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tv   Open Phones on Attorney General Testimony on Russia Investigation  CSPAN  June 13, 2017 5:08pm-5:37pm EDT

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6 678. >> we'll get reaction momentarily. but first, marco rube know, senator from florida, speaking to reporters. >> that there is an expectation of confidentiality. as long as there's nothing wrong happening. so again, it's understandable, but at the end of the day i don't think any of the things they asked for in particular would have changed my perception of his testimony today? >> do you think he should come back and explain these things in closed sessions? >> no. closed sessions are held to
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prevent. >> didn't he -- >> quite frankly, i don't -- at the end of the day that's one of the questions i had last week. we're not asking you for clarified information. i understand their desire to be able to assure that the president and others can speak with them without feeling everything they say will be in a congressional hearing. but it's important for us to figure out what didn't happen so we can focus on what did. i'm all for these hearings. i think they're insight flg. hopefully we'll be back to investigating russians instead of americans. >> what was the most important thing you learned today? >> just his view that director comey had been involved longer than he had been the attorney general and knew what the rules were for interacting with the president, that after the
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meeting he was raised by comey who raised a concern about the committee. sessions said there's rules that need to be followed. beyond that, i didn't see any evidence that indicated he's done anything inappropriate. >> do you agree with him that his recusal had nothing to do with the firing of the fbi? he has to oversee the entire fbi. >> certainly his left and memo said nothing about russia in it. it talked about other matters concerning comey's performance. >> senator, we're live in miami. if you could comment on this question. jeff sessions said that his conversations with the president are something that are confidential and he did not have to testify about them. >> i generally agree. unless that conversation is about wrongdoing, he didn't
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claim that it was, but there's no doubt that a member of the cabinet unlike an fbi director who's not a member of the cabinet, has to have the ability to speak to a president in a way it doesn't wind up in the pib domain, whether it's classified or not. every member of our staff speaks to us and we have debates that you may not want to see some day because of the back and forth that goes into debate. i've pushed on this issue as hard as anyone. i think it's an important part of the investigation. i thought he did a great job to allow us to move on and focus on russian interference, how they did it, who they worked with, so we can prevent it from happening again. >> thank you. >> remarko rubio of florida,
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there are seven democrats. they just wrapped up their term with attorney general jeff sessions, ostensibly on interference with the effect elections but it largely focused onning meetings with the russians, his role in the firing of fbi director james comey back in may and also a look at his recusal from the russia investigation. we're live outside the hearing room expecting to get comments from the chairman richard burr of north carolina, mark warner, the advice chair, democrat mike warner. should be stepping to the microphone as well. lots of reaction on twitter. we'll look at some of those.
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to let you know our schedule as well. we'll take some phone calls, get your reaction and show a good portion of the hearing that just wrapped up. you can have appointment viewing, if you will, on c-span 2. we'll show you the entire hearing on c-span 2 tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> 202-4748-8922. the knew reporting. washington post, jeff sessions testifies, refuses to say whether he spoke to trump. from the l.a. times -- 6 some of the earlier reporting and we'll look for your comments on
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twitter as well. jeff sessions, the toen, his he before the judiciary committee, january 10th of this year, so it's been some five months since he's been back before a committee on capitol hill. that was a bit of contention as his deputy rod rosenstein did testify today on the budget for the department of justice for 20818. he said deputy si rosenstein was asked about that in several of those hearings -- we'll show you that later in the program schedule as well. your reaction on twitter. lots of it. tweets. the democrats are all our conspiracy theories have been proven wrong so tell us every conversation you had with the president. jason tweets i hope somebody is
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counting the times he said i don't recall or something to that matter throughout his testimony. we'll look for your tweets. let's hear from buoy, maryland. the democrats line from mo. go ahead. mo, we'll let you go there and we'll lunch and wait for senator burr and warner expected on shortly. ok. we don't have mo on call, we'll wait for others. >> ok. ok. that's cool. >> thank you.
