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tv   1968 - America in Turmoil 2018 Conservative Politics  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 3:01am-4:32am EST

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leaders and that is the player, richard nixon
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loses the california governorship in 1962 and that famous speech -- you won't have dick nixon to kick around
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nixon said he was finished. so he thought that he was finished, and he wasn't. and his good friends in california, they said get out of york, and, go to new you could actually rise back up.
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64, he got up on the convention stage and denounced extremism. g washat he was doinj rejecting the republicanr
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very well with a great deal of people. campaigning for republicans all over america, he was indefatigable, he was everywhere. managedigns
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to graduate from state politics to national politics. i used to cover presidential campaigns. it is a totally different situation from being governor of a state and runnin which he tald
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about the state of the republican party and the conservative movement. >> one we talk about the convention or the delegates, there are estimates ranging from 48%, 60%. goldwater delegates returning this year. do you see yourself as the only hope of the conservatives in the parking? they certainly are not going to rally around rockefeller and many of them rally around richard nixon. where else would they have to go except you? know, i won't go on anymore with using those labels. i have an working for two years trying to get the party to drop
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those labels. we have been very successful. a different philosophy or bully philosophyifferent in the party. i think you'll find the party today is far more willing to see good in other republicans in the entrance -- interest of what i. -- of winning. we have had a bloodbath and learned a lesson from it. we were virtually out of existence just a few years ago. i don't think people are going
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california. he just stepped into the governor chair and there was -- among his supporters in the west coast and that this is the rising star of the conservative movement. this is a much more electable goldwater. reagan had just gotten into office and what one of his aides
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when he dismissed reagan and tried to make light of him. i am really interested in aviation. reagan won the election by almost a million votes. and immediately, he was a major figure in american politics. in 60, he was the stuff candidate. he let himself as a
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candidate who is not a radical, hadextremist, but wallace
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the five deep south states and he basically took the south out of the democratic party where it was just lying there and nobody was going to pick it up and who was going to get it?
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segregation and he ran what i think many historians consider a racist campaign. that wasn't of the only issue that he appealed to, but he did make explicit appeals to white voters both in the south but
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also in the industrial north. union members, appearance on cb
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nation. >> you were quote as having observed once people know the way to stop a riot is to hit someone on the head. >> yes, i've said something similar to that. when somebody goes out and begins to loot and burn a building down, which endangers the health and safety of everybody, that's a good way to stop it. f you let the police know, let the police knock somebody in the head breaking a plate glass window, assaulting a plaque, a person on the street, throwing a firebomb, i think they'd be getting out mighty light if somebody knocked them in the head, and frankly, that's ought to be done. if i were president of the united states, i would take whatever was necessary to prevent what happened in this city if we had to order the knocking in the head of many people.
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when you do that, you're going satisfy the overwhelming majority of people are all races in this country, the government is cow today had a every anarchist group in the united states and as a consequence, we don't have any safety in the streets of our large from
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one campaign event to another. >> just to restate this question, why do you want to do this? it's such a man-willing thing, and you've already put in time, you've already served your
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country. >> well, that's a question that, believe me, has occurred to me too, and it occurs to my family. i suppose that your wife and your children feel even more deeply about their father and husband being involved in a great battle than he himself does, because the man who's in the battle, he can fight back, can answer, whereas those on the sidelines have to suffer in silence. but on the other hand, the reason that i think perhaps motivates me more than anything i e is very simply this -- feel that this is the period in the history of the united states in which what we do or fail to do can determine the future of sandeas freedom for the balance of this century. we didn't ask for this, but it is a role that has been placed
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upon us because of the power that we have and the vacuum of power in western europe, which previously had been hurt. i believe the dangers of world war iii abroad, the dangers of civil war, approaching civil war in a very difficult sense of home. and other problems are greater than this country has ever had. but on the other hand, i believe that never in our nation's history have we had more capability to handle these problems. in other words, the forces that can bring peace and avoid war, the forces that unite america and reconcile america and bring progress in our cities are now stronger than they have ever been, if they're just brought into play. what we need is leadership, leadership that will take america's great harnessed power and unharness it and put it to work on the unfinished business at home and the unfinished business abroad.
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he was first to formally interview the race in 1967. this is what the time line looks like. november of that year, the tet offensive took place on january 30 of 1968. former vice president richard nixon formally enters the race on february 1. george romney withdraws on february 28. nixon wins easily in the new hampshire primary on march 12. then president johnson announcing on march 31 that he will not seek re-election. nelson rockefeller, governor of new york, enters the race on april 30. richard nixon accepts the nomination on august 8 of that year. and he's elected as our
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rather than permitting them to master us." going on to write that our convention in 1968 can spark a republican resurgence to face the realities of the world in which we live.
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thurmond knew that nixon needed him desperately. and nixon knew that he needed
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strom thurmond desperately, and strom thurmond knew that nixon knew. and that therein lies political negotiations. so the two main questions were racial guidelines, guidelines on racial integration, nixon favored guidelines, and it fwets into the whole question of
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guest: well, big buckley emerged as probably the leading voice on the conservative side of politics. he was a very young man in 1950, i believe, whenell and wif
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andley -- gore vidal william f buckley to debate. [video clip] 14, the sweet little girls with their sundresses. the chant between 11:00 and 5:00 this morning, from 4000 or 5000 voices, was share of senate is directed at the president of the united states and the mayor of the city. ,lso, the intermittent reframe ho, ho chi minh."
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their fathers were being shot at . nevertheless, we are fighting. it is remarkable that there was as much restraint shown as was cops were outht, there for 17 hours without inflicting a single loaned on a single person -- won'ational con later described it as a police riot. the police in chicago unleashed beatyor daley, demonstrators. there were a handful that were bent on provoking violence, but the majority were peaceful.
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park and on the streets around the convention -- on, a reflection of the antiwar student movement, the feelings that the democratic party, especially by handing the nomination to hubert humphrey and enjoy singh lyndon johnson's strategy in the vietnam war -- and/or sing lyndon johnson -- endorsing lyndonliant publisher, but he really was extraordinarily adept at television, at modern communications. he had his firing line show.
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vote, richard nixon winning with about 500,000 votes. with the electoral vote, richard candidate been a
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that hubert humphrey turned out
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to be? the way that bobby kennedy has portrayed,ade -- that it was far from inevitable in june 1968 he would become the democratic nominee and elected president in november. throughwould have come and done whatever he could have he is in or out. bobby was a little bit of a hamlet also. he wanted to run for mccarthy, o was marv a poet and -- more of a
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poet to go up against lyndon
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from thegot support afl-cio, and the unions started to organize on his behalf in the general election. that gave him a bump. when he declared essentially that he was his own man on t wih
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richard nixon's comments. signs in this campaign. some of them were not friendly. some were very friendly. but the one that touched me the ohiowas one that i saw in at the end of a long day of whistle stopping. i suppose five times the population was there and the dust, it was hard to see. a teenager held up a sign -- "bring us together." that will be the great objective of this administration at the outset, to bring the american people together. will be an open administration, open to new ideas, open to men and women of both parties, open to the critics as well as those who support us. we want to bridge the generation gap, bridge the gap between the races.
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we want to bring america together. i am confident that this task is the nationalan undertakee or ln
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college in international .olitics reare host: to both of you, thank you or an insightful conversatio
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betty: this separate view of women, we had to get rid of that. we had to break through that. we had to say, women are people, no more, no less. to consciously fight for and realize that we were entitled to the same opportunities to participate in society, the same opportunities to control our own destiny, the


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