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  Joint News Conference with Japanese Prime Minister  CSPAN  April 18, 2018 6:15pm-6:58pm EDT

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went into that position as a quality control person. that when she realized the difference of her salary, she went to management and requested a position that a man help. this is a old company and it's very hard labor.
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i want to begin today by expressing my deep condolences to the entire bush family on the passing of former first lady barbara bush. a wonderful person. for decades barbara was a titan of american life. her presence and character were integrated into america's identity. she embodied the spirit of our country. she was a tireless champion for literacy. she was an advocate for the american family, and she was a woman of proud patriotism and profound faith. our hearts are saddened by her passing, but our spirits are lifted by memories of her goodness and grace. she was a good person.
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misses trump and i send our prayers to barbara's husband is 73 years. i will never beat that record. to president bush and their surviving children, and to their many wonderful grandchildren and great- grandchildren. we send our condolences. it also like to send a message to all of our members of military service. especially to those who are involved in the targeted raids on syria. the unmatched skill of the united states military. and are great partners and allies was demonstrated to the
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entire world. missiles were shot , they try to knock them down. they were not successful. they hit none. the purpose of our strike was to establish a deterrent against chemical weapons. i think our allies were world- class. wonderful. i'm pleased to host prime minister shinzo abe here
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at mar-a-lago. we appreciate the hospitality that you showed us at your country last fall. it was wonderful to be welcome to the land of japan. or as i've heard my whole life. the land of the rising sun. it's true, so great. during our visit to asia we had tremendous success with our campaign of pressure on north korea. i will be meeting with ken in a few weeks to discuss the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. hopefully that meeting will be a great success. we look forward to it, it would be tremendous for north korea in the world. we will be doing everything
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possible to make that a worldwide success. for the entire world. we hope to see the day when the korean peninsula can live together in safety, prosperity, and peace. this is the destiny of the korean people. who deserve, and have gone through so much over the years. we hope it all works out, and will be trying very hard. i want to thank prime minister abe for his insight and support over this past year as we've pursued the dream of a peaceful, nuclear fee -- free career. -- korea. thank you prime minister shinzo abe for
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working with us on this together. your support has been critical to bring us to this critical moment in time. it's a historic moment, and possibly beyond that it works out properly. our discussions reaffirm the close cooperation between the united states and japan. we will not repeat the mistakes of previous administrations. our campaign of maximum pressure will continue until north korea d nuclear rises. we have great respect for many aspects of what they're doing. but we have to get it together and end nuclear weapons in all parts of the world. ideally that would be a goal for all of us, to hope for and cherish. there is a bright path
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available to north korea. it will be a great day for them, and the world. during my visit to japan, i met with japanese families who have endured the heartbreak of having their loved ones abducted by the north korean regime. we want to see these families are reunited as soon as possible. and i know for fact that it's one of the most important things on prime minister shinzo abe 's mind. we talked about it often. it's very important, and were to do everything possible to bring them back to japan. i give you that promise. the united states supports japan's efforts to improve
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their defense capabilities. and were exploring ways to expedite the sale of the military equipment necessary. we stepped up so that when other allies order military equipment. they will get their equipment rapidly. in some cases it was years before orders would be fulfilled because of bureaucracy . we are short circuiting that. and it's going be a matter of days. if you are ally, we will help you get this important military equipment. nobody makes it like the nine states. it's the best in the world. were working to improve our
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economic partnership, removing barriers to u.s. exports. the united states is committed to free, fair, and reciprocal trade. were committed to pursuing a bilateral credit relationship. the benefits both countries. prime minister abe and i have agreed to intensify our trade consultations. these past two days have been extremely productive. the friendship between japan and the united states has never been closer. i truly believe it's never been closer than it is today. the bonds between our people have never been stronger. in the months ahead we will rely on his great friendship as we face an array of old
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challenges and new opportunities. and we will face them together. we will work closely on trade. we will do something about the imbalance, that frankly should've been done for years. i want to thank prime minister abe for traveling to mar-a-lago for these important discussions and meetings. it's been an honor to welcome you here. and work with you toward greater security, prosperity, and peace for our two truly great wonderful nations. thank you for being here prime minister shinzo abe .
