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  President Trump Hosts Japanese PM Abe for Working Lunch  CSPAN  April 18, 2018 5:50pm-5:55pm EDT

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bedrooms for dwess and family. 65 fireplaces. an increde bable massiable mass staircase. architectural beauty surrounding the home. >> and we'll visit we are waiting for president donald trump and prime minister shinzo abe to begin their news conference in -- at mar-a-lago in florida. earlier today the president hosted the prime minister of japan for lunch.
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>> i like to conclude by saying that it is an honor that you came to mar-a-lago. this is a special place, and it makes people feel good, and that is good for relationships. when we say free, fair, and reciprocal that is good. reciprocal is that when you have a car go to japan, you have to pay the same taxes. china as an example. when they sent a car to us, that's a 2.5% tax. when we sent a card of them it
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is a 25% tax. and that is why we have a $500 billion in balance. so hopefully the root -- word reciprocal will be our primary were they were using. we have not been properly led entrie. we have been let down by our representatives. so free, fair, and reciprocal. and i think we have all agreed to that. thank you very much. >> i think mike pompeo is extraordinary.
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and he will be an extraordinary secretary street. rand paul has never let me down. he is a very special guy. and i don't think he let us down again. let's see what happens. he voted for healthcare, and did a big favor for someone devoted against it and it hurt us. i have a lot of confidence in rand paul and mike pompeo. mike pompeo is in the be known as a great secretary state. he just left north korea, he had a great meeting with kim jong un. he's that kind of guy. gets along with a lot of people. we will see what happens. a lot of people are predicting other things pick but i've a
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feeling can work out very well. and i think our country really needs them. you can be a great leader. thank you very much. were waiting for president donald trump and prime minister shinzo abe to begin their news conference and mar-a-lago florida. while we wait for this news conference to begin here is a portion of today's washington journal. "washington journal" continues. ost: joining us representative bill pascrell, democrat of new jersey, member of the ways and