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tv   Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Testifies on User Data  CSPAN  April 10, 2018 7:30pm-7:57pm EDT

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>> so you think nudging is going to happen? >> thank you all very much. >> thank you. thank you. chairman of the senate commerce committee, day one is done in the senate, we're opening up our phone lines on c-span 3 to get your thoughts. your reaction in general, are you deleting facebook as a result of recent news out of the company?
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republicans, democrats and all others, we'll look at tweets and some facebook postings this afternoon and will get to your calls and there will be other senators coming owe that microphone position. we may go back out there outside of this hearing room. let's get a call from lansing, illinois. christine, good evening. republican line. >> hi. >> as a registered voter and facebook user i'm concerned that 89 million people zuckerberg claimed today we own our data how is it that he was able to sell it if he didn't own it to sell it? those 89 million people are owed
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restitution and the profit by which he sold ownership of their data. the chair in opening statement said the contours of the situation of cambridge analystica are still coming to light and that will be the subject of a separate hearing, 89 million users impacted by that in michigan we'll hear from elizabeth on the other line. >> i want to comment on it wasn't hit on about the data collected without your knowledge at all. it's not just data agreed to. it's data where facebook is
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collecting everywhere on the internet and people should look at the kindle devices. facebook has longest line of permissions. when you can go shopping at home depot and leave some shutters in the cart and go to facebook two hours later and they try to sell them to you that, is not about them selling data you gave permission for. that is about collecting data that you never knew about. it's like what senator peters sort of touched on about how people talking on the phone and they see an ad for it. >> right. >> this is more about that. he's collecting data you don't know about. and has been doing it for years
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and when i first brought it up on facebook, i saw those shutters they sent her a private message and i understand how data and how the internet works. but they sent me a private message trying to calm me down and make me understand and stranger than that is how the message disappeared a couple years later. >> are you totally off facebook, elizabeth? >> me? at christmas, i love christmas. so i go back and post something funny every day but for the most part i haven't deleted my account but i don't go there. if you watch what their algorithms are doing they'll try
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to get to you click a button and like even if it's pissed off. >> our comments park says the question i have is who is the truth and i see advertisements all the time and there are no cries of foul. and it can be a slippery slope to pick up and choose what can being posted. welcome your comments there. >> just a comment to make. i paid attention to everything everybody said. i have questioned of my own and would have loved to have been there. the biggest question i have is not stated publicly and also, in
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the past he made the comment face book got $800,000 for everybody's information that got stolen. i want to know what they're going to do with $800,000, and i know they think they should it back to the peoples nafgs was stolen. >> in maryland republican line. steven? >> hi. my name is chiefen and i'm three # years old conservative trump voter. my own real issue is that it's like a witch hunt. it's not facebook's responsibility in the senate or house and it's kind of like they're cornering off responsibility. whether facebook or people post false ads, and things like that, if they had trust in the process and people we've appointed it won't matter anyway.
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only reason it holds weight is we don't know what to believe anymore as people. so to pawn this all off on zuckerberg and facebook which i'm not a fan of the guy is kind of a mockery and like a pawn off situation. like hey, we don't know what to believe with us. let's pull him in. whether i twet additional ads or not based on what i like doesn't bother that occasional user. it does not affect me whether i see the same blinds over and over again. or i see conservative posts. it's not going to sway my political opinion. and i'm probably air ray ti in my age group. >> this is day one of two hearings for mark zuckerberg. tomorrow morning at 10:00 here
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on c-span 3 he'll be where the house energy and commerce committee. let's go to phoenix and hear from george on our others line. >> hello. make a comment from perspective of a green party member and user on facebook. i would like to just point out that i think that the senators in general did a poor job of getting to the base of the problems. republicans seem to want to fwlos things over and maintain the business being free to do anything and democrats did a poor job in general. because i think there is a fear
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of getting into the basic problem of interference and that is that we, the united states, andxm@ our agencies are doing ey pit as much the same kind of stuff to interfere all over the world. the senators cannot speak about this and they lose a context for discussing the internet and freedom of use and so forth or regulation of it. that makes it silly. >> let's take a look at our face book page and hear other comments, this one from mimi. who says why not charge?
