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tv   House Democrats News Conference Reading of Mueller Report  CSPAN  May 16, 2019 3:39pm-5:40pm EDT

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office was unable to obtain additional evidence or testimony about who page may have met or communicated with in moscow. thus page's activities in russia as described in his emails with the campaign were not fully explained. in july 2016, after returning from russia, page traveled to the republican national convention in cleveland. while there, page met russian ambassador to the united states, ser sergei kisslack. described in section 4 a 6 a infra. page later emailed campaign officials with feedback he said he received from ambassadors he had met at the convention, and he wrote that ambassador kislyak was worried about president clinton's world views. following the trip to moscow and his advocacy for pro russia
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foreign policy drew the media's attention and began to generate substantial press coverage. the campaign responded by distancing itself from page, describing him as an informal foreign policy adviser who did not speak for mr. trump for the campaign. on september 23, 2016, yahoo! news reported that u.s. intelligence officials were investigating whether page had opened private communication with senior russian officials to discuss u.s. sanctions, policy under a possible trump administration. a campaign spokesman told yahoo! news that page had no role in the campaign, and that the campaign was not aware of any of his activities, past or present. on september 24, 2016, page was formally removed from the campaign. although page had been removed from the campaign, after the election, he sought a position in the trump administration. on november 14, 2016, he submitted an application to the
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transition team that inflated his credentials and experiences, stating that in his capacity as a trump campaign foreign policy adviser, he had met with top world leaders and effectively responded to diplomatic outreach efforts from senior government officials in asia, europe, the middle east, africa and the americas. page received no response from the transition team. when page took a personal trip to moscow in december 2016, he met again with at least one russian government official. that interaction and a discussion of the september trip are set forth in volume one. members of the trump campaign interacted on several occasions with the center for national interest, principally through its president and chief executive officer, dmitry finez. cni is a think tank with connections to the russian
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government. simness was born in the former soviet union and immigrated to the united states in 1970. in april 2016, candidate trump delivered his first speech on foreign policy and national security at an event hosted by the national interest, a publication affiliated with cni. then senator jeff sessions and russian ambassador kislyak both attended the event and as a result gained some attention relating to sessions' confirmation hearings to become attorney general. sessions had various other contacts with cni during the campaign period on foreign policy matters, including russia. jared kushner also interacted with him about russian issues during the campaign. the investigation did not identify evidence that the campaign passed or received any message to or from the russian government through cni or simez. cni is a washington-based
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nonprofit organization that grew out of a center founded by former president richard nixon. cni describes itself as a voice for strategic realism in u.s. foreign policy and publishes a bimonthly foreign policy magazine, "the national interest." cni is overseen by a board of directors and an advisory council that is largely honorary and whose members at the relevant time include sessions, who served as an adviser to candidate trump on national security and foreign policy issues. dmitry simez is president and ceo of cni, and the publisher and the ceo of the national interest. simez was born in the former soviet union, emigrated to the united states in the early 1970s, and joined cni's predecessor after working at the carnegie endowment for international peace. simez personally had many contacts with current and former russian government officials.
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as does cni collectively. as cni stated, when seeking a grant from the carnegie corporation in 2015, cni has unparalleled access to russian officials and politicians among washington think tanks. in part because cni has arranged for u.s. delegations to visit russia and for russian delegations to visit the united states as part of a so-called track two diplomatic efforts. on march 14, 2016, cni board member richard plepler organized a luncheon for henry kissinger at the time warner building in new york. the idea bliehind the event waso generate interest in cni's work and recruit board members. attendees included jared kushner. kushner told the office that the
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event came at a time when the trump campaign was having trouble securing support from experienced foreign policy professionals and that as a result, he decided to seek simez's assistance during the march 14 event. simez and kushner spoke again on a march 24, 2016, telephone call, three days after trump had publicly named the team of foreign policy advisers that he had been put together on short notice. >> on march 31, 2016, simez and kushner had an in-person, one-on-one meeting in kushner's new york office. during that meeting, simes told kushner that the best way to handle foreign policy issues is for the trump campaign would be to organ advisory group of
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experts to meet with candidate trump and develop a foreign policy approach that was consistent with trump's voice. simes believed that kushner was receptive to that suggestion. simes also had contact with other individuals associated with the trump campaign regarding the campaign's foreign policy positions. for example, on june 17th, 2016, simes sent jd gordon an email with a, quote, memo to senator sessions that we discussed at our meeting. at our recent meeting, end quote. and asked gordon to both read it and share it with sessions. the memorandum proposed building a, quote, small and carefully selected group of experts, end quote, to assist sessions with the campaign, operating under the assumption that, quote, hillary clinton is very vulnerable on national security
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and foreign policy issues, end quote. the memorandum outlined key issues for the campaign, including a, quote, new beginning with russia, end quote. section b, national interests -- national interest hosts a foreign policy speech at the mayflower hotel. during both their march 24th phone call and their march 31 in-person meeting, simes and kushner discussed the possibility of cni hosting a foreign policy speech by candidate trump. following those conversations, simes agreed that he and others associated with cni would provide behind the scenes input on the substance of the foreign policy speech and that cni officials would coordinate the logistics of the speech with sessions and his staff, including sessions' chief of staff, rick dearborn.
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in mid april 2016, kushner put simes in contact with senior policy adviser, steven miller and forwarded to simes an outline of the foreign policy speech that miller had prepared. simes sent back to the campaign bullet points with ideas for the speech that he had drafted with cni by executive director paul saunders and board member richard burt. simes received subsequent draft outlines from mueller, and he and saunders spoke to miller by phone about substantive changes to the speech. it is not clear, however, whether cni officials received an actual draft of the speech for comment. while saunders recalled having received an actual draft, simes did not. and the emails that cni produced to this office do not contain such a draft. after board members expressed concern to simes that cni is hosting the speech could be perceived as an endorsement of a particular candidate, cni
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decided to have its publication, "the national interest," serve as host -- as the host and to have the event at the national press club. kushner later requested that the event be moved to the mayflower hotel, which was another venue that simes had mentioned during initial discussions with the campaign. in order to address concerns about security and capacity. on march 25, 2016, saunders booked event rooms at the mayflower to host both the speech and a vip reception that was to be held beforehand. saunders understood that the reception in which invitees would have the chance to meet candidate trump would be a small event. saunders decided who would attend by looking at the list of cni's invitees to the speech itself and then choosing a subset for the reception. cni's invitees to the reception included sessions and kislyak.
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the week before the speech, simes had informed kislyak that he would be invited to the speech, and that he would have the opportunity to meet trump. when the prespeech receptionof attendance. after these members had been introduced simes stood next to trump and introduced him to the cni invitees in attendance including kislyak. received the invitation to be positive and friendly but was clear kislyak and trump met for the first time. kislyak met kushner during the prespeech reception. two shook hands and chatted for a minute or two during which time recalled kislyak saying, we like what your candidate is saying -- quote, we like what your candidate is saying, it's refreshing, end quote.
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several public reports state that in addition to speaking to kushner at the prespeech reception kislyak met or conversed with kislyak at the time or that time. he stated to investigators he did not remember any such conversation nor did anyone else affiliated with cni or national interest specifically recall a conversation or meeting between sessions and kislyak at the prespeech reception. it appears if a conversation occurred at the prespeech reception, it was a brief one conducted in public view subject to exchange between kushner and kislyak. found no evidence they conversed after the speech or would have had the opportunity to do so. simes, for example, did not recall seeing kislyak at the post speech luncheon. the only that accounted for kislyak's where abouts stated
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may have talked but then departed for capitol hill. based in part on food related request received by a campaign staffer, trump left the hotel a few minutes after the speech to go to the airport. section c, jeff sessions post speech interactions with cni. in the wake of sessions confirmation hearings as attorney general, questions arose about whether sessions campaign period interactions with cni, apart from the speech included any additional meetings with ambassador kislyak or involved russian related matters. with respect to kislyak contacts on may 23rd, 2016, sessions attended cni's distinguished award dinner at the four seasons hotel in washington, d.c. sessions attended a predinner reception and was seated at one of two head tables for the
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event. a seating chart prepared by saunders, scheduled to be seated next to kislyak who appears to have responded to the invitation by indicating he would attend the event. sessions did not remember seeing, speaking with or sitting next to kislyak at the dinner. although cni board member charles boyd said he may have seen kislyak at the dinner, simes, saunders, and jacob hole bedroom, edithe holebrom had no memory. kislyak does not appear in any photos of the event that the office obtained. in the summer of 2016, krcni organized two dinners for sessions to meet with experienced foreign policy professionals. the dinners included cni affiliated officials such as
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richard burt and a former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan and iraq and the person who had introduced trump before the april 27th, 2016, foreign policy speech. khalil also met with sessions one-on-one separately from the dinners. at the dinners and in the meetings, the participants addressed u.s. relations with russia including nato owned how affected u.s. policies against russia. discussions not focused on russia. khalil recalled discussing nation building and violent extremist with sessions. in addition sessions asked saunders portfolio cni to draft
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t memori memorial randa eand policy. the speech at the mayflower hotel and presidential election, jared kushner had periodic contacts. these contacts consisted of in-person meetings and phone conversations which concerned how to address issues related to russia in the campaign and how to move forward with the advisory group of of foreign policy that was proposed. he recalled has he, not kushner, initiated all conversations about russia and that kushner never asked him to set up back channel conversations with the russi russian. according to him, after the back channel meeting he raised
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contacts with kushner, advised bad for the campaign to develop contacts and told kushner the campaign should not highlight russia as an issue and handle any contact with russia with care. kushner provided a similar account of his interactions with simes. among the kushner-simes meeting held on august 16th, 2016 at simes request in kushner's new york office. the meeting was to address foreign policy advise that cni was providing and how to respond to the clinton campaign's russian-related attacks on candidate trump. in advance of the meeting simes sent kushner a russian policy memo laying out what mr. trump might want to say -- may want to say about russia. in a covered e-mail transmitting that memo and a phone call to
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set up the meeting, simes mentioned a well documented story of highly questionable connections between bill clinton and the russian government, parts of which, according to simes had even been discussed with the cia and fbi in the late 1990s and shared with the independent counsel at the end of the clinton presidency. kushner forwarded the e-mail to senior trump campaign officials stephen miller, paul manafort and rick gates with the note, suggestion only. manafort subsequently forwarded the e-mail to his assistant and scheduled a meeting with simes. manafort was on the verge of leaving the campaign by the time of the scheduled meeting with simes and simes ended up meeting only with kushner. during the august 17th meeting simes provided kushner the
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clinton related information he had promised. simes told kushner -- simes will claimed he received his information from former cia and reagan white house official fritz who claimed to have learned it from u.s. intelligence services not from the russians. simes perceived kushner did not find the information to be of interest or use the to the campaign because it was in his words old news. kushner stated there was little chance of something new being revealed about the clintons giving their long career as public figures and that he never received from simes information operationlized for the trump campaign. despite kushner's redactions, simes believed he provided the same information at a small
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group meeting of foreign policy experts that cni organized for sessions. on june 9th, 2016, senior representatives of the trump campaign met in trump tower with a russian attorney expecting to received derogatory information about hillary clinton from the russian government. the meeting was proposed to donald trump jr. in an e-mail from robert goldstone at the contact, the son of a russian real estate developer. goldstone relayed to trump jr. that the crown prince of russia offered to provide the trump campaign with some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia as part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump.
