ applause ] whole nations can fall into the stockholm syndrome. it's not just one person. a hostage, a person who was taken hostage. no, whole nations. this can be a syndrome that happened. and i am seeing this in america. america is totally defunct against itself. half of america wants to know the truth. half of america is in denial. and they're fighting each other instead of looking at the enemy who wants to destroy us. this is not healthy.
9:50 pm
so what with have we done since 9/11? we have hired muslim brotherhood sympathizers in our government. we didn't hire muslims who are rebelling. we are hiring in the white house and homeland security in several of our top government, he's a senior homeland security official. e he tweeted something after egypt had its counterrevolution. and remember this is a man who is a leader in america. he represents america.
9:51 pm
the muslim brotherhood against the people who took the brotherhood out and he was against the more secular government, and i'm not saying military is good but they are the only ones that can stand up to the tyrants. the only people in an islamic state who can stand up to the regi regime, the only one regime that can stand up to them and it's the military. and this man was the people who took out the muslim brotherhood and he was critical of the christian minority in egypt that's being slaughtered in egypt today.
9:52 pm
they are against our freedom. it has never happened in9÷ history. america was always on the side for the people for freedom. in the last few years we have been siding with the wrong people. and the very delicate situation -- by the way, i'm not trying to just criticize obama. mistakes happen. but what happened is obama has taken it to a totally new level. we have been trying to appease the terrorists in even previous organizations. we have fight on the side of
9:53 pm
muslims against the surps. we have fought on behalf of kuwait, liberated them from iraq. we are killing our children to defend muslims. what has that gained us? they are doing it just like democrats. we should not go kill our children to defend muslims. there are about 54 islamic countries in the world. they are totally capable of defending themselves. [ applause ] we don't know the consequences
9:54 pm
of when we interfere and help muslims, first of all, it doesn't work. they don't appreciate us still. when we went to saudi arabia to defend saudi arabia from saddam, he was moving into saudi arabia and he lit up all the oil fields. he set them on fire. it took america a year and a half to put it off. it was calling an environmental problem. okay. do you know when we were saudi arabia our mull tear was considered by the saudis as infidel filth desecrating our land. they invite them to defend them, but they regard them as filth. and they bombed the building
9:55 pm
with a lot of our servicemen who died. you have to understand that we are going to be infidels in their eyes whether we do something good r or bad. we are in their eyes infidels. as long as islam is radical, they will always look at as infidels. just look at how they treat the jews and the christians in the middle east. just look at that and understand do you know that the christians in egypt are trying to appease the muslims by any means because they are a minority. by any means and nothing works. they are kidnapping girls and force marrying them. they are burning their churches and killing the women. it's unbelievable. i hope america gets the lesson.
9:56 pm
don't appease, it's not going to work. you can only defeat radical islam. america has suffered trauma after 9/11 and no one is discussing it. no one is look after the average american citizen who loves his country. and i'm very sad. it's us who always have to be blamed. but third world countries, they are so oppressed. you have no clue that tyranny can come from any nation. you can be the poorest nation, so being a third world country does not make it immune to be a
9:57 pm
tyrant. there was recently u in egypt who stated the following. we are commanded by god to terrorize and it's in our koran and he said the word terrorize in arabic, if you check the word terrorize in koran you will find it all over. he stated himself, i have been victorious through terror. so you wonder why? it's in the koran. their ideology, their books are telling them that. that's why i'm not criticizing the people. i'm krut sizing the books, the law, because it's creating monsters. and this is what we have to deal with it. you're criticizing islam.
