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tv   RNC Standing Rules Committee Meets in Cleveland  CSPAN  July 14, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EDT

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resolution by states. all right. we will set aside rule number 21. rule number 22, temporary role of the republican national convention. mr. ryder? we will set aside number 22. rule number 23, contest filing. rule number 23. mr. ryder. we will set aside number 23.
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rule number 24, contest procedure. mr. ryder? we will set aside rule number 24. having just been through the contest procedure, i have a feeling that our general counsel has some suggestions to make. all right. rule number 25, convention committee on credentials. convention committee on credentials. i see no amendments to be offered on rule number 25. all right. that completes that section. let me encourage you, because as you see, we're having a little bit of a log jam as we have all of these particular amendments coming in just this morning.
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you're welcome to submit the amendments, if you already know what you'd like your amendment to be, or you're welcome to go to the help desk for drafting for amendments to any rule. you do not have to wait for section 2 or for section 3 to be able to submit them so they can be preloaded into the system or to go and ask for help to get them drafted. we will take up -- the amendment we will take up is amendment number 1.1. have you all received it at the
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table? no, you have not received. staff? is this one that will fit -- all right. this one will fit on the screen. there it is. all right. yes. >> i'm unable to read it. >> okay. >> better. >> is that better? >> yeah. >> okay. all right. can everyone read the text on the screen? your monitor is not on. all right. at the risk of angering the press, i ask the audio-visual people to fix their monitor. can we have someone fix the press monitor? okay.
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all right. this has been submitted by maryann kinne and cindy pugh. is there a motion? we need to have you come to the microphone. identify your name and state and make it in the form of a motion. >> motion to second. louisiana. >> all right. first, we need to have her make the motion. that's all right. it's the first one of the day. we'll all get into a rhythm here in a minute. all right. we're going to take the motion and i'm told we need a recess. i don't know if it's technical problems. i apologize. the gentle lady is recognized for the purpose of making a motion. >> thank you. mary kinne from maine. i would like to pass on this until the end of session one.
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do i motion it then and then pass? how would you like it done? >> that would require a suspension of the rules and two-thirds vote in affirmative. >> we've already gone through section one, is that correct? >> no. we've gone through and set aside those rules that will require discussion. >> okay. >> now we're beginning on any amendment to rule one. >> okay. >> my motion is to remove lang age a person registered with any governmental entity as a paid lobbyist for an entity other than a nonprofit organization or who is employed by any entity whose primary purpose is providing lobbying services to others shall be ineligible to serve as a member for the republican national committee. >> all right t. the motion has been made. is there a second? >> seconded. >> motion has been maded a eand
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seconded. i'm told we need to recess temporarily. ladies and gentlemen, i apologize. we will come back as soon as we possibly can. i understand we have some technical tississues. we will stand in recess. once again live with the
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rnc's convention rules committee meeting ahead of next week's presidential convention. committee members gathered in cleveland for at least two days of deliberation over the rules of the upcoming conventions. members proceeding line by line from the convention rules from the previous presidential convention to consider changes. right now awaiting submission of further amendments to the rules that'll be debated during the day. they're having some technical issues they need to iron out before they can proceed. we're going take a break and we'll show you the next phase of this as it continues. right now opening remarks from this morning's session with edith mickelson. who is the rnc's chair. >> welcome back to the rules committee. we're going to begin this
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morning with john hammond from indiana. national committee man and delegate giving us an invocatio invocation. >> members of the committee, join with me in prayer. lord, we thank you for the blessings you have bestowed upon us in so many ways. we're grateful for the leadership in this room and for this party. we look to you to act in fairness with transparency, good will, and civility. we ask your help and for your strength to help this country
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make its way back. please be with us in these deliberations, and in thy name we pray. amen. >> thank you, john. next, linda harren, will lead us in the pledge of allegiance. let's remember our men and women in uniform that every day are allowing us to do this. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, linda.
