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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  September 11, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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laura lee morabito abner morales carlos manuel morales paula e. morales sonja mercedes morales john christopher moran john michael moran kathleen moran lindsay stapleton morehouse george william morell steven p. morello vincent s. morello
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yvette nicole moreno dorothy morgan richard j. morganpa+áñ nancy morgenstern sanae mori blanca robertina morocho leonel geronimo morocho morocho dennis gerard moroney >> and my cousin, fndy firefighter, michael t. carroll. i love you, and i love you, and love you. love you. love never dies.
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>> and my son, ryan daniel fitzgerald. as then, so is now, we continue to love you and miss you so very, very much. god bless our troops, god bless our first responders, and god bless new york city and god bless america. [ applause ] >> lynne irene morris odessa j. morris. seth allen morris steve morris. christopher martel morrison ferdinand v. morrone william david moskal ryan a. moss. marco motroni cynthia motus-wilson iouri a. mouchinski jude joseph moussa peter moutos damion o'neil mowatt
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christopher michael mozzillo stephen vincent mulderry richard t. muldowney jr. michael d. mullan dennis michael mulligan peter james mulligan michael joseph mullin james donald munhall nancy muniz carlos munoz francisco heladio munoz theresa munson robert m. murach cesar augusto murillo marc a. murolo brian joseph murphy charles anthony murphy christopher w. murphy edward charles murphy
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james f. murphy iv james thomas murphy kevin james murphy patrick sean murphy raymond e. murphy >> and my uncle, a loving husband and brother and father and son, would you be so proud of how big your caroline has gotten and your paul and niece cassidy. you are not a victim, you are considered a hero. we love and miss you every day. >> my grandfather, michael sand phillip, who i sadly missed meeting by only three months but feel special being named after. >> robert eddie murphy jr. john joseph murray john joseph murray susan d. murray valerie victoria murray
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richard todd myhre. robert b. nagel mildred rose naiman takuya nakamura alexander john robert napier frank joseph naples iii john phillip napolitano catherine ann nardella mario nardone jr. manika k. narula shawn m. nassaney narender nath karen susan navarro joseph micheal navas francis joseph nazario glenroy i. neblett
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rayman marcus neblett jerome o. nedd laurence f. nedell luke g. nee pete negron laurie ann neira ann n. nelson david william nelson ginger nelson. james nelson michele ann nelson peter allen nelson oscar francis nesbitt gerard terence nevins christopher c newten. >> christopher newton carter. >> and my uncle, my entire
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family misses you and you inspire me through the incredible life stories i heard about you. may you and the rest of the victims rest in peace. >> my aunt, anne marie davie, we love you and we miss you very much. because we were blessed and love and know you, our lives were truly touched by angel, and the memories of you will live in our hearts forever, and today is also your birthday, happy birthday, aunt annie, we love you. >> jody nichilo kathleen ann nicosia martin s. niederer alfonse joseph niedermeyer frank john niestadt jr.
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gloria nieves juan nieves jr. troy edward nilsen paul nimbley john b. niven katherine marie noack curtis terrence noel michael nolan. daniel r. nolan robert walter noonan jacqueline june norton robert grant norton daniela r. notaro brian christopher novotny soichi numata brian felix nunez jose nunez jeffrey roger nussbaum james a. oakley dennis patrick o'berg michael p. o'brien
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scott j. o'brien timothy michael o'brien daniel o'callaghan diana o'connor keith kevin o'connor richard j. o'connor dennis james o'connor jr. amy o'doherty marni pont o'doherty douglas e. oelschlager takashi ogawa albert ogletree >> and my goth godfather and uncle, richard samuel gabriel, and your spirit lives on in all the good that occurs in this world and you will never be forgotten and thank you to all the first sporesponders includi those that died trying to save his life on the floor of the 78th floor of the south tower.
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for my cousin, christopher charles am rosso. chris, there's not a day that goes by that we don't miss you and think about you, and you are in our hearts forever and keep looking over us and god bless you and god bless everyone. thank you. philip paul ognibene john a. ogonowski james andrew o'grady joseph j. ogren thomas g. o'hagan samuel oitice patrick j. o'keefe william o'keefe gerald michael olcott gerald thomas o'leary christine anne olender linday mary oliva
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edward k. oliver leah e. oliver eric t. olsen jeffrey james olsen barbara k olson. maureen lyons olson steven john olson matthew timothy o'mahoney toshihiro onda seamus l. o'neal john p. o'neill peter j. o'neill jr. sean gordon o'neill betty ann ong michael c. opperman christopher t. orgielewicz margaret orloske virginia ann ormiston
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raoubin s ornado. kevin o'rourke ronald orsini peter keith ortale juan ortega-campos jane marie orth alexander ortiz david ortiz emilio ortiz jr. sonia ortiz and my brother, christopher samuel ebbs. your family and i miss you very deeply and words cannot express the sadness that we feel in our hearts of your loss, and our lives will never be the same because you are not there to be part. my prayer today that each and every one of us will come together and love one another so that this horrific day and the lives that were lost this day
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will not be in vain. love thy neighbor as thyself. >> and my father, roberto hernandez, we love you and miss you. paul ortiz jr. sonia ortiz masaru ose patrick j. o'shea robert william o'shea elsy c. osorio james r. ostrowski timothy f. o'sullivan jason douglas oswald michael john otten isidro d. ottenwalder michael chung ou
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todd joseph ouida jesus ovalles peter j. owens jr. adianes oyola angel m. pabon jr israel pabon jr. roland pacheco michael benjamin packer diana padro. deepa pakkala jeffrey matthew palazzo thomas palazzo richard a. palazzolo orio j. palmer frank anthony palombo alan n. palumbo christopher matthew panatier