9:58 pm
no, i'm not a racist. i'm criticizing the ideology. you have to be very firm and self-confident that you are criticizing their ideology. there are white muslims, black musli muslims, everything in between. so it has nothing to do with race. so don't be intimidated by the words you are a racist. i'm racist against my race. don't know how to deal with me and just call me a a name. what does this have to do with what i'm saying? i want equality for everybody. i came to america when i first -- my first job, as a new immigrant, i was reading everything. whenever i went to work, i read every note written on the wall, every map i see i check as a new
9:59 pm
immigrant. and i saw a sign at my work on the wall. nobody ever -- i noticed nobody looks at it. and it says the following. this institution does not discriminate in hiring, on the basis of race, national origin, gender or race or anything. and i read it and reread it and reread it. to me it was like an oh my god, does that mean i'm equal to men? here i am, i'm coming from an area of the world where you have a totally u different legal system for women, different from men. if you're a woman, your testimony in court is half the value of a man. can you believe this? if i go to court and i'm testifying and there's a man testifying and we contradict
10:00 pm
each other, he wins because he's a man. that's the law. that is not the culture. that's the legal system. so when you come to america and you're confronted that you're actual, you're like, oh, my god, i'm equal. it took me awhile for me to really feel equal. i'm speaking because i love this country. i'm just very grateful for this country. it gave me my freedom. so ever since 9/11 happened, americans remember saying we are the voices of the middle eastern
10:01 pm
people to stand up to this terrorism. and i was one of the first people who started speaking. so i started speaking and gradually i felt i'm being silenced. i'm being shut up from. and now they call me controversial, they call me islam-phobe and racist. and especially during the time when there is an israel a par tide week. every week there's an attack on israel on campus. and the jewish kids are intimidated. but there has to be some balance, so they invite me to speak. they are desperate to hear my
10:02 pm
message. and my message is reasonable. i'm not attacking people. i'm attacking the ideology. so groups have all the right to speak. nobody is bothering them and through israel people are being scienceed and being called names. so here i am after 9/11 after the middle eastern people who should speak about radical islam and now we're being silenced. so this is a very strange situation for a country to reject or stand against people who are speaking about their enemy.
10:03 pm
i don't know if it ever happened. i studied all. i don't remember any nation that made it taboo to speak about an enemy that's creating war against that nation. it's very strange. it's like a stockholm syndrome. and we are now really compliant, very appeasing and is it any coincidence that the first election -- and i'm not a psychology, i took a few classes of psychology at my university days, but you don't need a psychiatrist degree to understand. is it a coincidence that the first person to elect as president after 9/11, his name
10:04 pm
rhymes with osama? this is something we have to think about. why are we doing this? so we are defend iing the cultu that flew airplanes into our buildings. and we are discussing it even in our homeland security, anything. what does it do to a nation? what does -- why is it so
10:05 pm
dangerous? what does it do to a nation? i'll give you an example. 1,400 years ago in the seventh century, there were two super powers in the world. they were not the united states and the soviet union. they were the empire and the persian empire. egypt was part of the empire. egypt was a christian nation. egypt used to have queens. not just one or two, many queens. we had the most brilliant one. she had slates all over. egypt had one of the few countries that are slates.
10:06 pm
and the empire were having wars between them. they were tired. and the people started hating their leadership. and there comes out of the arabian peninsula a fresh army. they had a sword in one hand and a koran in the other hand and they were looking at the civilization who had rivers, that had gold, that had beautiful women and they wanted to conquer them. they wanted to end the memory of the jewish people. they conquered egypt and per ja in the same year. it was changed by a culture that we look down upon. nobody wanted to conquer arabia.
