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tv   Constitution Party Nominee Acceptance Speech  CSPAN  April 26, 2016 9:07am-10:01am EDT

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devastating to ted cruz next week. >> covers politics for the washington post, we'll look for your reporting online and in tomorrow's newspaper, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, steve. bus continues to travel across the country to honor winners from this student's cam competition. recently the bus traveled to wyoming to welcome winners, sam smith recognized by classmates, family and local elected officials for their honorable mention to affordable higher education is the investment of the future. then our bus traveled to south dakota and visited with winters in the cities of rapid city and sioux falls. the final stop of the week included a visit to school in minnesota where third prize winners, and naomi were honored. special thanks to comcast, charter and helping to coordinate c span's community's
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visit. be sure to watch one of the top 21 winning entries before washington journal. [ applause ]
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>> i appreciate that folks and i accept your nomination. [ applause ] and i'm compelled to use a couple of minutes of my time to thank a few people. >> we can't hear. >> you can't hear? >> no. >> how about that? is that better? >> yes. >> all right. how about now? i want to thank my wife, joan, of course for standing by me for 38 years, and my daughter joe anna from flying here from l.a. to be with me when she could be doing so many other things, but today i want to speak to you in defense of liberty. i speak for liberty. >> we can't hear you. how about now, is that better? >> all right. that's good. i speak of liberty today.
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and against tyranny. i speak for the republic and against the fashions that seems to be enve lopping us. what it is, folks, this government, the united states government, the general government, if you want to call it will be a better term, was created by the sovereign states for a specific purpose. that purpose was to protect our god-given rights. that was the purpose of the government. anything that runs afoul of that person is, therefore, illegal and unconstitutional. and since virtually everything this government does runs afoul of that purpose, virtually everything it does is illegal and unconstitutional. but there seem to be a lot of people who want it that way. [ applause ] this purpose, this purpose to protect our god-given rights has been surrendered. it's been surrendered to a new
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government, a new global order that has envel lopped us. they are people like us. they get up every day and put their clothes on. they're normal human beings, if you meet them, you might even like them. they have principles, they're just not the same principles as yours. let's look at some of what their principles are. there are six principles that these folks have, six principles that have impressed me as what is coming. it's coming upon us very quickly. in fact, most of it is already here. we don't see it. let me just say it like this, mr. trump, has told us that he would build a wall on the southern border. he said he would make mexico pay for it to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border, but at the same time, he's saying that and, perhaps,
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doing that, the u.s. government is building a fence around the entire world, the entire globe to cover every human being on the face of the earth and here are some of the principles of the people who are doing this. number one, world money. what do i mean by that? well, that probably doesn't even include you and me. when i say "world money" i'm talking about the special drawing rights, the sdr the monetary fund is about to issue this world money would be the money for international commerce with traffic and oil and other things that traffic between nations, and a good way to help control the dead. number two, world taxation, very close to being upon us. what is the vehicle for world taxation. need global solutions. and what's a better global
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solution than a climate catastrophe. everyone as someone alluded to, everything is caused by climate change, from the coral off australia's coast to the bears in the green room and alaska, everything is cloud and change. i'm just telling you that this is a global problem and it's going to require global taxation. you can do a lot with trillions of dollars a year, it's what's coming and it is upon us, this climate change agreement that was passed a couple of years ago, notice they always call it an agreement. that's because they don't want it have to be submitted, it's going to involve trillions in a global task. world government, like to have it to administer world money. world government to enrich the people. we actually have at least the
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beginnings of this now, the international monetary fund is de facto world management. the international fund, the inf the world bank or the world's money source. and the g 20 nations is basically a world board of directors right now, the united nations, of course, it is what it is, but it's becoming a debating with the g 20 actually running things. number four, cashless money, cashless society, i should say. cashless monetary system, see that's where we come in. no more privacy. this is upon us. i mean, european friends, it's happening there and across the world many countries have gone totally cash banks making statements that this has to be done 60% of all money, they say, bankers say is held outside the
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banking system, they want that money desperately, everything you do, every penny you spend, every dollar you make recorded in your account debitted every year to pay your global tax. that's what's coming very soon. negative interest rates. you have to have negative interest rates because you have to confiscate wealth and inflation and makes your money worthless. deflation makes it worth more, so negative interest rates makes up the difference. you pay them to keep your money. since it's all in the banking system, how convenient. everything with a fee for the banks, of course. and finally, the sixth thing, debt montization, all that means is that the banks create the bank to pay the debts. you're wondering what happens to this trillion dollars of debt we have? well, here is how it works, the
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government issues bonds. the banks buy the bonds. they store the bonds on their balance sheet forever. that's a pretty good solution to a debt problem, that's what's happening. in other words, they print the money to buy their own debt. that is coming and it's what is going to save us from this debt catastrophe, they think. this avalanche that's engulfing the world and the slowing of the world's economy, china's economy is slowing down. people that buy stuff from china they're in trouble and therefore china is in trouble. ewe p european state and most of them further along than we are, what's the solution, what can we do. there are things. there are things we can do. if i were elected president, there are things i would do, number one, i'll give you three of them. number one, get out of the super
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national authority. the united nations, obviously get out of the united nations. [ applause ] the lady asked me a minute ago about nato, what she thinks about nato. i told her it's outlived it's youthfulness, if it ever had youthfulness. i think it did at one point, at the end of world war ii, we thought russian detects were going to come running across the border at any moment. when they hear some traffic, i suppose. but there are 28 nations in nato. we're only one of them. but we fund it. and that allows the other 27 nations to use their gdp to fund their welfare programs. it's time that that ended.