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trump jr. immediately responded, if it's what you say, i love it, and arranged the meeting through a series of e-mails and telephone calls. trump jr. invited campaign chairman manafort and senior adviser jared kushner to attend the meeting, and both attended. members of the campaign discussed the meeting before it occurred. michael cohen recalled that trump jr. may have told the candidate trump about an upcoming meeting to receive adverse information about clinton. without linking the meeting to russia. according to written answers submitted by president trump, he had no recollection of the meeting, of learning of the meeting at that time. the office found no documented evidence showing that he was made aware of the meeting or its russian connection before it occurred. the russian attorney who into at
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the meeting, natalia vess veselnitskaya worked and maintained a relationship with the government. she claimed the funds derived from illegal activities in russia were provided to hillary clinton and other democrats. trump jr. requested evidence to support those claims but she did not provide such information. she and her associates turned to a critique of the origins of the magnitsky act, a 2012 statute, that imposed financial and travel sanctions on russian officials and that resulted in retaliatory ban on adoptions of russian children. trump jr. suggested that the issue could be revisited when and if the candidate trump was elected. after the election she made additional efforts to follow up on the meeting but the trump
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transition team did not engage. iris, russian real estate developer with ties to putin and other members of the russian government including prosecuting general. she is the president of the group that holds substantial russian contracts and that is discussed above in volume one, section four, worked with trump in connection with 2013 miss universe pageant in moscow and potential trump moscow real estate project. the relationship continued over time as the parties pursued the trump moscow project in 2013,
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2014 and exchanged giflts and letters in 2016. for example, in april of 2016, trump responded to a letter with a handwritten note. expressed interest in the trump campaign and passed on congratulations for winning. according to one e-mail drafted by goldstone, an offer of his support, and that of many of his colleagues especially with respect to russian relations. on june 3rd, 2016, amin agholoroff called gold stone and amin's then publicist. goldstone is a music and events promoter who represented amin from late 2012 to 2016.
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while representing, they facilitated the ongoing contact with the trumps and them including invitation sent to putin to attend 2013 miss universe pageant in moscow. a set of redactions. goldstone understood a russian political connection and amin reported a prosecutor. might interest trump involved in hillary clinton. we've got some redactions here. the redactions mentioned was natalie -- why don't you start
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here. >> thank you, representative. continue reading the special counsel's report the redacted mentioned by emin agalarov was nattia veselnitskaya. from '98 to 2001 worked as prosecutor for central district of russian prosecutor's office. she continued to perform government related work and maintain ties to the russian government following her departure. she lobbied and testified about the magnitsky act which proposed restrictions on russian officials and named for a russian tax specialist which exposed a fraud and later died in a russian prison. putin called the statute a purely political unfriendly act and russia responded by barring a less current and u.s.
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officials from entering russia and halting adoption of russian children by uss children. veselnitskaya performed legal work for a company, a defendant in a civil forfeiture alleging laundering of proceeds from fraud exposed by magnitsky. she also appears to have been involved in the april 2016 approach to u.s. congressional delegation in moscow offering confidential information from prosecutor general of russia about interactions between certain political forces in our two countries. shortly after the june 3rd call with emin agalarov goldstone e-mailed trump, jr. the e-mail stated, good morning, emin just called and asked me to contact you with something very interesting. the counsel prosecutor of russia met with his father this morning and in their meeting offered to provide the trump campaign with
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some official documents and information that would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia and be very useful to your father. this is obviously very high level and accepts tiff information but part of russia and the government's support for mr. trump helped along by aras and emin. whoa, i just have to read that again. this is obviously high level and sensitive information but part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump helped along by aras and emin. what do you think is the best way to handle this information and would you be able to speak to emin about it directly? i can send this info to your father but ultrasensitive so wanted to send to you first. best, rob goldstone. within minutes of this e-mail, trump jr. responded, e-mailing back, thanks, rob, i appreciate that. i am on the road at the moment.
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perhaps i could just speak to emin first. seems we have some time and if it's what you say, i love it. especially later in the summer. i just have to read that again. trump jr. says, since we have some time and if it's what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer. can we do a call next week when i am back. goldstone conveyed trump jr.'s interest to emin aguilalarovgal. he asked if there was any news and responded trump jr. was traveling for the final elections where trump will be crowned the official nominee. on the same day goldstone again e-mailed trump jr. and asked when trump jr. was able to talk about this hillary info. trump jr. asked if they could speak now and goldstone sarngd a
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call between trump jr. and emin agalarov. trump jr. and emin agalarov had multiple brief calls. also june 2016 aras agalarov called and asked to attend a meeting with the trump organization. he's a georgia born united states citizen who reported to aras agalarov. told in a second phone called agalarov asked him if he knew anything about the magnitsky act and arraras sent a short synopsis. according to him, aras agalarov said the purpose was to discuss magnitsky act and he asked him to translate. on june 7th, goldstone e-mailed trump jr. and said that emin asked that i schedule a meeting
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with you and the russian attorney who is flying over from moscow. trump jr. replied manafort, identified as the cam paper boss, jared kushner, and trump jr. would likely attend. gold stoep was surprised to learn they would attend. he -- redacted. puzzled by their attendance, said the purpose was for veselnitskaya to convey negative information on hillary clinton. he said, however, he did recall having known or said that. earlier in 2016 kushner e-mailed his assistant asking her to discuss the 3:00 p.m. meeting the follow day with trump, jr. later that day trump jr. for the entirety of his e-mail correspondence regarding the
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meeting with goldstone to manafort and kushner under the subject line, forward, russ russia-clinton, private confidential, the meeting got moved to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon in my office. kushds se kushner sent a second meeting saying the meeting at 4:00 p.m. is now. manafort responded, see you then, p. rick gates, who was deputy campaign chairman stated during interviews in the office days before june trump jr. announced to campaign staff and family members that he had a lead on negative information about the clinton foundation. gates believed that trump jr. said the information was coming from a group in kyrgyzstan and that he was introduced to the group by a friend. gates recalled that the meeting was attended by trump jr., eric trump, paul manafort, hope hicks and joining late ivanka trump
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and jared kushner. according to gates, manafort warned the group that meeting would likely not reveal vital information and they should be careful. hicks denied any knowledge of the june meeting before 2017 and kushner did not recall the june 9th meeting came up earlier that week. michael cohen recalled being in donald j. trump's office when trump jr. told his father that a meeting to obtain adverse information about clinton was going forward. cohen did not recall trump jr. saying the meeting was connected to russia. the tenor trump jr. had previously discussed the meeting with his father although cohen was not involved in any sucherings request. in a meeting with senate judiciary committee trump jr. stated he did not inform his father about the e-mails or the upcoming meeting. similarly nets manafort nor kushner recalled candidate meeting with trump jr., answered questions no recollection of
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learning at the time manafort kushner participated in a meeting 2016 potential negative information about hillary clinton. veselnitskaya was in new york on june 9th, 2016 for appelt proceedings in a civil forfeiture litigation. veselnitskaya called a soviet born u.s. lobbyist -- redacted. when she learned he was in new york, invited him to lunch. he told office worked on issues related to magnitsky aktd and worked on litigation. a russian born translator who assisted veselnitskaya with magnitsky lobbying also attended the lunch. redacted. veselnitskaya said she was meeting -- all redacted. and asked what she should tell him. according to several at the lunch veselnitskaya showed a document alleging financial
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misconduct by bill browder and the ziv brothers, americans with business in russia and those individuals subsequently making political donations to dnc. redacted. the group went to trump tower for the meeting. trump jr., manafort and kushner participated on the trump side while others attended with veselnitskaya. the office into to every participant except veselnitskaya and trump jr., the latter of whom declined to be voluntarily interviewed by their office. redacted. the meeting lasted approximately 20 minutes. more redactions. goldstone recalled that trump jr. invited veselnitskaya to begin but did not say anything about the subject of the meeting. participants agreed veselnitskaya stated ziv brothers broke russian laws and
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donated to the trump campaign. ziv brothers tax evasion and money laundering in the united states and russia. more redactions. according to them trump jr. asked questions about how the payments could be tied specifically to the trump campaign. veselnitskaya said she could not trace the money once the united states. similarly recalled what they had on clinton and trump became aggravated and asked what are we doing here. asked about u.s. sanctions under mag knitsey act and russia's adoption of u.s. children. several recall trump jr. commented a private citizen and there was nothing they could do at the time. trump jr. said they could revisit the issue if and when they were in government. notes taken on the phone reflected the conversation, although not all of its details. at some point in the meeting kushner sent anni message
