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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm EST

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extensively. >> so you were lying in 2012? >> in 2012 i was conjecturing. >> what you said just now is in direct opposition of what you said. so it was a lie today or a lie in 2012. >> i believe that the affordable care act -- >> so you were lying in 2012. >> in 2012, i was trying to play amateur politician and i shouldn't have done that. >> i thank the gentleman. i gather the gentleman is saying amateur politician so you're allowed to say things that are not true out of a stump and when you're under oath you say the truth? >> yes, sir. >> i gather. i thank the gentleman for your participation. i'm going to try to get this done. we have a vote on the floor.
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include the opt out clause within the next ten days? >> has any insurer participating in the 2015 affordable care act exchanges expressed any concern at any time to anyone to your knowledge in the executive branch regarding the lack of an appropriation of funds to make cost sharing reduction payment 
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>> you made this comment about tortured scoring. let's go through it very quickly. isn't it true that the affordable careuw act received revenue in years in which it was paying nothing out which allowed in the 10-year window for it to have hef ewe that on a long term basis would not fail to have a deficit? in other words, by collecting a ñ began paying out, that shifting in the ten year window causes it to show a balance that disappeared later. >> it lowered the deficit
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overall. that's the tortured stuff that you were talking about. because you were able to not score certain things as expenditure, make certain asemgss in there and most importantly collect revenue which was during a president in which they were paying nothing out. that gave them a score of revenue that in fact on an ongoing basis, they started on the day that the affordable care act began providing services and took only the revenue during that period. they would have had a deficit. isn't that true? >> they started the day the affordable care act began and they went to the next decade they would have showed a massive surplus. >> you're saying that in fact, are you sure you want to say that to your knowledge? that in fact 7'ysñtoday, for ex, with the pay out, and the end, you want to say that the
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medicaid payments and so on that were caused as a result would have had a surplus and not a deficit in revenue? my recollection was that by the end of the decade the affordable care act significantly lowered the deficit. i believe that if you go by cbo's numbers that would have been a reduction. >> you realize that the numbers have changed. are you aware that they show a deficit? that cbo has revised their numbers? they no longer stand behind the numbers during passage?
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z it either. one of the things that i think about and talk about thet+pe oi getl6÷ i do believe it was a mistake. but what it does is distracts. it distracts from all the good things that are being done with regard to this law. and that is the most painful part of all of this. you know? i talked to a lady the other day who had to wait for the affordable care act to go into effect to get breast cancer treatment. now we have got spend all of this time that you, you know, about.
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i was so sorry to hear aboutxm@ this@c lady's husband. >> i wanted to express sorry in her loss. >> it's a painful story. i hope you will go out there and continue to work hard to)[ñ mak this work no matter what happens in these hereries. if you have an unhealthy population we have an unhealthy culture.
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my mother has a saying that big can't get you if small's got you. but thank you all for your @ut thank you all for your >> i'm going close the hearing. thank you for your participation. i suspect that this is an unusual event for you. you carried yourself well even though there were not as many questions. a number of members don't buy that you were saying one thing there that you didn't believe. you believed a lot of what you
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said. with tortured accounting ten years of revenue and six years worth of pay out it was tortured and is tortured. it has a cost to the taxpayers and the taxpayers are who we represent the only reason you're back here today is that you came with figures that were.ésr deceptive. needlessly deceptive. we can take bad news here. we have overseen a lot of agencies. we have been able to work without endlessly bringing people back when there is open; and trands parent delivering of
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no matter who sits in this chair and i have sat here under four or five chairman. give us the bad news. give us what you have. give us bad information in the early days of the stimulus ñ that there were congressional districts in numbers greater than existed and we laughed and had hearings. weed a septembered that they were giving us the best information and if they saw mistakes they corrected them. that will be hope fful.ñú3h:
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i have learned a great deal. i will just say one thing in closing to my friend. i would do things differently with what i now know but i would hope that anyone who sits in this chair would never do less than i have done because it is our watch. it is our time and i think you and i have worked hard to try to make sure this committee did as much as it could and my only regret is that we couldn't do >> thank you. ééqy÷
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>> john huntsman on future relations between the u.s. and china. it begins live at 5:30 eastern on c-span.qofáy >> you knew you were in a government process and it really is a campaign. it is about the votes that determines who gets a seat on a committee like weighs and means.
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i just didn't know what to do. just sort of out of the blue, i dialled the president's office. he said i used to be here. somebody yous me a favor and i'll make a call and he did and that person came to me on the floor and said anybody who can get a former president of the united states to call me is amazing. i told susan ford that story once. i'm not sure she cared. i literally called him out of
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the flu. w÷ that country is suspected involvement in the sony hack. then michael tuscano looks at rules and regulations for drone technology. washington journal is live friday.
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>> politics and humor at the harvard institute of politics. sunday evening at 8:00 on c-spans q & a. william argued that the top universities are missing the and su morning just before 11:00, book
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tv visits on the history of police brutality in neighboring oakland. find our complete television schedule at and l us know what you think about the programs you're watching. call us. e-mail us at join the c-span conversation. >> for three of president obama's transportation safety nominees. they all testified that public safety will be their number one priority if confirmed.