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dominique lisa pandolfo skwroulg kwrz are are paul j. pansini john m. paolillo edward joseph papa salvatore t. papasso james nicholas pappageorge marie pappalardo vinod kumar parakat vijayashanker paramsothy nitin ramesh parandkar >> and my father, my hero and my light and shining armour. >> and my son -- who we miss
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every day, sorry. my son anthony timpesta, and we love him very dearly. thank you. hardai parbhu james wendell parham debra marie paris george paris gye hyong park philip lacey parker michael alaine parkes robert e. parks jr. hasmukhrai c. parmar robert parro diane marie parsons leobardo lopez pascual michael j. pascuma jr. jerrold hughs paskins horace robert passananti suzanne h. passaro
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avnish ramanbhai patel dipti patel manish patel steven bennett paterson james matthew patrick manuel d. patrocino bernard e. patterson clifford l. patterson, jr. cira marie patti robert e. pattison james robert paul patrice paz victor paz-gutierrez stacey lynn peak richard allen pearlman durrell v. pearsall, jr thomas nicholas pecorelli thomas pedicini todd douglas pelino michel adrian pelletier anthony g. peluso
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angel r. pena richard al penny salvatore f. pepe >> and to my daughter, we love you and miss you and would be proud of your family. >> and my grandmother. salvatore f. pepe carl peralta robert david peraza jon a. perconti alejo perez angela susan perez anthony perez
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ivan own tone antonio perez. nancy e. perez angel perez jr. berinthia b. perkins joseph john perroncino edward j. perrotta emelda h. perry glenn c. perry john william perry franklin allan pershep danny pesce michael john pescherine davin peterson donald arthur peterson. william russell peterson mark james petrocelli philip scott petti glen kerrin pettit port authority police officers, dominick pezzulo kaleen elizabeth pezzuti kevin pfeifer tu-anh pham
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kenneth john phelan, sr. sneha ann philip suzette eugenia piantieri ludwig john picarro matthew picerno joseph oswald pick christopher pickford dennis j. pierce bernard pietronico nicholas p. pietrunti >> and my father, port authority police officer, john dennis leva, who is forever our hero that we love and miss every day. >> and my husband, brian joseph murphy. brian, it is 14 years later and we still think about you every day. you live on in your beautiful daughters, jessica and layla, who both just started their first year in college a couple weeks ago.
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they share your tremendous passion for life, your curiosity about everything and your sense of adventure, and you would be very proud of the young women they have become. we all love you very much and will never forget. thank you, new york, for remembering. theodoros pigis susan elizabeth pinto joseph piskadlo christopher todd pitman josh michael piver joseph plumitallo john pocher william howard pohlmann laurence polatsch thomas h. polhemus steve pollicino susan m. pollio joshua iousa poptean
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giovanna porras anthony portillo james edward potorti daphne pouletsos richard poulos stephen emanual poulos brandon jerome powell scott allen powell. shawn edward powell antonio dorsey pratt gregory m. preziose wanda ivelisse prince vincent a. princiotta kevin prior everett martin proctor iii carrie beth progen david lee pruim richard a. prunty john foster puckett robert david pugliese edward f. pullis patricia ann puma
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jack d. pawn >> and my mother, sonia m. puopolo i hope you can see from up above what a wonderful job that our dad has done raising the two of us. we love and miss you so much. >> and our son, todd douglas and my daughter-in-law, kaylene. hemanth kumar puttur edward r. pykon christopher quackenbush lars peter qualben lincoln quappe beth ann quigley patrick j. quigley iv michael quilty james francis quinn ricardo j. quinn carol millicent rabalais christopher peter a. racaniello leonard j. ragaglia
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eugene j. raggio laura marie ragonese-snik michael paul ragusa peter frank raimondi harry a. raines lisa j. raines. ehtesham raja valsa raju edward joseph rall lukas rambousek maria ramirez harry ramos vishnoo ramsaroop debra a ramsup lorenzo e. ramzey alfred todd rancke adam david rand jonathan c. randall srinivasa shreyas ranganath anne t. ransom faina rapoport robert a. rasmussen amenia rasool roger mark rasweiler david alan rathkey >> and my brother, on behalf of the whole family including my father who passed away last
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year, who found it difficult to remember this day however he never wanted to foreet his name sake son, thank you. >> and my father, edward w. strom, we are your legacy and think about you every day and look forward to continuing to live our life in your tradition. william ralph raub gerard p. rauzi alexey razuvaev gregory reda sarah anne redheffer michele marie reed judith ann reese donald j. regan robert m. regan thomas michael regan christian michael otto regenhard howard reich gregg reidy james brian reilly kevin o. reilly timothy e. reilly
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joseph reina jr. thomas barnes reinig frank bennett reisman joshua scott reiss karen renda john armand reo richard c. rescorla john thomas resta david e. retik todd h. ruben. luis clodoaldo revilla eduvigis reyes jr. bruce albert reynolds john frederick rhodes francis saverio riccardelli rudolph n. riccio ann marie riccoboni david harlow rice. eileen mary rice kenneth frederick rice iii cecilia e richards. vernon allan richard
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>> and my brother, harry young, the unsung hero of my life. god bless the united states of america. >> and my father, frederick charles rimmele iii we all love and miss you like crazy. god bless you and god bless america. claude daniel richards gregory david richards michael richards venesha orintia richards jimmy riches. alan jay richman john m. rigo frederick charles rimmele iii
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rose mary riso moises n. rivas joseph rivelli carmen alicia rivera isaias rivera juan william rivera linda ivelisse rivera david e. rivers joseph r. riverso paul v. rizza john frank rizzo stephen louis roach joseph roberto leo arthur roberts michael edward roberts donald walter robertson jr. catherina robinson jeffrey robinson michell lee jean robotham
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donald a. robson antonio a. rocha raymond james rocha laura rockefeller john rodak antonio j. rodrigues anthony rodriguez carmen milagros rodriguez gregory ernesto rodriguez marsha a. rodriguez mayra valdes rodriguez richard rodriguez david bartolo rodriguez-vargas >> and to our loving brother, son, fire keith ryan, thank you from the people of the small island, and thank you for looking out for your twin