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as a representative of the japanese people i would like to express our condolences to the bush family. we express our heartfelt condolences. for the blue sky and the refreshing the sea breeze. is a pleasure to be welcome to mar-a-lago. it was great to spend time with president donald trump and engage in fruitful discussions. at the moment that i was at dinner with president donald trump north korea dared to launch ballistic missiles. it is intolerable. the minute that president donald trump stepped forward in front of the camera, he said
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that the u.s. is with our ally japan to 100%. he sent out a message of proper commitment to the world. president donald trump your words on that occasion are still deeply etched in my mind. together with my wonderful memory of my stay here in mar-a- lago. with one single comment you demonstrated that a strong alliance between japan and the united states. and i express my deepest respect for your remarkable leadership. the situation surrounding north korea due to the decisive decision of president donald trump is a historical turning point for the north korean summit. the past mistake should never be repeated. from this point president donald trump and i are in full
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agreement. on the occasion of the 1994 agreement, north korea committed to abandoned nuclear weapons develop. those promises were broken. in the effort of the international community to engage in dialogue entirely exploited to buy time to develop nuclear weapons and missiles. the u.s. and japan will demand that all weapons of mass destruction be dismantled. by
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envisioning multiple scenarios, we sought out our policies and directions. just because north korea is responding to dialogue, there should be no reward. so actual implementation will be demanded. foreign policy has been shared between us. on this occasion, we agreed to continue our effort on the priority agreement of abduction. president donald trump just mention the maximum effort to return abductees.
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we are deeply encouraged by president donald trump's promise. last fall when you visited our country, you listened intently to all the family members of the abductees. you listened carefully, and kindly said that you would like to help. your image on that occasion is indelibly etched in the minds of the japanese people. we will work closely with united states for the immediate return of the japanese abductees. north korea is blessed with resources, and if they are tasked in the right direction they can make the population richer. if north korea takes the right path there could be a path to
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settle the unfortunate past. for that to happen it comprehensive resolution would have to be discussed during the north korean summit. the japan u.s. alliance is not just limited to security. it also contributes to the peace and prosperity of the economic front. japan and the u.s. will take the lead in developing a free and fair market for the region.
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first of all, we must strengthen the economic ties between our two countries. under president donald trump exports from the u.s. including energy, aircraft, and others have increased significantly. further, following the bold tax reform, japanese companies investments have been gaining momentum. that creates a large number of jobs in the united states and contributes to the expansion of the exports in the united states. in order to benefit the -- both countries will expand trade between both countries. building on that foundation will realize economic development in a free and fair trade in the pacific region.
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to make that happen at this time president donald trump and i agreed to start talks for free, fair, and reciprocal trade views. i hope there will be a very fruitful discussion. all over the last two days, president donald trump and i have spent more than seven hours ago -- together over meals and golf. i was able to further deepen my friendship and trust with president donald trump. i would like to express my appreciation to mr. and misses
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trump . thank you. >> questions ? >> thank you very much. mr. president and prime minister abe nice to see you again. president donald trump you sent your cia director to pyeongchang . my question is, do you intend, are you willing to sit down with kim jong un if americans are being held in north korea ? will you insist
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on tangible concessions from north korea and return. you alluded to new tray talks. should we interpret that that you are open to negotiations of a bilateral trade deal ? did you ask the president to exempt japan from the still trade tariff ? >> the fact is they do have three prisoners. we have been talking about them and are negotiating. we are doing our very best. it's very harsh treatment. we fought hard to get otto
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back. and when he came back he was in terrible condition. we are fighting for the three additional american citizens. i believe there's a good chance of doing that. would come a long way from north korea. this is been taken care of by past administrations. i want to publicly thank president xi of china. he's done more for us in any leader of china for any present or administration. he has plugged up the border.
