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tv   Tour of Lake Havasu City  CSPAN  November 3, 2018 9:11am-9:31am EDT

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ii. >> you had two people, both leaders, one in the secular and one in the religious world, with parallel interest. when those parallel interests were obvious, as what happened in poland, where they were under attack, if you will, it was logical than for ronald reagan, particularly with his ideas about defeating communism, to cooperate. >> and next weekend on american history tv, the world war i centennial. american history tv airs every weekend on c-span3. >> this weekend, american history tv is joining our out these cable partners to showcase the city of lake have a sioux city, arizona. to learn more about the cities on our tour, go to we continue now with our look at the history of lake havasu city
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. >> we are going to take a driving to her of the city and we are here with the mayor. can you tell us a little bit about yourself really quick? being in theund is cpa. i am a retired cpa. with one of the largest accounting firms in the world, a partner at arison young. in 1997, i decided to hang that .p and move to lake havasu city i was going to come here to retire and the came board, started my own accounting firm, sold it the year that i became the mayor, in 2006 and have been the mayor for the last 12 years. this year i will try retiring for good. >> there you go. [laughter] appreciate you showing us here through the city today. it is a beautiful city. >> it is. >> can you tell us a little bit
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about what we might be seeing? 1 we are just coming -- >> we are just coming out of city hall, and we will be heading towards the asu campus, arizona state university. the one nice thing about being at this campus, it will be on your immediate left. >> ok. >> the teacher-student ratio is phenomenal. the students that come here really get a lot of one-on-one tutelage and have really enjoyed it. as you can see the sign there, is lake havasu city, and asu headquartered in tempe. they have wanted to expand throughout the state and we were thrilled that they came to lake havasu city. >> why did they choose lake havasu city? >> the $2 million didn't hurt, but i think they wanted to go
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beyond the maricopa county area, which is central of the state. here we are in northwest arizona, and we have neighbors that are about 60 miles away. so i think after they looked at the city and how beautiful it is, it just seemed like a natural fit. we are hoping they will expand over time. students major in and where do they go from here? >> communication, biology, psychology. they are adding some business majors as well, which i think will be helpful because that is something we really need here in lake havasu city. left at this lane. summer construction the city'sg? >>
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expanding quite a bit. we have about 55,000 residents today. expandtingly enough, we to about 96,000 residents. make a left at the light and go down. some people call this main street, some people call it uptown, downtown, it has all kinds of names but it is the central part of our city. this downtown area has kind of existed almost from the beginning. you see a lot of different kinds of stores, and if some had decided to buy two or three lots and expand. so it is becoming a very vibrant , which is exactly what we were shooting for 10, 12 years ago, to change the makeup of our downtown area.
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now you find a lot of restaurants and stores and nightlife. this vacant lot we will see to interesting,very because it was private land up till about a year ago. , they wanted said the city to try and do something downtown. we bought this piece of property. we are going to place a public square here, and we are also working with private developers to sell off about half of that stores,can put in breweries, restaurants, etc.. but as you can see, there are a number of different restaurants down here, and we will be redesigning the whole street fairly soon so it allows for a lot of outside seating. degree, some, to some but we want to see more of that. we are excited about that.
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>> when was the city built? it started in 1964 and was incorporated in 1978. he brought the london bridge, which we will be going over fairly soon. he brought the london bridge from the city of london. in 1968. it was opened in 1971 because they had to do a brick by brick rebuilds. why is this bridge here? robert mcculloch, tell us quickly who he is and why he came here? robert mcculloch is the founder of our city. people are familiar with mcculloch chain saws. that is robert p mcculloch. he saw this area, built a plant here, but wanted to bring people to live here. he saw the natural beauty of the area and was looking for a draw.
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he heard that the london bridge have been put up for sale by the city of london, and he thought, that would be perfect. so he was the winning bidder. >> which we are driving over right now, right? >> we are driving over it now. three years it took to get it shipped here and rebuild. he opened it in 1971. along with the lake and the bridge, those are the two biggest draws for our city. people at the time thought they were kidding, that the london bridge was now going to be located in arizona. there were all kinds of rumors that he brought -- bought the wrong bridge. none of those were true. he knew which bridge you was buying and he purchased the london bridge, and it has been a major attraction for our city. where are we right now? we are
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on the island across the bridge. the island honestly never existed in the beginning. robert mcculloch jumped in to take the bridge over, so he actually dug out a channel and created this island. you can see there has been some housing development out here. this goes kind of all the way around and across the london bridge. and one of the original places the motorsed to test -- he also built motors for boats -- is out here, called site six. >> we go left? ok. areas here we built not too long ago, very popular for smaller boats to launch from .
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you can see this thing that looks like a hotel, that is a building that he built. when he was first building, he built out here to house people. if you consider that -- anybody who goes out on the lake is a voting day. we have one third of all boating days in the entire state. it is incredibly popular with people from the phoenix area, from californians, people from phoenix and all over the nation come here because it is a very long lake. it is always at fairly steady levels. it is just a great place to fish and bring your family. it is just an incredible place.
