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tv   Senate Majority Leader It Appears as if Cloture Will Not Be Invoked on...  CSPAN  April 4, 2017 2:08pm-2:20pm EDT

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10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 2's book tv. >> sunday night on q&a. >> and so here was a yellow pad where auldman writes down in the mist of the october 1968, we're going to monkey wrench lyndon johnson peace initiative. bits and pieces have come out over the year but nixon denied it at the time time and he denied it to david frost and his biografrz. always said he never played any roll in doing this. >> mr. nixon's political career from his early days in congress and to his downfall as president. >> the way that the watergate burglars. >> good afternoon, everyone. as you know we're moving forward with the gorsuch nomination for the supreme court that should be
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wrapped up some time friday. it appears as if closure will not be invoked but we'll find out on thursday but either way we'll be moving toward confirming judge gorsuch on friday. when we get back, we'll be moving to the funding of the government. discussions are underway on a bipartisan basis. house and senate appropriators and we anticipate being able to finish that last week before the time runs out and so that's the agenda for this week and the week we get back. >> i got to the senate in 2002 and immediately senator schumer and democratic colleagues instituted the idea of
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filibustering judges. interestingly enough if you look at our nation's history dating back to the birth of our country, there had never been a traditional of filibustering judges and as many have pointed out, even people like clarence thomas were confirmed with 52 votes. any one senator would have been able to require 60 votes to close off debate to get to that vote. so you see my point. but i think it's really important for people to realize that what the democrats are proposing isn't for the first time in american history to have a partisan filibuster of supreme court justice. you'll recall not even in 2013 were they willing to suggest that that was appropriate. they carved out the supreme court all together. but it really is up to them in how we should proceed, but one way or the other we will confirm judge gorsuch and perhaps end up just returning us to the status
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quo before the george w. bush administration when the senate had had 200 year plus traditional of not filibustering judges. >> let me just add that if you look at the arguments that are being made by the democrats on gorsuch most of them are arguing that somehow he's not in the mainstream and if you look at the 2,700 cases that have come out of the tenth circuit, he's been in the majority 99% of those, 97% of those were unanimous and of the 800 opinions that he's written on the tenth circuit 98% he's been in the majority. 98% has been unanimous. but so if you look at what the democrats are saying on this, it's completely doesn't stand the test of scrutinizing this man's record. clearly their arguments are trying to appease the far left
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of the political party, the democratic party in the country and we believe that this -- this judge will be confirmed. he is someone who is well-qualified. he's somebody who does -- is in the mainstream and the question really of how eesz confirmed is up to the democrats. we hope there are democrats out there who are willing to come to the conclusion that trying to filibuster judicial supreme court nominee which is really unprecedented throughout our nation's history is something they ought not be a part of and they'll come to the conclusion that they should join and work with us and confirm this judge to the supreme court. >> chairman grassley. >> i think you all heard yesterday from the other side in our committee. they complimented all of us on the fair hearing that this has had. it's followed the time table for craigen and sotomayor so i think
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everybody's had ample time to consider all of this. judge gorsuch is fully qualified. they're searching real hard to find a reason to vote no and it's very difficult based upon the qualities of this outstanding jurist and they're filibustering, that's what they say they're going to do and in the final analysis, this will be the first partisan filibuster and since you can't have one rule for democrat presidents and another rule for republican presidents, this judge will be on the supreme court sometime friday night. >> neil gorsuch is monument alley qualified to be on the supreme court. you watched the hearings, he's a man of intelligence and integrity. all you need to do is read his long history of rulings.
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he's a man that's independent as well. so we're all going to be asked to cast a consequential vote coming up of a justice who will apply the law and not legislate from the bench. this filibuster moving forth is truly historic and even the "the washington post" in their editorial this morning made that comment. they say democrats are preparing to filibuster a well-qualified judge marking the first time a partisan filibuster has been mounted against a high court nominee. this is not the about principal, this is about political pressure from the far left, come the end of the week neil gorsuch will be confirmed, will be on the supreme court and the country, all of us, will be pearl as a result. >> by friday of this week, we will know whether or not the architect of obstruction is successfully in changing 200
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years of senate custom. we've seen a lot of people make statements over the past several weeks about neil gorsuch, people who have met with him for an hour in his office, but nobody knows neil gorsuch than those who practiced with him in colorado. those who argued before the tenth circuit court. those who have lived with him in colorado. so i thought i'd share with you some comments made by those colorado coloradoens who know him best. colorado's former democratic governor bill ritter said this, it is time to use this confirmation process to examine and exalt the characteristics of a judge who demonstrates that he or she is scholarly, compassionate, committed to the law. judge gorsuch fits that bill. that's a democratic governor from colorado. the 2008 democratic national convention co-chair, steve fiber from denver, colorado. we all agree that judge gorsuch is exceptionally well-qualified to join the supreme court.
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he deserves an up or down vote. these aren't conservatives, these aren't republicans. these are colorado liberals, colorado democrats who believe judge gorsuch deserves an up or down vote. >> no questions? come back. whoa, whoa, whoa.
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>> and it may have seen like somewhat of an abrupt end to that news conference, that's because a vote has been called on the senate floor by the majority leader -- executive session for the nomination of neil gorsuch. so that motion to proceed that vote on that underway and that may have caused his other leadership members to end the news conference there, wraps things up and head back into the senate chamber for that vote. you can follow that vote over on our companion network c-span 2. this is the last week before the passover and easter recess. the majority leaders saying that when they get back from the break they're going to move forward on funding the government. that's that short-term spending measurement for 2017. runs out at the ends of april, so both the house and senate will have to deal with that. republican leaders meeting with the vice president today. the vice president's also been
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on capitol hill on the issue of health care. phil mattingly of cnn saying that the vice president's coming back to capitol hill tonight to meet with a broader group of republicans on health care as there's been talk about a possible revival of the deal that fell through a week or so ago. the vice president coming back to capitol hill. the president's budget is actually up on capitol hill right now. he's been on the house floor according to alex moe of nbc news tweeting that mick mulvaney so the issue over in the house is a potential vote or potential debate and vote on a health care package. nothing definite yet and over in the senate, obviously the senate getting underway now with the official consideration of the nomination of judge neil gorsuch.
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