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and he's done it powerfully. he would tell you that he never thought he would go to this extent 93% of the goods coming into north korea come from china . and president xi understands that this very important. he does not want to see nuclear weapons in korea. he is also fighting for china. he has been terrific. can be better ? yes. i said present you've been great, can he be better ? yes. he's been very good. and it's had a big impact. what we have done has had a big impact as well. we've never been in a position like this. i hope to have a
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very successful meeting. if we don't think it's going be successful, we won't have it. if i think it's a meeting that is not to be fruitful, we're not going. if it's not fruitful we will leave the meeting. but something will happen. i like to remain flexible, and will remain flexible here. i've gone to this point. if it were -- weren't for the united states the olympics would not have been as great as
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they were. it turned out to be very successful olympics. we have got to this point and i think we're going be successful. but if or not, we will and it. >> between president donald trump and myself. benefiting both japan and the united states. we've expanded the investment entrie. based on the foundation, open and fair economic development. we have agreed to start reciprocal trade deals at this time.
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as for section 232. japanese steel and aluminum did not have any influence on the u.s. security. it's our position that the quality of japanese products are high. many of those products are difficult to be replaced. and may contribute to the u.s. economy. >> i will allude to the 232. it brought us to the bargaining table. with many nations. in other cases they are pain. it is billions of dollars coming into the coffers of the united states. they have been very important. if you look at what we did with solar panels.
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we put 30% tariffs on them. we had 32 companies open with new plans because it's a new industry. of those 32 plants. 30 closed, and two were not doing well. since putting those terrorists, those two remaining companies are doing well. and eight are opening a lot more will be. same with washing machines. we were having washing machines dumped all over the country. now we've put tariffs on. and now are opening up and expanding companies that make washing machines and dryers. it's big business. the workers of our country know what's happening. we have companies moving up from mexico. automobile companies a lot of things are happening. in our country is doing very well. it will continue. a lot of
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great momentum. if you look at any chart. the enthusiasm for business in our country is at an all-time high. and unemployment for african- american workers, for hispanic workers, it's at an all time low . it's at the lowest point. if you look at unemployment for women. it's at an 18 year low. were very proud of our achievements. and the tax cuts are kicking in. it's a beautiful thing to see. people are spending money, where they didn't have money to spend previously. were very happy with that.
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there's a concern in japan that japan will be left behind. how will you proceed with dialogue with north korea ? trump talked about the abduction issue. are you going to consider the nuclear weapons disarmament is the same levels of adduction ? >> abduction is an important issue for me. it's important your prime minister. i will tell you that while we are having dinner he started talking about abduction and how horrible it was. his level of enthusiasm was unbelievable. i said right then and there we
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will work very hard on that issue. we will try to bring those folks back home. >> japan will not be left behind. that is not the case. we have gone into in depth discussion about policies and direction. we have reached an agreement. regarding the upcoming u.s. and north korea summit. it will lead to the resolution of weapons of mass distraction. we believe it will be a
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historic summit. for that purpose i have thoroughly discussed it with president donald trump. and we fully agree about our direction going forward regarding abduction as president donald trump has explained. we have thoroughly discussed this matter. the president met with the families and victims of abduction, and he knows the families feelings. they were strongly felt and understood by president donald trump. and he gave very encouraging comments i appreciate this encouraging comment. gives us huge courage. very encouraging. this is powerfully
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encouraging. we will continue to cooperate completely. and that is our utmost goal to resolve the issues with north korea including abduction and nuclear weapons. >> thank you mr. president. on the special counsel robert mueller pro. have you concluded that it's not worth the political fallout to remove special counsel robert mueller ? and prime minister abe did the president ask you to provide funding for u.s. troops in japan ? what agreement did you reach here in florida on buying more military equipment in the united states. >> there was no collusion.
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that was found by the house intelligence committee. there was no collusion with russia, other than by the democrats. or the obstructionist. they truly are obstructionist. we are giving tremendous amounts of paper. all this was a hoax created by the democrats and it's easy for them to have a tremendous advantage. this is what it is, and this is where it came from. you look at companies having servers in russia. why didn't the fbi take the dnc server ? this is a hoax.
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no one has ever been more transparent than i have. i believe we've given them 1.4 million pages of documents. and we have not used presidential power or privilege. hopefully we are coming to the end. it's a bad thing for a country. there's been no collusion. they will not find any collusion. it doesn't exist. as far as the two gentlemen you told me about. they've been saying that i'm going to get rid of them for a month -- few months. we want this investigation to be over, done with. and behind us.
