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  President Trump Chairs U.N. Security Council Briefing on Iran  CSPAN  September 28, 2018 9:04pm-11:17pm EDT

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president trump charity briefing at the united nations security council during the 2018 general assembly this week at the united nations headquarters in new york city. the focus of the briefing was on nuclear nonproliferation, specifically iran's nuclear capabilities. representatives of the 14 other members of the security council spoke out against u.s. action toward iran. criticizing the u.s.'s unilateral withdrawal from the iran nuclear agreement.
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>> would you like to say something? would you like to start? >> thank you very much. the 8000, 8362nd meeting of the security council is called to order. the agenda for this meeting is, maintenance of international peace, and security, nonproliferation of weapons, of mass destruction. the agenda is hereby adopted. i am honored to be here today to chair this meeting of the
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united nations, security council. it is also my privilege to welcome the distinguished heads of state. heads of government, ministers, and other leaders, and representatives here with us. thank you. i also wish to warmly welcome secretary general antonio gutierrez, for joining us. thank you very much mister secretary-general. the security council will now consider item number 2 on the agenda. i will make a statement in my capacity, as president of the united states, of america. it is a great honor to be here today at this un security council briefing, to discuss a matter of urgent importance.
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concerning and countering the proliferation of deadly chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons, and the means to deliver them. the nations of the world have long recognized, that certain weapons are so dangerous, and can inflict so much suffering, that all of us have a vital interest in preventing the further development, spread, and use. since my inauguration, the united states has taken bold action to confront the sinister threats. many of us are rightly focused on the dangers, of nuclear weapons. but we must never forget the risk posed by biological and chemical weapons. the united states was one of the first nations to unilaterally renounce, the use
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of biological weapons. and, since world war i we have let international efforts against this gorge of chemical warfare. --'s gorge of chemical welfare. twice in syria we have imposed harsh punishment for the use of those weapons. i want to thank the close partnership in those efforts last april. the syrian resumes poultry -- butchery is enabled by russia and iran. the iranian regime exports violence, terror, and turmoil. it illicitly, procure the sensitive items, to advance the ballistic missile program, and proliferates these missiles, all across the middle east.
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the regime is the world's leading sponsor of terror, and fuels conflict across the region, and far beyond. a regime with this track record, must never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. for this reason i announced earlier this year, that the united states would withdraw from the iran, nuclear deal, this horrible one-sided deal allowed iran to continue its path toward a bomb, and gave the regime, a cash lifeline, when they needed it the most. they were in big, big trouble. they needed cash. we gave it to them. in the year since the deal was signed, iran's aggression only increased. the regime used new funds from the deal to support terrorism, build nuclear capable missiles,
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and implement chaos. following america's withdrawal, the united states began re- imposing nuclear related sanctions, on a ron. all u.s. nuclear related sanctions will be in full force, by early november. they will be in full force. after that the united states will pursue additional sanctions, tougher than ever before, to counter the entire range of iran's malign conduct. any individual or entity who fails to comply with the sanctions will face severe consequences. i ask all members of the security council to work with the united states, to ensure the iranian regime changes its behavior. and never acquires a nuclear bomb. with all of the set i want to think i ron. russia.
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and syria. for at my very strong urging and request, substantially slowing down their attack on italy province, and the 2 million people who live there in order to get 35,000 targeted terrorists. get the terrorists, but i hope that the restraint continues. the world is watching. thank you also to turkey, for helping to negotiate restraint. anything that the usa can do to help resolve this problem, in order to save perhaps even hundreds of thousands of lives. may be more. we are willing and able. we are available. to help. in my remarks yesterday, to the united nations general assembly, i laid out my administration's commitment to building a more
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just and peaceful future. regrettably, we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election. coming up in november. against my administration. they do not want me, or us, to win, because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade. and we are winning on trade. we are winning at every level. we do not want them to metal or interfere, in our upcoming election. as i also mentioned yesterday, we have seen the results of historic efforts to open new pathways to peace, on the north korean peninsula, on the korean peninsula, and at that we are
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extremely proud of. i am the -- pleased to say that north korea has not conducted a missile test since last november. it has not conducted a nuclear test since last september, and the hostages have been returned to us, and very importantly the remains of american heroes, are now returning home. in june, held a historic summit with chairman kim jong-un in singapore, where he reaffirms his kid minute -- commitment to continue denuclearization. he reiterated that commitment to president moon at the third summit. and to me in a very strong letter form. i think that we will make a deal, but unfortunately to ensure this process continues we must enforce un security council resolutions until
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denuclearization occurs. however, we have detected that some nations are already violating the sanctions. this includes illegal ship to ship transfers, which must end immediately. the safety of the korean peninsula, the region, and the world depends on full compliance with un security council, resolutions. very, very important. but, most importantly i believe that chairman kim jong-un, a man that i have gotten to know and like, wants peace and prosperity for north korea. many things are happening behind the scenes that away from the media which nobody knows. but, they are happening never the less. and they are happening in a very positive way. so i think that you will have some very good news coming from
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north korea, in the coming months, and years. i also very much appreciate what president moon of south korea, had to say about me, last night in television interviews. working with president moon, has been my great honor, and likewise, working with president shea of china and i'll be of japan, has been a pleasure and an honor. each of us should follow in the footsteps of countless world leaders. diplomats, and public servants, who came here to the united nations, with the same, noble goal. to build a future where the of the patriots who sacrificed their lives for our nation and for our future.
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to be successful we need a commitment of every nation, represented in this chamber. acting together we can replace the horrors of war, with the blessings of safety, and the beautiful promise of peace. thank you very much. i now resumed my function as president of the security council, and give the floor to the president of france. >> >> translator: secretary- general, distinguished medicals -- ministers dear friend i want to first of all thank the u.s. president of the security council, thank you for have brought us here today to
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discuss the serious threats to international peace and security which were presented indeed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and the means of delivery. i would like to think the secretary-general for being present, with us here today. the first issue here, that comes to my mind, when we consider the divisions frankly that we have had in the past, year on such issues for example the nuclear issue, or the chemical issues by the syrian regime the following question, what is it that we members of the security council can do together? the nonproliferation regime organizes a control of nuclear rate, nuclear war, places and absolute down on super weapons and doing this to ensure that people never experienced the horrors of being gassed, or bacteria, bacterial logical retracts. -- attacks.
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the results of the tragedies of the 20th century, the predecessors of their vision of the good of humankind, and the spirit of responsibility. and this edifice that they constructed, is borne by mutual concessions, interdependence, and trust that we have built together. in a word, it is based on a motto, approach to security. responsibility, i believe in it very deeply today. it is because of that. we owe this to our people. what we owe to them is to preserve and strengthen this resume, at the team when it is being seriously tested. members of the council need to be exemplary in this regard, and they view on this issue and many others we have to stand together. and, we were together and remarkably show on the issue of north korea, last time it was
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on december 2017 when we passed resolution 2397. the way of managing the crisis, recalled by the president of the united states, has gone to a new stage thanks to the initiative to have a direct dial up for the chairman of the party of korea and we welcome in support these efforts as well as the efforts made in this regard by south korea. at the -- at no point should the security council forget the threat by nuclear ration -- the nuclear threat by north korea against the world. generally determined to dismantle their nuclear ballistic program doing so in a way which is comprehensive, very viable and reversible. such gestures and actions, our dialogue has to be accompanied by recommends implementation of the sanctions decided upon by the counsel.
