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  Campaign 2018 President Trump Holds Rally in Wisconsin  CSPAN  October 24, 2018 7:56pm-9:21pm EDT

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i mean how degrading can he put this country. >> let's go to randy. hello. >> good morning, good morning, i really appreciate you for being a disruptor for all of these years and asking questions of power and those of us out here that are trying to add value in our communities appreciate that personality. i would like to share my experience in owning a small business in virginia that was built specifically to add value in and out of schools. with mobile health facilities. these are 50-foot trailers that have 30 stationary bicycles on them that for children four years old and up. the when you have challenges in
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low income communities with the business on the corner which is an educational, i challenge them. >> [music]. to the likes of minnesota into the hills of tennessee, from see -- from sea to shining sea
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from detroit to houston and new york to la where their pride in every american heart and it is time we stand to say. [singing] i am proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free. i won't get the man who died who say -- who paid that price for me. i would gladly stand up next to you and to send her till the day because there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the usa. [singing] i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free, i won't forget the men who died
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gave that right to me. i would gladly stand out next to you and defend her till today, but there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the usa. [singing] hello wisconsin this is a great state i am thrilled to be back with that thousands of loyal, hard working, american patriots who by the way gave president trump a win. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much.
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incredible people. i want to begin tonight by addressing the suspicious devices and packages that were mailed to current and former high-ranking government officials. my highest duty as president is to keep america safe, that is what we talked about. that is what we do. the federal government is conducting in an aggressive investigation and we will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice, hopefully very soon. any acts or threats of political violence are in an attack on our democracy itself. no nation can succeed the tolerance while it -- not tolerate violence as the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation, coercion or control.
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we all know that. such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted. we want all sides to come together in peace and harmony. we can do it. we can do it. we can do it. it will happen. more broadly there is much we can do to bring our nation together. those engaged in the political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective. they have to do that. the language of moral condemnation and destructive routine, these are arguments and disagreements that have to stop, no one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains. which is done often, it is done all the time, it has got to stop. we should not mob people in
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public spaces or destroying public property. there is one way to settle the disagreements, it is called peacefully at the ballot box. that is what we want. as part of a larger national effort to bridge the divide and bring people together the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative in and often times false attacks and stories. they have to do it. they have to do it. they have got to stop. bring people together. we are just 13 days away from a very, very important election, it is an election of monumental
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-- if you look at it, monumental importance, isn't it? wouldn't you say, monumental importance. there are dramatic differences between our two political parties. it is essential for the mark kriski to draw a sharp contrast between the two different platforms put before the american people and we have a chance to do that right now in many states and on november 6th. we need more, not last debate about policy issues in our country. what we cannot do is let our disagreements about matters of policy tear us apart as a country, can't do that. we must accept the verdicts of elections and remember that america's greatest achievement have always been those endeavors we embarked on
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together. we have had great, great achievements. so true. so let's put it all together, right? let's put it all together. let's get along. a great country, we are going to get along. that is why i am here today to ask the people of wisconsin to reelect a truly great governor scott walker. to send in an incredible woman and talent to the united states senate.
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they are two are great people. early voting is now underway so get out and about the decision in this election is so clear all over the country. republicans are for lower taxes, less regulations and more economic freedom. that is a good thing. that is a good thing. the democrats are for higher taxes, more regulations, and more top down government control. by the way, do you see how nice i am behaving tonight? have you ever seen this? we are all behaving very well. hopefully we can keep it that way, right? we are going to keep it that way. republicans want to create
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better healthcare through more choice, lower drug prices and you will see, very soon, drug prices will go plunging down, you wait, you watch. it is all in motion. we have created much more competition. democrats want socialist healthcare where private plans are outlawed and abolished, republicans want a strong, secure border.
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went our country is assaulted by thousands of people marching and they openly say we are going into the country, we can't do that, we can't do that, we can't allow that. it is unfair to you but it is also unfair to thousands of people that have gone through a legal process, some waiting 10 years, everything is perfect and they don't get in about other people just march right in. it will not happen, you watch, it won't happen. we can't let it happen. those who violate the laws across the borders illegally will be sent back home quickly. we tell them that because they have a long hike but they can't come, they cannot come the way they want to come in. it doesn't work that way. we don't have borders, we don't
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have a country and we have the greatest country on earth. okay? republicans know the rule of law is essential to national sovereignty and we know immigration enforcement is essential to public safety, national security and the protection of american jobs, wages and public benefits. you know that. i said i was going to bring the jobs back, we have factories coming back, we have plants coming back, we have companies coming back. they are all coming back and the jobs are coming back like you have never seen it before. i said it i just didn't know i could do it this quickly. democrats oppose any effort to secure the border.