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this is an hour and 40 minutes. >> we will hear from individuals nominated by the president to
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>> the director of the fia foundation. and the texasqpñçñ transpor open institute. if confirmed for this position, he will face a va -- fill a vacancy on the five person safety board determining probably cause of transportation accidents and making recommendations and finally we nominated to serve as rad min stray tore.%óiúñ
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>> served as the director for the center of human sleep research. this committee and the consumer protection sub committee have held four hearings this year alone to effectively identify defects and exercise its enforcement authority over the industries that it regulates. through investigations in the defects, general motors ignition switch and takata air?z4r bags examine compliance with federal
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safety laws. >> it has been without a confirmed administrator for nearly a year. significant challenges in the coming months and years as it works to catch up to an auto industry that has far outpaced it with technology and congress has a role to play in insuring the agency has the resources both financial and technical3/s welcome to all of our witnesses
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and i look forward to hearing your testimony. >> thank you for agreeing to chair this hearing. consider the nominations of mark to be the next administrator of the national highway traffic administrator. i appreciate the willingness of the nominees to serve the nation in what are very important roles. st string of recalls has been cause for great concern. we're on pace to have the all time worst year for auto recalls in u.s. history.@ic that's why his kind will face i called on president obama to nominate a qualified individual
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to lead without delay because inaction sends a terrible signal to the american people.@çayñ i wrote a letter to the president calling on him to nominate as quickly as possible. i never received a response. in september i sent a sebd letter to the president stressing the urgency for the senate to have a confirmed leader as well as serious allegations information had been with held by contrast this is ( uing quickly.:mz
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it is. >> >> has been nominated to take over the vacancy left by the
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departure who stepped down as th. i looked forward to hear should she be confirmed. and finally, the doctor has been nominated. i very much appreciated the secretary's time and seeing firsthand the host of the transportation challenges that exist in a rural state like south dakota. among other things i will be asking about the views regarding changes in the tiger grant review process and other issues as we approach the exploration
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of the map 21 extension that runs out. thank you again for holding this important hearing. >> we will begin with you. we look forward to your testimony, dr. rosekind. >> i would like to. >> before i begin, let me introduce some very special people that are joining me today. my wife is here. she always provides unwavering support and has enriched my lifb for over 30 years. my son and his new bride are viewing from minneapolis. my mother and mother in law are viewing at home in the san
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francisco bay area and my family really is a remarkable gift and a constant source of strength in professionally, deborah and my other colleagues, many of them here today have really been tremendous partners passionate about enhancing transportation safety. the mission is to help keep all of us safe as we move about our nation's roadways. the mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce the costs of crashes but in 2012,
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>> of course the actual toll is as we discuss ntsa's safety mission. this discussion must acknowledge how much the hard work has already made our roadways safer. the opportunity to protect lives now and in the future is certainly what drives the safety professionals at ntsa. it is through their efforts in collaboration with many others the world in building processes that have sparked the advancement of systems.
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this includes identifying defects in.iñ recalls, developi education recalls that touch it is always critical to show that resources and authority aligned with expectations. this must be balanced with the if confirmed i plan to apply my knowledge and passion and safety for the crucial safety mission. the ntsb shares the same savety on jegss and for the past 4 and
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a half years it hads "+ privilege to pursue and issue safety recommendations and undertake safety. as a scientist i developed an analyst call data driven approach and becoming an expert to human fatigue that is relevant to all. while at nasazd2s work in the private sector. i recognize that my nomination to leave comes at a pivotal juncture. it is current for today's safety environment.xyy&.;pñ@r÷
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>> through the single and profound event, i share the eáñ people who have been affected by roadways. i thank you again for your consideration and i look forward to your questions. >> thank you everyone. i am humbled to appear before you as president obama's nominee for assistant secretary for transportation of policy. i would like to thank my wife for being with me and for her
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support and love. i would like to thank my friends and colleagues. full-timely i would like to recognize my parents and sisters who couldn't be here but who taught me the values that led to my career in public service. i literally wouldn't be american today if it were not for that. so i'm%yñ2÷ honored for your tid e&de secretary fox has directed me to
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focus on policy initiatives such as the grow america act, the tiger discretionary grant how good jobs and opportunity can flow. i have also seen the consequences when infrastructure doesn't keep up with demand.o the act includes a number of critical investments to our safety program. improves rail and freight
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programming.-3[n÷3:f7oañ ou position, deliver a modern air traffic control system and insure aviation access to communities across the country. prior to coming to dot, i worked for fiveén#a÷huio years on the house. d wide cross session including transportation. improve our federal disaster recovery efforts to support our veterans and give more
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opportunities to volunteer in their communities. i work within the white house office ofjt@ñ socialization. to many were trapped in post katrina red tape. i'm very grateful to secretary fox and president obama foré5÷ their support. i will work to promote innovation to strengthen our
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safety frame work i will work with this committee to strengthen the department and achieve better results for the american people. i know that you6])o and your s have a deep expertise and your role as a partner is vital to=@ our shared success. >> i sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be here before you today and i am honored to be president obama's nominee. i would like to introduce my family who has always been so supportive of me.
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i am)8h grateful to my friends colleagues who were able to be here and who are watching from around the country. i believe strongly in public service and if confirmed, it would be a great honor to serve our country by supporting the mission of the ntsb to advance transportation safety.x'ép my personal and professional background has uniquely prepared me to be an ntsb board member.
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i have been made acutely aware of rail, marine and pipeline safety. reinforced to me the critical important of transportation safety to the help of our country. forget that it was an american airplane that carried my family to safety when we fled vietnam in 1975. an airplane that we were able to board because of mymñ father's life saving work as a physician and his wartime friendships with his american colleagues. my late father instilled in our family a deep respect and love for this country. a love that my three brothers demonstrate every day in their life saving work as surgeons. i became committed to finding ways to prevent families from
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experiencing this needles my training and practical experience in public health and injury prevention has prepared me for an approach to safety that translates to all modes of transportation. my passion for keeping people safe and data analysis drive me to find good solutions to real problems threatening people's lives. i am especially proud that this work has spanned the generations from keeping children safe on the roads to innovative insure that seniors stay safely mobile for as long as possible. if confirmed i will not forget
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the grieving families i have met over the years. i will work hard to everything i can to provide victims and the public everything they need if confirmed it would be my honor to dedicate myself it has always been my belief that each of must strive to serve our communities in they] we are able.