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and on this we are united. we were also united on the issue of i ron, when we passed resolution 2231 but that was in 22 -- 2015. pathways about the signatory of the jcp away, they have diverged. but, we still, all of us here, i am convinced, retain the same objective. prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and international control on the peaceful use of the nuclear program. the jcp oa, is not perfect but it is a decisive step in that direction. the serious crisis of confidence was opened by every imposition, of sanctions by the united states, but i ron continues abiding its nuclear obligations. the situation has to be counseled -- has to be counted
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by the jcp oa and its resolutions by all members of the un and not by france, germany, and the uk. we also have to go kohler -- further than the current framework, dated the same one year ago, and that is why i agree that the goals that were recounted by the president of the united states, even if we can disagree on the methods, but i think that we need to build to gather a long-term strategy in order to manage this crisis. and it cannot boil down to just sanctions and containment. we need to have the basis for new negotiations. created first by the framework, re-created by the iranian nuclear issue, beyond 20 25 and 2030. and the increase of i ron, and the accuracy of their ballistic missiles, so we have two think of the publishes -- ballistic
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issue. it is all of these components, that can be part of an international strategy, in order to reduce the dangers for the region, and also obtain the goals that we all want, and namely that iran does not obtain any nuclear weapons, we will also unite on the issue of eliminating chemical, syrian chemical weapons. resolution 2118, that was in 2013, since then the threat for the credibility of the band, have cumulated, the reappearance of chemical weapons during the offenses by the syrian regime. at the time, when the masses had adhered to the ban and declaring the program we did not encounter determination from the counsel. they are concerned, and they have used the weapons in syria and iraq. in 2017 in malaysia, a member
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of the north korea leaders family was assassinated with the use of a neurotoxin. this year, it was on the united treatment territory therefore in the united union, that another neurotoxin was used on this resulted in a death, and an injury for for other people. here, we share the british analysis, according to which that there is no other possible explanation here, it is up to russia to take all of the necessary measures in order to make cease this threat. we launched on 23 january 2018 and international partnership against the impunity of using it michael weapons. -- chemical weapons. we also, and i would like to thank president trump, and the prime minister may, we need to act together with the u.s. and
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the uk against the syrian capacity. we work toward strengthening the organizational prohibition of weapons by creating a new mechanism for inquiry, and attribution which is an indispensable tool. mister president, i will work peacefully -- ceaselessly for this counsel we have two remain united because in the recent years, every time when we were not united, it was to the detriment of our principles, and our collective effectiveness. it is an issue, of legitimacy, permanent and nonpermanent members we also have to be decided because the dissemination of technologies can lead to new threats, to peace, and this concerns us directly. the development of intercontinental missiles by north korea, something that we need to worry about. up until now it was only very few people who had these
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weapons that had this responsibility. not in the future if we do not have sufficient control of that and as north korea proliferates how many other countries will have this weapon? in the middle east the ballistic systems provided to have this is a new and alarming development. we have to stop before they further destabilize, a region which is already tense. confirming that the terrorist groups are interested in the groups weapons function. the radio are all jekyll -- radiological weapons, calling, continuing, international corporation here, it is more necessary now than ever. mister president we will continue strictly abiding by our commitments under the international nonproliferation regime, and will continue strengthening the various institutions on the back bone.
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in particular we will continue to support the efforts made by the united nations, and we will bring the issue of combating nuclear chemical, biological, and ballistic proliferation, during our presidency of g7 in 2019, and for this, i call for our unity and responsibility, because the nonproliferation regime is the backbone of our system of collective security. we kept building it decade after decade. it is still young, it requires our mobilization, and our spirit of responsibility and our unity. i think you. >> i think the president of france for his statement, thank you very much. i now call on the president of poland. thank you. >> thank you very much. mister president, distinguished mister secretary-general,
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excellencies of the state, prime ministers, ministers, ladies and gentlemen. the current security situation is not encouraging. tensions at the global and regional level threaten the international order including nonproliferation and arms control regimes. in fact, we have been listening -- witnessing the progressive decomposition. we have been regularly challenged by nonstate actors but, what is the is the even more concern is the individual states. before i address the problem of nuclear weapons, i first would like to draw your attention to another type of weapon of mass destruction that might be a way back to the top of the global agenda. i am referring to chemical weapons. let me be clear, every use of a chemical weapon is a crime. it does not matter whether it
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is used on a mass scale by undemocratic regimes against their own people to keep power, or in asked state terrorist against a certain stage, taking revenge. it is a crime. it means that the principal obligation on the international community, is defined by the rule-based order. criminals must be brought to justice. no single act of use of the chemical weapon can be left unanswered, since it undermines not only the basic sense of justice, but also leads to the erosion of the nonproliferation, and disarming and threatening the security of all of us. brutal attacks, directly mostly against civilians, all have the same aim. to intimidate the international
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community. the community of the un cannot accept such methods. our inaction will only encourage perpetrators. i hope that the finalization of the new eu sanction mechanism, completed in the framework of the organization for the proficient chemical weapons, will exercise, and appropriate pressure on current and future perpetrators, as well as deter them from this unacceptable action. we all hope to have chemical weapons effectively banned by the chemical weapons convention. we must stand firmly behind our own rules, and norms, which are the pillars of the international order. in this context, let me mention that as of previous years, poland will introduce, in the united nations general assembly, the implementation of the
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chemical weapons condition, great importance preserving the integrity of this regime. therefore, we call on all members, ensuring strong, clear, and united messages of support of the whole international community for the integrity of the chemical weapons convention. and, the efforts of the organization for the prohibition of the chemical weapons. the second issue that i would like to highlight is the proliferation of nuclear weapons. permit me to make three points regarding this matter. firstly, we all know that nuclear weapons cannot be brought to the free-market. therefore, every act of proliferation of these weapons, is a failure of both the international community, and the rule-based world order.