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wait until you see what we are doing with the border over the next few weeks. as you know we started the wall $1.6 billion, we have another but we want to build it very quickly all at one time and we will get it done. wait until you see what happens over the next couple of weeks. you are going to see a very secure border. you just watch. very secure. the military is ready, they are all set. they are all set. they are already and there is
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no one like them. democrats believe in catching and release. you know what that is, right? that is you catch a person, what is your name, my name is so it and so, write it down, will you show up in three years for a court case? yes, i will show up. we never see them again! we never see them. they strongly support sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement and release known gang members, predators, criminal aliens into our communities. it is not going to happen in wisconsin i can tell you that. not going to happen. we are getting them out fast. ms-13 thousands and thousands of ms-13 we are getting them out fast because of ice and other law enforcement.
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the democrats, even oppose legislation to increase the penalty for criminals and drug dealers who repeatedly break into our country and hurt and seriously injured and even worse our people. we are not allowing it anymore. they understand it. everybody understands it. republicans believe our judges should interpret the constitution as written, democrats believe judges should be able to rewrite the constitution, which they are doing all of the time. especially when it comes to the border. they end up writing rules and regulations that are worse than anything you have ever seen. but ultimately we will get to the supreme court and hopefully they will straighten things out.
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these are just some of the issues of this election. these are also of the reasons why it is so important for each of you, each one, to get out and won't. get out and vote. if you are going to vote democrat don't bother. but if you are going to vote republican -- i think we have a lots of republicans here, don't we? so between scott and leah vukmir who is in favor of those great people? i thought so. you have a lot of people outside. this is a beautiful place by the way. on the republican leadership america is booming, american is thriving, american is winning because we are finally putting
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america first. it has been a long time. it has been a long time. the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in over 50 years. 50! manufacturing confidence has reached an all-time high in the history of our country, i think it is now 38 years old, it is a long time, could be longer but it would also be -- in the history confidence is at an all- time high. more people are working now than at any point in the history of the united states. think of that. one of the reasons for that is we have eliminated a record number of job killing regulations. we have passed a massive tax
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cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. that is all for the middle class. that is on top of the tax cut the already got for the middle class. we are taking care of our great veterans and our military will soon be more powerful, by far, than ever before. right? i have to tell you i know a lot of governors, some are good, some aren't so hot, some are really not so good, and i want to tell you i have to say this to wisconsin. he ran against me in the primary, he was tough. he could be nasty.
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he was tough. he was smart. what i have gotten to know him well and he did something that i didn't think would be happening in this country for a long time. i got him set up with an incredible company they make much of the apple product. i have been saying for a long time it won't be complete until we get apple and apple by the way is spending $350 billion in this country, only because of the tax cut. they are building a great campus, they are building places all over.
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they are doing $350 billion. but, foxconn does much of the work in china and other places for apple. they came to wisconsin with the most incredible plan, has anybody seen this place, it is incredible. we had a ribbon-cutting a few months ago. i handed it over to scott and i said, lots of luck. that was just the very beginning. 90 9% of the people if they were governor could never have done that job so well. it was almost 15,000 jobs and there is no plant like it in the united states. one of the most incredible things i have ever seen. i will never forget i am going around with scott, paul ryan, and just incredible. you have incredible people here. we were going around and they
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needed robots so they said rather than buying them from a german manufacturer we will make them here. this is complex stuff. these are the most sophisticated in the world. you come back three months later they have a robot factory made. it is the most incredible thing. this is one of the great plants in this country. in the world it is right at the top. it was done because of scott walker. so i just want you to know a -- when you look at it i have never seen anything like it. earlier this month i announced we are replacing the horrible, horrible nafta deal with it incredible brand-new u.s./mexico/canada agreement.
