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Charles Schumer
  Speaker Pelosi Minority Leader Schumer on Prescription Drugs Bill  CSPAN3  May 15, 2019 3:09pm-3:48pm EDT

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[ indistinct chatter ] [ applause ] >> he got here first. okay. he got here first. hello, everyone. are we all in? mr. tate, annie custer. okay. good afternoon, everyone. our house democratic majority was elected on a promise to the
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american people. after years of republican congress trying to take away americans' health care, democrats would act for the people by protecting -- for the people to lower health care costs. by protecting preexisting benefits, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. today we are gathered here with our senate colleagues who have been leading on this issue, as well. and i'm pleased to welcome back to the house side a number of senators who are very famous in the country. but they cut their teeth in the house of representatives. [ laughter ] the leader of the senate, mr. schumer. debby stabenow, senator stabenow. senator ron wyden. senator chris murphy. so we are pleased to welcome them back. we're very, very proud of how they were trained on this side. [ laughter ] [ applause ]
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and one way they were trained, we'll see if it works, is that on the house side, we speak for one minute. guided in our house by our outstanding freshmen class and with the leadership of course committee's house democrats, moving forward to hold legislation to do just what we have promised to the american people. in their name we are moving forward with our legislation. last week we passed representative annie custer's protecting americans with preexisting conditions act, and we'll hear from her. [ applause ] and we passed bipartisan legislation to move generic versions of prescription drugs to market. tomorrow we will be strengthening the health care of lowering -- health care, and lowering prescription drug costs with even more action to protect preexisting conditions and bringing drug prices down. i want you to know, mr. leader,
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i'm eliminating the third card, in the interest of time. we are passing these bills because we have a responsibility -- [ laughter ] because we have a responsibility to families fighting diseases and americans struggling to afford their prescriptions. our vip today with all these senators in the room, the rest are vip today, is david tate, whose child lucas tate, he's going to share the story of lucas tate, a story that is familiar to everyone who has a loved one who has fought disease. we believe that the most eloquent presentation of the need for the affordable care act, lowering health care costs, preserving the preexisting condition benefit, the list goes on and on and the personal stories that mr. tate is here to deliver on behalf of his son, lucas. we welcome him as our vip today. another vip is with us. the distinguished leader -- democratic leader in the united states senate, mr. schumer. [ applause ]
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>> thank you, nancy. speaking of nancy in the one minute, when i first got to the senate and i was giving one of my early speeches, we had someone who was on the floor of the senate who was named lula. do you remember lula? >> oh, yes. >> and she said, well how long do you want to speak and i figured it's the senate, i'll get as much as i can get. could i speak for five minutes? and she said, no one speaks that short around here. [ laughter ] >> it's true. >> anyway, it's great to be here. i want to thank our great speaker, nancy pelosi, and the wonderful house delegation that is doing so much to lead the charge. [ applause ] in helping the american people. and we're all here for a very simple reason. the american people want us to protect their health care. across the country, americans are worried about rising costs, declining quality. there is no greater worry a family has than if someone in their family, a spouse, a child, a parent gets sick and they
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can't afford it. they can't afford the health care or the drugs they need. nothing, nothing, nothing bothers people more than that. but there's been a relentless campaign of sabotage by the trump administration to deny people health care. and thankfully, the new democratic majority in the house has taken action and passed bills to combat the trumpcare sabotage. to further protect americans with preexisting conditions, and help americans get better drug coverage. but the republican-led senate, no movement. nothing. no debate. no legislation, no votes. leader mcconnell has turned the senate into a legislative graveyard, and buried this bipartisan legislation to improve americans' health care. we ask, what is senator mcconnell so afraid of? is he afraid the senate by
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actually pass a bill to help the american people? the issue is too important to too many americans. our job is to legislate. we have a responsibility to do something to protect americans. it's time for leader mcconnell to restore the senate to the legislating body it once was, and there's no better issue to start than health care and the bill that the senate has passed. [ applause ] >> now -- and now i'd like to introduce my friend and colleague in the house, frank pallone. [ applause ] >> thank you, senator schumer. when i listened to speaker speaker pelosi talk about cutting your teeth in the house, remember we started the message group together. >> that's right. >> a long time ago. what i have to say is pretty straight forward. we have heard loud and clear from our constituents that