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and, we must remember that it always involves, not only the state that develops nuclear capacity, but also those who provide it with means to achieve it, mainly technology, materials, and resources. it is most important for every agreement, that i am controlling nuclear programs, to guarantee that they are used solely for peaceful purposes. we have an obligation to evaluate those agreements against the purposes, and to act accordingly. we should not turn our heads back from those who act against the nonproliferation treaty by providing means to develop nuclear weapon capacity, or assist in other ways, and developing it. -- in developing it. controlling mechanisms, should be upheld, by all countries with chemical and biological trade for peaceful purposes in order to maintain the appropriate
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control level, and to make nonproliferation efforts more effective. in this regard we welcome the international atomic energy agency's effort to strictly monitor, and verify iran's commitments. let me also use this opportunity to comment, the vital role that the agency plays in the nonproliferation area. the system of safeguards is a fundamental complement of the nuclear nonproliferation regime, and is an indispensable role in the indispensable nation. secondly i would like to welcome the prospect of the process of the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we have seen some encouraging developments, such as the inter- korean summit, and the meeting
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of kim jong-un, with the president, donald trump. these led to the stopping of the missile and nuclear tests, and i would like to stress, mister president, that this is a tremendous measure, your and presidents moon, a great achievement in merit, so, thank you very much. however, these steps are yet to be made. lasting change will not be made without the denuclearization of the north korea, in a complete verifiable and irreversible manner. until then, the international community must remain united, in maintaining real, and consistent pressure, on the north korea including my uphold of the un sanctions regime. thirdly, for the credibility of international community, it is vital to stand firmly behind
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duties, and obligations that we took on our shoulders, and in that context, let me reflect on this concerning development of security situation in our region. central, and eastern road europe -- eastern europe. in the past few years we have witnessed the clear village -- bridge of the budapest referendum, ukraine in exchange of its peaceful and voluntary nuclear is asian. we have also heard about the use of nuclear weapons adding conventional conflicts, equally alarming the deployment of means of delivery close to our borders. all of these actions have significantly contributed to the deterioration of the security environment. ladies and gentlemen, what should be our response to challenges? i have just listed. first, the fallen firm
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implementation of the well- established and widely recognized treaties and norms of the international. second, support and full confidence for the work of international mechanisms responsible for preventing the use of weapons of mass destruction. finally, proactive and constructive engagement in initiatives which aim infighting with proliferation efforts, and promoting transparency and verification. in 2018, my country has seen the chairmanship of the second committee for the 2020 review conference of the treaty, the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, and the code of conduct against ballistic missile peripheral aeration. our efforts have been focused on strengthening this regime,
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the universalization, securing the widespread and credible verification mechanism, implementation of the practices as well as tightening the international corporation. these actions constitute long- term objectives of the polish security policy. in conclusion, let me stress, once again, that nonproliferation is a collective effort. to uphold the security architecture, which we have built for decades. and to prevent the nightmares, using weapons of mass destruction. we need full commitment of all of us, without any exception, to observe all norms, and obligations in this field. thank you very much. >> thank you very much mister president, and i now give the floor to the president of equatorial guinea.
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>> translator: thank you, president, your excellency, ladies and gentlemen, it is for me, a pleasure and an honor to address for the first time in person, this coram on behalf of the representation of equatorial guinea. we think the united states of america for have contain this open debate this morning, and we congratulate the united states on their excellent work as president of the council. for the month of september. disarmament is one of the longest standing goals of the united nations. indeed it was the subject of the very first you security
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council resolution. on 25 january, 1946. when he security council adopted a resolution, number 1, of the security council. enshrined in article 47 in the charter of the united nations. 72 years have elapsed. upon the adoption of the aforementioned resolution by the security council, and today the world is once again brought up in an arms race, which has led many states to feel themselves compelled, to acquire a range of weapons of all kinds, for that to sense. specifically leaving them feel -- feeling compelled to obtain weapons of mass discretion. -- destruction. nuclear arsenals hinder a drive
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for peace, and they also put in jeopardy, the very continued existence of humankind. the republic of equatorial guinea, does not possess, nor does it intend ever to acquire weapons of mass destruction. and we have adopted measures, to guarantee the strict and full implementation of the commitment and obligations, that we have with the international community. for nonproliferation. we have ratified the treaty for the establishment of nuclear weapon free zones in our continent. the permission of nuclear disarmament, on the agenda of
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the international community, in two years we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the entering into the nonproliferation treaty or the npt, which was enforced in 1970. and which is an international instrument that made it possible to halt the spread and proliferation of nuclear weapons, to those countries to update nonnuclear weapon states. the npt did not secede in the success of the state. that has always been a b rated resistance, complying with the provisions of the npt, which apply to the implementation of nuclear disarmament.
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the costs borne by nuclear powers to maintain these arsenals, and in some instances to modernize these arsenals, far outstretched the budget of all nations of the union, taken together, it is greater than the budgets of all of our nations. presidents, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction poses a threat to international feats of security and it undermines the security council in its role, of working to prevent the spread and reduction of such weapons of mass destruction. to counter the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, it is vital to pursue the implementation and compliance with those international treaties, for
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nonproliferation, in compliance with 1640, of 2004. support to the proliferation to the initiative, to the global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism, action is also needed to ban, nuclear weapons, to share information between states, and international organizations. there is also an urgent and pressing need to implement joint verification, inception, and oversight. for arsenals and research facilities of this type of weapons for which verification should be undertaken by the united nations, disarmament affairs, and international atomic agency. and this verification inspection and oversight work
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for the include, -- should include that destruction. in addition there is a pressing need to the negotiations, with nuclear weapons, included, to ensure that they will effectively and genuinely, have the option of nuclear weapons. also been taken to ensure that the nuclear arsenals are secured, and the rights of all parties, to make peaceful these nuclear energies, must be recognized and upheld. president, the republic of equatorial guinea is alarmed because the united nations, seems to be in a paradoxical situation. there seems to be a disconnect between steps taken here in this house, and actions taken by some states, claiming
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undermining what should be an action of partnership and solidarity. from two days ago, we had an extraordinary summit, to remember the african leader, nelson mandela that we all spoke out to reject confrontation, and war, to set aside and live up to his legacy and living up to the legacy of nelson mandela we express the hope that we will be able to live in a world of peace, security, and development for all. however, it seems that many states have chosen rather to pursue the path of arms, and weapons. which runs directly counter to the noble and lofty aspirations of the mandela summit, the summit which we all welcomed at all participated in. it is possible to ban weapons of mass destruction. and to render their use unthinkable.
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all that is needed is the necessary will and determination of all parties. the republic of equatorial guinea, wishes its determination to continue working, towards the negotiation and adoption of legally binding instruments. that will lead to nuclear disarmament, in an effective irreversible, and verifiable way. in order to achieve the objective of the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons. the international community of nations, should also be worried by the potential humanitarian consequences. and, the global impact of any accidental or intentional nuclear detonation. and the international security, should cooperate, to prevent nonstate actors from getting
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hands on resources necessary for them to be able to pursue nuclear terrorism. president, the republic of equatorial guinea, is persuaded of the usefulness of nuclear energy, for peaceful purposes, and use it under the supervision of the ie amy. i conclude the statement on behalf of the republic of equatorial guinea, by sharing with you in our continent, africa, there are not, nor have there ever been used, weapons of mass destruction. what has caused enormous loss of life and bloodshed in our continent is trafficking, terrorism, and conflict that has racked, and left a stain on our continent. for this region i would urgently
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request you to support the african union, in its objective, of financing for peacekeeping operations, led by the african union. on a case-by-case basis. eye appeal directly to members of the security council, asking to lend their support for the the peace and security operations, for the security council, given that they would contribute to international peace and security, which is the principal goal, for the security council of the united nations, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, mister president, i now give the floor to the president of bolivia. >> translator: president of the united states of america, secretary-general of the united nations, fellow presidents,
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brothers and sisters of the security council, the presidency of the security council has convened the members of this body to a discussion on the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction today. bolivia hails from a region which has been duly declared nuclear weapon free for more than half of a century. for this reason, i think i am in a position to recall article number 1, of the treaty prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons, which states that allstate party, commits to never and under no circumstances develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, and any other way, erecting or stockpiling nuclear weapons for other -- or other nuclear devices. i call upon all states around this table to sign up to, ratify, and to immediately implement this provision.