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i see things from nafta, we are still scarred all over the country. we have empty factories, empty buildings, just by the thousand. millions of jobs were lost. big portions of the auto industry was lost. nafta was a disaster. it was a bad deal. it should have been terminated. 25 years later i get it terminated. okay? a new deal, it works. usmca is a big victory for wisconsin. i have to say this because we have a lot of great farmers in this country but i give
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wisconsin credit for it. i came up here once and it was rough. i was with ron johnson, a great senator who loves you. i was with paul ryan, i was with scott, i just going around and farmers came up to me. could you help me. i don't know that much about farming but i know about business. these great people came up, canada put a surcharge on our dairy product and they did this, they did that, i said it can't be that bad. than i would see another group, they had just put a tax on a specific type of specialty milk. what the do i know about specialty milk! it is funny it was a small part of the market but it was the wrong thing to do and it really angered -- in the big part of the market in dairy you are
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paying 275% tariffs. but this little tiny part of the special market got you. in other words you are paying it for years, which is a fraction of the big market that you accepted and you lived with it, basically it was a barrier to canada. this was a barrier, this little thing got your goat and i got hit by every farmer in wisconsin over this. it was just a step too far. they went a little too far. since that time i never forgot it so you are responsible to a large extent for the usmca. i never forgot it. now, as you know, the canadian market, which was not open, is now open. go do well. it is a great agreement. we will not lose our businesses
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anymore. we will not have them build all sorts of things. we have gotten tremendous reviews on that agreement. so we are very proud of the usmca and it started here because of a specialty dairy product. okay? i saw what happened. you were treated unfairly. your political leaders pushed me hard, they said don't forget those farmers, i didn't. i came back numerous times and now we have a final agreement. it is right on track and doing well. i must say even democrats like this deal. can you imagine. it may be bipartisan. can you believe it! can you believe it!
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we can do a lot of that. i think we will do bipartisan on infrastructure. so that would be great. thank you very much to the farmers of wisconsin. you had a lot to do with it. two weeks to go we had another historic victory as we probably confirmed the newest member of the united states supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. he was treated unfairly. that was brutal. i went up to him when i decided -- i chose him out of the finest, brilliant legal minds in the country, for 10 years i heard about brett kavanaugh. he will be a supreme court judge some day. i did not know i was going to be president.
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for years they talked about him because of his great intellect. i will never forget, we are in the white house, i say judge, i am going to choose you for the united states supreme court. judge, this is going to go so fast, you are so perfect, you don't have a thing wrong, you are the best student, number one in your class, you are a great intellect, a great scholar, a beautiful wife, beautiful daughters, everyone is so perfect, this is going to go so fast. then i saw the way they made him suffer. but he got through it with grace and now he is going to be on the supreme court.
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he is a good person. he is a great person. that was a tough treatment. we have to get rid of that treatment. he six alongside -- he sits alongside of justice neil gorsuch to we also put on the supreme court. they will be defending your rights, your constitution and your freedom. right? not bad. a lot of people say that is the most important decision a president can make. i would say war, peace and than that, if you don't mind. it is a very, very important decision and they are two great people. many presidents don't get a chance to put a supreme court justice on. we have put two of them on.
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right? so if we go at this clip we will put eight of them on. how do you like that idea! 8! we will do one every year! we will put one a year on. thank you very much. very important that we have great talent and great people on the supreme court of the united states. this will be the election of the caravans, brett kavanaugh, law and order, tax cuts and common sense. a lot of politics is common sense. we are honored to be joined tonight by many great republican leaders, including the wisconsin leader, who fought so hard for the tax cuts, regulation cuts, veterans, we fought for those veterans, and for our great
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military in terms of $700 billion to rebuild the military. speaker paul ryan! where is he trucks -- where is he? great job paul, thank you very much. i appreciate it. you have done a great job. also here tonight our your republican members of congress, that is right, duffy is here.
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i love champions, i did not know he was just a nice looking young congressman, what do i know. i am watching something and i see a guy going up a tree. it was a few years ago. he is going up a tree. they said it is sean duffy. i said, it can't be the one i know it was. he was the world champion for five years. i said that looks tough, he said going up is in tough, it is coming down because a lot of times you break your leg. i can see that, it is just like a freefall. if you don't stop you are in deep trouble. so he has been fantastic. he is a great political talent also. thank you very much.
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and your family. do we love her? a great family, thank you very much, great job. glenn, where is he? thank you. what they help he has been on so many things. thank you very much. great job. a man who has worked so hard, he is so smart, i actually said to him, you know, people really don't know how smart you are. i worked with him on tax legislation, he knew that stuff better than anybody. he was brutal. he really understood it better than anyone. i said you are like a hidden weapon. senator ron johnson.
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he took that complement like it didn't matter. he just wanted to get back to work. thank you, great job. these people appreciate it. i also want to thank a woman who works very hard, it is not easy being first lady, especially being first lady of wisconsin, thank you. lieutenant governor, thank you. thank you. state senate majority leader, scott fitzgerald. good job. thank you.
