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tv   Senate Democrats React to CBO Cost Estimate of GOP Health Care Bill  CSPAN  May 24, 2017 5:20pm-5:41pm EDT

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the perpetrators are out of the reach of u.s. law enforcement. this same coercive tactic is used to get young adults to join gangs or do tasks on their behalf. the unaccompanied minors come into our country are particularly vul noeshl gang recruitment. the gangs surf the internet, building dossiers on potential recruits gathering information on their social networks, both here and back in their countries of origin. the data from the social media is then used to entice or coerce new prospects. in at least two of the recent ms13 related murders committed in my jurisdiction, the victims were identified, targeted, and ultimately lured -- >> we break away to take you live to the u.s. capital for a briefing by senate democrats on the just released cbo score on the house passed health care bill. we will rejoin the hearing after the briefing. >> by the current health and human services secretary tom
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price. just issued it's new report on trumpcare. the report makes clear, trumpcare would be a cancer on the american health care system. causing costs to skyrocket, making coverage unaffordable for those with preexisting conditions and many seniors and kicking millions off their health insurance. unless you're a healthy millionaire, trumpcare is a nightmare. this report ought to be the final nail in the coffin of the republican effort to sabotage our health care system. republicans in washington and the president should read this report cover to cover, throw their bill in the trash can, and begin working with democrats on a real plan to lower costs for the american people. there's a lot to unpack in the report, i'll just focus on a few provisions. first, costs. cbo report makes clear, you're premiums are heading up for the next several years if trumpcare
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passes. 20% increases in 2018, 5% following year. now republicans are crowing about premiums going down in the outer years. that's because the coverage is so bad, of course the premiums go down. but you get almost no coverage. cheaper insurance isn't going to help anyone if it doesn't actually cover you when you're ill. if you're an older american, trumpcare's going to force you to pinch your pennies just to be able to afford health care at all. the cbo report says that seniors could see their premiums go up by as much as 800% under this bill. preexisting conditions, cbo report states a direct quote, this is from the tom price selected cbo director. people who are less healthy would ultimately be unable to purchase comprehensive non-group health insurance at premiums comp trouble those under current flaw they could purchase it at all. so, the so-called fix, which
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some of the moderates in in the house bought into, doesn't make preexisting conditions any easier or any better. think about that far minute. under trumpcare if you have a preexisting condition or you're sick, your health insurance costs could go up so high you can't afford it at all. the non-partisan score keep verse spoken loudly and clearly. trumpcare means higher costs and less care for the american people. for the good of the country, republicans in the senate should reject this path and work with democrats to fix our health care system. instead of pulling the plug on it. senator murray. >> thank you, senator schumer. you know, i've had to they far too often recently, but people are really scared right now. i've heard from so many of them in my home state of washington and across the country about how trumpcare threatens their health, their family's health,
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and their ability to make ends meet. and today, cbo score tells us what we already knew about trumpcare. and it confirms the worst fears of families across the country. under trumpcare, if you're one of the hundreds of millions of people in the united states who has a preexisting condition, or if you're a woman, your health care costs could go up dramatically. if you are on medicaid, you could lose that coverage along with tens of millions of other people. if you are a planned parenthood patient, you're very likely going to lose your provider, the one you trust, because of politicians in washington, d.c. but if you're a big health care corporation, odds are good you're going to look at a massive tax break. and, of course, if you are president trump, this is just one huge win just for you. now senator mcconnell said this morning the cbo score would
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"repeat things we already knew about the house bill." that is completely true. but let's be very clear, the principles behind trumpcare in the house and trumpcare in the all-male, closed door, senate republican working group are the same. that it's fine for sick people and seniors to pay more for worse coverage, that insurance companies should be able to sell people insurance that's no better than snake oil, and that if people nationwide lose coverage altogether, it's somehow no problem. so as long as the wealthiest get their tax breaks and president trump gets his partisan political win, they're fine. those are the principles families are rejecting. those are the principles democrats here today are rejecting. and senate republicans should know until they do us well by dropping repeal and their partisan efforts to sabotage the health care system in ways that hurts families and raises their costs, they are standing
