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tv   Our Heritage  CSPAN  July 2, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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america deliver films that provide context for today's public affairs issues. mark the july 4 holiday. the half-hour program visits is your siphon littlefield and washington the the and uses animated sequences to illustrate key moments in the american revolution. [band playing] [knocking] [band playing]
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♪ ♪ ♪ [sirens] >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god coming to the with liberty and justice for all.
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equal nationte and in which the law of nature entitle them. the opinions of mankind the clear they should declare the causes. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, they are endowed by their creator with certain rights, among these life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ♪ >> dr. frank's c baxter is an american, a man with many degrees and awards including the
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same peabody award in addition to seven tv emmys. he is a dedicated student of american history and proud of the one thing he loves above all else, his country. now let us meet our distinguished host. >> i am at one of our cherished american institution. i am only frank baxter. however, with the help of some powerful pages of history, we are going to re-examine this piece of parchment that has been handed down to us with loving care. this declaration of independence that is our heritage or it, our heritage. most of us in no a little of what happened on the 4th of july in 1776. we know the liberty bell ring and thomas jefferson played a part of it.
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and john adams. we know it took place in philadelphia in independence hall or the statehouse which was its name at the time. and we're familiar with the name john hancock, who wrote his name so large that king george could read it without his spectacle. let's take a look at our crown jewel. it is a treasure of value without compare. after this seed pod of our heritage came the constitution, the bill of rights, our fundamental law and a philosophy that swept the world of political ideas that had never been done before. out of our heritage has come human liberty, democracy and the birth of a great nation. this is our heritage. now we know a little of what it is, next, we ask ourselves how
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did this happen? why was it necessary that a me off ournly to shut family type to cut the strings , to mother england? it did not happen suddenly. it was a long, long time before the pressure was strong enough to blow the lid. one man alone was responsible. the handsome, young, stubborn, will start villain of the story, his majesty, king george the third of england. of all specific charges listed in the declaration, the team was -- the king was posing the troops of the homes of the people. the king deprived us of the benefits of trial by jury. suspended our legislators and refused to listen to our side of the dispute. he destroyed our people. this is the heart of the matter. these oppressive acts by england.
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♪ just taxes, -- unjust taxes one after another, taxes on personal property. it would cause patrick henry to explode in defiance give me liberty, or give me death. the townshend act of 65, taxes and tea.d papers there was a boycott to the tax on tea. patriots disguised as indians would call themselves the tea party.
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1570, that in 1770, they had their own british encounter in boston. five were misguided souls lay dead and history calls of the boston massacre. 75, paul revere rides. the british column moves on lexington, shots are fired, eight columnists killed. routed atredcoats concord. the tide turns in a new country. 1775, the swarming
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on the militiamen swarm redcoats. battlenown later as the at bunker hill. these men who, before the day was over, made a mutual day to each other, their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. ♪ ♪ >> this is where the united states of america was born. right here in the sacred shrine.
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here,s the man who met probably as great a collection of brains and visions and education and genius, courage, the. of experience brought together in the his jury of man. it was a miracle. , ---baked out of the excitement came from all 13 of the colony on the fourth of july. there are here to make a decision. should they cut all ties from the crown or try to give king george just one more chance. specifically, the delegates to the congress were to decide on a resolution presented about three weeks earlier by richard henry senior delegate from the
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colony of virginia. these colonies should be free and independent states. they are installed from all allegiance to the british crown and all political connections between them and the state of great britain is and ought to be totally dissolved. the delegates talked about the matter, the whole population of the colony have been discussing his. now that the decision had to be made, think for a minute of the consequences of this action. if they voted for independence, a would mean war, a costly, bloody war and if they lost it was on the certainly confiscation of their property and imprisonment for their 'smilies and a hangman mak noose.
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congress made a wise and fortunate decision, they asked the committee to prepare document, an actual declaration -a end and an encase death - declaration of independence. five men were chosen to be on this committee. there was robert r livingston of new york, the young lawyer, only 30 years old at the time. he later administered the oath of office to george washington. and there was robert from connecticut, a successful merchant. off the firmly on the ground. benjamin franklin was on that drafting committee, an old man, 69, pennsylvania, a legend in his on right. he invented bifocals.
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statesman, publisher, philosopher, you name it, franklin was it. massachusetts there was a john adams, only 41. one of the most eminent of all americans was adams, forthright, impulsive, he was honest and humble. and the chairman of the committee picked almost by , chance we may say now guided by a divine hand, he was 33 years of age, sandy hair, outstanding in politics, economics, agriculture, and science. etched for all ise where the dignity of an
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recognized. thomas jefferson. the real work fell to adams and jefferson. adams, much more experienced city jefferson, you should draft is a document. jefferson declined modestly. i will give you three reasons, said adams. and a you are a virginian virginian should appear at the head of this business, reason second, i am controversial and unpopular. you are very much otherwise. you can write times better than i can. that settled it, young thomas jefferson was elected. shortly his powerful 10 settled to the task.
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sensitivegine this young man, angry and resentful of the king but wise enough to hold himself in check. he writes, he scratches out, he talks with adams and franklin and talk some more. word by word, thought by thought, there is all the noble, majestic music of the declaration of independence. when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that have collected dust connected them with another and it takes off .ike an eagle >> business tremendous statement. we hold this truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain
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liberty and the pursuit of happiness. on july 1, the congress resumed its a on the resolution of independent. john dickinson of pennsylvania protested. he said the columnists were unprepared to battle the mighty might of britain. , never easyams rose with words, for once his lips were touched with fire, he has a ng, a necessity for liberty. the warmth of his enthusiasm galvanized the congress to debate once more. his steering speech was punctuated by a dramatic summer storm.