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indeed all of the provisions for the committee. the catastrophic possibility of the use of weapons of this nature. it is the duty that we owe to future generations. brothers and sisters of the world, the united nations, are obliged to comply with the core purposes of the charter of 1945. above all, we are obliged to oblige -- abide by the principle of international pursuits by the use of peaceful supplement mechanisms. none of these mechanisms, have the use of weapons of any kind, quite the contrary. this is a call for negotiation, diplomacy, dialogue, and legal settlement. these are the principles issued by the actions, bolivia is
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convinced that by using these means, we were able to build for societies, societies meant to shoulder the showed -- shared responsibilities. we have to be capable of putting behind us and leaving the pages of history books the primitive use of weapons to attack other people. i would like to highlight as an example, a contribution made by the international court of justice. the united nations system which has been able to resolve disputes between states in various parts of the world, with different situations. brothers and sisters we are convinced it is crucial to have a discussion not just on the effects, but above all, on the structural and root causes that lead to war. and, on the genuine and true motivations, of the assaults on
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international people, security, and justice that we have seen. we must take the example of iran, a country that has been referred to this morning. in 1953, the united states financed plans, and implemented a coup d'itat, against the democratically elected government, which exercised sovereignty, nationalized, production, with a u.s. company. after that, for many decades, after that, authoritarian government, a government transnational company. revolution of 1979.
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>> continuing the presidency of interfering and meddling in the internal affairs of this country, i ron. brothers and sisters of the security council, we used to refer to the region of the middle east. a region which in natural resources, infected by invasion, war, and unjustified aggression. continuing to cause pain and suffering for the peoples of the middle east.
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i had like to say to you frankly, am i no way interested in a democracy. it would not have threatened the military intervention democratic government as done with venezuela. the u.s. could got careless about justice. if it were the case it would have signed the treaty for protection of human rights and it would not have threatened
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the investigation mechanism of the international criminal court nor would it promote the use of torture and separated migrant children from the families more kept them in cage -- nor kept them in cages. it would not have launched unilateral attacks or taken the position of illegally declaring jerusalem to be the capital of israel. this contempt is motivated by the political control and for the using of natural resources. in light of the mentioned situation, i would like to -- both countries to have helped
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firm in defense of the nuclear agreement -- quality of states. knows countries uphold the principle of noninterference, respecting international law and respect the committees, defending multilateralism. the responsibility of our generation is to hand over a fairer and more secure world to the following generations. we'll only achieve the dream if we work together to consolidate a world with common rules that are respected by and defended from all the let's ranged against the un. thank you very much. >> host: thank you, mr. president. i give the floorto the peru.
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>> good morning. my greetings to the high officials present. welcome to this high-level meeting, focusing the attention of the world and the security council on the need to halt in the tracks weapons of mass destruction and the delivery, and this council has stood united in the fight against prliferation and maintaining -- maintaining peace and security. the action of the council is
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underpinned by the progressive development of international regime, based in turn on a range of instruments adopted by this organization and by the member states. the most recent of these instruments is the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons of '17 which we hope will one day be ratified by all countries and in particular by those who possess nuclear arsenals. latin america and the caribbean are already a nuclear-free weapon zone, making our region one of peace. peru has a staunch supporter of the -- to the lesser
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obligations in the respective instrument, and we -- decision of the security council contained in the resolutions, and is a member of the security council we actively promote strict compliance by all with said provisions and decisions. we believe that guaranteeing international treaty security can only be achieved by eliminating a risk that weapons of mass destruction represent and the best way to achieve this is to ensure there's no weapons of mass destruction, and should not go hand in hand with disarmorment and with strict control over conventional weapons. from our perspective, addressing the challenge posed by the nuclear and ballistic program of the democratic
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people of the republic of korea. we believe that the va validity should be upheld -- program, a plan endorsed by this security council in resolution 2231. additionally we regret and condemn the use of chemical weapons in the syrian conflict and others. we wish to underscore the
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importance of dip diplomacy and -- we note in many instances, it is the -- development of new weapons and tactics of war. it is therefore necessary to address the perception to counter the proliferation and -- >> i would like to give the floor to the vice president to -- >> thank you, mr. president.
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>> mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, i would like to first of all thank the u.s. president for having convened this high-level discussion on the issue of -- and i would like to also welcome the presence of others which make this meeting all the more significant and the topic of great importance for the world. mr. president, the rapid development of nuclear programs resulted in the proliferation of mass destructions, threatening the stability of entire regions and make the issue of nonproliferation into an issue of survival for human kind, despite what has been
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deployed by intersection national community in order to achieve a nuclear weapons-free world nonetheless, we are under prominent threat from these weapons as well as biological chemical weapons. as of today there's 14,500 nuclear weapons in the world, and these weapons bring the risk of nuclear conflict which would have irreversible complications. the nonproliferation treaty, considered as a corner stone of the nonproliferation regime is being severely tested and
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there's an urgence of -- the noncompliance by some states -- nonproliferation, is a serious risk for security and could lead to the nonstate actors acquiring weapons of mass destruction. the issue of the iranian nuclear issue, in syria, with allegations of chemical weapons used, the use of ballistic missiles in yemen and -- real sources of concern for international communities. these situations are such that they compel us to press the issue of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, making it a highest priority.
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given the situation, the security council -- in the area of nonproliferation and the context of foreign goals for the implementation of resolutions of the security council. we invite members to discharge with the support of the organization and prohibition of chemical weapons to charge their international obligations, the -- stockpiling the use of chemical weapons, and in this context, the -- to all of the treaties and important -- incorporating it into the national laws, commitments flowing from national legal instruments.
10:07 pm
in the development area, the approach did not result in the desire to defect and we therefore called the states which have nuclear weapons to considered a new, more effective approach. mr. president, we welcome the adoption on -- july and -- underspace, considered and rightly so, as the common space, warranting attention and requiring adoption of rules in international, legally binding instrument in order to prevent an arms race in space and make sure it does not become militarized. first, the need for the international community to have a more -- instrument in the era
10:08 pm
of biological and toxics weapons. on chemical weapons, we call for a universalization of the convention of chemical weapons and -- 1540 of 2004 and resolution -- and the mandate conferred on -- during the special meeting on the 26th and 27th of july in the hague identifying and to bring to justice the perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks could greatly contribute to settling the issues related to the allegations of chemical weapons used. we call on the security council to stand united. mr. president, the -- my delegation supports the implementation of the joint comprehensive plan of action which is considered to be
10:09 pm
overall oversatisfactory. mr. president, on the situation in the korean peninsula, we welcome the positive developments we have been witnessing recently. the historic meeting in june in singapore between leaders is a major milestone in this new regional dynamic. we reiterate here, the -- through dialogue and talk and we urge all of the holders to reject definitively any use of
10:10 pm
military option which could lead to terrible and irreversible consequences for the planet. to conclude, we reaffirm our attachment and underscore the need to assign high priority to the preservice vacation of the nonproliferation regime, nonproliferation nuclear and chemical weapons and arms control. thank you for your control. >> thank you very much. i give the floor to the prime minister of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for convening this important debate. there's no greater threat to international peace and security than the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. the issues matter to every man, women and child around the globe. a united kingdom like the other permanent members of this council have a special responsibility to protect the significant gains we have made in the last 70 years.
