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tv   Reel America CBS News Democratic National Convention Coverage - 1968  CSPAN  May 5, 2018 8:00am-9:21am EDT

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>> american history tv is 1968.g back 50 years to next, on "reel america," the democratic national convention in chicago as seen through the eyes of cbs news. over the next hour and a quarter, we will visit the third day of the convention when vice president hubert humphrey was nominated for president amid dissent from anti-vietnam war activists on the floor. this includes reports of bloody clashes between thousands of protesters, police, and national guard troops in downtown chicago. walter: chicago, illinois, the convention of the democratic party, nominating tonight its candidate for the presidency.
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that man will be vice president hubert horatio humphrey. right now, seconding speeches are being made for senator mcgovern, and then we will have a nominating seconding speech for the reverend mr. channing phillips of washington, d.c., a favorite candidate of the black caucus. there are some 212 negro delegates here. those who are not bound by other state requirements, such as primary election, are expected to vote their first ballot votes for channing phillips. here in the amphitheater, new york is holding a caucus to discuss the violence downtown and hal walker is there. hal? >> you are wasting valuable time. hal: several hundred of the mccarthy supporters and others have gathered into the caucus
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room, caucus room number one, to hear a proposal to all those actions taken in this convention, the action against the agents, that they gathered together at the end of the mcgovern stage and go forth to the rostrum to present their objections and present a resolution. if not permitted to present that resolution, they say they will not return to the convention tomorrow. their proposal is not they will walk out tonight, but they will not come back tomorrow. as one of the delegates here said, we are going to bring to a grinding halt this entire convention unless what he calls "the atrocities" are stopped. he was given a rousing stand of applause by the caucus delegates in this room. back to you. walter: hal? hal: yes, walter? walter: has there been any suggestion in that caucus that new york delegates attend the fourth party meeting at the
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drake hotel? hal: so far the question of the new party has not come up. but these people are angry about the way delegates are being treated and others at the convention are being treated. and, as i said, they called them "atrocities." they are just going to walk out of this meeting. they have not said they will do subsequent times. walter: thank you, hal. did you have more? hal: that was it, walter. walter: morris raskin of the so-called new party has called a meeting at the drake hotel, has reserved a banquet room. he is expecting 200 or 300 delegates, he says, to attend that meeting. now at the podium, the press secretary to philly senator robert kennedy is seconding the nomination of senator mcgovern.
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>> a moral disaster for our nation when he calls for the application of part of our swollen defense budget to the needs of rural and urban america, he showed the passion and commitment we so badly need in the presidency. george mcgovern said in south dakota last may that robert kennedy would have been one of the three great presidents in our history, and i believe that, too. [applause] and robert kennedy said in the same month that george mcgovern was the senator who had the most feeling and does things in the most genuine way without that affecting his life, and that it was truer of him than any other man in the united states senate, and i believe that, too. [applause] he is the candidate, my fellow democrats, not of the clubhouse, but of the classroom. not of city hall, but of the people.
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[applause] not of nightsticks and tear gas and the mindless brutality -- [cheers and applause] not of night sticks and tear gas and the mindless brutality we have seen on our television screens tonight and on this convention floor. [applause] walter: the daley supporters of the illinois delegation laugh. mayor daley doesn't look very pleased. >> out of shared concern these are human beings we are dealing with. [applause]
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and so, my fellow democrats, only in part, because he would have stood here tonight in support of robert kennedy, only in part because i know the affection robert kennedy has for him, but most of all because i believe him to be the best and finest man to seek the presidency at this convention, i second the nomination and seek your support for a man i am proud to count -- walter: that was the press secretary of the late senator kennedy, seconding senator mcgovern. more about the downtown trouble. is there going to be any delay in this convention as a result of what is going on downtown? >> yes, i am beside the connecticut delegation. i have not been watching television. i understand there were some troubles. somebody handed me something, and 60 people arrested. >> there are rather large disturbances downtown. there are these delegations caucusing now deciding not so
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much decide to walk out tonight, but not to come back tomorrow because of what they call the police-state tactics downtown. >> well, i assume there was security here making sure there was no interruption in the convention itself. after all, this is a serious convention. we are going to nominate the next president of the united states here. >> the charge is undo force being used by police and national guardsmen. >> i know nothing about it. as i say, i have been here with my delegation and on the podium and with the delegation where i belong. >> you see no delay in the convention? >> i'm sure the vice president tomorrow andnced there will be an acceptance speech. >> john daley, chairman of they democratic party. quite a crush as reporters
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attempt to ask in what is going on about the undue force being used by chicago police and national guardsmen. he was reading a news report, walter, and looked rather amazed, as did the people standing with him, and, as you can tell from his comments, he was not really briefed on the governor's statement. he sees, as mr. daley usually does, no delay in this convention as a result of what is a result of what is going on here. walter: joe, the chicago police say more than 150 persons have been arrested in more than 150 persons have been arrested in those continuing conflicts downtown. cbs news of the democratic campaign in chicago will continue in a moment. philip stern, former research director of the national committee, is nominating channing phillips from the district of columbia. >> to open the doors of political opportunity. channing phillips symbolizes those to whom and for whom robert kennedy sought to speak.