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now, we're going to start with an introduction of the head table. i know we did this yesterday, but some of you weren't able to join us yesterday, and we want to make certain that all of you know who to go to for help or information. so let me begin with the introduction of the head table. to my immediate right is ron kaufman. the co-chairman of the convention on rules and order of business from massachusetts. next to ron will be, when he gets back, john felipe who is the chief counsel of the republican national committee. to my immediate left is cary dixon and al gauge the two parliamenttarians. also, with us is alex and david norcross who are serving as counsel to the committee on rules and order of by.
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our staff is being lead by cooper holly. you want to raise -- he's back here in case you need to ask any questions of cooper. cooper is associate counsel with the rnc counsel's office. since we'll be conducting business today that will need to be timed, othver here to my far left, gentlemen, if you've waive your hands. we have dana dixon and charlie hug huggle who are the time keepers. there you have one minute remaining, 30 seconds remaining, and stop. if you don't stop, we might start singing "god bless america" until you sit down. or ron suggests "happy birthday" since we're up on that from yesterday.
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i would like to call on the secretary for purposes of calling the rule. >> thank you, chair. good morning. alabama, ed henry. laura pane. alaska, peggy wilson. fred brown. abe mally. from arizona linda brickman. bruce ash. arkansas, tom linstrom. rita hamilton. california. doug. harmette dylan.
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colorado -- kendall. connecticut linda mcmahon. benjamin proctor. delaware richard forestein. ellen burrhouse. district of columbia -- florida pet peter wineman. susan wells. georgia, randy evans. linda herrin. guam john james -- donna jones. hawaii nathan --
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>> present -- >> idaho. laura gravas. i'm getting closer. illinois john cabello. indiana john hayman. >> here. >> myles -- >> here. >> thank you. iowa. -- i'm sorry i forgot -- thank you. steve scheffler from iowa. kansas kelly -- beverly. kentucky ralph -- >> yeah. >> kelly nightcraft.
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louisiana gwen bowman. ross little. maine, alex -- >> here. >> maryann kinne. >> here. >> maryland nickolai ambross. massachusetts jenna fogarty. vincent devito. michigan judy swabeck. matt hall. minnesota cindy pugh. david aspen. >> here. >> mississippi -- barber. missouri -- tricia tomlis. montana anita.
9:16 am
nebraska troy simmons. nevada dana orrick. jordan russ. >> present. >> thank you, sir. steve dupree. louisiana christine scirano. new mexico rosie -- new york jennifer rich. north carolina -- thomas stock.
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north dakota. >> here. ohio. jo ann davidson. oklahoma gary jones. megan widmer. oregon. solomon -- chris beretta. pennsylvania joyce haas. lawrence -- puerto rico.
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rhode island steve farris. elaine grossman. south carolina cindy costa. south dakota david wheeler. and sandy katie. thank you. tennessee john rider. beth cannon. texas steve. utah mike leigh. vermont jason -- >> here. >> thank you. susan hudson. >> here. >> virgin island -- >> here. >> robert max. >> here.
