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tv   West Virginia State of the State  CSPAN  March 2, 2018 3:35pm-4:19pm EST

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public accommodations like trains and theaters regardless of race. justice john marshall harland known as the great dissenter cast the lone vote and his dissent eclipsed the legacy of the majority opinion. explore this case and the high court's ruling with danielle holly-walker dean of harvard university's law school. peter kirskow. watch landmark cases live monday on c-span, or listen with the radio app and for background on each case while you watch, order your copy of the landmark cases companion book and it's available for $8.95 plus shipping and handling at cases and for an additional resource, there is a link on the website for the interactive constitution. west virginia governor jim justice gave his second state of the state address at the state
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capitol in charleston. he outlined several proposals including pay raises for state employees and tax cuts on industrial machinery and the increase on the tourism budget. his portion is about 45 minutes. now only briefly do i want to belabor the past with you, and i don't know which is which, but, butch, unveil the wand and i'm going to stay back here and i'm going to scoot myself a little bit closer here. okay. let me tell you, when i got here this is what we were facing. like it or not like it, when i got here it was in the middle of the 16, 17 year, or really, i guess -- you have a 16, 17 year.
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we were supposed to have a balanced budget and severance and everything kept running away from us. it looked like things could even be more dire and we could very well have a $200 million hole in the bucket. the next year, my first full yore $497 million in the hole in the years after that going all of the way up to $722 million. now i said a minute ago, you know, just imagine the miracle that has happened. the miracle that happened is you, and the miracle that happened is the people at home. the miracle that has happened to each and every one of us is just this. .
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it was really unfair to think that what i wanted to do was just come in and get a hole in the bucket and let's just raise taxes. it's the last thing on earth that i wanted to do, but i didn't know what to do. i didn't know where to turn. you see, we all know we have a rainy day and our bonds are being derated and we didn't know where to go. we had to have a bridge, didn't we? we had to have a bridge. they had one guy in this room and he's a big guy and he's talking to you that believed with all his heart that if we could pass the road bond the severance tax was true and continued to grow. if we made modifications to education that we would actually get a response from the outside world, it's happening. it's happening like you can't imagine. absolutely.
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in just a very, very short period i'll be able to show you something that concludes just how amazing this trip has been. now let me ask you this, can we stop where we're at? of course not. can we get in our own way and have who knows what happened? absolutely, we can. but you know what? and i'll do this -- i'll do this with craig, and my call, mike? mike is over here, but last year i said if frankenstein caught you you deserve to die because frankenstein walked like this, did he not? now, i would say just this. when we passed the referendum and we made our changes in
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education when our severance started to take off and when companies on the outside world just started to see how trul truly great we really are, it started to happen. dr. frankenstein stood when he took the monster and he took the paddles and hit it and he took the pulse and he could hear a pulse and he said it is alive. we're alive and we're moving now and we're moving like you can't imagine. now, where do we go? what's the next thing we do? the first thing we've got to do is just this. we have to stop. we have to stop this terrible drug epidemic. we have to. if we don't it will cannibalize us. just recently, we had to
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dispatch the national guard to huntington to try to stop the terrible shootings that were going on in huntington. we know you have to build treatment facilities where we have to have additional social workers or we have to do additional law enforcement, do we not? of course, we do. just think, and think with me -- there's still something we're missing. there's still something out there we're missing and so the other day i told our people, i said i want you to do this. i want you to find the smartest people in the land that can find and tell us what we're missing here, lo and behold, in rolls the dock from wbu. now today, just as we talk wvu with the rockefeller, neuroscience institute, words that are almost too complicated for me to even speak, what
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they're doing there is they're bringing docks in from all over the world that are going to do the most landmark stuff that you can possibly imagine. one of these doctors brought to me a vial about this big. it probably had 30 chips in it. they were the size of a third of a size of maybe a grain of rice. he said it may very well be that they can cure the opioid addiction. they can take away the craving, with one of those chips that will last for a year. it is unbelievable what's happening right there in our state at our home university and so, please, please, understand that i'm going to support them in every way that i possibly can in this strive to try to combat this terrible drug epidemic.