10:11 pm
because the international community has invested huge entity and contain the forces that emerged in the 20th century, the framework of treatyings countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is one of the greatest achievements of the international community, demonstrating the value of global cooperation. it has improved all of our security and brought a measure of predictability. when many of us around this table were born, it was feared many -- remarkable states abandoned the nuclear weapons. global stockpiles have been reduced since the cold war peak, and that's true success on a global scale. similar, if not greater success, has been achieved on chemical and biological
10:12 pm
weapons. over 96% have declared stockpiles have been destroyed and no country professes publicly they possess biological weapons. the last 18 months have seen the games challenged. we have seen chemical weapons used in certain areas. predictability and stability of declining. if we don't increase efforts to preserve and build on what we have there's a very real risk the gains will subside or fall away. the 1970 nonproliferation treaty, the flagship of the international community determination against nuclear proliferation. supporting it requires leadership.
10:13 pm
in meeting kim jong-un, you created a historical opportunity for complete denuclearization. consensus from this council has played a part but we can't do this without sustained pressure. sanctions must be enforced by all. we must stay vigilant. ensuring nonproliferation also requires collective leadership, of the time that leads to the agreement in '15, the joint comprehensive plan of action, the iran nuclear deal. for many years the nuclear program raised serious interest national concerns it remains the best means of preventing iran developing a nuclear weapon and we are committed to preserving it as long as iran continues to abide by the
10:14 pm
obligations in full. iran must ensure they implement the obligations fully and to monitor iran's compliance, we strongly support it using inspections and other monitoring provisions of the jcpoa. other aspects of the iran's policies, in particular, destabilizing regional behavior and sustained efforts to enhance the ballistic missile capability continue to cause serious concerns. the international community and where appropriate the security council need to be ready to address this. iran's proliferation of missiles and sophisticated military technology, to certain groups, it was concluded, not in compliance with security council resolutions. it risks a dangerous escalation. we need to seek further action in this councils to tackle the transition proliferation technologies and increase the
10:15 pm
costs for knows responsibility. it is regrettable that russia continues to prohibit the council -- to stop the destabilizing activity. mr. president, nowhere are the grim consequences of the erosion of global norms on weapons of mass destruction, apparents in syria, where they have -- repeatedly used chemical weapons. russia has repeatedly wielded the -- to account, even shutting down the international body. i welcome the decision of 150 countries in june, the largest gathering in history, to empower the organization.
10:16 pm
i would like to thank mr. trump and president macron for the shared determination to detour the use of chemical weapons in syria. these actions sent a clear message to the regime, perpetrators can't escape identification. the regime backers must use their influence to ensure chemical weapons are not used again. no down, we'll responds swiftly and appropriately if they are. the uk saw the consequences of these norms being eroded this year when russia deployed a nerve agent on the streets. the uk presented detailed evidence laid out in charge of attempted murder and the use and possession of a chem weapon against two agents. we have taken appropriate action with the allies and will take the necessary steps to
10:17 pm
ensure collective security. russia has only sought to -- throughdesperate fabrication. they must not attack and undermine the regime. all members of the council must fulfill tosafeguard. it's my hope russia will rejoin. if so, this council will be able to work together to rid the world of chemical weapons but if not we should leave nobody in doubt of the international community's determination to uphold international nonproliferation regimes. not all the challenges faced by the framework come before this council but they are no less urgent. we need to strengthen the rules to keep pace with new
10:18 pm
technologies and more complex global supply chains and help every un member, ensuring they can make the contribution to the global effort. the essentially role the un plays must be at the heart of the efforts so as members we should invest the expertise and diplomatic resources necessary in the convention. mr. president, withcollective engagements by states across the world -- even the most powerful recognize that investing in collective rules based restraint is the only way with the interests and -- we can't let the framework be undermined today by those who reject values and disregard the rules that have kept us safe. it will take collectiveengagement to reinforce and the uk will play
10:19 pm
a leading role. thank you. >> thank you very much, prime minister. i give the floor to the prime minister of the netherlands. >> mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, this year there's been several occasions when weapons of mass destruction have endangered our security, undermined international stability and caused terrible suffering, so 2018 has made the importance of nonproliferation clear. mr. president, as politicians we are first and foremost responsible to keep our own citizens safe and i believe that -- play a major role where this issue is concerned. as i will say in my address to the general assembly later today, the king of the netherlands as always attempted and will continue to attempt in
10:20 pm
the rules-based order and -- especially armed security matters and other issues of shared concerned. we have seen positive steps on new orleans proliferation this year in relation to north korea. the ultimate goal of our joint efforts is to ensure north
10:21 pm
koreaabandons the nuclear capabilities and the programs of mass destruction. we welcome the efforts that you, mr. president, are personally making to achieve a nuclear-free peninsula. we know this problem can only be resolved peacefully. the netherlands is doing everything it can to ensure all nations implement, to keep up the pressure on north korea to comply. the king of the netherlands believes a plan of action endorsed by the security council resolution 2231 remains a good example of how this council and the international community can work hand in hand for nonproliferation.
10:22 pm
they have concluded in 12 consecutive reports that iran is abiding by its commitments under the deal. as long as this continues, we'll also uphold our commitment to the deal. at the same time we are concerned about iran's role in the region, the ballistic missile program, and the human rights record and in particular, supporting -- and around syria and iraq, and the development of missile in -- serious concerns for the netherlands. they need to be addressed. mr. president, repeated use of chemical weapons is deeply alarming and causing terrible human suffering and erodes the established international norm. there should be no impunity for any use of chemical weapons, not -- floor for the individual attacks in malaysia and the uk.