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channing phillips is a member of that black minority in america that for so many decades has been voiceless and powerless. he is among the voteless of this land, for he lives in washington, d.c., whose citizens to this day are denied the right to govern themselves. and he is part of the rising generation of which robert kennedy was a part. it would, of course, be an act of disrespect to the memory of robert kennedy to commend to this convention a black man merely because he is black. i do not presume to do that.
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i place before you the name of a serious man of public affairs, who, in my deepest conviction, is abundantly qualified for the presidency. he is qualified by his philosophy and by the instinct and passions that underly it. he is qualified by the character and the courage that enable him to see it like it is, and to tell it like it is. [applause] and he is qualified by experience. i do not mean the experience of long years of long years of public office holding, quite a narrow, myopic definition of the word "experience." what has the so-called experienced leadership of this country brought us? when you leave this hall tonight
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and return downtown, look about you at the barbed wire and the helemeted troops. [cheers and applause] look at the repression of free expression of ideas. breathe deeply of the polluted air, and as you travel on streets overchoked with traffic, look if you will at the decay of the city and of the human spirit that this hugely rich nation so stubbornly tolerates. that is what experienced leadership has provided this country. [applause] i submit to you that office holding is not the only experience that is relevant to the presidency. more important today, i believe, is the experience of living and seeing and, above all, feeling,
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and in that respect, channing phillips is uniquely qualified for the presidency. no other candidate before this convention was born and raised in the ghetto. no other candidate has lived in the ghetto as a black man. no other candidate has suffered the impotent outrage of an insult hurled gratuitously from a neighboring car in mississippi. no other candidate has experienced the flagrant indignity of being forced to serve his country in an all-black unit of a segregated army. that is a part of the the experience that channing phillips would bring to the presidency. to him, the quest for social justice is no politician's
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platitude. it is a passion born of living in a black skin in a white man's society. [applause] to him, the urgency of the urban crisis is no hollow slogan, for the victims of that crisis are his neighbors and his friends. this nation needs a president whose vision is not confined to the so-called politically possible but whose eyes are filled with the urgent, desperate needs of his fellow man. channing phillips is such a man. we need a president who recognizes the sham of spending tens of billions, destroying the land and killing innocent people in an unjust war, while tirelessly claiming that fiscal responsibility must mean
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starvation in mississippi or must bar a child from headstart or must sentence an entire race to live in squalor. [applause] we need a president who sees the senselessness of a headlong rush for the moon or for supersonic flight, while earthbound men live among rats and send their children to antiquated schools with underpaid teachers, using outdated textbooks, and channing phillips is such a man. [applause] and we need a president who will no longer tolerate the existence of a voteless colony in our midst. channing phillips will not, for he resides in that voteless
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colony, washington, d.c. to my right, in bold letters on the walls of this convention hall, are the words "promises made, promises kept." well, let me remind you of a promise made in this party's platform four years ago, and i quote, "the seat of our government shall be a workshop of democracy, a pilot plan of freedom." a promise made, fellow democrats, but not a promise kept. [applause] today, that workshop of democracy you promised four years ago remains voteless, the only capital city west of the iron curtain that is not allowed to govern itself.
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even occupied japan and occupied germany had more self-government than the capital of the greatest democracy of the world. for shame, democrats, for shame. [applause] there is much talk today about law and order. channing phillips is dedicated to achieving peace and order, not only in vietnam, but in the american cities, as well. but he knows that peace and order will not come through the billy club. [applause] or with barbed wire or with tear gas. [applause]
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he knows that you can break heads with billy clubs, but you cannot break spirit with billy clubs. [cheers and applause] and you can't destroy ideas with billy clubs. [applause] and above all, you cannot right wrongs with billy clubs. [cheers and applause] he knows that in the long run, permanent peace and order will only come by facing problems and meeting permanent peace in needs and righting wrongs, and above all, by giving people a real voice in their destinies.
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that is the central importance of channing phillips' candidacy tonight. it says much about our country that he is the first black man in the history of the republic to be placed in nomination before a major party convention. [applause] there must be no political untouchables in america. [applause] eight years ago, the democratic party broke a taboo that members of the catholic faith were politically ineligible for the presidency.
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we nominated and we elected john fitzgerald kennedy. [applause] tonight, the presentation here of a black man qualified for the presidency must be the beginning of an awareness that a man's race is as irrelevant to his fitness for high office as his religion. [applause] the candidacy of channing phillips also gives new meaning to the concept of one man, one vote. in the politics of the future, that phrase must mean more than equality between city and country, between precinct a and precinct b. it must also mean that the voice of the poor be given equal weight with that of the rich. when a highway is paved, the poor man's hubble must be considered as precious as the suburban mansion. the makeup of the delegation that proudly recommends channing phillips to you gives expression to that principle. it encompasses the entire
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economic spectrum, from welfare mothers to millionaires. and each has one vote, no more, no less, in the deliberations of this convention. each of us on this delegation proudly ran under the banner of robert kennedy, for he gave us the hope of a new politics for america, a politics of truth no matter how painful. walter: poet allen ginsberg was the picture you saw there. >> and above all, a politics of inclusion, not exclusion. come, my friends, said lord tennyson, tis not too late to seek a newer world. those words formed the title of robert kennedy's last book. we from the district of columbia
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pay respect to his memory by proclaiming that it is not too late, and it is in the quest of that newer world that my colleagues and i commend to you for the office of president of the united states the name of channing emory phillips. walter: channing phillips, a minister who has only recently become involved in politics because he said he faced a moral question about the vietnam war and had an opportunity to do something about it. he is married, two sons and three daughters, a graduate of colgate divinity school. he attended drew university and taught at howard and american universities. the band is playing "we shall overcome," presumably on the request of the phillips people.