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that's my view, any way. number two, in the federal reserve, a different monetary system. [ applause ] i just mean no more going to the kings table for his scraps. no more crying and begging for an audit that this bank, please tell us what you've done with our money, kind of thing. my view is that the federal reserve should be repealed and the central banking system should be ended. now, obviously, you applaud that here in this party, but you need to think about the fact that that would create a new america. all of a sudden, we would have to start asking how are we going to pay for things. a trillion dollars here and trillion dollars there as sam said back in the dixon years and sooner or later adds up to real money. so money -- real money would be
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real money. number three, something has to be done about the debt problem, solving the debt problem is no small thing. and unless we do, we're always going to be slaves to our creditors. it's right in the bible, folks. it says the borrower becomes the lender's slave. that's very true. and there are many people out there to who this government is beholding. creditor nations like china and so forth. i don't want to portray china as the bad guy here. i'm just saying, we've got to do something about the debt, most of it owed to the central banking world, so through the charter of liberty, the constitution, the sovereign states delegated only 17 powers for the general government, only 17. and it is their failure, the failure of the 50 sovereign
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states to keep this government under control, this unconstitution unconstitutional. it's led to america's decline, in my view. it's the failure of the states to emphasize to the federal government that they are the creatures and the federal government is the -- the creator. and they cannot -- the federal government would be brought under control if we would just do one thing, one thing and that is change our taxing policy, change our monetary system along with it. but if we really followed a constitutional tax as set out in article i, section nine, paragraph four. the states would be responsible for collecting taxes it would be in the hands of those in washington. in other words, washington would go to the states for the money rather than the other way around. the states would not have to
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worry about saying, how are we going to fund our budget. if you wanted the $4 trillion budget like we have now. if you have 10% of the country's population, it will be ain't he up $400 billion and the states could collect that however they saw fit as gentleman pulled out yesterday and alaska might be a tax on their natural resources on their petroleum industry or whatever. hawaii might be tour richl and florida might be tourism. in tennessee, i don't know what it would be, we have some things in tennessee that we can tax for sure. we could start charging the six million people who come to the smokey mountain national park $10 each or something like that. the fact is the state is going to collect the money as they see fit, power of washington would be greatly diminished and people would be free, no more scrounging for dollars to give the irs. no more calls saying, if you
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don't pay it by tomorrow, we're going to padlock your business, things like that. now -- [ applause ] it's appropriate for us to take a minute and look at some of the other candidates, some of the democrat and republican candidates to see where they stand in this global system as compared to our constitutional world. first, we have hillary clinton, mrs. clinton, told us where she stands on the constitution just a few days ago, she made a statement and she said some of you probably remember, she said, unborn persons, have no unconstitutional rights. that's what she said, unborn persons have no constitutional rights. well, i beg to difr. the constitution says nothing about a right to abortion, but in two different places it says that no person may be deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law.