10:23 pm
same for in italy. all of us, both within and outside this council have that responsibility. because of the -- we have asked for the proliferation of chemical weapons to investigate and identify those responsible for the use of these weapons. we can't sit back. we have to speak up and take action and -- so the perpetrators can be brought to justice and we need to do this together. in decisiveness by countries -- and nonproliferation could ultimately have disastrous consequences. and with regard to this, the salisbury attack, we -- and we welcome the criminal charges as an important step, and it's essential to hold those
10:24 pm
responsible to account. mr. president, to conclude, the devastating consequences of using weapons of mass destruction underline the urgency. this must not become the new normal. collectively upholding it, part of the effort. >> i thank the prime minister for the statement. i now give the floor to the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of kuwait. thank you. >> >> in the name of -- mr. president, donald trump, at the outset i would like to express our satisfaction and pleasure at seeing your excellency
10:25 pm
preside over the security council. we appreciate in convening the open meeting, attaching the utmost priority to one of the most serious threats to international peace and -- namely, weapons of mass destruction. the discussion we are having in this chamber comes at a delicate stage and -- specially so in the middle east. in addition to the spread of terrorism and -- we are facing the threat of use of weapons of mass destruction. the -- no longer hypothetical. we have recently witnessed the testing of -- many places
10:26 pm
around the world. here i would like to reiterate kuwait's principle position of nonproliferation, kuwait condemns the use of all weapons of mass destruction anywhere, at any time, and by any party. the use of weapons of mass destruction is a grave violation of international law, the establishment of peace and security and stability in the world can't be achieved in the presence of such weapons. we have recently witnessed the horrors of chemical weapon attacks undertaken by state and nonstate actors in syria. such attacks confirm the stress of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction has not
10:27 pm
declined. we are following with great concern the possibility of future attacks using weapons of mass destruction, whether in syria, or elsewhere in the world. we emphasize the primary importance of unity with the security council in responding to the danger by weapons of mass destruction, securing the implement of -- resolution 1540 of 2004. mr. president, the kingdom of saudi arabia is facing -- towards the territories targeting civilian and religious sites and --
10:28 pm
targeting the kingdom of saudi arabia, in particular, and the region, in general. we emphasize the need for security council to take action and shoulder the responsibility in confronting the threats facing the kingdom in order to preserve international security. my delegation is fully prepared to work with you, to take further measures to put an end to such attacks which are undoubtedly linked to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction. >> in the midst of the events, the middle east region is witnessing the state of kuwait remains committed to supporting all un resolutions and welcomes the adoption of 2231 of 2015. the -- iran continues to implement the provisions of
10:29 pm
that resolution, and published reports by the international atomic energy agency confirms iran's compliance with the nuclear-ridding obligations, we noticed concern the independent un reports that indicate iran's continued support and financing of militia and armed groups in arab countries and we're concerned about iran's interference in yemen and the resolution adopted by the -- and on the 11th of september, 2018, confirms yemen territories have been transformed into a launch pad for iranian-made ballistic missiles targeting the neighbors and threatening maritime navigation and -- the red sea.
10:30 pm
the resolution also calls on iran to stop the acts and the acts which affect the security interests in the region and undertakes confidence-building measures with neighbors in the region to establish ties with mutual respect and more, and the internal affairs of faith. mr. president, excellencieses, as i address you from this forum, i consider it a great honor to speak as a representative of the arab state and security council conveying the concerns of the peace-loving people. in this context, the state of kuwait and all other arab
10:31 pm
states reaffirm their faith in multilateral action under the umbrella of the un and we emphasis our position on the importance of achieving the neutrality of the nonproliferation treaty, which was is tended indefinitely after the conference adopted in 1995. it is important to -- the establish to establish the -- of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in the middle east and reiterate it, calling upon the three sponsors of the -- solution, to shoulder their responsibilities by implementing that resolution. we also emphasize the need for israel to accede the treaty and
10:32 pm
-- under the supervision and monitoring of the international atomic agency especially as it is the only country in the middle east that has not acceded to the treaty. mr. president, in conclusion, the commitment you have shown to confront the challenges posed by weapons of mass destruction is not limited to our meeting here today. it is also to be seen as the current diplomatic efforts to ease tension and achieve denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the efforts made by you, mr. president, claim within the context of -- and unity of councilmembers to -- activities of the democratic republic of
10:33 pm
korea. the road ahead is still long and hard in order to do this. yes, we believe the absolute and sincere commitment of all concerned parties as well as the full implementation of all relevant security council resolutions will lead to a lasting and comprehensive peace agreement in the korean peninsula, free of nuclear weapons. thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the minister for his statement. thank you. i now give the floor to the minister for foreign affairs of china. >> mr. president, maintaining global peace and security is the primary obligation of the security council and a shared -- and of all security
10:34 pm
councilmembers, given the complex champs to international peace and the security, how should the security council go forward with the mission and -- serious consideration. china believes the following. the security council should function in a fair and just manner as mandated by the charter. they must uphold the purpose and principles of the charter and the international law governing international are relations and safeguard the role of the un in international affairs and sovereignty judgment. the security council should stick to political settlement, and the security council should be the strongest advocate for resolving differences and disputes through dialogue and
10:35 pm
should effectively use all tools including -- peace- keeping and peace-building, step up preventative diplomacy and they should enhance unity to promote consensus, and all members must keep in mind their responsible for world peace and establishing and -- coordination, and set aside political considerations and ensure effective functioning and uphold the common interests. the security council should coordinate and cooperate with the general assembly, the secretary general, and the un general system so the pillar can support each other for lasting peace and mutual. mr. president, the proliferation and the means of delivery poses a real threat to global peace and security and
10:36 pm
is a challenge we all face. china proposes that we step up efforts in three as aspects. first, consolidate and improve the international nonproliferation regime, the npt, the biological weapons convention and the chemical weapons convention and the un -- 1540 and other resolutions constitute legal foundation of international nonproliferation regime. all of us should safeguard the universality effectiveness and authority of the nonproliferation regime and in particular prevent terrorists and other nonstate actors from getting hold of wmd materials and technology. second, take multipronged measures for -- treaty in a balanced manner, and every
10:37 pm
country must honor their word and more. the nonproliferation treaty and agreements must be implemented in their entirety, no double standards or other arrangements should be allowed. third, boltster international -- the primary responsibility of nonproliferation, countries should be supported in developing the nonproliferation policies in line with national conditions and be encouraged to -- nonproliferation, and carry out more exchanges so that together we could shore up the -- and achieve universal security. mr.
10:38 pm
-- and peace and stability in the middle east. there's no international agreement that is perfect. they have endorsed unanimously. what has happened in the past three years shows they are a viable agreement. china curses iran to continue to fulfill all commitments made, and also -- of all countries to economic relations and trade with iran, should be respected. china calls on the relative parties to bear in minds the big picture, think long term and uphold the integrity of the jcpoa. since the beginning of this year the situation on the korean peninsula has shown major progress. china welcomes that and they have made efforts for this to happen.
10:39 pm
china supports the important common understandings reached at the the singapore summit, support -- and we call upon all parties to -- turn the political consensus into concrete actions and work in a direction of setting up a peace mechanism on the peninsula to realize lasting peace on the peninsula at an early date. mr. president, china has the commitment to the principles of the un charter, upholding the un contemptary system and has july filled the international responsibilities and obligations. we need to work together to uphold the efforts to realize peace and security for all.
10:40 pm
i need to point out that china has all along followed the principle of -- but tradition of chinese foreign policy our observe -- refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against china and call on other countries to realize the purpose of the charter and not to interfere in other's affairs. >> thank you very much. i give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs of the russia federation. >> >> thank you. distinguished colleagues, in the world today, effectively combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,
10:41 pm
particularly important for maintaining stability for ensuring that we -- constructive interaction is an important element to create a positive international element. i think everybody will agree that the -- violating the nonproliferation regime that this resolution has to be strictly abided by. the corner stone contains the obligations of members to undertake measures to prevent weapons of mass destruction ending up in the hands of the nonstate entities.
10:42 pm
the desire of countries to ban nuclear weapons separately from the basic principles can't be successful and will only create ambiguity. i would like to mention respiratory solution 2231, approved by the security council and a joint comprehension plan of action on the iran nuclear program. the unilateral withdrawal of the u.s. from this -- since it was underscored by many, the --
10:43 pm
strictly abiding by the abiding commitments. the dismantlement of it would be counter productive also for the efforts underway now to denuclearize the korean peninsula, something we welcome and support, the efforts. there's also serious obstacles to denuclearization, and i'm referring to the u.s. and their postponement for a longtime, perhaps forever, the treaty,
10:44 pm
and the absence of progress, creating a weapons of mass destruction free zone in the middle east. if this were to happen, it would be a gross violation of the charter and would undermine efforts to foster the settlement in the country. this agreement is -- a security council resolution and also in a decision also passed.