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virginia ian gentry. washington graham hunt. >> present. >> gina blanchett reid. west virginia betsy -- >> we're going recess until 10:00 a.m. at which point i promise you we'll move forward expeditious. we'll stand in recess until 10:00 a.m. >> thank you, ron. now let me just go through a quick process review for those who are not able to join us yesterday. and a few housekeeping matters. first of all, i know some of you were having a difficult time reading in the glare of the lights. we have had the lights adjusted,
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as requested. hopefully you won't get such a glare. you won't be quite as clear for the television cameras, but i think you'll be able to read better. are all of the monitors on and can all of you see? wonderful. all right. we also had a little bit of confusion this morning as you tried to find your places. our seating chart had originally begun with alabama in the back corner and then serp teened across back and forth and back up front. the reason is the lovely designers who designed the room, if you look around, did not realize the delegations were seated two by two, and we have odd numbered seats on either side of the aisle. so in the platform committee, we had members from each state who sometimes were divided by the entire length of a row. so if you look around, even if
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you are not sitting right next to your delegation seat mate, you should be right in front or in back of each other. we did it so you would be able to communicate. the other thing that happened this morning, is that gordon james, which is the company that put all of this together and came in last night and made sure the lights were right and the monitors were right, in cleaning up apparently flipped the front table. i don't know if any of the rest of you are in a different order. we apologize for that. we know it was probably a little confusing this morning. that's what happened. hopefully all of you have found your seat, obviously, and we're ready to proceed. all right. let me just go through a few procedural issues to remind you of how we're going to proceed this morning. the first thing we'll do is i will read through the rule numbers and their titles. i will ask if anyone has an
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amendment to that rule, and if you do, please say yes and raise your hand. we will set that rule aside until we have gone through that first section of resumes. rules one through 12. when is time to consider your amendment, please rise, be recognized by the chair, and please say your name and state, which has been reemphasized to me, again, by the court reporter who wants to be able to keep an accurate record of our proceedings. your motion will need a second to debate it and vote on it. please don't begin to present your amendment until it has been seconded. as for the order of debate, the person moving the amendment has the first opportunity to speak. each person may speak for up to two minutes per member per amendment, and each member may speak no more than twice on any
9:23 am
single amendment. on conclusion of the debate, the chair will restate the motion, we'll put it to a voice vote, and on simple amendments the majority is needed to adopt the amendment. if it is too close to call or a member requests a standing vote, the member should declare division and then we will conduct a standing vote. we will also do that if the chair is in doubt as to the correct ruling. the staff tells me that our goal is to finish considering all amendments today. hope springs eternal in the young, and i want you to know that what we will do our best to expedite things, we will go over to tomorrow. if anyone has concern that their amendment has not yet been heard. i know that they're anxious, but we're going to make sure that you have all the time necessary
9:24 am
to bring forth all the amendments that you desire. next amendmenting motions. amendments are made by offering an amendment to the motion. they must be seconded and we will have debate about the amendment. only the language of the amendment may be debated. so if you have a particular issue that you wish to address, don't do it unless it is pertinent to that single amendment. you'll get a chance at another time. the vote on amendments is conducted just like the main motion, and require majority to pass. and we will vote on every amendment even including the so-called friendly amendments. we do that so that we have a complete record of the proceedings. members may make a point of order to call on the chairwoman for a ruling or clarification on the rules of order, points of
9:25 am
order take precedence over any pending question. however, points of order are not a time to make an additional speech. please raise your point of order. we'll act upon it as point. if you are unsure of where we are in the vote or what the effect of the vote would be. a point of information allows you to ask for information not to provide it. next a motion for the previous question. a motion will end debate immediately. it requires a second, and then two-thirds affirmative vote to adopt it. is nondebatable, and if the motion to previous question passes, it brings the committee to an immediate vote. i will simply remind our guests. we waived yesterday. hello, guests. we're thrilled to have you here.