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thank you again for the opportunity to appear before you today and i look forward to answering any questions you may have. we thank all of you for being here. i will spend most of my time with ntsa, it's a sad state of affairs when air bag manufacturer to do a nigs wide recall of air bags that are killing people. it says a lot about where we are ÷ country r how your agency is viewed. and the takata hearing that these companies are way more afraid of a civil lawsuit than they are of ntsa. and i am think it's really
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important that you keep that at the top of your list in terms of priorities.n5$e and i don't think that ntsa is pointxfr(t&háhp &hc% let's talk about the budget. keep in mind what has been going on with technology. au but yet the budget for ntsa has been flat lined particularly in the area that you need to keep up. once again this year, the request is another --4!@1÷ abou
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that working with dr. rosekind to if confirmed to look to see if we are!0ñ taking this jobea: seriously.mikr >> i want to -- it's all about transparency. if you want to come back to the enforcement side a little more i would be happy to do that late?ç specifically to your question, i think the -- i'm -- at the same ÷ a lot of this in the public sphere but a lot of us don't realize how severe the situation is. hearing about in the office of defect investigation, nine
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only 16 are actual investigators who go out in the field. i think what you're highlighting, it's not just about the individual personnel about thhe technology.ersonnel what computer@"ç systems and ot kinds of technology solutions do we have to process, evaluate, identify and connect the dots when you're getting 75,000 complaints every year. you want those complaints? every voice should count. we need to increase not just the people but also]t?ç the technol. budget wise, there has been a lot of focus on personnel. to be considered how an upgrade needs to help us deal not just withvñ those complaints. >> if you are not hiring the kinds of engineers because of their incredible competence and
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capability, you can't raeg late an industry if you don't know the right questions to ask. inspector general's report. we have talked about it before. there were ten recommendations made by the inspector general. that is determining what i am just referencing, the appropriate mix between of a work force assessment. like? and he testified back in september that it would be done by mid november. well, we have gone through mid
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and we still do not have it. it is critical we have this.tsf it's myl  understanding that n hired a contractor to conduct the original assessment and has spent the last months trying to revise it. i would like your commitment that we would get it when it is ready and i like the commitment that we get that report that i ouwould like to see what the outside -- the government paid for this outside assessment that is beingqsf revised. so we can get a sense of if in fact it was inaccurate. i think it's important that we have the about to check that. would you make a commitment that we could see both of those? >> absolutely. and you can guarantee that at review but as to what actions need to take place to change >> thank you.
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senator? excuse me. senator bloomingthal. >> thank you and thank you for your leadership. wouldn't you agree with me that the projection is simply unacceptable and unconable? i'm a drive and passenger and u bedesian.pb!ñ >> and what will you do as ntsa administrator to enforce a national recall?ú
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of the league tools#÷mwm availao laws. /s safety cultu are not worried they will not act in a proactive safety way. there is a concern, of course, that sometimes the legal course takes time so i understand the ability to try to have companies take their own action. if that's not happening, ntsa >> my impression is that ntsa has been an agency adrift because of i wou,= .a suggest w
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respect to that enforcement action that you can make a profoundly important first impression and you only get to make a first impression once by taking that aggressive no hold's barred action to help eliminate the widely held perception that regulatory capture has taken mbax i asked about potential action that ntsa could take to make sure there are sufficient air bags available to do the repairs
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for the literally millions of cars, perhaps 15 million or more cars and at the rater3r>z that takata witness at that point said that air bags would be available, about 300,000 a month erks perhaps as high as 450,000 a month it will take years. to order car manufacturers to use replacement parts even if it means requiring takata to share wqp) information. do you believe ntsa has that power?
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>> absolutely those need to be looked at. i think the more is to enact and >> i think there is no question in my mind that that power resides in the department of transs por tags to order effective steps that make available sufficient airj-ñ bagn the interest of public safety and i am asking for your commitment that you will do whatever is necessary to use er. >> you can count on my amendment to use every possible legal mechanism to get these things enacted. this is all about public safety. we cannot be shy. to get what needs to be done to
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help save lives and prevent that a regional> and i appreciate that question. but what you're raising are gist prakt kal, normal, common sense things that need to be implied, as well. if the data harms aren't there, sometimes there's no reaction. so that's where common sense and other kinds of decision-making need to come in so that you are protecting lives and preventing injuries. >> i appreciate your very forthright answers to my questions.
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and, if there's a second round, i look forward to following up. thank you, madame chair. >> senator -- is not here. >> thank you, madame chairwoman. i want to thank you personally for your hard work and particular effort on this together.$ñ we've had sbreinteresting heari to say the least. i want to thank you and the families here today, whether they're here or elsewhere watching today's hearing. they should be very proud of this moment. like the others, i think my questions were more be towards you, dr. rose kind, because of the submit tee hearings and the issues that have been brought up because of that. obviously, it's imperative for the american people to know that cars are safe. i know that you agree with that, and we all agree with that. but you are walking into an
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agency that has lost trust with the american people. when you had thisçìq conversati with the president, did he acknowledge the loss of trust for this particular agency? >> we haven't had that discussion, but i would say part of my nomination is to come before you, acknowledging the work that needs to be done. and i appreciate that question. it gives me a chance to highlight in my statement. i understand this specific juncture of which i'm about to step into, if confirmed. and i think the challenges are÷e i also view this as a tremendous opportunity. frankly, because i think there's a chance that these hearings and other activities have clearly identified many directions that need to be examined, pursued u acted on. and i think that some of those opportunities are going to mean safer roads, safer vehicles, for all of us. >> did you have a specific conversation with the president about restoring credibility to
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the agency? president, no. >> did you have a specific conversation with him about what your detail plan is to turn the awningen sill around? >> it's not been with the president. those kind of conversations have been more with the secretary. >> okay. okay. i want to change topics forq a minute and we boiled this a little bit earlier about what we're doing in nevada. they're building, probably the most advanced cars in the country, in nevada.lbfñ here's my concern. you know, gm has efb said publicly that they didn't understand how their cars worked. takada, we had that discussion last week. now we have a new discussion with greco about their child safety seats. things are moving in a new direction.
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their vehicles work, how does nitsa come to the conclusion of how their vehicles work? >> i appreciate that question.óñ there's an on going technical challenge to actually trying the stay ahead. so i'm third generation s&l francisco. i come from silicon valley and i totally get this. in fact, the earlier question, nafsta is always a challenge to figure out how these agencies maintain highly-trained, technical individuals who can be doing their jobs with these different industries that they're interacting with. so the chags their challenge th identifying people and keeping them. most importantly, what you've just stated, is knowing that that challenge is out there. the most important thing is the pl complacency when people aren't learning. >> do you believe there's the right employees to do that?