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>> regarding the u.s. military expenses in japan. for the safety and security of japan. in the piece and stability of the far east is being maintained. in the case of japan across the world their pain for the accounts. what they pay is very low. i have a question for
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president donald trump. this is a follow-up question 4232. you don't have any plans to exempt china time and president trump and prime minist minister abe. with regard to trade you are going to get new talks for trade. is it going to be in the direction of the fa -- fda or tpp so i with like to hear the views from both of you. >> so this time president trump the talks for free, fair, reciprocal trade deals to initiate that has been agreed. as for this talk, minister and ambassador will be the representative.
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and they will be receiving these talks. the entry between the two countries will be expended. and we are going to realize the inter pacific economic growth. so under u.s. aide, that they are interested in bilateral deal, we are aware of that, but say our country's best position is best for both countries. and based on that position we will be dealing with the talks. >> thank you very much. the united states has a massive trade deficit with japan. it's anywhere from $69 billion to $100 billion a year. that's massive by any standpoint. we are doing 232 on steel and aluminum. and if we can come to arrangement on a new deal between the united states and japan, that would certainly be
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something we would discuss. aluminum tariffs and steel tariffs. and i would look forward to at some point in the future take them off. but right now behave a deficit that's at a minimum of $69 billion a year. japan sends us millions and millions of cars. and we tax them virtually not at all. and we don't send so much product because we have trade barriers and lots of other things. so these are the things that the prime minister and i are going to be discussing over the next short period of time. the media has not covered the tpp correctly. i don't want to go back into tpp. but if they offered us a deal that i can't refuse on behalf of the united states, i would do it. but i like bilateral better. i think it's better for our country. i think it's better for our workers. and i much would prefer a
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bilateral deal, a deal directly with japan. we already have a deal with six of the 11 nations in the tpp. so we already have trade deals. and the others we can make very easily. they are all calling to make a deal. but we think that's much better for us. so unless they offer us a deal we cannot refuse, i would not go back into tpp. we'll see what happens. but in the meantime, we are negotiating, and what i really prefer is negotiating a one-on-one deal with japan. and that's where we are right now. and i'll say that the representatives who are sitting right here are extraordinarily competent and very tough those representing japan. and we will hopefully, in the not too distant future, have a very good deal, good for japan, and good for the united states. okay. thank you all very much. we appreciate it. thank you. thank you very much.
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we'll do sanctions as soon as they very much deserve it. that is a question. there has been nobody tougher on russia than president donald trump. between building up the military, between creating tremendous vast amounts of oil, we raised billions and billions of dollars extra in nato. we had a very, very severe -- we were talking about it a little while ago -- fight in syria recently a month ago between our troops and russian troops and that's very sad. but many people died in that fight. there has been nobody tougher than me. with the media, no matter what i did, it's never tough again, because that's their narrative.
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but russia will tell you there has been nobody tougher than donald trump. and then the other night we had a strike in syria which was absolute precision. i leave it with this. with all of that said, if we can get along with china, and if we can get along with russia, and if we can get along with japan, and other nations, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. just remember that. if we got along with other nations, that's good, not bad. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> this weekend, c-span city's tour takes you to asheville
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north carolina with the help we'll explore asheville littery scene and history. saturday 8:00 p.m. eastern book tv visit the boy hood home of thomas wolf who wrote, look home angel. >> it's a very autobiographical fiction. and today over 200 characters in the book that we can connect to people thomas wolf knew as a boy. he told some secrets that you shouldn't do in a small southern town. and thomas wolf said he got death threats from his first book. >> then go where the great gatcy f scott fitzgerald stayed during 1935 and 1936. >> he had lot his career and came to asheville looking for a place to belong and recover. a place to rest. but he came here most importantly to again recover that news. he want today write again. but he needed something to write about. so when he came to the park inn,
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he wanted to find stories in the people that were staying here. >> on sunday 2:00 p.m. eastern on american history tv, we tour the largest home in america. the built more estate built by the van der filth family during the gilded age. >> a home more than 33 bedrooms for guest and family, 65 fireplaces, incredible massive staircase, just architectural beauty surrounding the hoemt. >> and visit the late pastor billy graham the retreat the cove. watch cities tour of asheville, north carolina saturday and sunday at 2:00 p.m. american history tv working with cable affiliates as we explore america. >> house subcommittee held a hearing on southern border security. it came following reports of a