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great job. a man i got to know during a thing called the campaign from two years ago, wisconsin gop chair! thank you, brad. great job. you brought us to victory. another man that brought us to victory and i will tell you he is a special person, a great person, it took us five years to figure out how the to pronounce his name. now we have it. he is doing fantastic. he is somebody that you love him in wisconsin, they love him in washington, which is a rare combination but he is a very talented guy and a really good person.
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thank you. that was a lot of fun. he loves this place. we are honored to be here with the next united states senator from wisconsin, leah vukmir! leah vukmir you are doing very well. you are doing very well. she is a tireless fighter for
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the people of wisconsin, she will always vote for your wisconsin values. she is a very special person. i have gotten to know her. i don't know if she liked me at the beginning but she likes me now. does that make sense? we have gotten to know each other, she is an incredible woman. her far left opponent is tammy baldwin. who wants a socialist takeover of healthcare. i am trying to say that very nicely. normally i would scream it. they want a socialist takeover! i am trying to be nice. right? but it is true. tammy baldwin voted against the tax cuts and she wants to restore job killing regulations
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that has helped rebuild our country. she opened and voted against case law, if you can believe that. see voted against the thing that we are proud to have started the border wall. she also voted in favor of deadly sanctuary cities. not too good in wisconsin. tammy baldwin, this is a bad time for being in favor of open borders but that is when she is in favor of. she wants to open borders. can't do that wisconsin. if you want strong borders, safe communities, you need to vote for leah vukmir! they will.
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they will. i think you like her. it is going to be a big, big win for you. thank you. finally, let me introduce a true wisconsin patriot a month i have really gotten to know, he is a fighter, he has become a great friend of mine, one of the most capable people in all of government. governor scott walker. you are, scott. you are. scott walker is a tireless warrior. he is a warrior. didn't he win three elections last time? he is the only guy who gets
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elected three times. he doesn't stop. he is a warrior. three times! he is a warrior for wisconsin workers and families. >> four more years! four more years! four more years! four more years! >> he is a good man. he is a good man and he loves this state. he will cut your taxes, he has been doing it, improve your school, he has been doing it, bring down the cost of healthcare, he has been doing that as good as anybody and continue to creating great paying jobs for the state. scott fights every day for you and now we need you to fight for him. all you have to do is go out
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and vote. scott will you come out. police. come on. come on. -- scott bell you come up here please. come on. come on. >> thank you mr. president. we are so happy to have you back in wisconsin. are you happy to have the president here! a couple weeks ago the president called me when i was with the vice president and asked me where he should go. i have got to tell you we have got more people working in this state than ever in the history of the state of wisconsin. eight straight months of record low in -- eight straight months of record low unemployment. the president mentioned my wife who does a super job but many of you know i said before she
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has got diabetes and i want to thank you, you said it again today, i want to reinforce it to everyone we will always cover people like my wife with pre-existing medical conditions. don't believe the lies. don't believe the lies. we will cover people with pre- existing conditions. you talked about manufacturing jobs we are the second most new manufacturing jobs in the country in the great state of wisconsin. mr. president we talked about foxconn it is great to see that it helps people all across the state. it helps alex, he is one of the welders working on that project. it helps the guys at work at county materials a few miles to the west who are doing 5 miles of concrete for the drainage system down there.
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it helps people at hoffman construction who are moving tons of dirt. it helps people in green bay, all over the state of wisconsin who will benefit from the thousands and thousands of good paying jobs at foxconn. it would not have happened without this president opening the door. the president talked about dairy, i remember, april of 2017 the president was talking about buy america at snap-on tools, we talked to him, we brought in some of the farmers to talk about the problem. the president heard it and he said i will bring it out right now, the speech has nothing to do with agriculture, he said,
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we will take care of the dairy farmers in my unlike so many politicians this president never forgot his promise to the dairy farmers of the state of wisconsin. he is making dairy great again in america and it starts in wisconsin! i finally want to tell you, one last thing, we don't hear enough of this from the press. you heard all sorts of things about the tax cut. these are official numbers from the department of revenue do you know how much he typical taxpayer saves? a typical family in this state, two people working, two kids at home saves $2500, that is real money, that is not crumbs.
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mr. president we know a thing or two about taxes in the state because over the last eight years we have cut taxes more than $8 million. we will keep doing it because my opponent wants to raise their property taxes. those taxes will cost us jobs, we are not going to do it. we have got a plan to keep moving wisconsin forward. thank you for the help mr. president. >> thank you. good job.