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squarely in the way of real solutions to problems far too many people across the country are facing when it comes to their health care. i hope the republicans take a hard look at the facts today, and change course. and if they do, i know that us democrats, we are ready to get to work to make health care more affordable, get more people covered, and help them get higher quality care. that's the goals we should be working on. senator. >> thank you, senator murray, and senator schumer. the house of representatives tried to put lipstick on a pig and they created a really big mess. and i just want to tick off a couple of areas that we have been touching on in the finance committee. what is still intact is more than $800 billion in medicaid cuts. and these medicaid cuts are going to hit american
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communities like a recking ball. and the pain is going to be felt throughout the ages. youngsters with special needs are going to be affected because medicaid play ascii role in their care. that's why i saw some of their advocates in tears when they were talking to me at home about the medicaid cuts. if you're a high school student, and you say have a brush with cancer, because they blowholes in the current protections for americans against discrimination with preexisting conditions, those high school students, hopefully they have a remission, but they'd be carrying around under this bill a scarlet letter through the rest of their lives. so the fact of the matter is the pain is seen through the ages. and with two out of three older people who are on medicaid, also
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getting their nursing home care that way, what the house is saying for the older people, despite the fact you did everything right in your life, you paid for your kid's education, you saved, you never took that vacation, you may have nowhere to turn when it comes to long-term care. and finally, the next ten days we believe are going to be crucial. senators and house members are going to be home over the memorial day recess. i have five town hall meetings scheduled for oregon. and what i'm going to be doing is using that time to make sure we can stop dead in it's tracks any further effort here in the senate to maybe put another cosmetic change or two on the house bill and pass it. the basic frame is still alive
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in the senate republican caucus. i want to close with this. because the basic frame is hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars of tax cuts for the most fortunate in america and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in medicaid cuts for the most vulnerable. so the next ten days, we are going to be all over this country trying to educate. on the medicaid issue, folks on medicaid are kind of loafing and not working. two out of three of the people on medicaid are in fact working. so those are the messages we're going to be getting out and we're going to make sure that all of america understands over the next ten days that if the senate republicans come back, troy to put a cosmetic change or two on it and then senator
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murray points out fast track it through the senate. we're going to be stopping it cold and certainly the cbo information gives us a big boost and senator sanders. >> we can call this legislation whatever we want, you can call it a destroy health care bill. you can call it a tax break for the rich bill, but we should not call it a health care bill because never seen a health care bill which throws 23 million americans off of health insurance. that's not a health care bill. it's not a health care bill when you cut medicaid by $800 billion denying health insurance to children or some of the poorest people in this country or middle class people who need help with nursing care help for their parents. it is not a health care bill when you deplan planned
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parenthood and deny two and a half million women their choice of health care providers. it is not a health care bill when you force older work toes pay two, three, four times more for their health care that they currently get. call it whatever you want, but please do not call this bill a health care bill. this is legislation that provides over 200 bill dollars in tax breaks. it is legislation which provides hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the insurance companies, the drug companies and other people in the medical industry. our job is to come together and improve the affordable care act. lower deductibles, lower co payments, lower prescription drug costs. our job is to pass a health care bill, not to throw millions of
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people off of their health insurance they currently have. senator bloomenthal. >> thank you, thank you all, thank you to our leader, senator schumer for bringing us together. the cbo non-partisan, fact-based score shows what a horror show this republican plan is for the people who need health care most. cbo is supposed to score and tell us what the costs are of specific programs. and what this score shows is monstrous, mounting costs, skyrocketing financial costs, catastrophic human costs uncon shenable moral costs. those clear facts are undeniable. and it imposes in effect an age
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tax. seniors are if it ever became law that tax credits for health care are completely restructured to their detriment. also in addition is a war on women's health care. and it prevents mrs. availability of mental health care and at a time when we have bipartisan sense about the need for opioid abuse and addiction treatment. as well as outreach it would decimate that kind of care as well. so it is a nightmare. and it has no pulse because it has no heart. it is heartless and it is dead -- or should be dead on arrival. and now my colleague senator murphy. >> thank you, senator.
