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tv   1964 U.S. Army Film Exercise Delawar  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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afternoon at 2:00 on american history tv on c-span3. coming up on american history tv, the cold war. next, real america with the 1964 army a film about exercise delawar, a joint u.s.-iran armed forces operation to prevent the soert soviet invasion of iran. later, post war sold then later a conversation about the cia and the press. you're watching american history tv on c-span3. c-span is in des moines for the iowa state fair and road to the white house coverage of presidential candidates. our live coverage is on c-span, c-span radio, and as candidates speak at the des
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moines state fair. here's the schedule. rick santorum at noon, followed by chafy at 12:30, and senator bernie sanders at 3:00. and on sunday afternoon, republicans ben carson at 5:00 and george pataki at 5:30. c-span's campaign 2016, taking you on the road to the white house. each week american history tv's reel america helps tell the sorry of the 20th century. april, 1964, american and iranian armed forces conducted a series of joint military exercises designed to send a cold war message to the soviet union, which then shared a 1,400 mile border with iran. exercise dell war in the big picture, produced by the u.s. army. it is a persian word meaning courageous. the united states and iran were allies from the time of a 1953
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british and u.s. experted coup d'etat until the overthrow of the shaw in 1979. >> iran is a distant land halfway around the globe from the united states. nevertheless, its security is a vital concern to our government. as a member of sento, the central treaty organization, iran is an important link in defense of the free world. she shares a 1,400 mile border with neighboring russia who for centuries sought a water port in the area. although iran has a fine arm with good morale and high level of training, she would require immediate assistance from her allies in case of invasion by numerically superior forces. in order to prove the feasibility of airborne support should such an eventual ality
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occur, the united states and the iran have a joint exercise called delawar. this successful far reaching exercise is the first of its kind on this scale. as cyrus said, my father's kingdom extends far to the south where man cannot live because of the heat. and northward to where he cannot live because of extreme cold. this is still almost as true
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today in iran as it was at the time the country bore the name persia. high mountains, green valleys. and vast desert areas make up the land of iran. here is the scene on one of the world's earliest civilizations and the average logical remains of once great kingdoms which flourished in the ancient world. in ancient times, even as today, iran's strategic position has tempted invaders and covetous neighbors. during recent years, iran supplies have been trained by the united states. as a part of the freedom-loving world. 6,000 years of recorded history were to be part of the study for the combined u.s./iranian military exercise delawar.
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the planning nerve center for exercise delawar was located at mack dill air force base, florida. they commanded all united states forces participating in the exercise with the compensation of mass airlift forces. command of these forces were retained by the mats commander. in new mexico, fighter pilots were briefed on their tactical support mission. two squadrons of f-100 super savers were assigned to the delawar operation. 88 united states base transports provided the airlift requirements necessary to move a brigade 8,000 miles to its destination.
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at forth campbell, kentucky, the 101st airborne division, screaming eagles, supplied an air brigade for the joint task force, coming quickly to the aid of a friendly middle east country. delawar is a persian word meaning courageous. mats, military air transport from fort campbell to iran. in addition, 550 tons of cargo to supply the approximately 2,300 airborne troops involved in the exercise. giant transports lowered their rank to take in the necessary work tools of today's modern fighting man. jeeps, artillery, communications equipment.
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all were loaded in record time. these items of military material traveled thousands of air miles together with the soldiers who would use them, demonstrating to our friends and other nations the mobility of the united states armed forces. also present at all times during the delawar exercise was the tactical fighters. strategic air command kc-135 jet tankers refueled the tac fighters en route from the united states to iran. eventually a base in turkey was the first stop where the battle group won their trap. eventually air base, elements of the delawar operation awaited
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d-day go order. the troops remained during their stay by tough battle exercises. of course, like soldiers everywhere, time was found for that moment of relaxation.yhun and a chance to nourish the inner man. meanwhile, in neighboring iran, elements of the iranian royal guard assisted by united states military advisers staged a warmup. iranian fight crews and airborne officers went over the operation plan and pinpointed the drop zone area. the confidence and skill of these men testified to their qualifications as paratroopers and the excellent training given them.
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now all was ready for the exercise itself. on d-day, the air brigade took off between turkey and northwest iran. the brigade conducted an assault. later during d-day, a navy force conducted an amphibious assault. they were supported by jet fighters. in iran, exercise delawar's nerve center at the air base. among the first to land were transport carrying the joint task force staff.