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he is a great guy. his opponent is an extreme liberal named tony evers. he wants to raise your income taxes substantially. he wants to raise your gas tax. he wants to raise your property taxes. he wants to raise all of your taxes. tony evers wants to get illegal aliens to flood into wisconsin to get free public benefits funded by you the american taxpayer. no good. no good. so don't wait, vote early, vote early for scott walker. a tremendous guy. leah vukmir would you come up here please. she is so incredible.
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this is unscheduled. >> thank you mr. president it is an honor to stand with you and i am so thrilled that you came back to wisconsin. you promised me the day you called me after i won the primary and you follow through on your promise just like you have followed through on every promise you made for us! everywhere i go in this great state -- when i spoke to all of you before it is overwhelming because i have put on 92,000 miles on my car and i see faces from every county that i have visited. you all welcome to me and we
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are going to send tammy baldwin back to the private sector that does -- that she does not know exists. everything this president said he was going to do he has done. we need to send him someone in washington, a reinforcement in that senate so that senator ron johnson's boat is not canceled. i need your help to do that! tammy baldwin does not have your best interest in mind. tammy baldwin has voted to increase your taxes 413 times! you heard the governor talk about $2500, tammy baldwin
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didn't think you deserved that $2500, i think that you do! of course the issue that we have been talking about, healthcare reform. the big -- tammy baldwin is saying that same light over and over again. we simply taking care of people with pre-existing conditions. i have said it before, i will fall in front of a truck before i let people go without coverage for pre-existing conditions! tammy baldwin's plan medicare for all, it is chaos for all, chaos for all because she wants to destroy, dismantle, medicare, medicare advantage, medicaid, night in not going to
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let her do it. i need to go to washington to fix healthcare reform. one last thing if i may, i am talking about chaos, i mean it is the left, everything they are about, chaos at the border, chaos, resist, obstruct, tammy baldwin stands for that chaos. she stand as for for open borders. she stands for sanctuary cities. this daughter of greek immigrants who knows that we are a nation of laws and we must uphold those laws and i want to stand with this president when he builts a wall and finishes building the wall! -- when he builts the wall and finishes building the wall. thank you.
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thank you mr. president! we need your help, let's win! thank you. >> thank you, great job. >> leah! >> leah! >> she is terrific, she is going to be a great leader but we need the votes. we need leah. the democrat healthcare plan would obliterate medicare. these are people that really depend on it. republicans want to protect medicare for the great seniors who have earned it and they paid for it for a long time. republicans will always protect as leah said, americans with
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pre-existing conditions. we have done a great job, we have gotten rid of a lot of obamacare. we had it repealed and replace but we have dismantled it. we got rid of so much and so many bad elements of it. it has been brought down to size if you noticed your opinions are going up because of what we have done, going up very little by comparison. last year i came here we were talking about increases of 115%, we got rid of a thing called the individual mandate, where you had the privilege of paying
8:48 pm
a fortune in order not to pay a fortune for bad healthcare. that was the most unpopular part, it really was, the most important part from their standpoint, it is gone. that saved tremendous numbers of people a lot of money. now what we have done is we have come up with great plans, we have all sorts of plans, people are going to them by the million. it has been an honor. healthcare is going to be our major focus, one of our major focus is, we have done something very special but getting rid of that mandate was so important. scott grant call me all the time asking me to get rid of it. guess what we put it into the tax-cut plan. can you believe that one? because they talk about majorities -- i always say if a senator catches a cold we don't
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have a majority. so we have to wait. it is so close. we need more senators, it will happen because if you look at the early voting this blue wave does not seem to be doing so well. what happened to the blue wave! like have been hearing about the blue wave. it is not doing so well. i had better be a little careful because if we don't do quite as well as we are thinking we are going to do i will be all over television with these exact remarks. they will be doing a number but that is okay. early voting looks good for the republicans. the start that you have got now
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because you want safety, you want security, you want great jobs, you want healthcare. thank you. a good-looking guy. nice-looking man. but we want strength, we want a strong military. we have to get our veterans -- we did something no -- you know, we did something to our was possible. we got veterans choice where they are not being taken where they are not being taken care a private doctor, it took people that we introduced all
8:51 pm
helped. paul, thank you you worked hard on that one. that was not easy. you had veterans accountability, right? that was treat the veterans right -- they weren't really protected. they could steal, they could rob, they would not have been like that with our veterans in your prime, they were nasty, could not do anything. now we can fire them so fast your head will spin. the democrats also want to made medicare to fund benefits from so many different things but they want to fund them for illegal immigrants. how about the governor slightly different than scott. the governor who is trying to become the next governor of the state of california.
