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Nancy Pelosi
  Speaker Pelosi on Border US- Mexico- Canada Trade Deal  CSPAN  April 2, 2019 5:58pm-6:05pm EDT

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administration's recent move to invalidate the affordable care act. also, arizona republican congresswoman debbie, talks about the trump administration border and immigration policy. , former u.s. ambassador -- on the 70th anniversary of nato. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at seven eastern wednesday morning, join the discussion. >> the washington times writes that president trump delivered an ultimatum to congress on immigration, saying either lawmakers come to a deal to stop the surge of migrants, or the border is going to be closed 100%. the story says mr. trump also said he is willing to take an economic hit from such a closure. earlier in the day, at politico's playbook breakfast, house speaker nancy blasi respond to president trump's threat to shut down the border, and the implications of that, on the u.s. mexico canada trade
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deal. >> i wonder how you think this dovetails with what the president advisors, it is his top priority, which is rewriting nasa, u.s. nca, which he has said, the white house has told us countless times, we are going to leave this to nancy pelosi, this is her decision about how she most is and what she does, >> that is right. [ laughter ]>> so i wonder, i wonder, you're both top line, and how something like shutting down the southern border would impact those talks, and -- united states and mexico? >> let's regard shutting down the border, as a notion that cannot possibly rise to the level of an idea. i'm a, as a notion monger, place on places, you know, it is a pause line, but it is not an idea. so, let's hope that there is some level of maturity at the white house, that says cute, but , you know -- so, okay, so, in
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terms of, we all hope that we would be able to 25 years later, renegotiate anything that is out there, and everything should be subjected to some scrutiny, and there is some opportunity. but, you do not have, i myself for the for and after the first him, so i am, inclined, to see if we cannot improve on that. i do think i was burned by it, i do not think it lived up to what the -- i do not think what intended, and i say this, because it came out of the clinton administration, so, the representations that were made, or not -- or not sincere, or they just did not live, or whatever it is, this needs to i think it is important to renegotiate, most everything else is anything for five years, but here we are. so, in terms of that, the concerns that our members have,
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because it is really up to where the votes are, the kind that our members have, our workers rights, the environment, and issues that related, pharmaceuticals, those are the issues, the overarching concern that we have, is even if you have the best language in the world, in that, if you do not have enforcement, you ain't got nothing. it is just the way it is. you have to have strong enforcement provisions. now, one of the things is the mexican government, has to do, before we can even consider, is to pass legislation about workers rights, in mexico, i can go on to the tillman, but, suffice to say it for that, i will keep emphasizing, your words, in the business, the word unless. unless does not mean if you do, unless you do this, we cannot do this, unless does not mean if you do this, then we will
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support it, unless you do this, we cannot even consider it. but, do not take unless to mean if you do this, we will do this, because, we have to see, that they pass the legislation, that they have the factors in place, that will make sure that it is implement it, and that they demonstrate some commitments and sincerity, because, it is a big issue, how a labor, people, workers are treated, in mexico, and to lift up our own workers, you do not do that by suppressing workers in other countries, it is an exploitation on boys, on both sides of the border. so, what i just mentioned, to three workers, environment, pharmaceuticals. but, overarching biggest issue, enforcement, how does this work, and so, the question is, do have some of the provisions, we are saying that enforcement
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has to be in the treaty. not in implementing legislation, and limiting legislation is only, bears on how we act, it does not have to bear on how all three countries act. but, i am often, you know, take some time, you have to see the evidence of what is happening, not only that they pass the bill, but that they implement the policy, and again, this is a whole session. we had the ambassador, who had been very gracious, investor lighthouse are. i do not become ambassador, or -- >> that works. >> but he has been very gracious and open to listening, to the concerns that members have, but again, no enforcement, no treaty. >> the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. >> asked not what your country can do for you, ask what you
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can do for your country.>> [ cheers and applause ] >> and the people will not be -- down, well all of us assume. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> c-span's newest book, the presidents, noticed noted historians, ranked america's best and worst chief executives, provides in light of the 44 american presidents. true stories gathered by interviews with noted presidential historians. explored the life events that shaped our leaders, challenges they faced, and the legacies they had left behind. published by public affairs, c- span's the presidents will be on shelves april 23., you can preorder your copy, as a hardcover, or e-book today. at president. or, wherever books are sold. >> today, we covered the daylong summit on healthcare costs, and innovation, this includes the former governors of