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they're sick of the skyrocketing costs for prescription drugs and for health care premiums. and a big part of that has been because president trump has sabotaged the affordable care act, and so we have legislation as part of this package that came out of the energy and commerce committee that basically says that you cannot sell these junk plans for a year or up to three years. and that makes it very difficult for people who have preexisting conditions, because they don't get the kind of coverage they need. it also brings back the outreach and the navigators so people know what they're buying. it also makes it so states can move to state marketplaces instead of federal, because we know that those state marketplaces sell premiums that are a lot less expensive and have better coverage. that's andy kim's bill, my colleague from new jersey. but at the same time, we're addressing the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs by bringing back generic competition. what the brand name companies have done is to make it more difficult to bring generics to
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market. they pay the generics to delay bringing the generics to market. they refuse to give them the samples, so they can't develop the generic. or they park their ex cluesivity. there's no reason why anybody on the republican or democratic side can't support these bills. they will make a difference in terms of affordability, both for prescription drugs as well as your insurance premiums. and these bills are going to pass and we're going to say that senator mcconnell needs to bring them up in the senate. because they will make a difference. and now i would like to introduce another colleague from the house who i worked with whose very much been involved in the whole affordability issue, and that's senator chris murphy. [ applause ] >> well, thank you for hosting us. and thank you to all of your colleagues behind us for listening to the american people
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and stepping up to combat trump's sabotage and to make health care cheaper. i don't know why you run for the united states senate if you have no interest on addressing the number one issue of americans, and that is the state of our health care system. it isn't a republican issue and it isn't a democratic issue. right? illness and preexisting conditions don't discriminate between people that watch msnbc and fox news. it affects everyone. and republicans in the senate have shut down the body to any ideas that are going to make people's health care more secure and more affordable. our colleagues in the senate, in the republican caucus, act as if donald trump is legislative kryptonite. he has stolen away their powers to legislate. they ran for this body in order to make people's lives better. and instead of taking these bills from the house of representatives, to lower the cost of drugs, to prevent
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insurance companies from discriminating against those with preexisting conditions, they are doing the bidding of the insurance industry, of the powerful special interests and lobbyists who like the status quo, and like the idea that president trump will return power once again to the health care companies rather than to consumers. and so we are going to continue to stand up in the senate and demand votes on these measures. we're going to continue to applaud our colleagues in the senate for putting pressure on senator mcconnell, to pressure his colleagues to start doing their job. there is nothing more important to the american people than the issue of health care. and we will find every way possible to keep the pressure on. and i thank my house colleagues for continuing to give us that opportunity. i want to introduce one of my great friends in the house. you taught me a lot when i was here, and that is ann eshue.
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>> okay. now we're talking. everyone know what this is? a sledgehammer. a sledgehammer. and the equivalent to this sledgehammer that can inflict total damage. damage, damage, damage, is the trump administration and his pal the attorney general. what they are doing is on the heels of not being able to overturn the affordable care act in congress, they've taken a sledgehammer to health care in our country. since democrats took over in january, majority, thanks to the american people in january, we
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have put the republican strategy to overturn the aca in the courts under a microscope for the american people. and they don't like what they see. in fact, they're terrified. if the republicans sabotage using this sledgehammer, were to succeed, 13 million americans would lose their health insurance under medicaid. 9 million americans would lose their tax credits to purchase coverage. junk plans will flourish, and health insurance costs are going to continue to skyrocket. i think that that's a horrible recipe for the united states of america. republicans are pushing these junk plans as if they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. i know i've listened to it ad nauseam in our committee. we're here to tell the american people, buyer beware. and we're not alone. the american cancer society released a very important report
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this week detailing how individuals under junk plans would not receive coverage to give them a fighting chance if they're diagnosed with cancer. i have the pleasure of introducing to all of you david tate. he's come all the way to washington, d.c., from bakersfield, california. he's a father, he's a husband, he's a pediatric nurse, and i think most importantly, he's a dad. his son's name is lucas, who is a young survivor of cancer, and he's a passionate advocate for access to good health care for people with preexisting conditions. david? [ applause ] >> thank you so much for this opportunity to share my story, my son's story, and our family's story. >> david, just a moment. there's a jet passing over.
