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Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  White House Briefing  CSPAN  June 5, 2018 7:33pm-8:02pm EDT

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>> a couple of hearings to tell you about. a senate panel is investigating sexual abuse of olympic and amateur the fo womes program director for the us gymnastics testified earlier. we will have on cspan dues -- cspan two.>> she was asked about school run violence -- gun violence you could watch that tonight at 10:00 eastern on cspan. >> sarah sanders spoke to reporters about the president's decision to cancel the philadelphia eagles visit to the white house. we will hear from the white house council of economic advisors chair who provided the update on the u.s. economy and job maet the portioy's n of white house briefing is 25 minutes. >> good afternoon.
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we are bringing out the big gu today. since the president, his office, the economy has created nearly 3 million join unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8 % matching the lowest level in nearly 50 years. the beurre does make th of labor statistics six -- statistics, job openings outnumbered those who are employed. american workers looking for new opportunities or finding them because of the presidents policies of lower taxes, the regularization, and fair and reciprocal trade. the potential has been unleashed. i invited the chairman of the economic advisors to join us today and offer more details out thgrowing economy, we will take your questions on this topic. after that i will be happy to ke questions on news today. thank you.>> i watched these things a lot, i was noticing not everyone is always in the best moodtold sarah at
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you guys need were some charts so we've got charts for you today. there are a lot of people nodding. sarah said it best, we are in as the president tweeted, one of the best economies i've seen in my er. there are a number of facts to develop over the last few months that i think concerning some of the things we spoke about when we talked about maybe in november, this last bill, the tax bill. deregulation, we are beginning to see theffects of this in the data. in this first slide, one of my favorite ways to look at the summary of how the economy is doing, looking at the growth over the previous year. you may recall when the president ran for office, when he came in, and i started almost a year ago, looking ahead to the three % growth, everyone said no, we got a new
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normal for the blue lines that you see during the obama year where we've got gross in the once maybe up to two if we are lucky but we could never get % growth again but in the latest data we've had, we got growth year after year that has a smidgen less than three %. the number now is the second arter gdp high enough to make the year growth 3.1-3.2. there's been a clear trend break. there's the three % growth that they use to expect, let's go to the next slide, please. in this chart i would like to show something that we again spoke about in the fall. one of the reasons why we had such low growth in the previous administration it was so antibusiness and discouraging capital information with inappropriate tax policy and higher regulation you could see this in the data if you look at for example the blue dot the business capital spending at
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barely increased at all. evprection2016, it stated a similar level but subsequently after the election, already we started to see an increase for the sentiment in the capital sending -- spending and now that we passed this tax bill you could see it oc wesaid iwould in the higher capital spenng is exactly one of the key factors driving at this time. i could remember way back in the fall saying if we pass the tax bill we could expect to see tax spending by 10 % if you look at the last portion of the first quarter this year the capital spending was up 9.2 %. next slide, please. there are a number of other things we could look at and briefly we could go on all day but i promised sarah i would stop at about 10 minutes but this is one of the ones i find most striking. small businesses are optimistic
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as we've ever seen as we began surveying. it's interesting to see as you said well, sometimes people in the obama administration we t the economy up for the esident but you see the clear break in the chart when we got to the elecon so the president promised he would cut taxes and reduce this on small business to reduce have her -- heavy regular -- regulatory cos. the sentiment turned around. that has helped lead to something that is really one of the more remarkable labor maets at we've seen. the job market is about as strong as i've seen. there are different ways to put this into perspective but for me the easiest factors that it's only seven times back to 1970 we've had an unemployment rate below for % and those were the last two months we expect this will continue as remarkable as this chart is i
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think this next one is one of the things that goes on even more it shows the gap between the unemployment rate of workers. you could see that the gap between the unemployment rates for these workershas gone to an all-time low and it's maybe about a third of what it was on average during the obama administration. the gap to go down to zero but we made a tremendous amount of progress because the e econombut the next chart re for a person who loves the economic data is really my favorite because you rarely ever see anything that is the best since the second world war and economic data in this chart shows the initial claims for unemploymentsurance which s for those who had the bad news that they lost their job, there's the share of e workforce itthe lowest it's been since the second world war one of the worst and most destructive things is that someone could lose their job
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but right now there's never been a better economy for this since the second world war. i've got another chart and then we will open up for questions. the last chart is something presidents -- the president tweeted about. this is a chart of what happened to american wealth since the president was elected, how much money they've got in their checking accounts, their saving account, the value of their house, and the value of equity market. since the president was elected, the american wealth increased by $7 trillion. i guess when you see the data over the next coming quarters, across the $100 trillion mark for americans as well. it's clear that the president's economic policy is working but i think that the most important thing is that they are working for america's workers. they are being laid off at the lowest pace that we've seen. now i will open up for a two questions. >> good afternoon. the unemployment rate, if the labor partition ration -- the