10:45 pm
we have offered, on many occasions, to develop a strategy on combating chemical terrorism. we have submitted, together with china, a draft, and the resolution was not considered, and more broadly speaking, we submitted a draft convention on combating acts of chemical and biological terrorism. sadly the work on this is being artificially blocked and -- nonetheless, the proposals contained therein are on the table. there was a deterioration of the situation at -- and western
10:46 pm
colleagues trying to impose -- we are witnessing an increase in usual substantiated rhetoric -- in usual substantiated restriction -- in unsubstantiated rhetoric. the question arises, if they don't want to cooperate, does this mean they have something to hide? we call upon london once, again, to construct a dialogue and in order to get to the truth. the way things are developing gives us reason to think that nothing can be excluded today,
10:47 pm
including a provocation involving biological weapons. let me recall, in line with the convention, the right that it belongs with the security council. there's no substitutes here. on more than one occasion we -- verificationon the -- the u.s. blocked this and this was buried. such a desire by washington to have their hands free to show when a regime of -- growing military and medical and biological activity.
10:48 pm
we have consistently called for strengthanning and we are implementing initiatives here, including creating a number of units to counter act. ladies and gentlemen, mr. president, the dialogue between russia and the u.s. as the two largest nuclear powers is of special importance in order to springen -- springen strengthen the nonproliferation regime. let us not sacrifice on the calculations. russia is ready to work openly with all nuclear -- with all
10:49 pm
other countries and we expect a step in the direction will be made today as this meeting of the security council, a key body to maintaining international peace and security. we think that the initiative undertaken by president trump to convene this meeting, it's very timely. thank you. >> i thank the minister for the statement. thank you. i now give the floor to the minister for foreign affairs of ethiopia.
10:50 pm
we're discussing this issue at the highest level. mr. president, a few days ago, the one we interviewed, he said in his speech in 2006, and i recall, can there be anything more alarming in today's world than that of nuclear or biological weapons being in the hands of terrorist were being used as a result of some terrible misunderstanding or miscalculation. the more this touches more people, the more doses they have and they increase their arsenals. a too must have that for their security. it is indeed the reality that we are facing today.
10:51 pm
the proliferation of mass destruction is forcing great threats to peace and security. from the iranian nuclear issues to the issue in the uk. the risk is become one of the biggest challenges of our time. the weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation and the concerns is at the highest level since the end of the world for. we believe it is absolutely vital that we comprehensively address the risk of operation. there is no other option but to strive to find [ indiscernible ] to's -- to try to find a resolution to some of the most difficult issues we face at the moment. we evolve have been observing
10:52 pm
the developments between you, mr. president, and mr. kim jong un. the outcome has given us some chance of hope to work toward the denuclearization of the northern peninsula and the advancement of peace and north asia. because of you mr. hunt -- mr. president, there is hope of some piece when there has been no peace between these areas. mr. president, we hope that you will maintain the momentum generated with finding a conference of resolution to the issue as well as the items of issue. this counsel needs to continue to talk about the issues.
10:53 pm
it is encouraging. we hope this will lay the foundation for the concrete action toward sustainable peace , security, and complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. this counsel meets -- needs to support the elements to make progress in this direction. in the meantime, we believe the implementation of the sanctions continue to be very critical. in regard to the iranian nuclear war, the nuclear issue, believe that jcpoa is a significant achievement for this issue. we, however, understand the challenges and the difficulties in the implementation of resolution. when we organize from the
10:54 pm
jcpoa, it is critical for the full of imitation of the jcpoa. we hope they will continue to accept every possible effort in preventing the challenge and the full implementation that is vital for the nonproliferation. we believe that the 1514 committee has significant control. that is the framework of this committee to address the implementation gaps and it continues to be important in completely addressing the proliferation risk, including terrorist. the collaboration
10:55 pm
between the 1540 expert group in the 5226 and 3623, i appreciate the individual entities and the request from the council. finally, mr. president, the nonproliferation, if it continues -- we hope that the prevention and elimination will continue for weapons of mass destruction. it is in the best interest of all of us to preserve this important issue and we have
10:56 pm
full and complete implementation. we have a commitment to continue to fulfill the obligation by taking all of the necessary measures to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the delivery into the hands of terrorists by what the security council is issuing in this regard. >> i now give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs of cause extend. >> we are grateful to the u.s. president for organizing this meeting to discuss of und. as it was mentioned, they were
10:57 pm
stating consequences of using weapons of mass destruction. we hope that cause extend, along with some other nations in the west territories have been suffering from them sincerely days of the cold world gold -- of the cold war. this is one of the key priorities of my country's foreign policies. as extends unwavering -- are unwavering commitment since our lens -- and statement in 1991. would like to close the site that is the largest in the world.
10:58 pm
they are announcing the very date of the closing of the site as the international date against nuclear test. here in september, the human community, sedate in the new official format that we reinforced his belief with the most effective steps between nuclear nonnuclear countries. in january, the presidency of the security council discussed the importance of building measures in achieving nonproliferation of wmd. preventing a nuclear catastrophe in the past century. they want to reap -- we want to repeat the same visionary actions that have been implemented for today.
