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  President Campaigns in Fargo ND  CSPAN  June 28, 2018 1:49am-3:11am EDT

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headlines, there are speakers coming to the national press club and they include alan alda who will be here on july 11. have the2, we president and ceo of union pacific. july 16, we have a luncheon with the commissioner of major league baseball. there are lots of other great event happening at the press club read please check out our website. please comeinvited, back. with that, we are out. thank you. [applause]
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, we return to our live coverage here on c-span three. president trump is coming out to speak in a campaign rally in support of republican congressman kramer. senator hyde camp, the incumbent democrat was elected in 2012. congressman kramer won the north dakota gop primary for the u.s. senate earlier this month. the rally is being held at shields arena in fargo north dakota.
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hello fargo. hi fargo, we love you. what a place. what a place. thank you very much. this is an honor. you know i wish we could've had this stage back about 100 yards
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to see how many people. this place is packed. the only thing more packed is outside. trying to get in. they have a hard time, they can't get in. it's full. you know we had to transfer 24,000 seat arena that we should have taken it. the problem is if we had to empty seats, but didn't quite get there, which will always happen. they will say he didn't fill up the arena. he didn't fill it up. that's what they'll say. he didn't fill out that arena 24,000 people. we would've folded up in retrospect. but that's okay, thank you very much.
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i am thrilled to be here in the great state of north dakota with so many hard-working american patriots. right? and i want to congratulate, right, we want to do this. you know what i'm going to say. i want to congratulate the north dakota state bison. i shouldn't tell you this. i shouldn't tell you this. but when i was coming out, they were talking about bison. i thought it was an , they said it is but it's pronounced bison. we didn't want to get that wrong, right. but out of some great national championship team. that's a great group of winners. we are honored to be joined by many of your wonderful north
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dakota leaders. your governor is a great guy. and his wife, first lady of north dakota, catherine. where are you. thank you governor. your former governor ed schafer. add. a lot of people, very successful guy. he puts a straw and the ground and oil comes out. these big companies, they go out and spend aliens looking for oil. they don't find anything. harold hamm. where is harold? where is harold?
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if i ever want to find oil i'm going to call harold. north dakota republican party chairman, great guy, really helpful, rick berg. a man who is so incredibly helpful, to me and to you, and to everybody, a special person who works so hard i call him all action, no talk. don't we like that? all action. senator john hogan. he is fantastic. and i also want to thank kelly armstrong who is running for congress. she's going to win, and kelly thank you.
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very much. thank you. good guys. we also have a couple big supporters, did you ever see this guy with the pillows? my pillow guy, mike. where is mike? i will he is the greatest i have never seen so many ads. and you know what, i think he gives them for like . he does make a great product. great pillow. i actually use them, believe it or not. but he has been a supporter from day one. had and i said i want you to be my because i guarantee you he makes great deals. will you be my ad buyer, mike hutch and mark the my pillow guy.
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and he's been with us right from the beginning. along with an lot of other folks, actually. we've had a great journey together. and we are making progress like nobody thought possible. finally, the person we are all here tonight to support a special person, incredible person. great state of north dakota, kevin kramer. good guy.
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thank you. >> thank you mr. president. all i can say, mr. president on behalf of all the thousands of people in the arena and tens of thousands outside and who live in flyover country, thank you for not forgetting us. and for all the farmers and manufacturers in the families. thank you for rolling back the regulations so they cannot only keep their job to create more jobs. and mr. president, on behalf of
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middle-class working families represented in this room and throughout the heartland, thank you for cutting their taxes so they can keep more of their hard-earned money. right here. and mr. president, on behalf of the most vulnerable, forgotten people the unborn babies, thank you for standing for life. thank you. north dakota value should never have to wonder where i'll be. i'll be them with you. thank you god bless you for thank you welcome to north dakota.
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i gotta tell you that's pretty good. that's pretty good. he loved you. he loves the people. we need kevin kramer to replace liberal democrat. it's going to happen . is going to happen. when heidi ran for office she promised to be an independent vote for the people instead she went to washington and immediately joined chuck, you
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know who chuck is. now we have a new leader, who is a new leader? maxine waters as their new leader. maxine waters. i think she's taken over. they say that to cause problems. but maxine waters is taking over the democrat party. heidi voted no on the obamacare repeal. and by the way it was done. it was done. unfortunately she wouldn't vote. and another person to info, another person campaigned for eight years, repeal and replace. it was a surprise when it went down but we are doing very
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well. you see what's happening we are coming up with incredible plans. we have gotten rid of the individual mandate, which is terrible. it's been gutted. but remember this individual mandate where you have the privileges paying a lot of money for the second privilege of not having to pay are not getting healthcare. what kind of a deal is up. so you pay in order to not to have to pay because you don't want the healthcare because there was no good anyway. so we have thrust secretary of labor. we just came out with the association plan which is phenomenal. millions and millions of people are signing up. we're coming up with another plan, with alex a czar. we're coming up with that plan in two weeks. rick coming up with so many healthcare plans that are so much better than anything you've ever seen before. competitive.