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labor participation rates lag the last time, what could the white house do to increase the labor participation rate?>> so going back to the campaign when the president was speaking, the people who had exitedthe labo force because they were so discouraged that they gave up, we said we do not believe the stories that were being pushed by the previous administration that there's no hope for you, but that we think you should get back to the labor force, as of the last job report, 900,000 people, 900,000 americans out of the labor force have gotten a josince the president took office. and i will go back to you ma'am.>> two questions. does this administration take into account that the obama administration had been dealing
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with a recession, do you think that would count when you talk about the numbers comparing apples to oranges and the economic portion? and for unemployment, the numbers have godown. historically the numbers have been 1 1/2 into times even greater than that of white america, with the administration that you love to tout numbers, target in to bring this?>> the great recession that was a targeting point as something we worked on. the great recession slowed growth in the early years of the obama administration but will we should have seen is at the end of the administration the capital spending and everything else would be going back to normal, that was not happening which was clearly in that data as per the targeting i think one of the things that we've spoken in the room about is that the president talked about, the increasing jobs and
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goods producing industries, manufacturers and construction. it's a pace a little under 50,000 per month. it goes double under the previous administration precisely the thing the president had been targeting. looking at the disparities across these professions, the goods producing industries partly responsible for the rate > when it comes to the construction, it's known as a force. what specifically will you do for african-americans that you have been talking about? >> the gap is the lowest in history and his policy is going to target goods producing industry. >> the united states as it stands, have you guys at all modeled at all if there's a
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trade war between the u.s. and china? the us economy?
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>> so there are a lot of things going on right now. >> in terms of where we are, there's this idea that there are negotiations is this the right approach? >> i think the approach is negotiation to make good deals but you will have to talk with him to get more updates on this current situation. but thank you very much and thank you all for having me.>> thank you kevin. lastly we wanted to give you an additional update, the
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administration applauds the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his decision to cancel the majority for the august recess to remain in sen. therbeen an historic struction and there is a lot to do with including certain appropriation bills that we hope they could get taken care of and with th i will take your questions.>> on this cision, he is suggesting, is he aware that they knelt for the national anthem? >> his decision not just the anthem has been made clear but let's not forget that the administration has, there were 80 members of the eagles organization that rsvped and committed to te the event as recently as friday well over 00 fans of the eagles organization. the eagles are the ones that try to change their commitment after the 11th hour and the president thinks that they
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deserve better than that and therefore we changed the ceremony to be a focus on celebrating our great country.>> and he can thing -- ththey are unlikely to be here? is this something from the national anthem?>> this was not a political stunt by the eagles franchise that they would not have planned to attend the event and then back out at the last minute and if it was not a political stunt they would have not attempted to hehe visit tknew the president would be overseas. this was not a political stunt they would have not waited until monday well after 1000 of their fans had traveled and taken time from their schedules to offer only a tiny handful of representatives to attend the event.>> it's about the players in the end?>> the president has been caronhis positi
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regardg e national anthem. we have not wared on that. the president thinks people should stand for the national anthem particularly when it comes to the nfl it's not about the particul team it's about having pride in our country. being respectful for those who have fought and died to preserve our country in terms of this, the eagles are the ones who changed their commitment at t the lt idit was appropriate and changed the event to be a ceremony.>> you referred this to the outlying council dodging the statement that the president was involved. saying yes the president did reseed his statement. giuliani said it was a mistake. so, do you want to go for the record on this statement when you said he certainly did not take it?>> i certainly will not
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go into detail. and i know you guys would like to engage on matters of conversation between the special counsel but we personally have walled that off so i will not comment on the outlying council.>> why can't you correct that?>> again i will not answer questions dealing specifically with the outside counsel. >> i will not get into the back and forth you on that. >> they are looking to, does he involve any key voters in the state? the statements that, he has?>> certainly we would hope that the people in pennsylvania would share the president's commitment, to the national anthem, the pride that we have in our country, it's not meant
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to be a slight to anyone but frankly a reaffirmation of the great country that we live in and to stand for the national anthem, it's something the president has been clear on.>> what wilon the agenda regarding the trade issues can they provide economic assistanced blic plto reach an issue?>> i'm not going to get ahead of the presidents meeting but we anticipate the summit with north korea that will be next week to come up as well as tradissues and other matters and we will be happy to provide a reaction when the presid to that tomorrow.>> with the franchise >> what is the policy.