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>> i appreciate that question seen yet the specific lay out of all of the particular expertise. i think that's a question that needs to be asked. that needs to be one of specific things that you look for. that's part of what i'm committing to. a fresh new set of eyes and a different approach. m!é >> probably most important is when you talked about your flat budget over the last few years. i am just concerned that you'll have the employees and the expertise in your shop in order to stay ahead of the new technology is coming down the road. how can you convince me that that's your top priority? >> i'm just going to repeat that i'm from silicon valley. if your technical expertise isn't up to speed, things don't fly, things don't get investigated accurately, et cetera. it is criticar i have to admit i'm less about
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counting the numbers, as looking about what you're talking about is the expertise of the personnel to get the job done. >> i think with the subcommittee hearings, it's been difficult to connect the dots and that's connect the dots and that's where we are where we are today% again, congratulations to all of you and thank you. >> senator thuman? >> thank you. i really didn't intend to make this a hearing about nitsa. it sounds like most of the questions following the record number of recalls and the he heller stated that that's where it counts the most when america connects the dots. and i think it's fair to say 2014 has not been a good year for nitsa. so i guess the question is a general one. what specific steps do brow ep you plan to take to restore the pub lick'slur trust? ÷
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they're knot written do eñ at the ntsb, they're called principles and practices of the agency. that gives you a sense of my perspective and viewpoint. similar critical eye used in the i believe ve investigations that have been done at the ntsb and apply those at nitsa. so when you think about having a kr critical eye, mine, if confirmed, would be the most critical. to look at every single area where things could change and then not hesitate to make those changes.t&&j i really believe we need to drive safety forward. there's no question about it. we have to acknowledge the zuk cesses. a fatal since 1950.4@? we have to balance that with the improvements that are cleerp ar being identified. >> i mentioned this in my opening statement. according to the new york times,
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the obama administration is conducting a comprehensive view if determined to have the dial set.wlf÷ the inquiries are in addition to are you form with the comprehensive review that's being conducted by the administration? and, if so, could you provide us with details of this review, including when you might expect >> i appreciate the question. but as a nominee exterj to the aijen sill right now, i don't have all of the details. but i will commit to not only reviewing, but discussing. i think that's a perfect example of how much i'm looking forward to working with you, staff and the committee.> so you would make those findings available if confirm snd. >> absolutely.  >> dr. densar, some of your
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academic work focused on driver impairment. we've4á got a state liaw to a program that's known as 24/7 sobriety.'m not only using ignition locks, the state uses2cug breathalyzer enforce mandatory sobriety and prevent repeat drunk driving ins dentds. these programs provide different, bud comparable safety enhancements of dramatically offenses. would you support recommendations for al terntive programs to provide an equivalent level of safety? >> thank you, senator. i appreciate that question because i've actually been keeping an eye on your state, as you know. and that's a specific interest of mine. and my back ground, because it has spanned many different states, i'm very sensitive to the differences and cultures in every state. and the need to ensure that any is imp
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lemted leapted in the states that will save the most lives. as you mentioned, you found a way that's been very effective0 and has been welcomed by south dakotans, at least the ones i've talked to. so absolutely, i will do everything i can to ensure that any recommendations, ifc÷ confirmed, that i acted upon as an ntsb member. i would work close lid with my chairman and the fellow board members tobxh7/ñá.ó ensure tha state's can utilize them in a way that is most he feellpful a request save the most lives and prevent the most injuries and can use practices such as in your state. >> thaing. your work at the department of transportation, you've worked at the grant program known as tiger. how can the program be more transparent and efficient so that the american taxpayer can
6:01 pm
have confidence in the use of their tax dollars. >> thank you very much, senator, for your question. the tiger program is one of the most innovative programs at the department. we've been very proud of the projects we've been able to fin innovative projects that bring in additional funding that wouldn't otherwise happen, were it not for the program. there have been a number of steps we've taken over72#5 the year to improve the transparency of the program of improving documentation and those are things we need to continue to work on as the years move think whatt of the tiger program moving forward is proposed in the ìáhp &hc% program, and, as well as taiking someless sons-in-law learned that we've had from that program and bringing it to other programs within the department. >> my time is expired, madame chair. thank you, thank you all very much.j:+n >> senator? >> thank you, madame chair.
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very important positions in our society, especially in this erau i just want to reinforce takada is objecting to making this a nationwide recall. r that it is entirely unacceptable that takada is refusing to accept thissi issue. right now, there are thousands of mae ma residents driving down to florida and are not going to come back until the red sox leave spring tytmr'g. they're down there.u$ these (otsnowbirds per year to northern states that go down to florida. and they're in automobiles that did not originate in human states. so there's a real danger here.
6:03 pm
is a complete compliance by takada they, in fact, have a nationwide so i guess what i can say to you, dr. rose kind, that you must make &ts÷takada recall all these air bags. you mustyc force the automobile companies to comply with a nationwide recall. there is no choice. people is at stake. takada is toying with the safety of the american people when they refuse to recognize this danger. and i just want to say that to you. much we want this issue to be resolved.
6:04 pm
related issue in 2007. that document was first made public by me at our may 7 hearing and it is referenced 3y it says the ignition switch impeded the air bags from deploying. do you agree with me if the public had been told about this secret document and warned about conclusion at the time, it is possible that some of the deaths and injuries causedxyfcy by thi defect could have been ene avoided? >> thank you for that question. yes. i think what you're high
6:05 pm
lighting is the greater need for transparency to understand where complaints, et cetera. that is one area, as i just mentioned u from the ntsb.ú$ and i think if you look at ntsb investigations, you know what's going on. >> they sent a letter to nitsa informing the 2009 death by an oklahoma teenager caused by an exploding air bag that wasl-y ñtacada had onda and áó never been reported by either honda or takada to nitsa's early-warning data base.