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followed by two e-mails kushner & company requested they call him to give him an excuse to leave. recalled kushner be part of the meeting before concluded. veselnitskaya recalled the same when interviewed by the press in july 2017. veselnitskaya's interviews and written statements to congress differ materially from other accounts. july 2017, veselnitskaya claimed she had no connection to the russian government and had not referred to any derogatory information concerning clinton campaign when she met with trump campaign officials. veselnitskaya november information to senate judiciary committee stated the purpose of the june 9th meeting was not to connect with the trump campaign but rather to have a private meeting with donald trump jr. a friend of my good acquaintance of my son sigsing me and the criminal nature of manipulation and interference with alleged activities of the u.s. congress. in other words, veselnitskaya claimed her focus was on
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congress and not the campaign. no recall of any reference to congress during the meeting. veselnitskaya said she attended as the lawyer of the previously mentioned holdings but did not hold herself in this capacity. in a july television interview trump jr. stated while he had no way to gauge reliability, what was stated was the purpose of the meeting, if someone has information on our opponent, maybe this is something. i should hear them out. trump jr. stated further he thought he should listen to what rob and his colleagues had to say. depending what, if any, information provided trump jr. said he would consult with counsel to make an informed decision as to whether to give it any further consideration. after the june 9th meeting concluded goldstone apologized according, told trump jr. redacted and told emin agalarov
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the meeting was about adoption. more redactions. agalarov asked for a report after the meeting before before he could call aras agalarov called him with veselnitskaya next to him he reported the meeting had gone well but later told aras agalarov the meeting about the magnitsky time was a waste of time because they met with lawyers and were preaching to the wrong crowd. veselnitskaya and agalarov made two unsuccessful attempt after the election to meet and brouder and the magnitsky act. they e-mailed about setting up another meeting with key people and said a document during allegations similar to those conveyed june 9th. followed up with goldstone staying mr. a, understood to mean aras agalarov called to ask about the meeting. e-mailed the documents saying aras agalarov asked me to pass on this document in the hope it
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could be passed to the appropriate team. if needed a lawyer representing the case in new york currently and happy to meet with any member of his transition team. according to goldstone around january 2017, he p contacted minimum and made a request. participants in the june 9 meeting, representatives of the trump organization starting june 2017. approximately june 2017 into with general counsel of the trump organization about his participation in the june 9th meeting. the same day goldstone e-mailed veselnitskaya name identifying her as the woman attorney who was at the meeting in moscow. later goldstone participated in a lengthier call and subsequently personal counsel for trump, jr. on june 27, 2017 goldstone e-mailed emin agalarov with the
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subject trump attorneys and stated he was interviewed with attorneys about the june 9th meeting. they were concerned because it links don jr. to officials from russia, which he always denied meeting. goldstone stressed he did not say at the time it was an awful idea and terrible meeting. agalarov sent a screen shot to kevelos. emin aguilar off goldstone wrote i made sure i kept you and your father out of this story. if i can do a dance and keep you out of it. goldstone added fbi now investigating and i hope this favor was worth for your dad. it could blow up. july 12rks 2017 claimed his father aras never listens to him and the relationship with mr. t has been thrown down the drain. the next month goldstone commented to emin agalarov about
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the the publicity by this dumb meeting which your father insisted on even though told him it would be bad news and not to do. goldstone added i am not to respond out of courtesy to your new father so i'm painted as some mysterious link to putin. after public reporting june 9th meeting began representatives reached out to participants on june 10, on e-mail with statement goldstone issue which read, as a person who arranged the meeting i can definitely state the statements i have read by donald trump jr. completely accurate, complete waste of time, named prior to the meeting. miss veselnitskaya mostly talked about magnitsky act and russian adoption laws and lasted 20, 30 minutes. never any follow-up and nothing ever came of the meeting. redacted. the statement by trump organization represents was redacted. he proposed a different
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statement asserting he had been asked by his client in moscow emin agalarov to facilitate a meeting between russian attorney and donald trump jr., had information about funding from dnc in russia which donald trump jr. might find interesting. goldstone never released either statement. on the russian end there were also recommendation about the june 9 message, specifically the organization that hired an anti-magnitsky act group controlled by veselnitskaya and the owner offered to pay $90,000 of legal fees.
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veselnitskaya the organization send a transcript of veselnitskaya press interview. and he understood the organization would pay legal fees only if he made statements consistent with veselnitskaya. he declined, did not want to r perjure himself. he did not expressly condition payment following veselnitskaya's answers but in hindsight recognized by sending the transcript. he could have been sentenced on the veselnitskaya account. volume 2, section 2, g, discuss
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action between president trump, trump jr. and others in june and july 2017 regarding the june 9 meeting. events of the republican national convention. trump campaign officials met with russia ambassador sergey kislyak during the convention. the evidence indicates those interactions were brief and nonsubstantive. during platform committee meetings immediately before the convention, j.d. gordon campaign adviser and policy and national security a proposed amendment to the republican party's platform expressing support for providing assistance to ukraine in response to russian aggression. requested platform committee personnel revised the proposed amendment to state only appropriate assistance be provided -- that only
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appropriate assistance be provided to ukraine. the regional sponsor of lethal assistance stated gordon had told her the sponsor that he was on the phone with candidate trump to dilute the language. gordon denied making the statement to the sponsor, although he acknowledged he was -- was directed by the candidate to make that proposal. gordon said that he sought the change because he believed the proposed language was inconsistent with that trump's position on ukraine. ambassador encounters with senator sessions and j.d. gordon the week of the rnc. in july 2016 senator sessions and gordon into at the global partners and diplomacy event, a conference co-sponsored by the
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state department and the foundation held in ohio, the same week as the republican national convention, rnc or convention. approximately 80 foreign ambassadors of the united states, including kislyak were invited to the conference. on july 2016 gordon delivered speeches at the conference. in a speech gordon stated in part the united states should have better relations with russia. during sessions speech he took questions from the audience, one of which may have been asked by kislyak. when the speech is concluded, several ambassadors lined up to greet the speakers. gordon shook hands with kiss lack and reiterated that he meant what he said in the speech about improving u.s. russia relations. sessions separately into with between six and twelve
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ambassadors including kislyak. although sessions stated during interviews with the office he had no specific rink election of what he discussed with kislyak he believe they into for a few minutes and they would have exchanged pleasantries and said some things about u.s.-russia relations. later that evening gordon attended a reception as part of the conference. gordon ran into kislyak as they took their plates of food and decided to sit at the same table to eat. they were joined at the table by ambassadors from kyrgyzstan and ab bazan. during which gordon mentioned that he meant what he said in his speech about what was said, the republican platform. 2016 convention foreign policy
4:28 pm
advisers to the trump campaign working with republican national committee revealed the foreign policy platform to identify the earlier platform and candidate trump's position. the campaign team discussed toning down language from the platform that identified russia as the country's number one threat. given the candidate's belief there needed to be a better u.s. relation with russia. rnc platform committee sent 2016 draft to national security and defense platform committee on july 10th, 2016, the evening before its first meeting to proposed amendments. although only delegates could participate in formal discussions and vote on the platform, trump campaign could request changes and members of the trump campaign attended committee meetings. john mashburn, the campaign policy director helped overseas the involvement in the platform
4:29 pm
committee meetings. he told the officer he directed campaign staff at thevention including j.d. gordon to take a hands off approach and only to challenge platform directly predicted trump's wishes. july 11, 2016, delegate submitted a proposed platform amendment that included provisions of armed support for ukraine. the amendment described russia's ongoing military aggression in ukraine and announced support for maintaining and, if warranted, increasing sanctions against russia onto ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity are fully resford and for providing lethal defensive weapons to ukraine's armed forces and greater coordination with nato on defense planning. gordon revealed the proposed
4:30 pm
platform changes including this. the amendment because of the trump's position on ukraine which heard him say at the march 31 foreign policy meeting, namely that should take primary responsibility for any assistance to ukraine, that there should be improved u.s.-russia relations, and that he did not want to start world war iii over that region. gordon told the office trump's statements on the campaign trail following the march meeting underscored those positions to the point where gordon felt obliged to object to the proposed platform change and seek its dilution. on july 11, 2016, at a meeting of the national security and defense platform subcommittee, offered her amendment. gordon and another campaign staffer, matt miller approached
4:31 pm
committee and asked him to table the amendment to permit further discussion. gordon's concern with the amendment was the language about providing lethal defensive weapons to ukraine. miller did not have any independent basis to believe that this language contradicted trump's views and relied on gordon's recollection of the candidate's views. according to this, she into with gordon and matt miller and told them they had cleared the language. told others she was asked by two trump campaign staffers to strike lethal defense weapons from the proposal and she refus refused. recalled gordon saying he was on the phone to candidate trump but she was skeptical whether that was true.
