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  Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Rally in Mount Pleasant South Carolina  CSPAN  December 9, 2015 5:58am-6:56am EST

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patient today. i have to concede, this is a panel full of phi beta kappas. i'm phi beta kappas. for this complex world of acronyms and regulatory structure, we're trying to figure it out. in the construct of the rule of law that i talked about, i have offered legislation that i think is really a modest proposal. it's hr-3857. and here's what it does very simply. i'll read it here to make sure i'm getting it accurate. the bill would simply prevent fsoc from designating any further non-bank financial institutions for heightened fed supervision until 90 days after. first the federal reserve establishes prudential standards, as required by section 165a and b of dodd-frank.
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two, the federal reserve promulgates regulations exempting certain types of non-bank financial companies from supervision, as required by section 170 of dodd frank. and third, the fsoc re-evaluates within calendar year 2016 each previous sifi designation and rescinds any such designation if it determines that the non-bank financial company no longer meets the standard for designation that have been brought forward. just would like to get your reaction. would that legislation prevent fsoc from doing its job? >> i was waiting to see what the question was going to be. would it prevent what now? >> fsoc from doing its job. would that seem like a reasonable proposal? the company that will be designated or entities that are designated, non-bank sifis have some way of understanding why it
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is they're designated that way and and off ramp that would allow them to determine -- >> that was your third point. it seems to me that's what we're working for right now. to try to get more clarify in what that exit ramp is. i have submitted a list of 17 different options for the fsoc to consider. it's now being submitted by their deputies. there's ways to clarify that where it can be much more clear to the company what it needs to do. the company says tell us what we're doing wrong and we'll fix it. >> is there any way you can provide that list of 17 to the committee? >> yes. >> thank you. i guess i will open it up to the rest of the panel. can someone give me the rationale for designating non-bank entity sifis before establishing any public standard
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for doing so? and question two, before establishing the criteria that they will be held to? >> i think the criteria by which we designate will set forth in the statute. and they were further spelled out as far as the procedures in our rules, which are subject to -- >> so you're telling me you believe that the entities that are being designated sifis understand the standards by which they're being evaluated? >> they are publicly available, and i think we also provide memoranda to the company prior to the designation. >> any others? thank you. seeing no one else in the queue and no further questions, i thank the panel for their
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stamina, and for their testimony today. without objection, all members will have five legislative days within which to submit additional written questions for the witnesses to the chair, which will be forwarded to witnesses for their response. i ask our witnesses to please respond as promptly as you are able. without objection, all members will have five legislative days within which to submit extraneous materials to the chair for inclusion in the record. the hearing is now adjourned.
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u.s. set senship and immigration services director leon rodriguez testifies before a house committee wednesday.
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we have it live at 1:00 eastern here on c-span 3. february director james comey is on capitol hill wednesday answering questions from the senate judiciary committee, and he's likely to get questions about anti-terrorism efforts. we have it live here at 10:00 on c-span 3. all persons having business before the honorable, the supreme court of the united states are admonished to draw mere and give their attention. >> you have the right to an attorney you have the right to remain silent. anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. is that clear? >> yeah. >> you sure you understand? >> that's right. >> ernesto miranda was arrested in phoenix on suspicion of kidnapping and raping a young woman. after two hours of police questioning he confessed and
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signed a statement saying his confession was given voluntarily. but his lawyer argued he had not been told of the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. the case went all the way to the supreme court. follow the case of miranda versus arizona and the evolution of policing practices in america, with our guest jeff rosen, and paul cassell, university of utah law professor, that's live monday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span, c-span 3 and c-span radio. for background on each case wheel you watch, order your copy of the "landmark cases" companion book. it's available at cases. republican presidential candidate donald trump held a campaign rally at the uss yorktown in mt. pleasant, south
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carolina monday. he talked about a number of thingsing including a statement he put out earlier calling for a quote, shut down of muslims entering the united states. this is just under an hour. >> wow. thank you. thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. we start by paying our great respects to pearl harbor!
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