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tv   American History TV Visits Lake Havasu City  CSPAN  November 4, 2018 2:00pm-2:51pm EST

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steadily and stubbornly, he made his way across a torn and bloody ground. he turned the tide of battle. >> welcome to lake havasu city 200 miles ut northwest of phoenix on the western border of arizona on the of lake havasu a man made water from theng colorado river to arizona and california. it hasshed in 1963 today a population of about 54,000. visit the lake havasu useum of history and how city
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founder robert mcculloch transformed this spot into a recreational destination and we find out how he acquired the london bridge. the city with ur nexon.pharmark we begin with a visit to the outhern end to learn about the damming of the korpl -- colorado river making the lake which in the important role water needs. >> it is the only major river in willpart of the world that supply -- it supplies 40 million people total. is a big deal. there would be major problems if this river dried up. it is the economy and the life the area of the colorado river borders two states, california and arizona. california and arizona have gotten long too
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well with water particularly river.he colorado in 1922 the colorado river compact was authorized by needed to be t seven statesll the win the watershed. all but arizona signed right away. thought that california was getting way too much water and they refused to sign it. refuse to signto it for years and decades afterwards. the dam was constructed in 1935 1938.mpleted in the reason for constructing the am was metropolitan water district of southern california to access colorado river water part of their entitlement on the river and to draw that to and down to san diego as well. when construction commenced the ,rizona governor benjamin moore
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ot like the paint, but he sent six militia from the arizona divisions and he wanted to find out what was going on. they sent them out to inspect progress. once they saw that california was actually starting to build arizona side, that started alarms it the governor 100 militia to say you are not going to do this. rectified fairly quickly. of nine all in a span or 10 months in 1935. the result was there was appear passed by congress called the rivers and harbors act that of orized construction parker dam behind me. everything was smooth and went according to plan. cement that was put in
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.lace was some time in 1937 in 1938 the last bucket of put in and they completed it and started building lake havasu. on october 16, 1938, this lake formed. so the primary reason for it to e formed was primarily for the metropolitan water district of southern california but in 1968 congress was passed called the colorado river project act which authorized of the central arizona project another aqueduct tuscon s it phoenix and and beyond. in essence, today we have about feet of water going to l.a. which if you don't now an acre foot that is about 326,000 gallons enough to keep of three or four for a year and another 1.5 acre
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and tuscon. phoenix o, this river just from those two population centers an service area the providers 20 million bout people. so it is a significant population. goes through ter the dam through hydro electric and capacity for power generation and down river large agricultural as far away as the mperial valley of the southern california. yuma gets their water and other farms all the way down. it services a lot here. been nflicts, we have in the mass e en masse amounts between all the states up in e can't tie things
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court forever because nothing will get done. cases have taken decades, 0 or 30 years and created careersor lawyers. instead of conflict we have 2002 or since about 2003 to cooperate with each other and we have done so up to and hopefully we will continue into the future. good cooperation between not big players but all the ntities that are dependent on this river. lake havasu city we are 100% river.ent on the we don't have ground wart that ill sustain the city if the river went away. the river creates the aquifer. dries up the aquifer draws down. whatevert to make sure the big picture is taking place, we are the little fish in this but we want to make as we can stan ourselves
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well. -- sustain ourselves as well. lake isitors who come to havasu city and visit the lake, , ich is really our economy they don't realize that the lake s here to serve 20 million people's water supply or for agricultur agriculture. so they look at it as a playground. it is a lake to have fun in and part of the deal. that is exactly it. but i don't think they do. to educate as much as we can in town with water tell them what is out here. >> established as a planned city n 1963, today lake havasu city has a population of about 54,000. up we will hear about the founder robert mcculloch and how hisnticed people to move to newly formed desert community.