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channing phillips put before the convention on the decision of the black caucus, of some 212 negro delegates. john hart has more on the possibility of a liberal walk-out tonight. john? john: walter, the chairman of the wisconsin delegation has left that caucus, and he has just had a conversation with dick goodwin, and the substance of that conversation was relayed to me, which he is trying to stop any walkout here tonight. there was a walkout at least planned at the time of the nomination of hubert humphrey, when a unity call was made. at that time, some 40 to 50 members of the new york delegation were to stand up and say nay. california, vermont, new mexico,
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new jersey, wisconsin, and pennsylvania. they hoped to get about 100 people walking out. now, this move and this caucus, they changed that and enlarged their plan. the earlier walkout, i should explain, was to go to some buses about three blocks away and take these 50 to 100 delegates to the meeting of the new party at the drake hotel. don peterson, tell me what happened in the caucus, and what is the plan? don peterson: a general discussion of the police brutality taking place downtown. the conrad hilton. there have been dozens of people injured by police and the national guard. the hospital facilities are unavailable or inadequate to take care of them. this convention has brought this about. and i'm going to ask about the
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procedures here, a suspension of the rules, the adjournment of this convention for a week or two weeks and its movement to another city where the delegates and people attending are safe. john: can you step out this way so we can see you on another camera? what is the plan of approaching the platform this evening, coming out of this caucus? i am sorry, i did not hear that. mr. peterson: i am trying to get some state to yield so i can make this motion. john: what is the motion? mr. peterson: the motion will be, i think, to suspend the rules and move for adjournment, for one week, possibly two weeks so we can meet in another city where the delegates of people that come to visit are safe. john: what will happen if you do not get recognized? mr. peterson: i think the people protesting this brutality downtown. you know, they run this place on the rules of the house of representatives, but these people are not legislators.
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they are ordinary citizens. they are looking for decency and fair play. john: is there a plan to send the delegation of distinguished delegates to the podium to make this resolution if you fail here? mr. peterson: we are trying to get a prestigious delegation to talk to the chairman. i do not know under what stage this is in. no one has advised me. john: thank you. hal: how many delegates are involved in this? >> i would say about 600 or 700 showed up. hal: could there be an adjournment under the rules at hand? >> there could be an adjournment at any time under the rules of procedure, at any time. >> did the group here vote on anything at all, or were these suggestions merely made? >> these were suggestions that were made. a situation has brought us
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altogether because of the circumstances. >> you should go see daley? >> there was no consensus. that is a word we have rejected lately. there was a feeling that we might -- [indiscernible] there was a call to attention to what is happening in the hope they will be able to restore order. walter: paul o'dwyer of the new york delegation, saying he is sending members of the mccarthy team and others opposed to the actions here, actions some have called "atrocities," out to speak with other delegates. they will try to bring the convention to a halt. they are going to motion for adjournment to the floor, and they are going to discuss that motion, calling attention to the so-called atrocities throughout the city and here at the convention. they are particularly upset by
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the treatment, they say, of young people outside, in the city, outside of convention hall. but they are also disturbed, they say, by the fierce security regulations they feel hampered them in their efforts on behalf of mccarthy. they say that they will take the opportunity of discussing the adjournment in order to bring this before the delegates. walter: you know, hal, there was one occasion in our history when there was an adjourned convention. that was back in 1860 on the democrats met in charleston on april 23. they deadlocked after 11 days and 57 ballots. and they adjourned until may 3, or they recessed may 3 and reconvened in baltimore june 18, finally got stephen douglas as their candidate. the latest reports is that things have quieted down outside the hilton hotel. but we have just received some film of earlier incidents
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between the police and demonstrators. perhaps we can look at that film. here it is. these are scenes, some of those we saw earlier on videotape, of the demonstrators being tussled, the kindest word for it, into the police wagons. these are yippies and peace demonstrators who have converged on chicago throughout most of last week, sought permission to camp out in the public parks and were denied that permission. they have been demonstrating ever since. the demonstrations have grown increasingly violent. >> i have never seen anything as horrible in my whole life. walter: this is footage by our cbs affiliate here in chicago,
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our station here in chicago, wbbm-tv. a news cameramen shot this film footage. the interesting thing about this is almost universally, the bystanders have been horror stricken, apparently, by this action of the police. you saw, there were a couple of them a moment ago, we had a lot of telephone calls and complaints of people who saw scenes and want to report them, people of substance in the community. some delegates of this convention who were downtown. vice president humphrey in his 29th floor room got some of the gas that came up there and joked and sneezed a bit.