4:32 pm
gordon denied denied saying he was on the phone with trump, although he acknowledged it was possible that he had mentioned having previously spoken to the candidate about the subject matter. gordon's phone records revealed a call to sessions office in washington that afternoon but do not include calls directly to a number associated with trump. according to the president's announcer with the question, he does not recall being involved in the change in language of the platform amendment. gordon stated that he tried to reach rick deer born, a senior foreign policy adviser and mashburn, the campaign policy director. gordon stated that he connected
4:33 pm
with both of them. he could not recall if by phone or in person and apprised them of the language he took issue with in the proposed amendment. gordon recalled no objection by either dearborn or mashburn and that all three campaign advisers supported the alternative formulation, quote, appropriate assistance. dearborn recalled them warning gordon about the amendment but not weighing in because gordon was more familiar with the campaign's foreign policy stance. mashburn stated gordon reached him and he told gordon trump had not taken a stance on the issue and that the campaign should not intervene. when it came up again in the committee meetings changed the amendment by striking the, quote, lethal defense weapons, end quote, language and replacing it with, quote, appropriate assistance, end quote. gordon stated he and the
4:34 pm
committee co-chair agreed to replace the language with armed assistance with appropriate assistance. the subcommittee accordingingly approved deny man's amendment but with the term appropriate assistance. gordon stated to his recollection this was the only change satya by the campaign. sam clovis, the campaign's national co-chair and chief policy adviser stated he was surprised by the change and did not believe it was in line with trump's stance. mashburn stated when he saw the word appropriate assistance, he believed gordon had violated mashburn's directly not to interve intervene. seven, post convention contacts with kislyak. ambassador kislyak tipped his efforts to interact with campaign officials with responsibility for the foreign policy portfolio, among them sessions and gordon in the weeks after the convention.
4:35 pm
the office did not identify evidence in those distractions of coordination between the campaign and the russian government. 7a, ambassador kislyak invites j.d. gordon to breakfast at the ambassador's residence. august 3rd, 2017, an official from the embassy of the russian federation and the united states wrote to gordon, quote, on behalf of, end quote, ambassador kisly kislyak, inviting gordon to, quote, have breakfast, tea with the ambassador at his residence, end quote in washington, d.c., the following week. gordon responded five days later to decline the invitation. he wrote, these days are not optimal for us as we are visibly knocking down false media stories while also preparing with first debate with hrc. hope to take a rain check for another time when things quiet
4:36 pm
do down. please pass along my regards to the ambassador. it did not have evidence gordon made any other arrangements to meet or met with kislyak after this e-mail. 7b, senator sessions september 2016 meeting with ambassador kislyak. also in august 2016, a representative of the russian embassy contacted sessions senate office about setting up a meeting with kislyak. at the time sessions was a member of the senate foreign relations committee and would meet with foreign officials in that capacity. but sessions staff reported, and sessions himself acknowledged, that meeting requests from ambassadors increased substantially in 2016 as sessions assumed a prominent role in the trump campaign, and his name was mentioned for potential cabinet level positions in a future trump
4:37 pm
administration. on september 8th, 2016, sessions met with kislyak in his senate office. sessions said that he believed he was doing the campaign a service by meeting with foreign ambassadors including kislyak. he was accompanied in the meeting by at least two of his senate staff. sand raw, his legislative director and pete land rum who handled military affairs. the meeting lasted less than 30 minutes. sessions expressed concerns about sale of a missile defense system to iran, russian planes buzzing u.s. military assets in the middle east, and russian aggression in emerging defonlgi democracies in ukraine and maldov, a. complained about nato land forces in former soviet block countries that border russia. recalled kislyak referred to the
4:38 pm
presidential campaign as, quote, an interesting campaign, end quote. sessions also recalled kislyak saying that the russian government was receptive to the overtures trump laid out in his complain. none remembered any election interference ors any to convey from sessions to government. during the meeting kislyak invited to further discuss u.s. relations with him over a meal at the ambassador's residence. sessions was noncommittal when kislyak expended the invitation. after the meeting ended, advised against the one-on-one meeting with kislyak who she assessed to be a, quote, old school kgb guy, end quote.
4:39 pm
nets followed up to make any further effort to dine or meet with kislyak before the 2016 election. sessions and recalled after some made between sessions and kiss lack. according to sessions the request came through cni and would have involved a meeting between sessions and kislyak, two other ambassadors, and the governor of alabama. sessions, however, was in new york on the day of the anticipated meeting and was unable to attend. the investigation did not identify evidence that the two men met at any point after their september 8th meeting. section 8, paul manafort. paul manafort served on the trump campaign, including a period as campaign chairman, from march to august 2016. manafort had connections to russia through his prior work for russian oligarch oleg
4:40 pm
deripaska and later through his work for a pro-russian regime in ukraine. manafort stayed in touch with these contacts through the campaign period through konstantin kilimnick, a long time manafort employee who previously ran manafort's office in kiev and who the fbi assesses to have ties to russian intelligence. manafort instructed rick gates, his deputy on the campaign, and a longtime employee, to provide kilimnick with updates on the trump campaign, including internal polling data, although manafort claims not to recall that specific instruction. manafort expected kilimnick to share that information with others in ukraine and with deripaska. gates periodically sent such polling data to kilimnick during
4:41 pm
the campaign. manafort also twice met with kilimnick in the united states during the campaign period and conveyed campaign information. the second meeting took place august 2nd, 2016, in new york city. kilimnick requested the meeting to deliver in person a message from former ukrainian president viktor yanukovych who was then living in russia. the message was about a peace plan for ukraine that manafort has since acknowledged was a, quote, "back door" means for russia to control eastern ukraine. several months later, acht the presidential election, kilimnick wrote an e-mail to manafort expressing the view, which manafort later said he shared, that the plan's success would require u.s. support to succeed.