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>> have to pick up the sledgehammer. >> i first want to thank everyone for being here. this is an issue that is absolutely near and dear to my heart. thank you, senator pelosi, for putting this on, and thank you so much, miss eshoo. speaker, i'm so sorry. i don't do this for a living, like you guys. i'm an advocate, i'm a pediatric nurse, as you said. and i'm a dad. >> and i accept your apology. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] thank you so much. all right. so again, my name is david tate. i'm from bakersfield, california. i went to school to be a registered nurse, because of the journey that my family has been through with pediatric cancer. my son lucas was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,
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father's day, 2009. i'm hearing feedback. i think it's this. sorry about that. so, again, my son lucas was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is cancer, on father's day of 2009. happy father's day, right? nobody wants to hear that. especially on father's day. he was only 7 months old when he was diagnosed. okay? he endured a year of treatment, hospitalizations, intense chemotherapy, endless doctors' appointments, the costs of which added up quickly. at nearly half a million dollars a month for his care for in-patient care at ucla, for an entire year, totaling nearly $6 million. our insurance company fought us every step of the way. they tried to avoid paying for lucas' care all together. claiming that his cancer was a preexisting condition. so put yourself in my shoes. you're parents, you've got this
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devastating news that your child is diagnosed with cancer. and now you're worried about getting kicked out of a hospital that's literally saving their life. because of payment from the insurance company. lucas was able to get the care he needed, only because he had a team of absolutely wonderful health care providers. advocates that we needed for us back then. advocating for him and the hospital took a gamble. they took a gamble that the insurance would come true and pay for his care. they never stopped treating him, but that was a gamble for them. today lucas, i'm happy to say, is a healthy, thriving 10-year-old little son of a gun. [ cheers and applause ] he enjoys acting and terrorizing his brother, like every 10-year-old child should. he has his entire life ahead of him. but lucas will always carry his diagnosis. he will always be a cancer survivor. cancer treatment leaves children
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like lucas with health challenges that many in this room don't even know. they're worried about, you know, educational delays. they're worried about maybe he won't be able to have children. all of those things that he's going to have to carry the rest of his life. and those will last his entire life. relapse, having his cancer again, is always a possibility. since 2010, the protections of the affordable care act had given me and my family and millions of families like us security and peace of mind that lucas and other children and families and adults like him won't be denied the health care they need. for the rest of his life, lucas will be in the ranks of americans who have a preexisting condition. he was 7 months old. he didn't do anything to deserve that diagnosis. and yet he has a preexisting condition. he deserves to live his life without worrying about whether he could afford the treatment
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that cancer and heaven forbid he faces relapse later in his life. yet that guarantee is under threat right now. given the attacks we have seen on the affordable care act from short-term plans to cuts that decrease enrollment. it's time for congress to stand up for patients like my son lucas, approve this package and put a stop to the attacks on protections for people with preexisting conditions. thank you. >> well done! great job. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. can i have a picture? >> absolutely. >> senator, stand up. >> yes. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we're here for lucas. and every child that has a preexisting condition. we're here for david and his family and every family, every parent, who goes to bed at night and says, the prayer, please, god, don't let the kids get sick. this is personal. in november, the american people sent a strong message at the
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ballot box. they want us to protect our health care. the new house democratic majority knows that. and gets that to their core. the senate democrats get that to our core. that's why every single senate democrat signed on to legislation to protect people with preexisting conditions, every one of us, and to keep millions of people from losing their health care. we understand. we are here because we know health care's personal. it's not political. we get that. donald trump doesn't get that. the republicans in the house and the senate don't get that. the trump administration is fighting to have the affordable care act declared unconstitutional in the courts. and despite all their talk, how many members ran with their
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opponents, saying, oh, no, we want to protect preexisting conditions? everybody? oh, yeah, oh, yeah. all those. >> all those senators. >> all those people who said that, you know, talk is cheap. you know, my mom always said proof is in the pudding. well, the pudding is the fact that they are refusing to take up a resolution to protect people with preexisting conditions. they are refusing to defend the affordable care act. and doing every single thing they possibly can to sabotage people's health care. so instead of doing the right thing, senator mcconnell is sending the latest great action from the house to the legislative graveyard. where he sent everything else. this sabotage and inaction has to stop. that's why we are here. health care is personal for the american people. and the person who is leading the effort and who understands