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brother, kevin, who is also a firefighter in houston, texas, and thank you to all the armed services, and my partner here who served for 15 years, and thank you to the firefighters and police officers and to all of our armed services. god bless you all. >> and to my uncle, louie anthony williams. we love you and we miss you, you are the reason that i wear this uniform and stand here today. god bless. matthew rogan jean destrehan roger karlie rogers scott william rohner keith roma joseph m. romagnolo efrain romero sr. elvin romero james a. romito sean paul rooney eric thomas ropiteau aida rosario
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angela rosario wendy alice rosario wakeford mark rosen brooke david rosenbaum linda rosenbaum sheryl lynn rosenbaum lloyd daniel rosenberg mark louis rosenberg andrew ira rosenblum joshua m. rosenblum joshua alan rosenthal richard david rosenthal philip martin rosenzweig daniel rossetti richard barry ross norman s. rossinow nicholas p. rossomando michael craig rothberg donna marie rothenberg james michael roux nicholas charles alexander rowe timothy alan roy sr. paul g. ruback
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ronald j. ruben joanne rubino david m. ruddle >> and my father, leonard j. snyder, jr. dad i love you and i feel you guiding me and with me each and every day, and you are forever in my heart and i am beyond proud to be part of your legacy. >> my aunt margaret, unfortunately i never had the chance to meet her, but my middle name is margaret, just part of the love and legacy and compassion that lived on through me and my brothers. bart joseph ruggiere susan a. ruggiero adam keith ruhalter gilbert ruiz roberte russell. stephen p. russell steven harris russin wayne alan russo
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michael thomas russo sr. edward ryan jonathan stephan ryan jonathan steven ryan. >> matthew l. ryan. matthew lancelot ryan john joseph ryan jr. tatiana ryjova christina sunga ryook thierry saada jason elazar sabbag thomas e. sabella scott h. sabre. scott saber joseph francis sacerdote jessica leigh sachs francis john sadocha jude safi brock joel safronoff edward saiya john patrick salamone hernando salas juan g. salas esmerlin antonio salcedo john salvatore salerno, jr.
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rahma salie richard l. salinardi, jr.
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unfortunately we are having technical difficult tase. we are working to restore that signal and hope to return live here on c-span3.
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again, live pictures from the world trade center site. we have been showing you scenes from new york city as the reading ft names, the traditional reading of the names of the victims of those killed on 9/11 was taking place. unfortunately we lost the
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reading of the names but we still have the picture from the world trade center. >> and my beautiful loving sister, debra ann. this is a little saying from vicky harrison, and she wrote grief is like the ocean, it comes in waves, ebing and flowing, and sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. all we need to do is learn to swim. and my father, daniel francis mcginnly. on behalf of mom, terrance, mattie, patrick and myself, we would like to thank our aunts, uncles and cousins for the love
11:41 am
and support over the years. dad you live on through all your five kids and we hope to make you proud, and thanks for everything and keep looking out, cheers and god bless. michael j. simon paul joseph simon marianne teresa simone barry simowitz jane louise simpkin jeff lyal simpson khamladai k. singh roshan ramesh singh thomas e. sinton iii peter a. siracuse muriel f. siskopoulos joseph michael sisolak john p. skala francis joseph skidmore, jr. toyena corliss skinner
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paul albert skrzypek christopher paul slattery vincent robert slavin paul kenneth sloan firefirgher stanley s. smagala, jr. wendy l. small catherine smith daniel laurence smith gary f. smith. george eric smith. heather lee smith james gregory smith jeffrey r. smith joyce patricia smith karl t. smith8c2)
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firefigher,kevin joseph smith leon smith, jr. police officer, moira ann smith. rosemary a. smith leon smith, jr. bonnie jeanne smithwick rochelle monique snell dianne bullis snyder leonard j. snyder, jr. astrid elizabeth sohan sushil s. solanki ruben solares naomi leah solomon daniel w. song marie ray sopper. michael charles sorresse fabian soto
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timothy patrick soulas gregory thomas spagnoletti donald f. spampinato, jr. thomas sparacio john anthony spataro robert w. spear, jr. robert spiceman. george edward spencer iii >> my brother, richard avery arano, miss you every day. going to run the new york city marathon for you this year to benefit this fine memorial. we love you. >> and my brother, lieutenant phillip scott petty, new york city fire department ladder 12. we love and miss you everyday, phil, and for you and all the
11:45 am
innocent people that were sense leel senselessly killed, you are in our prayers and never will be forgotten. >> robert andrew spencer. mary rubina sperando frank spinelli william e. spitz joseph p. spor klaus johannes sprockamp saranya srinuan fitzroy st. rose michael f. stabile lawrence t. stack timothy m. stackpole richard james stadelberger eric adam stahlman gregory stajk alexandru liviu stan corina stan mary domenica stanley
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anthony starita firefighter, jeffrey stark derek james statkevicus craig william staub william v. steckman eric thomas steen william r. steiner alexander robbins steinman edna l. stevens. andrew stergiopoulos andrew stern martha jane stevens michael james stewart richard h. stewart, jr. sanford m. stoller douglas joel stone lonny jay stone jimmy nevill storey timothy stout
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thomas strada james j. straine, jr. edward w. straub george j. strauch, jr. edward t. strauss steven r. strauss larry l. strickland. steven f. strobert walwyn wellington stuart, jr. benjamin suarez david scott suarez ramon suarez xavier suarez yoichi sugiyama william christopher sugra daniel thomas suhr david marc sullins christopher pete sullivan patrick sullivan thomas g. sullivan
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hilario soriano sumaya, jr. james joseph suozzo >> and my brother, robert cromwell, jr. this year we were blessed with the second grandson samuel, and for those special families in charleston that set an amazing example of how to deal with tragedy. you are in our hearts and prayers. >> my brother, robert r. hastert. we miss you terribly, and i never told you, you were the wind beneath my wings and you were my hero. i love you and miss you and i will never ever forget you.
