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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2017 11:31am-11:41am EDT

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there is no question about it. no question, the media coverage of jfk was the first time we saw anything like it. >> that will be followed by look at ronald reagan's relationship with pope john paul ii. reagan, and, ronald the extraordinary untold story of the 20th century. to ronaldul ii said reagan that i am praying for you. ronald reagan sent a cable to the vatican saying i am praying for you. as for moscow, if they are worried at this point about kinship between the pope and the president, now they better really worry about it. >> american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. on cure day, -- q and
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a, 1968, 1 of the longest and earliest battles of the vietnam war. me because the military command was so out of touch with what was happening industries that they literally got a lot of young americans killed. general westmoreland denied the city had been taken. denyntinued to the -- it for the entire time the battle was being fought. small units of marines and troopers were being ordered to attack positions that were held by overwhelmingly superior enemy forces in entrenched positions. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a.
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>> each week, american history tv's real america brings you archival films. >> on thursday, august 3, general john throckmorton arrived at the white house to report on conditions in the city of detroit. as of 12:00 previous day, the responsibility for law and order in the city had been returned to state authorities. there had been little in america's recent past to prepare her for the nightmarish war streets inr 1967. it came out of the ghettos of new york and detroit and spread through large and small communities, from providence to
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wichita. >> one thing should be absolutely clear. importantr is far too for politics. it goes to the health and safety of all american citizens, republicans and democrats. it goes to the proper responsibility of officials in both of our parties. it goes to the heart of our society. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, for the last hour i have met with secretary vance and general throckmorton -- >> throughout the summer torn with racial violence, the man
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most heavily burdened with a quest for solutions displayed a deliberate calm . the slums were too large, and the plight of the negro too complex for any hasty economic cures. assembledhis newly commission would provide long-range answers. the immediate task of the administration was to keep federal health to the city's at a constant level while moderating any future violence with a mixture of firmness and restraint. tragically, the administration's ghetto programs have been severely curtailed by the congressional knife. aid,t deeply into school and the teachers for corporations -- corps corporation. the administration's anti-crime bill was in trouble.
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the prevention of crime and chaos in the streets was of prime importance, but so were other programs. programs that can offer slum residents jobs, educational opportunities, and adequate housing. programs that were major keys to some of the underlying causes of unrest in the cities. in early august, with defense and domestic spending running higher than estimates, president budget tont a new congress. then he called in the press for rapidfire talk. he asked for a new tax package that would impose through 1969 at 10% surcharge on all corporate and individual income taxes, along with borrowing and belt-tightening, he hoped it
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would put a sizable dent into the large, probable deficit. without the surcharge, this deficit would cause a spiral, brutally high interest rates, tight money, and an unjust resolution for the war in vietnam. after listening to the recommendations of secretary mcnamara, the joint chiefs of staff, and general westmoreland, president johnson authorized an increase of 45,000 men sent to vietnam, bringing the total u.s. troops there to 525,000. in august of 1967, contemporary american life entered a new phase of crisis, a crisis of national purpose that linked the problems of city streets to the war in vietnam and the state of the economy. the presidents position was clear, there were times in
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nations like when it's armies had to be equipped and fielded and the nations business still have to go on. this was such a time. it was a time of change. every day old institutions, values, and believes were crumbling. swift and transforming change another only become an accepted experience of modern life, but also the source of an american dilemma. we had become the first generation to know with certainty that life would be different for our children and even for ourselves in just a few years time. >> we have been on the road meeting winners of this year's student camera video documentary program. handed $1500 for their documentary on environmental justice. school,line middle honorable mention winners
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received $250 for their documentary on health care. in concord, massachusetts, second prize award for students at -- school where they received second-place prize winnings of $1500 for their documentary on the wage gap. students won an honor meant trouble -- honorable mention prize. massachusetts, the students received an $250able mention prize of for their documentary on the opioid epidemic. thank you to all the students who took part in our 2017 studentcam documentary program. to watch all the videos, go to we are asking students to choose
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any provision of the u.s. constitution and create a video illustrating why the conversion is important -- provision is important. >> on lectures in history, emory university professor felix harcourt teaches a class on how conspiracy theories about ufos have shaped american culture. he begins in the late 1940's and describes how public opinion about extraterrestrials changed over the course of the 20th century, often paralleling societal anxieties. this class is about one hour and 15 minutes. felix harcourt: let us start with the question that i am sure no one will have any problem having their answer recorded for television for. a show of hands -- how many people believe alien life exists? a pretty decent number of people. i am going to throw in their as well.


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