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tv   1968 - America in Turmoil 2018 Liberal Politics  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 1:29am-3:02am EST

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the study of race and democracy at the university of texas at austin.
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>> i traveled i have listened to the young people of our nation and felt their anger about the war that they are sent to fight and about the world they are about to inherit. public, ie talks in have tried in vain to alter our course in vietnam before it further saps our spirit and our manpower. for the raises, the risk of wider war, and further destroy the country and the people it was meant to save. i cannot stand aside from the contest that will decide our nations future and our children's future. the remarkable new hampshire campaign of senator eugene mccarthy has proven how deep are the present divisions within our party and within our country. until that was probably clear,
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my presence in the race would have been seen as a clash of personalities rather than issues. overhat fight is won, policies which i have long been challenging, i'm a center that race. a fight that is just beginning -- i must enter that race. i find that is just beginning i believe that i can win. i'd previously communicated this to president johnson and late last night, my brother, senator edward kennedy, battled myconsin to communicate decision to senator mccarthy and make clear to my brother and senator mccarthy that my candidacy would not be in opposition to his, but in harmony. my aim is to both support and inand his valued campaign the spirit of his november 30 statement. time, ite month at a is important now that he achieve the largest possible majority in
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in wisconsin, in pennsylvania, and in the massachusetts primaries. i strongly support his effort in those states and i urge all my friends to give him their help and their votes. both of us will be encouraging like-minded delegates in the national convention. elseof us want above all and "a convention in chicago, free to choose a new course for our party and for our country. finally, my decision reflects no personal animosity or disrespect towards president johnson. served president kennedy with the utmost loyalty and was extremely kind to me and members of my family in the difficult months which followed the events
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of november of 1963. i often commended for his efforts and help on education and in many other areas. i have the deepest sympathy for the burdens that he carries today. with the issue is not personal. it is our profound differences over where we are heading and what we want to accomplish. i do not lightly dismiss the dangers and the difficulty of challenging an incumbent president. timesese are not ordinary and this is not an ordinary election. at stake is not simply the leadership of our party, and even our country. it is our right to the moral leadbecame clear the johnson
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politically would be hard-pressed and have strong
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support among liberal groups and the democratic party and when he became vice president for ways, humphreye was a bigger supporter of the war than johnson is. he became the public face of trying to sell the war to the american people. this created a lot of problems fomus and that history
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with lyndon johnson, so when gene mccarthy was running, he was running more clearly against the war.
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theopular magazine in 1960's and 70's, teen magazine and it with you and your father on the cover. you were 16 years old at the time, i haven't seen that ask her for a long time. it's very sweet of you to put it
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position to the war known. for democrats, he was a very curial figure, not very popular on capitol hill. he'd been the number two choice for johnson to be his vp nominee, he lost out to hubert humphrey. when mccarthy challenged it was
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very exciting to have my father announce his presidency. we were thrilled he was going to
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askedd a number of people were you afraid and one of the things we learned in our family is not to be afraid. her father's candidacy, senator eugene mccarthy for march of 1968. let's watch. >> what is your reaction as a politician? can you take him?
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glaxo haven't been moved to withdraw and i think i can certainly win in wisconsin and i see no reason to win -- to believe i couldn't go on and win another primaries. >> does this cause you in any way to reassess your overall position? >> i don't think there has been any reassessment. i have been committed since i first announced to run in the primaries to which i have responded and i made those changes in my plans, either because of new hampshire or in consequence of the announcement of senator kennedy. i keep hearing intimations of a deal at some point in the future. are you prepared to deal with bobby kennedy? >> are not prepared to deal with anybody as far as my candidacy is concerned. i committed myself to a group of young people and i thought rather idealistic adults and i said i would be their candidate. i intend to run as i committed
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myself to run, in the situation develops a convention where i can't win, i will release my delegates. i don't have any power over them anyways, i don't have a block of delegation i could trade with and i did -- if i did have, i wouldn't trade with them. as far as i'm concerned, it will be an open and free convention. andll run as hard as i can stand as firm as i can. if i find i can't win, it will say to my delegnot john f. kenn. he never really got over the way that bobby kennedy got in the
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race in 1968. the morning after.
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vice president biden came and speaker nancy pelosi and steny hoyer and lots of brothers and sisters, cousins, grandchildren,
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father you can achieve things. feet callswhat your you. my mother believed in my father, which is a very important part of his success. albert in chicago, democrats line. go ahead, house and it was
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clearly a very tough relationship. as you know, my father objected to his brother's choice of johnson for vice 1968
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the ratic campaign from
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r.f.k. campaign. >> robert kennedy and people 345 are not registered this year. in 10 years these americans will inherit the problems we don't today. >> it is suggested in the next several decades people will have to wear a gas mask in new york becominguse the air is so polluted. you breathef refuse every year and the same to a degree in other areas. that will spread to the rural areas. hings we can do about automobiles and laws we can pass about dumping and throwing and e in lakes and streams into the air. otherwise as secretary gardner have to live underground. industry must do something and might take hat you in it. i think that is what will make the difference in this country. >> nebraska
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who could go to college got out and that the people who couldn't afford college didn't get out of the draft. he said that was unfair. he said that to college students. he was willing to go right into people who were benefiting rom the unfair system and say this is unfair. this is unjust. this is not the way this country act.d so, i think that my father was very clear he didn't like the that so many people who couldn't afford college went to vietnam and those who
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part was to minimize the fallout from letting it fall to communists and it was something that came back from the wayte in the 1970's for democrats to avoid that and was fight in vietnam
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the reliability was that it a lot of people that democrats couldn't ffectively handle foreign policy because of the effort in vietnam. o in a lot of ways it created, 1968. e said the year america came apart. among the things he talked about the race riots following the martin nation of dr.