10:07 pm
it was a desert. they wanted to conquer it because we had the rivers, we had the gold, we had agriculture. so they came and conquered the wealth, changed our religion and imposed a tax on anyone who practices anything other than islam. and all the money went to ara a arabia. egypt never saw its glory days again. and today egypt is like a third world country that cannot even rule itself. egypt has undergone a 1919 revolution -- a 1952 resolution, a 2011 revolution, a 2013
10:08 pm
counterrevolution and there's still talk about another revolution. is this what you want? it can happen to super powers, ladies and gentlemen. when they penetrate a country because it's not a very -- it's a dysfunctional system. it oppresses human nature. it causes chaos. it has a very oppressive legal system. i want to name you a few of the laws of syria so you can judge for yourself the impact on such laws of society. but all the laws that kill women and stone women for sexual misconduct and put aside all of that, i'm sure you know that part. i'm going to give you a law that
10:09 pm
i'm sure you've hardly heard it. it's regarding government. it says the following. a muslim head of state can come to power through seizure of power meaning through force. can you believe it if you have a law like that in your constitution? meaning through force revolution against the government and everybody for them. what does a law like that do? it makes a muslim head of state
10:10 pm
paranoid. he vounds himself with lots of guards. is it a coincidence why they have tyrants? it's not because everybody los tyrants in the middle east. it's not because -- some of the men who have led in the middle east really deep down inside them are good people. if they don't become tyrants, they will be assassinated. it all goes back to the law. and they want to bring law in america. i'm just giving you one law that makes a nation unable to rule itself in peace. i'll give you another law that will never make a nation live in
10:11 pm
peace. it's the obligation of every muslim to do jihad and this is the definition of jihad. according to their books, by the way, everything i'm saying is from their books. from the books, it's not like from some weird book somewhere. this is main street. here it says every muslim must do jihad. not only every muslim individual, but every muslim head of state must do jihad against neighboring nonmuslim countries. what is the consequence of a law like that. israel cannot live in peace because it's surrounding by nation who is are being ruled by dictators afraid to be assassinated if they don't follow law. and law tells them they have to do jihad against nonluz limb
10:12 pm
countries. and that's why we have a conflict. if the west just understand what law is, they will understand who is the victim and who is the oppressor in the middle east. they will understand the conflict, but the west doesn't want to understand because we have an idea in the west that religion must be protected. we have to protect religion. anybody who says this is my religion, we have to give them all the rights. even if the religion has a law in it that if a a person leaves that religion, they must be killed. why is it that i cannot visit any muslim countries? because i be killed on the street by anybody and the police will say we never saw who killed her. this is happening every day in the middle east of christians who are being killed and nobody
10:13 pm
knows who killed them. nobody is in jail for the murder of christians in egypt. and it's the more radical. the government goes and arrests you and puts you on a trial and condemn you to death. even if you're a pregnant woman like what's happening these days. did you hear about this? . and according to muhammad, one time he did condemn a woman in the seventh century to death but she was pregnant. then we kill her and they actually killed her after the baby. so they are following exactly what's in their books.
10:14 pm
we have to say what's written in their books are barbaric. when they u are called enemies of allah, that's barbaric. what happened because the jewish rejected muhammad and didn't want to convert to islam. he actually participated in killing almost 900 jewish men of one tribe. they beheaded these men. the first holocaust on the jews is not hitler. it was muhammad. and he expelled the rest of the tribes and he took all the women as sexual hostages.
10:15 pm
they are doing the same thing. it's under islamic law. if you are with nonmuslims, you have the right, you have the right to take the women as sexual slaves. and there are people in the middle east today who are advocating. you have to do this in the open. and by the way, some muslim women in london to what happens in nigeria is okay. this converted 300 christian girls. hallelujah they are saying. it doesn't matter how they convert them, kidnap them, kidnapping minors and force marrying them.
10:16 pm
that is the value system that totally contradicts from our system. what just scared me and i don't understand is why liberals who are supposed to be the holders of the feminist movement and freedom and let's burn our bras. where are they? come defend me. the different between the christian culture and the islamic culture is huge. it's the opposite exactly. it concentrates on wanting to change yourself from within.
10:17 pm
i was an antisemimite. i didn't know better. that's how i was brought up. like in here, i went to a synagogue with a girlfriend of mine. i u said, okay, i'm going to hear them. that's what i told them. i said everybody curses. they might be cursing muslims like we curse them. my jaw dropped. they were praying for everybody. for all of the humanity. i'm like, oh, my god, that's so different. and they would constantly talking about how to fix yourself. we're all sinners. that's what they say in churches. we're all sinners. what a concept because in my religion of origin, they are all
10:18 pm
sinners. and we have a duty to change you. in order to go to heaven. they want to change one's self, put the responsibility on you. islam is changing the other and for instance, the most popular islamic name, it means slave of god, the way we look at god in islam is we are slaves and god way up there and we are slaves. and we are children of god. what a concept.
