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tv   The Last Two Days  CSPAN  November 22, 2015 4:00pm-4:21pm EST

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four-star admiral in the history of the navy, discussing her career in the navy prior to her current appointment, including her mission to rescue captain richard phillips, who was captured by somali pirates in 2009. > i became head of the piracy task force. it was our responsibility to get them back and get them back safely. that was obviously a surprise kind of mission and challenge. >> tonight at eight eastern, 10 pacific -- eight eastern and pacific. >> during the kennedy administration the white house photographic center provided -- center produced a variety of short films. real america the last two days, a 20 minute color film of president kennedy's fateful trip to texas in november 1963.
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♪ >> president john f. kennedy departed washington on november 21 1963. on saturday morning november 23, his body was returned to the white house. this is a film record of that two day period. president kennedy went to texas to take his program to the people. he carried the state only by a narrow margin in the election. a there was dissension over his
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strong civil rights program. conservative elements were critical of the administration's foreign policy. and yet the crowds that greeted the president and mrs. kennedy were friendly, enthusiastic. most newspapers described the trip as political. a it was that and more than that. speaking at dedication ceremonies for the aerospace medical health center president kennedy sought for unity amongst americans. his conviction was that the united states should be a leader.
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president kennedy: it is not the exclusive property of republicans or democrats. it refers instead to this nation's place in history, to the fact we do stand on the edge of a great new era. filled with both opportunity -- to be characterized by achievement and by challenge. it is an area which calls for action. and to the best efforts of all those who would test the unknown and the uncertain in and re--- in every stage of human endeavor, it is time for pathfinders and pioneers.
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>> thursday afternoon, air force one departs san antonio and touches down in houston. mrs. kennedy is making one of her first public appearances in several months, traveling with the presidential party are vice president and mrs. johnson, and texas senator john connolly.
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thursday evening, houston. president kennedy speaks at the league of latin american citizens. he speaks of his interest for the alliance and progress p it he calls the alliance a chance for all to prove that prosperity could be the handmaiden of freedom. that to ensure that his words be understood by all, he calls on mrs. kennedy to address the league in spanish. thursday evening, the houston coliseum, a testimonial dinner
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for congressman albert thomas. >> in texas and the nation, growth has meant to new opportunities for this state progress has meant new achievements, and we dare not look back now. in 1990, the space will be entering its second phase. and our hope is to preserve the peace, to make sure that in this great new see, as on earth, the united states is second to none. the old men should dream dreams. this -- the young men should see visions. and where there is no vision, the people perish. >> the presidential party moves on to fort worth where the
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chief executive will spend the night and deliver several early-morning speeches. a unique lighting display normally seen on two holidays per year -- friday morning, november 22, it is 8:45. in spite of the weather, a large and exuberant crowd. mrs. kennedy is busy organizing herself and of course she looks
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better than we do. thus begins the last day of his life. he will live less than four hours from this moment. -- he won't live less than four hours from this moment. the vice president and texas senator john connolly applauds resident kennedy as he returns to his hotel from the fort worth
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chamber of commerce. the breakfast party awaits the arrival of mrs. kennedy. mrs. kennedy's entrance draws another comment from the president. president kennedy: i said i would accompany mrs. kennedy to paris. i get the same sensation when i travel around paris.
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nobody wonders what to linda and i wear. [laughter] [applause] >> on a more serious note the president's last words, reflections for his hopes for the future. president kennedy: this is a very dangerous and uncertain world. we would like to live with what we once lived. we are still keystone and the arch of freedom, and i think we will continue to do our duty. i'm confident as i look to the future that our chances for security, our chances for peace have been better than they are in the past. with that strength is a determination to not only maintain the peace, but also the
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vital interests of the united states. >> the president has a scheduled luncheon address. friday morning, 11:37. the president's jet lands at the dallas airport. ♪
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several thousand enthusiastic texans are on hand to give the president and mrs. kennedy a warm welcome. the usual welcome present mrs. kennedy with a bouquet of red roses. although the president is running behind schedule he pauses momentarily to shake a few hands. mrs. kennedy joins him in the throng of outstretched hands and cameras. friday 10 minutes before noon, the motorcade begins the 11 mile ride to the dallas trademark
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where the president is to deliver a major address. the governor and mrs. connelly ride in a presidential mid -- presidential limousine. a command weights in a window, with a high-powered rifle. a radio news man describes the motorcade as it moves toward the dallas trademark. >> the president's card is turning off of elm street and it will be only a matter of minutes. even the freeway was jampacked -- jampacked with spectators. it appears something has happened in the motorcade route. numerous people are running up the hill by the freeway. several police officers are rushing up the hill at this time. something has happened in the
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motorcade. there has been a shooting. hospital has been advised to stand by for a severe gunshot wound. the president's card -- president cars going past the limousine is traveling at a high rate of speed. it appears the limousine might have been hit by the gunfire. >> the motorcade is coming by him. i can see police motorcycles. something has happened here. the presidential car coming up now. there is a secret service man.
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we understand the governor and mrs. connelly are in the car. we can't see if anybody has been head but something is wrong. secret service men are still spreadeagled. the president and mrs. kinsey -- as we understand the governor and mrs. connelly. we don't know. the hospital in the distance. following behind the motorcade. many police officers. falling in behind its trademark. the motorcade two or three blocks ahead of me. traveling at a high rate of speed.
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on pulling in now. an officer waving me down. there is already police officers running from their cars. several vehicles here. the police man says you cannot come in here. it was definitely the president's car. we can see the first lady -- that's the only identification. a car directly behind the presidential car, there are also bodies in that car. another secret service man spreadeagled. we are not sure. >> governor connally was shot in the upper left chest in the first unconfirmed reports say the president was hit in the head. that is an unconfirmed report that the president was hit in the head. the president's wife jackie kennedy was not hurt.
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a dallas news man said he was shortly become the president in the parade. he said after the shots were fired he happened to look up at the texas book depository and saw the rifle being pulled back in. >> president kennedy has been given a blood transfusion in an effort to save his life after he and governor connally were shot in an assassination attempt in downtown dallas. >> just a moment, we have a bulletin coming in. dr. bill hampton. >> the president of the united states is dead. i have just talked to father oskar huber. he and another priest have tells me that they have administered the last rites of the catholic church to president kennedy. president kennedy has been assassinated. it is official now, the
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president is dead. women here in shock, some have fainted. secret service men are standing by. there is only one word to describe the picture here, and that his grief and much of it. it is official as of a few moments ago, the president of the united states is dead. >> at 1:33 a white house aide briefs and newsmen. arrangements for swearing in the new president are being made. president kennedy's body is to be placed aboard air force one for the flight back to washington. at 2:38 in the forward cabin of air force one, unnecessary ceremony. >> i do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of presidency of the united states and will to the
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best of my abilities preserve protect, defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. >> shortly before the dawn of saturday morning, john fitzgerald kennedy comes home to the white house. he had been the nation's 35th president free period of two years and 10 months.
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-- for a period of two years and 10 months. >> all weekend american history tv is featuring syracuse new york. an abolitionist -- as part of the underground railroad. she acquired the house through her friend, through a then a illegal transaction. part time warner cable partners worked with cd -- worked with c-span's travel staff when we travel to stick used to explore the rich history. learn more about syracuse all weekend here on american history tv.


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