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he made a statement saying he quotesmayed, but this from him, "these dissenters do not represent the people from chicago. it was all programmed. that is a quotation sent to us from the hilton hotel from vice president humphrey regarding these demonstrations. as we reported to you earlier, and this, we remind you, is not live, it is on film. this happened some time ago, 45 minutes or one hour or so ago, the demonstrators got into the lobby of the hilton hotel. the national guard was called. i assume this film was even longer ago than the last videotape. this is before the national guard was called. that would put it at two and a
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half hours ago. mayor daley says the hilton hotel was invaded by these people last night and that the guests were disturbed, and therefore, according to the mayor, the hilton hotel called for assistance tonight. we heard roosevelt grier, the professional football player, tell one of our correspondents on the floor a moment ago compared that to -- mayor daley's assertion, calling for help. the national guard was sent. to the comparison of the russian story that the slovaks called for help, the russian army was sent. cbs news color coverage of campaign 1968, the democratic national convention in chicago, will continue in a moment. congressman john conyers of
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detroit, michigan, seconding mr. phillips for the nomination, has just moved that the convention recess in protest to the treatment by the chicago police and the demonstrators downtown got a big cheer and a laugh from mayor daley. >> the nomination of one who has distinguished himself by his passionate involvement in the struggle for human dignity in this country, in the struggle for black liberation. he is a man who alone signals new hope for the future of this country. we want everyone to understand this nomination is from and by a man in america because we believe that one man, even in this party, can still make a difference. we still hold a conviction that this party can emerge with one man, who by the force of his
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character, by the eloquence of his rhetoric, can alter the course of democratic party politics. reverend channing phillips is a testimonial to human purpose and courage. one who by allowing his name to be placed in nomination is willing to challenge bigotry and injustice wherever we find it in this sick society. and like our departed leader of nonviolence, the late martin luther king, he two days to dream thats to someday, black children will be judged in america not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. [applause] >> congressman john conyers of detroit, seconding the nomination of the reverend
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channing phillips of washington, d.c. >> that he will utilize those powers to the fullest to redress the shame of the world in which two thirds of its inhabitants are starving or are ill housed. he promises to bring an end to the vietnam's of the future which are already visible. he will make the government an example to be followed by every citizen and corporation alike. he will do something about the military industrial complex in this nation. he will bring to every american the sense of justice and pride that i do not feel has been presented here yet at this convention. most importantly, channing phillips has come to learn, as every honest black and white american leader must, that this
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nation does not depend on its wealth but instead upon how it chooses to use it. and that is why we know that it is out of this nomination tonight we will be able to bring to america the long ignored issues of this country and place them in sharper focus than ever before. we want a candidate who clearly perceives the insanity of economic and racial divisions that have been among us for so long. we will, through this genuine new leadership, be forced to find a common ground to end the political hypocrisy that has so long been standard operating procedure in american politics. he would create instead a society that would find meaningful employment for the 40
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million of americans, black, but ironically, mostly white, where the victims of the living hell of being poor in america. we desperately need a candidate for the president of the united states who would unhesitatingly commit the 35 billions of dollars annually spent in death and destruction upon that pathetic, poor, and tiny nation of southeast asia, and instead bring to bear away to eliminate -- a way to eliminate the slums in america, and accomplish what was said so many years ago, so then, to every man his chance, to every man regardless of his birth, his golden, shining opportunity, to every man his right to live, to work, to be himself, and become what
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everything his manhood and his courage will combine to make him. for those reasons, my fellow americans, i would -- with great honor second the nomination of reverend channing phillips. [applause] ♪ walter: there was also a seconding speech for channing phillips by mayor richard hatcher of gary, indiana, which we were unable to show because of the violence downtown, and the fact that that story upstaged the events here at the convention. >> the clerk will continue the call of the role of the states. walter: unless there's a surprise of some kind, and there could be because of the
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convention, there are no other nominations to be placed. >> the sunshine state. favorite santander that it -- son candidate, illustrious united states senator. the honorable george has today released that slate and ask his name not be placed in nomination, and will cast 98% of his plate to the next president of the united states, hubert humphrey. [applause] walter: you can see george smathers in the center of the picture, the tall, curlyhaired gentlemen. >> georgia passes. the regular delegation. walter: i think we will listen to this roll call unless some other news comes our way, that was governor john connally. i keep remembering senator tom connally of texas, no relation.