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it says that in two different places in the bill of rights, so, obviously, madame clinton is wrong about that. i hope that statement -- [ applause ] i hope that statement haunts her for the rest of her life and certainly during this campaign, now. bernie sanders, mr. sanders says he's a democrat socialist, but democratic socialist, but there's nowhere in the constitution where the general government has authorized to own the means of production and to allocate that production and to take from producers their property and give to others, that's not constitutional. in fact, the road to hell is paved with such ideas. on the republican side we have mr. cruz who says some things. he says some things we might
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agree with. as they say, all is said and done, more is said than done. but he worries me. he worries me because he builds himself as antiestablishment and the people and the senate seem to despise him and they conspire to keep him from being nominated. i think he's being used as a hammer against mr. trump and then when mr. trump is hammered into submission, the nomination will be handed to someone besides mr. cruz. that's just a guess from being political observer. he's very close to the things i'm leery about. he's close to the council on foreign relations, in fact, he's married to it. he's very close to goldman sachs, in fact, he's married to them. that worries me. how can you say your antiestablishment when your wife is on leave from goldman sachs.
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i don't get it. any way, mr. trump, mr. trump also says some things, some things i agree with. in fact, he seems to actually care about the american people and wants to do what he thinks is right by them. he thinks, as a businessman. he wants to do thinks is right. he has no principle that guides him. he is not a person, as i am, who would say the constitution is my principle and it is my limit. it tells me the limits of my power as president, it tells me what i can do and can't do. it is the guide, the charter of liberty, the rule of law. he did you want have anything like that. it's just what he thinks is right. [ applause ] what he thinks is right, is what he would do and what we really need is a principle to guide a principle is what i would live be. this super national authority
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that i mentioned earlier, this authority that transcends. it is very powerful and scarey. it's upon us, it's coming as i saw in the movie one time, it's like a meteor hurdling towards the earth, it's definitely going to hit us. but what i'm encouraging you today, don't be afraid, there's no reason to fear them. we have to go out and boldly confront these people. there are two reasons why we shouldn't be afraid. why we don't have to fear them, reason number one, god controls the civil affairs of man. [ applause ] god may not favor us, we have to face that, god may not lift me up and make me president. and if he decides that a wicked ruler is going to rule over america, he must have some reason for that. if he sides that hillary clinton
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will be president of the united states, he must have decided, that's all we deserve. so we don't have to fear it either way. we can take the view -- what's our job here, to be faithful. our position is to be faithful. [ applause ] just be faithful and understand that god often, the bible is full of stories where he used wicked rulers to deal with his own people and let's face it, we actually deserve it and we should be praying that he would spare us this judgment. number two, we're not descended from cowards, we're descended from great warriors. i'm not talking necessarily about our fathers and grandfathers, although they were warriors too in their own right. go back further, many of you
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know some of my pod cast sufferers that i tend to lapse into history from time to time. if you go to the nation of scotland right now and you go up in the northern part of that island, you'll semon ewements where people thought the vikings rated all along the british coast and all across northern germany and into the baltic countries and these people were vicious warriors. but our relatives fought these people. and when they heard that the vikings were coming, they didn't cower in their houses in fear. they didn't say, oh, i'm too week, i can't go out and face these people because it was fight or die. these people were vicious. they were destroying their families, just as our enemies are today. so our ancestors, stripped naked, painted their bodies, got their swords and their spears, they went down to the beaches to wait for the vikings. when it was over with, the ones
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that survived went back to the meat halls and they drank their it from the skulls of their enemies. those are our ancestors. now, we are many -- they are many and we are few. that's what we're told. the enemy is many. how can we face them? we're so few. did you know less than 1,000 young men save the british empire by conquest of the nazis. and with it, all of civilization, less than 1,000 men and they did it not by cowering in their homes, not by saying "i'm too young," although many of them were. i'm too weak, too sick, too old, too tired, i'm too broke, i'm too poor. they did it by getting up every day, every day and climbing in those hurricanes and spit fires and going out and into the sky to face 10 times their number.