4:42 pm
quote, "all that is required to start the process is a very minor wink, or slight push, from donald trump, end quote. the e-mail also stated that if manafort were designated as the u.s. representative and started the process, yanukovych would ensure his reception in russia, quote, at the very top level. manafort communicated with kilimnick about peace plans for ukraine on at least four occasions after their first discussion of the topic on august 2nd. december 2016, the kilimnick e-mail described above, january 2017, february 2017, and again in the spring of 2018. the office reviewed numerous manafort e-mail and text communications and asked
4:43 pm
president trump about the plan in written questions. the investigation did not uncover evidence of manafort's passing along information about ukrainian peace plans to the candidate or anyone else in the campaign or the administration. the office was not, however, able to gain access to all of manafort's electronic communications. in some instances, messages were sent using encryption applications. while manafort denied that he into to members of the trump campaign or the new administration about the peace plan, he lied to the office and the grand jury about the peace plan and his meetings with kilimnick and his unreliability on this subject was among the reasons that the district judge found that he briefed his
4:44 pm
cooperation agreement. the office could not reliably determine manafort's purpose in sharing internal polling data with kilimnick during the campaign period. manafort -- redacted -- did not see a downside to sharing campaign information and told gates that his role in the campaign be, quote, good for business, and potentially a way to be made whole for work he previously completed in the ukraine. as to deripaska, manafort claimed that by sharing campaign information with him, deripaska might see value in their relationship and resolve a, quote, disagreement, a reference to one or more outstanding lawsuits. because of questions about
4:45 pm
manafort's credibility and our limitedability to gather evidence on what happened to the polling data after it was sent to kilimnick, the office could not assess what kilimnick or others he may have given it to did with it. the office did not identify evidence of a connection between manafort's sharing polling data and russia's interference with the election, which had already been reported by u.s. media outlets at the time of the august 2nd meeting. the investigation did not establish that manafort otherwise coordinated with the russian government on its election interference efforts. 8 a, paul manafort's ties to russia and ukraine. manafort's russian contacts during the campaign and transition periods stem from his
4:46 pm
consulting work for deripaska from approximately 2005 to 2009 and his separate political consulting work in ukraine from 2005 to 2015 including through his company dmp international llc, otherwise known as dmi. kilimnick worked for manafort in kiev during this entire period and continued to work with manafort through at least june 2018. kilimnick, who speaks and writes ukrainian and russian, facilitated many of manafort's communications with deripaska and ukrainian oligarchs. section 8 i, oleg deripaska consulting work. in approximately 2005, manafort began working for deripaska, a russian oligarch who has a global empire involving aluminum
4:47 pm
and power companies and who is closely aligned with vladimir putin. a memorandum describing work that manafort performed for deripaska in 2005 regarding the post soviet republic's referenced the need to brief the kremlin and the benefits that the work could confer on, quote, the putin government. gates described the work manafort did for deripaska as, quote, political risk insurance and explained that deripaska used manafort to install friendly political officials in countries where deripaska had business interests. manafort's company earned tens of millions of dplars from its work for deripaska and was loaned millions of dollars by deripaska as well. in 2007, deripaska invested
4:48 pm
through another entity in pericles emerging market partners l.p. otherwise known as pericles, an investment fund created by manafort and former manafort business partner richard davis. the pericles fund was established to pursue investments in eastern europe. deripaska was the sole investigators. gates stated in interviews with the office that the venture led to a deterioration of the relationship township manafort and deripaska. in particular when the fund failed, litigation between manafort and deripaska ensued. gates stated that by 2009, manafort's business relationship with deripaska had, quote, dried up. according to gates, various interactions with deripaska and his intermediaries over the past
4:49 pm
few years have involved trying to resolve the legal dispute. as described below in 2016, manafort, gates, kilimnick, and others engaged in efforts to revive the deripaska relationship and resolve the litigation. section 8 a 29, political consulting work. through deripaska, manafort was introduced to rinat akhmeto v a yanzian oligarch who hired manafort as a political consultant. in 2005, akhmetov hifrd manafort to gauge -- engage in political work supporting the party of regions, a party in ukraine that was generally understood to align with russia. manafort assisted the party of regions in regaining power, and its candidate viktor yanukovych
4:50 pm
won the presidency in 2010. manafort became a close and trusted political adviser to yanukovych during his time as a. yanukovych served in that role until 2014 when he fled to russia amidst popular protests. constantine kilimnik. kilimnik is la russian national who lived in russia and ukraine and was a the long-term manafort impose petitions had access to yanukovych and his senior entourage and he facilitated communications between manafort and his clients including yanukovych and multiple ukraine yan oligarchs. kilimnik also maintained relationship with deripaska's deputy vickter boy ark ina
4:51 pm
russian national who devd? the defense attach office to the embassy to the united states. manafort told the office he didn't believe kilimnik was works as a russian spy. the fbi however assess that is kilimnik has tie foss russian intelligence. several pieces of the office's evidence including witness interviews and emails obtained through court authorized search warrants support that assessment. kilimnik was born on april 27, 1970 and in the soviet you know yn and attended the military institute of the ministry of defense from 1987 until 1992. sam patton, a business partner to kilimnik stated that kilimnik told him he was a translator in the russian army for seven years and that he later worked in the russian armtment industry selling arms and military equipment. u.s. visa records reveal that he obtained a russian import in the
4:52 pm
1999 to travel to the united states. he worked for the international republican institute that's the ira -- iri moscow office where he did translation work and general office management from 1998 to 2005. while another official recalled the incident differently, one former associate of kilimnik's at iri told the fbi that kilimnik was fired from his post because his lengths to russian intelligence were too strong. the same individual stated that it was relevant known at iri that kilimnik had linked links to the russian government. jonathan hawk era british national, a public relations consultant at fti consulting with worked at dmi on a public recommendations for campaign for yanukovych amp the work ended kilimnik contacted hawker about working for a russian government entity on a public relations project that that would promote in yearn and ukraine yan media russian's position on its 2014 invasion of crimea. gates suspected that kilimnik
4:53 pm
was a spy, a view he shared with manafort, hawker and alexander vaned deer swan an attorney working with dmi on a report for the ukraine yan milvertony of foreign air force. then a redaction. contacts during paul manafort's time with the trump campaign paul manafort joins the campaign. manafort served on the trump campaign from late march to august 19th 2016. on march 29th, 2016, the campaign announced that manafort would serve as the campaign's convention manager. on may 19th, 2016, manafort was promoted to campaign chairman. and chief strategist. and gates who had been assisting manafort on the campaign was appointed deputy campaign chairman. thomas barak and roger stone both recommended him to candidate trump in early 2016 at march's request barak suggested to trump that manafort join the
4:54 pm
campaign to manage the convention. stone worked with manafort from the 1980 through the 90s through various consulting and lobbying firms. manafort met trunt in 1992 when they tired the black stone and kelly lobbying firm. over the years mafrpt sought trump at political events at stone's wedding and trump requested vif status at the 1988 and 1996 republican conventions worked by manafort. according to gates in march 2016, manafort traveled to trump's mar-a-lago estate in florida to meet with trump. trump hired him at that time. manafort agreed to work on the campaign without pay. manafort had no meaningful income at this point in time but resuscitating his domestic political campaign career could be financially beneficial in the future. gates reported that manafort intended if trump won the presidency to remain outside the administration and monetize his
4:55 pm
relationship with the administration. paul manafort's campaign period contacts. immediately upon joining the campaign manafort directed gates to prepare for his review separate memoranda addressed to deripaska, akmito wind chill. i'm sorry. livichkin, the last three ukrainian oligarchs bloc officials. the memoranda described manafort's appointment to the trump campaign and indicated his willingness to consult on ukraine yan politics in the future. on march 30th 2016 gates e-mailed the memoranda and a press release, announcing manafort's appointment to kilimnik for translation and dissemination. manafort later followed up with kilimnik to ensure his messages had been delivered. emailing on april 11th 2016 to ask whether kilimnik had shown our friends the media coverage of his new role. kilimnik applied, absolutely,
4:56 pm
every article. manafort further asked how do we use to get whole? as o. vd, that olick deripaska, operation seen in kilimnik wrote back the same day, yes, i have been sending everything to victor. boirken deripaska's deputy who has been forwarding the coverage direct will i to ovd. >> gates said that manafort said that being hired on the campaign would be good for business and increased the likelihood that manafort would be paid the approximately $2 million he was owed for previous political consulting work in the ukraine. gates also explained to the office that manafort thought his role on the campaign could help confirm that deripaska had dropped his lutes and gates believed that manafort sent polling data to deripaska as discussed further below so that deripaska would not move forward with his lawsuit against manafort. gates further stated that
4:57 pm
deripaska vanted a visa to the united states, that deripaska could believe that having manafort in a position inside the xinyue or administration might be helpful to deripaska and that manafort's relationship with trump could help deripaska in other ways as well. gates stated, however, that manafort never told him anything specific about what if anything manafort might be offering deripaska. gates also reported that manafort instructed him in april 2016 or early may 2016 to send kilimnik campaign internal polling data and other updates so that kilimnik in turn could share that information with ukraine yan oligarchs. gates understood the information would also be shared with deripaska and then there is a redacted portion. gates reported to the office that he did not know why mafrpt wanted him to send polling information but gates thought it was a way to showcase manafort's work and manafort wanted to open doors to jobs after the trump campaign ended. gates said that manafort's
4:58 pm
instruction including sending internal polling data prepared for the trump campaign by pollster tony fabrizio. he who worked with manafort for years and was brought into the campaign by manafort. gates stated that in accordance with manafort's instruction he periodically sent kilimnik polling data versus via what's app. gates deleted the communications on a daily basis. gates further told the office that after gates left the campaign in mid-august gates sent kilimnik polling data less frequently and the data he sent was more publicly available and less internal data. gates 'account about polling data is consistent -- redaction. with multiple email that is kilimnik sent to u.s. associate and press contacts between lateall o july and mid-august of 10u6r. those referenced internal polling described the status of the church trump campaign and mafrpt's roll in it and assessed trump's prospect for victory.