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they're all in. now, i can tell you that this will be a quickie. this is called the comprehensive annual financial report. every year for the last three years we've been late getting it done and by late getting it done, what had happened to us when we were put on a five-year probation by the federal government and it's punitive to our higher ends. you heard us. i can say today it's done. it's done. [ applause ] now, i'd like to recognize some really, really important people. my family is over here on the
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right-hand side. my dear wife, and i can't see her, but she looks pretty tonight, and kathy is really special in many, many ways. just a couple of days ago i was on the way home and she called me and we have an underwater treadmill, and it's a pool-type room. she called me to tell me. she said, jim, where are you? i said i'm in dawson, and i'm about 25 minutes away. she said, jim, the dogs have locked me in the pool room. [ laughter ] so there is nobody more loving and more caring, but there are events that happen in our house from time to time. right beside kathy is our beautiful daughter jill who just gave birth to our grandson, and right behind jill is katherine
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and jay. jay is our son and katherine is his beautiful wife, and she some way somehow puts up with him and i am very proud that she pulls that off. somewhere in the gallery here we have an incredibly special person in our teacher of the year. caitlin torshall? is that the correct pronunciation? where is she? please. [ applause ] >> see, caitlin, they clapped a lot more for you than they did me. somewhere dr. clay marsh is here with wvu. so if clay marsh would stand.
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we have to give him a big round of applause. clay? [ applause ] >> great job. [ applause ] dr. d. and dr. gilbert are somewhere if they haven't fallen down the steps or something here. [ applause ] >> now i don't know how flattering it is to say you're a university president and you keep falling down, but i'd like you to give a great, big, round of applause for our chief of staff and all of our secretaries here because they've done an incredible, incredible job. if you would all please stand. [ applause ]
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now if we could jump over to one of my pet peeves and that's education. i think it truly needs to be the centerpiece of everything we do. i've thought that all along. i think we need to pay our teachers more. i said that in the past. [ applause ] somehow we are blessed beyond belief with the state board of education that is truly, truly doing an amazing job. please give them a round of applause, if you would stand wherever you are. [ applause ] two kathy, my wife kathy and kathy dantoni are doing a great job to help kids be able to get to their end goals. now, today -- today, and i just found out two things
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educationally just a few minutes ago, today i think our state board unanimously passed, and i called 2510 which basically allows counties, flexibility in reguard to things like band and show choir and drama and things that in this state so many kids wanted to participate they wanted to participate and you knew when you grew up and the bands are gigantic and the kids had an incredible time and an incredible learning experience there and we can't all be lebron james. they had a great, great experience there. some way they just passed and they said unanimously, 2510 granted districts further flexibility to maybe give those districts an opportunity to promote bans, promote show
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choirs and promote drama and promote the arts. it's good stuff. just -- [ applause ] in addition to that at 5:15 today, believe it or not, but the secretary of education, betsy devos called me to tell me that our plan west virginia's plan for every student is called wv's every student succeeds plan was passed today. [ applause ] now let me say this about education. i've said it until i'm blue/green. not everyone is cut out for the
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traditional pathway of a four-year degree and we know that, don't we? but you know what we don't know is just this because i'm in the schools a lot, and i see it. if you are a student that likes to -- that wants to go into stut likes, you know, wants to go into the trades and have an incredible job and you love electricity or whatever it may be, in all honesty, a lot of times when you walk the halls, people may, other kids, may look down on you a little bit. so unfair. it's not right. some way we have got to let those kids know that we got to have them. we got to build this work force like we can't imagine. i want us to develop a way to where kids in high school, in the trades, can get an associate degree while they are in high school. [ applause ]
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i also want to add, if it's possible, a 13th year where they can get additional accreditation or additional certifications. i know our president, mitch carmichael, is rock solid behind this, and i am too. i want somehow some way for us to make our community and technical colleges free. [ applause ] top yas burton is not with us tonight. he is an oak hill native and he retired and move back.