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colleen m. supinski robert sutcliffe seline sutter claudia suzette sutton john francis swaine kristine m. swearson brian david sweeney brian edward sweeney madeline amy sweeney kenneth j. swensen thomas f. swift derek ogilvie sword kevin thomas szocik gina sztejnberg norbert p. szurkowski harry taback
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joann c. tabeek norma c. taddei michael taddonio robert r. talhami john tagagnoni. sean patrick tallon paul talty maurita tam rachel tamares hector rogan tamayo michael andrew tamuccio kenichiro tanaka rhondelle cherie tankard michael anthony tanner dennis gerard taormina jr. kenneth joseph tarantino
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allan tarasiewicz michael c.terue. ronald tartaro deborah tavarelo. darryl taylor donnie brooks taylor hilda e. taylor. kip p. taylor. leonard e. taylor. lorisa ceylon taylor michael morgan taylor sond ra c. taylor sandra don teague. paul a.tetmire. yeshavant moreshwar tembe
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anthony tempesta dorothy temple david tengelin brian john terrenzi lisa marie terry goumatie thackurdeen harshad sham thatte michael theodoridas. >> and my brother. >> and my sister kathryn magerie novak. katie, your beautiful smile and spirit remains with us and in us. god bless. >> thomas f. theurkauf jr. leslie ann thomas. brian thompson clive thompson glenn thompson
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nigel bruce thompson perry a. thompson vanavah alexi thompson william a. thompson. eric raymond thorpe nichola angela thorpe tamrac. thurmond. sal edward tieri jr. john patrick tierney mary ellen tiercy. william randall tieste kenneth tietjen stephen edward tighe scott c. timmes michael e. tinley jennifer m. tino
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robert frank tipaldi john james tipping ii david tirado hector luis tirado jr. michelle lee titolo aleashio nicole titus. john j.tobin. richard j.todisco vladimir tomasevic stephen kevin tompsett thomas tong doris torres luis eduardo torres amy elizabeth toyen christopher michael traina daniel patrick trant
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abdoul karim traore glenn j. travers sr. walter phillip travers felicia traylor-bass james alth anthony tranchini lisa l. trerotola karamo terra michael trinidad francis joseph trombino gregory j. trost willy q troy. william tselepis jr. zhanetta tsoy michael patrick tucker
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lance richard tumulty ching ping tung simon james turner donald joseph tuzio robert t. twomey jennifer lynn tzemis john g. ueltzhoeffer >> and my nephew rafael gomez. we all miss you. all your family. i remember the happy times. i love you. your mom still love you. >> and to my son paul who we love and miss so much but know paul you're in the safest place you could ever be and that's right here in mommy's heart.
11:57 am
we love you, and we miss you dearly. >> tyler victor ugolyn michael a. uliano jonathan j. uman anil markham allen v. upton diane maria urban john damien vaccacio bradley h. vadas william valcarcel felix antonio vale ivan vale benito valentin santos valentin jr. carlton francis valvo ii pendiala vankrishna erica van acker kenneth w. van auken
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r. bruce van hine daniel m. van laere edward raymond vanacore jon charles vandevander frederick t. varacchi gopalakrishnan varadhan david vargas scott c. vasel azael ismael vasquez ronald j. voke. arcangel vazquez santos vasquez peter vega sankara velamuri jorge velazquez lawrence g. veling anthony mark ventura david vera loretta ann vero christopher james vialonga matthew gilbert vianna
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robert anthony vicario celeste torres victoria joanna vidal john t. vigiano ii joseph vincent vigiano frank j. vignola jr. joseph barry vilardo clarabel vilopo hernandez. sergio villanueva chantal vincelli melissa renee vincent francine ann virgilio lawrence virgilio joseph gerard visciano joshua s. vitale maria percoco vola lynette d. vosges
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garo h. voskerijian alfred anton vukuosa gregory bruno wachtler karen j. wagner. mary alice walstrom. >> and my sister, catherine patricia salter. sister also to tim, cindy, linda and mary. mom is doing good, but this is the first year she could not make the trip to ground zero. she's attending a memorial in your honor in our hometown livesville, ohio. we miss you. we love you and we will never forget. >> and my cousin gregory monowitz. we love you, we miss you. you're forever in our hearts. >> anna elizabeth.
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>> gabriela waisman. courtney wainsworth walcott victor wald kenneth e. walde. benjamin a. walker. glen wall. mitchel scott wallace peter g. wallace robert f. wallace roy michael wallace jean marie wallendorf matthew blake wallens metal. wallia. john wallice jr. barbara p. walsh jim walsh. jeffrey patrick walz ching wang weibin wang michael warchola stephen gordon ward timothy ray ward james a. waring brian g. warner derrick christopher washington charles waters
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james thomas waters jr. patrick j. waters kenneth thomas watson michael henry waye todd christopher weaver walter e. weaver nathaniel webb dinah webster william michael williams joanne flora weil michael weinberg steven weinberg steven weinstein simon weiser david m. weiss david thomas weiss chin supak wells david jacobs welsh christian hans rudolf wemmers ssu-hui wen oleh d. wengerchuk
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peter m. west whitfield west jr. meredith lynn whalen eugene whelan adam s. white edward james white iii james patrick white >> and my mother. it's been 14 years, but for all of us here it could be 100 years and it could still file like yesterday and it's fresh in our hearts. >> and my husband, michael masaroli, thank you for loving me and continuing to walk over michael and angelino. i miss you more than words can say. love you. >> john sylvester white kenneth w. white leonard anthony white malissa white morgan a. white. sandra l. white. wayne white leanne marie whiteside
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>> at the white house, president obama and the first lady led a moment of remembrance at 8:46, the time the first plane hit the world trade center.