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zwer live outside the hearing room in front of the senate intelligence committee. getting your reaction while we wait to hear from the chair and the vice chair of the committee. bill's in quincy, illinois, on our democrats line. >> yes. i was kind of impressed with his comments on the democratic side, i don't recall, i don't recall that, but on the republican questions, he went into great detail about what he remembered and like the one senator said
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that you said i don't recall, don't remember, it's kind of strange that he remembers everything that the republicans are asking but the democrats, he doesn't seem to recall. thank you very much. >> sure. williams in albertville, alabama. jeff sessions' home state. republican line, go ahead. >> yes, sir. thank you for taking my call. first thing i'd like to say is what i -- my take on the hearing today. is it seemed like all the republicans had the more sensible questions toward the russian allegations and it seemed like the democrats were more out to try to catch mr. sessions in kind of a quick question, i guess, you'd say or a trick question, and lot of
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times he answered i do not recall, which i can understand that. we have to remember as me being a lifetime resident of alabama that mr. sessions has a grade demand upon his shoulders in his office and it's about the russians and their collusion, you know, into our interference into our country that threatens the history of our future and our past, but what i'd like to say before i depart is, you know, president trump is our president unless otherwise -- an impeachment or whatever, so i'd like to encourage all americans across the united states to stop looking for the little things. as the bible says, stop straining on the gnats and
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swallowing the cam ellis. >> you said you thought the republicans focused on the russia investigation, on their interference in the election. do you feel like you learned something from the attorney general on what happened? >> i do, i do, absolutely. i believe the man was so ss and so straightforward in his answers that his body language just from his -- what am i trying to say -- just his passion towards his answers is kind of interfered, its seemed like, his integrity, it challenged his integrity and i believe that a guilty person doesn't have that sort of passion towards his answers. i'm not a psychologist, any way, but it's been different listening to mr. sessions today
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than what i heard from mr. comey last week. >> thank you for that. plaintiffs a closed session for comey last week. no cameras are covering. he was asked by one of the democratic senators whether he would consent to having a closed session and didn't clearly answer yes or no on that but certainly not today there's no scheduled closed hearing with the attorney general today. what we're waiting for is likely comments from richard burr the chair of the intelligence committee and also from the senator, senator mark warner from virginia who is the vice chair. we're waiting there. we also have cameras there. now we'll go to john on the line. hi, john, go ahead. kroifl hello? >> go ahead. >> caller: my question is, after looking at all the questions,
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why didn't they ask senator sessions -- attorney general sessions what he knew about the firing of fbi director comey? because there was no question about questions to any of the attorney district of generals -- attorney generals that were in charge of the fbi how he was doing in his job in the fbi, if you're thinking about anyone who's in business you would ask all the people working for him how is he doing, what's going on, and there was nothing for him -- attorney general sessions about he asked anyone in the fbi how director comey was doing in his job. that's my question. why did that not come up in the conversation between the senators and attorney general sessions? >> here's one reporters take. david trucker of the washington
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examiner in one of his tweets: this wasn't comey, not much new information. all the drama was in sessions defending his honor. martinez ferry, ohio, up next. >> caller: yes, the thing that bothered me the most was when mccain was asking him those questions about espionage with the russians and the different types of equipment they had, disrupt our electric grid, how russian diplomats would drive all the country and map out our grid and sessions didn't know anything about that. he was evading the question, saying congress was supposed to do more. i don't understand this guy. yet all the trump groupies, they
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walk around like they're in a dark room with their eye shut. they make excuses about this guy. they're incompetent. i can't believe he would make these vague questions -- these incoherent answers. it's mind boggling. >> 8:00 eastern tonight over on c-span 2 we'll show the full com senate. that was part of his opening statement. we'll show that you to you along with the opening comments from the chairman and vice chairman of the committee. getting your reaction. todd's in cincinnati on our republican line. welcome. >> hey. thanks for taking my call. you know, there was something said in the very first opening
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remarks by senator mark warner of virginia, that he said in the coming weeks and months of the investigation, which stopped me in my tracks. it's as if there's no interest or desire among democrats for this issue to be put to bed. they're going to ride this thing as far into the future as they possibly can. i don't get it, but we're not interested in the truth. that is for sure. another thing i have to say is there was much made about attorney general sessions not wanting to divulge, perhaps, what he may or may not have said or been told by president trump in private, the democrats made a big fuss about that. now, i watched the james comey hearings. it seems to me that he gave his answers exactly like that when
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peppered with intimate, shall i say, conversations he may have had with such and such or whoever. he says i can't answer that in open session, that will be in closed session, thank you. and no republican challenged comey on that response. however, the democrats took sessions -- [ [ inaudible ] yes, we respect that former director comey. sessions, they're trying to make m him into some -- as they say, stone walling, which i found laughable. my last comment is we've approached the o.j. simpson stage in getting to the bottom of this investigation. everything in the world has been thrown at this russian thing except for really getting to the truth. like how did john depodesta fall