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>> mr. chairman, hawaii passes. >> idaho. >> mr. chairman, idaho passes. >> illinois. illinois. illinois gives 112 votes for the next president of the united states, hubert humphrey, three for mccarthy, and three for mcgovern. walter: mayor daley has been sitting there rather impassive of all the criticism of his police force and the tactics throughout the night but apparently he has gotten wrestled. he cast illinois' vote, but this
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is not the roll call for the casting of votes. this is the roll call for placing names in nomination. >> mr. chairman, indiana passes. when alaska was reached, it yielded, california. now alaska. you may nominate, second, or pass. walter: the man sitting to the left of mayor daley is george dunn, the financial chairman of the cook county board of finance. >> alaska, having yielded -- walter: thought to be in line for the mayoral candidate some day. >> under the rule. chairman --n --
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walter: the doorkeeper, known as "fishbait" miller. for the house of representatives, he's letting several men who look like security guards through to the rostrum. don't know what the meaning of that is. perhaps none at all. >> now arizona may nominate, second, or pass. >> mr. chairman, arizona passes. >> now having nominated, now kansas. walter: they got out of order there because earlier tonight, alaska had passed, or rather had yielded to california, then yielded to iowa, the nomination of senator mccarthy. it got out all out of order. ofit has been the intention the louisiana delegation a unanimous vote to nominate its
8:42 am
favorites son. the governor. at the request of the governor, we will pass. walter: as you heard the report, there is a move to move to recess this convention for a week or two in view of the violence in chicago tonight, and the development on the floor. mike wallace and frank mankiewicz can maybe throw some more light on this. >> i will. >> larry o'brien and frank mankiewicz talking on the floor. what has been the subject of your conversation for the last three or four minutes? >> frank and i have agreed that the future of the nation rests with the democratic party. we are hopefully can carry on with our goals. >> what were you saying to mr. o'brien? >> i said the future of the the -- democratic party depends on meeting. i think the candidates and the people who control the convention should do something before the public gets the view
8:43 am
of the situation downtown that overcomes our efforts here at reconciliation. >> i will say this, we all agree that law and order must prevail, and a great national convention under the democratic process cannot be disrupted by the lawbreakers or any other elements inside or outside the convention. >> this is happening seven miles away, mr. o'brien. >> frank and i have discussed these matters, and we are in agreement that we are going to discuss it further of camera. -- off-camera. >> are you in agreement with mr. o'brien? >> i agree that useful discussions can be discussed off-camera. >> i gather that you just talk to your candidate, senator george mcgovern. what did he tell you? >> he described to me the scene he saw out of the fourth floor window of the hotel, and he said michigan street was running with blood. he said the police were beating up kids in a matter that was totally out of connection with any offense committed.
8:44 am
he said one of the volunteer girls had gone to the street to buy something at a drugstore without any provocation and was hit. he said he was physically sick to his stomach. george mcgovern is the most decent and honest man in the city. >> we are going to go back to the floor. new hampshire deeply concerned about the events downtown and called for a recess. let's hear what is going on. >> the everlasting disappointment of this crowd assembled, new mexico passes. walter: they passed over the new hampshire call for the recess. i'm not sure they actually made the motion. they simply mentioned the idea. >> new york passes. when alabama was called, it yielded to north carolina. alabama may now nominate,
8:45 am
second, or pass. >> alabama passes. walter: by the way, mike wallace, welcome back to the floor. >> north dakota. >> north dakota passes. >> ohio. >> ohio passes. >> oklahoma. >> oklahoma passes. >> oregon. >> oregon passes. >> pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania passes. >> puerto rico. >> mr. chairman, puerto rico the land of serenity and justice, passes. >> rhode island. >> mr. chairman, rhode island
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passes. >> south carolina. >> mr. chairman, south carolinas favorite son, the honorable hasrt mcmahon -- mcnair released his delegation and south carolina passes. walter: cbs news color coverage of campaign 1968, the democratic national convention in chicago, will continue in a moment. walter: here at the convention, they have gotten to virginia on the roll call. all states have passed. there have been no further incidents while we were away. let's go back to the floor. >> washington. >> washington passes. >> west virginia. >> mr. chairman, the state of west virginia passes. >> wisconsin.
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>> mr. chairman, most delegates to this convention do not know that thousands of young people are being beaten in the streets of chicago. and for that reason, and that reason alone, i request suspension of the rules for the purpose of adjournment for two weeks at 6:00 p.m. to relocate the convention in another city of the choosing of the democratic national committee and the presidential candidates -- >> wisconsin is not recognized for that purpose! [booing] walter: the chairman saying wisconsin is not recognized for that purpose. that is don peterson, chairman of that delegation. >> i am trying to complete my statement, sir.
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we want to relocate this convention -- >> wyoming. walter: the power of the chair. going right on with the rollcall as ordered by the chairman. we saw john bailey, the democratic national committee man, with his glasses forward, did not listen to wisconsin. [booing] -- walter: john harden, in the wisconsin delegation. >> don peterson just said, "what kind of a convention is this?" mr. peterson, what kind of a convention is this? >> what do you think it is? i said this before, this is not the house of representatives. these are plain citizens. we should not be governed by parliamentary chicanery. we should be governed by the rules of fair play. i want action under my ruling. i don't want to be ignored. that is all.
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>> apparently -- >> they can vote it down if they want to. >> apparently, i'm sorry, you're not going to get -- >> it is in order to ask for suspension of the rules. as far as i know, i was ignored. absolutely and totally ignored. >> do you plan anything beyond what you just did? >> i would rather play it a little bit cool. i think that we are going to do something. we have been talking about this problem. i don't think it should be ignored. i don't understand that mentality that they could be so callous as not to take into consideration what is going on beyond these halls. >> the consideration of walking out of this convention. what did dick goodwin tell you when he was here before? >> we only discussed procedure problems here. we were ordered to ask for suspension of the rules. i was not given that courtesy. the microphone was turned off immediately and they arbitrarily
8:50 am
go on to the next point. it only magnifies the fact that the convention just can't function democratically. >> was it your understanding that the mccarthy staff by way of mr. goodwin approved of what you just did? >> i think it has gone beyond any kind of staff approval. >> thank you. thank you very much. walter, back to you. walter: they started the rollcall. the management of this convention has no intention of letting things get out of hand if they can help it. they gaveled mr. peterson down, as you saw. they did not under -- entertain the motion. they went right ahead with the rollcall and are in the rollcall now that the delegates casting -- cast their ballots for the presidential nomination. alabama and alaska passed. arizona cast 14.5 for humphrey. 2.5 mccarthy. two for mcgovern. arkansas cast two for mccarthy.