12:16 pm
[ bell tolling ]
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>> and you may have noticed the white house and here live at the u.s. capitol building and around capitol hill, congressional leaders and members of congress issuing a statement on the 9/11 anniversary. flags are at half staff today. here's house speaker john boehner. >> we've got a plane crashed into the world trade center. >> 9/11 '01, i was in the longworth house building and walked into talk to this group, and someone told me that a plane had run into the world trade center. and so i went downstairs to my office. when i found out that a second plane had crashed into the world
12:20 pm
trade center. i immediately gathered my staff and sent them out the door. it was a harrowing day. those images that i saw, the american people saw and for that matter the images the world saw are etched in everybody's mind. >> we have more 9/11 coverage coming up later today at 2:00 p.m. eastern. defense secretary ashton carter and director of administration and management will take part in a 9/11 remembrance ceremony for pentagon employees. 125 pentagon employees lost their lives on flight 77 crashed into the west side of the building. of these, 70 were civilians and 55 were military personnel. 59 people aboard the flight also died. we'll have live coverage of that
12:21 pm
remembrance ceremony this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. an epa official colorado mayor and geochemist testify about the epa's response to a toxic river spilly#d!ç caused b agency and one of its contractors near the gold king mine site in colorado. they talked about the epa's culpability and the environmental impacts on farmers, residents and businesses along the watershed. they held the hearing this past wednesday. the committee on science, space and technology will come to order. without objection, the chair is authorized to declare recesses at any time.
12:22 pm
welcome to today's hearing entitled holding epa accountable for polluting western waters. i recognize myself for an opening statement and then the ranking member. over the last year, the environmental protection agency has proposed some of the most expensive and burdensome regulations in its history. these rules will cost american families billions of dollars, all for little impact on climate change. these rules also will diminish the competitiveness of american workers around the world. the same government agency that has proposed these rules recently caused an environmental disaster that has adversely impacted three states in the mountain west. on august 5th, near silverton, colorado, the negligence actions of the epa caused over 3 million-gallons of toxic water to cascade out of a mine that had been closed for almost 100 years. this event turned the animus
12:23 pm
river orange and polluted a 300-mile stretch of water. today, we will examine how this disaster, which negatively affected thousands of people occurred and why the warning signs that should have prevented it from happening were negligently dismissed. had the epa exercised the same care in making their decisions as an ordinary prudent person, this whole incident could have been avoided. the epa should be held accountable. the same standards that the epa applies to private companies should also apply to the epa itself. unfortunately, epa administrator gino mccarthy has declined to appear before this committee and answer questions about the role her agency played in causing this preventable spill. perhaps she doesn't have any good answers. given the epa's consistent failure to provide information to this committee and the american people, the epa can be
12:24 pm
assured that our oversight efforts will continue. the public deserves to know why the epa continues to spend so much of their hard-earned dollars on costly and infective regulations, especially when the agency has been unable to achieve its core mission of protecting the environment. the story would have been much different if the spill had been caused by a private company. i expect there would be calls from this administration and others for the executives of the company to resign. there would be demands that documents be posted online. massive fines would be imposed, and no doubt some individuals might be prosecuted as happened in the 2014 west virginia chemical spill where 7,500 gallons of chemicals were dumped into the elk river. this is about 1/400th of the amount dumped into the animus
12:25 pm
river. the epa's negligence is especially inexcusable, since there were known procedures that could have prevented the river's pollution. unfortunately, we have seen a pattern of the epa's lack of transparency. this committee asked for information from the epa almost a month ago, and we have yet to receive all the documents that were requested. according to news reports, it took the epa over 24 hours to inform the public about the seriousness of the spill, and their initial claim of 1 million gallons of toxic waste was later revised when it was learned there was actually 3 million gallons. then after the incident, all we heard from the epa was that the toxic river in the river was dissipating and that the river was returning to pre-spill levels. the epa neither took responsibility, nor were they
12:26 pm
forthright with the person people. so it's not surprising to learn that just this past spring the epa received a grade of "d" for its lack of openness and transparency, according to the non-partisan center for effective government. it is my hope that the epa will finally come clean with the american people about their involvement in this tragic incident. and that concludes my opening statement. and ranking member, the gentle woman from texas is recognized for hers. >> thank you very much mr. chairman. appreciate the fact that we are holding this hearing today. the august 5th release of 3 million gallons of wastewater from the gold king mine in silverton, colorado, was an unfortunate accident. i believe it is important to understand what happened on august 5th and why. and explore what lessons we can learn from this event. however, we should also take this opportunity to highlight the inherently dirty, dangerous and environmentally damaging process of metal mining.
12:27 pm
before this accident occurred, gold king and a handful of other mines in the area were releasing more than 300 million gallons of acid mine waste into the animus watershed annually. over the area's 120-year history, mining and milling byproducts containing toxic chemicals were released into this waterway. unfortunately, residents of the san juan county are well aware that august 5th was not the first time the animus river changed colors. in the 1970s, mine accidents poured millions of gallons of wastewater into the river. sadly, acid mine drainage in this area is routine. and the occasional large-scale
12:28 pm
release of wastewater due to accidents at mine sites is an all-too-common occurrence. i would like to show a photo that ran in the "durango herald" newspaper in 2012 that shows toxic waste, following from the american terminal three years before the recent accident of the gold king mine. the second picture was taken before the red and bonita mine, and the wastewater's draining into the cement creek. a tributary that feeds into the animus river. this photo was taken in 2013. this was one of the key reasons that epa was at the gold king mine site on august 5th. they were there attempting to investigate this long-standing problem of persistent acid mine drainage into the animus watershed, from the gold king and neighboring interconnected
12:29 pm
mines. epa was also attempting to alleviate what was seen as an inevitable blowout at the gold king mines due to a build up of drainage water that may have been caused by the closure of the american tunnel, a mine drainage system at the nearby sunnyside mine. unfortunately, they were obviously unsuccessful in trying to prevent a blowout from occurring. these next two photos show the discoloration of the animus river immediately after the august 5th accident. and the next two photos show that the animus river looked like august 12th and august 14th. seven and nine days after the gold mine accident. fortunately, the metal concentrations in the water that led to the discoloration of the
12:30 pm
animus river quickly returned to pre-incident levels. i'm not discounting the significance of august 5th event of the gold king mine, but it's potentially environmentally impact -- or its potential environmental impact, but it's important to understand that the issue of mine drainage into the animus watershed did not begin last month. the epa was acting as an environmental firefighter when they went to the gold mine, gold king mine. they were attempting to damp down a raging environmental hazard that had endangered the animus watershed for decades. unfortunately, when they opened an exploratorial hole, the build up of wastewater drainage was too much to effectively control. i hope that our witnesses, particularly mayor dean brooking, the mayor of du rango,
12:31 pm
colorado, located 50 miles downstream from the gold king and hundreds of other inactive mine sites can help address both of the events leading up to the august 5th blowout at the gold king mine. the legacy of metal mining operations on the animus watershed and useful next steps to consider in helping to prevent further environmental degradation in this truly beautiful region of our nation. thank you, mr. chairman, and yield back. >> thank you ms. johnson. now i'll proceed to introduce our witnesses. our first witness is the honorable matthew stanislaus, the assistant administrator from the office of solid waste and emergency response. mr. stanislaus was nominated and confirmed by the u.s. senate in 2009. he received his law degree from chicago kent law school in a chemical engineering degree from city college of new york. our next witness is mr. dennis greeney, president of environmental restoration, llc.