10:19 pm
big difference. forgiveness is so important in the bible. forgiveness is so important. and the seven deadly sins, we discuss fixing yourself and if all of it fixes yourself, we're okay. this is basic psychology. basic decency. in islam muslims are forbidden from forgiving their enemies of allah. they are forbidden for forgiving jews. i was invited on tv to discuss my book. and what happened they told me your father was killed and you are a traitor. you are not worthy of being his
10:20 pm
daughter. i was insulted bad and harassed because you forgave the people that killed him. i said forgiveness is the best thing we can do. they should forgive us. and honest to god, the guy almost wanted to kill me. because he couldn't understand the concept of forgiveness. you can forgive your muslim friends, but you can't forgive nonmuslims. it's against islamic culture, islamic ideology. that's why it's very hard for a muslim to truly, to truly be a good muslim and a good fellow and be really want to live truly in peace with the jews. it's an oxymoron. and it goes back to why muhammad
10:21 pm
killed them. consider them enemies of allah like muhammad stated in the koran. they finally admit they are human beings. they are not enemies of allah. if we admit that, then our prophet was a murder when e he killed them. it's an extent shl problem for islam. so they hate education. islam doesn't have the confidence in themselves to stop the hate. actually islam, they were discussing in egypt recently the punishment of killing. and some people in egypt were saying we shouldn't force people to convert to islam.
10:22 pm
we should leave it optional. and there comes one of the top leaders of islam and he had -- his name is kardoi. he's the number one in islam. if we end the capital punishment for those who leave islam, islam will end. can you believe this? it's like the pope for christianity. like the pope making a statement. if we don't kill catholics who leave catholicism, then catholicism will end. they have no confidence in their own religion. why should we have confidence in it ourselves? we shouldn't have confidence in it. we shouldn't give it the
10:23 pm
respect. forgiveness, redemption, the under way to go to heaven is o to kill nonmuslims to go to heaven in the jihad. when my father was killed in the jihad against israel, i was brokenhearted really. people came and said, congratulations, your father now is in heaven. it's the only guarantee to go to heaven is to die in the process of killing nonmuslims. he goes, killing jews, what an honor. and with my mind, i told myself, i don't want my dad in heaven. i want him down here with us. i was looked at with such disrespect like aren't you a muslim? aren't you a good muslim? i learned to keep it to myself.
10:24 pm
i should never defy jihad. that was the message. and that's what i remembered until today. so it's to control people by not allowing them to leave islam through a death penalty. the difference is huge between the christian culture which produces a stable society. because there's harmony and trust people between. because everybody is responsible for themselves. islam, everybody is responsible for everybody else except themselves. and it produces a psych that lives in constant chaos because everybody thinks they are the boss of everybody else. a girl has a boyfriend, her father goes to kill her. you know o why?
10:25 pm
because he can't show his face to the society anymore. they will shame him to death. society is very cruel to men too. they force the father to kill. have you ever seen the movie the thorning of soria? did you remember who threw the first stone? it was the father. they gave the father the first stone to stone his daughter. and her son and then the rest of the village. so they force the men to deny their humanity to kill their women in order to save face and live with little pride. so islamic culture is cruel on men but in a different way.