8:51 am
>> 30 votes for hubert humphrey. two votes for senator mccarthy. one absent. california. 174 votes. >> mr. chairman, california, which is going to stay in this democratic party, casts 91 votes for senator mccarthy. [cheers and applause] >> 51 votes for senator mcgovern. [cheers and applause] >> 17 votes for channing phillips. [cheers and applause] >> 14 votes for hubert humphrey. [booing] >> and one vote abstained. walter: the california delegation pledged to senator robert kennedy, or for the most
8:52 am
part to him, he was assassinated, as you know. the night of his victory in the california primary. >> 91 votes for senator mccarthy. 51 votes for senator mcgovern. 17 votes for channing phillips. and one abstaining. the canal zone, five. >> mr. chairman, the canal zone, the crossroads of the world, cast one vote for mcgovern. four votes for vice president humphrey. [applause] >> four votes for humphrey, one for senator mcgovern. colorado, 35.
8:53 am
>> colorado casts 16.5 votes for vice president humphrey. 10 votes for senator mccarthy. 5.5 votes for senator mcgovern. three votes, three votes for channing phillips. [applause] >> california, 10 votes for senator mccarthy, 5.5 votes for senator mcgovern. three votes for the reverend channing phillips. connecticut, 44. >> connecticut casts 35 votes for hubert humphrey, eight votes for eugene mccarthy, one vote for the reverend channing phillips. >> the connecticut about --
8:54 am
vote, 35 votes for vice president humphrey. eight for senator mccarthy. and one for channing e phillips. delaware, 22. >> delaware casts 21 votes for vice president humphrey. one absent because of illness. the delaware votes 21 votes for vice president humphrey, and one absent. the district of columbia. >> mr. chairman, the citizens of the district of columbia's delegation has two votes for vice president humphrey and 21 votes for channing emory phillips. [applause] >> the district of columbia votes, two votes for vice president humphrey, 21 votes for the reverend phillips.
8:55 am
walter: so far, this matches the cbs delegate count almost exactly. >> florida casts 58 votes, vice president humphrey, 5 votes for senator mccarthy. >> the florida vote, 58 votes for vice president humphrey and five for senator mccarthy. >> georgia, 43. >> the democratic party of georgia casts its vote as follows. humphrey, 17. moore, 2. gray, .5; . and three passes. >> repeat that. you are the regular group from georgia. you cast 17 votes for vice president humphrey. i would like the rest of it, please.
8:56 am
>> two votes for governor dan moore. 1/2 vote for james gray. and three passes. walter: dan moore is the governor of north carolina, who was put in as the favorite. gray is the state chairman of georgia. he and buster mattox picked these delegates who had to share their vote under the order of the convention with the bond delegate group. >> that is incorrect, madam chairman. >> would you tell me what i missed? >> you missed governor dan moore as two. >> dan. i'm sorry. >> mr. gray has one half. and three passes. >> and three passes. i'm not going to have much room left for the loyal's group. [laughter] i am only kidding. [booing]
8:57 am
>> i'm only kidding, you know that. i would like to repeat so we all know that the regular vote from georgia democrat, 17 for vice president humphrey. walter: the georgia delegation has two delegations that were ordered to split the total votes in georgia. their voting separately now. the loyalist group. >> madam chairman, because of the atrocities in downtown chicago -- [booing] georgia's loyal national democrats cast their votes only with reluctance. that vote is, senator eugene mccarthy, 13.5 votes. [applause] senator george mcgovern, one vote. reverend channing phillips, three votes. senator ted kennedy, one half vote.
8:58 am
[applause] vice president hubert humphrey, 2.5 votes. walter: hubert humphrey lost seven votes out of the georgia delegation from our earlier said -- cbs news delegate cast. >> i want to be sure. the loyal democrats of georgia, voting 2.5 votes for vice president humphrey. 13.5 votes for senator mccarthy. one vote for senator mcgovern. three votes for reverend channing phillips, and one half votes for senator ted kennedy. >> that is right. guam, 5. ofguam casts its total votes
8:59 am
five for vice president hubert humphrey. [applause] , five for vicee president hubert humphrey. hawaii? votes forcasts 26 hubert humphrey. [applause] walter: a pickup of two from the earlier count. >> hawaii casts 26 votes for hubert humphrey. ohio, 25? >> ohio casts one half vote for senator mcgovern. 3.5 votes senator mccarthy. 21 votes vice president humphrey. walter: this is going according to our cbs count which would mean humphrey ends up with around 1750 votes. he needs at least 1300. >> illinois, 118 votes.