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spotify has a free service and paid service, and it's not nefarious but two levels of service is fine. and says everybody is hating on them but still have face book. once the house wraps up the work and highlights on c-span 2 following the senate n iowa,en, hello. >> i'm a college you'dent who uses the platform or app development side. and as a personal user and issue i had with was the lack of knowledge from a lot of shors and i understand it's a big issue and i don't want to comment on the other part but issue i had is understanding how do we educate the populus that
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can be misused if they don't understand how their data is being sent. it's an issue to how do we educate people on how to use technology more efficiently. >> mark zuckerberg talk abouted the apps available on facebook and as a developer tell us about what they've done. or have they done anything in terms of developing how policies towards app development is changing. >> this is very well known now they locked down a lot of their platform. and this is perfect public perspective. >> perfect jim next, independence, ohio and republican line. >> yes. i'm just calling in regards to
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the conversation and my question is why did it do any different than what the obama team did in 2012? there is an article from 2017 and so if you have a -- >> were you surprised and i was i was quantityive and no one is bringing that up. >> jim, deer park, new york is next on our independent line. steve, there we go. steve, are you there?
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deer park, new york're going on. helloment you're on the air, okay. >> so i'm in the a facebook user. and the reason is that thinking about joining my wife actually is a facebook user and i got an e-mail one day that had pictures of people that i used to know through the years. i mean people it was really weio my personal e-mail account. yahoo account. and i asked my wife about it. i said i don't understand how i got this e-mail from facebook inviting me to join when i'm not a member. i mean, i'm not, very nothing to do with facebook. she said i signed into your phone and checked my facebook. and at that point i went and checked out user agreement and spent three hours reading it and
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i couldn't believe what i was reading. this is some years ago, 4, 5 years ago. i just want to let everybody know it's worse than you think. they go into your computer and phone and into my yahoo account and pulled out my contacts in my e-mail. they got permission when she signed into the phone to be able to get all of my contacts and send me an incentive to join because of my friends from years ago. >> did they send a follow up e-mail? or no further interaction with them? >> i didn't do anything about it. my wife never signed in again. the e-mail was just an invite, hey, join face book. your friends are waiting for you. and already people i hadn'tyear.
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you see, you actually read the facebook user agreement. and it's three hours, there is a point made by a number of senators including maybe most notably by senator john kennedy. he said the user agreement sucks. here is a follow up tweet from one of our viewer who's says to senator kennedy, facebook's deletion process is not us deleting our account, it's facebook deleting our information. de-anna posts that zuckerberg is handling himself well, kato says it would make you americans safer in data privacy and saying
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european law calls a general data protection is the biggest overhaul of online privacy since the birth of the internet giving europeans the right to know what tata is stored and rights to have it deleted. >> hello, i've opinion facebook free since 2012 because i had a contact like the man before me was saying there was someone speaking to me a lot supposedly a friend of a friend. this person ended up being fake. it was one of their bots, okay? and it was talking to me daily trying to get information from me. and he found out facebook is the most evil thing and i am pro
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tech free living and my friends deleted their accounts and they were not gone when they went back to get on, they were never deleted. i'm not talking deactivation. >> you mean previous data was in the deleted. >> they'd deleted their account, went back a year later everything is still there. so who is lying? cell phones are horrible, texting is terrible. everything you do, everywhere you go you're being tracked four hours a day. i think it's dearvo-xkmroerable what is wrong with our country, period. >> she says she's opinion facebook free since 2012. carolyn posts i shall continue using face book and posting my political comments, it's my favorite hobby, i love comments from my friends and relatives
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and rebecca, republican line, hello there. >> so i pam frustrated and so with deleting information everyone is so focused on information that you post, that they didn't talk anything about what other people posted and there are somehow they got my name. and so once you deleted your stuff, others have it too. >> about you? linked you in? >> yes.