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and obamacare is essentially dead. i would've been happier with a nice guest vote instead of a no vote but that's okay. we are doing great. have probably we wouldn't have come up with these two other plans it's actually three other plans if we didn't do it. sometimes you work under pressure and you do better, right? i think most of the people in this room, under pressure, you end up doing better. there are those people. we want to know those people. heidi voted no. on our massive tax cut. for north dakota families, she voted no. not one democrat voted to cut your taxes. and the other day, nancy pelosi said we have to raise your taxes. what's that all about?
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she wants to raise your taxes. heidi voted no on legislation to stop late-term abortions. heidi voted in favor of the deadly, very very dangerous, horrible, sanctuary cities. you need a senator who doesn't just talk like they are from north dakota but votes like they're from north dakota. that's what you need. and that is kevin kramer. saw vote for any democrat in november is a vote for schumer, pelosi and maxine. maxine, she is a beauty. i mean she practically was
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telling people the other day to assault, can you imagine if i said the thing that you said. we demand that he immediately drop out of the race. can you imagine seriously if i said that or somebody else of that. horrible what she said. now they want to censure her. let's see where that goes, folks. her own party was talking about censure. let's see where that goes. heidi was also against us from the very beginning. of the travel ban. 's i'm proud to report that just yesterday the supreme court approved our travel ban to keep america safe.
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by the way. by the way. a lot of media back here. if cricket hillary would've won this election, and if she came here which is about a 0% chance after the election. should have 200 people in a conference room in a small hotel. you know what the saddest thing is, we, i, were making them rich. they never had ratings like this. you know when the nfl is down 20%, it's the flag. but it's also the fact that everybody is watching us on the different cable networks. because frankly, they find this
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more exciting than the nfl and a hell of a lot more dangerous, right? and is it any better place to be on a nice beautiful evening in north dakota that a truck rally, right? were having a good time. and i wish those cameras would circle the room to see how many thousands of people are here. because you know on the screen i looked in all you see those few beautiful wonderful people. i don't know who the hell . you got a nice group over there. i know i have mike and some others. there can be so famous. [ captioner transitioning ] you please circle the room for the view of please circle.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> [ crowd chanting ] >> i just looked at the screen, and said to my people, how many people here? they said 6000 in the rear, there were unfortunately 16,000 or 18,000 people who could not get in. i said, you have to be kidding. it looks like there are exactly 30 people. what the hell is this? seth will be demille -- cecil
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b. demille would not have set it up like this. the travel ban ruling understands just how critical it is to confirm judges, who will support our constitution. our great constitution. [ cheering ] justice anthony kennedy, a very special guy, also, just announced a little while ago his retirement. from the united states supreme court. >> [ cheering ] >> a great man. i am very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office. because he felt confident in me, to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. that is why. >> [ cheering ]
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>> and i would like to take a moment to show our great appreciation for justice kennedy's lifetime of distinguished service. a terrific man. service to our nation, and to the cause of liberty, we were thrilled to appoint one of kennedy's former clerks to the supreme court. did you ever hear of justice no course an -- justice neil gorsuch. he is doing great. he is a star. justice kennedy is a star. we appreciate it. we have to take our hats off to justice kennedy. thank you very much. >> [ cheering ] >> remember this. we have to pick a great one, we have to pick one that is going
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to be there for 40 years, 45 years, we need intellect, we need so many things to go, you know, there are so many elements that go into the making of a dry -- great justice of the supreme court. you have to hit every one of them. heidi will vote to know to any. we make -- any pick we make to the supreme court. she will vote no the day after the election, on everything. justice kennedy's retirement makes the issue of senate control one of the vital issues of our time. the most important thing we can do, democrats want judges who will rewrite the constitution anyway they want to do it. an take away your second amendment -- eraser borders, throw open the jailhouse doors, and destroy your freedoms.