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one out of six of them died in the effort, but they saved england and they saved all of civilization. that's what can be done if you have inspiration and you have leadership. the enemy is many but u.s. marine corps general, james matis is credited with saying "the war is not over, until the enemy says it is. we can declare it over. we can say it's over. but he gets a vote" well, we need to tell our enemies today that this war is not over until we say it is. [ applause ] our enemies declare victory over
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us. this science decided, they want to put us in jail if we disagree about climate change now, but nevertheless, this war is not over and i heard an interview the other day, you find it on youtube with one of these british flyers i was telling you about a young man, 20 years old during the war climbs in the spit fire every day and shot down a whole bunch of german airplanes. he was being interviewed today, still alive and they were asking about this and the fact that so many people died in the struggle. he said it was easy for us. it wasn't hard. it was easy for us to do it. we were fighting for our neighborhoods. think about that. they were fighting for their neighborhoods. well, we're fighting for our neighborhoods, aren't we. the enemy is in our neighborhoods. he's in our homes, our schools, our churches, our government. he's everywhere. that's what we're finding. we don't live in history, though. all those people, those people who fought vikings, those flyers
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they all fall back into history. as leo said, now, is the only time over which we have dominion. it's the only time that matters because we have power over him. now, is the time. is it too late, the situation is desperate, is it too late? i don't think it is, folks. that's my position, any way, i don't think it's too late to save merit. [ applause ] we've been given this chance, i'm telling you. i'm not a person who tells you if i'm not elected this time, the world is going straight to hell in a hand basket, although it is. i am a person who says, we're running out of time, this global system i was telling about is on the virge of envel lopping us. you can't walk down the street in any city in america without being on camera constantly, facial recognition software will
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follow you around the earth. big brother may not be interested in you but he could be if he wanted to be, that's fine and unless you decide to go off the reservation someday. someday we might not be able to have this meeting. the fact that we're able to have it right now is a good sign. it's a sign that america is not dead, it's still alive. the idea of freedom is still out there. soon, this meeting might not be possible, some of us are getting a little long in the tooth now. there's a lot of gray hair out there. it's important that we strike now. it's important that you help me in this cause. i'll tell you this, i'll promise you this, i'll give you two promises. i'm a politician, i guess, so i can make promises. promise number one is that every time some. i'll treat it like the precious
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commodity that it is. if god raised me up and made me president of the united states, what i told you i would do, or die trying, so help me god. [ applause ] [ applause ]
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thank you for that. i asked him to say a few words to you, but she declined. i appreciate every one of you, you're my people. as i told you yesterday, i've never been ashamed of you. so, that's it, folks, that's all there is. [ applause ]
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>> thank you for being here. anything i say at this point will be distraction from the good message we just had. we need to -- the next item on our business is to proceed with the nomination for vice president, so i know you're barely situated and barely sat
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down, but would you come up and share with us, once again. your choice of vice presidential candidate. >> thank you, again, for the opportunity. i have asked scott bradley to be my running mate.
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>> he's a dear friend acan tell you the political reasons i would like to have him. other than that i know him as a man and honor and integrity the man who understands the foundations and principles of this country that i've tried to
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articulate myself and i have every confidence in him so i'll turn it over to him. >> actually, i will say, i didn't know if we were going to do this before the speech or not. it's not appropriate for a motion at this time. >> we'll hear from the choice of the presidential nominee, first. and then we'll take care of that. >> those of you that know me, know that rarely am i
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speechless. this isn't one of those times, not really. i'm deeply humbled and i -- i respect and honor of all of these principles overwhelms me and the fact that i might be able to be an instrument in trying to propose those and bring them forth throughout the nation is an awesome task that i relish i've dell -- dedicated my life to the proposition to they be reinstilled in the hearts of americans. people ask me how long ago i got started in this program and i tell them, before i was born. and i really believe that. but i remember 46 plus years ago i took an oath when i went into the military to uphold the sustain these principles the nation was founded on and that's not an oath that has an expiration date on it.
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it's seasoning that i believe we must stand with through the remainder of all existence, even and i'm committed to that. i should maybe tell you a little bit about myself so that you guys will have a chance to make at least something of an informed decision. i'm married to tam ra, my wife. we're in our 42nd year of marriage. [ applause ] i have to say that that's a pretty short honeymoon. and i hope she'll keep me up to be able to be with her forever. she's pricely to me. she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. we've been blessed with five children. would have love to have more.
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the grandchildren and your reward for having children, they truly are. as i have studied the founding fathers, their words, their actions for probably close to 50 years, i've devoted my life to them. there's a lot of things i've learned from that and one of those things what they did, they did largely for their prosperity. they incorporate that into the preamble. many of those men knew they were not going to live to see the great blessings of liberty that they hoped they were bringing forth here to fruition, but they pray that their children and grandchildren would live under it. and what i do, i do for your grandchildren, too. because many of them are not able to stand in the gap.
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we that know must stand in that gap now. we cannot allow it to be breached. the challenges are great and we -- some of us have a fairly good idea what's about those things. but the understanding of the solution is so rarely known and we need to be that lever the savior spoke of that goes throughout the world and brings to the good that leven does. all of us need to be engaged in that. this cannot be something we go home to our homes after we're done and wait for darryl to be elected. this is something you've got to take back and build in your own hometowns and your own counties and your own states. link arms with those that love these principles like you do.