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listen, this cbo score just confirms that the house repeal bill is still a humanitarian catastrophe for america. two quick points. senator mcconnell is going to try to tell you that will this is old news and it doesn't matter because senate republicans are going through their own process. let me guarantee you that the senate republicans are using the house bill as a foundation for the product that they are constructing. the cbo score is important and relevant because the senate product, if it ever emerges from these secret meetings, will simply be a variant of the house bill. why? because in the end they want a bill passed. and they knew, they know, if they truly were to start over, they could not reconcile the two products. so, this cbo score is directly relevant to these secret negotiations because i can guarantee you, the senate republicans are using the house product as a foundation for their negotiations. second, one of the most important things that this cbo
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score says is that these high-risk pools that the house conceived do not work. the cbo score released hours ago says that if you are an individual with a preexisting condition, in a state that uses the waiver, you will not be able to buy insurance. so, this whole idea that the house had set up a separate way to deal with people with preexisting conditions is now exposed as a fiction by cbo. if you are sick, if you have ever been sick, in this country, you are now at risk of losing your health care. that's plainly what cbo says. >> questions. to any of us. yes. >> as you pour through all of this, where do you think the republicans are most likely to fail at their attemptle to use reconciliation to push through provision kps. >> i think first having 50 votes
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for anything because their fundamental foundation is wrong. which is simply to take huge tax breaks for the rich as payment for cutting people's health care. and so, it's very hard for them when they promised to make things better to put together a bill once you start off with a foundation you must suck over $250 billion out for tax cuts for the rich, and it leads to higher premiums, it leads to less health care and they're stuck. they're just stuck. and any bill they come out with, the reason they rushed it through in the house without a cbo is embarrassed by the score that came out today. the reason mitch mcconnell is talking about doing the same thing, no hearings, no amendments, it's because they'll be embarrassed by the similar product they'll come out with. >> can i gate word? >> please, yeah. >> speak to the ranking member of the budget committee. as you know on the reconciliation, the health committee is required to save at least $1 billion.
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it is very possible that the new bill does not meet that basic requirement because of the high risk pool and stabilization amendments that were added to the bill. it is possible that, in fact, that bill may cost the health committee some $28 billion rather than save a billion. and if that's the case, reconciliation is not a process they could use. >> it'll mean if that's true, we don't know yet, but there's a real possibility that it just doesn't meet reconciliation. the house has to come back with a new bill and vote again. doesn't work. >> under obamacare, there have been states with triple digit premium increases, many with high double digit increases, this can't all be attributed to the republican administration -- the democrats to this point have not released any concrete proposals on how they would seek
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to fix the law, the issues with the law that have existed, will we see anything in the coming weeks from democrats -- >> number one, the number one reason that things are getting -- that people are leaving, insurance companies are leaving the exchanges is described in one word. sabotage. republican colleagues are sabotaging people's health care to prove a political point. and if you don't believe me, read what ahib, the association of insurers said today. the number one reason for the increase in premiums and fewer people participating in the exchanges is the refusal of this administration and a republican colleagues to make cost-sharing permanent. they stayed, not me. we have put out a proposal to our republican colleagues, we say once you abandon repeal, we want to work with you to fix it and we lay out six places where we do. we'll send you the letter.
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last question. >> this lowers the deficit. so what's your response to that? >> it lowers the deficit because they want a huge tax break for rich people, and then, they cut dramatically, slash medicaid, they dramatically slash the ability of people to pay. that's not why -- you don't reduce a deficit on the backs of working people in america who need health care. they want to reduce the deficit, don't cut the taxes to the very rich. no one in america wants it except a small little handful, but they seem to have the say with the trump administration and our republican colleagues. thank you.
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>> just heard from chuck schumer, the senate minority leader and other senate democrats on the new cbo report on the recently passed health care bill. passed by the house. and now before the senate. after hearing from the democrats, we have this tweet from house speaker paul ryan. with another viewpoint. this u.s. cbo report, again, confirms that the american health care act will lower premiums and the deficit. and then shows a statement in that tweet as well from the house speaker. we spoke to a capitol hill reporter a short time ago about the updated cbo report, let's hear from mary


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