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Charles Schumer
  Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi on Tax Reform  CSPAN  December 14, 2017 8:57am-9:11am EST

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we have a message for them, don't underest ma estimate the intelligence of the american people. people understood the impact of the election. let me say one more thing before i yield to the distinguished
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leader. we enfranchise their voters, republican or democratic. we don't say we have to wait for the paperwork. we hear the will of the people. i would hope that on the senate side your leadership would do the same with that i'm pleased to yield. >> the longer they take on it the worse it gets. who would have thought they could have made it even more slanted towards the wealthy?
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they are lowering the top rate from 39.6 to 37. it doesn't go to a single person who makes below 300,000 a year. only the top 1% will benefit from that change. it is hard to figure out what goes on here. policy, a disaster at the time when income distribution cues money to the top. it is at a time when corporate america is spending most of the cash that they are so plush with it is making the hole in the deficit deeper. on poll tiitic it's a disasteor them. the public knows about this
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bill. that is no help for so many in the middle class and tax increases for a good portion of those in the middle class. and it's so amazing to me that last night showed that suburbs that are traditionally republican are voting democratic. they do a tax bill that hurts the suburbs probably worse than any other place. it is amazing to me that members could even dare vote for this bill putting the interesting of their wealthy pay masters above their state and constituents. i believe they will pay a very severe price for are this bill there 2018. it shows you what they have to the thousand wealthy
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billionaires. finally, i have asked leader mcconnell. i have asked him for the good of the country, but it would be good for the republican party. if they have a bipartisan bill it will be far more popular than the monstrosity they put together behind closed doors which i think they will pay a big price for in 2018.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> we always have about that. one of your associates asked me are democrats more energized? democrats are very energized about that. a monstrosity of a bill will hurt our country. that's where we want to keep this focus. if they don't pass the bill they lose with their pay masters. if they do pass they lose with the american people. while last night was glorious because of the quality of the person who won, how beautiful he spoke about alabama taking their own fork in the road but how he talked about chip and bringing people together and working in a
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bipartisan way, it is energizing to everyone in our country. right now we have to defeat this bill. even when we do win, to undo this will cost a fortune and we shouldn't have to take this bad fork in the road. >> i think there are a lot of similarities of what happened in virginia. first the base was exsiecited a came out. i think they are excited because they are seeing what the republicans and donald trump are doing to them. second, the millennials are for us in overwhelming numbers. when you'll make it harder to pay for college and harder for the universities to give you scholarshi scholarships, of course young people would be on our side. they are making it harder in there. finally the swing votes in most of america, they are taxing a good number of them.
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they are increasing the taxes in a very significant way with state and local deduction being modified and close to repealed. so the groups that seem to rally to elect a democratic governor rally to elect a democratic senator in alabama. it is a very hard thing to do. we were aided by a candidate. if it was just that candidate's problems and not the fact that the public understands what they have been doing doesn't help the middle class but helps the wealthiest we still would have lost with all of the problems that roy moore had. >> reporter: [ inaudible question
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[ inaudible question ] >> be unified, focus like a laser on the middle class and work with your republican colleagues for good alternatives. we are waiting for our republican colleagues to come out of that room and actually work with us. >> the other message i would say, associated myself, is that this is about honoring our oath of office to the institution. one of the genius parts of the institution is the system of checks and balances. it is an important message throughout our country from a standpoint of values. from a standpoint of politicpol get out to vote. you can't get out to vote unless you have enthusiasm.
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you can't run on empty. i think we saw what's happening here demonstrate a sharp contrast. it helped -- >> and the most districts turnout was not up. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> alabama is not to most pro-trump state. there were several more. all of them very much want to work with the republicans. the republicans don't want to
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work with them. they ftry to do their tax bill with republicans. we hope they won't repeat the same mistake with the end of year -- they run into all kinds of trouble, doing it in the dark of night and creating legislation that the american people really dislike. >> thank you all very much. thank you. we are live at a rally to express on spposition to propos changes impacting competition to