9:26 am
you are welcome to sit through all of our proceedings. the only caveat is if you do decide to be disruptive we'll ask you to leave, if not, we'll remove you. i'm sure it will not become necessary. we're glad to have you here with us this morning. all right. let's begin the business that we've come here to do. in front of you today you will find two copies of the rules of the republican party. one is a final black lined working copy of the rules, which means that recent changes are shown under lined and with information struck out where it has been removed. that illustrates all of the changes that the republican national committee adopted yesterday based on the work of the republican national committee's standing rules
9:27 am
committee. the committee that has been working on the rules since the last convention made up of one republican national committee member from each state and territory. the other copy is a clean version of the rules that has line numbers down the left side. we will be working off the clean version today. if there is any language in the clean version that you wish to have or see amended regardless of what the black line says why lu need to offer an amendment to change that language. now when you refer to a certain passage in the rules, please refer to the page number and the line number in order to allow us an easier understanding of the discussion and know exactly where your proposed amendment falls. are there any questions on our procedu procedure? seeing none. we'll proceed to reading through
9:28 am
the rules of the republican party rule by rule starting with the first section. we'll consider all the amendments at the end of the initial read through of each section. if you wish to submit an amendment, use the amendment proposal form at your desk. list the rule number, line number, page number, and proposted text and bring it to counsel's office staff to the left. can we get someone from the submissions desk to raise your hand. all right. so you can see this is where you need to come to submit your amendments, and they will walk you through the procedure. a unique amendment offer will be assigned to your amendment. counsel's office will give you a version with that number, and it is that number that will let you know the order in which we'll debate your amendments. changes to amendments. if someone offers an amendment to the amendment, that will be
9:29 am
displayed upon your screen as quickly as the staff can type it in. we use you to use the four microphones situated throughout the room to address the committee. if during the course of our proceedings, you realize that someone else has submitted an amendment that makes the same change as an amendment that you have submitted, would you please approach the sponsor of that amendment and work with them to try to combine your efforts. otherwise please go see the counsel offices help desk and withdraw your amendment in keeping with the procedural rule we adopted not to allow duplicative amendments. let's move forward. let me remind you, we voted yesterday to dispense with the reading of the full text of the rule. we'll begin with section one.
9:30 am
rules pertaining to the republican national committee. as i said yesterday, the first section of the rules, rules 1 through 12 relates to the governance of the republican national committee. let's begin. rule number one organization of the republican national committee. are there any amendments to rule number one? no amendments to rule number one. rule number two. method of election for the national committee man and national committee woman. are there any amendments to number two? any amendments to number two? rule number three, term of office for national committee members. are there any amendments to rule number three? yes, ma'am? thank you. we'll set aside rule three and come back to it.
9:31 am
rule number four. vacancies of members and officers. are there any amendments to rule number four? any amendments to rule number four? seeing none. rule number five. officers of the republican national committee. are there any amendments to rule number five? yes. thank you. two amendments have been offered. we will set aside rule number five. any others? yes, sir. i'm sorry? thank you very much. all right. we've set aside rule number five. rule number six, executive committee of the republican national committee. are there any amendments to rule number six? seeing none. we'll move forward. oh, excuse me. is there one in the back? all right. we'll set aside rule number six.
9:32 am
i'm sorry. folks, it's a little hard for me to see because of the lights. so i would invite you, if you have an amendment, to stand and call out. we've set aside rule number six. yes, ma'am? >> i an amendment to rule number one i would like to pass on the amendment for now and set it aside for the end of the section. >> we will do that without objection. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right. we're back to rule number seven, i believe. the rules of order. yes, sir at the microphone. >> madam chairman, bruce ash, state of california. we're moving fast on rule four. i have an amendment to offer on rule 4 4d. we'll set that aside. >> thank you, madam.