4:59 pm
manafort did not acknowledge instructing gates to send kilimnik internal data. redaction. the office also obtained contemporaneous e-mails that she had light on the communications with deripaska and consistent with gates raye account. for example in response to a july 272016 email from a ukrainian reporter about the failed deripaska investment manafort asked kilimnik whether there had been any movement on in issue with our friend. gates stated that our friend likely referred to deripaska and manafort told the office that the issue and our biggest interest as stated below was a solution to the deripaska paracles issue. kilimnik applied i'm carefully optimistic on the question of our biggest country. our friend boirken says there is lately significant lit more attention to the campaign in his boss's deripaska's mind and who will most likely be looking for ways to reach out to you soon
5:00 pm
understanding all the time sense it activity. i'm more than sure it will be resolved and we will get back to the original relationship with v's pos. deripaska. eight minutes later manafort splooid that they should tell the boss that he needs private brechgs we can accommodate. manafort has alleged to the office he was willing to brief deripaska only on public campaign matters and gave an example. why trump had selected mike pence as the vice presidential running meat. mafrpt said he never gave determine squa a briefing. manafort noted that if trump won deripaska would want to use manafort to advance whatever interests deripaska had in the united states and elsewhere. paul manafort's two campaign period meetings with konstantin kilimnik in the united states. manafort twice met with kilimnik in person during the campaign period, once in may and again in august 2016. the first meeting took place on may 7, 2016, in new york city. in the days leading to the
5:01 pm
meeting kilimnik had been working together information about the political situation in ukraine. that included information gleaned from a trip that frrm party of regions foishl bicycle o had taken to moscow, a trip that likely included meeting twoob bicycle o and high ranking russian officials. kilimnik traveled to washington, d.c. on or about may 25th, souf. while in washington kilimnik had prearranged meeting with state department employees. late on the evening of may 6th gates arranged for kilimnik to take a 3:00 a.m. train to meet manafort in new york for breakfast on may 7th. according to manafort, during the meeting, he and kilimnik talked about events in ukraine and manafort briefed kilimnik on the trump campaign. expecting kilimnik to pass the information back to individuals in ukraine and elsewhere. manafort stated that opposition bloc membered recognized manafort's position on the campaign was an opportunity but kilimnik did not ask for anything. kilimnik spoke about a plan of
5:02 pm
bicycle boy coto boost in the ukraine which was the base for the sop sigs plok. kilimnik returned to washington, d.c. after the meeting. kilimnik met with manafort at a second time at a grand half that in new york city on the evening of august 2nd 2016. the event lead together meeting are as follow pl on july 28, 2016 kilimnik flew from kiev to moscow. next day kilimnik wrote to manafort requesting that they meet using coded language about a conversation he had that day. in an email with a subject line, black caviar, kilimnik wrote, i met today with the guy who gave you your biggest black caviar several years ago. we spent about five hours talking about his story and i have several important messages from him to you. he asked me to go and brief you on conversation. i said i have to run it by you first but in principle i'm prepared to do it. it has to do about the future of his country is quite
5:03 pm
interesting. manaforted identified the guy who gave you your biggest black caviar jar as yanukovych. he explained that in 2010 he and yanukovych had lunch to celebrate the recent presidential election. yanukovych game are gave manafort a large jar of black caviar worth approximately 30 to $40,000. manafort's identification of yanukovych was the guy who gave you your biggest black caviar jar is consistent with kilimnik being in moscow where yanukovych reresided when kilimnik wrote i met with a guy and the december 2016 email in which kilimnik referred to yanukovych as bjgf mafrpt applied tuesday august 2 is best. tuesday or wednesday in nycp three days later on july 31st, 2016, kilimnik flew back to kiev from moscow. and on that same day wrote to manafort that he needed about two hours for their meeting because it's a long caviar story to tell. kilimnik wrote that he would
5:04 pm
arrive at jfk on august 2 at 7:30 p.m. and he and manafort agreed to a late night din they're night. documentary evidence including flight, phone and hotel records and the timing of the text messages exchanged confirms the dinner took place as planned on august 2nd. okay. continuing. as the contents of the meeting itself, the accounts of manafort and gates who arrived late to the dinner differ in certain respects, but the versions of events when assess the longside available documentary evidence and what kilimnik told business associate sam patton indicate that at least lee principal topics were discussed. >> first manafort and kilimnik discussed a plan to resolve the ongoing political problems in ukraine by creating an autonomous republican are pg in its more industrialized eastern region of donbas and having the
5:05 pm
ukraine yan president ousted in 2014 elected to head that republic. that plan manafort acknowledged instituted a back door mean for russia to control eastern ukraine. manafort initially said if he had not cut off the discussion kilimnik would have asked manafort in the august 2 meeting to convince trump to come out in favor of the peace plan and yanukovych would have expected manafort to use his connections in europe and ukraine to support the plan. manafort also initially told the office that he had said to kilimnik that the plan was crazy, that the discussion ended and that he did not recall kilimnik asking manafort to reconsider the plan after their hauge 2 meeting. manafort said -- redacted -- that he reacted negatively to yanukovych sending years later an urgent request when yanukovych needed him. when confronted with an email written by kilimnik on or about
5:06 pm
december 8, 10u6r, hoifr, manafort ac nonld kilimnik raised the peace plan again in the email. manafort ultimately acknowledged kilimnik also race the peace plan in january and february 2017 meeting was manafort and -- redacted dsh. second manafort briefed kilimnik on the state of the trump campaign and manafort's plan to win the election. that briefing ens encompassed the campaign messaging and its internal polling data. according to gates it included discussion of battle-ground states which manafort identified as michigan, squns, pennsylvania and minnesota. manafort did not referral explicitly to barmgd states and in is telling in the august 2 discussion, redacted. third according to gates in what kilimnik told patton, manafort and kilimnik, discussed two sets of financial disputes related to manafort's previous work in the region. those consisted of the unresolved deripaska lawsuit and the funds that the opposition
5:07 pm
bloc owed to manafort for his political consulting work, and how manafort might be able to obtain payment. after the meeting, gates and manafort both stated that they left separately from kilimnik because any knew the media was tracking manafort and wanted to avoid media reporting on his connections to kilimnik. see post resignation activities. manafort resigned from the trump campaign in mid-august 2016, approximately two weeks after his second meeting with kilimnik, amidst negative media reporting about his political consulting work for the pro russian parties of regions in ukraine. despite resignation manafort continued to offer advice to campaign officials through the november election. manafort told gates that he still sfoek with kushner, bannon and candidate trump. and some of those post resignation contacts with documented in e-mails. for example on october 21, 2016, manafort said kushner louisiana email and attached a strategy
5:08 pm
memorandum proposing that the campaign make the case against clinton, quote, as the failed and corrupt champion of the establishment, unquote, and that, quote, wickky leaks provides the trump campaign the ability to make the case in a very credible way by using the words of clinton and its campaign officials and dnc members, unquote. later in a november 5, 2016 email to kushner entitled, securing the victory, manafort stated that he was, quote, really feeling good about our prospect on tuesday, and focusing on preserving the victory and that he was concerned the clinton campaign would respond to a loss by, quote, moving immediately to discredit the trump victory and claim voter fraud and cyber fraud, including the exclaim that the russians have hacked into the voting machines and tampered with results. unquote. trump was elected president on november 8, 2016, manafort told the office that in the wake of trump's victory he was not
5:09 pm
interested in an administration job. manafort instead preferred to stay on the outside and monetize his campaign position to generate business given his familiarity and relationship with trump in the incoming administration. manafort appeared to follow that plan as he traveled to the middle east, cuba, south korea, japan and china and was paid to explain what a trump presidency would entail. manafort's activities in early 2017 included meetings related to ukraine and russia. the first meeting taking place in madrid spain in january 2017 was with george aoginovp. he previously worked at the russian embassy of the united states was a senior scuff as deripaska company and was believed to report directly to deripaska. manafort initially denied attending the meeting. when he later acknowledged it he claimed the meeting had been arranged by lawyers and concerned only the paracles lawsuit. other evidence stp provides reason to doubt manafort's
5:10 pm
statements that the sole topic of the meeting was the suit. in particular, text messages to manafort from a number of associatewood kilimnik suggest that kilimnik appear boy arken not manafort's counsel had arranged the meeting between manafort and oginovp kilimnik's mental states the meeting was supposed to be not about money or paracles but about creating the old friendship ostensibly between mafrpt and deripaska, quote in talk bag global politics unquote. manafort applied by text that he quote, needs this finished before january the 20th, unquote. which appears to be a reference to rchlg paracles before the inauguration. on january 15th, 2017, three days after the return from madrid, manafort emailed k.t. mcfarland at the time designated to be deputy national security adviser and formerlily painted to that position on january 20 to get, 2017. manafort's january 15th email to
5:11 pm
mcfarland stated i have some important information i want to share that i picked up on my travels over the last month, unquote. manafort told the office that the email referred too a issue regarding cuba and not russia or ukraine appear. and manafort traveled to cuba in the past month. either way mcfarland advised by flynn not to respond to the manafort inquiry appears fallout to have responded to manafort. manafort told the office that around the time of of the presidential inauguration in january he met with kilimnik and ukraine yan oligarch certifying owe vochkiny hoe fell in alexandria west virginia. during this meeting kilimnik discussed the peace plan he broached at the august 2 meeting. and in a detailed december 8, 2016 message, found in claim knicks's dmp email account, in that december 8 email which manafort ac nonld having read, kilimnik wrote, quote, all that is required to start the psa very minor wink or slight push from d.t., apparent reference to
5:12 pm
president l elect trump and a decision to authorize you to be a special representative and manage this process, end quote. claim dmik assured manafort with that the authority, he quote could stort the process and within ten days visit russia. yanukovych guarantees your reception at the very top level and that, quote, d.t. could have peace in ukraine basically within a few months after the inauguration. as noted above, redacted -- in statements to the office manafort sought to qualify his engagement on and support for the plan, redacted. redacted, redacted, redacted. on february 26th, 2017, manafort met kilimnik in madrid where kilimnik had flown from moscow in physical his first two brf was the office mafrpt glide the meeting in madrid and this then after confronted with documentary evidence that kilimnik was in madrid at the same time as him recognized that
5:13 pm
he met him in madrid. manafort said that chim nick had updated him on a criminal investigation into so-called black ledger payments to manafort that was being conducted by ukraine's national anti-corruption bureau. redacted. manafort remained in contact with kilimnik throughout 2017. and into the spring of 2018. those contacts included matters pertaining to the criminal charges brought by the office in the ukraine peace plan. in early 2018 manafort retained his longtime polling firm to craft a draft poll in ukraine, sent the police sisters a three opinion page primer on the plan sent by kilimnik and worked with kilimnik to formulate the polling questions. the primer sent to the pollsters specifically called for the united states and president trump to support the autonomous republic of donbas with yanukovych as prime minister.