9:00 am
boos -- ]crowd boos] >> 112 votes for senator humphrey and three votes for senator mcgovern. time, thee first first time the illinois delegation has had the microphone tonight. >> please repeat that. >> yes, madam secretary. illinois votes 112 votes for vice president hubert humphrey. three votes -- [applause] three votes for senator mccarthy, three votes for senator mcgovern. >> thank you. the illinois votes 112 but for vice president humphrey, three votes for senator mccarthy and three for senator mcgovern. indiana, 63.
9:01 am
>> indiana casts for reverend channing phillips one vote. ,or senator mcgovern two votes for senator eugene mccarthy 11 votes. , 49vice president humphrey votes. [applause] the indiana vote, 49 votes for vice president humphrey. 11 for senator mccarthy and two for senator mcgovern and one for reverend phil asserted i -- reverend phillips. iowa. >> iowa passes. >> iowa passes. >> kansas, 38. >> kansas casts 34 votes for vice president humphrey, three votes for senator mcgovern and one vote for senator mccarthy. >> the kansas vote, 34 votes for vice president humphrey, one for
9:02 am
senator mccarthy, and three votes for senator mcgovern. kentucky, 46. bluegrass state of kentucky casts five votes for senator mccarthy, 41 votes for vice president humphrey. [applause] kentucky, 41 votes for vice president humphrey and five for senator mccarthy. louisiana, 36. casts 35 votes for vice president humphrey, one abstention. the louisiana vote, 35 votes for vice president humphrey and one abstention. maine, 27. casts four votes for
9:03 am
senator gene mccarthy, 23 votes for vice president hubert humphrey. , 23 votes forote vice president hubert humphrey. walter: running remarkably close to our cbs cap. >> maryland cas two votes for george mcgovern, two for gene mccarthy, and 45 for hubert humphrey. [applause] the maryland vote, 45 votes for vice president humphrey, two for senator mccarthy and two for senator mcgovern. massachusetts, 72. in accordance with the laws of the commonwealth of massachusetts, no indication of relief has been given by the , massachusetts elected
9:04 am
for the cast 70 votes distinguished senator gene mccarthy. [applause] and by vote of our national committee members, john powers and mary fantasia, to whom the for our greattes vice president hubert humphrey. [applause] walter: massachusetts had a primary which according to the law -- the economist was trying to get the microphone very effectively blocked from it. -- microphone there. effectively blocked from it. the moment has passed. he is a mccarthy supporter. >> nine and one half votes for senator mccarthy.
9:05 am
six and one half votes for the reverend phillips. 72 and one half votes for vice president humphrey. [applause] >> i would assume that he is going to complain that there are delegates in the massachusetts group who are voluntarily voting -- not considering themselves solely voting for because they are bound by the law. dan rather is with him. tell us what is is. >> what happened here, with some difficulty? >> we had an illegal vote from massachusetts. we had a primary which distribute it the votes to senator mccarthy. we thought that the vote polls -- also to see who it was who was voting illegally. we were unable to get the attention of the podium. >> who was responsible for casting that illegal vote? >> our chairman i guess. >> what does he say?
9:06 am
>> excuse me, dan rather, cbs news. says you cassidy vote illegally, who are you? >> i and the representative of the massachusetts -- >> that means you are an attorney? >> yes. >> why did you cast that alec illegally or did you? >> -- ballot illegally or did you? .> i didn't i cast a ballot as it was given to me. i believe the two votes that marycast i john powers and also complied with the laws of the commonwealth of massachusetts and they agree that it complies with the loss of the commonwealth -- laws of the common lot of massachusetts. this law was applied in 1966. >> thank you very much, dan.
9:07 am
let's catch up with the vote. let me fill you in. minnesota cast 38, 38 for humphrey, 11 and a half -- mississippi castanon .5 votes for humphrey, 6.5 for mccarthy -- cast 9.5 for humphrey, 6.5 for mccarthy. montana, 26. votes for casts 2.5 senator eugene mccarthy and 23.5 , and for vice president the next president of the united states, hubert humphreys. [applause] votes montana vote, 23.5 for vice president humphrey and 2.5 votes for senator mccarthy. nebraska, 30. casts nine votes for
9:08 am
mccarthy, andfor 15 for vice president hubert humphrey. the nebraska vote, 15 for vice president humphrey, six for senator mccarthy and nine for senator mcgovern. , 22.a castsam secretary, nevada 18.5 votes for vice president votes for senator mccarthy, one vote for senator mcgovern. the nevada vote, 18 point five for vice president humphrey, 2.5 votes for senator mccarthy, and one vote for senator mcgovern.