8:52 pm
he wants open borders, think of this, just think of this, he wants to open borders, everybody can come to california, he wants to give you free healthcare, free education, drivers's license, i said the other night jokingly probably a rolls-royce. you can't joke with these people. you can't be even a little sarcastic. i said they want to supply a rolls-royce. they actually said, one of them, they want to supply a rolls-royce. they said, the governor of california never said that. they can't take a joke. maybe they will start taking a joke and we will be better party is encouraging caravan
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after carrigan of illegal aliens to break into our country. don't worry, you have nothing to worry about. don't worry about it. the crisis on the border and it is a crisis, it is crazy. right now is the result of democrat laws and activists, democrat judges that do what ever they want and prevent us from returning back home to central america and other parts of the world, democrat even support sanctuary cities that release gang members. you see predators. some people don't like it when i use that some people don't like it when i use that name. these
8:54 pm
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have an easy job. they don't have an easy job. they've taken a tremendous amount of pounding. these are great patriots. these are people, you don't want their job. they go into nests. they call them nests of gangs. they go into these nests like it's a day at the office. i don't want to do it. you don't want to do it. you don't want to do it. i think that one does want to do it. i think he does want to do it actually. you know, where i grew up, and long island we have these great communities, and they were infiltrated with ms-13.
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he says, get them out. we actually are. we are getting them out of this country by the thousands, if you can believe it. you know, it's like liberating like a war, like there's a foreign invasion. they occupy your country, and then you get them out, and they call it liberation. you liberate it. i.c.e. goes in and they are much tougher, much stronger, and much smarter. they go in and they, in a relatively nice way, i want to say that, relatively nice, they get them out. so they get them out of the country. they bring them back home. and these towns are being liberated, and the people are clapping. they are looking -- i'm telling you, it's like watching world war ii movies. it's like watching documentaries on world war i
8:57 pm
and world war ii. they get them, they take them out, and the people on their windows are clapping and screaming and they are happy. this is i.c.e., and the democrats want to terminate i.c.e. so if you want to uphold our laws, our borders, and our way of life, you need to vote for scott walker and leah. you've got to do it. leah and scott, good luck. i think you are going to make it. did he lose? i will talk to him in a few months. please don't let that happen. please don't let that happen.
8:58 pm
it doesn't matter about leads. november 6th is your lead. he does. he has a wonderful lead. and, leah, looking good. we need them both badly. this election is about borders, and this election is about jobs. in less than two years, we have created 4.2 million new jobs and listed, listen to this, 12.2 million americans off food stamps. we created half a million new manufacturing jobs. you remember when the previous administration said, you can have manufacturing jobs anymore. i used to say, what does he mean by that? by the way, i hate to say it, these are our best jobs. these are our best jobs. these are great jobs, and they are very important jobs for our country. remember they said, you need a
8:59 pm
magic wand. i guess we have a magic wand, correct? in fact, now the number is almost 600,000, and that isn't our election. here in wisconsin, manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest pace in more than 23 years. african-american and hispanic american poverty has reached an all-time low. african-american, hispanic american, asian-american, unemployment all reaching their lowest rates ever recorded. that's a tough soundbite. isn't that a tough soundbite for the opponent? and in addition to that, kanye west likes me. which is good.
9:00 pm
interesting guy. big jim brown. jim brown. he's sitting there. he looks like he could play tomorrow. big jim and conway, total opposites. jim is strong, kanye has his ideas. but they are both good people, and they like what we are doing, and that's great. great people. and women's unemployment just fell to 3.6 percent, which is, as you know, i hate to say it, that's my worst statistic, because that's only the lowest rate in 65 years. that's not historic. and i've been waiting for six weeks to get rid of that 65, and i haven't been able to do it, but it's happening soon. it's happening soon. we've also taken the toughest ever action to crack down on china's abusive trade practice.