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he said he moved back because you exempted his pay. you exempted his pay. you gave him the right to come home. and today, you know what he is doing? our ex governor, earl ray tomlin, add project he was immensely proud of, and it really was not going very far. it surely wasn't going as fast wlaz we would have all liked it to go. but between the likes of general hoyer and the likes of thomas burton, today, hobet is on the move. hobet is really going to become something fabulous. absolutely right now, we are moving towards doing training there that would save lives beyond belief and bring business and opportunity to this state that could be enormous. plus, the fact we're not going away from the development aspects of it and today we're
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going to be able to save $70 million. [ applause ] i can tell you earl ray's dream will become a reality. and that will be great. now, there's another gentleman with us here tonight,burg white. burg, wherever you are, stand up, please. bird has agreed within the confines of our great secretary, brother dave, in our tax department, bird is has agreed to just this, one thing that we worry about all the time and was said to me over and over and over along the trail, will the contractors pay their taxes? will you collect their taxes?
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absolutely we need to target that. bird will go after just that. no one has ever liked bird. he is perfect for this job. [ applause ] now we celebrate our coal miners going back it woto work, don't ? [ applause ] you know what we need to do? we need not to be satisfied with the numbers that we have back
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today. we need to be sure that those people are some way looked after from a safety standpoint, the very best they possibly can, or can be. but in addition of that, we have got to get more of our coal miners to work. it is an absolute unbelievable thing to travel down through the coal fields and see communities coming back to life. see, the line at dairy queen, you know, being longer. seeing people walk around on used car lots. they're coming back it life. but we've got to have more. we've got to have more and then more on top of that. it's nice to think about what our gas companies and their contributions are doing to the state of west virginia. it is unbelievable. unbelievable. and we thank them in every way. in this session here, we could very well have the opportunity
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to address joint development. [ applause ] i would ask just this, that as we're able, to give back or try to help, our gas companies need to come to the forefront too and our land owners and our mineral owners. they all need to be protected. there's a way, there's a way to always do all this, if we'll just get together and work it all out. just to say, that won't pass if we put two things together, well who would have thunk? who would have thunk we would have been here tonight when you saw all this right here last year. but we're here. now, just think of this just a second. i don't very often get to name something.
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you guys are famous for naming something like, cl9623bc. and i don't have a clue what that ever means. but i'm going to call something jctaw. and it stands for, just cut taxes and win. [ applause ] what we will start with see the limb nati the elimination on the manufacturing of equipment and manufacturing of inventory. [ applause ]
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y'all got to quit this clapping or we'll be here all bloomin' night. i appreciate you, i really do. one thing we've got to ensure is that education in our counties and cities won't get hurt. we can do that. we can absolutely do that with this. let me address a couple other things quickly. our state parks are in ill repair. we found money to do significant repairs to our state parks which will bring people here. the work that's going on in tourism and commerce is phenomenal. phenomenal. think about this just for a second. agriculturely we all know that agriculture could be a sleeping giant in west virginia. and i know a lot about agriculture, guys and girls. a lot. an awful lot.
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and i can tell you it's for real that we could have chicken houses or hog confinement buildings on mountain top removal sites. we could have vegetable or horticultural specialty crops grown and within a rock's throw of the marketplace. all of those things are for real possible because you know why? we have pristine water. we have manure disposal. we have absolutely a disease-free atmosphere. disease-free. we have relatively constant and not terrible temperatures except last week. and maybe even right now, you know. but there's real possibilities there. we've got to put somebody on it and i am going to put west virginia state, marshal university and west virginia university working this and bringing us real ideas as to what we can do.