10:26 pm
so islam seeks government control. they are already in our government. they want to spread self outside of the jewish people. christianity tries to spread itself through reach iing the hearts and minds of people by knock at their door and showing them the bible. islam doesn't want to waste that time. islam forces itself through government under people. that's why they seek government right away. the history of islam. am i too long? a few more minutes. i want to tell you a story. if you look at the history of
10:27 pm
islam in the last 1400 years, you'll see islam conquering countries through controlling the government and forcing itself on the people by making it illegal to leave. being a muslim is not a personal relationship with god. being a muslim is a contract with the state. when i was born, my birth certificate was stamped muslim. my student i.d., muslim. my passport, muslim. because if i'm caught in the country in a church, i could be killed. so you're being a muslim is not a relationship with god that's independent. in saudi arabia if you're caught not -- if you're the shop owner
10:28 pm
and it's time to pray. and you don't go to pray, the police can arrest you. so your being a muslim is a contract with the state you cannot violate. so this is a a very different concept of god. very different. and that's how islam expanded. when it went to india, eventually muslims were a minority in india and finally they said we want to have our own country. we want to practice law. the rest of the hindu said no. okay, we want a separatist movement. so they took an area of pakistan. did they end there? no, now pakistan hates india and they are terrorizing india all the time. it's never ening. some muslims during the turkish
10:29 pm
empire went to eastern europe and some areas of eastern europe are muslim. kosovo was created. why was there a war between kosovo? it's the same thing. whether it's india and egypt, kosovo, eastern europe. ke some muslims lived in certain areas of russia and became strong enough and they want a separatist movement from russia today. . what are they doing? they are constantly bombing. they go to theaters and blow up theaters. they blow up something every now and then in russia. ladies and gentlemen, i'm
10:30 pm
predicting we're going to have a czech knee ya in france. we're going to have one in the united kingdom. if we don't do something today, we could have one in america. are we going to allow our grandchildren to fight the war we should fight today? are we going to let them fight from door to door, from school to school, from restaurant to restaurant our grandchildren and maybe our children even? after we're all gone and this is my question, we are not doing even muslims a favor with appeasement. muslims are human beings. they want to live happy. most of them. but we are telling them your religion is okay. they terrorize us. we're sorry. what is this?
10:31 pm
we have to say it like it is. you terrorize me, i terrorize you. but we're not doing that. and let me tell you, arabs respect power. we're not showing them power. we're showing them weakness and we are not even doing islam or muslims a favor. we are allowing the muslim brotherhood to penetrate us. there's a law that president obama recently made it easier for asylum seekers from the middle east to come here even if they had had a little bit of a link to terror groups. did you hear about that law? he did it unilaterally and i think this is designed on purpose for the muslim brotherhood who are escaping egypt today because they are illegal now. so what are we going now? we are absorbing the terrorists
10:32 pm
and the muslim brotherhood in america. welcome to america and maybe this way we're going to rid the middle east of its terrorists. it's just a joke, but i'm telling you that sometimes what we're doing is really -- for somebody like me who lived in islamic terror, it scares the hell out of me especially when i saw yesterday president obama in the rose garden with the father of that man who is under suspicion that he went awol and he brought the father and mother, the first words he utters in front of our president, do you know what that
10:33 pm
means? it means i'm a muslim. this is the first word in the islamic prayer. in the name of allah, the merciful and the compassionate. this is the first words in every five times a day muslims say this at the beginning of their prayer before they curse. so i cannot imagine bush having this scene. only obama can be a fool like that. but he's not a fool. i think he's doing it on purpose. i think he's rubbing the noses. he is rub ibing the noses of american people in the islamic rug. thank you very much. [ applause ]
10:34 pm
>> we're going to start your questions. >> a quick sound check. can you hear me okay? >> any questions? >> they will come from over here. our ushers will hand out cards to people. people will write their questions down and bring them over here. i do have a couple questions to start us off though. first one, if islam gave up hating all nonmuslims, what would the essence be? >> what's the question again? >> if islam gave up hating all nonmuslims, what would the essence of islam be? >> it would be an empty shell because 64% of the koran is
10:35 pm