9:33 am
sorry, folks. if i'm going a little too fast, i apologize. all right. back to rule number seven. to make sure i haven't missed anybody. yes? thank you. we'll set aside rule number seven. you'll notice i'm going a little slower. rule number nine. excuse me. rule number eight. meetings of the republican national committee. we will set aside rule number eight. rule number nine. filling of vacancies in nominations. are there any amendments to rule number nine? >> madam chair, louisiana. i would like you to set aside rule number five. >> okay. we will set aside rule number
9:34 am
five without objection. working on number nine. filling vacancies. any amendments to rule number nine? all right. we'll move forward to rule number 10. committees of the republican national committee. we'll set aside rule number 10. if you have an amendment to rule number 10, it's not necessary once we've set aside rule number 10 for you to list additional amendments. we will get to your amendments when we get to the proper time to debate rule number 10. rule number 11. candidate support. are there any amendments to rule number 11 regarding candidate support? next rule number 12. nominations. are there any amendments to rule
9:35 am
number 12? any amendments to rule number 12? i see someone heading toward the microphone. >> louisiana. i have an amendment. >> all right. we'll set number 12 aside. any further amendments to rules 1 through 12 on rules that have not already been set aside? all right, in this case, we'll recess for only 15 minutes. that's to allow the staff for drafting, uploading, making copies, et. cetera. we'll stand at ease for 15 minutes and then resume. thank you. and that's what took place earlier this morning. we're back live in cleveland with the republican national committee ahead of next week's
9:36 am
presidential convention. committee members gathered here for the next couple of days to decide on rules for the upcoming convention. getting off to a little bit slower start than expected. having some technical issues to work out. they did announce they plan to resume live about half an hour, about 10:00 eastern. we'll have it for you on c-span. t alberta tweets out one of the reasons they're having issues here is the convention committee is standing in recess for the second time already because of a printer jam. hour in and no debate yesterday. ed o'keef of the washington post tweeting out the first amendment they agreed to was a proposed ban on lobbyists serving on the republican national committee. that was the first amendment that was proposed. and we heard from henry gomez of he tweets out rnc chair is telling reporters he doesn't think the rules committee will have enough votes for a conscience clause minority report. the minority clause only requires about 28 votes to send
9:37 am
it to the full convention floor. he doesn't think they'll get the 28 needed. while we wait, we'll show you a discussion we had with a member of the rules committee about what happens during the meeting and the possibility of blocking donald trump from becoming the party's candidate for the election. again, expect to get underway live here in about 20 minutes or so. talking about the convention ahead an the rules going into the convention and efforts to stop donald trump the so-called stop trump movement. bruce ash, thank you for joining us here. >> hi. thank you for having me on the show. it's a great pleasure. >> you have served -- you serve as the national committeeman on the rules committee in the chair of that committee. what is that committee's responsibility heading into next week's convention?
9:38 am
>> yeah, that's a great question. for the last three and a half years, the standing committee on rules, which i chair, has been formulating changes. making recommendations to the rules of republican party that will be implemented now going into our convention. and some of those rules that we made during this past three and a half years are already fixed under rule 12 that came out of the last convention rulebook. and the rest of them will be making recommendations we passed our recommendations yesterday. later this afternoon the rnc will debate, vote upon, and adopt the changes that we've made and present those to the rules committee. the convention rules committee that will meet later this afternoon and thursday and friday are completing that work. and ultimately voting on the package sending it to the convention floor for presentation on monday. >> we want to remind our
9:39 am
viewers, we'll have live coverage of the convention rules committee meeting. tell us about the interplay between your standing rules committee and the convention rules committee that decides on the actual rules for next week's cleveland convention. how much do they have to adhere to what you've already passed? >> well, good question. and something that i get asked frequently. they're not bound by any of the changes that we've made. however, i found in the past this is my second term as rules committee chairman of the standing committee. a lot of our changes are implemented in the final document. most of what we did were grassroots empowerment delegates rights, precinct committee man rights, and setting calendar for the next upcoming presidential selection cycle. so a lot of those have been implemented, but there is going to be, i think, a number of
9:40 am
different directions at the convention rules committee, bill, that we're likely to see activity. they'll be rnc interest amendments that are proposed. i think it'll be some reform amendments that are proposed as well. and then we're also going to see some trump campaign amendments that will all be thrown into the hopper and, you know, obviously the presidential candidate wants to make sure that their ability to help control and run the party as effectively as possible once they're elected is important to them. it's important, also, to the rest of the party that there be a strong independent fighting machine for the rnc. >> coming into the convention, which candidate did you support? >> well, you know, bill, as rules committee chairman, i never talked about who i voted for to the arizona ppe including
9:41 am
my wife. i do support donald trump. he's the presumptive nominee. and he has my full, complete, and unreserved confidence and support in this upcoming election. >> one of the reasons we're having bruce ash on this morning to talk about these reported efforts in the republican party to stop trump movement. this is a piece in politico with bruce ash's picture in it. rnc member accuses party leaders of undermining trump. they write that an influential republican national committee official is rebuking his own party accusing of empowering anti-donald trump figures to play key roles in this summer's convention and potentially dislodge donald trump in a three-page letter sent to fellow rnc members. bruce ash an arizona republican who oversees the permanent rules committee laces into the organization for appointing establishment-minded figures who he said could overturn trump's nomination at the convention. when did this begin?