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i'll be able to tell them there is no way on that plan thet could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real deal.e the could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real deal.t th could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real tht could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real thet could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real deal.thist. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real deal.this could work. or i'll be able to tell them, yes, that's the real deal. now we can't possibly not talk about china. you talk about an 800-pound gorilla in the room -- not me. but china is a possibility beyond all of our possible dreams. it could really happen. and the reason it could probably happen is two things. and these are trump cards that we have and are true trump cards. president trump generally wants the trade imbalance with china to change. president trump put first foot forward. and i promise you, president trump and our friends, and president trump doesn't want me
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calling him saying, donald, why isn't it happening? you know, now do i believe that there's going to be $83 billion come rolling into west virginia? it could very well happen. but i can't comprehend $83 billion. and i've traded in a great big arena. but imagine, proctor and gamble is $500 million. if $1 billion comes, it's two proctor and gamble plans. imagine the magnitude of what we are talking about here. it's unbelievable. in the petrol chemical business, natural gas hub, it is unbelievable and we're on something and we're working it and you should be very proud of our commerce people, our relationship with president trump on this issue, and all the goodness that everybody is putting in the licks and trying to do. so please give them a round of applause, because it is a big thing. [ applause ]
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i proudly say we're going -- we have enough money to be able to have a state police cadet class. the first time in probably four years. [ applause ] >> i thought, oh, what a dumb bun bunny am i. we have congressman jenkins sitting here and somehow i just
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passed right by. and the great john ladue who gave me the idea to create and get kids an associate degree in high school and the trades. please give them a great round of applause. >> our education department and dhhr are working tirelessly on an issue that is just -- it is just not comprehendible again for me. child sexual abuse. imagine this. every 18-year-old in west virginia, 1 in 10 of them, 1 in 10 of them, before they reach the age of 18, suffer some level of child sexual abuse. it's got to stop.
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it has to stop. and we're on it and some way somehow we will stop it. now. i've got to talk to you in just a second about touris apple and commerce. i put in the budget, i put in nine numbers, rather, a giant number for tourism, $20 million. you might think, can we not do more than $20 million than just put it into tourism? i would say to you, it is super penny wise and pound poor if you think that's the thing not to do. the reason it is the thing not to do is just this, for every doll that are flows into tourism, it is unbelievable the multiplier effect that comes right back to us. we have got to market ourselves. at some point in time you've got to get tired of waking up and watching the tv and watching the tv say, come to new york or come
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to michigan. it is driving me crazy. some way somehow we've got to let the world know just how good we really are. the world is awakening right now. there's real opportunity. commerce needs money to be able to bring people to us. it's the way the game works. we can do it today. we have a tremendous commerce secretary. we have chelsea ruby, who is doing an unbelievable job in tourism. there is so many areas of diversification that our highways and on and on bring us. we've got to get behind this with everything we have. now, let me say this, right in my neck of the woods, 27 years, 27 years, we've been planning and trying to get coal fieldes
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from way and king highways moving. this spring, this spring you will see pavement going down. we will going to to build them roads. it's going to happen. [ applause ] now let me get to a little bit of the cherry on the top. today we know there's enough money in the budget today -- imagine what i'm saying to you. can you imagine it? i mean, we didn't have enough money to hardly go feed the dogs good. but we now have enough money to give every single person in
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state government a raise. and i'm really, really proud that we're going to be able to do that. we're going to be able to give our teachers a raise. we're going to give a 1% raise across the board to everyone. this year and next year. and i'm budgeting in an additional 1, 1 and 1 for teachers in the following three years and bring them an entire 5. we can do it. it's there right this minute, and it can be done. now, if some way somehow my little girl's basketball team is somewhere and they said they are going to come here, so wherever they are, they need to get here and get here now. oh, here we go. [ applause ]