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luther king, the loss of your father and summering anti-war which made democrats bitter and humphrey seen as a the american and establishment the best and brightest had been broken at the vietnam. your thoughts.
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some democrats couldn't stand him. there were serious fault lines arts and ty.
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style on the "washington post" elizabeth last night and telling her a little it about the history of that 1968 and democratic primary. here is an excerpt. now they are facing ompetition for a new candidate and robert kennedy had decided to run. >> with the decisions that are convention today. >> there were other unexpected events.
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>> with our hopes and world's hopes for peace in the balance day.y i do not. > they didn't realize the president's speech that he was about to tell the nation he would not run for the presidency again. not seekingly, i shall the will not accept, nomination of my party for another term as your president. ♪ ♪ united president of the states. >> thank you. >> vice president humphrey became the last major democratic to enter the race. as heir to the support that had the president humphrey acquired a substantial number of delegate votes before convention.
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and ank you very much. controlled by powerful democrats party power ratic brokers. o, even though kennedy and
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hubert humphrey had not participated in the primaries who was hard to the ign against him so campaign against hubert humphrey would have to be with the insiders of tt because he refus
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cknowledge that it was going badly and shift course, refused o seek an alternative strategy and tried to seek a middle green and und between escalation
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withdrawal and ended up worse so i reject the architect november of 1967 to challenge a president in his own party. that announcement was made november 30 of 1967. president johnson flairly defeats eugene mccarthy in the 12 hampshire primary march and that is key, michael cohen. he didn't lose it. margin of cally his victory. mr. cohen: he won by four days
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robert f. can't enters the race. that you on march 16, 1968. he son announces march 31 will not seek re-election. hubert humphrey enters the race which is til april 27 a key thing to keep in mind. senator canada won the the ornia primary on evening of june 4 and then after midnight dying the following day. hubert humphrey accepting the and richardugust 29 his elected president
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criticisms were of the political leadership particularly of president johnson. and the strategy that was being used in vietnam. so i think indian reservation ao
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he was a and so to his g in large part heart and to what was going on people. 100% of the african
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american vet. -- vote. so he was winning working class people, he was winning -- that was where his -- from new
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york to washington, which was supposed to normally be two hours, i think lasted seven, eight hours, because there were so many people on the tracks that came out both -- the as you know, train tracks go through working-class areas of the country. of the states. and both white and black came
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outt my father was le to do was to reach out to people who jancheds did not get along so well. michael's right that in california a number of whites 's afraid of my father affection with african americans and hispanics. but there were still a large the train ride ss population from new york to washington was
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really an historic story of thousands coming out to say good-bye to and i do think the politics the, in -- the chance of winning, he still could have won but it really hurt him. he said that at the the time. the people came to see the country as falling apart and wanting a change, believing democrats couldn't fix the problems. he said position on the war
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after the entire
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looking forward -- and i hope this isn't too far off track -- of hat was the trajectory the democratic party after 1968 that made them incapable of mounting such a fractured challenge to the richard nixon four years later? can you next week as we focus o
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america in turm the oil. which party has changed the most since 1968? you can follow us on twitter and cast your votes.
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we'll have represent i think the core of the anti-war left. many supporters stayed home
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from chicago fearful of violence. and the folks who were there, the hipies and abby hoffman and rry ruben, they had a much more anhill lation of politics. i think they wanted the police to react the way they did. in a way they were successful. it's often f the demonstrators. in a way they overreacted, they cted in a way that was cruel and incredibly not homicidele but pretty violent toward the protesters. but those images those pictures really i think did a lot of damage to the party and made it rd for humphrey to run for
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president. an interesting story that he initially criticized the chicago police which ended up creating a backlash because most thought the police acted appropriately. they were fine of the action. then he had to backtrack from that position. then of course that upset liberals. so it create add lot of party. politically so when
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host: again our question which party has changed the most since 1968. you can follow us at c-span history. we go back to party. host: april 1968. vice president humphrey accepting his party's nomination. >> but take heart my fellow americans, this is not the first time that our nation has challenge to its life and its purpose. and each time that we've had to face these challenges we have emerged with new greatness and
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with new strengths. we must make this moment of a sis, we must make it moment of creation. [applause] as it has been saddened in the worst of times a great people must do the best of things and et us do it. we stand at such a moment now in the affairs of this nation. because my fellow americans something new, something there is has happened an end of an era and there is
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. e beginning of a new day cheers and applause] the democratic party welcomes change not as an ally, not as a force to be expressed but look at the vote
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totals in 1968. richard nixon getting 301 compared to 191 for then vice president humphrey. governor strom, the 1968
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election and the politics of election. joining us from west palm beach, florida, kathleen kndy townsend the eldest daughter of robert f. kennedy. thank you for being
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