9:42 am
did you begin to notice this, bruce ash, and why has it continued to be an issue that concerns you? >> great question. i was a part of the convention process in 2008 and 2012. that's my frame of reference. john mccain, mitt romney were the nominees. and any sort of resistance to the presumptive nominations of those two candidates was quickly swi swiped by rnc officials and elected officials around the country. and no means mitt romney and john mccain consensus candidates amongst all the members of rnc or elected officials around the country. there has been a lot of silence with respect to support of donald trump in respect he is our presumptive nominee. and my concern initially developed when the chairman of the rnc, righteince priebus seld
9:43 am
a very strong romney supporter in 2012. ron kaufman wasn't just a plovn suppo -- romney supporter. ron was the pointman for romney to the lead up of the convention and spent near lly every day wi governor romney. myself and my colleagues felt it was unusual. we heard another very trusted member of the committee had been selected tentatively by the chairman, and that began sort of a series of conversations that we've had amongst ours -- ourselves related to that choice, and really the outside political forces that came. governor scott walker telling friends in a speech that perhaps he also supported the conscience movement. these are long held principles under rnc rules of binding
9:44 am
delegates. it's not that they have no ability to exercise their conscience. they exercise their conscience when they became elected delegates to the national convention. they pledged that they would support the candidate that they were committeed to by state law or by party rules. so in a sense, there really wasn't a full-throated defense of the nominee as we've had in prior years, and i called chairman priebus to task for good friends. we've talked about it. there's been a lot of talk amongst the committee. since the rnc and the trump campaign have come together, roughly a week after that letter i sent out took place, i see a real coalescing that has begun to happen. a lot more working together. manafort and brooke working closely with rnc officials and all of our staff people across the country.
9:45 am
that, i think, is the big story here is that the rnc and the trump campaign have come together in a much more unorthodox way than we've seen before. i think it's going to be a very effective way to handle the general campaign. >> it sounds like the relationship has soothed over a bit from the statement of yours in the late june that said published by the washington times why i distrust reince prieb priebus. >> do i distrust because i asked for a public pledge to support our presumptive nominee. i asked this from priebus. i never heard back from anybody. and you're saying now that's not the case? or have you heard back from a number of those people? >> well, about a week or so ago, steven cain, who is the chairman of the committee on arrangements and the committee man from wisconsin his seat mate also
9:46 am
from wisconsin sent a letter to all of the rnc members expressing a full, complete, unreserved support of donald trump, and wanting rnc members to stand in opposition of any of the conscience, never trump groups that are out there trying to deny donald trump the nomination. reince priebus has spoken about this. paul ryan has made public statements coming around to support donald trump, and we have ted cruz speaking at the convention. things are beginning to come together. it probably had nothing to do with my letter, but certainly my letter, i felt, had to be a little bit of a push. i wanted to make sure that our party, the party that myself and the committee i chair has worked so hard to make sure that all of the candidates in this selection process play bit same rules that
9:47 am
the rnc play by the same rules. no that we're so close to the convention. i wanted to make sure that we were all in lock step making sure that the presumptive nominee, donald trump, has earned 304 or 305 delegates than he needs to be the nominee of our party. we want to make sure he's off to a good start. make or convention a celebration and not a conflict. >> and our guest is the committee chair, the standing rules committee chair bruce ash joining us from cleveland. 202-7488,074 202-748-8000 daytona -- the number to call. we'll start with a question on twitter. will any of the new rules change the way the primary is run? >> well, i suspect there will be changes in the primaries. one of the reform measures that has been talked about is closing
9:48 am
republican primaries to republican voters in 2020. there will be a lot of discussion about this. there has been on the topic for a long period of time, and probably what is going to end up happening is states will be given incentives, perhaps more delegates as a result of having a closed primary. perhaps moving them up in the calendar to give them greater importance in the primary schedule. >> let's hear from joan who is in federalway, washington. >> caller: hi. i have a couple of questions for you. i want to know what is the rnc going to do about donald trump and -- [ inaudible ] i know there's a few protesters that got a little bit violent. he kind of started to -- and i feel like as republicans,