10:59 pm
in the 21st century, we note that the largest nuclear powers should be in the nuclear weapon free world and lead and elimination of wmd. the conflict has shown that we cannot ensure our own security by undermining -- undermining the security of others. we urge the complete culmination of nuclear weapons and disarmament would be the absolute guarantee against the use of force with nuclear weapons. we call upon all you and states. we see some good examples as in the case of singapore summit deal. there have been personal efforts by president trump. there are other positive
11:00 pm
outcomes of goodwill in this sincere collaboration. we fully support such promising beginnings and -- just trust, by itself, cannot guarantee sustained success unless supported by strict , but -- implementation by regulatory instruments and security council resolution -- resolutions on sanctions. it is clear that there needs to be a strong international framework against wmds. there's not a significant implementation of the treaty. it is impeding the trust between nuclear nonnuclear countries. nevertheless, they should not be specific in the elements and -- should also become one of the most important if necessary
11:01 pm
building blocks of the architecture of nonproliferation. this treaty will definitely help for some mutual trust and confidence. cause extend -- we believe that implement in practical steps that if a world without nuclear threats, natural outcome will follow commitment. to realize his goal, we must first and foremost establish a final ban on nuclear testing. secondly, weapons for peace should remain our important moral compass. however, in the meantime, we should not stop -- by opening the uranium band, we have been
11:02 pm
using -- we are grateful for the united states, the european union, kuwait, norway, and there initiative whose generous financial group -- contributions made this possible. we also think china and russia for their equipment. madam president, how can we enforce long proliferation and development for the matters of the security council. the council must maintain its unity and common understanding to be clear and unambiguous signal about a strong stance on these issues. it is wise to commit the
11:03 pm
effectiveness for the measure by the degree of progress toward reaching political solutions peacefully. mr. president, i also suggest we withdraw and have a serious -- and have serious implications for countries who do not have guarantees. as well as those with -- they should not acquire such weapons. this is a fair step to be undertaken without significant expenditures. nuclear weapons free zones remain one of the effective weapons. we support strengthening these free zones by organizing a higher level of
11:04 pm
security by providing higher levels of guarantees. nuclear weapons free zones will be endorsed by the last [ indiscernible ] countries. we are firmly -- we feel that the council has to be united and it has to be a comprehensive solution on this issue of arbitration without transferring such [ indiscernible ] subject to further politicalization and the political lizard -- resolution will also help eliminate. we will continue to provide the platform of cease- fire and confidence building measures as a complement to
11:05 pm
support under the leadership of the united nations. with jcpoa, it has put iran on the nuclear [ indiscernible ]. they have confirmed that cause extend with its negotiations that led up to an agreement. it is the top uranium exporter. we contributed significantly by supplying 60 pounds of uranium to iran in exchange for more than 300 milligrams of highly enriched uranium to russia. all has acknowledged these are significant milestones and has to be the first stop of the implementation. their obligations by some parties and we hope for is
11:06 pm
further implementation. we propose to consider new concerns and challenges for all possible means of normalcy without destroying the previous achievements. finally, madam president, it is necessary for this counsel to make a quantum leap towards a moral compass that has national interest for safe and a secure world. thank you for your attention. >> i think the minister for his statement i now give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs of sweden. >> thank you, madam president. from listening to all the countries around the staple, i support for the idea that multilateral and diplomatic efforts are needed to address
11:07 pm
the challenges of today. international peace and security in preventing conflict and terrorism are rightly highest on the agenda. i therefore think you madam president for convening this important meeting on world proliferation. still, madam president, we were asked to comment on four things in this briefing. sanctions efficiency, capacity to implement, nonstate axis, and weapons of mass destruction. i think that the answer to all of these questions is close to multilateral operation. it would be a much more dangerous place without the treaty of the global disarmament and nonproliferation regime. that multilateral framework depends on our continuous commitment to collective resolutions.
11:08 pm
in many parts of the world, we see modernization of nuclear weapons arsenals increase missile capacities or threats of chemical weapons use, and normalizations in the rhetoric surrounding all weapons of mass destruction. history has shown us too many times that such steps forms a pathway to catastrophe. the nuclear weapons states bear a particular responsibility in upholding and making good on the commitment inherent in the npt of the nuclear weapons free world. to this and, a review conference in 2020 must pave the way for enhanced disarmament and nonproliferation commitment. equally, it reiterates the call and all states to sign and rectify the cp bt. madam pregnant -- madam pregnant -- president, it is the common tool for disarmament and
11:09 pm
nonproliferation but it must also focus on three specific issues. many of you have already touched upon them. the challenges, course, to the iran nuclear agreement. the dpr case, and the recurring use of chemical weapons. joint conference a plan of action, the iran deal, is a historic achievement. it is a concrete example of the effective diplomatic nonproliferation effort. this agreement prevents nuclear proliferation in iran but also aims to avoid ripple effects in the region. as the iaea confirms, iran continues to fulfill its nuclear obligations under the agreement, and as long as this is the case, the jcpoa curtails iran's ability to develop nuclear weapons. this is why sweden with the rest of the european union
11:10 pm
disagrees with the united states removing itself in this agreement, and frankly, what are the alternatives to this agreement? undercutting a concrete nonproliferation tool dangerously undermines our joint nonproliferation efforts elsewhere. together, without -- with our eu partners will try to negate the effects of the u.s. policies. the rest of the eu will continue to foster broad relations and dialogue with iran, including on issues such as human rights. iran's ruling the region in missile activity are clearly a matter of concern. these concerns can and should, however, be addressed separately and not at the expense of the jcpoa. security in the middle east region can only be achieved through diplomatic solutions and enhanced cooperation, not through further polarization in
11:11 pm
isolation. remember, we have tried that before for decades. isolation and sanctions. all it did was force the most conservative forces in iran. that is a problem. secondly, the dpr nuclear weapons program is a threat to the nonproliferation regime -- regime. these diplomatic efforts deserve our full and active support. the continued progress in the inter-korean dialogue is encouraging in the summit between the united states and dpr t and singapore in june is indeed significant. we must now work to maintain momentum and take positive steps. for the dpr, this must be committed to undertakings in the eye aea should be given a role in the verification of the denuclearization and disarmament in the process.
11:12 pm
the security council and the international community must continue to stand united. thirdly, the use of chemical weapons is a serious violation of international law. every violation undermines established and risks eroding international taboo on these weapons. the use of chemical weapons is morally of porridge and can never be -- morally a borate and cannot be accepted. the investigative mechanisms have confirmed that chemical weapons were used repeatedly by the syrian arab republic. we supported the decision to talk to the opcw to identify the perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons in syria, and while the mechanism established by this counsel would've been preferable, the issue was too important to be allowed to be blocked.
11:13 pm
this does, however, not freeze this counsel from its first -- not free it's -- this counsel from its responsibility to hold those responsible account. the targeted burner with attempted -- was attempted using a nerve agent. search assaults are absolutely unacceptable, and we call on russia to fully cooperate with the investigation. madam president, we must never lose sight of why we are making the efforts to eliminate those horrific weapons. until now, we have not talked about the victims. i have, myself, met with survivors of nuclear weapons attacks, and i will never forget their stories. victims of chemical weapons have shared similar accounts, and it is important to listen to such personal experiences to understand what it is that we are fighting for. it has definitely strengthened my resolve to step up efforts for nonproliferation and disarmament.
11:14 pm
it is clearly a global threat that we must address together, and only through multilateral solutions, including by this counsel, can we effectively present the use of these repugnant weapons. the multilateral nonproliferation and disarmament framework is also a key pillar of the international space order. we owe this to the victims of past attacks and we owe it to future generations. thank you, madam president. >> a thank you for your statement. thank you all for joining us here today. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers and this meeting is adjourned.
11:15 pm
>> on saturday, president trump will hold a political rally in west virginia. to campaign for state attorney general, patrick horsey, who is challenging joe manchin. live coverage beginning at 7 pm eastern on c-span. >> i think i am going to tell this guy off, and they get them and they go in there do something about the office itself, and most foreigners and americans have a respect for that office where you just do not feel like taking on the present the way that you told your colleagues you are going to do. >> you know, when he was in china, he was eventually called back to run the cia. something he did not want to do. he thought that running the cia was a career killer, and he said
11:16 pm
" i think i should take him at his word that he remembered his father saying that if the president of the united states ask you to do something for your country, the answer is yes. that sentiment embodies his entire sense of obligation not to necessarily be a president in his own right but to hold the presidency up as a charge to hand off to the next person. >> jeffrey engel, director of southern ute -- southern methodist university discusses his book when the world seemed new, president george hw bush on cpanel -- on c-span's q&a. >> next, discussion about iraq's personal clip -- political climate. congress talked about the goals of several of iraq's political coalitions. the hudson institute hosted this event.