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  President Trump Hosts Ramadan Celebration  CSPAN  May 14, 2019 1:56pm-2:01pm EDT

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we have -- it's interesting, when 9/11 happened, that was my first term as mayor, and when we got together other emergency task team, we had a keen responsibility to do everything we could to protect the citizens of lars amey and also the citizen of the state of wyoming. so, again, it's an honor and a privilege. "voices from the road" on c-span. last night president trump took part in a ramadan celebration, his remarks are just over five minutes. [ applause ]
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well, thank you very much, everybody. please. and good evening. during this very special time, when muslims around the world celebrate ramadan, it is my great privilege to welcome you to this iftar dinner at the white house. we're pleased to be joined by vice president mike pence. where is mike? please, mike. [ applause ] >> mike, we're in there working hard, right snob and we're getting it done, like very few have gotten it done before. we're doing really well as a country. we're very proud of our country, and thank you for the great work, mike. i also want to thank secretary
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steven mnuchin. steve? steve just got back from china. we'll let you know in about three or four weeks whether we're successful. you never really know, but i have a fooling it will be successful. acting secretary patrick shanah shanahan, thank you very much. and secretary alex azar for being here. where is alex? and drug prices have gone down for the first time in 51 years. first time in 51 years, great job, alex. >> a special welcome to warm-up our chaplain, who earlier this month led us in a moving prayer in the rose garden. thank you, imam. thank you very much. tonight we're grateful to host many of the ambassadors and
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members of the diplomatic corps representing countries with large muslim populations. we're delighted to share this special meal with so many esteem dignitari dignitaries, so many friends in this room, and cherished partners from around the world. we're honored by your presence and strengthened by your friendship. thank you very much for all being here. we're going to have a great evening together. ramadan is a holy month for muslims here in the united states and all across the world. during this month, muslims fast from sunrise to sundown and focus on prayer and spiritual life to deepen their devotion to god. it's a time of charity, giving to our fellow citizens. ramadan is a very special time. it's a time to draw closer as families, neighbors and communities, and ramadan is a
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time when people join forces in pursuit of hope, tolerance and peace. it is in this spirit that we come together tonight for the traditional ramadan meal that breaks the daily fast. this evening our thoughts are also with the religious believers who have endured many trials and hardships in recent weeks. it's been a very rough period of time. our hearts are filled with the grief for muslims who were killed in their mosques in new zealand, as well as the cri christia christians, jews and other children of god who were slain. in their blessed memory we resolve to defeat the evils of terrorism and religious persecution, so all people can worship without fear, pray without danger and live by the faith that flow from heart. we thank god that america is founded on the belief that
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citizens of all faiths can live together in safety and live together any freedom. let us pray for a future of harmony and peace. let us ask god to forever shine his goodness and blessings upon us. and let us continue to work together to build a future filled with hope and goodwill for our children and for all of the people of the world. with that, i would like to wish every muslim in america and around the globe. ramadan -- it's a great honor. we're going to have a good meal. if it's not good, blame me, okay? thank you very much. thank you all.