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communications equipment and personnel also arrived on these aircraft. setting up with the speed and skill only from long hours of training our communications network was soon established. the first combat elements to arrive in iran were the f-100s, which landed with routine precision despite reduced visibility.
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united states and iranian air force officers were on hand to observe the landing. also on hand for the big picture was sergeant major donald cosgrove. 4. >> we're down on the plate line here at the air force base. why don't we have time prior to the massive air drops taking place. we're going to speak to a couple of the military personnel involved in exercise delawar. one of the most interesting things about this exercise is that for every american participating, he has his iranian counterpart. in just a few moments this fighter jet behind me will be taking part as part of the air cover for the airdrop. and i have standing to my right a second lieutenant jet pilot of the imperial iranian air force. this is second lieutenant hajazy.
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i would like how you feel about taking part in an exercise with the american pilots. >> i would like very much to take this exercise. and i think america will bring some memories for my flying time with the united states. >> where did you do your flying, sir, in the united states? >> well, i got my primary and basic training out of lubbock, texas. and my gunner training in las vegas, nevada. >> lieutenant, i must say i notice one thing about you. you speak very good english. did you have to take any language training? >> i got about four months of language training out of lackland air force base in san a antonio, texas. >> and the gentleman to my left is major stallings. how do you like taking part in exercise delawar. >> sergeant, it's a real fine opportunity for me because one of the jet pilots in the squadron is an old student of mine from the united states. >> on d-day, just before the
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first airdrop in exercise delawar, his imperial majesty, arrived with his staff and aides at the reviewing stand. among dignitaries were representatives of england, pakistan and turkey. observing an exercise designed to prove the effectiveness of cento armed forces. at exactly h hour, the first wave was seen over the drop zone. heavy equipment was dropped first. then paratroopers of the 101st jumped nine miles north of the
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iranian city of desbul. the clusters filled the sky in this first jump of the three-day delawar exercise. once on the ground, the soldiers scrambled, regrouped, and later joined their iranian cam rods in arms holding a line to the north. after the drop, sergeant major cosgrove talked with the exercise commander. >> general adams, i'm happy to say once again our paths cross. only this time halfway around the world, sir, in iran. neighbor to the command just mentioned, general adams has another command. will you explain that command and what does it involve? >> it involves a military, u.s. military responsibilities in
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what we call the middle east, south asia, and africa, south of the sahara. and discharging these responsibility, all are brought under one single commander. this exercise is under my command because i bring the forces over and turn them over to the man who conducts the operation here. >> germ, you have had the opportunity to meet and talk with his majesty. what were the shaw's impressions of exercise delawar. >> so far the shaw has suppressed great pleasure over what has taken place in the exercise. just a few moments ago he turned to me and said that is a very precise drop indeed. and there is enthusiasm in the
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manner in which he suppressed himself. >> sir, do you feel this exercise will have some kind of an impact on the iranian army and, in fact, on the iranian people. >> i think any strong, common endeavor between two people does have a large impact. the impact is one to start with. but most importantly is that we are learning how to work with the iranian armed forces as a combined joint team, engaged in a common enterprise. with this teamwork, if we should ever have to operate together, our strength will be multiplied. >> as the first airborne assault was successfully concluded, the shaw left the stands in order to follow the action as it developed. he boarded a jeep and joined a
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convoy of ig tears for u.s. and iranian ground forces. >> we are now 250 miles. or as they would say in this part of the world, about 400 kilometers from the air force base. it is a sunshiny, but still breezy day. as we stand on this hill overlooking the blue waters of the persian gulf. it is still d-day, hr plus 3 to be exact. and the amphibious assault is well under way. this operation is still a part of exercise delawar and is designed to point up the ability of the united states military establishment to deliver amphibious support to our allies if and when they should ever call for it. a united states naval force of two destroyers, one reinforced marine company and eight helicopters took part in the action. the united states and iranian
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naval forces launched an amphibious attack to clear the island of enemy insurgents. the united states stormed the shore. other marines were airlifted by helicopter helicopters. they contributed their share of the operation. it greatly increased tactical ability and they moved over terrain over beaches, rivers and
