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tv   Origins of Salem College  CSPAN  April 15, 2018 10:19pm-10:31pm EDT

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being the oldest institution -- educational institution for girls and women in the united states. it started here on salem square in 1772 on what was known as the little girl's school, that is how we refer to it. over the year it added high school classes, more rigorous classes in college classes and is going strong more than 50 years later. school itself was founded by the town of salem, which was a congregation town. , who originally came from europe and established churches in pennsylvania, then came down here in the 1750's to north carolina, the deeply believed in education. unusuallyor boys but for women and girls. the first girls cool, which was was essentially devoted to teaching the girls how to read and write.
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also do sewing, understand the bible and the first teachers were girls who were late teens who had come down from bethlehem, pennsylvania to help start the town here. they had come a few years before the school was officially established. when the school was looking for teachers, they chose older girls who knew how to read and write and may be knew a little map. a teacher would teach until she married, then she might have other duties in the town and a new single sister would take her place. the single sister's building was built in 1785. they did not just live here, they cooked meals here, they would take classes here. very importantly, religious theyity was important and would pray here and have their own services here. on sunday they would join the rest of the convert -- congregation and have a joint service if they lived in the building. you might be sent here around 10, 11 or 12 to live here after
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having lived with their parents. this is the next step for you to become an adult and learning something that you can do to help the community. has had different names over the years. it starts out as a girl school for local kids. the news travels pretty quickly through this area of north carolina before the country. there being no other place to put girls, people actually sent their girls are to become students. when the town decided they would accept borders, even before building the new building in 1805, they found that people were showing up to come to school here. the town had a discussion within their regular meetings, whether they would allow this to happen. they did not want to say to people who had come all the way from raleigh, which might take a week of travel, that you need to turn around. when a father showed up with two girls they temporarily put them in to local houses with other
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families and finished building the border school -- boarding school, which allowed people from all over to come. from for gina, tennessee, the carolinas. one student who was well-known from salem academy and college was sarah who become the wife of president polk after she left here. she was a first that we are happy to claim and be very proud of her. very unusual was in the late 1700s in north carolina. arrived here who did not have the same view of hadery as north carolinians before the revolution. if you were a slave in this town you are technically owned by the town. part of thee moravian, you would be a full member of the religious community. very unusually, jack's -- blacks and white's sat next to each other. they could eat together as well as work together.
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african-americans who were enslaved to be married within the church and their husbands and wives where recognized and their children could be educated here. we very famously had two students who were slaves, but they were also members, or educate by the teachers here. one of those girls, her name was hannah and she was owned by the schumacher's. the other girl was anne-marie and we know she actually lived in this building when it was built in 1785 and she lived here as a full member of the single sister squire. she a, slept and worshiped with the girls and two classes with them. there was a connection, or a focus on being open to all girls that were there at the beginning of school. unfortunately it was lost as moravians excepted the racial attitudes of their surrounding people that diversity and
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openness was lost. in the 20th century, they started being open to other people, not just to white southern children. the school did grow very quickly because it was so successful. it was the only school for girls and not just this state, but in this region. they added college courses in the 1800s. by the beginning of the 1900s they change the name to salem academy college. we still have that diversity that we had a most 250 years ago because we have girls from all over the world for international boarding students. we are also a college for traditional college students and we have graduate courses for nontraditional college courses. i think it is very important for there to be a school like salem academy and college. i think it is a great opportunity for girls to be in a place surrounded or they could
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take risks and try out for things that they might not. salem academy has a robotics team. the college has a debate team a north carolina debate. they have come out on top. i don't think, necessarily, that they would have those opportunities in a coed school. encourage really does and foster growth to take a chance to do something different. certainly, they have a great deal of support from each other. one thing they learned is that women can be the leader in a school community. women can be the leaders in school government and come up with solutions and problems. i think that helps them grow in confidence. salem has a wonderful history in in a way that you do not see that in other places in our country in the late 18th century. we are still proud of that open
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-- of that openness, diversity and respect each other with christianity. watch this and other programs on the history of communities across the country at cities tour. this is american history tv, only on c-span3. recent follow-up to the hearings with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, the communicators looks at the privacy issue raised by the spread of personal data by facebook, what the president and ceo at the center for democracy and technology, and lee goodman, attorney and former chair of the federal election commission. >> all of those politicians asked mark zuckerberg questions for 10 hours. every one of them has been using data mine from american citizens to communicate with their build mailingo
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lists, to target voters, and a lot of this is for good reasons. me is howa-issues for data is collected, used, secured and processed by the companies with which we engage in the online world in a very apprehensive and pervasive way. >> watch the communicators monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. on landmark cases. brandenburg v. ohio. " and leader clarence brandenburg was convicted of hate speech under a ohio law, but the supreme court ruled that the state law violated his first amendment right. our guest to discuss this case are nadine, the former head of the american civil liberties union, and law professor at new york law school in manhattan, and katie fowler, a senior attorney at columbia university's wrist amendment institute. watch landmark cases, monday and
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turmoil968 america in with a look at conservative politics 50 years ago, perceived liberal excesses and disenchantment with government gave rise to the political right, richard nixon, and republican presidential victory. ronald reagan made his debut as a candidate, foreshadowing the revolution to come. our guests are the editor of the , george conservative washington university professor. first, here is richard nixon excepting the nomination for president at the gop convention in miami beach 1968.


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