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we must elect more republicans. we have to do that. >> [ cheering ] the problem is, in the senate, we have 51. we do not have enough. if somebody gets a big hole, let's assume they come in for a hold, let's assume it is worse than that, it is a very tough situation. we need more republicans, especially in the senate, we have to hold the house and maybe even increase it, and i think we will be able to do it. they keep talking about this blue wave, the blue wave is really sputtering pretty badly. the red wave is happening, just look what happened last night. >> [ cheering ] >> they are going to be so
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famous. famous people. you and that little group of people behind the president. yes. they are going to be famous people, those people. you have a better location, but they are going to be famous. republicans want strong borders, and no crime. it is very simple. not complex. democrats want open borders and crime, crime, crime happens automatically when you have the open borders. the democrats want to let the country be overrun -- just take a look at what is going on, everybody comes in, the vial gained -- gang, ms-13 which nancy pelosi wants to protect. we do not want to protect them. two weeks ago, remote -- you remember that. republicans love the military, they love the vets and the police.
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the democrats are always fighting against funding for the military, and funding for law enforcement. think -- figure that one out. democrats are now launching vicious -- against our incredible i.c.e. officers, and border patrol agents. every single day, the men and women of i.c.e. and the cbc work long hours in the most dangerous conditions that you can imagine, to defend our families, and to defend our communities, and to defend our borders, and to defend us. >> [ cheering ] >> i will tell you why. you know, far fewer people are coming through, as much as i complain, coming through our southern border, and now it is getting worse because we have so much opportunity here.
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we have done so well, and we want people to come into our country, but we want them to come into our country on merit, not picked out of a jar. and we are sending ms-13 out by the thousands -- by the thousands. we are liberating towns in long island. we are sending ms-13 out, you know our i.c.e. officers -- they are tough. i got to say, it is not nice. they are mean. they have heart. they go into the town, in long island -- i grew up in long island, right next to long island. and being a town that i have known all of my life, they are being liberated like the foreign powers, taking over the town. our i.c.e. goes in there, they grabbed him by the next, they throw them in the paddy wagon, we get them the hell out of our country.
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>> [ cheering ] >> and the democrats are constantly complaining that we are too rough on i.c.e. you believe it? do you see what they do? do you see what they are doing? do you see what they do? they do not need guns. they like knives because knives are much more painful. they cut people up into small pieces, beautiful young women, walking home from school. and the democrats complain that we are treating them too rough. we are getting them the hell out. as i said, by the thousands. >> [ cheering ] >> just days ago, a brave border agent was shot multiple times while protecting our border. every day, border agents are keeping drug, crimes, and gangs
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from entering the country. we are going to get the wall built. we have already started it. $1.6 billion, we are getting the wall built. >> [ cheering ] [ crowd chanting ] >> it is already begun. it is beautiful. i will tell you why, they may not want to talk about it in california, but those people in san diego are very happy with donald trump, on building the wall, and they are so happy. they are so happy. in recent days, we have heard of shameless attacks on these courageous law enforcement officers. extremists, democrat politicians, have called for
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the complete elimination of i.c.e. we do not want i.c.e. anymore. do you know what would happen to parts of the country? it would be overrun with the worst criminal elements you have ever seen. activists are trying to lock i.c.e. officers from doing their job, and publicly posting their home addresses, putting these incredible people and their families, in harm's way. >> c-span >> these radical democrat representatives only what anarchy. we represent law and order. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> we will not tolerate attacks on law enforcement. we will protect our law enforcement like they protect
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us. >> [ cheering ] >> we will always stand proudly, with our brave heroes of i.c.e., the border patrol, the sheriff, the police, yes, the firemen, the firemen sometimes go under attack, if you can believe it. the firemen! these are great people. we have their backs. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> thanked two republican leaders, america is -- thanks to republican leaders, america is winning again. we are respected again. >> [ cheering ] >> all over the world, we are respected again. you know, all of those red hats
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in the white house? make america great again. right? make america great again. and that is what we are doing. what are we going to say, into a half years, with that campaign. it is called, keep america great !! keep america great. we have gained $7 trillion in value. trillion, with a t. i have wealthy friends, they do not even know what 1 trillion represents. i said, harold, how many billions are in 1 trillion? i am not sure that harold can answer that. but i will tell you what, we have gained tremendous worth.
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economic worth. in other words, more important worse, we are respected again, we are putting america first, we are making great trade deals -- more important words, we are respected again. where putting america first, we are making great trade deals. we are going to get along with china, and crpd -- and the european union, people selling product into the european union. last year with the european union, we love the european union, and the countries in the european union, but the european union of course is set up to take advantage of the united states. to attack the piggy bank. right? we cannot let that happen. last year, with the european union we lost $151 billion on face.