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with all of her colleagues that health care is personal is congresswoman custer. [ applause ] >> alzheimer's. asthma. cancer. diabetes. the list of preexisting conditions goes right through the alphabet. and last week, the house voted in a bipartisan vote to reject the trump administration's ongoing sabotage of the affordable care act. the protecting americans with preexisting conditions act, which passed the house, as i mentioned, oftn a bipartisan vo, would revoke president trump's guidance that encourages states to promote junk health plans. plans that do not cover preexisting conditions. and the worst of this is that the consumers, the mothers, the parents, like david, who have a
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child, who have someone they love, they do not even know that their plan doesn't cover the preexisting condition. and on the worst days, they find out after the fact, when the bill comes, and they call their insurance company and they say, no, no. this is a preexisting condition. you should cover that. and instead they are told, you should have known that you had a preexisting condition. so the list goes on. heart disease. high blood pressure. every single one of us in this room has one of these conditions or loves someone who has one of these conditions. and these are the priorities of hard working families in new hampshire, and yet senator mcconnell won't even hold a vote on the legislation that we are passing here in the house. people are sick and tired of
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being sick and tired. and being cast aside by the trump administration and republicans in this congress. it's time, mitch mcconnell, to bring our legislation to the senate floor and put the american people ahead of your partisan agenda. and with that i'd like to introduce senator ron wyden. [ applause ] >> i just want to tell the speaker that it is great to be here and all of us ex house members feel we are running with the right crowd. i'm going to be very brief. and i think we ought to understand what that story about lucas is all about. and that is, is this country going to turn back the clock to the days when lucas was unprotected and health care was
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for the healthy and the wealthy? and we are here to tell you, it's not going to happen on our watch. now, they have been plotting and scheming to come up with a new glide path to turn back the clock. it's in effect using a good law, which gave the states the chance to do something better, to strip away the protections so you wouldn't have coverage for hospital visits or prescription drugs or maternity care or any of the essentials for lucas. what we're going to do is make sure that we have a blockade at every step of the way to prevent this from happening. we're going to do our best to take up the legislation that came from the house that blocks this idea of making health care again for the healthy and wealthy. and here's our message to mitch
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mcconnell. since when did the united states senate simply bury important legislation that protects the american people, sight unseen? thank you. [ applause ] my name is andy kim. i'm the new congressman of the new jersey third congressional district. [ applause ] at my last town hall, a father stood up in the crowd, and he looked at me and he told me a story about his son. a story that when his son was only 18 months old, was diagnosed with a preexisting condition that would affect him for the rest of his life. his father was telling me how it was the affordable care act that made him feel like he could make sure that his son has the care that he needs. but now his son is about to turn 26 years old this upcoming year,
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and this father came to me and said, "i'm worried. worried about his future for his son and what his son is going to be able to do going forward. and he looked at me with tears weal welling in his eyes and said, what can we do? and what i told him is we're going to work here and do everything we can. i made him a promise that day that i'll do everything i humanly can to make sure that we look out for his son. that is what i'm hearing at town halls in my district. and i'll tell you, it's a humbling experience, coming here and to be able to work in congress alongside such great legislators. but one thing i was always told was that our congress -- that this building was the town hall of america. and what i'll tell you is that it's surprising to me that the conversations here are so different than the town halls that i hear back home. and i think it's so important for us to just remember what it is that's driving us. you're absolutely right that health care is personal. that we're trying to find our
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ways to be able to do this. for me, my way was to be able to push forward. to find tangible, practical solutions so i can look that father in the eye and say we're trying to get things done, trying to deliver for him and his son and other people in our districts across this country. that is the promise that we make. and that's what we're trying to do right now. and we made sure we did it in a bipartisan way that will show that politics -- hat no point i trying to intervene in our health care here, that this is something that all sides, every single one of us should be fighting for forget. and i'm proud to work alongside the champions here today. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. it's so energizing to be here with all of you. thank you so much. i have heard, like everyone here, from so many people in my home state of washington who are so worried about their health care, and whether they're going to be able to get the care that they need.
