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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  June 11, 2019 8:03pm-9:20pm EDT

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okay? last time i checked that only exists, truly in one place in the whole world, that's within the boundaries of the 50 united states of america. >> now to a campaign rally held by joe biden in davenport iowa. part of the two day tour. live coverage on cspan three. >> thank you-thank you. >> it's so good to see you. jim is a great-great friend, i've known him for a long time. and former mayor bill, are you here bill? all right mayor, okay. [ applause ] >> and roxanne. roxanne? i love you. it's good to see you. thank you. you know, that old expression,
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god made man then he made some firefighters. thing god. they are the only people i know who would run into fires. i've said this before in washington and other places. they've endorsed me and i really appreciate them. firefighters, they have not only saved my life, they gave me about a 30% chance of living they got me down. they brought me to a neurosurgeon for a 13 hour operation in the middle of a snowstorm and saved my life. so many of you were nice to me after i was elected the first time. the jaws of life freed my two boys, my wife was christmas shopping, i lost my wife and daughter. the jaws of life got them to the hospital in time and saved them. i was down and depressed one day, i was at my home.
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they went in. it was terrible. they got my wife out. she said they saved our cat. it's great to be back, it really is. now we are both in town today. or at least in the state today. it wasn't planned that way but i hope that trumps presidents, there's may be a clarifying moment for us all. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> america's farmers have been crushed by the tariffs in china and no one knows that better than the people in iowa. he thinks he's being tough, he's being tough. if he is being tough when someone else is feeling the
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pain, how many across the nation had the prospects of losing their business because of these trump tariffs ? how many times have they gone to bed standing at the ceiling wondering what's going to happen or if they would make it? how about manufacturing? trumps tariffs and trade wars, that's hard a lot of manufacturers. within the midst of this. one of my proudest moments, you know i was blamed for pushing the bailout of general motors. but that was one of my proudest moments when the president of the rescue of the american auto industry. [ applause ] >> we knew that it meant millions of jobs in the automobile companies and supply chains, it also meant the pride
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of the nation was at stake as well. now, watching trump destroy the industry that the president helped save his discouraging. i don't think that the president really gets the basics . he thinks that these tariffs are being paid by china just like he thinks mexico is building the wall. [ applause ] >> this is amazing i mean . [ laughter ] >> joe, the kind. i keep thinking of my mother. anyway. china is making massive investments into new technologies. as well as artificial intelligence, five as well as artificial intelligence, 5g, while he is tweeting they aren't sitting still, no other country is. they are moving.
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while he's name-calling they are building roads and bridges and high-speed rails. trump is pursuing damage and this erratic war on trade without a real strategy. that is the part that concerns me the most. china's positioning themselves to lead the world in renewable energy. it is just bizarre, while china is pressing their advantage all over the world, we need the rest of the world to deal with us dealing with china and what they are doing in the western part of their country i mean the eastern part of the country. but nothing is set. and so you but i'm worried about china. keep following a path that the president has us on. if we do what we need to do here at home, if we stand up for america's interest, if we
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invest in our people, with our lives and our values, with the work of our partners, we could outcompete anyone in the world. nobody else could compete with us. they can't. that's not the program. they really can't. i have absolute confidence in the american workers. we are three times as productive, our ingenuity and our research and universities. we have some of the greatest universities. here we are, every major new initiative. we own them, we have these great labs. they are owned by the people of the states in which they are located. we should on the 21st century, let's invest in america. that's why -- [ applause ]
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>> that's why propose to restore initiatives in scientific research, cutting- edge infrastructure, a workforce that will help us work and compete. we make this investment and we could create millions of good paying jobs, it's not inconsistent with who we are. i really mean it. think of what we can do. let's build the united front of our eye lies who challenge their abusive behavior. trump is attacking the very partners we need to deal with china. we need to rally half of the world economy to hold them accountable for their cheating. speaking out on their repression. but what is happening? we are alienating those allies. what are we doing? it makes no sense.