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-- faith. they sent a mercedes and, they send the bmws and, they send their products and, we send things to them, they say no thank you, we do not take the product. that is not the way it works. all of those free payers out there -- that is not free trade. that is stupid trade. stupid trade. >> [ cheering ] >> so i said to them, as the great harold hamlet say, to him it is natural, to some of the people in here it is natural. i know some of the people, they are great business people. said to them very simply, look, if you treat us that way and you do not take down your barriers, -- do you know what they call them? nonmonetary barriers. there barriers. just like charging a big terrace -- terrace -- tariff.
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we charge them many times what they charge them. if you are not going to treat our farmers fairly, if you are not going to take our products like we take your rocks, we are going to tax all of those beautiful mercedes-benz is that are coming in, and bmws that are coming in. >> [ cheering ] >> and we are already taxing through tariffs, their steel and aluminum, and by the way, do you see what is happening with the steel industry in the last 4 months? it is booming again, folks. it is booming! >> [ cheering ] >> united states steel is opening up 6 plans -- plans -- c-span and.
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a great candidate won, her track record is very good. that is why i am here. that is why i am here. but, they just announced the day i get there -- they have a steel company, georgetown, that has been closed for 4 years. they announced the day before i got there to south carolina, that georgetown steel is reopening and hiring 600 people. >> [ cheering ] >> not so complicated. we put tariffs on silver because china was flooding the market, it was not good. we had 32 plans -- plants. they were open but they were barely breathing. we put a 30% tax for solar panels coming into the united states. now, those two plans -- plants
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are doing great. they are talking about opening at least 10, 11, 12, and they will probably have them open pretty soon. they will make high-quality product and a lot of jobs. the same thing with washing machines. big business. they were dumping different countries -- i do not want to tell you the country, actually like this country. sometimes, our worst enemies are our so-called friends or allies. they were dumping washers, they put a big tariff on them, 30%. now, we are making washing machines in our country. what else are we doing? think of it, you never hear of this from the big news. what else are we doing? what else? we are creating jobs, number 1, and we are taking in billions and billions of dollars into our coffers. there was a time -- there was a time when we had tariffs because you had
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presidents like president mckinley, and roosevelt, and others, roosevelt the first. who liked the idea of fallen countries, when they come in and want to take our wealth, they have to pay for it. the not -- they do not take it, we even protect them -- our military, we protect everybody. we get in every which way. so, we want to just tell those people, number 1, we created a lot of jobs. number 2, what is happening is we are taking in billions and billions -- look at the steel -- a 25% tariff. we are taking in billions of dollars, creating jobs. you know what? even if it was not perfect, we need a steel industry. we need steel plants. if something ever happens, if something ever happens, you know what i'm talking about,
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and we needed steel to make that something, we would not be able to make steel. you know, there are some industries, steel and aluminum, we need to have it. we have the job, we have the vibrant industry, the head of the united states -- you call me every day. he says, mr. president, i would like to think you -- thank you. we have not opened up a plant in 32 years. now we are opening up 7 of them, 6 of them -- we are going to build a new one. that is just one company. the heritage foundation reported that in just the first 500 days of our presidency -- not my presidency, our presidency, let's just say that. not my presidency. you are the ones that did it. you are the one that did it. although i have been a good
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student. told john, and i told the whole group -- we had a whole group of politicians, and you know, some of them have been congressman like for 25 minutes 30 years, and they are asking me questions -- they said -- i said i have only been doing this for 2 1/2 years. do not ask me. we have all been students. good students, haven't we? the heritage foundation came out with a report, and this was as of two months ago, we have already implemented 64% of our top agenda items, and that is at a much faster pace than even ronald reagan. that is pretty good right? and you don't hear this from the fake news, we have created 3.4 million new jobs since the election day. 3.4. >> [ cheering ] >> unemployment -- look at
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this one. unemployment is at a 45 year low, it is going to 63, i believe, probably, next fall. african-american unemployment is at its lowest level in the history of our country. >> [ cheering ] >> hispanic american unemployment also is at the lowest point in the history of our country. >> [ cheering ] >> unemployment among women, women, -- remember we were going to do so poorly with women? look at all of the women for trump. >> [ cheering ]
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>> they never take those cameras look -- off of my face. look at all of the women. remember when we were going to soap -- do so poorly with women. we did great with the women. would not be standing here. >> [ cheering ] >> my wife told me, you are going to do great with the women. it is hard to believe that though, with the kind of press we get. do you agree? you know what? they are so smart, and when they hear those numbers, they are happy. and when you hear the numbers, i used to go into -- and i would read the horrible statistics from crime and education, and how badly people are being treated, and the him -- hispanic communities and african-american communities. you remember, you have been voting for democrats for 100 years. you have these horrible -- look at my friend right there. >> [ cheering ] >> a great guy. my friend --
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thank you. you have had these horrible, horrible statistics for years on crime and educational beers and all of the things. i went in and i am reading a point after point and i looked out at the audience, 100 years, they were with democrats. the democrats felt they had automatic votes. i said to them, what the hell do you have to lose? vote for me. what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? i came off of the stage, i will never forget it. the first time i just set it. i did not care. honestly, i do not care. came off of the stage, my political victory. they said, sir it is horrible. what is horrible? when you said, what the hell do
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you have to lose? i said, it is true. african-american unemployment is at the lowest level in history. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. >> [ cheering ] >> so, we keep going and we keep striving, and when it is all over, nobody has done the job that we have all done. you know, for those of you who were with the campaign, which i think was about 130% of you -- >> [ cheering ] >> you would hear me talking about wages. a person would have a job 21 years ago, 19 years ago, from two years when we did the campaign, and they made more money 19 years ago, relatively speaking, by far, then they made two years ago.