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for an e-mail phishing scheme which unleashed the dnc e-mail base? why isn't podesta being called to testify? this was not -- trump did not phish podesta's e-mails to say hey, you have to reset your password. >> john, thanks for your call. again, the overall investigations are into the iming pact of russia on the 2016 elections. the kmejs committee is investigating it. obviously, hearing with jeff sessions today. there's an investigation in the hoigs intelligence committee and the special counsel appointed by the department of justice. former fbi director robert mueller is leading that probe at the department of justice. jeff sessions the attorney general was asked about mueller
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and conversations in the last couple of days from some of trump's allies that had considered firing mueller. >> yesterday, yesterday, a friend of the president was reported to have suggested that president trump was considering removing mr. mueller in his investigation. do you have confidence in will mr. mueller? >> i don't know about these reports and i don't have the -- >> i'm asking you -- >> i have known mr. mueller over the years, 123 years as fbi -- 12 years as fbi director. i knew him before that. i have confidence in mr. mueller but i'm not going to discuss any kind of hypothetical als that i'm not aware of today because i
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know nothing about the investigation and i fully -- >> i have a series of questions, sir. do you believe president trump has confidence in mr. mueller? >> i'm not knowledgeable of that. >> since i was reskiesed from the investigation -- the way it works senator warner is the acting attorney general -- >> i'm aware. i just want to get you on the record that you not -- >> deputy director rose -- >> you wouldn't take any steps to have mueller removed. >> i don't think that would be appropriate for me to do. >> agree with you. >> they write that trump cannot directly dismismueller. that would fall to deputy
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attorney general roz rhoden today. still, the ceo of news max, a trump friend, that he was already thinking about termin e terminating him as special counsel. that was reiterated this morning on our morning program washington journal. you can see that if you go to click on the series tab and find washington journal and that's the segment are this morning. get a few more of your calls. carolyn is on our democrats line. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> good. >> caller: i taped it because i wasn't at home but the short part that i did see after i goat home, i think session is lying just like trump is lying and all the rest of them. they know what's going on and
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sessions was to me, he was nervous. he couldn't get his answers out good, to me. so like i said, i haven't seen all of it but i am going to rewind my tapes and watch it. >> why -- just to reberate it, if you didn't tape it we're going to reair it tonight. john on the independent line, go ahead. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. listen, i only got one thing in my mind that's bothering me. first -- well, two things, actually. first of all, why isn't anybody in the senate or congress going after flynn? because he's the one that started all this. >> going after who? >> flynn. >> ok. >> ms. yates was the first one to get fired because she brought the attention to the white house
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that he was -- might be in a position to be blackmailed by russia. but that's neither here nor there why i called. i'm just wondering that, number two, if i had been the most honorable senator from tennessee today i would have asked him one thing. listen, your president said -- with lester holt that comey was fired because of the russia investigation and you say and rosenstein say and your letter was to the effect that it was the way pretty much the way he handled the clinton debacle. now, who's pulling whose leg right here? is it both? is it one or the other? you know, and also how long has this administration been in office? i mean, this is june, so five months, almost six months now. and sessions, i think he alluded
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to the fact -- i'm not sure but i think i overheard that he had conversations with people about how comey handled the clinton deal and i believe attorney general sessions used the phrase a stunning way in which comeyle handled the usurping of the justice department on the clinton debacle. you going to tell me that the clinton investigation ended around november, the election and this is may when you fire him? what's the deal there? >> we've been watching twitter. here's crystal's reaction. i'm appalled you bully a colleague. you need prayer. senator camera harris, you clearly got under jeff sessions skin. clearly he was angry. one more call, laurence, kansas.
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matthew is on our republican line. >> caller: yes. thank you for having me. i am a republican and i have absolutely no problem with this investigation, especially after watching the testimony today. it has been months and months now that this investigation has been going on. democrats have absolutely nothing to show for it. i think you can tell clearly that their actions are actions of people who realize they have gotten into deep and are now grasping at straws. they'll have to answer to their constituents as why they wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on this investigation and they have absolutely nothing to prove for it. i find it hard to believe that every piece of information has leaked out of classified sources and the only piece of evidence they have against him has not
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leaked out. any democrat would easily make themselves a martyr if they were to release that information and this has not been done. i think you can see pretty clearly that this is not going anywhere. they're not offering anything to americans. they're saying we will tear down the current democratcally elected administration and they're not saying we'll offer a better tax plan, we'll offer a better infrastructure plan. if they don't do that, it's going to get a lot worse for them in washington journal live on c-span at 7:00 a.m. eastern. we'll show all of the hearing tonight beginning at 8:00 eastern and that will be over on c-span 2. next up show you a good chunk here on c-span3 starting with opening statements.


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