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tv   Oklahoma State of the State  CSPAN  March 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:36pm EDT

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interviews with noted presidential historians. explore the life events that shaped our leader and challenges they faced and legacies they left behind. the president's will be on shelf april 23 but you can preorder as a hard cover or e book today at cspan. org/the president or where ever books are sold. next on cspan three oklahoma governor delivered his first state address last month. it runs a half an hour. let's watch. members of the legislature, executive officers and may i present to you the governor of the great state of oklahoma.
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>> thank you. thank you so much. wow. thank you. please have a seat. thank you. thank you. thank you. man, i am just overwhelmed with emotion and joy. it's unbelievable walking in here as governor. i wish you could experience this. it is crazy. i want to first thank oklahoma and all of you in the gallery and you sitting out here for allowing me to serve as your governor. it is truly a humbling and exciting experience and thank my heavenly father for allowing me to put me in this exact seat
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in this time of history because he calls us according to his purpose and plan and he called everyone of us to do great things for oklahoma so it's going to be an exciting year and i'm excited to see what happens working with you guys as i roll up my sleeves. i wanted to recognize some of the honored guests with us. matt ponell, lieutenant governor. we better wait until the end because there is a bunch of people to recognize and then we will clap. all the statewide elected officials, speaker charles mcall and herald right, members of the 57th legislature, cabinet members, chief justice and members of the oklahoma
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supreme court. tribal leaders, friends, guests, my beloved first lady, my six children, my parents and the most important audience, my fellow oklahomans. i stand before you today to offer a vision for oklahoma's future that gives purpose and direction for how our new administration will lead the state. my vision for oklahoma is very clear and simple. to make oklahoma top 10. my purpose is to work with you to deliver a turn around that insures a better future for all 4 million oklahomans. before we get into the details of my first budget i want to discuss house we position
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oklahoma well for a turn around by defining the term and expectations for this vision. the turn around is when our state stops moving in a direction of decline and begins moving in the direction we want to go to be top 10 in the nation. to get there, it's going to require three steps: first, we must bring together people from across the state with various backgrounds, skills and talents, to serve in critical leadership roles, second, we must set measurable goals and put metrics in place so every state employee agency leader, member of my administration and each of you in our state legislature can be part of one team with one vision. third, we must hold ourselves responsible for delivery results and reimagining the possibilities. i have said it before, oklahoma's challenges are no different than any other state.
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and oklahoma's opportunities i believe are the best in the nation. going through this process will put oklahoma on the path to be top 10 and if anyone thinks becoming top 10 is a campaign slogan let me tell you this turn around is underway with individuals delivering top 10 outcomes in their classrooms, communities and industries. consider donna, she is an environmental teacher at broken arrow public schools. two weeks ago she was named one of the top four teachers in the nation. donna reimagined the classroom. she moved beyond the textbook by taking her classroom outside to partner with the city of broken arrow to clean public water and by taking the
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classroom to the world and developing a system to provide sustainable food sources to orphans in kenya. i appreciate you being here. give her another round of applause. consider the gathering place. usa today named it the number one place in america to visit in 2019. it's an example of public private partnership for 55 acres stretched across the tulsa river front but the george family foundation reimagined a free park bringing
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together all ages and race and categories of people to enjoy tulsa. i took my 4-year-old saturday and we had a blast. consider the oklahoma youth expo community. in the early 2000s this youth livestock show was struggling to survive but donors, oklahoma families and the legislature came together, assessed their resources and reimagined the program. today oye is not just the number one junior livestock show in america its the largest in the world. today oye gar entered young participants and awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars and a 22 million
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economic impact in oklahoma city. they e executed on their division to deliver top 10 results. as i present my very first budget i ask you to join me in re eimagining. oklahoma is presented with revenue growth of potentially $600 million, a 3.6 unemployment rate and rising wages and a spirit of optimism. this is because of you working hard and taking risks and opening new businesses and creating jobs. the government does not create wealth, only the private sector can. every policy decision will promote a healthy economy. i want to recognize president
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pro temp and speaker mcall who provided committed leadership to make hard decisions and demonstrate state support of core services that oklahoma and job creators rely on. as i promised on the campaign trail i brought them into our process of reimagining this budget. as i outline my administration's priorities, as elected officials we will not always agree on the specifics of every policy and that's okay. be were each elected for different reasons and because of specific issues but you will always find my office willing to work with you and be open minded on policy differences because what unites us is delivering a brighter future
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for all oklahoma. thank you. first let's reimagine state government. our state constitution vests supreme executive power in the office of the governor but two often that executive power its been delegated by statues that are not directly accountable to the citizens of oklahoma. state government today is much larger than it was 112 years ago. and as a result accountabilities for those in power is spread too thin and at times it seems that no one is really in charge. the health department crisis in 2017 taught us this lesson and the legislature wisely restructured agencies to an advisory board and gave the branch authorities to hire and fire a new leader.