2:34 am
and actually, one year ago. the wages were going along, and they had one job. now, they have two or three jobs. they would be working much harder, and making much less money. and now, for the first time in 22 years, wages are rising again. >> [ cheering ] >> and even more importantly, than that, is you have a choice in jobs. it is like the v.a., we approved choice. they have been trying to do it for 45 years. choice. >> [ cheering ] >> you have toys in a job. -- choice in a job. so, remember used to say about -- i was not a great student of the vets.
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but i i believe -- i believe the vets would be on the line for 13 days, 18 days, 3 weeks, 7 days, and then start often they would not be in bad shape. and sometimes it would take so long before seeing a doctor that they would be terminally ill. things that could have been taken care of. and i said without knowing anything, i thought it was the most brilliant policy i have ever heard. i said why don't they just go to a doctor, local, that is looking for business, that would be a very good doctor? would specify a certain great doctor. go to a doctor, be taken care of, and we will pay the bill. and it will be much less expensive, and you will be all set. right? right? >> [ cheering ] >> right? and i thought that was so brilliant, i said, i am the
2:36 am
smartest person. i am so smart. my uncle was a great professor, at mit for 40 years. can you believe that? 40 years. but i said, i am smarter than him. i am smarter than anybody. you know what, i will tell you, i came in and i said that to a group of people who are professionals and have been working for the vets for a long time, and they said, we know about that, we have been trying to get it for 30 years. we have -- could not get it approved. i was good at getting it done. we got it done. signed it. that is what i was good at. we got it done. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> they have been trying to get it done for 40 years. i was a disappointed, i thought it was my idea. that is the only problem, i thought it was my idea. and you know, we have another thing. accountability. look at this. the v.a. -- there was no cap -- no accountability. you have people who were not
2:37 am
protected, whether it was civil service, union, they were protected, you could not fire them. they could be reinstated, we had people that would still and rob, -- steal and rob. there was no account -- accountability. for years, they have been trying to get the accountability act passed. i got it past. you say, ken smith, you have done a hell of a lousy job. you are late and you do not treat the vets right. i am sorry, you're fired. get out of here . right? you are fired. >> [ cheering ] >> so, those two things -- just to prove them -- the accountability was a couple of months ago. and john helped so much, i will tell you, john helped so much.
2:38 am
>> [ applause ] >> he was a leader . he was a leader on both and everybody said you could not get accountability done. i said why? too much power, talk -- too many unions. arizona great, everybody agreed, they could not fire the people. so now you have accountability -- it is done. even more important, i am not sure, but even more important, v.a. choice. now you go to see a doctor, when you have to -- you do not have to wait in line. okay? optimism. among america's great manufacturers. has hit 95%, the highest number, by far, in the history of the survey, which is a very old survey. we have
2:39 am
eliminated record numbers of job killing regulations. i think maybe as important as the tax cut are the regulations. our country was choking. let me tell you, our opponents, our wonderful opponents -- when is she going to get over it? >> [ booing ] >> when does she get over it? >> [ crowd chanting ] >> when do they get over it. but, you know it is pretty amazing, point after point, guilty, guilty, guilty, she is
2:40 am
okay. and then they go after us for our russian hoax, the witch hunt hoax. isn't it incredible when you talk about a double standard? when you talk about a double standard. and nobody even looks at her. nobody even looks. i do not think, unless we are going to be surprised someday. we will see how that works out. but i will tell you what, what has happened is somewhat of a miracle, because we were not expected to win, but every time i go out, we have crowds like this. we went to michigan, we went to wisconsin, we went to places that have not been done -- i think wisconsin was 1952. dwight eisenhower, and we won wisconsin. >> [ cheering ] >> and wisconsin -- i went there , and i said, i think we are going to win this state. people said to me, oh, sir, it