9:01 pm
they want to make a deal. and i said, you are not ready yet. they want to make a deal. the president is a great person, and, hopefully, we will do something soon or someday, but $500 billion has been taken out of this country for years every year. $500billion. on trade we lost $807 billion. think of it. who made these deals? who made these deals? and we are the one with all of the power, because we are the piggy bank that all of these countries want to come in and love, so we have all the power. canada and mexico, we didn't. south korea. we are doing a lot
9:02 pm
of them. they are all coming and they all want to make a deal because they are afraid of those tariffs. they don't want those tariffs. they'll sign anything but tariffs, please. don't do that to me, president trump. we don't want tariffs. we don't want tariffs, please. taking care of our people. we are taking care of our people. you know, they didn't care so much about us. they want to take care of the globe. we want to take care of the united states of america, and we will help other countries. we are going to help other countries. but we can't have wealthy, wealthy countries where we take care of their military and we are not reimbursed, or we are reimbursed for tiny fractions. can have that. these are wealthy countries. i've artie started. i've gone to some of them.
9:03 pm
i don't know if i should give you names. who cares. there are plenty of them. i say, mr. prime minister, mr. president. i say, mr. king, mr. dictator, mr. whoever we are protecting, you've got to start paying for this protection. in the prime minister of japan, great guy, fantastic man, actually. just one a big election. i said it to him. japan is an immensely wealthy nation. they send millions and millions of cars to the united states, and they also build them in the united states. i like them better, by the way. i think they are much nicer. but i said to the prime minister, look, we are taking care of your military. well, we help you a lot with north korea. they are not sending missiles to japan. i did that.
9:04 pm
pretty good. but you are only paying for a percentage of your military. we are doing the rest. you've got to really help us out. it's not fair. and he looked at me, and he didn't say anything. i said, has anyone ever asked you to do this before? he goes, no. truth. talking about billions of dollars. south korea, the same thing. wonderful people. we buy missile systems. how much is their system? $1billion. good. i said, general, who is paying for it? sir, i don't know. i said, find out who is paying. i think i knew the answer. comes back and says, sir, it is 1 million -- think of it.
9:05 pm
>> the system is $1 billion, and the united states of america is paying for it. i said, why are we paying? let me ask you this question. you have missiles being shot from north korea. it's not going to happen, folks, because we have a great relationship now with kim jong un. so let me ask you, missiles from north korea to south korea, we've got the best people in the world. we shoot the missiles down. that's great. south korea makes your samsung, your lg, they make it a fortune -- they are making a fortune because of us. we have 302000 soldiers over there, but they don't pay. so they are making missiles. i said, general, let me ask you a question. why is it that they don't pay? because, sir, they are an ally of the united states of
9:06 pm
america. and i say, general, i like them, too. but they've got to pay. they've got to pay. they've got to pay. i could tell you hundreds of stories like that. i could tell you stories all night long, but the politicians may get tired. we are really doing something. we secured $716 billion to fully rebuild the united states military. and at my direction, very exciting, because this is where it is at, the pentagon is working to create the six branch of the american armed forces, the space force. that's where it is at. have to do it. have to do it. think of that. isn't that exciting?
9:07 pm
and it's so important. satellites are going to be happening. that's where it's at. i'm not just talking about rockets going to the moon. i'm talking military protection, military offense and defense. that's where it's at. u.s. space force. and the horrible one-sided iran nuclear deal, i withdrew the united states. we have recognized the capital of israel and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. and together we have made extraordinary progress, and we are just getting started. you know, the embassy was supposed to cost $1.1 billion, you know that, right? every president -- or many presidents said, we are going
9:08 pm
to approve it, but they never did. once they got to office, they found it's not so easy. every country in the world, don't do it, don't do it. i just turned off the phone. i was going to approve it on a monday and i said, tell them i will call them back on tuesday. i called more people on tuesday. what's up? i want to talk to you about the embassy. sorry. it's done. but i understand why obama and bush and clinton and many, many all the way back didn't do it. tremendous pressure. and we did it. but it was supposed to cost $1.1 billion. $1.1billion. one of the generals walked and said, would you sign this? i said, by the way, what is it i am signing? i signed a lot of papers. scary signing so many papers. i said, what is this? sir, we are building the united states embassy in jerusalem. how much is it?
9:09 pm
$1.1billion, sir. how do you build it -- you do it for about $200,000. i said, how do you spend $1.1 billion on a one story structure? sir, i don't know, but that's what they say it's going to cost. i can't sign it. it's actually half signed. it just as donald. i didn't even get the j. i called up a great man, one of the most successful lawyers in new york. he's the ambassador to israel. i said, david, they want us to buy this unbelievably expensive site and they want us to build a building that's going to cost $1.1 billion. number 1, it will probably take 25 years. it'll never happen. let's get this thing done immediately. he said, sir, can i call you back. calls me back four days later and he says, we own the best
9:10 pm
site in jerusalem. setback is a building, and the building is nice, but the best location. i think i can renovate the building, sir, and i can do it for less than $200,000. that's a true story. i can do it for less than $200,000. first time in my life ever, i think it's the first time i said, david, that's too little. i said, it doesn't sound right. i said, spend 400 to $500,000. okay. we went out and we built the most beautiful building for $500,000. you have a doctor in the house, please? dr. over here, please. thank you. are they okay?