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let's not wait for another crisis to make these reforms possible across the largest state agencies. i believe oklahoma wants three things, accountability, transparency and results and i know the legislature wants that too. the senate and house leadership are committed to the structure of the agencies so the government is held more accountable to the people by bringing together hiring and firing authority you will know where the buck stops at my desk. but reform should not stop here. we will seek to remove board members across state government when they have conflicts of interest and we will look to sunset and consolidate boards and commissions where there is overlap and duplication. this is common sense reform. my budget will prioritize
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funding to continue performance audits of the top 12 agencies and we will recall the 30 million given to the health department after the agency misrepresented there financial standings for the legislature. we will reimagine state government so our customers, oklahoma tax payers are the primary focus. this is why i place a special emphasis on my administration on the digital transformation of state agencies. today i call for the legislature to fund a 20 million-dollar grant programs to where agencies can apply to receive funds to bring their
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services into the 21st century and make government more customer centered and efficient. imagine digital driver's licenses that are real id compliant and imagine titles available electronically and one site to obtain occupational licenses and one site to pay taxes. it is time to get it done. it is time to improve our government d plus ranking in digital transparency and for the state government checkbook to be online up-to-date and easy to nave great. it is time for online dashboards to monitor our progress we will set for state services. turning my attention to education, my administration is
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committed to public education. and i understand that the large majority of our students attend public schools. over the next few years we will move the needle and outcomes and we will set high standards. we will enact reforms. we will invest in the classroom but we must first continue the investment in the teacher because it is not programs or resources that students will remember, the magic happens between the student and the
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teachers in the classroom. we are confronted with a nation wide teacher shortage. this is not a problem unique to our state but oklahoma was among the hardest hit. with recent revenue growth i asked the legislature to bring our teachers to number one in our region in pay and benefits and this amounts to a 1,200- dollar increase per teacher. i'm also calling for the legislature to fund a bonus recruitment program up to $5 million to encourage certified teachers to stay in oklahoma.
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we have to keep our teachers here after they graduate from college. we want to encourage them to return to the classroom or to move to oklahoma for the very first time. and i applaud representative ron baker's collaboration to get this effort underway and i appreciate house minority leader and her caucus for their support of continued pay increase for our teachers. we must also standardize the certification test for oklahoma teachers. get rid of the five year renewal fee and reduce unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy on our high performing schools and shift our resources to help the schools who need it the most.
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but these reforms and continued investment from the state will not be enough to make oklahoma education system competitive. we must be the hard work of reimaging education. consider cecilia woods. she is the superintendent of millwood school district. after assessing the resources and unique challenges of her district, she reimagined ways to recruit and retain talent in the classrooms. it was important teachers were not just killed but passionate leaders who can shape the culture of their schools and district. she partnered with teach for america and utilized opportunities offered understate law and implemented a new reading program. today the millwood school district has seen dramatic positive outcomes and thank you so much cecilia for being here today.
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>> we must also look at ways to better stabilize the funding of public education. the fact that textsis preparing to pass a teacher pay increase at 37.7 billion compels us to review the funding formula. we must chart a bold course that allows for communities to do more for their students without being penalized for the loss of state support. state government cannot fix education funding needs alone.
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we must stand arm and arm with communities, cities and counties. oklahoma is stronger when we all work together. the process of reforming the formula demands a reeimagining of school districts so we can insure they don't have equal funding per student but also equal opportunity. this will take time to study what other states are doing and what is working and what challenges we must address that are unique to oklahoma. we must not forget education must be first and foremost about students and not systems. we must better align the education experience for oklahoma's children and prepare
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them for tomorrow's workforce to become machinists, computer programmers, engineers and more. so let's take a moment now to reimagine our states's criminal justice system. we are number one in the nation for incarceration. to move the needle it will require us to change the way we see the person who is in a cycle of incarceration for nonviolent crimes. many years ago i was introduced to melinda who held the title of daughter, mom and fellow oklahoman but to the prison system she was a drug offender. she was looking for hope and a
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better life for her son and an opportunity to change course. she has been an employee of gateway for more than 13 years and her entry into the workforce was key to remaining sober and becoming a thriving individual. her story was possible because of a community of people who stepped in, walked with her and gave her opportunity. melinda you are why i believe in second chances. thank you for being here today. >> there can be more stories like her. it's why my budget requests 1.5
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million for women in recovery. it's a public private partnership to help women identify the roots of their addiction and develop life skills and i'm asking for 10 million to the county community safety investment fund, a reform initiative the people of oklahoma approve with state question 781. the money is not the sole action government must take here. i'm encouraged by legislature in the house to accomplish licensing reform for those with
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a felony. we must give those more opportunities to be gainfully employed. and we need to give our employers more discretion on who they can hire. we must also remember the people that work hard everyday to keep our correctional facilities clean, safe and operating. they are on the front lines of delivering core government sources. i urge us ways to improve their working conditions and compensation. in my budget we will also use revenue growth to address two
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critical health care programs in oklahoma. the graduate medical expense program to train new doctors, a cost of 62 million, and the children's health insurance program, a cost of $14.8 million. these programs remind us while we must be thoughtful about seeking federal funds. in 2020 these programs cost the state $77 million that the federal government wants paid and that's a 6.8% increase to the health care budget. when washington wants to end a program we are left covering the cost. while medicaid expansion stops at a 90% federal match we cannot assume that will remain this high forever. the estimated 150 million- dollar price tag today for
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oklahoma to expand medicaid can lead us down the road fronting more than 1 billion when the government pulls back on its commitment. they have done it before and they will likely do it again. medicaid is the fastest growing expense in the state budget and before we commit our state to accept one more medicaid dollar, we deserve accountability and transparency with the state management of the healthcare authority. oklahoma is the only state in the nation where the governor does not have the authority to provide oversight of this agency. we stick out like a sore thumb and this must change. health care is also preventable, promoting wellness through education, personal responsibility and raising
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awareness. today i am announcing my partnership with the oklahoma city memorial marathon to hold a governor's relay challenge and i invite all of you to join me. i also invite the speaker and senate to form a relay team and we will have a competition. and the winner of this relay team will join me for lunch in the governor's mansion. i'm talking about the real winner, the person that wins whole thing.