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be beautiful in a wonderful small world of your lake havasu where history is making progress and progress is making history. where a wonderful small world of recreation ar round and thriving world of light both always y are small town close to an exciting world of better living. >> i think that a lot of people thought robert mcculloch was to of crazy for trying build a city in the middle of the desert. what k that they wondered he was thinking and how he would to attract any people here populate a city. we are dy can see today a population of about 44,000 and bustling thriving, city that wouldn't be here without him having the vision. inventorculloch was an
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before he came here. e had graduated as an engineer in the 1930's. looking for a place it test his outboard motor that you see here. flew over lake havasu and saw six anding strip at site which was an r and r camp for world war iiduring and turned into a fishing camp n 1950's and he landed and decided that this area would be test ect place for him to his outboard motors. within about a year he had the test facility set up and had employees and was testing motors on the lake. the morer he said here he thought how interesting it would be because there was a lot develop a city. he purchased more than 15,000 cres of land from the state
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through a deal he brokered to evelop a city that he had envisioned. after he purchased the happened he employed an old friend of his wood best rnia, c.v. known for designing disneyland to help him design the city which would be havasu city. if you look at the street map you can tell somebody with a did that imagination because it looks like a bowl of thrown at a wall but they are designed so everybody had a view of the lake. that is the story behind our map. and he bought the land decided that it would be a great live, he have people came up with the fantastic idea purchasing airplanes, flying lake havasu free of
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charge to look-- future it purchase sites. he showed people how beautiful a would be if they were in place like there say in february with two feet of snow on the ground. >> lake havasu is a community you should look into right now to you.can with no cost you are invited to take a flying both to lake havasu city husband and wife and sincerely the ested guest of developer. you will fly free on a giant airliner.e ou will enjoy fine meals and accommodations and you will cruise beautiful lake havasu. ou will enjoy a personally conducted private tour of the city and london bridge development area. now to fly to the lake ful small world of
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havasu city all expenses paid. it can be the most rewarding of your life. >> we lived in chicago. my mom had gone to the doctor at one point and the she r told her that if didn't get to a drier climate be she was going to crippled within a couple of years. drug us to the up are .eninsula in michigan while we were up there we went through probably the worst the r because with wind-chill it was 60 below. he was working outside in sue marie where it was probably colder. mom me home one day and my wasn't expected him that week since he only game him on the the drive.ause of my mom asked why he was here. moving to arizona. do you want to go with me.
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they had already purchased the property and knew they were coming out. came out on a mcculloch flight in 1968. to knew they were going retire here. but the winter in michigan made bad move. that was a originally he took us up to michigan because that is where he thought i d would like to go back there. ended upkind of why we out here. >> robert mcculloch brought bought rplanes when he the land here and put one in new ork, one in detroit and one in the chicago area at midway airpo airport. came out on one of his flights you came out for a sat -day weekend and through the sales presentation freell as having a weekend out here. if you bought a piece of property then your whole weekend for.aid you stayed at the havasu resort longer here.s no
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it is where the city buildings and had a on the hill good view of the lake so you can lake.ll the way to it was very beautiful my dad said. parents being 12 below zero in chicago said let's take arizona.end and go to my mother was very into purchasing real estate during lifetime. they came out and went through he sales and bought a piece of property and came home after the weekend. first a lot of population came out of the three flight, chicago, detroit and new york. there are a lot of people from new york, a lot of people people higan, a lot of from illinois and wisconsin and i think that had something to do it, those flights in the 1960's. >> when i first got here, so spread out to not was not unusual
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be able to see houses necessari necessarily. didn't have neighbors the same way. y understanding is they didn't open the town section by section. hey kind of just drove you around throughout the entire the lot that hose you would like. so they were kind of -- they a lot of srplts now you -- developments you see a little here and here. understanding is they just drove you through the entire thatand wherever you liked is what you could buy. >> it made everything different i think that is part of why city through up differently because you couldn't just be a neighborhood. if you knew ds or people they were from the entire city. ou were not restricted to a neighborhood. tract e's a small