cursing nonmuslims. 64% of the koran is consumed with nonmembers of the religion. like i said, islam is obsessed with the outside world. and if you remove that from religion, then you're left with prayer five times a day and ramadan and just a few rituals, which you might as well become christian. or jew. >> how do we win against islam? >> by standing up to our morals and values and by knowing we are strong and by taking pride in our culture again. taking pride in the truth. standing up for the truth, ending appeasement and political
10:36 pm
correctness. i'm not saying to be blunt and rude, but standing up for our principles. >> the islamic community expresses outrage when they feel their religion or culture has been disrespected. where is the islamic community outraged when acts of violence and terrorism are performed by islamic extremists? >> exactly. that's a very good question because where are the moderate muslims to object to the kidnapping of the 300 girls? i don't see them in the street. all we saw was some muslim women in london saying this is dpood. and where are the moderate muslims? care comes out with a little statement. we condemn the kidnapping of 300 girls. that's all they do. but you don't see them stand and
10:37 pm
d demonstrate them burn and kill like there was a cartoon. remember when there was the cartoon about muhammad happened it was in europe. they were demonstrating all over the middle east about the cartoon burning and killing and if they are really moderate, which i hope they are, how come they are not -- i don't want them to burn and kill, but just stand in every arab capital saying release those 300 girls. i can only see jews and christians who care. i don't see muslims. [ applause ] >> we're getting a lot of questions from the audience. this is great. is there any viable movement in any middle eastern country with a realistic chance of creating a democracy? >> there are movements, but they
10:38 pm
are such a minority that they get swallowed by the islamists. when the revolution happened in egypt in 2011, it was started by students, but these students were in the thousands. egypt is 80 million. so the minute the revolution happened and succeeded, they got the vote and the muslim brotherhood won. same thing in gaza. they got a vote and vote in hamas because the majority of people, that's all they know is islam because you're living in a system that forbids anybody from even looking at the bible. if you go to saudi arabia and they catch a bible in your hand or in your luggage, they will confiscate it. so we are living as muslims unable to know there is any
10:39 pm
other god other than allah. and we don't want to be atheists. so when they u go to vote, they say, i want to vote for the religion of allah. it's ignorance. >> how do peaceful muslims relate to the koran which tells them to lie and kill? >> they don't read it. unfortunately a lot of muslims, like me, i never really cared to read the koran. but i consider myself muslim. i used to defend the palestinians without thinking. i defended them like they were victims. but now i look back and say, my god, it's not the truth. arabs don't want peace. they don't want peace and that's the truth. so the reason is because they
10:40 pm
don't treat it. they don't treat -- the hate speech in the koran. >> i'm going to combine a couple questions. one may even partially answer the other. first one is how do you balance religious freedom against islam's desire to take over the wor world? the second, how can it be considered a religion? >> that's a very good question. number one, i think we should define in america what a religion should be. and i'll tell you what my definition will be. a religion will be given the respect in america to be. practiced only if it respects basic human rights. [ applause ] we have to define religion. so if we define religion as a set of values and morals to live
10:41 pm
by, it's a religion condemns those to death, it's the right to be practiced in america will be null and void. and that's the only way we can either reform islam, we have to get rid of that and we can judge islam by the way muslims practiced in america. we have to judge islam by how it's being practiced in iran and saudi arabia. when they are in the minority, they admit it. when you're in the minority, lie and slander and act like you like peace, so you're dealing with a religion that teaches a virtue. >> islam is notoriously hostile
10:42 pm
to those -- have you personally experienced violence or threats? >> oh, yeah. i have one on me to die if i go to egypt. and that's why i can't visit. the only country i can visit in the middle east is israel. this is the only country i can visit and stay alive. so that is the religion of peace. >> what do you think we should do in syria? does taking any side make sense? >> no, we should keep out of syria. if arabs -- the arab world is very rich, by the way. they have huge armies. if they want to save the syrian people, let them do it. stop interfering between people who are both bad.
10:43 pm
[ applause [ applause ] they are both terrorists. we can't go with either. they both want to kill us. >> can you comment on the recent events where a juish-based university reversed an invitation to the speaker to give a speech at commencement? >> a lot of people are criticizing the jewish people because they are not standing up and inviting people who are like me. i want to tell you something. it's time for us nonjews to stand in the front line against radical islam. we should not leave the jewish to do that job. it's our job. it's the job of christians.