5:14 pm
in a series of questions in the draft poll asked for opinions on yanukovych's role in rchlg the conflict in donbas. the poll was not solely about don pass bass it sought opinions from leaders about yanukovych as they pertain to the 2019 presidential elections. the office has in the uncovered evidence that manafort brought the ukraine peace plan to the attention of the trump campaign or the trump administration. kilimnik continued his efforts to promote the peace plan to the executive branch, e.g., u.s. department of state into the summer of 2018. b. post election and transition period contacts. trump was elected president on november 8, 2016. beginning immediately after the election individuals connected to the russian government started contacting officials on the trump campaign and transition team through multiple channels sometimes through russian ambassador kizlyak. and other times through individuals who sought reliable contacts through u.s. persons
5:15 pm
not formally tide to the campaign or transition team. the most senior levels of the russian government encouraged these efforts. the investigate investigation did fallout establish these efforts reflected or constituted coordination between the trump campaign and russia in its election interference activities. one, immediate post election activity. as soon as news broke that trump was elected president, russian government officials in problem nent russian businessmen began trying to make inroads into the new administration. they appear to have not prekissing contacts and struggled to connect with senior officials around the president-elect. as explained below the efforts entalgd official contact through the russian embassy in the united states and outreaching sanctioned at high levels of the russian government through business rather than political contacts. a, outreach from the russian government. at approximately 3:00 a.m. on election night, trump campaign press secretary hope hicks received a festival call on her personal cell phone from a person who sounded foreign but was calling from a number with a
5:16 pm
d.c. area code. although hicks had a hard time understanding the person she had she could make out the words putin call. hicks told the calleder to send her email. the following memory. certifying aifr kuznetzov emailed hicks from his g mail address with the subject line message from putin. attached to the email was a message from putin in both english and russian, with kuznetsov asked hicks to convey to the president-elect. in the message putin offered congratulations to trump for electoral victory stating he looked forward to working with trump on leading russian american relations out of crisis. hicks forwarded the email to occur ner asking can you look into this? don't want to get duped but don't want to blow off putin. kushner stated in congressional testimony that he believed it would be possible to verify the authenticity of the forwarded email through the russian ambassador whom kushner had previously met in april 2016.
5:17 pm
unable to recall the russian ambassador's name curb they were emailed dmitri siimis of cni whom he consulted previously about russia and asked what is the name of russian ambassador? kushner forwarded the response which identified kiss rack which name to hicks. after checking with kushner to see what he learned hicks conveyed putin's letter to transition officials foif days later on november 14th, 2016 trump and putin spoke by phone in the pens are presentation of transition team members including incoming national security adviser michael flynn. b. high level encouragement of contacts through alternative channels. as russian officials in the united states reached out to the president-elect and his team, a number of russian individuals working in the private sector began their own efforts to make contact. petraavin a russian national who heads a russian large commercial babying alfa bank described the office interactions with putin during the time period that
5:18 pm
might account for the flurry of russian activity. he told the police he is one of kplks 50 wealthy russian businessmen who meet with putin in the kremlin. these 50 men are often referred to as oligarchs. afen told the office he met on a quarterly basis with putin including the fourth quarter of 2016 shortly after the u.s. presidential election. afen said he took the meetings seriously and understood that any suggestions or critique that putin made during the meetings were implicit directives aen there would be consequences if he did not follow through. as was typical, the 2016 q 4 meeting with putin was preceded by a preparatory meeting with putin's chief of staff anton veno pch according to afen it's q 472016 one-on-one meeting with putin wutt ut o putin raised the prospect the united states would impose additional sanctions on russian interests, including sanctions against afen and/or alpha bank.
5:19 pm
putin suggested afen needed to take steps to protect himself in alpha bank. afen also testified that putin spoke of the difficulty faced by the russia in got egg touch with the trump kplrgs. putin indicate the did he not know with whom formally to speak and generally did not know the people immediately around the president-elect. afen redacted told putin he would take steps to protect himself and the alpha bank shareholders from potential sanctions. and one of those steps would be to try to reach out to the incoming administration to establish a line of communication. afen described putin responding with skepticism about i have and's prokt for success. aergd according to afen although putin did not expressly direct him to reach out to the trump transition female. afen understand understood that putin sperkted him to try to respond to the concerns he raised afens efforts are described in volume one, section 4 b 5.
5:20 pm
2. dmirt yaf transition era outreach to the incoming administration. afen's description of his interaction with putin with consistent with the behavior of occur kuril dmirt off a russian national who is closely connected it putin. he took efforts to meet with the incoming trump administration in the coming months. he asked a close business associate who worked for the the united arab. . george nader to introduce him to trump transition officials nader eventually arranged a meeting in the seychelles between dmirt yan and eric prince a trump campaign supporter and associate of steve bannon. in addition to the uae national security adviser introduced dimitri ovp introduced had imto rick gearsen in november of 2016 in december 2016 and january
5:21 pm
2017 the dimitri off and gearsen worked for a proposal of rfrls between the united states and russia which dimitri cleared through putin. he provided the proposal to kushner before the inauguration and kushner gave copies to bannon and secretary of state rex tillerson. a background. dmirt orv is a russia. national appointed ceo of russian sovereign wealth fund, the russian direct investment fund when founded in 2011. dimitri off reported to putin and referred to putin as his boss. >> rdif has coinvested in various projects with u a e sovereign welt faents. dimitriive regularly sbrktwood nader a senior advise to the uae crown prince.
5:22 pm
this crown prince mohamed. in connection with rdif dpeelg with the uae putin wanted dmirtive to be in chrj of the financial and political relationship between russia and the gulf states. in part because the dimitriive had been educated in the west and spoke english fluently. nader considered dimitriive to be putin he is interlocutor in the gulf region and would relay the putin's views to the crown prince. nader developed contacts with poept both sus u.s. presidential campaign during the 2016 election and kept dimitriive abreast of efforts to do oh according to nader dimitriive said his and the government of russia's preference was for candidate trump to win and asked nader to assist him in meeting members of the trump campaign. redaction. the nader did not introduce dimitriive to anyone associatewood the trump campaign before the election. and another redacted appraise. eric prince is a businessman who
5:23 pm
had relationship was the various individuals esht soed with the trump campaign including steve bannon, donald trump junior with and roger stone. prince did not have a formal role in the campaign, although he offered to host a fund raiser for trump and sent unsolicited policy papers a on issues such as foreign policy, trade and russian election interference to bannon. after the election, prince frequently visited transition offices at trump tower, primarily to meet with bannon but on occasion to meet michael flynn and others. prince and bannon would discuss interaalayah foreign policy issues and prince's recommendations regarding who should be appointed to fill key national security positions. although prince was not formally affiliated with the transition, nader -- redaction -- received assurances -- redaction -- that the incoming administration considered prince a trusted associate. s kuril dmirtive post election contacts with the incoming
5:24 pm
administration. soon after midnight on election night dimitriive messaged redaction who was traveling to flork to attend the 2016 world chess championship. redaction. dimitriive pesk off, the russian federation press secretary also attending the world chess trumps. redaction. at dynamics 2:40 a.m. on november 9th, 2016 news reports state nad candidate clinton called called president-elect trump to concede with at wrote to dimitriive, putin has won. later that morning the dimitriive contacted nader who was in new york to request a meeting with the key people in the incoming administration as soon as possible in light of the great results. he asked nader to convey to the incoming administration that we want to start rebuilding the relationship in whatever is a comfortable pace for them. we understand all of the sense
5:25 pm
activities and are noah rush. dimitriive and nader had previously discussed nader introducing him to the contacts nader had made within the trump campaign. dimitriive also told nader he would ask putin for permission it to travel to the united states where he would be able to speak to media outlines about the positive impact of trump's election and the need for rilgts between the united states and russia. later that day, dimitriive flew to new york where pesk off was separately separately traveling to attend the tournament. dimitriive invited to naturer and noted if there was a chance to see anyone key from the trump camp he would love to build for the future. dmirt era asked nad foreinvite kushner to the event so the dimitriive could meet him. nader did not pass along the invitation to anyone connectwood the incoming information. all although one world chess federation official recalled hearing that president-elect trump stopped by the tournament,
5:26 pm
the investigation did not establish that trump or any campaign team official attend the event. and the president's written answers denied that he had. nader stated that dimitriive continued to press him to set up a meeting with transition officials and was particularly focused on kushner and trump junior. dimitriive told nader that putin would be grateful to nader and that a meeting would make history. redaction. according to flayeder dimitriive was anxious to connect with the incoming administration and told nader he would try other routes to do so besides nader himself. nader did not ultimately introduce dimitriive to anyone associatingwood the incoming administration during dmertive's post election trip to fwlork. in early december 2016 dimitriive broached the topic of meeting incoming administration official was flayeder in january or february. dmirptive sent nader a list of publicly available quotes of dimitriive speaking positive
5:27 pm
about donald trump in case they were helpful. eric prince and kuril dmirtive immediate in the seychelles. nader arranged the meeting with dimitriive. nader trachld to norg in early january 2017 appear had lunchtime and dinner meeting was eric prince on january 3rd, 2017. said nader and prince discussed dimitriive. nader informed prince that the russians were looking to build a link with the incoming trump administration. redaction. he told prince that dimitriive had been pushing nader to introduce him no someone from the incoming administration. redaction. nader suggested in light of prince's relationship with transition team officials that prince and dimitriive met to discuss issues of mutual concern. redaction. prince told nader that he needed to think further about it and to check with transition team officials. after his dinner with prince, nader sent prince a like to the wikipedia entry with dimitriive and sent dimitriive a matej stating he just met with some key people within the family and
5:28 pm
inner circle. a reference to prince. and that he had spoken at length and positively about dimitriive. nader told dimitriive that the people he met had asked for dimitriive's bioand that dimitriive applied that he would update and send it. nader later received from dimitriive two files concerning dimitriive one a two-page biography, the other a list of dimitriive's positive quotes about donald trump. the next morning nader forwarded the message and attach the to dimitri sent him to presence. nader wrote to prince that the documents were the versions to be used with some fair and reasonable details for them with them referring to members of the incoming administration. prince opened the attachments at trump tower within an hour of receiving them prince state nad while at trump tower that day he speck with kellyanne conway, which will bus burr ross and steve mnuchin and others while waiting to see bannon. sell sight location data for prince's phone shows he remained at trump tower exactly three
5:29 pm
years. prince said he couldn't recall whether during the three hours he met with bannon and discussed dimitriive with him. redaction. prince booked a ticket to the seychelles on january 7, 2017. the following day, nader wrote to dimitriive that he had a pleasant surprise for him, namely that he had arranged for dimitriive to meet a special guest from the new team. referring to prince. nader asked dimitriive if he could come to the seychelles for the meeting on january 12, 2017, and dimitriive agreed. the following day, dimitriive sought assurance from nader that the seychelles meeting would be worth while. dimitriive was not enthusiastic about the idea of meeting with prince and nader ashadow schneider shurd him prince wieldland influence with the incoming i'm sorry i skipped a redaction. nader wrote to dimitriive this guy prince is designated by steve bannon to meet you. i know him and he is very, very well connected and trusted by the new team. his sister is now a minister of education.