9:11 pm
okay. thank you, doctor. doctors do a great job. take your time. that's great. thank you. thank you, ma'am. thank you. thank you. thank you folks very much. that's very nice. so we got it built and we are happy and we saved about a billion. and it's open. it's operating, and we are happy. everybody is happy. we will continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulations, and raise your income. we will protect medicare and social security. we will continue to confirm
9:12 pm
judges who interpret our constitution as written. we will secure our border. we will pass case laws. we will stop those sanctuary cities, stop catch and release, and visa lottery awards. pick it out of a hat. how about that? visa lottery. we have a lottery. people coming to the united states. i don't think those countries are putting their finest in the lottery. we say, how do these people come here? we got them in the lottery. great. we are going to end the lottery, and chain migration, which is terrible, and we will keep the criminals, drug dealers, and terrorists out of our country. we will lift millions of our citizens from welfare to work, from dependence to independence, and from poverty to prosperity. for years he watched as your
9:13 pm
leaders apologized for america. you now have a president who is proudly standing up for you and for america. thank you. we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for wisconsin, and we are proudly standing up for our great national anthem. if you want to continue this incredible momentum, then you must vote republican. go out and vote. vote for leah, vote for scott. great people. you won't get better. loyal citizens like you helped build this country, and
9:14 pm
together we are taking back our country, returning power to you, the american people. that's what's happening. this state was settled by tough frontier men and strong pioneer women who break the wilderness to build a life and a home. they didn't have a lot of money. they didn't have a lot of luxury, but they all had one thing in common. they love their families, they love their country, and they loved their god. these courageous wisconsin patriots did not shed their blood, shed their sweat and tears so that we could sit at home while others tried to erase their legacy and destroy our proud american heritage. for the sake of our freedom and for the sake of our children, we are going to work.
9:15 pm
we are going to fight. we are going to win, win, win, and we are going to keep on winning like never before. we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never back down. we will never surrender. and we will always fight on to victory, victory, victory. because we are americans, and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue. we are one people, one family, and one glorious nation under god. together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe
9:16 pm
again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much, wisconsin. >> ♪
9:17 pm
i knew she was going to be the connection -- >> i was speaking at this rally in wisconsin, you heard president trump acknowledge the suspicious packages addressed to former president barack obama and other officials from
9:18 pm
the obama administration, including hillary clinton. the packages reportedly contain potential explosives and were intercepted before reaching their intended destinations for the fbi director said earlier today the investigation is of highest priority for the fbi. and the agency has committed the full strength of its resources to identifying and arresting whoever is responsible. he also encouraged anyone who may have information to contact the fbi. >> there are several debates this week with election day less than two weeks away. thursday in south carolina republican governor henry mcmaster debates his democratic challenger james smith live at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. later republican senator john grasso and democrat jerry crowder have their first and only debate in the wyoming u.s. senate debate. that's why that 8:00 p.m. eastern. the following day in ohio,
9:19 pm
democratic senator sherrod brown and republican congressman jim renee c faced each other for the third time before the election. that's why friday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. >> sons -- sunday, james man, author and resident of john hopkins school of advanced studies talks about his biography of president george w. bush. >> i don't really worry about my legacy because i'm still studying three or roosevelt or harry truman, and there's not going to be an objective history done on this administration for a long time. it's not too soon to judge on some aspects of this legacy. it's not too soon to judge on the war in iraq. why? because it didn't accomplish what he thought it was going to accomplish before he started the war. it cost 4000 plus american
9:20 pm
lives. it cost $2 trillion, and i think -- you know, i write in my book and i don't think this judgment will change. it was one of the biggest strategic blunders in american history. >> james man, sunday night 8:00 eastern on c-span q&a. he serves as the director of state service, and we are talking about redistricting. once again, as we hit the midterms. good morning. >> good to be here. >> remind our folks why redistricting comes into play especially in these elections. >> it all starts with the census. we are census minus two. because the constitution requires that all of