2:41 am
will not happen. i said, why? look at the crowds and the people. look at the signs outside of the house. look at the sides. heard, that the president went back, he went through michigan, and he said he better get the people out to michigan. this is a trump -- there is a trump/pence sign on every house. they said, oh no, our statistics show michigan cannot be won by the republicans. let me tell you what has happened, our plants are moving it to michigan. michigan is very happy with their president . >> [ cheering ] >> they should have listened to bill clinton. and we just had our highest -- i watched these fakers back there. >> [ booing ] >> a year and half ago, they
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said i was an interloper. and now they say, and he will admit, a number of polled said he is the most powerful, most popular republican in the history of the party. and a little while ago, i was an interloper. >> [ cheering ] >> they came out more popular than men like ronald reagan. think about it, you go from interloper -- that is a horrible term. i am just doing my thing, i am not an interloper. , we have tremendous -- look at the people we endorsed. dan donovan. he was behind, we endorsed him. he won by what? 24 points or something, last
2:43 am
night, in staten island, new york, and new york generally. congressman. last night, we had a great evening. because we watched the television, and we were winning less -- left and right. they did not know what the hell hat -- had happened. one of my biggest critics, joe crowley, got his ass kicked. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> by a young woman who had a lot of energy, a lot of energy, i guess he did not see it. they could not find him. he spent a lot of money, he actually had a lot of money left over, everybody is pouring in a fortune, and he was going to take nancy pelosi's place, i want to keep nancy pelosi right where she is with maxine waters. i want to keep nancy pelosi, please, i want to make a plea
2:44 am
to my democrats friends, please, please, please, do not remove nancy pelosi. she should be where she is. please? keep maxine waters on the air as your face, and/or mouthpiece for the democratic party. please. >> [ cheering ] >> maxine and nancy, so i was disappointed in a way when he got beat, because he was going to take her place, i think. now he is looking at us and saying, darling, what happened? politics is a mean game isn't it? it is not mean, it is pleading. 6 months ago republicans passed the biggest tax cuts and reform in american history. our plan doubled the child tax
2:45 am
credit, thank you to ivanka trump. she wanted that so badly. she really got to be a pest. dad, you have got to get child tax credits. i said nobody knows. she said, the women know. the women know. my daughter and my wife, melania, they love the women. and the women love them. the women love them. and the men. child tax credit, people do not talk about it very much, it is substantial. you know we got it for you. we slashed taxes for working families, most of them in half. and saved our family farms, and our small businesses by eliminating the state -- estate
2:46 am
tax in almost all cases. it is known as the death tax, and now, when you leave your small business or your farm -- you leave it to your children, your children do not have to go to the bank, borrow money, and end up losing the farm, or losing the business. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> and kevin and john and the whole group helped us a lot. and guess what, i voted against him. okay? i voted against him. >> -- one >> heidi devos -- voted against him. she had no choice, but the day after the election, she is voting on party lines, 100%.
2:47 am
more than 100 utility companies nationwide have pledged rices for customers, saving them into this country much more than $3 billion, which goes and reduces your electric bill. heidi and every single democrat voted against our tax cut. we are also fixated on traded deals, that have funded our wealth, gutted the communities, under what -- undermined the farmers, taking our jobs, we are going to make trade fair and reciprocal. reciprocal. do you know what that is? they do it us, we do it to them. and we are placing very big tariffs on some of these countries, because, they have tariffs on us.