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downtown that had a little bit of neighborhood and a lot of you would go there for halloween because it was a neighborhood and if you were where we were on the south side would be a mile between houses. trarbct ould go to that downtown for stuff like like that.r stuff i the earliest folks had -- don't know how they did it because a lot of the early folks that came lived in mobile homes on the island. houses to be r built. there was a whole process of water here. mail was delivered in the middle f the lake because it was delivered on the other side of the lake. here were mostly dirt. o, it was -- the early people that were in the true sense of
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start d pioneers will to from scratch. but as the city grew it got all amenities that most cities have, running water, electricity. phone at the beginning. it was just crazy. going into the frontier. history has the really tried to pressure a lot history of this town as a e we are so young city. you would think there isn't a is of history here but there a lot of history here. that is our mission at the try two preserve that -- try to preserve that for future. >> today we are going to take a lake havasu city we are with the can you tell us about yourself? >> sure. is being a c.p.a.,
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i'm a retired c.p.a. i went 22 years with one of the largest accounting firms in the world. i was a partner at ernst and young. n 1977 i decided to language that up and move to lake havasu and -- language that up move to lake havasu city. i came here to retire and became started my own accounting philadelphia and that accounting tpurfirm and this yearyer 2006 and i'm going it try retiring for good. we will see. appreciate your showing us here through the city today. it is a beautiful city. >> it s. >> can you tell us about what we might be seeing? coming out of city ham and right now we are the to be headed toward lake havasu arizona state
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campus.ty one nice thing about being at this campus and it will be to left, is that the teacher-student ratio is phenomenal. the students that come here a lot of one-on-one really enjoyedve it. as you can see the sign there, a.s.u. lake havasu city. nd a.s.u. of course is headquartered in tempe. but they wanted to expand the state and we were thrilled that they came to lake havasu city. lake did they choose havasu city? >> well, certainly the $2 million didn't hurt. wanted to go ey area the maricopa county which is the center of the state nd we are in northwest arizona and you're nearest neighbors are about 60 miles away. i think after they looked at
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the city and how beautiful it it sealed -- seemed like a natural fit. >> what do most students major go from ere do they here? >> communications, biology, psychology. but they are adding some well.ess majors as which i think will be helpful because that is something we here in lake havasu city. if you can -- you will probably make a left out of this weird lane. is thatruction going on just summer construction? >> no, the city is expanding bit.e a we have about 55,000 residents date. interesti interestingly enough, we can to about 96,000 residents. you will want to make a left at
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late. we will go down mcculloch main ard, some call it treet, some call it uptown, downtown. but it is the central part of our city. kind of town area has existed almost from the beginni beginning. lots are relatively small so you see a lot of different kind of stores. but some have decided to buy two expand. lots and so, it is becoming a very ibrant downtown, which is exactly what we were shooting to 10 or 12 years ago is change the make-up of our downtown area. a lot of restaurants .nd stores and nightlife this vacant will the we're going o see to our right is very interesting because it was private land up until about a year ago.
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the community said they wanted the city to try it do something downtown. we bought this piece of property. we are going it place a public language with we are also work -- along there and working with private developers to sell off half of that to put stores, breweries, restaurants, et cetera. a you can see, there are number of different restaurants down here and we are going to be being the whole -- redesigning the whole street to a lot of outside seating. there is some to some degree but that.t to see more of that. excited about >> when was the city built? by robert ed mcculloch in 1964 and it was no1978.ated in -- bought the honor
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the london bridge that we will go over fairly soon. from the city of london in 1968. in 1971 because by brick o do a brick rebuild. tell us who robert mcculloch came here.he >> robert mcculloch is the founder of our city. eople are familiar with mcculloch chainsaws. that is robert mcculloch. he wanted -- he saw this area nd built a plant here but wanted to bring people to live here. of thethe natural bought area and was looking for a draw. hard that the london bridge had been put up for sale the city of london and thought that was perfect. he was the winning bidder. war driving over --
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aware driving over right now. the winning bidder in 1968, took three years to get it shipped here and rebuilt and he opened it in 1971 fp. along with the lake and london bridge toes are the -- those are two biggest draws for our city. people at the time thought they kidding that the london bridge was now going to be and all kindszona rulemors he bought the wrong not true. that is it has been a major attraction for our city. now?ere are we right >> we are on the island. we crossed the bridge. the island, honestly, never existed in the beginning. robert mcculloch needed
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omething to take the bridge over so he dug out a channel and created it island. as you can see, there's been some housing development out her here. this goes kind of all the way round and we will end up crossing again over the london bridge. one of the original places where used to test his motors -- he also built motors for boats -- is out here called site six. site six. this is one of the original ramps. we have a fishing pier down here that we built not long ago. very popular for smaller boats from.unch you can see this thing that looks like a hotel. building that robert mcculloch built, one of the built out ings he here, again to test his engines people.e