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we need more tax payers and not more taxes. we will reimagine our economy by diversifying our market place and strengthening our workforce and encouraging oklahoma to start new businesses. our rules must be clear. our regulations must make sense and our tax code must remain competitive with our neighbors. i have hired the very best talent in the state to lead the critical agency and they set measurable goals and are running hard to tell the world oklahoma is open for business.
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>> to best equip the mission i asked the legislature to support additional funds for the quick action closing fund. the state granted 11 million in total rewards. this is attracting high paying jobs with a macy's large distribution center and boeing sustainment business unit and the commercial metals company and many more. the balance of oklahoma's quick action closing fund is $4.3 million. by comparison, the latest legislature report for the texas enterprise funds indicates the state has awarded $609 million and it got 94,000 jobs. in arkansas their fund has awarded 120 million resulting in 26,000 jobs. you can help me sign on the dotted line for new opportunities to grow oklahoma
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and demonstrate to the nation that oklahoma is not afraid to compete with our neighbors and we intend to win. as we close our time together, let's end by reimagining our state budget. i promised we would get to the bottom of every tax dollar and i promise to be transparent and open about the budget process. for the first time in recent history the guv's budget provides you with every tax dollar we define across the 12 largest agencies which spend 90% of the state's total budget. this was the one consistent request i heard from oklahoma across the campaign trail. in this budget package i
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included agency's current performance goals. as we move forward my administration will work with agencies to hire the best, raise accountability and deliver measurable results. to establish a common language for lawmakers and tax payers and create a transparent budget process. now as we dig into the numbers and instead of across the board increases in fiscal year 2020 my budget addresses more than 230 million obligations and another 150 million in critical needs. my budget casts a bold goal for the state savings account. i said often why i believe the state needs 2 billion in savings. when we look at states where the economy depends on the price of oil they place a strong emphasis on savings during the good years and one
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thing we know is true is oil prices will go up and down. when energy prices tumble it directly impacts the state sales tax collection, the income tax collection, the gross production tax and various other revenue streams. we must be honest with ourselves and recognize that last year's tax increases made us more dependent on the price of oil. we must be good fiscal stewards of this decision by creating more stability through savings. >> at the end of fiscal year 2019 our rainy day fund will have approximately $874 million with no additional support from the stabilization fund as often
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seen in other oil rich states. texas has 12.5 billion in total savings to weather another economic downturn and north dakotas total savings is more than 5.8 billion. this is why i set a goal for oklahoma to have 1.1 billion in our savings by the end of the fiscal year 2020. we must set aside 250 million from revenue growth. being conservative with our budget surplus today will protect oklahoma from having to cut core services in the future. as i close, let us remember the future doesn't just happen, we make it happen. as public servants our
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responsibility and purpose is to insure a better future for all 4 million oklahomans. this will require us to be committed communicators and bold leaders inside this building and across the state. our vision is to make oklahoma top 10. join me as we work together we will move our whole state forward. god bless you. and god bless the state of oklahoma.
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next week we go through a discussion on the oversight role of the intelligence community and we hear from former members of the congressional intelligence committee hosted by george mason university and our live coverage is just getting
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underway now. >> you will hear from four former members who have has much knowledge as anyone you can listen to. i have been on the intelligence committee for eight years, the last two years of which i have been the vice chairman. it has been a wild time. our topic tonight is congress and the oversight of the intelligence community. we know at times congress can get in its own way in terms of intelligence oversight. we have three committees that touch our jurisdiction themselves. one of the things that richard, my chairman and i have been trying to do is make sure we are better meed


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