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the mountains. heavy equipment was transported in a similar manner. once again, the shaw and his staff, and the official observers witnessed firsthand this valuable training exercise. within days, they would conduct another combined amphibious assault in the persian gulf area. it is now d-day plus two of exercise delawar. we have returned to the western desert area of iran. >> this is captain paul, united states army airborne special forces to the imperial iranian army speaking to you from the drop zone somewhere in western
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iran. i have just parachuted from an american air force c-130 aircraft with a pathfinder or, as the air force has, combat control team, on the dz hawk for the purposes of laying communications and navigational aids for six american c-130 aircraft, which in a few moments will be approaching from this direction carrying two companies. an american company from the 101st airborne division and an iranian from his majesty's imperial guard. these two companies in just a matter of moments will jump here, move out into assembly areas and move up to reinforce reza, part of exercise delawar presently going on here in iran. >> one united states and one iranian airborne troop demonstrated the combat readiness of imperial armed
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forces in a highly mobile combined operation. together they advanced towards the enemy. the drive and combat spirit shown efpl staoeuzed the meaning for the name for the exercise, delawar or kraeupblous. sergeant major cosgrove talked with one of the helicopter pilots. >> it would seem for the 101st airborne division the key word in exercise delawar is mobility. but you can very easily add a few more words and say air mobility of their own. this helicopter you see in the background belongs to the 101st airborne division from fort
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campbell, kentucky. this is the pilot first lieutenant leonard kulik. we have just returned from a mission from the 101st battle area in this exercise. lieutenant, will you explain what a that mission was all about? >> sure. sergeant cosgrove, we have been out into an area in which we hope to move one of our battalions. the area is extremely rough and hazardous. we have to know if they can move safely and swiftly through the area >> how did you get a help cole ter of this size halfway around the world to iran. >> we used a c-133. it was necessary to partially dismantle the helicopter. we took off one row tore blade. it was moved inside, chained down. the main blade was wrapped in mattresses and flown here some 8,000 miles. >> lieutenant, because this is unfamiliar territory, do you
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feel you're going to have any problem playing in this area? >> yes, we do have a problem. that is one of the great advantages of this type of training. we are operating in a desert region with large mountains and continuously blowing snow that offer many peck problems we don't really have. >> did you bring other equipment with the 101st first contingent. >> yes. we brought all the normal equipment airborne operation entails and an accompanying helicopter and spare parts, fuel, oil, and crew chiefs to maintain the aircraft that we have. >> lieutenant, how long have you been flying helicopters for the army? >> i have been flying for about six months. formerly i was with the 101st at the jump status. >> getting back to this equipment again, lieutenant, do you normally take your heavy equipment with you when you make an overseas move of this type? >> yes, we do. >> lieutenant, where is your
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hometown back in the states? >> my hometown is chicago, illinois. >> i want to thank you very much for a very pleasant ride today and thank you for the use of this flight jacket. thank you very much. later, united states and iranian units operating in the persian golf made a combined amphibious strike againstd6sá mainland. iranian and the united states naval officers worked together in directing the operation. and also the united states working in close harmony. they took off in heavy support of a ground support mission.
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followed by iranian f-86s. trained in the united states, the iranians showed themselves to be fine pilots. the iranian pilots spotted their targets and peeled off for the attack. forward control guarded their planes towards the targets. american f-100 on straight objectives on the final objective.
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after the strikes, the planes returned to the air base. the final objective they assembled for the final trip back to the united states. the element of speed was important to the united states armed forces. the giant plane got men and equipment back safely and on
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schedule. >> it's important to realized that for the first time in our history, an entire army airborne brigade with all of its heavy equipment was air transported 12,000 miles. helped stem the tide of aggression in their country. >> united states military officials have devoted considerable effort to the evaluation of exercise delawar and contributions to the defense of the free world. they believe that the success of the exercise has given a strong boost to the central treaty organization. united states and iranian fighting men have gained invaluable experience both in
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staff and command functions. in combined operations in the field. this combined effort helped prove that differences in language and customs need not be a barrier working and fighting together in a common cause. moreover, the exercise demonstrated that joint operating procedures helped combat the power of aligned forces. it helped strengthen the ties of friendship between the two countries. as for the united states armed forces, exercise delawar has evidence of the effectiveness of the joint task force concept with emphasis on teamwork among the army, navy, and air force.


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