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lake havasu, if you consider anybody that goes out on the lake, is a boating ay, we have one-third of all boat days in the entire state of arizona. incredibly popular with policeman from the tpaobgs area - with people from the phoenix area but californians and people from all over the nation come a very long it is la lake. fairly steady levels. aware mandated by -- we are by federal law. it is an incredible lake. landscape. you have the water and we are also in part of desert. this is the desert, absolutely. >> what challenges does desert you, and water, i guess? key. think water is the
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it is making sure we have enough of our residents. ut we do have enough to get residents.ut 996,000 we get about 3 1/2 inches of rain a year. the landscape, i think, is something that is unique and love it. if you love the desert you love ake havasu city because of the landscape. i don't know if the cameras can is where we t this have built our city against hills and wens and are about to cross back over the london bridge. noticed we have both the british flag and american flag. correct.s our relationship with the city of london continues and so we it fly the british flag. >> as i understand, you just had bbc do a documentary here.
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>> they did. about robert mcculloch and the the bridge. >> did you learn anything new before?n't though skwraoeurb>> i always learn ho up for sale and people chuckled at the city of london, a they found out. we are entering a park. an absolute jewel in our city. .eople love this park it is beautiful. e have all kinds of activities he here. people love to walk here. there is exercise equipment here, all kinds of picnicking events that take place here. >> a lot of activities here. >> kayaking. >> yes, i see these two getting finished. >> absolutely.
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it is an absolute jewel for our city. you want to stay straight and see, we are coming up to lake havasu state park. park.s an arizona state >> a right or left? >> left. we are just going to try to show the launching faciliti facilities. sand ave some white beaches here. beautiful what a view. straight across this is the indian tribe. that is california. you like the legacy of lake havasu city to be? well, i think it is many facets. number one, i want it to be a with people say i'm proud
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of it. i can bring visitors here it is a warm community, it is a friendly community. fun.e are there are so many fun things to do. tell methe thing people all the time. visitors. there is something going on every weekend. is an event every weekend. i think, too, i want it to a very sustainable community. young people are going, you know i want to raise my family here. place it is a wonderful to raise your kids. safe community. knowt policeman to go, you what? i'm going to call it home. i really do. will.k people copper re entering
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canyon the most sync canyon on lake havasu. rich in history the largest producing copper mine on colorado river during mining and steamboating area. ow it is known for being the original party destination on lake havasu. he miners started to arrive in 1854 mining for gold, silver and copper. landfall the ore from the camps up in the mountains collection points along the river. there is where they meet the small flat bottom steam power ed boats would travl the sea of cortez up to the black canyon located near las vegas. >> up next we visit the lake history to hear more about the lift prior to the 1963.ement of the city in
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>> i think our early history is important because everybody as the f mcculloch starting point for lake havasu. there were people here long even born.lloch was so, it is important we recognize our history didn't start in 963 when he started selling lots. it started way back, hundreds if thousands of years ago. the first folks that lived in were the native americans long before columbus from l of those folks europe started coming over. they were part of what was southern payute gatherers and would move to different areas in the depending on where was water and where was food, where was game. to stay 't want anyplace one time too long because they would deplete the
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la land. this is one area, nice river through after the spring floods they can beans, etables, corn, squash, down in the bottom lands, which is now of course is.e the lake it was a good place it spend part of the summer. jump in the water if it was too hot and they would move on tables and later to different places where better s more game and left open conditions. display we've about the mojaves who are up the river us.h of they were generally on the .rizona side of the river but they were back and forth the river, across the river right now are folks, that is the spanish name. thecan see they called them
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special people. displays of some of the things they used, the native animals and the skills they had. interesting is they used the stuff that was here, the materials. pots.ove baskets, made grinding stones we are familiar w. they used the different plants available. example.ket is an they have the light weaving but they have the dark. how did they get the dark? what makes the dark? was it painted? no, they used native plants and an example here called devil's claw. you don't want to get there in our socks but they would soak it and it would be used for the dark parts of the weaving.