12:32 pm
he received his bachelor of science in ecology from university of illinois, urbana, campus. our next witness is dr. donald benn, the executive director of the navajo nations environmental protection agency. dr. benn received his ph.d. in chemistry from new mexico state university. our next witness is the mayor of durango, colorado. he received his masters in environmental design and masters in architecture from the university of colorado at boulder. the next witness is a chemist with over 25 years of experience. he has been involved in geochemical studies and site evaluations across the united states, involving field, laboratory and computational components. dr. williamson's background includes extensive work with acid mine drainage, metals in aquatic environments, geochemical engineering and the
12:33 pm
fate and transport of chemicals in the environment. he has a ph.d. from virginia tech, a masters from northern arizona university. and old dominion university. and we welcome you all, look forward to your testimony, and mr. stanislaus, would you start us off. >> sure. good morning, chairman smith, ranking member johnson and members of the committee. i am assistant manager for the epa's office of solid waste and emergency response that is responsible for epa's cleanup program. thank you for the opportunity to appear today to discuss the gold king mine release and subsequent epa response. located within the watersheds of san juan mountains in southwestern colorado are some 400 former mines, which were the focus of large and small-scale mining operations for over 100 years. the gold king mine is located in the upper animus watershed which
12:34 pm
consists of three mainstreams. the animus river, cement creek and mineral creek. these mines have had a history containing heavy mines and water instability. in 1991, mining ceased at the last big mine in the region, sunny side. subsequently, based on a permit issued by the state of colorado, sunny side installed three bulk heads that drained its mine while continuing to treat the waters draining into upper cement creek through a water treatment facility. after sunny side installed the bulk heads, water seeped into natural fractures that allowed it to flow into the gold king and red and bonita mines. initially these waters are run through a treatment system that sunny side built but gold king mining company ultimately stopped operating the system. in 2008, they continued the efforts by concerting a
12:35 pm
reclamation plan within gold king mine. based upon data from 2009 to 2014, flow data, the average annual water discharge from gold king mine and three nearby mines reached approximately 300 gallons per year. at the request of local stakeholders, by 2014, epa joined the colorado division of reclamation mining and safety to address both the potential of water buildup and ongoing adverse water quality impacts caused by these large mine discharges into the upper animus watershed. working with the state of colorado and the animus river stakeholder group, epa developed plans to reduce potential mine water pressure and reduce mine discharges into cement creek and downstream waters. in 2014, initial work was performed at the gold king mine to release some water buildup.
12:36 pm
on august 5th, 2015, epa was conducting an investigation of the gold king mine. work was under way to allow reopening to affect water conditions and determine appropriate mine mitigation measures. while excavating above a mine opening, the lower portion of bedrock crumbled and pressurized water of approximately 3 million gallons of water stored behind the collapsed material, discharging into cement creek, a tributary of the animus river. within colorado, the day of the event and before the plume reached drinking water intake, and irrigation divergents. the following day, other jurisdictions were notified, again, before the plume reached drinking water intake and other irrigation diversions. they warned downstream users so drinking water intakes and
12:37 pm
agricultural intakes were able to be closed prior to down plume release reaching those intakes. however, broader notification should have occurred. i have issued a guidance memo to all ten regions to work with state, tribal and local partners to enhance our joint notification responsibility and processes. i understand the state of colorado is moving forward in the same vein. on august26, 2015, epa released its internal review report which included an assessment of the events and potential factors contributing to the gold mine incident. the internal review team found the work accounted for the water conditions due to the history of blockages at the gold king mine and steps to lower the blockage and water buildup. the review team found that experienced professionals from the epa and the state of colorado concluded there was likely or low mine water pressure.
12:38 pm
however, given the release there was in fact high enough water pressure to cause a blowout, the summary report concludes that underestimation of water pressure inside the mine working was likely the most significant factor related to the release. the report indicates that side conditions made difficult to determine the pressure within the mine. i do have a lot more to talk about, but i'll take your questions and respond to those. >> thank you, mr. stanislaus, and mr. greeney. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> make sure your mic is on, there. okay. >> let me start it again. chairman smith, ranking member johnson and other distinguished members of the committee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to testify on recent incidents at the gold king mine. my name is dennis greeney. i serve as president and managing partner of environmental restoration and have served in that role since the company was founded in 1997. i've worked in hazardous waste and emergency response in my entire career going back 30 years.
12:39 pm
we were one of the organizations involved in epa's efforts at the silverton site. we stand firmly behind our project management team. that said, professionals who have dedicated our entire careers to cleaning up the environment, the end result was heartbreaking to say the least. if i may, i'd like to give you a bit of background about our company. environment restoration is an environmental remediation company. it provides services to individual, state and federal agencies and we're very passionate about our work and honored to provide services in some of our nation's largest responses including the deepwater horizon, aftermaths of hurricane lee, hurricane sandy, irene, katrina, the space shuttle "columbia" disaster, the 2001 anthrax response both at the senate office building and postal services and the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. as a company, environmental restoration is committed to providing a safe environment for our workers.
