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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  October 19, 2014 7:51pm-8:01pm EDT

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where people he knows from the progressive party are still being introduced via wallace to different businessmen in shanghai and other places, and then the herbert hoover side when you realize he is still around and barry goldwater is incredibly close to him until hoover's death which is actually dramatically in early october of 1964, a month before barry goldwater, you know, goes up for election, to the extent that barry and herbert are very close, in close communication ver hoover's last death bed, there's a lot there. and so -- but i think the important story is not to try to raise up these two figures as heroes or like icons that had they just been listened to there would have been no cold war whatsoever. that is something i'm really resisting. i have no intention of going down. i think what's more interesting is seeing the different phases and kinds of influence they exerted over a period of time with different people that
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tells us much more about the complexity of america as a place where people really did debate these things very, very fervently. >> kevin kim, thank you for being on american history tv. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> be part of c-span's campaign 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and like us on facebook to get debate schedules, video clips of key moments, debate previews from our politics team. c-span is bringing you over 100 senate, house, and governor debates. and you can instantly share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress. stay in touch and engage by following us on twitter at c-span and liking us on facebook at all weekend american history tv is in green bay, wisconsin. in 1634, french explorer jean nicolet became the first
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european to discover lake michigan. he landed near green bay on an expedition -- a mission to find a route to the ocean. he named the area green bay because of the greenish waters. c-span's city tour staff recently visited many sites show casing green bay's history. learn more about green bay all weekend here on american history tv. >> we're in champion, wisconsin. this is the shrine of our lady of good help. in october of 1859, adele bryce was walking through this area when she claimed to have witnessed an apparition or a vision of the virgin mary. the catholic church defines an apparition as an appearance of jesus christ, the virgin mary, or any of the saints. there were three occasions that
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adele bryce believed she had visions of the virgin mary. and on the third vision, on the third appearance, the virgin mary instructed her to spread the word of salvation throughout the area. among the pioneer people living here in the wilderness. for the rest of her life, she did just that, serving more or less as a missionary here in the area to pioneer families living in a very remote and rugged area of the mid 19th century. after she experienced the apparitions, she confided in her parents and in the local catholic priest. her father built a small shrine here at the location of the apparition. in october, of 1871, a huge wildfire broke out on the west side of green bay in a community known as peshtigo. it remains the largest wildfire
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in the nation's history. it claimed more than 1200 lives. the wildfire was so great that it created its own atmosphere, more or less, a hurricane of fire. it threw flames, sparks, across the bay of green bay roughly 35 miles and ignited wildfires here in the area of southern door county. on that night as the flames began to spread here in southern door county, adele bryce and others gathered at the shrine, gathered at the chapel her father had built, to pray for their safety. the following day, as the fire had burned itself out and as the morning light came up, it was revealed that the entire area had been devastated by the fire except for an immediate area surrounding the chapel that had been built by her father. the shrine continued to draw pilgrims and other visitors throughout the years as a
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somewhat modest attraction. at first the catholic church took a somewhat skeptical view of the reports of the apparition, but they never doubted the work, good work and character of adele bryce. it wasn't until 2008 that the catholic church convened a formal investigation into the reports of the apparitions here at this site. and in 2010, the church concluded that the visions experienced by adele bryce were indeed worthy of belief by the catholic church. the church's sanction of this site as worthy of belief is significant. it is only one of 12 sites worldwide that's approved by the church. it is the only site in the united states at this time.
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o it ranks right up there with lourdes and fatima as far as church sanctioned sites where there have been reported appearances of the virgin mary. >> throughout the weekend, american history tv is featuring green bay, wisconsin. our city tour staff recently traveled there to learn about its rich history. to learn more about green bay and other stops on c-span's cities tour, go to content. you're watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on c-span 3. each week american history tv's "reel america" brings you archival films that help tell the story of the 20th century. >> the united states continues to fly high in the olympic games and the royal family sees the 15-year-old u.s. sensation set a world and olympic record in the hundred-meter butterfly. she is sharon steweder of
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california and this is the way she picks up her third olympic medal amid hearty applause from the crowd. she beat out the previous holder from the netherlands while kathy ellis of the u.s. is third. two days later sharon won her fourth olympic medal. the united states scores a stunning upset on the women's platform diving. here is ingrid kraemer engel of germany the heavy favorite. however, she is not good enough against leslie bush of the u.s. who noses out the champion by over a foot and a half. in third place behind the american and german is celina alexa and the soviet flag is raised beside the other two. then the action moves to the stadium for the track events. first action is the men's hundred meter and in the stands is the immortal sprinter jesse owen. heavy favorite in the dash is bob hayes in the far lane.
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the wind was too brisk in the semifinal and a world record hayes set was disallowed. hayes has a race in his pocket the minute he left the starting block. as slow motion reveals the stride of the 190-pound sprinter he has more power than grace but as anyone can see it rings home the gold medal. no wind in this heat. hayes does a 110 second and once more the stars and stripes ail another u.s. gold medal. an olympic mark was set in the semifinals of the hundred-meter dash and now in the final she runs her rivals into the ground . she upsets her teammate edith mcguire by two yards as she flies across. as the american eagle flies high in tokyo.
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>> next on the presidency, a conversation with author fred kaplan about his biography john quincy adams, american visionary. although he was not remembered r being a great president he argues john quincy adams was one of the the new york historical society hosted this hour-long event. we are just going to talk amongst ourselves for a while. it's great to be here. one detail that you want to correct. >> yes. ,y career has been very diverse but it's mostly focused on literature and history.


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