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because we're few in number, but as it's been said, well, exact scripture wasn't quoted but they that be with us are more that be with them because i truly believe that the heavenly host, this cause of liberty, the freedom of man kind was truly ordained by god. the founding fathers absolutely believed that. and we're their inheriters, we have a duty to perform. we cannot rest on the laurels of anyone else. just a few other little things so you'll know whatever happens here today, i'm on a path. and have been for years. and my bachelor's degree focused on political science. my master's degree is in public administration. my phd is in constitutional law.
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and i've dedicated my life to trying to make popular these sound principles that we were granted under the inspiration of god by wise men that he raised up. regardless of what happens, i'm going to be on the trail. the trail of liberty. my license plate is freeman. i'm a free man gathering free men, meaning in the generic sense, all man kind. none of you ladies need to be offended. i'm a free man gathering free men to the cause of liberty and i'm committed to that. i ask you today to join with me and with us together, let us pledge, again, our lives, our fortune and sacred honor just taz the founding fathers did. whatever we have, whether it's those warriors that stood on the shoreline and watched the enemy come up or whether it was
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somebody that stood at the pulpit someplace and preached the gospel of freedom. we need to participate and have our lives intermeshed with this. and i thank darryl for this honor, there are others that can be a better job than me, i'm sure. but nobody is more dedicated. i love to meet with people like you. this is what america is about. americans are really care that would give what they needed to give in order to be anyone able to preserve the blessings of liberty for their prosperity. thank you, again, and trust me, i'm overwhelmed, maybe i'll say more when i get a couple of thoughts. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> you had a question for the perspective nominee? >> yes. [ inaudible question ] -- instead of being in opposition as so well outlined for us this morning? >> i'm not sure we ought to be tax collectors for the welfare state. the way i heard it was that darryl indicated that those matters that should be rightfully taxed in accordance with the powers delegated to the national government, that the state should be the ones that collect that through the portion
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process. now, i'm with you, dr. cumming, this welfare state has got to be stopped. we cannot continue this. it's not -- it's not only not sustainable. it's an abomination before god that we steal from our fellow man in order to redistribute that which you have earned through your hard labors. i guess -- direct answer you might want if i'm going to be politician i'll try to be more clarified by that. but the fact of the matter is, i don't believe that darryl intended that. i believe darryl intended that we should limit the powers of the national government to collect money to those purposes that are designated within the constitution. am i correct, darryl? [ applause ] >> mr. chairman, point of inquiry. >> the great state of utah request to make a motion with
9:49 am
regard to scott bradley. >> accepted. does the chairman of the state of utah wish to make a motion? >> i move that darryl and scott bradley be accepted as our vice presidential nominee. >> okay. it's been moved, is there a second? >> second. >> second. >> second. >> jennifer young in wyoming, accept. i had to pick somebody. it's been moved and second scott bradley be accepted as the vice presidential nominee of the constitution party. all those in favor signify by
9:50 am
saying aye, opposed, no. motion carries. and that's -- according to our standing rules, that's all that's required, so we have ou team. [ cheers and applause ] >> let me just say, i'm going to ask scott to come back up here and give his acceptance speech very shortly. but let me just say before he comes that i really am grateful for the attitude that i saw
9:51 am
conveyed this morning when we were going through the roll call vote, where a number of people expressed the sentiment that they're willing to accept any of the ones -- there was obviously a contested nomination process here, but again, i really appreciate the sentiment that we're going to rally around the team that the body here elects or nominates. [ applause ] and i want to personally affirm that. i think we have an excellent team that we can be proud of, that we can go forward here. we know they're going to advance the principles, the goals, the priorities of the constitution party and they're going to do it with valor, with honor, with integrity. they're going to represent the party well. and we all want to welcome with
9:52 am
totally open arms. so, with that, darrell -- i'm sorry, scott, if you would come forward and give us your acceptance speech. [ applause ] >> i'm honored to accept the nomination. a couple of two or three other things that come to mind as i walk back up here. in my files i have a statement -- well, it's actually a letter george washington wrote to brian fairfax on the fourth of july 1874, which he said he never offered himself for office, nor would he seek a second, and i've always tried to live by that, and i'm not as far
9:53 am
ahead as i might have been with that approach. and also to tell you one of my great, ancient -- an ancient warrior that i have as a hero. he wrote at one point "i seek not for power but to pull it down. i seek not for the honor of the world but for the glory of my god and the freedom and welfare of my country." and those are credos that i have sought to live by and will continue to do so. my family and i for decades put on what we call the constitution commemoration. in the middle of september every year. one year i tried to get paul harvey to speak to us, and i was waxing eloquent in my efforts to talk to his secretary about getting her to foster this idea of him coming to speak with us in the middle of september, and i was going on and on, as i