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do you disagree if the public knew that some of these$%s÷ cou have been avoided? >> i appreciate that question. it's about transparency, transparency, transparency. what you're doing is hidings to see where transparency can be decreased. >> a lawsuit over the 2009 oklahoma death in takada both failed in 200 9d. do you disagree that if the public knew that the oklahoma death and knew they were sued over this death, that there's a possibility that later deaths could have been avoided. >> the more the public knows, the more they get to make their personal choice about what to do. >> thank you. senator bloomenthal and i have offered more information to make public aavailable to the early warning data base, including documents kept secret
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by gm, honda and takada that could have saved lives. g e gm and we have reached substantial agreement on a slightly modified version of that legislation. if confirmed, would you commit to work with me? >> absolutely. i look forward to working with you, your committee and the staff to do exactly that. >> thank you. >>. thank you, madame chair. >> thank you to all of you. my congratulations to all of you nominees. how we were able to build a new and it was a tragedy and certainly shook our citizens up about the
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transportation infrastructure and the need for safety. i thank you for taking on these important roles.ógy# i will tell you, as thing have been amusing myself by watching your son behind you. i cannot figure out if he's doing homework or taking notes on our questions. >> i think he would like to be a senator, senator. he looks like he's a little critical. it's better than my daughter who took a harry potter book and put it in front of her face. this is much more mature. >> i wanted to say first about rail derailments. i know that ntsb has a unique perspective on safety and we've had some unique derailments across the country and where do you think we should be focusing our attention and resources and what do you think we need to do differently in the rail area to avoid these crashes?
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>> thank you, senator, for that question and to giving some rail, obviously, is very important to our country. ths quite a few recommendations related to rail safety, as you know. everything from long standing recommendations to positive data. i think if confirmed, what i would make a priority is to work with the excellent staff of ntsb to ensure that those long standing and very important3wh as quickly as possible.m@)ñá)viy
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>> i hope all three of you continue the focus on distracted driving. secretary la hood made thisp@u ! >> i think the only state last year that got the grant was connecticut. think grant program better and more assessable to other states as we try to push states gradually to change their laws. this, i don't have to tell you, is a major problem. i want to shift to the last issue, which we've been focused on today and just make surebjh7t you were aware of what happened in minnesota.
6:11 pm
a woman from north oaks minnesota was simply a passenger in a 2002 bmw crash. they were going about 30 miles an hour near their house. the air bag and left her permanently blind. the air bag had too much force in it and ruptured both of tvei leading to her eyes and she cannot see. she's a businesswoman, ran an indian restaurant in our state that's0 ñ pretty well known and has -- kids have completely changed their lives to take care of her. and that is what i saw when i was at home. so i want to),lñ start witht
6:12 pm
they sent a complaint to nitsa in may, 2013. or in march 2013. in may 2013, they submit the letter about the case and they really didn't hear back. so if you could comment on that, the change of the complaint process? >> yeah, thank you for that question.h3y >> i think your committee and your hearings, you have to put names to these faces. we keep talking saving lives, but these are all people. i think what you've also high lited, if confirmed, onedh of t first immediate focus is going to be the defect recall system. there's been a lot of focus on the investigation, but what you've highlighted is we've just gone from 45,000 complaints to 75,000 complaints that the agency is getting. with only nine people looking at those, we're not even talking about connecting the dots. we're just talking about the overload.!
6:13 pm
every voice counts. we have to look at the systems of data that are available to be analyzed.xb8é there are a lot of systems looking for defense. see how those are applied. >> you will you might want to look at food safe sill. ty. they want to look at this award-winning way when complaints start coming in across the country. two or three times, they've been able to identify the national peanut butter, those kinds of things. they do it very quickly with old fashioned work. where you have information coming in from so many places and find it hard, i think, to identify more quickly what the woíñclx
6:14 pm
like my colleagues, i'm also supported. we are very aware that these down and we saw the map from nitsa when we ú%cu$e hairing last week. we were able to see the other states in the deep south. so we're able to push on those states, as well. >> thank you, madame chair. and thanks for holding this hearing. congratulations to all the ,ongratulations to all the what do we need to do to >> thanks for that question.
6:15 pm
one of my first focuses is the recall process. i appreciate you asking that.9gñ none of it matters if it doesn't get fixed. and if there aren't enough parts and they're not done in a timely manner, every time a person is in their car, they're at risk. that's part of my first look is to understand that whole system from the identification side to the final fix. >> do you support a hundred percent recall. >> i'm sorry, a hundred percent recall? >> do you support a hundred i want to know as a nominee, do you support that same process for the united states. getting to a hundred percent. >> great. thank you for that question. this is one of those common sense kind of issueses. if you've got a defect and they're recalling because they all have to be fixed, i'm not sure there -- there's no other number that's your tar get that's a hundred percent. >> that's good to hear you say. when we had some of these
6:16 pm
individuals before our committee just a short time ago, most of them blamed the fact that theyc weren't going to pursue a hundred percent recall on the fact that it wasn't required by the federal government. i'm sure them denying whether they're going to move forward is because they believe that they're operating within the legal framework. so if we can get to a hundred percent, which i think that is what they're asking for, that the american people will be safer. obviously, germany has proven that that i have can get there, so we should do the same. okay. [x i obviously care a lot about what the department of transportation has been doing on freight moeblt. and that's going to be something that's in your view. i wanted to ask you(f÷ about so of the recommendations and implementing those remt dagss and whether you're fully committed to implementing the recommendations of the task force that was created by secretary la hood.
6:17 pm
>> thank you very much, senator. and thank you for your advocacy on freight.s(h0 you're known in our building as senator freight. and if it weren't for you, the advisory committee wouldn't be -- >> i like to say washington, when it comes to washington state, courts are us. so i'69 ñx certainly take the senatorh)(#÷ freight title. >> i had the opportunity to⌜hñ visit memphis where they've integrated freight in the entire economy. the factories that are dealt all all around the airport. the national freight advisory committee had 81 recommendations a lot of those we can act upon with existing authority. the strategic plan really takes that attack. some of the other things is that they've recommended to us is figuring out where our data gaps are.