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and i have an account and i'd like it if people with more experience could have a better interfaith so they can point their questions more towards flaws this the system which is how they're going to paint the picture for us. >> thank you. we're going to get about five more minutes of calls. we'll hear from jill in bridge view, illinois. >> hi. sorry for my sore throat. i've opinion watching you guys this is what i have on during the day. since you've been on the air this, is one of the best committee hearings it was
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actually, you know they actually addressing substantial policy issues and i to the a chance to see it was up into the new tha. republican, democrat, i call them republicancrats. they talked about an issue with privacy and how does the internet make money. you find it ironic that a lot of them are opposed to regulating back in '96 when they were first talking it. and a lot of people said, do you follow regulations? you know, it's just a complete flip -- >> after watching the hearing, five hours of the hearing, if you had to bet, do you think in
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the next year or so there will be legislation for regulating some portion of facebook's business? >> i am afraid not. because of the current republican leadership is too old and don't care. and so are the democrats. the way to get back into the voting at an issue, they are going to get to politics. because of the upcoming elections and spending billions of dollars on. >> the focus of the hearing was on data user and privacy and looked into so called, fake news. and alleged sensorship of conservative views and the mueller investigation came in. headline from "the hill." interviewing facebook employees and believes that the company may have been served from the subpoena from the special
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counsel's office. walter on our democrat's line. >> how are you doing today? >> well. >> i have three points. they kept asking about what is a license. saying that they never -- data. but, i own my data. the thing that concerns me is when you give an app permission t is all or nothing. you can't choose to give the name or birthday. you don't have the option to choose what you're giving them. so that's not really an ownership to make. there's other social media sites that that allows it, but the data actually relies on your
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computer. there's one social media company called deer sport and they allowed you to do that. they had the computer and went any other else. it is time to get aware of what the internet is. a lot of the questions, they didn't know what they were referring to. they need to educate themselves about what it is they want to regulate, because, i mean, they don't understand the internet and how to operate, how are they going to understand how to regulate? the third issue is the -- facebook mentions. i have been getting spams. but the a.i. marked me as a spamer so it was sent to me.
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to is sensorship. i've seen them get censored, because the a.i. marked them as spamers. i posted a video from facebook to facebook and they marked it as spam. how can they mark their own video to spam -- understand what i'm saying? >> i sure do. i appreciate that walter. let's get a comment or two from facebook. monica, said zuckerberg sold us out for billions and the coo said if we wanted privacy, you should have paid for t. we were offered that option. it's the internet in general. congress gave internet-free
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reign and know oversight or guidelines, nothing. one more call. robert in red okay, texas for the republican line -- i'm sorry, jess on the democrats line from lutherville, maryland. >> thank you for having me on. a couple of things that were untt saying i do believe so is the best way to answer something when you don't have a solid answer. as a professional person, that's how you get around things. that makes me question a lot w protect the cyber community. in regards to the claims that the obama team is comparable in what they did as using facebook to seek information about their
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target audience to elect obama. it is so apples and oranges it's not even funny in the scope that taking information that people are putting out there publicly on that you are public pages on facebook and gearing towards those people to gain support is one thing. stealing information is entirely different. when zuckerberg is offering these licenses. he is putting in a bunch of red tape to make it confusing for the lay-person to understand what they're offering. i think that was really obvious in how he answered his questions and stirred a lot of issues today. >> we will hear more tomorrow. thank you for that call. thank you for all your calls this evening. after tomorrow's hearing, mark zuckerberg back on capitol hill in front of the commerce committee and live on c-span 3.
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and on the radio app. the nominee to be the next secretary of state, mike pompeo, will testify at the committee hearing, foreign relations thursday, 9:30 a.m. eastern live on c-span 3 as well. i want to take you back to the beginning of today's hearing. and remind you today's hearing airing on c-span. here is the opening statement from mark zuckerberg. >> we face a number of important issues around privacy, safety, and democracy. and you are rightfully have hard questions for me to answer. before i talk about the steps we're taking to address them, i want to talk about how we got here. facebook is an ideal lis stick and optimistic company. we focus on the good people can do. and facebook has grown and got a


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