12:40 pm
that is our number one priority. we can demonstrate that through our modification rate which is a .72 compared to an industry standard of 1. or nearly 30% safer than everyone else in our industry. as with many epa removal projects, we were one of several organizations with assigned roles at the gold king mine. for the gold king, environmental restoration was issued a task order, we were requested to open the portal, as well as rehabilitate the mine opening to allow safe passage into the mine and create safe access 75 feet into the tunnel. within that task we had subelements which included a site preparation phase, constructing roads and staging areas, and retention ponds. again, the rehabilitation of the mine tunnel and opening up of the 75-foot mine tunnel.
12:41 pm
they indicated we were to anticipate water approximately 6 feet deep on the backside of the site entrance. within an proximate ten-foot tall mine. the gallons estimated was 250,000 gallons. as we now know there was much more water behind the blocked mine entrance than experts previously believed. i was not personally involved or on the site when the release occurred. however, here's what i have learned. the release occurred during a preliminary trip to the mine. and prior to environmental restoration initiating our work of opening the mine. during this preliminary trip we were directed to remove rubble and debris that had caved in over the mine opening in an effort to expose the bedrock above the mine tunnel. the removal of the material was carried out with all due caution over a two-day period and under the guidance of the epa on site coordinator and abandoned mine representatives from the colorado inactive mine program. the gold king release followed
12:42 pm
the removal from above the entrance. it was a terrible misfortune for the animus river and all those who live along it and make their living from it. and it was gut-wrenching to watch the after effects of the release. this in no way reflects who we are as a company. we're very proud of our track record. we've conducted 1,300 task orders for the epa as well as other agencies. we're very grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to help safeguard people and the environment, and we hope to continue in that capacity for a long time. i'd like to thank you for your attention and time, and i'm open to answer questions to the best of my ability. >> thank you, mr. greeney, and dr. benn? >> chairman smith, ranking member and members of the committee, my name is dr. benn. i'm a chemist by trade and the
12:43 pm
executive director of the navajo nation environmental protection agency. thank you for this opportunity to testify on a matter of great importance to the navajo nation. on august 5th, 2015, the united states epa and other parties caused a massive release of toxic contaminations from the gold king mine. the toxic sludge flowed into the san juan river and through 215 miles of the navajo territory. the navajo epa had a close relationship and good working relationship with epa -- with the u.s. epa. however, recent events have shifted that relationship to one of lack of trust. today i would like to cover only a few of the many critical areas of concern for the navajo people. these issues and others are covered more extensively in my written remarks. first, the u.s. epa delayed notification of the spill to the navajo nation. the nation was not informed of
12:44 pm
the release until august 6th. the epa demonstrated a complete lack of transparency. they worked to down play the magnitude of the risk of human and animal health. and later reports by u.s. epa were incomplete. additionally, the navajo nation expressed concern for the u.s. epa handing out and encouraging members of the navajo nation to fill out their standard form 95 to expedite settlement of their claims. these incidents have led to a culture of distrust toward the u.s. epa both among our farmers and leadership. i also want to lay out some of the devastating impacts of the navajo nation. however, i want to stress that all the impacts are yet unknown. first, families had the immediate impact of the additional cost of water delivery and other expenses. despite this effort, they saw
12:45 pm
their crops dying each day. second, the loss of crops and the placement of those crops, their seed and feed for their livestock and other, triggers long-term expenses for a nation that already has 42% unemployment rate. third, long-term health effects of the spill aren't known and fully understood. fourth, the cultural and spiritual impacts are felt in the disruption of our cultural principle that encompasses beauty and harmony. impacts of the spill are yet known and unknown. we need to act quickly and thoughtfully. we therefore ask for the following. number one, we need resource to address the immediate emergency. this includes continued delivery of water and hay to impacted ranchers. the epa should establish a relief fund for individual
12:46 pm
ranchers and farmers. we also need true emergency response coordination with fema. two, we need resources to conduct our own soil monitoring. and authority for navajo epa to do the necessary work. we propose to conduct these duties under navajo nation as opposed to relying on u.s. epa. we will require an on-site lab. and additional funding. number three, we need assistance to create redundant and auxiliary water supplies and reservoirs to guard against future contaminations. four, we will require funding assistance to monitor studying and reduce the long-term impact of the spill and to return the river to its prespill state. five, due to u.s. epa's conflict of interest, we seek to an independent assessment of the u.s. epa and others' roles in
12:47 pm
the spill and establishment of a different lead agency. no other environmental bad actor would be given leeway to investigate itself to determine what extent it would be held accountable. we believe another agency, such as fema, should take the lead on the response, and an independent body should conduct the investigation. again, thank you for your time and attention to this important issue. i welcome any questions from your committee. >> thank you, dr. benn, and mayor brooking? >> thank you chairman smith and honorable members of the committee for the opportunity to testify today. i'm dean brookie, mayor of durango, colorado at the base of the san juan mountains, along the animus river. i have lived and recreated among those mountains since 1980. our community is dependent on the virtues of the natural environment as its lifeblood. our mining heritage simm portent, but our current economy is not dependant on mining but rather outdoor recreation, arts
12:48 pm
and other cultural amenities. the august 5th mine release into the river put a massive spotlight on the century old problem that our communities have lacked the resources to address. 3 million gallons of acid mine water were released, but this is not a one-time incident. about 3 million gallons drain out each week, prior to and subsequent to this event. that is the quiet but real catastrophe that has largely gone unnoticed by the public until now. our rivers are what bind us together as communities. the veins of the animus river flow into other arteries of the west, including the san juan river and the navajo regions before reaching lake powell. from there, it joins the colorado that flows to the grand canyon, into lake mead. a water source for los angeles, phoenix and san diego. it is tempting in times of crisis to point fingers and
12:49 pm