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>> unique landscape. we have water and we are also in part of the desert? >> this is the desert, absolutely. desertallenges does the present for you? and water? >> making sure we have enough water for all of the residents , we have about 19,000 residents, as i mentioned. we do not get a lot of rain, about 3.5" is a year. the landscape is something that is unique. people love it. if you love the desert, you love lake havasu city. i do not know if the cameras can pick this up, but they can see where we built out in the mountains and hills. we are about to cross back over the london bridge. >> i notice we have both the
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british flag and american flag their? >> our relationship with the city of london continues, so we are proud to fly the british flag. >> and bbc just to did a great documentary here? >> they did. >> did you learn anything new iu did not learn before? >> learned about why they put it up for sale, and a lot of people chuckled at the city of london for doing that. who would buy a bridge? they found out. is an absolute jewel of our city. people love this park. it is beautiful. we have all kinds of activities here. you can see why people love it. people love to walk here, there is exercise equipment here, all kinds of picnicking and other events that take place here.
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>> a lot of activities here. i can see, these to write up here getting ready or finished, it looks like. , it is anpark is absolute jewel for our city. and you will see -- we are coming up to lake havasu state park. >> left? >> left. we are just going to show a little bit of the facilities. there are some sand beaches here , and it is part of this beautiful view. straight across is california. what would you like the legacy of lake havasu city to
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be? is many i think it facets. to be ane, i wanted home where people say, you know, i am proud of it. i can bring visitors here because it is a warm community, a friendly community, and we are fun. there are so many fun things to do. that is the thing that people tell me all the time, visitors. there is something going on every weekend. there is an event every weekend, i think that i also wanted to be a very sustainable community. people come here, young people are going. i want to raise my family here. because it is a wonderful place to raise your kids. , andt is a safe community
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i just want people to go you know what, i want to call this home. i really do. then i think people will -- assumed --ake have one of lake havasu city's biggest attractions is the london bridge. we will learn about how this bridge moves to the newly formed as it city. >> the bridge into the desert do not belong together, and a bridge from london -- that is totally over the top. and it still attracts everybody. >> in 1968, lake have a sioux city founder robert mcculloch purchased the london bridge and moved it to his newly formed city. in 1831,y completed the bridge carried londoners across the river thames for 137 years. increased traffic caused it to
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sync and prompted city of london leaders to auction the bridge for $2.46 million. the structure was dismantled and its blocks were relocated to lake have a sioux city, where in 1971, it opened as a tourist attraction. while in the city, we spoke with someone about the history of the bridge and the impact it had on the city. mcculloch bought the bridge, he left the biggest part in london. he cut slices of it from the outside, and that is what he brought over. there were about 10,000 pieces of bridge, and he sold it in london again. it for jobs, headstones, and the bridge cost him $2.5 million. he still did -- he sold it for $2.5 million. what you see is a facade. first he made a concrete structure in the shape of the bridge and took pieces against it. inside is the bridge.
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concrete and hollow, but original stones from england are against it. the bridge itself is about 1000 feet. it is the same length and width as it was in london. if you take a bridge apart, how do you put it together again? luckily, they numbered each stone individually, and they had a big map. they put each stone on it. they brought the bridge over, the stones, they had a map and they started to put every stone at the same spot again, where it was before in london. on the bridge or streetlamps, and they are made of iron. a wonderful story, because they came with the bridge and they were made in
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1831. we have to do a step back to napoleon. .apoleon escaped from alba he got his army behind him again, and he fought in waterloo and belgium. andleon lost at waterloo, the duke of wellington, the british general, took all of napoleon's cannons and brought them over to england. littlere there for a while, and then he needed iron for the streetlights on the bridge. so they got napoleon's cannons, mounted it, and made them into streetlights. so the streetlights in lake havasu city are made from the cannons of napoleon. was opened october 11, 1971. our town had about 5000 people. only about 50,000
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people, stands set up to parade, and there was a dinner, worth $25 a person, a lot of money in those days. opla.s a big ho kind of impressive. in the middle of the desert, london bridge, whoever would have thought that? >> our cities tour staff recently traveled to lake havasu city, arizona to learn more about its rich history. learn more about the city and other stops on our tour at you're watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend on c-span3. on october 11, 1988, aids activists occupied the fda headquarters in rockville, maryland to protest for improved treatment and care.
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history tv,rican the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health posts a forum, marking the protest's 30th anniversary. two panels and aids activists and medical experts discuss the events that led to the fda protest, and talk about the immediate impact on aids care and the legacy of the confrontation for the medical field. this is about 90 minutes. >> summit events are impactful in the moment, and some of them, their legacy becomes clearer overtime. was october 11, 1988, 30 years ago today. welcome to the johns hopkins bloomberg school of public health for an anniversary seizing control of the fda. i'm the vice dean of public health practice and community engagement here at the school, and the scenes that we sd


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