9:49 am
because i'm a republican, i am not going to support donald trump. i'm very saddened at the situation, but what are you guys going to do for safety for people that are the republicans that just want to vote for him and there are peaceful republicans, but i want to know what you're going to do for safety at the rnc? >> well, thank you for your question. it's a great one. i think we're all in this country right now is super sensitive to the issue of security and safety. at the convention, you know, we'll have a lot of law enforcement in place. there will be security perimeters around the venue. this is a national security event. and in general, though, there has not been enough security around events both for mrs. clinton as well as mr. trump. there's a great deal of anger in
9:50 am
this country today. i doubt if it came from donald trump or hillary clinton. there's a feeling amongst many in this country that things haven't been going so well. they're frustrated and angry. we're seeing it all over the world. when you look at what happened recently in the uk with the brexit vote. governments changing in england in australia, in canada recently. the rise of the lapen party in france, new president in the philippin philippines. there's lots of change and turmoil that's going on in politics. it need not erupt into violence. i thought president george w. bush's comments yesterday in dallas were very, very appropriate, very soothing and very much healing for this country. >> here's thousand oaks, california, sam on the independent line. >> caller: yes, good morning. and thank you for taking my call. please forgive the ignorance of
9:51 am
my question. my understanding that the primary process in the united states is to select -- is for two private parties, the republican and democratic parties, to privately select a candidate. so if it's private, then why is public money used for the primary elections. thank you. >> that's a great question. in our state in arizona, the legislature actually is taking public money out of the selection process. we've had a publicly funded presidential preference election for a number of cycles. it's now going to go to a state party caucus most likely in 2020. overall, a lot of states handle both their presidential preference election as well as many of the local primaries at the same time. so these are combined within that same election cycle. there's a public purpose that state legislatures often find in holding these contests together.
9:52 am
>> back to the issue of the dump trump movement, exclusive from the daily wire says, rnc delegate leader we have 28 votes to unwind the delegates. a member of the colorado public delegation for the republican national convention. he's also a member of the rules committee at the rnc and a leading advocate that would vote to unbind the delegation from the candidates to which their state primaries are pledged. where does that situation stand? >> it's a little hard to say. until you have people who are actually signed on a document saying that they are willing to sign a minority report, say for unbinding, we're not going to know exactly where they stand. and oftentimes what happens with minority reports, we've hardly had any in our party. probably have to go back to 1976 to see much activity in this
9:53 am
area, generally what happens is is that a lot of the delegates who attend the convention who are part of let's say now the rules committee don't have a lot of experience in this sort of work. it's a very high-charged, very exhilarating experience. sometimes people sign onto things before they really understand the full implications of it. and they sign on, they sign off. there's a very brief period of time before the convention starts next week to file these reports. sometimes they don't get filed in time. we're not sure where that stands right now. i suspect that there probably are a dozen or so members of the convention rules committee will be working together. we've been trying to id them over the last couple weeks or so. and we think that the number is far lower than kendal unruh has
9:54 am
to say. >> caller: this is mississippi. >> you know what, you're right. it's mississippi. go ahead. yes, sir. >> caller: i just have a little comment this morning. i'm just glad to see the rules committee and powers that be there getting their stuff next week start work with donald as they've agreed to include on the building of the wall on the entire mexican border along with a very strict rules for anybody that's coming back in after we've kicked them out. and some of them said, you know, a trump will never build that wall and everything. well, i'll tell you, it can be done if you cut off all financial aid to mexico and then -- for the consequences.