6:18 pm
and that's where you'll see and our conditions and performance report that's upcoming a real emphasis on where our data gaps are. and, also, they've asked us to look at the work force issues. and we've got a partnership that we've been working with department of ed and the department of labor to figure out what the work needs are and how we can address them.oeág but there are a lot of things that we can't do. so, again, thank you for your advocacy. >> i certainly support this as an economic development strategy for our country. there's a huge growing middle class around the globe that want our products. if they can be the get them there, they'll obviously look to other markets. i wanted to ask you specifically, this is the things
6:19 pm
you doç"p:srq+e in streamlining the multiapproval process? to promote reform.jx% tiger program really has focused on. there e there are a lot of grant programs that do exactly what >> thank you very much. >> thank you. ç we're also waiting for senator ayot to arrive. you can have a second round and then i'll take a second round is kelly is not here yet. >> thank you. thank you, madame chairman. dr. rose kind, we've focused on the need for a national recall.
6:20 pm
i dwoent know of any scientific evidence for a regional recall with respect to air bags, do you? >> i appreciate that question.0ç it highlights trying to be evidence-based and driving. i think that's an comment question. frankly, that's part of my understanding better, the defect recallel they use. >> withezñ all of your knowledg and you are a distinguished scientist, you don't know of any evidence or facts that would >> do)fm you know any evidencea recall at the driver's side but not the passenger's side? >> and i appreciate the question. this is an area i'm less familiar with. i actually think my more general response would bpagain, to the bottom line, it's the traveling public and keeping them safe.mñg so that means going forward as
6:21 pm
broad a safety net as possible.u so that your evidence actually has to be that it's okay to decrease that safety net, not the other way. >> the burden would be on anyone saying that we should limit it. and that burden has not been satisfied so far. >> to my understanding. gebl, i'm the nominee. i've only seen what you've seen including things today. >> let me turn to another piece a at the end of the day, the senator is absolutely right. but even an(vhjq agency fully resourced will be ineffective if it lacks teeth. right now, the $35 million cap on penalties for nondisclosure
6:22 pm
is absolutely a mockery of justice. would bt you agree? >> i appreciate that question. the ntsb just released its report about the dreamliner 7878 when there was a problem there, the faa grounded, worldwide, the entire fleet until it was fixed. that's a safety culture that >> and that's the same culture that this agency has to adopt; is that correct? >> that's why i'm bringing it up. i think the questions about what the incentives versus the punishments are, the safety has uát(ur+e. they see that being safe that needs to be done, as well. >> so on the economic aspect of these decisions, the major point
6:23 pm
if not the only point would support the legislation that i've introduced with senator nelson to completely eliminate the cap on penalties for nondisclosure? >> and i think the secretaryn #d deputy add min stray xx came out and said it's pocket changed. i would be pleased to work with you in seeing how we can support any of those penalties. >> another proposal that i've made to put the burden on any parties seeking a secret settlement. settlement litigation involving safety that could endanger the publiwhiincleeding effective parts. would you support the bill that i've introduced along with senator lindsey graham as a s %ç
6:24 pm
bipartisan measure that it's in the public interest to seal any settlement involving defective parts or products? >> and i appreciate that question.á5x it gets to the transparency issue again. it's not just about complaints coming in, but it's the kind of data that you're talking about that's not available to the parts of these. so, if confirmed, again, i would be very willing and pleased to work with you and make any measure as strong as possible. where you are maybe one of the nation's experts on sleep apnea and fatigue. there's still not issues recommended by the nrksz tsb or the other agencies requiring the plan.
6:25 pm
>> i'm going to switch hats very quickly.1b-e and i really appreciate that question. the saddest thing is to show up at the scene of an accident and realize that there's recommendations out there that could have saved lives. all of those people out there right now on those railroads with apnea are not being identified, diagnosed or treated. >> because of a lack of regulations from the federal railway administration. >> correct. >> and regulations from the federal railwaysw2hv administra could have avoid ed very likely four deaths that occurred one year ago last week.p[a >> that engineer would either not have been on the job or would have been treated for sleep apnea. >> thank you. >> thank you, senator.
6:26 pm
i want to thank the chair. i appreciate you being here, dr. rose kind. i want to ask about the ignition switch recall situation. i've also asked the head of gm's legal partnership about this issue. there was an article in the new york times which described the r(t&háhp &hc% the agency that they were not going to answer questions about accidents involving the potential ignition switch
6:27 pm
because it was attorney-client privilege or they lacked insufficient information. it seems to me, inup circumstances 234 getting to the bottom to ensure consumertyr safety, that that was an unacceptable answer. i wanted to get your viewpoint on that. i didn't think it was acceptable for gm to answer nitsa, that i'l not going to tell you about the fatality or the circumstances of it or what we're doing to undertaking investigation of it based on attorney client ú >> i agree that's un5:00 septemberble.kejáñ you're asking for nafsta is going to save lives, prevent injuries, keep the american &uáu(u the information to be
6:28 pm
able to do that job. so, no, that should not be withheld. >> i really appreciate it. you're taking over this important position that has obviously been vacant for too m4nqj$d so when you receive that answer, your agency, when you'reéb confirmed, i hope they will follow up and say we're not going to accept that for an answer. we're also not going to accept that there's insufficient i appreciate you're talking an aggressive stance on that issue. i also wanted to follow up. as you look back at the th
6:29 pm
did appear to be numerous opportunities on $égm's part i terms of recalling the ignition switch and recognizes eing the dangers that this presented to the pub lick earlier to hopefully, save lives. as you've looked at that situation, where q
6:30 pm
you need to understand the kind of technology that you're using. the second thing8ñó that you've just high lighted is we've learned intentionally people are withinging holding information. i'm not sure the intention is there where someone is holding for youover time.:e! r4#÷wa(xk >> i have plenty of constituents that take their cars and drive
6:31 pm
down to the more humid climates for the winter. i aappreciate that you're very concerned on that. the plans, which i think i would like to see, as you get confirmed to come back and let us know what changes that you feel have been made or need to oversight process and the recall process. so as we look back, we're doing everything we can to work with you to rektsd fill those working forward and to give you the support that you need to do that. >> and i'm actually very much looking forward to working with this committee. i think, again, you've played a critical role in bringing this information out to the american people. i hope to come back to you and tell you not just what we've learned, but what we're doing. >> great. thank you.5@
6:32 pm
>> thank you, senator. i have one ringing question i wanted to get on the record. and then i'm going to turn it onto senator cantwell.h96?t[al:ç i wanted to talk a little bit about crude moving by rail. kansas and st. louis are the second and third largest fragt hubs in the country. obviously, we're very aware of the increasegtan of the movemef crude by rail across our country. it is, in fact, one of the ,4rv"
6:33 pm
the question is how do we move it in a way that's most safe. both to the environment of thiss country. i think the pipeline is the safest way to move it. not rail. having said that, rail is obviously very busy moving crude. >>5 az i have heard by first obviously, if that were to occur in a major metropolitan area like kansas or st. louis, we will have a much more significant problem to deal with. and the first responders are concerned that they're not getting enough information about sçf.l what
6:34 pm
is the best response. k.p mr. monhay, what can you do, what can the department of transportation do to ensure that the first responders in these major metropolitan areas have every bit of information they need in terms of their ability to respond to, god forbid, that we would have a crude oil ói3rz by a rail accident in these major metropolitan areas.2>[ñhjf >> the growth of crude by rail over the last few years, we've been moving extremely quickly as department to address safety issues, over two dozen activities with the industry.