2:48 am
it is incredible, i wonder where these people come from. even politicians. so, we will have a country, it does not matter, i can almost name any of them, they have massive tariffs on our people -- our workers and our farmers, our country and our companies. so, we say we are going to put tariffs on them. and i will actually have politicians and other people come to me -- oh, please, we want free trade. how is this free-trade? i will give you an example. china, we make a car and sell it to china. they charge is a 25% tax. 25%. when they make a car, and sell it to the united states, and there are a lot of them, we charge them the grand total of 2.5%, and they do not pay that. >> [ booing ] >> and then when i want to raise the game and play the game of poker, a game that we
2:49 am
cannot lose, i will get even politicians, mostly democrats, but even a couple of republicans, they will say, we want free trade. that is not fair trade. it is ridiculous. just play the game for a little while. it is a game we cannot lose. do you know what i said, a couple of times, when we are $500 million down, they say trump is starting a trade war. i say, no, the trade war ended a long time ago, and the united states lost because our leaders did not take care of our people, and our companies. >> [ cheering ] >> so, we are not starting a trade war, but we will finish it. and you know what, in the end, you know what is going to happen? it has already happened, already , they are going to come to us, and they are going to say, hey, we are going to or get up. and we are going to work it out. but remember, it is the art of
2:50 am
the deal. anybody can do the deal. there are a lot of people -- this does not get much simpler. when you are $500 billion down, you cannot lose. you have already won. we are going to make it fair, you have to make it fair. and the fact is, we have had presidents and leaders that worked for those negotiators who were missing in action. they were not doing their jobs. you know, i was dealt a lot of bad hands. i was given north korea, where we were frankly very close to going to war. 30 billion people, 50 million people, 30 miles off of the border, they had what they had cannons like ours. thousands of them. i had to the meeting, we had a great relationship, we had a great chemistry together, the fake news was so upset when i
2:51 am
said we had a good relationship. we had a good chemistry. they said that is a horrible thing. oh no, it is a good thing. getting along with countries, getting along with china, getting along with russia, getting along with these countries is a good thing. it is not a bad thing. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> not a bad thing. >> -- and we have things cooking now. you are going to be so happy. when people rush it it is like rushing the cookie out of the stove. it is not going to be is good. the women can tell me, and some of the men, you have to be politically correct. she nailed it. you nailed it. but, some of the men can tell me, right, some of them in. but, here is what we do. the more you rush, the more -- worse it is going to be.
2:52 am
the longer you take the better. for the farmers, the people are going to be great. you know, john, and kevin gave me something. canadian wheat. the market is consistently discriminated against, with the united states. by grading it as seed. do you know what that means? i do not know what it means. i just know it is a bad deal. what the hell does that mean. but it is true. canada charges us for dairy products, a tariff of 275%. that is like saying we do not want your dairy products. it is no good. that is like saying we do not want north dakota, wisconsin, new york city state -- new york
2:53 am
state, 275%, and i actually hear that is an old number, they raised it months ago, this year. how horrible is that? and then justin -- we fought world war i and world war ii together. we love canada. but they are taking advantage of that. we cannot let that happen. the era of global freeloading and taking advantage of the united states is over. it is just over. >> 17 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> we are restoring american security by rebuilding our military, we have secured a historic $700 billion, just got it approved. $700 billion, we are rebuilding the military, and next year, already approved, $716 billion,
2:54 am
they are rebuilding the military, it will be bigger and stronger than ever before. and hopefully, we will never have to use it, because when it is bigger and stronger, we tend not to have to use it. okay? >> [ cheering ] >> and in addition to that, we got $6 billion for drugs and fighting opioid abuse. $6 billion. but -- we believe in peace but it has to be peace through strength, not weakness. pieces -- peace through strength. i have directed the pentagon to begin the process of creating a six branch of the united states armed forces called the space force. space force.
2:55 am
because space is the new frontier. i'm not just talking about going up to the moon and going to mars, and i want the rich guides -- eyes. -- guys. guys like elon musk, they all of rockets. said that is okay, let's do it. let them send a rocket up to march. i hope they go past. let's help them, let's make it good for them. if they do it, we are going to claimant like we have for the united states. let them spend the money. i have a lot of military guys -- and space from a military standpoint is the new frontier. we will have a space force. everyday we are keeping our product -- promises. to keep this momentum going, we need kevin cramer in the senate. >> [ cheering ] >> all of us tonight, are united by the same tireless values.
2:56 am
we have pride in our history, respect for our great, beautiful, wonderful american flag, right? >> [ cheering ] >> we put our hands to our hearts, for the pledge of allegiance. and we proudly stand for our national anthem. >> [ cheering ] >> proudly stand. in everything we do, we are standing up for our citizens. we are standing up for america, and we are standing up for north dakota. thank. -- thank you. the men and women of our country are not --
2:57 am
forgot no more. they all know where they came from. by the way, our people -- they used to say it is 35. than they said it is 40. than they said it is 42. now they say it is over 50%. and then they said some great people -- any time trump gets a pole -- poll --. if you have ever noticed, i hate it. i meet these people, they call them the elites. look at them, and they, that is a lead? we got more money, we got more friends, better houses, apartments, we have nicer boat, we are smarter than they are, and they say the elite -- we are the elite. you are the elite we are the elite. so i said the other day, let's
2:58 am
keep calling these people -- look, they are patient. they have been stone cold losers. the elite. the elites. let's let them keep calling themselves the elite. we are going to call ourselves -- and remember you are indeed -- you were carter and you are indeed smarter than them, let's call ourselves, from now on, the super elite. we are the super elite. you are the people who farmed perry's -- the prairies, tamed the badlands, celebrate your heritage and live life proudly, under the big, beautiful skies. you have the big beautiful skies out here. loyal citizens like you help to rebuild this country, and together we are taking back our country, returning power to the every day smart, brilliant, wonderful, hard-working
2:59 am
american people. >> [ cheering ] >> we are standing on the shoulders of the american patriots, who settled the frontier, scaled the rockies, and won the american west. these are incredible, tough people. this state was forged by pioneer men and women who braved the cold and tamed to the wilderness, to build a home on the planes, -- plains, to build a home for their families. they were tough as hell and they were tough and they were smart. >> [ cheering ] >> they all had one thing in common. they loved their family, they left their country, and they loved their god.