place blame. after 130 years, thousands of mines, millions of individual actors and literally billions of gallons of polluted water, attempts to blame single agencies or individuals ignore the scale and complexity of the problem that needs to be addressed. we must continue to work together at the federal, state and local level to do much more and quickly with greater resolve to comprehensively address the water quality threats to our region before they result in far greater harm to our communities as well as additional cost to government. the epa must be held accountable for this accident. every indication we have received from them shows that they are taking this incident seriously. there's no denying, they had their hands on the shovel, but the epa was at the gold king mine trying to help address these long-standing issues. in fact, the blowout could have happened naturally the day before or any day in the future. without the epa, the federal government more broadly and the
12:50 pm
federal government more broadly, there's no option for addressing the risk to health for the mining legacy. yes, we can and should hold responsible parties in the mining industry accountable as
12:51 pm
during the last congress could be an additional tool used toward long-term solution for cleaning up abandoned mines at less cost to government. i'm certain that we have the capacity to work together to
12:52 pm
and scientifically sound approach to ensure the leg say that we leave our children is not one of accusation and rancor, but action. inaction will result in problems to our rivers and communities and all taxpayers. please see my written comes for more about the environmental impact in the san juan mountains, cleanup, and the notification of cleanup activities by the epa. thank you for your time. i look forward to your >> thank you, mayor brookie, and dr. williams. >> good morning chairman smith, members of the committee. i appreciate the opportunity to be here today and contribute what i may. my name is mark williamson. i'm a geochemist living in loveland, colorado. for the whole of my professional
12:53 pm
career and extending back into my graduate days, i have focused on acid rock drainage, the type of solution discharged from the gold king mine, its management management and the associated issues of metal in ak quat watt and industrial environments. i'm present to offer my education and experience to the committee in its examination of the circumstances surrounding the charge of acid rock drainage, ard, from the gold king mine. like many of my fell coloradans, others that work with ard and sens concerned about our quality research, he was keshtd concerned about the disturb. negatively effecting thousands of miles and streams throughout the united states perform to control but not necessarily eliminate the charge from used mind, engineering plugging of mine to regulate the flow has
12:54 pm
been a simply relative management technique but results in a refilling of mine workings with water. at the gold king mine, work plans from 014 and '15 that i've been able to see that refilling -- prompting the need for action. despite the anticipated filling of the workings and the potential blowout condition, field operations at the gold kings mine use excavation equipment to dig open the collapsed mine portal. it's not clear to me? i investigations were used to conduct how much was present behind the collapse or if there was any at all. given the consequences of hindsight, a detailed assessment of the situation would have been helpful but i'm not aware of any such documentation. any likes of investigation are familiar to me that may have been pursued including drilling
12:55 pm
a bore hole, inspecting the mine area for springs and seeps, searching for exploration, bore holes that extend into the workings, reviewing, and looking at other mine maps or seems documented in the work plans of 2015 inserting a pipe through the collapse feature to check for the presence of water. of these a bore hole behind the collapse and a pipe piercing the collapse could be used to pump out water to the extent it is present in a controlled man to remove water and its associated risk. its not clear to me from materials made public that any such investigation or evaluations were conducted. without further documentation, it cannot be determined if site operations abandoned a site model or if actual conditions behind the dam led to a paradigm shift. given the outcome and lack of
12:56 pm
specific documentation, it appears appropriate risk-reducing may not have been conducted. the resulting charge of ard from the gold king mine was comprised of an acidic metal-bearing solution as well as a metal containing sludge. both can and do -- the solution phase can result in immediate acute impacts and the sludge, acute impacts as well as more chronic conditions. acute effects appear to have been temporal, largely with the pass of the plume. in closing, i'll thank you again for the opportunity to be here and contribute and point out managing ard is very difficult, especially in historic mining district. given the challenging condition and potential harm, care is warranted in pursuing remedial
12:57 pm
activities, owing to the lack of available information, it is not clear just how much care was exercised in the negotiation. i am certain we'll learn details of this ufrtd event so that things can be successfully avoided in the future. >> thank you. >> thank you, dr. williamson. before we go to confess, i would like to recognize the gentleman from new mexico, steve pearce, who obviously has an interest in the subject at hand and we welcome him to the committee today. let me direct my first question to you. stan myberg there was, quote, no evidence to suggest precautionary measures were needed. however, i would like to show you two documents on the streen. the first is a 2014 epa task order and the second is your own contractor's work plan from 2015. both documents describe the
12:58 pm
potentially dangerous conditions at the mine and specifically both state, and because the print is so small, i'll read it. on this powerpoint, conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages and cause large volumes of contaminated mine waters and sediment from inside the mine which contain concentrated heavy metals, end quote. would like to go to a second power point slide. this is from the internal epa e-mail that appears to address the dangers at the mine. the mine is assumed to be full of water that goes to the top of the plug or higher. my question is why did the epa ignore these obvious warnings? >> well, for multiple of years, the state of colorado, local stakeholders, i'd the fact of water built-up and the cave-in
12:59 pm
situations. >> so that even underlies my question even more. why were the warnings ignored? you were on notice for years and we saw the ranking member put slides up. we've had other spills. why were the warnings ignored? >> the warnings were not ignore. it began with identification. the reason epa was asked to be there to address the world buildup and cave-in situations. i would like to read it for you. >> my question is, if they weren't ignored, why did the incident occur? >> sure. >> why didn't you take the precautionary steps that would have prevented the spill? >> sure. >> the work plan said to remove the rock bd up and reduce the water. the work done was an assessment to identify what the particular circumstance existed at the gold king mine. >> you didn't think there was any danger at this mine?
1:00 pm
>> clearly, the epa and state of colorado identified the risk of a blowout. this is built up as a result of cave-ins and water build-up. that's the reason why we were up at that moment. what we know is the internal review concluded this was identified up front, the work plan incorporated these careful measures. the experts of epa and the state of colorado looked at the site conditions, looked at seeps, flows, and concluded that there were a low-pressure situation. >> what went wrong? if you knew there was a danger and you made the conscious decision to proceed, something went terribly wrong. why did you proceed if you knew dangs were so great or did you fo negligent fashion because clearly you didn't want this spill to occur. >> sure. none of us wanted thil


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