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2, congressjuly agreed there was no other course to sever the ties that bound the colonies to the crown. thomas jefferson's great document was introduced. the delegates changed a line here and they thought there and july 4,4 17 they -- they penned their signatures. the declaration was dispatched by courier to all the colonies. the famous old bell and the tower -- in the twoer
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liberty throughout the land. remindsrty bell which forefully of our freedom. is part ofapital this. freeymbol of government of men, strong and power yet tender and solicitous to those who seek its shelter. heritage.'
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dr. baxter: magnificent, isn't it? arching far above our heads, the dome of our celebrated rotunda, the rotunda which is the very heart of our nations capital. and where these paintings illustrate, so dramatically, our glorious history. the surrender of the general in saratoga. this is the first major defeat of the british and the turning point of the revolution. one of the series of paintings by the famous john trumbull. another trumbull masterpiece. great milestone in our history, the surrender of cornwallis in orktown innt -- at y 1781. this marked the end of the british cause in america. our first president george
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, washington. farmer, soldier, state men, statesmen, his lover of liberty close -- very pulse of this newborn nation. he resigned his commission after leading his troops to victory. nation bestowed upon him the highest honor. this is the painting, the declaration of independence. there is the drafting committee presenting the document to the president of the congress, john hancock. trumbull knew these men personally. his familiarity was so convincingly expressed. there is rugged john adams,
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roger sherman, robert livingston, the author jefferson and benjamin franklin, short in stature but a giant among men. a great moment in history, the birth of our nation. dr. baxter: you know, our nation's capital city has dividends from our precious heritage. i wonder what those delegates to the continental congress would have to say about this great capital city of hours? monument to a government of free men. abraham lincoln was fully aware of every word in the declaration of independence, the date was 1861. abraham lincoln was on his way to the nation's capital for his first inauguration.
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paused in philadelphia long enough to say, i had never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the bodies of the deck -- declaration of independence. in due time the weight would be lifted from the shoulders of all men. >> ♪ >> in the distance, the white house, where abraham lincoln lived and worked. 1600 pennsylvania avenue, eighth -- a famous address. home of our presidents office who dedicates their very lives to the preservation of our sacred heritage. this legacy and magnificent inheritance has not been handed to us on a silver platter, not
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by a long shot. >> the price of life, liberty and freedom comes dear, very dear. when the chips are down, we are prepared always to defend these sacred principles upon which our nation was founded. the hope of our world rests on our faith and the destiny of our country. through such faith our forefathers built this country. it has been costly, oh, so costly.
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there have scarcely a period of time all of our history has not -- in all of our history that this heritage has not been challenged and friends. this dark and evil menace never ceases and we have never ceased to meet him. our struggle for freedom and independence, and that winter of valley forge. the war of 1812, the battle of orleans, for the first time the united states became really , united. francis scott key wrote the star-spangled banner. 1826, our dispute with mexico. texas joins the union and our southern boundary is firmly established. the war between the states, neighbor against neighbor,
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brother against brother, our nation torn us under. -- asunder. we were at war with spain. have been a harbor, san juan hill, havana harbor, san juan hill. 2017, the yanks are coming -- 1 theirhe yanks are coming, world is going to be safe for democracy. [bombs] [sirens whaling]
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>> world war ii. our heritage in its bravest our when libertyour youth. lifeblood of our through this requiem of silence -- thememighty thing of the declaration of independence, i have sworn upon the author of god, eternal house
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that -- >> but life goes on for the republic. new generations follows old generations as spring rolls with it. -- as spring follows winter. wonderful, isn't it? the tiniest seed of freedom planted by our forefathers has grown into a nation among nations. a nation which champions the dignity of land throughout the world. these trees were a gift to us from the people of japan more than 50 years ago. each spring, thousands of americans come to washington just to admire them. we could stop here and wonder about one of the most thrilling sights we have ever had the privilege to behold. across the reflecting water of the tidal basin is the jefferson memorial.
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the stately and beautiful tribute made to jefferson by the american people for whom he did so much. ♪ inspired words of jefferson , proudly card here on the wall shrine. words that will never die. that all men should be free to profess and by argument to maintain their opinions and matters of religion. god who gave us life, gave us liberty, i am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind.
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thomas jefferson, the genius who gave us our heritage the , declaration of independence. jefferson died on the 4th of july, 1826, 50 years to the day, almost to the hour that he will ed us our legacy. thomas jefferson lives forever in the hearts of free men. [from sea to shining sea]
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announcer: interested in american history tv, join american history tv for a live presentation of the american his exam in philadelphia. we'll introduce artifacts and exhibits throughout the museum including george washington's war -- you can anticipate and the life program with your phone calls and tweets. watch american history tv live from the museum at the american revolution starting thursday. announcer: this year marks the
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45th anniversary of the 19 to bring in the watergate hotel which led to seven investigation and eventually to president nixon's resignation. next, former senator lowell weicker and former staff discuss their work in the watergate investigation. moderated by leslie from cbs news, panelists also answer questions on parallel about president nixon and president trump. this was recorded at the watergate hotel in washington dc. it's just under an hour and a half. mr. freedman: hello, everybody. i'm gordon freedman. [applause] mr. freedman: thank you. three or four months ago, we said maybe we should get some people together, and i thought that was a good idea. then i started trying to find people. it was a little difficult, and then some stuff started happening in d.c. that was


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