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tv   Mother Mosque of America  CSPAN  March 16, 2019 4:44pm-4:59pm EDT

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be on shelves april 23 but you can preorder a copy today at or wherever books are sold. afterword,ight on georgetown university professor examines russia's foreign policy and international goals in her book "putin's world: russia against the west and with the rest." of the new titus serves on the house foreign affairs committee. >> are you a little more optimistic that it would find common ground? you mentioned the arms control that we can be a good partner with russia? >> putin's popularity has fallen about 40 points since he was reelected last year. shows russiansia now want change. they want a better economic situation. many of those people understand they are having this in tag and
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is the relationship -- antagonistic relationship to the west is not the way to go if they want greater economic growth> >. >> sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span2. iowa are in cedar rapids, where c-span is learning about the city's history. the first building designed and constructed as a place of worship for muslims in america. next, we take you inside to learn more about the development of islam as an established religion in the u.s. the significance of this place is it is symbolic of the freedom of religion. the first house of worship that the muslim built in north america. significant as a muslims.ion to part of america and this is the
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in 1856 wasy iowa came 30tate but muslims years later from syria. rapids,tled in cedar because other places there were christian arabs prior to the muslim arabs who came. lebanone neighbors in and they knew they are in north america, in iowa. together, gathering helping each other. their children went to school. they were educated.
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they came farming. it was full cooperation. supporting and encouraging. giving them a chance to grow like them. 1900s, they christian community were bigger financially.ll off so they start thinking about building a church and st. george, orthodox church. the arab muslims helped the christian arabs to build their church. went in the late 1920's, the build immunity decided to the mosque which they called at islamice -- it means
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club, social network. the arab christians also came and helped them to bake and sell to the neighbors and that is basically how the mosque was built with love, cooperation between the arab and muslim and the arab christians and the community at large. in 1932,t this mosque 1934. it was open to the public. 80ting between 60 and 70, people in the mosque. mosqueorld war ii, the was really tiny because of the immigrants came from germany at that time. 1960's, pakistani, india and others come. the need for a large, bigger,
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new mosque was felt. this must was used for 40 years. 40 years. still, they built a newer mosque and i moved out -- they moved out. they sold the mosque here. club wherea teenager kids come to play frisbee and other things. it did not last. it was sold again. this time for cambodian refugees. they use that as a refugee center. again andt was sold then it become rented by a church. 1983, thisted in building was a church. 1990, i did receive a
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phone call from my neighbor. i was the iman and director of the islamic center of cedar rapids. a lady was complaining that we are not taking care of the mosque because of the weeds and it falling apart. i came to assist in the situation and indeed i saw it falling apart. we looked for the owner. we made a deal to buy the building back. campaigning for renovation of the mosque. 1992, wefebruary 15, opened the mosque as a cultural center. when we talk about harassment and when we talk about discrimination and when we talk about pressuring muslims in america, we will say we do not feel this happened.
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we hear about it in other communities, but not the mother mosque. the mother mosque is part of the fabric of iowa. it is part of them. that is why they call it american mosque. it is a history. it is something they cherish. mosque never has been under attack. never has been harassed or discriminated against. in fact, the big thing happened in september 11, the incident that shook the nation. the mother mosque was receiving flowers. receiving letters of support. many messages came from our neighbors. we know you. we know you are not like them. we know this is not the way they are portraying islam and
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muslims. that was a relief, really. the community of cedar rapids, weather it is the government or the mayor of cedar rapids, the rapids,tation in cedar they all protect the mosque as a part of cedar rapids. it is their entity. it is their heritage, their legacy. of theis hate in some american population, but thank g od that that hate did not extent heritageentity, their because this mosque is american. america is from the ground up, as they say. we consider ourselves part of america and part of the fabric. tour staffes
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recently traveled to cedar rapids, iowa to learn about its rich history. learn more about cedar rapids and other stops at you are watching american history tv every weekend on c-span3. announce thepy to winners of this year c-span's studentcam video documentary competition. answering the question what does it mean to be american? we received almost 3000 entries from 48 states, with more than 6000 students. congratulations to all of the winners. our first prize middle school from eastern middle school in silver spring, mcamerica: america runs on fast food. >> the fast food industry -- the economy, our health, fast food
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has and will impact and reflect our society and so many more ways than we can realize. it's something that sits with our nation's values, the global landscape and it is part of what makes us america. >> our first prize high school winter park high school in winter park, florida for comfortably numb: honoring america's right to a free press. they are also the fan favorite winner and won an extra $500. >> realize being american is about the much more than national pride. it is about freedom but a lower country to function. >> in the mix of flurry of fake news and media controversies, with forget the important role. >> the first prize high school central winners are from urbandale high school in urba ndale, iowa.
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>> did you guys know it is almost the 50 anniversary of the tinker v. des moines case? it helped the firm first amendment rights to students and protest to american involvement in the vietnam war. the discontent leading to the school's suspension. >> first prize high school west goes to william j palmer high school in colorado springs, colorado for what it means to be american, voting. >> in this age, we decide what america is founded upon. one of the most important deals was that every man is represented. this is what makes us american -- voting. the constant that everybody who is affected by government gets a say in the government. >> the grand prize winners of from imagine international academy in north texas for their video, what it means to be american. >> our american institution is one of the most unique in the
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world where students have the powers vested in them to hold the government accountable instead of sitting around and complaining. the greatest thing about the issue of corruption in the u.s. cases,s not -- in most people are willing to recognize the nation's flaws even when politicians don't. >> over the past 15 years, c-span is given away $1 million in total prizes to the winners of the student cam video documentary competition. for top 21 winning entries will air on c-span on april and you can watch every winning studentcam documentary online at >> tonight on q&a -- >> tragically, i had no expectation we would be sitting here in 2019 talking about this the way itanistan has been escalated.
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the way it has escalated every year. the countless lives that have been wasted and the continual suffering. >> iraq war veteran and former state department official matthew ho on his article. >> in 2009, the same i had seen 2007, asn 2004, 2005, well as when i worked on iraq and afghan war issues at the pentagon were state department, in between those times. there was no difference in the administration. desiresnistration, both were to win politically, domestic political reasons. everything else was secondary. >> matthew hoh tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> next on history bookshelf, luis fleischman talks about his book "latin america in the post-chavez era."
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he argues that former venezuelan president hugo chavez laid the groundwork for the emergence of a socialist authoritarian takeover of south and central america. we recorded this event and 2013, the year the book was published and a year that hugo chavez died and nicolas maduro took over as president. the fight for american studies in washington, [applause] you for this kind -- thank you for this kind introduction. the fund fornk america. i am pleased with the attendance tonight. it is a terrific job by the sponsoring organizations. a special thanks to nancy who is in charge of the security project with the coeditor of the


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