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tv   The Presidency  CSPAN  November 9, 2014 8:40am-8:51am EST

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monday night on "the communicators," christopher yu, professor of the law school and director of the center for innovation.nd >> the people who oppose it the d take a look at internet header. it's the guts. the magic that makes the internet world. that's what makes everyone speak. service flag, different service classes, high bandwidth, different forms of prioritization, that was esigned in the internet from t beginning. people said that's an old artifact. redesigned the internet, fuel, they kept a label fuel to do another form of prior toization services. if you look at the design to uggest that this was never intended to be -- prioritization
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has never meant to go out, it was a design feature. about the way people are using the internet, they're to deliver voice services. the true completely ip based to your phone is voice overlte. to make a callay quality work and the other video and other things work. monday night at 8:00 eastern on the communicators on c-span 2. long, c-span is touring cities across the country, exploring american history. recent , a look at the visit to colorado spring, colorado. you're watching american history every weekend, on c-span 3. >> garden of the gods park is so
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significant, many people don't it's a city park. it's a world famous view. nd the fact that we love the description of the garden of the the park as being perhaps most striking contrast between mountains and plains in all of north america. the nation natural history, the the earth is like an open book here in colorado springs. seeing here is the lagoons, the bottom of the even glacial gravels that had occurred. so when you walk back to the back in s like a walk time. in a half mile, you can go 300 million years ago. know oft people that we in the pike's peak region were ute. which was their homeland, the
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their ikes peak area was homeland. they would circumnavigate pike's as part of the seasonal your anies because in the summer of game d find plenty and buy son and elk up in -- on mountain ide of the and as fall would approach, they would start making the seasonal area of ack to this colorado springs. you can ntertime, if think of the bedrocks providing areas to be, rm have parts that have ago. dated 300,000 years those your anies continued for many centuries. pressures of the the new united states and b heading west ward made a huge tumultuous impact on the people. however, the ute did negotiate
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with the u.s. government to keep homeland in r colorado. and the ute live not only in reservation in southwestern colorado, but certainly all over the state and the nation. gold was found in cherry creek in the denver area. but it was such an amazing landmark, it became the pike's peaker gold rush. hey knew there would be a supply town. they came to this area to set up a small town. they were stunned with the rocks. said we should call this the garden of the gods. that name stuck. garden of the gods
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every since. this is truly an extraordinary park. >> in 1909, the wisdom of thises perkins was to give gift to the city of colorado springs, that it would remain free to the people forever. divided a a gift that large section of our existing parks department today. charles par kins liked that philosophy. he informed his children that's what he was going to do. he was a friend of general the rs and he owned burlington railroad, probably peculated on develop some of this land. but because parmer was so enganged in wanting to make he had the right environment for the people who were going to live here, he adopted the same philosophy. came time to do
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something with this property, it make a icult for him to decision that it would stay a park and be forever free to the people and stayed that way today. nusual for a city parks and recreation department to have to take on something that has significance. this has always been a draw and here for two natural reasons. in addition to health and other those are natural reasons. it remains that today from when charles perkins made the gift. always be it would important to the people. we keep that functioning today. city has well over 150 parks. the is the park that is
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because of the national draw. maintain icult to something like this with the dollars that you would have do with a neighborhood or a smaller community park. in 1985, a foundation was stablished by a benefactor of this park, lighted hill, to a system for the visitor's center be owned by the foundation and the profits would the garden aintain of the gods park. it's so significant. tried to combine the two, so that request was taken -- was
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aside by congress and otherwise i think it would have been if not the first, the park.d national but yellow stone certainly captured that. you know the economic benefit to our region to have that come here to see our national resources. >> find out where c-span's local vehicles are going next, content. you're watching american history all weekend, every weekend, on c-span -- 2015 c-span student cam
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competition is under way. open to all middle and high school students to create a 5 to 7-minute documentary on the theme, the three branches and you, showing you how a policy, action by the federal government has affected you or your community. here's 200 cash prizes for students and teachers totalling $100,000. or a list of rules and how to get started, go to history n "american tv," author and journalist describes german espionage in the u.s. with the to 1917 the years 1915 before america entered world war i. his book, dark invasion, german spies were engaged in warfare, and an effort to prevent the u.s. from entering the war. inspector tom d tuny who uncovered the spy a work and helped to develop
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modern counterterrorism strategy. hosted by the new military affairs symposium. it's about an hour. good evening and welcome. i am pleased to welcome howard blum, an investigative journalist and author of the new york city times best seller "dark invasion" as well as many other great books. he is currently a contributing editor at "vanity fair." while at "the new york times" he was twice nominated for a pulitzer prize for investigative reporting. several of his books were non-fiction best sellers including, among others "i pledge allegiance, the true story of the walkers, an american spy family" that was turned into a great mini series on cbs, perhaps some of you watched it in the past. "gang land" how the fbi broke the mob in


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