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and look, let's tighten up our defenses so that american companies don't have to keep getting and giving away technology to china. and having it stolen. that is what's happening now. during the obama-biden administration we got them to cut cyber cuts but now it's gotten significantly worse under this administration. it was real simple. when they said there was an error identification zone and no one could fly to the south china sea i said we aren't going to pay attention to these. we are going to fly through it. we flew b-52s through it. that's it. you want to steal our property? you say you have half ownership and access to our property? guess what, you can't trade here unless you do the same instead of put tariffs on what we are doing with these
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businesses. we have to find a way to cooperate where we have a common interest. the chinese agreed to it the first time to limit their carbon pollution. we have to rejoin the paris peace accord. the paris climate accord, what did we do? we stepped away. my lord, you all know there's no such thing as climate change. i know you all know that. [ laughter ] >> look, there's a lot more we could do on climate change and nuclear weapon initiatives where there is a common interest but time and time again, it issue after issue, trump makes the wrong choices. he's motivated by the wrong things.'s denial of the climate crisis is ignorance of the
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devastating long-term impacts of tariffs and we are going to bankrupt the farm belt. look folks, we are seeing devastating floods, i need not tell you, being in farms and communities across the heartland right here in davenport, i was supposed to be here several months ago. i canceled because you had this god-awful flooding event. there were flooded streets, it disrupted lives and businesses. record flood levels, millions of dollars in damage as well as cleanup. devastation in the heartland, it would be record-breaking even with government funding support for farmers and farmers who aren't alone. the economy of our cities and small town relies on being able to sell the crops around the world. look folks, still, what is president trump? he denies climate change. what did he tell piers morgan in an interview recently? he said well, whether goes both ways. [ laughter ] >> i don't know what he does but whether goes both ways . this reminds me when he tweeted in the winter. tweet in the winter it said, it
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was cold outside, there's no such thing as climate change. as my mother would say, bless me father for i have sinned. how about when he said, no get this one. i went out and he said devastating fires in california, counties all across the west, devastated, millions of people put in harm's way. what did he say? he said those california fires, they just need to rake their leaves. [ laughter ] >> i'm not joking or making this up. he could be a stand up comic if this weren't so true. look, if this wasn't so serious it would be another rich guy playing apartment in manhattan tweeting about scientists who don't know anything, it wouldn't matter, but he is the president. [ applause ]
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>> look , we need to do everything in our power to confront this climate change, i bleed out the detail plan i laid out a detailed plan. instead of a president who gives this away, gives $2.6 million worth of waivers to let exxon and chevron refineries get out of using renewable fuel, we need a president who will partner with farmers and ranchers, expanding the market for ethanol and the next generation of biofuel. we need to invest in the clean energy innovation, we need to build clean energy infrastructure for a nationwide network of charging stations across america and in the 21st century railroad system. what are we doing? think about it. i mean it's like, putting america on the course of being
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clean air efficient. instead he pulled america out of the paris agreement on climate, he just tried to muscle the state department to prevent him from discussing climate science. before the congress. he thinks that windmills cause cancer. i'm not making this up. i know. on april 2 he said, "if you're in a windmill, congratulation, your house went down 75% in value, and they say the noise causes cancer." look, we know about cancer, a lot of us. how many of you have lost someone to cancer or someone you love? what do you do? after he got elected, republicans and democrats
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joined together, aliens of dollars of research, billions of dollars of research in dealing with cancer itself. the first thing we did. the first budget he proposed, it was to cut $10 million. folks, imagine what we could do if we invested half of that tax cut he gave. even a 10th of it, using it for scientific research to deal with what's happening with cancer and to end it as we know it, alzheimer's, dealing with obesity, dealing with what is happening. god almighty, this is all within our power. remember when the justice was aching speaking about health and trying to decide that the
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affordable healthcare act was in its entirety, unzipped constitutional unconstitutional. i campaigned for over 16 democrats. running for the house, the senate, the state legislative bodies, guess what? i did not hear any of them talking about being against republicans or healthcare. all of a sudden they had another call. they saw the lord. he appeared before them. think about it. all the sudden everybody was for it. now he barely mentions the fact that he wants to gut it or get rid of it. he doesn't even tweet about it anymore. here know that the american people will give him the same thrashing they gave the republican 2018 trying to get rid of the healthcare act. guess what? i've become this party nominee.
