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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  August 13, 2016 9:46am-10:01am EDT

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and the charming nancy has a ton of gun powder and muskets and stuff. everything the americans needed -- with one transport ship they got it all. they didn't get it all but they got a lot of it. any other questions? go for it. >> i heard there were a whole bunch of people warning the americans, not just paul revere. is that true or not? derek: paul revere wasn't really famous until longfellow wrote the poem and the reason longfellow wrote the poem is because he was trying to arouse patriotism ahead of the civil war and he did a good job because we all know who paul revere is. but paul revere, actually, he doesn't ride very far before he's captured by the british. longfellow failed to mention that, i guess. israel bissile -- i forget how
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far but -- so paul revere and william dawes and another rider from concord, they meet up on the road and this rider goes to concord, tells his brother and then the network just spreads. and it's -- there's hundreds of riders by the end. it's just like gossip or anything, it just spreads. and it even reaches a little camp, a hunting camp in central kentucky, and they decide to name the camp after the first shot at lexington and that is lexington, kentucky. it takes weeks to get there but it only takes days to get down to new york and i don't remember the exact time. it might be within a day or two. but all the way down to georgia, within a couple of weeks, everyone pretty much knows about the first shot. so paul revere, he helped get started but william dawes kind of goes home after the british capture paul revere but the
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network continues from concord on. so it's really the people of concord -- [indiscernible] derek: there's actually a poem about william dawes that makes fun of the fact that longfellow only wrote about revere and nobody cares about dawes. >> what would you rhyme with dawes? derek: i can't remember the poem but they figured out a way to do it. >> revere did quite a bit for sam adams. derek: he's a courier and he's got many rides. the famous midnight ride is just one of them. there's also several false alarm rides he did before april 18 which is why warren sent dawes as a precaution and waited until he saw firsthand that the british were mustering the boston common before sending
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revere because he didn't want to send another false alarm and it was because of the previous false alarm that revere set up the plan that if he got trapped in the town of boston, that the lanterns, one if by land, two if by sea, because he was concerned that after that there might be british soldiers roaming and he wouldn't be able to get around them. any other questions? all right. [applause] derek: thank you for coming out. >> thank you for coming tonight. books will be on sale in the back and derek will be signing copies. i hope to see you next month for the evening lecture. [captions performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] this evening at 6:00 eastern at
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, a professor talks about how photography can be used to chart the history of american slavery the for and after the emancipation. >> we spent a fair amount of time with frederick atlas who wrote about photography -- douglas who wrote about photographer -- photography. he wrote about the power for african-americans to be able to present themselves as they saw themselves, as they experienced themselves and each other. >> sunday morning at 10:00 eastern the first of the three presidential debates between al gore and george w. bush. george w. bush: make sure we reform the system, to have the system in place that leaves no child behind, that stops asking how old you are, if you are 10 we put you here and start asking what you know and if you do not
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know what you are supposed to know, we won't make sure you do early before it is too late. al gore: parents should have more choices to send their kids to a safe school, we need to make education the number one priority in our country and treat teachers like the professionals like they are and that is why i have made it enough one priority in my budget . >> the contenders, key figures who ran for the presidency and lost but change political history, tonight the 1970 democratic nominee and former u.s. senator from south dakota, george mcgovern. george mcgovern: we will come to admire this country not simply because we were born here but because of the kind of great and good land that you and i wanted to be -- want it to be and together we have made it, that is my hope and reason for seeking the presidency of the united states. sunday, former texas
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businessman ross perot who ran as an independent nominee in the 1992 and 1996 races. mustperot: we most -- we set the highest ethical standard and that has to be changed from rules to law in the next four years and we will have to stand at beginning and keep the pressure on and we will. >> for a complete history of the -- schedule of two each week american history tv brings you archival films that provide context for today's public affairs issues. ♪
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>> the c-span radio app makes it easy to continue to follow the 2016 election wherever you are, free to download from the apple app store or google play. get audio coverage and up to the minute schedule information for c-span radio and television was podcast times for popular public affairs book and history programs. stay up-to-date on the election coverage, c-span's radio app means you always have c-span on the go. on american history tv, historians and scholars discuss african-americans in the workforce throughout american history. here is a preview. my -- i was convinced there was more to black lights than black business life van the way it is usually depicted,
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americans have finally existed.ged slavery i had trouble with professional are you sureo said you have the right place? after the exhibit of the new york historical society, they accepted it and everyone thinks slavery ended and the quality and it quality happened and we are sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen. i came across african new yorkers and engaged in the same fashion as their white neighbors. after 30 years i and my colleagues have probably read in the vicinity of 100,000 court cases, i have probably read
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200,000 pages and collected material stories about blacks. far from in christ by economic transformation, the african-americans saw the changes and saw the opportunity and grasped it. entered with enthusiasm into the marketplace but have not always thrived but have certainly tried . very occasionally they succeed. beyond expectation. my main example of an african-american off for newer -- entrepreneur is jeremiah hamilton about him i have published prince of darkness, the untold story. he is mentioned in print four times since 1900 and three of the four missed -- mentions are misleading or inaccurate,
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slashed through the lily white of wall street. >> watch the entire event at 1030: a.m. eastern on c-span3 american history tv. each week american artifacts jay shi to museums and historic places. up next a visit to 28 east 20th street in fork city, the theodore roosevelt birth place historic site. >> his legacy still impacts us today, whether it be about conservation or federal regulation trust busting. or foreign policy, which we don't debate whether it's good or bad here at the birth place. but the panama canal, his vision for america. given his time, was extremely progressive. and is


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