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now y'all just stand here around me. okay, all y'all just stand right there. okay? now, real quickly, this is abbey and aj and haley and tucker and autumn and taylor and gabby and morgan and lauren and kendra and nia and lucia and kay and emma. and lexie and alasia. now, let me tell you, y'all please sit. please, sit. you stand. you know, in basketball, when the season begins, you're allowed to have two scrimmages. our first scrimmage, we had 40
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turnovers, and we lost by a magazillion points. in the end, we went to work because they are really young. a lot of times, we only have one senior in this crew, but a lot of times there's two freshman and three sophomores on the floor at the same time. since that time, they've not lost a game. just the other day -- [ applause ] just the other day, the ap poll came out and they are ranked second in state. now, let me tell you this, haley, who is second team all state last year, stand right here in front, haley, she had something wrong with her leg the other day. and gabby, gabby who is our
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enforcer here, haley said, what is this, coach? i said, oh, i know what that is, haley. that's resistant pathway ring worm. it won't hurt you, but it eventually goes up your leg and through your face and it will go away. and the only way to get rid of it is you can tie knots around the places in your leg and it will go away. so i turned and winked at gabby, and the next thing i saw was hal haley on the floor tying her sweat suit leg is up. all of the girls said, what are you doing? and haley said something shart smart alecy to gabby and gabby said, well at least i wasn't smart enough to tie myself up. you needed a coach and you
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needed to believe in me and i really will close just by saying this,enough to tie myself up. you needed a coach and you needed to believe in me and i really will close just by saying this, i know how talented you are as the players. and i mean it when i tell you that i love you with all my soul. you are an incredible force to deal with. at least give me the opportunity to be your coach and believe -- now, i want to end by doing this, i want y'all to go flip over that board right there. yeah.
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now, get out of the way where everybody can see. a year ago, this is where we stood. today, that's where we are. it is unbelievable, the six-year plan that you are able to see today that has all black numbers. and today, today, my request from you as our people and you as our legislators, my request for a tax increase would be zero. zero. [ applause ]
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i'll end by just saying that i can't thank you enough. especially our people as we travel the land and we passed a road bond referendum that some thought wasn't going to pass. we pass it in 54 out of 55 counties and in some way the people in richland county, i will be talking to them, but we passed by 73% of the vote. amazing, amazing accomplishment by you. not just me, by you. now i can't thank our people enough and you enough for believing and believing in me. i coach, i coach for the players. here are are the players. i don't coach for myself. people of west virginia are the players. i coach for them. and i coach for our school.
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and our school is our state. that's what i do. that's what i've done forever. now, i would end by just saying this -- you honor me all the time by calling me governor. but it would be fine with me if you often decide to call me coach. i thank you. i asked our team that our team does one other thing. i tell them all the time, every time we break it down, we break it down best on three. 1, 2, 3, best. because i want them to believe they're the best. i want west virginians to believe, you're the best. i don't want us to know our place and know our place should be 50th. i want us to know we're the best. so i'm going to ask them if they
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would, to break it down for us. break it down as you always do it. as you do it the way you do it everyday. >> 1, 2, 3! >> 1, 2, 3, best! plaus. >> hold it just one second. just one second. that's the way we do it all the time. but now, listen closely to how they're going to do it for us tonight. do it one more time. >> 1, 2, 3, best! >> how we can clap! [ applause ]
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>> may god bless all of you. and god bless this great state. we're on our way. let's go get it done. thank you. [ applause ] >> liberty con is taking place this weekend in washington, d.c. it is a series of speakers, panels and workshops with public policy hosted bay libertarian student organization called students for liberty. our live coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. with a conversation between political commentator dave ruben and chief editor nick gallespie. tonight listening to the supreme court oral arguments over whether government workers have to pay union dues if their job
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is represented by a union. janus versus afscme is tonight at 8:30 p.m. on c-span.
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after eight years in office, maine governor, paul le page gave his state of the state earlier this month. a voter to approve measure for medicaid. he said he would not make it into law until the legislator determines thousand pay for it. [ applause ]


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