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tv   Wisconsin State Capitol  CSPAN  August 28, 2017 4:12pm-4:25pm EDT

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elected. a person well-known throughout the united states if not the world, arnold schwarzenegger. he became governor in 2004 based on a recall. gray davis was only the second governor to be recalled at that time in the united states. another state had recalled a governor in 1921. it's not used very often to recall a governor. attempts are made to recall governors. in fact, ronald reagan had an attempted recall. our current governor, jerry brown, in his -- when he was governor prior to this -- this is his second term of office. and his dad, edmund brown were both recalled but were unsuccessful. preserving old buildings gives a feeling of solidarity. the values that were valuable back then are still valuable now. the original intent of the building was still here.
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♪ welcome to the wisconsin state capitol. we are standing in the rotunda of the building. this is the public area of the capitol. this is where we have all of our big parties, presentations. a little bit about the outside. you see a big white stone building. that stone is granite we got from vermont. 43 different kinds of stone, stone from all over the world, six foreign countries, eight states. only a little bit of the stone is actually from wisconsin. great big dome on the outside covered with granite. we have the only state capitol to completely cover the exterior in granite.
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we finish it off with a statue on the top. we call her wisconsin. she has a w on her chest, a helmet on her head. top of her head is a badger. we have wisconsin facing toward the nation's capitol. she's 15 feet, 5 inches tall, over 6,000 pounds. then we gave her that nice gold coat. as you look past me behind me, it says legislation on a mosaic. an artist created each of the mosaics with 100,000 little pieces of colored glass. they represent the three branchs of government here in the building. legislation for the legislative branch, justice for the judicial branch, government for the executive branch. above us it says liberty in the fourth corner representing all of us that live here in wisconsin. stones from around the world, on display here. all the pattern marble is from italy. the cream colored marble is from france. all this big green stone in this area is a marble from greece.
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the red trim above the column is a marble from algeria. the building was designed by george post, an artist out of new york. all the artists that were used to finish the building were from new york. subcontractors and architect was controlled out of new york. we have a global look to our state capitol than most of the other state capitols that you will see. wisconsin goes back to 1836. at that time, wisconsin was part of michigan. then michigan wanted to be their own state. we had to set up our own territory. we call ourselves wisconsin. it's an indian word. we have gathered over 15,000 lakes. we sent our paperwork to washington, d.c. they approved us to be a new territory. the president of the united states sends word back here that he had appointed henry dodge to be our first leader. mr. dodge was a gentleman from missouri who moved to wisconsin a few years earlier. he came to wisconsin to get rich because we find lead in our
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hills 60 miles from here. all kinds of miners come rushing to wisconsin to make a fortune. everybody wants to get rich. these guys dig holes into the side of the hill. if they didn't find any lead, they would live there. all of us who are not miners, said they live like badgers. that's how we get the nickname the badger state. really nothing to do with the animal itself. we're outside the office of the governor. we have a badger. he worked on the uss wisconsin. we have two battle ships named after the first state. from 1900 to 1920, got to sail all over the world. as they left port, they would rub his nose for good luck. we invite everybody to rub his nose for good luck. of course, every tour i take i rub him all the time. i'm the luckiest guy in the world. he is working for me. give him a rub and come on into the governor's conference room. we are now in the governor's conference room. this is the public office for
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the governor. scott walker's private office is behind this room. when he meets with a group of people, however he meets them in this room. the room is copied from a palace in italy. this is the most or nature room in the capitol. as you look up, there's more gold in this room than any other room in the capitol. in the late 1980s, we thought we art to restore it. we wanted it to look like when it was first built. we knew to keep it up, we needed new infrastructure. computer stuff and central air conditioning. from 1988 to 2002, we spent almost $160 million to fix it up. as you go around, all the wood furniture is original. all the artwork is over 100 years old, part of the conservation process of renovating the capitol. you see a brand-new 100-year-old state capitol. mu murals is unique. the first european to come to wisconsin, gene nikolai.