3:00 am
>> [ cheering ] >> they never gave up, and they never ever gave in. and neither will we. we will never stop fighting for our country, our families, and we will never, ever stop fighting for our freedom. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> as long as we are proud of who we are, and what we are fighting for, we will never, ever fail. with your help, with your voice, with your vote, we will win, win, win. like we are doing. remember how i started. this country. our country. our flag. we are respected
3:01 am
again all of the world, they are talking about leaders from all over the world -- they call me or they come to the oval office, and they say congratulations, mr. president. on the incredible job with the economy, the incredible job you are doing with your country, the fact that your country is respected again, congratulations, mr. president. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> because we are america. and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation, under god. >> [ cheering ] >> and together, we will make america wealthy again. we will, and are, making america strong again. we will make america
3:02 am
safe again. >> [ cheering ] >> look at our military. we will make our great america stronger, and more powerful than ever before. >> [ cheering ] >> we will make america loving again. loving. loving. come together, and we will make america great again. thank you. thank you. thank you, north dakota. go -- out and get kevin cramer in there. thank you, kevin, thank you north dakota.
3:03 am
a great honor. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:04 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:05 am
♪ >> -- coming up thursday morning, the pennsylvania congressman has the immigration and judiciary committee on the clinton email probe. and they talk about the future of the immigration policy. be sure to watch c-span and the washington journal at seven eastern on thursday morning.. -- join the discussion. fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein testify on thursday before the house judiciary committee about actions taken during the 2015 election, including the clinton email investigation. watch live on thursday at 9:30
3:06 am
am, eastern, on c-span 3, or listen with the c-span radio app . the c-span bus is traveling across the country, on our 50 capital store. it stopped in fairbanks, alaska, asking what is the most important issue an alaska. >> i was born and raised in fairbanks alaska. i knew the most important issue to me is the laws in our society. i think that the nation built on immigrants and diversity -- we are finding it hard to embrace our differences as a good thing. and that is creating a great divide, and greater conflicts then we really need at the moment.
3:07 am
we should be focusing our problem-solving skills and something more important -- not how we are different because our differences make us great. >> the most important issues to be our policy, typically in the united states we have a misconception among a lot of the public that we are fight -- following -- falling behind. it is important to me and for the public to understand, and for the federal government to actually work harder on making policy a bigger issue than it currently is perceived as. >> i am a dentist and fair big. i have been here since 1976. i came up here from michigan. i went to school at the university of michigan. dental health is, of course, a very important issue here in
3:08 am
the states. whether it is in the city, in small rural communities, there is no access to many care facilities. so, the dentists in this state have volunteered, we just finished a mission of mercy, i think it was the second mission of mercy here in fairbanks. the private sector, of course, there is is the biggest burden. a lot of the treatment here is donated by the local dentists. of course, the government facility, they offer a great treatment out in the bush areas where there is no private practice. i encourage everybody to remember their dental hygiene. >> i am a 32 year resident of fairbanks, alexa. -- alaska. the issue currently timmy is the political divide. i was raised a moderate republican, and i worry about
3:09 am
the future of our country. it just seems like there is no room for moderation, anymore. and what we have is a conflict, and nothing really gets done in the political parties, and i would like to see some changes. i also worry about our worldwide standing, i think, history league -- historically, we have been looked at as problem solvers. and a deliverer of good. i think that is changing, but not for the better. that is a big concern to me, so, those are my issues. >> be sure to join us july 21 and 20 -- 22nd when we will feature our visit to alaska. watch alaska weekend on c-span,, or listen on the c-
3:10 am
span radio app . friday, the conversation with the chief justice of the united states, john roberts, from the judicial conference of the fourth circuit, live, friday, at 3:30 pm eastern on c- span., or listen on the free c-sp. housing and urban development secretary ben carson testified before the house financial services committee as it conducted an oversight -- over the agency that he leads. some democrats also commented on the recent calls for civility in the nation's political discourse. congressman -- chairs the hearing.