10:44 pm
and i noticed that the christians are not speaking out. so of course, i would have liked brandeis to keep its invitation and not rescind it, but i can understand why the jews have done enough fighting for the life against radical islam. it's time for the rest of the world to wake up. >> can your name any prominent leaders in either party in the united states who understand and give voice to the threat? >> i think there's a lot of republican who is are called racists and unfortunately we have neutered our politicians.
10:45 pm
we have a lot of great men and women. we have sarah palin. we have great men and women. we don't have a shortage of good politicia politicians. a lot of people are angry at our politician, but i'm angry at us who don't go and vote. last election the reason mitt romney didn't vote is because a lot of christians were saying, we don't want to vote for a mormon. this is ridiculous. you judge a person by his character and the man has very good character, very good family. and what did we get? that's what we got. so we're getting what we deserve. >> when shiites and sunnis fight and kill one another, should we do anything besides sit back,
10:46 pm
make popcorn and enjoy the spectacle? >> absolutely. just don't interfere. and by the way, i'm totally against going into iraq and going into afghanistan and nation building after that. excuse me, we're becoming a poor country. we have a lot of poor in america. we don't nation build oil-rich count countries. let their muslim brethren build their nations. they have plenty of money instead of send iing it here to build. let them send it here to fix their own country. >> why does the west give money to islamic terrorists groups? >> i think it started when egypt had the peace treaty, that's how
10:47 pm
it started. it's like an insurance policy. e yipt is a poor country. don't fight israel. i think that is, more or less, the reason we give money to egypt. that's the truth. we don't admit it, but that's the truth. israel, we should support israel, absolutely, financially. because israel has been aband abandoned by the wormd. look at what the united nations is doing to israel. so i think egypt, we're helping egypt so they don't attack israel. but don't send the rest a dime. to either support them or leave them to fend for themselves and
10:48 pm
get a job. they need a job. the palestinian people need jobs. they don't need terror. >> yeah, of course, 15 of the 19 terrorists were saudis. saudi arabia is the most dangerous country in this world. in my opinion, it's more dangerous than iran. but you know why, because at least iran fights for it. saudi arabia pays other nations to fight its dirty work through terror. and that scares me more than countries that are up front. they tell you, i'm your enemy and i'm going to kill you. now i can deal with you. saudi arabia says i am your ally, and here's the money. go fly airplanes into buildings.
10:49 pm
it's the most dangerous nation in the middle east. it's the home of islam. this is where muhammad came from. >> why do you suppose the 1 billion muslim slaves don't revolt? >> because when you put somebody for a very long time in a prison, if you open the gate, they don't all run right away. some people stay in the prison. like me when i came to america, i didn't flee right away. it took me a long time. so and also the power of oppression of the society around you, if you live in the muslim world, it's very different from being a muslim and you live here. it's very easy here to just dump islam and adopt american values. when you're living there, the
10:50 pm
social pressure on you to go pray and social pressure is very, very high. it's changing, however. and i'm beautiful
10:51 pm
beaches and they are drilling right and left. the life span before they discovered oil was like 40 years old. now it's like 75. so i don't see that the cameras are dying. that's the real motivation. but they have to -- they can't be honest. they are like the islamic
10:52 pm
ideology. they use to reach the goals. it's exactly like islam. i would have more respect for liberals if they tell you their agenda honestly. but they don't want to have an honest debate. they want to call you names just like islam calls you, you should go kill yourself. that's why i figure them. >> yes, it was very hard. i couldn't change right away because really to live under islam for a long time can demoralize you. it's a burden.