6:35 pm
to increase the transparency, to reduce speeds and the department is in the process of finalizing a crude by rail bill regulation that will do a lot of things that you're discussing. but you're right, the first responders on the ground are the folks that need the training. they need to understand whatnu being transferred and they need to understand that the tanks that are bringing this material is safe. >> i will follow up. i -- hopefully, you'll be confirmed and quickly. and i'll follow up about really, what they're asking for, it won't rk@he regulation or all of the controversy that goes with those.,ópz it just requires them getting best practices on whatei is the best tactics and methods to
6:36 pm
respond to an accident like this if it were to occur taking into account that the challenges that they have at an e a metropolitan area are much different than they are in rural areas. let me finish by saying that we're going to try to expedite the confirmation process. so i am requesting for qfrs, questions for the record, by noon tomorrow. if the séa+d that's here for the republican senators, if you e you would make sure that all the staffs understand that the qfrs need to be in by noonvghñ tomor and they must respond by noon on monday. so, in order for us to have even an opportunity, i don't know that we can, but even for there to be an opportunity for confirmation before the end of the year, that would have to occur.&hzxiañ
6:37 pm
>> do you believe that the roles should be reversed? >> i'm going to change my had e hat again. i appreciate that question. there is no physical difference between a pilot8ñ.3g flying card pal ets and passengers. >> so you think it should be reversed and they should be covered? >> they should all be covered with the same rules. >> great. thank you very much. >>y
6:38 pm
>>. >> first of all, i'm absolutely delighted that you've been named for the position which has been vacant since january of this year. the organization, althoughe?0z an acting administrator, has before i arrived, you've had somg discussion about takada air one of the things was, whether or not, since there doesn't appear to be enough row placemented parts, honda would, in fact, provide a loaner or a
6:39 pm
rental car, given the fact that people are driving around with a live grenade in their steering column. >> the honda representative said yes, they would. and, yet, i have yet to have evidenced that, in fact, that is the case.m> thank you for the question. this gives me a chance to elaborate and reinforce. in fact -- i don't talk about it often, about my father, but i come from a law enforcement "g
6:40 pm
there are laws you have to follow. if you need to recall, then you need to do it.ñ i'm going to find every tool, authority, legal and otherwise, to get that job done. we did talk about this earlier and it gives me a chance to reiterate. there's been a lot of focus on defekt. if we don't get the recall a hundred percent and fully done, people are still at risk. so i don't think it's my job to come up with all the solutions, especially right now.uóñ but there that has to be a hundred percent solution to make sure people are safe. >> there has been some discussion about an immediate fine on a per-day basis.ysc$us% i wouldw0f]ñ suggest to you tha fine ought to be on a per vehicle process. if they're not replacing the vehicles and the people are at risk for being maimed or killed,
6:41 pm
there needs to be a very stiff financial penalty so that the penalty becomes so severe to the company that it behooves them to provide loaners ore@a"q1 cars so that people do not have to try to drive around in these loaded vehicles or, in the alternative, where they try to disable the air bag chlts the new york times came out with a story that said that after the fact, after the committee had had a hearing, that indeed, they had admitted that they never said publicly and released information that an additional
6:42 pm
exploding tacada air bags. i think in one case, one person was killed. height of irresponsibility. that, in the midst of us having them all there at that table, and they're still not revealing information what do you intend to do about that as chairman? and it gives me an opportunity two things. it gives me information making available to the american public so they know what's going onened and can make their own personal decisions about what's safe for them. the other is, i believe when nitsa asks for information, it needs to be provided. there's no, we don't have it, et cetera. it needs to be provided. and then every tool needs to be
6:43 pm
used to maintain that information. >> are you su fishltly briefed on the law with regard to nitsa as far as what kind of penalties can be imposed for a larger manufacturer that specifically hides information from the federal regulator? i appreciate that question. i know who to call to get that information. more importantly, i'm willing to commit and to use every one of those. i'm all about the action part.aç i'll find people who have the technical information that i need. it's basically to fete the job done. it's about keeping all of us safer. >> i want to030 commit to you at least some of us on this committee are going to be rather vigorous in our oversighted function.