9:55 am
but cut off all the financial aid for mexico and use that money to build a wall. would that not be mexico paying for it? i'll hang up and listen. >> bruce ash talking about the meetings wrapping up on the republican platform. on his point in terms of the platform, how important is it for both a platform and set of rules that the republicans establish going into this convention that everybody be on board with what the candidate wants? >> well, the trump campaign, i think, largely approved of the platform package which was approved yesterday by the committee. there may be a minority report in a couple of areas. i doubt that it has much traction amongst the convention floor delegates. this is a pretty conservative platform. very, very much so in terms of immigration, in terms of
9:56 am
traditional values. i've listened to a great deal of the debate yesterday. i know that this is also a platform which is going to have a lot to do with increasing jobs, producing jobs, making this a job-friendly country again, lowering taxes, making sure that we have as much opportunity without a lot of regulation to grow business and grow jobs here in this country. in terms of -- in terms of, you know, being together, i think the trump campaign is right on with respect to the platform and i expect that based upon the contact that we've had with the trump campaign, they're going to be right on with the rules committee that will make their report by the end of the day friday i suspect. >> bruce ash, chairman of the standing rules committee of the republican national committee. you have proposed a change to one of those -- those standing rules. rule number 40 concerning
9:57 am
nominations. rule 40d as we hear. tell us about that and what are you proposing and why. >> thanks. yesterday, at the standing committee, i did something that i haven't done in five and a half years. i left the podium. i always felt it was best for me to be impartial and not show my favoritism to any particular issue we might be discussion. we were at the end of the session for the entire cycle. that was my last meeting as standing committee chairman. and i made a suggestion that we make change to rule 40d, as in david, making sure that we close whatever small window there might be regarding binding. tieing 40d back to rule 16a which also creates binding. i think the court case in virginia the other day that took place there was a great political message that should show that binding is legal, it
9:58 am
is constitutional. although state parties can't impose binding, state parties can and that's what the virginia party did. the judge did a great job outlining these issues. so my efforts on 40d really coincided with that. the committee yesterday decided that with the rules -- the convention rules committee meeting so soon, best to leave this issue to them. i'll be bringing this matter up again either thursday or friday hoping to get approval. rule 40d really came from a problem that occurred at the 2012 convention. you might remember that some candidates names were not read back by the recording secretary. well, we think everybody's name ought to be read back, but only names with nomination, eight states with a 50% majority of
9:59 am
delegates. there is some concern that all that nomination got a candidate was the nominating speech. and it's never been that way. and we want to make sure that we are securing the party rules. >> so you yourself will be just another delegate to this convention rules meeting that's happening on thursday and friday. >> yeah, i'm very excited to be part of a -- of an effort to reform our rules and to give greater delegate empowerment, great empowerment to all voters, making sure that all votes count and making sure republicans are involved in our presidential selection process again in 2020. >> remind our viewers and listeners we'll have live coverage on thursday and friday. let's go to crosby, texas, and hear from michael. >> caller: y'all say y'all going back on conservative in the
10:00 am
past, nothing new, based in the past. trump is going straight ahead talking about what he going to bring to the new republican party. in your opening thing, you said the platform was set over here and then trump stuff is -- and the other people stuff is thrown into like a hopper and mixed in, they going to come out with that. which one y'all going to stand on, the rnc or trump pledge? >> well, good question. and actually, it's a bit of everyone's. certainly, i think that ted cruz campaign and his supporters had something to do with the -- with the platform that we've adopted at the committee. the trump campaign also had a great deal of input into the document that exists as well as people who have been active within the rnc. it's a collective


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