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one thing away like to point out to visitors is that this area by europeans red starting even before the eastern stat states' first colonies. of jamestown as beginning of the united states. that was 1607. a spanish sho explorer came from mexico and this area, ough obviously didn't stay. what he le to record saw. waywe had explorers all the from the 1600's and we are -- we be one of the newest states ut we're not the newest sphrer explored part of north america. before mr. mcculloch got here his town, we had miners wandering around out
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here. one time there were some 45 mines up in the mountains behind us. some of them were pretty not very , some were productive at all. but we have a lot of artifacts here. becomes of where you your eople had these little tobacco tins. f you were a miner and you filed a claim you had to have the claim papers posted on the claim. not a lot of trees so they would pile up a pile of and put a tobacco tin saying this is my claim, you can't have it. of finding the luck some of them in the hills behind us. after gold, y were silver, copper. they were fairly successful from 1840's up until basically
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wor world war ii. another thing people don't realize is here on the colorado steam boats. during the course of 60 years 1852 to 1916 we had steam boats erent on the river. not all at the same time. from the gulfe up of california, basically down by yuma, and would go as far up as he black canyon which is the canyon just below hoover dam. assumes they would go to another was right at the mouth of the virgin river where the river comes into the com. it was a mormon town and if they canyon t through black which was rough they could get here and trade with the mormons. they could only travel during the day because there were no here. out
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you can't sail on this river where you are see going because there is sand bar about every 50 feet. nicer now because the dams made it pretty and blue. red water. ark colorado means red river. they couldn't see where they at night so they would tie to the bank and wait it out. ust have been interesting in august when the temperature was 120 in the day time and cools 105 at night. no air conditioning on those steam boats. of a s an example steamboat. they were shallow draft. this was 145 feet long and draft of 18 inches. that is all the farther down in it sat. 179 tons, could carry about 80 tons. water ot of times we the
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was low late in the summer or early fall, they would actually out backwards because the rear would dig a trench through the sand bars so the boat could get through. if you went normally you would hang up on the sand bar. you could get off,and maybe you couldn't. 56 was stuck on a sand bar days. they got off and shot local traded for food and with the native americans for food and finally the river rose off the sand it bar and continue journey. pretty funny. changed this area of the colorado river was the of of course, the first ones were county, to erial divert water for the crops the salton sea and later
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built hoover dam up towards was the firstthat big dam on the river. of southern ities california and arizona and evada developed they needed more water. so they decided to build parker dam, primarily it serve as a source of water for southern california. them several years to build it. they finished it in 1938. it provided a big lake here, lake havasu, on the colorado of the last was one ones built on this section of the river. a name havasu comes from local chemehuevi couple who were brought down when the dam was the lake was full and it was nice and blue and hey said what do you think of
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the new like, we need a name for it. a lotdy, who didn't speak of english, said havasu, which language meansvi blue -- green water. ecause it used to be brown or reded a they said lake havasu, that's a good name. and it stuck. so we have chemehuevis to thank and or name of or lake city. during world war ii there was a kingman.l air base at it is now kingman regional airport. army air corps base where they trained gunners for b-17's. you have seen the tourettes and ready it shoot at the enemy air force that are shooting at the b-17's. so, this whole county was a gun ery practice range. 3,000 or 4,000
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there was no worry about shooting somebody accidentally. this was one of seven sites that air corps set up for emergency landing fields because these were new airplanes that had just come from the factories and they weren't thoroughly connected out. a problem they had they had all of these emergency landing fields. seven in the our landing field on what is now emergency landing field six or site six. members are not dumb. site.was a wonderful you have a lake with fish in it, year nice and warm all long, and i think we are going o have a mechanical problem when we take our practice flights and practice shooting on