9:09 am
new hampshire, 26. >> new hampshire, a free state, casts 20 votes for senator eugene mccarthy. [applause] and six votes for vice president humphrey. votes, mccarthy one in the first primary of the in the first primary of the year. an amazing political surprise. ,311 votes it takes to win 1311.5 actually. >> new jersey cast of these votes. one vote for reverend channing phillips. for senator mccarthy, 19 votes. for our next president, vice president humphrey, 62 votes. [applause] >> i would like to have a repeat. walter: this vote is very close
9:10 am
to the vote that we had anticipated at cbs news. votesl give humphrey 1758 , well over the top of the 1311.5 needed. >> channing phillips one. senator mccarthy 19, vice president humphrey 62. >> thank you very much. >> been considered as a front runner for the vice presidential nomination. >> 19 for senator mccarthy and one for channing phillips. new mexico. walter: we just learned that richard goodman and william of new york are coming onto the floor to see if they can see permission, or get permission from senator mccarthy to address this convention tonight. they have also heard from headquarters that they are calling for a citizen tonight after the can -- sit in after the conclusion. the going to pass up candles in
9:11 am
case the authorities try to turn out the lights. mccarthy andator 96.5 for vice president humphrey. voted 15 forexico humphrey and 11 for mccarthy. new york has just voted 96.5 for , 1.54ey, 87 for mccarthy mcgovern, two for phillips, and three for ted kennedy. >> two votes for reverend phillips and three votes for senator kennedy. north carolina, 59. carolina, obedient to the instructions of the north carolina state to my credit convention -- democratic convention, submits in nomination the name of her favorite son and distinguished
9:12 am
governor, and to cast our 59 .otes for him as caucused the delegation has cast 59 votes for him. governormr. chairman, assigned each delegate to this invention. in conviction of his heart and consciousness. has released the delegation from the instructions imposed by the north carolina democratic convention and north carolina cast her vote as follows. governor dan moore. two votes for senator eugene mccarthy. senator george mcgovern. votes for our distinguished vice president
9:13 am
hubert h humphrey. [applause] >> the north carolina vote is as follows. votes for vice president humphrey. two votes for senator mccarthy. one half vote for senator mcgovern and 12 votes for governor moore. north dakota. 25. dakota, the states that modestly admits being cleaner and greener in the summer and whiter and brighter in the winter, casts seven votes for senator mccarthy, 18 votes for vice president humphrey. [applause] walter: the north carolina but after governor dan moore released the delegates showed
9:14 am
11.5 fewer votes for humphrey than our delegate count indicated for the state which is the largest drop in any of their strength. the greatest difference we have had for any of them. they are 1, 2, or three votes at most except for the seven vote drop in georgia. >> 18 votes for senator eugene votes for vice president hubert humphrey. [applause] >> that was ohio. they also gave two votes to mcgovern and one to ted kennedy. >> they'll hire about is 94 votes for vice president are mccarthy, two to senator mcgovern and one to senator -- 18 to senator mccarthy at, two to senator mcgovern, and one to ted kennedy. oklahoma. votes fora casts .5
9:15 am
phillips. mcgovern.ote for two and a half votes for senator mccarthy. 37 and a half votes for vice president humphrey. [applause] >> the oklahoma vote is as follows. 37.5 votes for vice president humphrey. two and one half votes for voteor mccarthy, one half for senator mcgovern, and one half vote for channing phillips. i can't hear very well. walter: they have three states that have passed so far. this is the vote for oregon
9:16 am
coming up. vice president humphrey has 1214 votes, it takes 1311 here. oregon has 35 votes. for senator mccarthy. walter: vice president humphrey lost one vote. pennsylvania has 130 votes. this could put humphrey across. [applause] apparently they know it. they know it down there. they have been keeping up. politicians are good with pencil and paper when it comes to it. two and one half votes for senator mcgovern, 21 and one half votes for senator mccarthy, and 103 and three quarters -- [applause] walter: vice president hubert
9:17 am
humphrey is the nominee of the democratic party for the presidency of the united states. he went over by five and a half needed.311.5 he the humphrey supporters going wild. >> live sunday morning on 1968, america and turmoil. we look at the impact of the vietnam war at home. while the war was fought in the jungles of vietnam, student marches and acts of civil disobedience on americans reach dominated headlines. streets-- american dominated headlines. filmmaker lin novak whose most recent project with ken burns was the 10 part documentary the
9:18 am
vietnam war. watch 1958 america and turmoil live sunday at 830 -- 8:30 eastern and on american history tv on c-span3. tonight on lectures in history. sam houston's state university professor brian matthew jordan teaches a class of the civil war's overland campaign which took place in virginia in 1864 and pitted forces of ulysses grant against the forces of robert e. lee. here is a preview. begin battle is about to at the mill shoe. , -- a frontal assault it would continue for 22 and a half uninterrupted hours. at once the most surreal but
9:19 am
savage combat the civil war would ever know. a half next 22 and hours, on average in this tiny space, on average one man fell dead or wounded every four second. 22 and a half hours. to convey a sense of the intensity of the small arms fire musketrylvania, the chopped down a note tree 20 inches in diameter. on display at the civil war museum of american history. what's the intent -- >> watch the entire program tonight on american history tv only on c-span three.
9:20 am
up next on american history tv. levyrd blackett and peter discussed their books, one on 1850 fugitive slave law and the other on the racial unrest during the 1960's. they talk about the history and lessons learned from each of these significant time. intown scholar bookstore harrisburg, pennsylvania was the host of this event. >> good afternoon everyone. thank you for coming out. to all theelcome viewers that are watching around the country today on c-span. it is an honor to have you here. and the mayor of harrisburg the co-owner of this beautiful bookstore with my wife catherine who deserves much of the credit of putting this together along with our bookstore manager. to come up every fortunate today because we're going to have this event moderated by a former minister here in town of the


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