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tv   1968 - America in Turmoil Civil Rights Race Relations  CSPAN  April 4, 2018 4:48am-6:21am EDT

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public service by america's cable television companies and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events aroundington, d.c., and dr. martin luther king, the
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apostle of the civil rights movement has been shot to death in memphis, tennessee. present issued a bulletin for an arrest scene running from the scene. officers reportedly chased and fired on a car containing two white men. dr. king was standing on the balcony of his second-floor hotel room tonight when according to a companion, and a shot was fired from across the street. in the friend's words, the bullet exploded in his face. they rushed the 39-year-old negro league her to a hospital where he died of a bullet wound to the neck. police found a high-powered hunting rifle about a block from the hotel. it was not a neatly identified as the murder weapon.
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the mayor has reinstated the desk to dawn curfew he imposed on the city last week after a march corrupted in violence. fourovernor has called out national guardsmen, and police report the murder has touched off sporadic acts of violence in a niekro section of the city. in a nationwide television address, the president addressed the nation's shock. >> america is shocked and saddened by the brutal slaying tonight of dr. martin luther king. i ask every citizen to reject the blind violence that has struck dr. king. who lived by nonviolence. i pray that his family can find comfort in the memory of all he tried to do for the land he loved so well. toave conveyed the sympathy
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his widow mrs. king. i know that every american of goodwell joins me in mourning the death of this outstanding leader, and is praying for peace and understanding throughout this land. nothing byeve lawlessness and divisiveness. -- and divisiveness among the american people. it is only by joining together, and only by working together, can we continue to move toward for all and fulfillment of our people. i hope that all americans hearts will search their as they ponder this most tragic incident. walter: king was born in
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atlanta, generally 15, 1929. he was a so no and the grandson that he was the son and the grandson of prominent leaders. he graduated with a doctorate from boston university in 1954, got his first pastorate in birmingham, alabama. in montgomery, alabama, he won fame. he took leadership of a bus and with his, policy of nonviolence over a period of a year, won that strike with the federal desegregation order in alabama. his nonviolence campaign sprint through the south, and he became the leader of the southern christian leadership conference, the conference primary of niekro ministers. since the rise of radical knee grows suggest oakley carmichael, king had been considered a voice of moderation and white leaders
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have look to his policy cleavere
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black panther party in 1958. [video clip] >> in america, black people are theted very much as vietnamese people or other colonized people. we are used to my brutalize, the police in our community occupied -- community occupied our area. us, toe there to contain
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brutalize us and murder us. because they have their orders to do so. just as a soldier in vietnam has her orders to destroy the vietnamese people. the police in our community could not possibly be there to protect our property. they could not possibly be there to see we receive due process of law for the same reason the police do not ask for due process of law. it is very apparent that the police and our community is not there for our security, but the security of the business owners in the community, and to keep the status quo intact. >> they are not aware. know whateople don't is going on with the black people. all of those rights are causing our lives to be miserable.
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they really haven't focused in on the fact that it is big. the power structure, the baldheaded businessmen at the chamber of commerce, they are not turned on the that power structure. -- from san francisco state. it was so positive, so optimistic, so full of energy. the organization that i left was at the point of breakdown and burnout after eight years of confrontinthere were tons of up,
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riots, protests. the country seemed to be in a state of total chaos and what was sold that so intriguing is that clearly there was instruction to police to stand down because police were not stopping these riots and uprisings. you saw a huge explosion of anger and frustration and
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violence in the wake of these
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junior at an impromptu speech in indianapolis. here's what he had to say. in this difficult day, this difficult time for the united states, it is perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in.
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,or those of you that are black considering the evidence evidently here that there were white people responsible, you can be filled with bitterness and with hatred and a desire for revenge. we can move in that direction is a country and greater polarizations, black people amongst blacks and whites among whites. filled with hatred towards one another. or we can make an effort as martin luther king did to comprehend andto replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land with an effort to understand, compassion and love for those of you who
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are black and are tempted to be ,illed with hatred and distrust of the injustice of such an act. against all white people. i would only say that i can also feel in my own heart the same kind of feeling. i had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man. we have to make an effort in the united states. we have to make an effort to was an explosion acrossnd your
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the country. there were riots, uprising, rebellions. washington, d.c., 14th street were on fire. the police were standing down so the black panther party wanted to respond. believe peoplet should go out and riot so they took it upon themselves, a group of panthers took it on themselves to engage in actions in response to king's assassination and the groups were about eight panthers in a car who were going to essentially attack police and respond. but does what ended up happening , a a group got scattered small contingent ended up in a and wereoakland shooting back and forth with the
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oakland police. and -- were in the same house and the house began to catch on fire. said we don't want to burn to death, so bobby hutton came out and attempt to surrender and was attends kin'l
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, that is eugene mccarthy, bobby kennedy, hubert come free and richard nixon. becauset lyndon johnson of concerns -- security concerns is not attend, but he is accorded desk king is accorded the equivalent of a state funeral. when we think about what's going on on college campuses and black communities, there is a huge rning.of mou there is a sense of rage.
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there was also a sense of organizing that took those as well. looking as assassination becomes a global event. there worked sympathy demonstrations around the world, america --ica, latin sending telegrams to the king family, telegrams to the u.s. in solidarity with king's memory. so king was really going to be -- the country was really going to be reeling in the after
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fellow there. the joseph as director for study of race and democracy at the university of texas at austin.
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