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so crew chief make sure the fishing gear and a couple of are in the bombay when we have our emergency. so army wasn't dumb either they said if you are going to do that we will make it an official relaxation base so people not only the trainees but back from battle would have a place to come and unwind and relax. so, they turned it into an r and built barracks and a mess hall. they had little fishing boats take ut out could for catching fish. was a wonderful thing for the army air corps. after the war it went back it a fishing camp which is what it was before but the army owned land.anybody the people that owned the land for pratts said thank you
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building buildings for us and we won't charge you any rent. over the buildings hat the air corps and it was spratt's fishing camp. look at that beautiful runway. could fly in and go fishing at the end of nowhere, middle of nowhere. going to bother you. it is a great time to go fishing. it r on, of course, as developed and mcculloch came along and bought the rest of the for where the, those went it is amazing the stories that we have here. preserve them and share them with our kids and grandkids and their grandkids to know t is important where you came from or otherwise you are no idea where going. >> one of lake havasu city's the st attractions is
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london bridge. how bridge that once crossed the river in london here. it > the bridge and the desert really don't belong together. is then a bridge from london totally over the top. and it still attracts everybody. >> in 1968 lake havasu city's robert mcculloch purchased london bridge and moved it to his newly formed city. completed in 1831 the bridge carried londoners across and increased track caused it to stink and got them million.on it for $2.46 it was dismantled and it was relocated to lake havasu city 1971 it opened as a
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tourist. >> we talked with him about the lift and impact it had -- had on the impact it city. >> when mcculloch bought the biggest part the in london. he cut slices off from the and that is what he brought over. e brought about 10,000 pieces of bridge and he sold it inside countertops and ead stones and he got a lot of money because the bridge cost him $2.5 million and he sold the $2.5 million so what you see is a facade. con creating a structure -- concrete structure against it.pieces inside is the bridge concrete nd hollow but original stones from england against it. .he bridge is about 1,000 feet it is the same length and width london.s in
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if you take a bridge apart how again?put it together uckily, they had numbered each stone individually. .hey had a big map they wrote each stone on it. so they brought the bridge over stones and they had a map and they started to put spot stone at the same again where it was before in london. the jigsaw puzzle. street lamps are made of iron. they have a wonderful story because they came with the ridge and they were made in 1831 fp 1831. to ave to do a step back napoleon. and eon escaped from elba ot his army behind him and
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fought the british in waterloo in belgium. and found his waterloo and the duke of wellington, the general, took all the cannonance brought them to england. they have been there a little while. the he needed iron for streetlights for the bridge so cannons and leon's made them into streetlights. lake streetlights in havasu city are made from the into paoe-- napoleon of 1971.s opened october 11, the town will about 5,000 people. 50, are about ll stands set up to parade and there was a dinner, it was $25 a person. in thro those days.
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is impressive. in the middle of the desert the london bridge. who would have ever thought that st that? >> our cities tour staff recently traveled it like lake lake. tour at more on our tour. american tching history tv all weekend every on c-span 3. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> c-span where lift unfolds daily. 19679 it was created by ameri cable television companies and we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of white house, the supreme court and public policy , and in washington, d.c. around the country. it brought to you by your cable satellite provider.
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when did the civil war truly begin? history professor harry laver argues the battles kansas between abolitionists slavery marked he discusses the bloody 5856 senator massachusetts charles sumner by a proslavery south carolina congressman on senate floor. the watkins museum of history in kansas, hosted this one-hour event. >> good morning, everyone and key photo address for civil war in the western frontier. will hickox i'm the public engagement coordinator and we here for to have you the key tote address and -- key note address and other events. i will start by doing a brief


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