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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Ted Deutch on anti- Semitism  CSPAN  March 7, 2019 12:51pm-1:02pm EST

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about this previously this year, when one of your members used an expletive to describe the president. earlier this year when one of your members -- you said you weren't going to be -- i wondered if you could talk about the dangers of being -- of policing the speech of your members. >> we aren't policing the speech of your members. we are condemning anti-semitism [ inaudible ] >> that is what we're doing. i'm more concerned about what he does to hurt children at the border to grade the air that our children breathe. >> we also heard more today
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about the pending resolution dealing with anti-semitism from ted deutsche speaking on the house floor. >> mr. speaker, today should not be about politics. i didn't rise to be political. this is personal. a few years ago i was invited to speak at the u.n. general assembly on anti-semitism. i told the representatives from the countries that anti-semitism is the canary in the coal mine. if there's anti-semitism, there's hatred in your society if it is not checked. i never thought i would need to explain that to my colleagues. this is not political. no one should make it political. the use of anti-semitic language and images can never be tolerated. when a presidential campaign runs a commercial running an ad featuring george soros, it is invoking classic anti-semitic
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tropes it must be condemned. when the same campaign tweets an image of their opponent, it does the same thing and it must be condemned. when one of your colleagues confuses soros, steyer and bloomberg of buying the election, it invokes classic anti-semitism. that must be condemned. when one of your colleagues invokes the anti-semitic language that jews control the world, that they care only about money, that they cannot be loyal americans, this too must be condemned. we have the opportunity to condemn all of that by all of them intolerable as it all is by passing a strong condemnation of anti-semitism, my colleagues, millions of jews have been hated, targeted, expelled from their country, violently attacked, killed, and
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exterminated. words lead to action and to death. there is too much hatred, tommy other people who are targeted and we need to support all of them. but we are having this debate because of the language of one of our colleagues. language that suggests that jews like me who serve in the united states in congress and who's father earned a purple heart fighting the nauzs in the battle of the budge, that we are not loyal americans, why are we unable to condemn anti-semitism? why can't we call anti-semitism and show that we've learned the lessons of history. it feels like we're only able to call the use of anti-semitic language by any colleague of ours if we're addressing all forms of hatred and it feels like we can't say it's anti-semitism unless everyone agrees. who gets to design what counts as stereotypes and
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discriminations. isn't it the people who've experienced that hatred for house of years. if jews who's families were persecuted or killed are talking about how anti-semitic words can lead at their most hateful extremes, then it's anti-semitism. if you don't do that, then please understand that aban anti-semimite will hear those words as a dog whistle. what's been so difficult is that people who are fearful when anti-terrific tropes are used are being told that they're wrong. jewish elected officials are saying that this history that we know well is invoked by referencing dual loyalty and some of my colleagues are saying it doesn't matter what that history means to me. it is intensely personal because it is ongoing. in europe, in asia, in the middle east, in south america, and in the united states 11 people were killed in a nothing
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because they were jews. what's happening in our country should alarm us all. the attacks on your colleagues because they are muslim or african-american or hispanic or members of the lgbtq community, every attack must be condemned when it's based on hatred. but when a colleague invokes anti-semitic lies, then this body must condemn that anti-semitism. anti-semitism is worthy of being taken seriously. it's worthy of being called out. jews control the world? jews care only about money? jews have dual loyalty and can't be members of the country in which they live? words matter. for generations they have had dangerous consequences for me, for my family, and for my people. this shouldn't be so hard. i yield back. >> a bipartisan trio of house
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members talk about the nation's infrastructure needs. republican john katko of new york, democrat jim kos ka of oregon. took part in a discussion. >> supreme court justices samuel alito testify before a subcommittee. we'll have live coverage starting at 1:30 eastern here on c-span3. you can watch on your mobile device on or listen with the radio app. a measles outbreak -- >> the war in the pacific. a cure for measles and the life and legacy of dwight eisenhower. this weekend on american history tv, saturday at 1:00 p.m. eastern, pacific war scholars on the first page pacific ally
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defensive. >> for the american public, the canal came to symbolize the manhood of the generation that have to fight the war. >> then on 10:00 p.m., with a rash of outbreaks of measles this year, we'll look back at the 1964 film of the history of measles and the development of a vaccine. >> the results are evident. the monkeys that were not vaccinated developed measles. the ones like this, show know sign of measles but they have developed protective anti-bodies. they now know that they have developed for the first time a vaccine which will provide safe protection against measles. >> and sunday night at 8 eastern, university of virginia professor and author on the age offiz of eisenhower.
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>> he served the country as president and he garnered massive approval from the public. his average approval rating, ladies and gentlemen, while he was president, for eight years, was 65%, average. the next president that comes closest to that was bill clinton at 55% and after that ronald reagan at 53. they're way in the rear-view mirror. >> watch american history tv this weekend on c-span3. >> a bipartisan trio of house members talk about the nation's infrastructure needs. republican john katko of new york, democrat general kos ta of california, and democrat curt shader of oregon took part in a discussion. it regards the prospects of a comprehensive infrastructure bill getting proved and sent to the president to sign in 2019.
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>> thank you very much. and i'm going to thank you for hosting this. these are no labels members. i'm tom davis. i served in the house for seven terms and left congress undefeated and unindicted. so i'm very proud of that. we got three very able panelists today. i'm going to give them a brief introduction and allow them to make a couple comments. we're going to open up for the audience to ask any questions. to my left is john katko. he represents syracuse in new york. elected in 2014. he's a republican. i didn't mean kos ta is election to him. he has a long, listening political pedigree both in the state legislature since coming to congress and then to his left we have kurt schrader and
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charader is from oregon, starting right outside of portland and running down from there. he's a democrat. >> and a veterinarian. >> and a veterinarian, that's right. >> everybody loves animals. while the rest of us was watching the super bowl, he was watching the puppy bowl. let me start, john, with you. just talk a little bit about the prospects for an infrastructure bill. we're under the fast act right now which is the first long term funding we've had for transportation. it was on life-support for almost ten years. that runs out next year. what are the prospects from infrastructure in this session, do you think? >> well, first of all, thank you for being here and i'm honored to be here with my friends from the democratic side of the aisle. we really do try to work in a bipartisan manner to get things


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