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someone told him they thought there was a northwest passage way. he came up through the great lakes. couldn't get closer than green bay. he fired his pistol into the sky and announced his arrival. when he gets here, it's 1634. this part of the world hasn't invented guns yet. the indians thought they were thunder sticks. the gentleman on my left behind the desk is the first weatherman in the country. he starts predicting the weather in the 1870s. all that weather technology starts here in madison. in the 1870s, it's simple. he knew somebody who lives 60 miles and he would telegraph over and ask the question, what does the weather look like? if the note came back said rain, then he predicts it's going to rain in madison soon. he realizes most of our weather comes from the west. in front of me we have a lady in a brown dress with a piece of paper. that's cordelia harvey.
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the women would make the bandages and medical supplies for the military. her husband, the governor, took military supplies to a tennessee military hospital. something happened. he drowned in the river. his wife decided she wanted to take up his cause. she got on a train, without out to talk to abraham lincoln. got him to give her that paper. it says wisconsin, you can build three military hospitals in the state of wisconsin to take care of your soldiers. this is brand-new military thinking. in the civil war days, you want the hospital close to the battlefield. when you were better, you were there ready to fight. the idea that would you go from tennessee to wisconsin and then return to fight, not very good. she convinced lincoln the soldiers from wisconsin would do that. wisconsin was the first state to be able to take care of their own civil war wounded soldiers. this is the highest court in the
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state of wisconsin. we have seven justices serve in the supreme court. elected for ten-year terms. today we have four women and three men serve as justices. this is an appeals court. it's not their job to really decide if somebody is guilty or innocent. it's their job to interpret the laws passed in the other wings of the capitol. somebody may challenge. it may be in madison. we will take it to our court and somebody will say why don't we appeal it to the supreme court? this is the only court in wisconsin that gets to choose which cases they want to hear. they get over 1,000 requests a year. too many. they pick out about 100. schedule themselves ten cases a month for ten months. then the group is on vacation in july and august. the murals are moments of history. behind me it says they were signing the u.s. constitution, independence hall, philadelphia, 1787. the guy behind the desk would be george washington. there's three guys talking on the side. the guy with the chubby guy looking at you, that's ben
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franklin. the gentleman over here with the raincoat over his arm is james madison. he is considered the author. for us that live in madison, we name our city after james madison, the president. in front of me a judge in the chair. a federal judge trying chief oshkosh for murder. supposedly killed a member of a tribe in a hunting incident. as he listens, things don't look good for oshkosh. then he said, wait a minute. i really don't have power over oshkosh. he cop comes from the indian na. he inquired if they settled their dispute under indian law. he said, oshkosh, you are a free man, you committed no crime against the united states. lex above the door is latin for law. we have a big building, a lot of the capitols, the supreme court is in separate areas.
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so this is unique to wisconsin that we have everything to do with legislature in the same building. we are now in the assembly. this is part of the legislature in the state of wisconsin. we have a senate and the assembly. this is the assembly. 5 million 700,000 people live in wisconsin. we decided our state into 99 districts by population. we have 99 representatives in this room, all elected for two years, all elected at the same time. in november, this group is running for election. once you are all in the room, you elect your leader as the chair. the speaker takes care of all the political issues. the speaker will tell them when they meet, what they will talk about, what committee they're going to work on, who the chairman of the committees are. the most important person is the speaker. the mural in front of you is wisconsin's past, present and future. an artist from new york worked on this for a year. after his years with the work, he was smart enough to send us a photocopy before he shipped it to us.
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we get our copy. good story. how would you know it's wisconsin? we told the artist we wouldn't accept it until he put a badger in it. see the badger next to the american flag on a rock. 80 years later, part of the restoration, we hired an artist to clean up this art. they used 20,000 q-tips as he wiped off 80 years of dirt and grime. once he got it clean, they found it was a civil war soldier painted out to give us a bather wa badger is reappearing. look up, there's a french priest. on top of his knee, a crucifix. it's actually touching the hat of the civil war soldier. looks like a cowboy hat. you can see it looking out towards the west. we consider this to be one of the nicest state capitols in the country. there's a lot of history here.
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anybody in the world today, politics is a big issue. we're here right in the middle of it. every day is a unique day here. it's still exciting to come down and show people this showcase for wisconsin. this is our third state capitol here in harrisburg. the first one was built from 1819 to 1822 and burned in 1897. the second was interim. it was built in 1888. this third was commissioned in 1901. designed and constructed by joseph miller houston of philadelphia. our building was designed in the american renaissance style. it's an italian building that tries to incorporate as many european architectural motives into it as possible. inside and out, it has just an


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