10:53 pm
i have a chapter in my last book. christianity lifts your burden. it take was your guilt. that's how we become in christianity. in islam it's a culture of shaming. it's a culture of control. it's a culture of putting burden on the individual. they saved us. in islam, we must save allah's reputation. that's why u if you say anything about allah or muhammad, it's the duty to carry the burden of muhammad and defend him. so it's exactly the opposite. so it wasn't -- as soon as my mind cleared, which took a few years living under freedom, i went. to -- i went to several churches and synagogues. frankly, i don't find -- i find judaism and christianity as one
10:54 pm
in my eyes. i don't know why. christians don't see that, but i see it. because christianity could never have happened without judaism. so i look at the culture as one. and the reason i became christian is i was watching one morning in '97 on sunday morning and i was flipping channels and there was preachers one after the other. they were praying for the whole world. they were praying for peace on earth. they were praying for everybody, all nations, and that just struck me. i said, oh, my god, my religion cur curses. i grew up with cursing. every friday prayer, they would sit and curse and bang and get the sword out. may god destroy the jews and the infide infidels, the enemies of allah. and people go out of the mosque
10:55 pm
and kill christians as a result of being a muslim. i saw a man who made me feel so at peace. i became u a better person. and that's why it wasn't difficult to become christian and to support israel. it lifted my guilt. >> i have one more question for you. then we want to make sure you have time to sign books for your fans. you say you're not against muslims, but against their ideology. how can you separate the two? you're not holding people accountable for people's actions. >> i agree in a way, but we human beings are fairly weak. let me tell you, we are all born half good and half bad. depending on our religion, we
10:56 pm
either strengthen the good or strengthen the bad. muslims are the victims of islam. they have been brought up in an ideology. we don't even know that lying and slander against jews is evil. we think it's a virtue. believe me, if i go and say in the muslim world today, if i make a forgiveness, i would be shot dead on the spot as a traitor. while the same sermon in america about forgiveness between jews and arabs would give me a prize. so it's the same thing, but one culture looks at it as evil and one looks at it as a virtue. so that's the problem. muslims are the victim of an evil ideology.
10:57 pm
[ applause ] thank you. c-span's 2015 student cam competition is underway. this competition for middle and high school students will award 150 prizes totaling $100,000. create a five to seven-minute. documentary entitled "the three branchs and you." go to for more information. grab a camera and get started today. at the annual convention of the islamic society, a panel discussed the future of islam and the u.s. and challenges facing the muslim american community. this is an hour and 20 minutes.
10:58 pm
>> everyone hear me? good. i have nothing interesting to say beyond that. welcome to generation rise. i am the moderator, or the instigator. my job is to get the conversation going. we have a very distinguished panel here. what i'm going to do is let each of them speak as much as possible. if the conversation dies down, your questions will be brought up to me. and then i'll filter themgl[i f the most interesting. feel free to throw anything in there to keep them on their u toes. now is your chance to ask that question because i will make sure to read it out loud. how is everyone doing? good. it took me two hours to get here from the airport, which is as long as it took me to fly here so that's generation rise on an
10:59 pm
american scale. the purpose of tonight's conversation is to basically talk about the issues, dilemmas, opportunities and challenges facing communities going forward. so what i'm going to do ba basically is start the conversation off by introducing right here to my left, who many may have seen or heard. he's the political director. he's a columnist and presenter of head to head. if you have not seen it, you should. he's he wrote the british community is at a tortured relationship with politicians in recent years. it's become a cliche to say young are alienated, estranged from the political process doesn't make it any less true. muslims are underrepresented in political life. the number of muslim members of parliament in the uk stands at 8 out of 650.
11:00 pm
that was about two years ago, but what i wanted to ask to start with is, when we are constantly the community being tagged abroad, the rise of isis, how do we focus on the domestic when there's so much pressure on us to talk about the so-called foreign? >>. >> lovely to be here in detroit. thank you for that kind introduction. an answer to your not provocative question at all, i would say, what a way to start. i'll start by berating my physical low muslims. my view is very clear. i don't think we should force a choice when it comes to discussing issues that matter. what's interesting is we have this three-day event. i'm looking at the program.


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