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tv   1968 - America in Turmoil Vietnam War at Home  CSPAN  May 29, 2018 12:30am-2:02am EDT

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this is the president, march 23 of '68. >> to find some alternative to turn some of this thing around.
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we will ease up just on vietnam. we've got to turn it around. . this it away from us. we've got to. way iople here by the don't know what you would have found for the parallel thing
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very long. there's a lot of them. that's right. we've got to have something. we haven't got that on them yet. we have proved that we've got a long ride. biting at you. that ingrained in the
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culture. the young men are heroes, try to do what they thought was the right thing to read the young people on and new york. what's interesting is how little the networks, stan parker and his buddies, how little that seemed to have
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penetrated the conscious that it was going on. really comhost: the occupation.
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here's a look. >> community support. peace and money. they're also getting opposition
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from right-wing students. but every now and then, they would try to keep the record player out. of course they're not going to say anything. [indiscernible]
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. the previous world war two generation, i think it is time to ask how the war made them feel. different question. there's a lot of unfinished business. if you imagine the conversations that never happened in america because all of that energy has been spent repressing the experience of vietnam. as tim anderson told me, i don't remember a bit of that whole year and it was the most important year of my life. we cannot go into history without putting a period on the end of the sentence of what happened to us in the.
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by men. women played a huge part but did not have leadership roles. the woman who was at the
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columbia protest wrote about in spoke about how women, we were there to help the guys do what they were doing and they were not really given full equal role in everything. woke on the issue of women to the degree they should have been. to some degree the antiwar movement incorporated aspects of the civil rights movement for some leaders. it was not fully integrated either. there's imperfect aspects of it for sure. back, the a step idealism to protest inspired women. onlyred people in the
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fighting to stay alive to the next moment and for your buddy. if you're watching out for each other. what seems to be in the sense of the vietnam veterans experience is a sense of
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so all of a sudden the streets are filled with these kids who don't look like college kids are supposed to look in the cops view. some of them were committing vandalism and yelling obscenities. and i think a lot of policemen saw that as abusing the privileges they had and scorning them.
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>> they are provoking us but we do not want to confront them. move back.
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he knew it because he drove part of it himself. he has a son that was in the service. host: let's hear from doug stanton on that call. doug: it was about that. many things. i don't think it was just about the lumber yards.
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host: here's the trailer for
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that new documentary called "hit and stay." is increasingly impossible for christians to obey the law of the land. and to remain true to christ. thisne catholics entered building. it was a draft. they brought the files out into the parking lot and burned them. >> and then they stood around. they were talking amongst themselves they were praying and waiting for the feds to show up. it was a big new story. >> we were about publicity. we knew that this was drama, not just politics. it was politics as theater. >> they opened up the options of what people were willing to do. >> i had no idea about that
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theory of action. there were over 100 draft board actions in this country. >> that was my little claim to fame. to be the first none in the united states to commit a federal felony. >> we waited for arrest, we used to the trial has an educational medium. >> we put the vietnam war and the fbi on trial. sympathize with the burning of draft cards. it's very un-american. >> i remember the comment from the prosecutor, that these people were a greater threat to the security of america than organized crime. >> the jury, i think for the most part they were all opposed to the law by the time we finish the trial. >> we have chosen to be powerless.
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the class in between was sent someplace else. i served in the seventh infantry division in korea. but i did follow vietnam very closely. i was young. i had wanted to serve my country and that is why i enlisted. i was identified
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quickly. i was in great shape, exercising, the whole nine yards. at that time i was, talking of f
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the war in vietnam. here's a look. [video clip] >> we had a three-hour meeting. mansfield, he was spaghetti, nothing to say, he's just against the war.
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saying he had nothing -- even trying to get peace and it's just spaghetti. fulbright says that he's determined to run us out of vietnam. that we have got to get out of there and that's his purpose. i was lied to, misled. anytime there is a fraud-based contract, is no contract at all and that congress has some responsibility to the exercise. they had been there three hours, doing what was recommended through the negotiations. how do we get going? he talked about how terrible the war is and how it is tearing our society to pieces
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host: thank you for joining us. guest: great conversation, thank you. host: and thank you t
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