6:44 pm
to make sure that the executive branch, ie you, once you're confirmed, in fact, are following through because this3 egr egrigious brief of public safety has reached this senator's end of patients. e patience. as i have met with a relatives family who is dead or, in one case, a firefighter who has no right eye anymore. we will use to the full extent capability
6:45 pm
that you are doing your job as the regulatory chairman. >> absolutely. and appreciate not only the statement, but that i look forward to working with you to help us get the job done. >> senator, i'm going to turn because of this intelligence briefing that's just started ten minutes ago. >> thank you very much, senator. i have a couple of quick questions andb6f,c appreciate y patience and diligence in qzzñ abds i want to exprand, again, express my appreciation to you. the recognition of the ntsb was for there to be a management
6:46 pm
plan made a matter of rules by the federal railway administration that. 's one of more than 60, bhi my count, 64 separate rule-making procedures that have not beenvj affected by7"a passengers, as w as freight on our nation's rails. what can be done to compel the railway administration to obey
6:47 pm
thank you, senator. if i were to have the honor of being confirmed, i would absolutely do everything in my power to work to make sure that these recommendations are taken seriously and that are i think the ntsb has a good, long history of working with several agencies and with this committee, as well. i think if i were to be confirmed, i wouldy+q absolutel use every manner that is available to me as a!#bb member push for the adoption of that life-saving recommendation. but, also, all of the other ones that are e1içrelated to rail an other modes. >> thank you. any other responses?mh&hs
6:48 pm
i hadn't worked on that said that safety is everyone's responsibility at the department. one of a parter in ship for safety.$bay often, the recommendations is an iter rative process to get to a solution. a lot of the recommendations are ç6(q:áq the solutions rely on re makings and require and benefit from public involvement and have to address the industry as a f)ñ being confirmed, i will vow to work with you and these two other nominees to make it as good as possible. >> i don't know whether -- i'm more than happy to let you off the hook on this one, dr. rose kind.rlif5 ww &z substantial burden during this hearing.
6:49 pm
but if you have a response, i've welcomed in. >> i really thank you because it's the other 20% we should be worried about. and that's what you're highlighting.i(:c those are theo"[ ones that are continuing to cost lives and create injuries. what the failure to issue those connecticut, when tlfrs a derailment there.éhb vç many of these injuries are invisible or unknown to the public. so i want to thank each of you e on thi
6:50 pm
safety. the ignition switch. defect has been raised and we december 31 deadline, for acceptance by the victims or their families of any compensation fund decisions. before the bankruptcy court a(?ruju(áájjt the shield that g has inr&d in the procedures and before the department of justice finishes its criminal investigation that might enlighten decisions made as to
6:51 pm
whether to accept compensation one that could be done by th#r) deadlines is illustrated by the averill family of washington, connecticut. buáju potential eligibility for the fund.oihvw had it not been for a new york times reporter who dug into the deaths resulting from the they still would be in the dark. they've been informed now and they're flight?a=u illustrates think the need to extend the december 31 deadline and the march deadline.búz
6:52 pm
i know that you have no power fund, but my hope is that the department of transportation and your agencies in particular may join in calling forl3ç an extension those deadlines in the interest of?$dq simple justice and human. you may not have the legal authority to compel it, but you certainly have the moral authority to ask for it publicly and i believe that there is aa5 responsibility to exercise that moral authority. if you have any comment on my / to you, i i would invite you to comment on it. >> thank you, sir. i have followed ken feinberg's process closely. r(t&háhp &hc%
6:53 pm
family. and i feel like they're lucky to have somebody liku8eñ youcrú f for them. from and the rule of the n tsa in this process is to force gm as much possible to get the best cars on the road to address these kris sis and get better at identi identifying the recalls before they cause this kind of tragedy. >> thank you very much. with that, i'm going to close the hearing. i don't have the gavel in front of me, but we're over and thank you again and thank you to your families for their service in supporting you and the vital work that i anticipate you'll do.
6:54 pm
tomorrow on "washington journal," gordon chang discusses what's next for north korean leader kim jong-un and that country's suspected involvement in the sony hack, then michael tuscano looks at the rules and regulations for drone after that, linda layoff lynn of the u.s. census bureau and f child trends onureau and how familygp structures affect ct4wjood poverty. plus, your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. "washington journal" is live friday and every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern on cspan.
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6:57 pm
institution. it's an hour.dyehanhhñ >> i just asked him what side he wants to be on and he said the right.s note that.  thank you, haim. everyone's here. and thank you -- we have agreed to call ourselves jeff and bougie. >> no problem. >> the -- there's a lot to cover tonight. i want to start with something that i call word association. [ laughter ] >> can i say three short sentences? one is that, of course, join '0ñ with all of my colleagues from
6:58 pm
israel in expressing heartfelt condolences to mr. lieberman. secondly, on a different note, to be grateful and thank you to haim and brookings and the saban forum and lastly, those the israelis who have flown here, ik understand. >> are you suffering from jet lag? >> who doesn't? >> i know you are a shrewd journalist and i am ready. >> "shrewd" is a code word for something. ( know.erár)h >> let's start with the news of the moment. you took a long and possibly others, tzipi. livni and there is a lot of interest in understanding whether you and tzipi livni and possibly others are going to try
6:59 pm
your lists, in order to form a potent center-left bloc. can you talk about this. >> first of all, i said to my wife about investing in something over the weekend. r(t&háhp &hc%r the weekend. understand israeli political scene for a moment. there and i i'm here to present to each and every one of you and break this notion that netanyahu is not unbeatable. i am here to tell you i will wm form the next government. and i will lead israel in a different direction. it's feasible if we deal the >> so, mr. prime minister, how are you going to build that? [ laughter ] >> i think you understands that it requires a lot of things, number one, that all ego is set aside and i lead labor. labor is the party that founded the party.
7:00 pm
we believe and i believe that d from day one, since i took r#,? office that we should have a front running together of forces.% éb clearly, tzipi livni is a very distinguished israeli leader, and i would like to very much join forces with her and with other parties. there has to be a centrist israeli bloc that is an alternative unequivocally to 1ww !ñ question -- have you formed a list? >> look. these are processes. the elections were decided just in the last few days. it hasn't finalized its xrdjú dissolvement yet. we have seen in israeli t.qçave seen in israeli


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