9:54 am
frequently do. and she said, "wait, wait, wait, wait, what happened to the fourth of july?" "oh, you must be talking about the drarsieclaration of independence." this is the constitution we're commemorating. oh, she said, paul harvey will be pleased to do that. he loves these kind of things. i said, great, let's start rolling the ball that way. well, come to find out, he wanted $50,000 to come out and we decided he was a better businessman than patriot, so we went another route. but the fact of the matter is, we did this for decades. wonderful event, trying to bring the heart and the spirit of the constitution again to the people. we had some f-16 flights that came over, a speech contest for youth, events where prominent people spoke, and we had a pageant that i wrote, very uncharacteristically of myself
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in that i lack the talent to do such things. it's a pageant that had 130 people in cast and 450 in the choir. and just tell you a little. it was an intense effort to get this brought forth, and we put it on the middle of september for two nights, then close up the -- pack it away until we started putting it together the next march again for the next year, well, for this coming september. and i -- the monday after we closed it up, i had gone to get lunch at the restaurant, and i was ready to -- i had got my food, and i sensed somebody standing next to me, and i looked up, and it was a woman. and she said, "i attended your pageant over the weekend." i said "oh, i hope you enjoyed it." she said, "something happened." really? she says, "we need to talk." and i said, well, "sit down, let's talk." she said, i attended your pageant, and you need to
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understand, we looked at the founding of america from the voyage of columbus clear through the signing of the constitution and then a few snippets into our modern day to kind of keep the perspective. so, she said, i brought my father, who's a world war ii veteran, to the pageant. he sat on my right, she said. and i had my youngest son, who's 17, sit on my left. she says, i noticed in the pageant that my father, whom i've never seen cry was sobbing. and she looked over at her 17-year-old son, she says, he's 17. he never cries in front of me. and he was sobbing. she says, i realized that i was sobbing. she says, "something happened." i said, did you feel something? she said yes. i said, did you feel it right here? she said, yes. what was it? i said, that's the cause of liberty. it's burning in every human being's heart, all of us that
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come from god want that liberty. but we've subverted it and covered it and avoided it so much in this modern society that almost nobody feels it anymore. and she sat back in her chair and she said, "the cause of liberty? what do i do now?" and that becomes the question. all of us here feel that great cause, and we are offering an opportunity for that cause of liberty to motivate each one of us to go back and kindle other fires within the hearts of others that it has been subverted in for so long that many of them won't even recognize it. and it's been kind of this antithesis of liberty that's been fed to us for so long that we've become somewhat hardened to it. i've run for the united states senate twice, two-time loser, i
9:58 am
tell people. and it's interesting to me the first time -- some of you have been to, you know, after-election party celebrations, haven't you? you've been there, and usually they're smaller gatherings with the constitution party. but in 2006 when i ran, we had a little gathering of the constitution party, and my cell phone rang. and i took the call, and it was national public radio. and they asked if they could talk to me on the air. and i said, sure. so, i went into the other room so i could hear them and we could have a little privacy. and the conversation kind of went like this. this isn't exactly how it was, but it was kind of like, so, now that the polls are closed and we can see how the election's going, how do you feel about how the election turned out? kind of like, na, na, na, na, na, you lost. and i said, well, you know, i
9:59 am
would have rather had a different outcome, but you need to understand something. in every great movement, there is a vanguard. somebody has to go before to set the path, mark the way, blaze the trail they have to go before to clear the sage brush, to plough the ground to plant the seeds, to bring the water on, because there will be multitudes that will follow, and we must feed them all. and i am telling you -- and i said this on the radio -- i'm telling you that i am part of a vanguard. this cause of liberty has been subverted for so long that we need someone to set the path, mark the way, plough the ground and prepare for the multitudes that will follow. and i told them, i promise you, there will be multitudes that gather again to the cause of liberty once we have this
10:00 am
stirring in our hearts. well, we're out of time, we can't talk anymore. thank you very much for your time, click. i wasn't hang dog enough, i guess. so, two things maybe from that -- let's go home and rekindle some other spirits of fire, liberty. do it in the way that christ would, loving ly gently, caringly, passionately. let us also realize we're a vanguard. the group's not nearly as large as i would have liked to have seen it, but we are united in our desire to have this go forward, and we can together plough the ground and set the path and mark the way so that the others that follow will say h say we have again found that great cause for which this land was established, we may become again that light on the hill


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