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this is not a political issue for any one of them. this is about life and death. it's about their families and their ability to be an american. they want us to fight for health care and for protections for people with preexisting conditions. and that's exactly why democrats in the house are doing the right thing to pass legislation to reverse a step that president trump took to weaken those protections for people with preexisting conditions. what is the response from the senate republicans? crickets. nothing. and this week democratic colleagues in the house are continuing to press forward with additional legislation to reverse president trump's junk insurance rule. reverse his cut to navigators and other investments that help people get the right care for themselves. to provide new funding to states that want to follow in the footsteps now of my home state of washington by starting their own health care exchanges and
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much needed steps to address the price of drugs. unfortunately, what the republicans in the senate are planning to do is the same thing they have done with over 100 bills. ignore it. by a avoiding votes on these bills, republicans are effectively extending steps that families have been very clear that they want to the legislative graveyard. and that is unacceptable, and it's the opposite of what people sent us here to do. a while ago, president trump said republicans were going to be the, quote, party of health care. well, i've got to tell you, patients and families know the difference. they know that this so-called party of health care is not the one centering their health care agenda around sabotage or fighting to strike down protections for people with preexisting conditions and sending proposals that actually have a chance to do something for americans to the graveyard. so i hope my republican colleagues are listening. listening here in congress, but more importantly, at home to the
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families they represent. this is not about empty words at a town hall that, oh, yes, you support preexisting conditions. this is getting up every day and fighting to make sure they are protected. i want to thank the courage of my house counterparts. it is so great to have you here doing the right thing. it's time for mitch mcconnell and the senate republicans to do the same. thank you. [ applause ] >> senator murray is the only one of us up here who hasn't served in the house of representatives. as she came directly to the senate as a mom in tennis shoes, walking all over the state of washington. she knows about family. she knows about concerns of families and children. thank you, senator murray, for your leadership. while you were speaking, we just were complimenting you do on your work on appropriations as we try to get a disaster assistance bill. thank you.
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my colleagues -- that's an applause line. [ applause ] i want to thank all of our colleagues, house and senate, for being here on this very important issue. central to the financial as well as the health well-being of the american people. senator mcconnell has described himself as the grim reaper. he's going to kill every bill that comes over from the house. and as our colleagues have said, turn the senate into legislative graveyard. but i have news for him. this legislation to protect the american people in terms of their health and financial well-being is alive and well with the american people. alive and well. and he's going to be hearing from them. and some of the people he's going to be hearing from are with us today, traveling with david tate in honor of lucas of the leukemia and lymphoma society. thank you all for being here. [ applause ] oh, i have a number of names. h khan and the american medical
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student association. euna das. american foundation for suicide prevention. the list goes on and on. as you probably know, we protected the affordable care act during the last term and first term of first two years of president trump's administration because 10,000 events were held by the outside groups to protect the affordable care act. 10,000 events. david, of people telling their family's stories, just as you did, just as congressman kim did, about his town hall meeting. so the senate is going to be hearing from the american people. president lincoln said public sentiment is everything. with it, you can accomplish almost anything. without it, practically nothing. the public needs to know. the public knows, as senator stabenow said, they're sick and tired of all of this. they're sick and tired of being sick and going broke because of
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the uncertainty that exists now. we're going to remove that uncertainty, we're going to remove all doubt. the affordable care act and other legislation to preserve the preexisting condition benefit, lower the cost of prescription drugs and inform people about the danger of junk plans. and they are junk plans. and the list goes on and on. so i thank my colleagues, because, again, this is what we promised. this is central to meeting the needs of the american people. senator mcconnell should know better than to stand in the way of lucas tate getting access to the care that he needs for the rest of his life. thank you all very much. [ applause ] [ indistinct chatter ]
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[ indistinct chatter ] house democrats are reading the mueller report to the american public. some are reading portions from the house floor after legislative business is finished for the day. it's expected to start today at about 5:00 p.m. eastern, and you can watch it live on c-span. and then tomorrow, more than 50 house democrats will take turns reading the entire 448-page redacted version of the mueller report. it's expected to take up to 14 hours, continuing into friday. we'll have live coverage here on c-span3 when the reading starts thursday morning at 11:30 eastern. house speaker nancy pelosi is likely to talk about committee work on the mueller report when she sits down with c-span's steve scully this week
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on "news makers." friday night at 10:00 eastern on c-span. former vice president joe biden is in philadelphia this saturday at 1:00 p.m. eastern to officially kick off his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination. watch our live coverage on c-span, and we've covered the campaigns of over 20 democratic candidates who have entered the race so far. from their announcement speeches to campaign events, watch any time at our website at the house will be in order. >> for 40 years, c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court and public policy events from washington, d.c., and around the country. so you can make up your own mind. created by cable in 1979, c-span
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is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span. your unfiltered view of government. the senate banking committee held an oversight hearing with the nation's financial regulators. the comptroller of currency joined the heads of the federal reserve, the federal deposit insurance corporation and the national credit union administration at the witness table. [ banging gavel ] . >> the committee will come to order. today we will receive testimony from joseph adding, the controller of the currency. randall quarrels, federal reserve vice chairman for supervision. chairman of the fdic, and rodney hood, chairman of the ncua. we welcome all of and you thank you for being here. this hearing provides the committee an opportunity to examine the current state of and recent activitiesel