5:30 pm
according to nader prince had led him to believe that bannon was borja aware of prince's yun coming meeting with dimitriive and prince ac nonld it was fair for flayeder to thing that prince would pass nfrpgs on to the transition team. bannon, however, told the office that prince did not tell him in advance about his meeting with dimitriive. the seychelles meeting. dimitriive arrived with his which have in the seychelles on january 11, 2017 with within, and checked in the four season's resort the where crown prince mohamed and nader were staying. prince arrived that same day. prince and dimitriive met for the first time that in nader villa with nader present. the initial meeting lasted approximately 30 to 45 minutes. redaction. prince described the 8 years of the obama administration in negative ferms and stated he was looking forward to a new era of cooperation and conflict resolution. according to prince, he told dimitriive that bannon was effective if not conventional and that prince provided policy papers to bannon.
5:31 pm
redaction. redaction. the topic of russian interference in the 2016 election did fallout come up. redaction. prince added that he would inform bannon about his meeting with dimitriive and that if there was interesting in continuing the discussion bannon or someone else on the transition team would do so. redaction. afterwards, prince returned to his room where he learned that a russian aircraft carrier sailed to libya which led him to call nader and ask him to set up another meeting with dimitriive. according to nader prince called and said he checked with associates back home and needed to convey to kmirt committee dimitriive that libya was off the table. nader wrote to dimitriive that prince had received an urgent message that he needs to convey immediately and arrange for himself, dimitriive and prince to meet at a restaurant on the four seasons property. at the second meeting prince told dimitriive that the united states could not accept any russian involvement in libya because it would make the situation there much worse.
5:32 pm
redaction. after the second meeting concluded, nader and dimitriive discussed what had transpired. dimitriive told nader he was disappointed in meetings with prince for two reasons. first, he believed the russians needed to be communicating with somebody with more authority within the incoming administration than prince had. second, he had hoped to have a discussion of greater swns such as outlining a strategic road map for both countries to follow. dimitriive told nader that redaction, prince's comments, redaction, were insulting, redaction. hours after the second meeting prince said two text messages to bannon from the seychelles. as described further below, investigators were unable to obtain the content of these or other messages between prince and bannon. and the investigation also did not identify evidence of any further communication between prince and dimitriive after their meetings in the seychelles. eric prince's meeting with steve
5:33 pm
bannon after the seychelles trip. after the seychelles meetings prince told nader he would inform bannon about his discussion with dimitriive and would convey the someone within the russian power struck was oaking better release was the incoming administration. on january 12, 2017, prince contacted bannon's personal assist to set up a meeting for the following week. several days later prince messaged her again, asking about bannon's schedule. prince said that he met bannon at bannon's home after returning to the united states in mid-january and briefed him about several topics, including his meeting with dimitriive. prince told the office that he explained to bannon that dimitriive was the head of a russian sovereign wealth fund and was interested in improving relations between the united states and russia. prince had on his cell phone a screen shot of dimitriive wikipedia page dated january 16, 2017. and prince told the office he likely showed that image to
5:34 pm
bannon. prince also believed he provided bannon with dimitriive's contact information. according to prince, bannon instructed prince not to follow up with dimitriive and prince had the impression that the issue was not a priority for bannon. prince related that bannon did not appear angry, just relatively uninterested. . bannon by contrast told the office that he never discussed with prince anything regarding dimitriive or d.i.f. or any meeting was russian individuals or people associated with putin. beenen also stated he had prince mentioned such a meeting bannon would have remembered it. and bannon would have objected to such a meeting having taken place opinion the clkting accounts by bannon and prince could not be independently clarified by reviewing communications because neither one was able to produce any of
5:35 pm
the messages they exchanged in the time period surrounding the seychelles meeting. prince's phone contained no text message prior to march of 2017. though provider records indicate that he and bannon exchanged dozens of messages. prince denied deleting any messages but claimed he didn't know why there were no messages on his device before march, 2017. bannon's device processes will sli similarly contain no messages in the relevant peertd and bannon also stated did he did not know why messages did not appear on his device. bannon told the office that during both the months before and after the seychelles meeting he regularly used his personal blackberry and personal email for the work related communications, including those with prince, and he took no steps to preserve those work communications. kuril dmirtive post election contact with rick gearsen regarding u.s. russian relations
5:36 pm
section d pmt dimitriive's contacts during the transition period were not rimted to those facilitated by nader. in kplks late november of 2016 the uae national security adviser us introduced dimitriive to rick gearsen a a friend of jared kushner who runs a hedge fund in new york. gearsen stated he had no formal role in the transition and no involvement not trump campaign other than z occasional casual discussion discussions about the campaign with kushner. after the election gearsen assisted the transition by arranging meetings for transition official was former uk minister tony blare and uae delegation led by crown prince mohamed. when dimitriive and gearsen met they principlely discussed potential joint ventures between gearsen's hedge fund and rdif. dimitriive was interested fl improved economic cooperation between the united states and russia and asked gearsen who he should meet with in the incoming
5:37 pm
administration who would be helpful toward that goal. gearsen plied he would try to figure out 9 best way to arrange appropriate introductions but noted that confidentiality would be required because of the sensitivity of holding such a meeting before the new administration took power and before cabinet nominations had been confirmed by the senate. gearsen said he would ask kushner and michael flynn who were the key person or people were on the topics of reconciliation with russia, joint security concerns and economic matters. dimitriive told gursen that he had been asked by putin to develop and execute a reconciliation plan between the united states and russia. he noted in a text message to gursen that if russia was, quote, approached with respect and willingness to understand our position, we can have major breakthroughs quickly, end quote. gursen and dimitriive exchanged ideas in december of 2016 about
5:38 pm
such a reconciliation plan and what it would include. gursen told the office that the transition team had not asked him to engage in these discussions with dimitriive and that he did so on his own initiative as a private citizen. on january 9th, 2017, the same day, he asked nader whether meeting prince would be worthwhile. dimitriive sent his biographiy to gursen and asked him if he could quote share it with jared parent these he is or somebody else senior in the team so they know we are focused op our side from improving the relationship and my boss asked plea to play a key role in that, end quote. dimitriive also asked gursen if he knew prince and if prince was somebody important or worth spending time with. after his trip to the seychelles dimitriive told gursen ha bannonhood prince to meet with dimitriive and the two had a positive meeting. on january 168th, 2017,
5:39 pm
dimitriive consolidated the ideas for the u.s./russia reconciliation that he and gursen had been discussing on a two-page document that listed five main points. one, jointly fighting terrorism. two, jointly engaging in anti-weapons of mass destruction efforts. 3, developing a win/win economic and investment initiatives. four, maintaining an honest, open and continueual dialogue regarding issues of disagreement. and five, ensuring proper communication and trust about by, quote, key people, end quote from each country. on january 18th, 2017, gursen gave a copy of that document to kushner. kushner had not heard of dsh dpsh of dimitriive at that time. gursen explained that dimitriive was the head of rdif and gursen may have alluded to dimitriive's being well connected. gush kushner placed the document in a file and said he would get


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