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the question about the special counsel, do you think your statement was accurate or inaccurate?>> i know you wame th >> i know your goal is to engage me with matters of the outside counsel what i'm not gointo do >> i work day in d day out with the majority of you here in the room. you know that i'm a hard- working person to provide accurate information. i'm not going to engage in matters for the outside counsel.>> is the reason yo are unwilling to speak about have already had to speak with the special counsel. >> the appropriate venue for thes questions to be addressed
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would be through the outside counsel.>> the revery nd and all the funding we see those with the administration accurately? why wouldn't that be true for the other areas of the administration? >> i wod refer you to that to in the deils for that. i will be happy to provide additional information over the next few days. >> the president, what is the presidents goal? to remind the attorney general that he is really upset with him? is he trying to get him to quit
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or what is he trying to do?>> he's made his position on this clear so i don't have anything to add beyond that. >> he was concerned that the fbi was beginning or slow before the investigation into this email investigation, providing the fbi director, what is he basing his concern on? is this based on the conversation he had with personnel currently or is this simply an observation based on the past?>> i think he woke to ster. they'vede enwith a number of other issues, there's a great deal of time on this. you would like to see this spread out.>> is it appropriate to encourage the inspector general to release this based on his timeline rather than
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their own?>> he wants full transparency but he wants this to be expedited and completed quickly on all fronts. >> i want to follow up on this question. sense. e esident etheit's on the clear account or otherwise, he keeps saying things that are not worn out by thfact whether it's about the national anthem, or, $6 billion for opioid issues but now there's a way down. we've had immigration judges so the president would say things that aren't true, the ent these questions, why is it the things you keep saying from the podi tu out to not be true and things the
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presidents keep saying on a number of venues turn out not to be true? why should we be able to trust that the information that we are getting from the administration more portly, why should americans be able to trust that what they hear from this white house is always the truth?>> once again, i don't know how many times to addresi wois every single day to give you accurate and up-to-date information and will continue to do that. frankly i think my credibility is probably higher than the medias. in large part that is because you guys spend more of your time focused on attacking the president then reporting the news. i think that if he spent a little bit more time reporting the news instead of trying to tear me down, you may actually see we are working hard to provide you goodin and to provide thnformaon
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to the amican people.>> i want to get your reaction about a statement put out by malcolm jenkins.'s well respected on the team and throughout the lead. he said the decision made by the presidents to cancel the event, he paints the picture that each players are anti- american, anti-flag, and antimilitary. what's your response to the statement he put out? >> i addressed this a few times, the eagles were the ones that committed to an event on friday, they submitted over 80 members of t eagles franchise, for the event along with over 1000 fans participating, it was the eagl organization who tried to change the commitment at the 11th hour, once again if
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this wasn't a political stunt they would not have planned to attend the event then backed out if was -- if it wasn't a pompd st reschedu for when they knew the president would be out of the country. and they would not have waited until the last minute tomake these changes if this absome kind of political stement that they were trying to make towards the president. >> comg up tonight, a look at the 2018 wildfire forecast. a report examines how radical groups like isis communicate and recruit online. and the panel discusses the evolving strategies of maritime security. later, former military officials talk about the potential risks and benefits of emerging military technology. tomorrow on cspan three, he appears before the house education and workforce committee, he will be there live at 9:40 5 am eastern.
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in the afternoon senator rand paul and the subcommittee expending oversight and emergency management hearing for a look at the congressional war power and the cost of military engagement overseas. that is live at 2:30 p.m. ree.ghhere span >> on wednesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cspan two, the memorial service marking the 50th anniversary of the sainion of robert f keton nation cemetery, featured speakers include family, friends, members of congress, and the former president clinton. watch the memorial service at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cspan two. g orlist cspan radio app. >> this morning on capitol hill, lawmakers were briefed on the federal governments wildfire management plan as a forecast for the upcoming fire season. the interim chief represented
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the u.s. forest service and the wildland fire director jeff ruppert represented the interior department. there were also questions about antiharassment training at these agencies, the coinis out half. >> good morning everyone the community will come to order. we would like to welcome back the committee. christiansen, welcome. mister rupert, welcome to you. we are here to discuss the 2018 wildfire season. based on what we already know today, it doesn't look good. last friday the national agency fire center which is a joint operation between the department of interior and u.s. forest service released to their monthly fire potential outlook for ne