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i'm not going to let the american people forget. >> donald trump is trying to take away your potential for these conditions. i'm not going to let the american people forget the affordable care act. their kid gets to stay on the parents plan until they are age 26. i will not let the american people forget it is because of the affordable care act that millions of people have gained healthcare. more than one thing. one more thing, what amazes me, this president actually thinks wall street built this country. they didn't. the middle class built this country. ordinary, hard-working, not a joke, the american people given
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half a chance have never let their country down. not once. all they ask for is a shot. just a shot. i'm always talking about middle class and i tell you what, i know who built the country and i know one more thing, there is a growing middle class with economic, political and social stability. whenever the country goes through a crisis it's because they don't have the middle class that we have, things began to pray. the first time we don't have the wealthiest middle class in america it's shrinking in america. we have people out there now, many of you know them and they might be some of you, you got a bill for $400, you didn't anticipate, you would know how to pay it. my dad used to say, joey remember when we moved, you'd think i climbed out of a coal mine with a wood bucket on my head but we moved because there was no work and by the way he said by the way he abandoned
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you. i was nine years old. i left with my dad. i'm so sorry i didn't stay. but i went home every summer. i went back for christmas and easter. i tried. yellow you know i shouldn't get started. look, the tax cut he passed. for multimillionaires and billionaires. guess what? when i'm president, that's gone. it's gone. look, you realize when reagan was president there were about $800 billion in cast tax expenditures, things we don't collect taxes on. loopholes. guess what, you know what it is today? $1 trillion, $400 billion, you can't find me an economist
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anywhere in the state that will say there's justification social politically or in any economic region for at least 500 alien dollars of that money. imagine what we could do. we don't have to hurt anybody, we don't have to punish anybody including the rich. but everyone should start paying their fair should i become president. we are going to invest in the people and the economy. we are going to get rid of $100 billion in tax reform. there's no rationale. i will build the economy that doesn't just reward wealth but i'm building an economy that rewards work. work. think about it. think about it. look, i've got nothing against the wealthy but they know they don't need another tax break. they know what. i'm looking to build an economy that works for everyone, an
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economy that restores the dignity of work, how could you as a person busting your neck out there in your jobs, how could you have dignity if you can't provide for the basics for your family? for healthcare? for education? for just a little bit of breathing room. my dad used to say, middle- class, it's not being able -- thick did well enough they could go to school after high school. whether it was trade school or community college. whether it was four years of college. you know, right now, 65, 100 jobs today requires something beyond a high school degree. the fact is, i've said this many times, we could overcome four years of this presidency,
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i think we could overcome it. a lot of damage has been done and it will take a lot of hard work but ladies and gentlemen, if he's in the white house for eight years he will forever change and fundamentally alter the character of the nation. i really mean that. this is beyond the issues. i believe that trump closes the fundamental threat for america. [ applause ] >> the core values, what we stand for, who we are, what we believe, let's start with charlottesville. i would never thought i would see that coming as a kid out of the civil rights movement, i did not think i would see that uric neo-nazis lighting
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torches. he saw it, their contorted faces, filled with hate. chanting the same anti-semitic threats. that's okay. this is not a trump rally. >> and these folks were accompanied by white supremacists as well as by the ku klux klan. decent people have the courage to stand up against hate, what happened? he asked the president what he
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thought. he said there were fine people in both groups. no joke. that is what he said. that is what he said. and ladies and gentlemen look, later when he realized when he said that he was getting some heat. he said those people were going to march to protect a statute a confederate statue. he's yet to acknowledge or apologize for what he said. our children are listening. violences complicity, look at what is happening, look at where we see, looking at these policies taking kids from their mothers and fathers putting them literally, in cages, thousands of them. what does that say? what does that say to the world? who we are, folks look, the phrase we hold these who are
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all created equal. it's the american creed, it's who we are, it's what we've been. we have not always lived up to it that we never fully abandoned it. we never stop trying to create a more perfect union. it is the american creed but trump does not see it that way. he says when we talk that way it makes us weak that he has no idea what makes a strong. what makes us strong as a nation is our honesty, decency, treating one with dignity. i really mean that. [ applause ] >> demonizing no one. let the poor, not the muslim, not them powerless, not the immigrants, we give hate no safe harbor but now, it's been given credibility. people are coming out from under the rocks and saying and
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doing things that never would be accepted before. a small percentage of people but it is real. and again, not a joke, our children are watching. our children are listening. look, understanding that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. we always understand that and we've always know that. does anyone in this room think that donald trump understands that? okay? look everywhere we turn, it's clear that donald trump is shredding what we most believe. we believe, i have the belief that we need to restore the basic values we stand for. we are not led by just the example of our power but the power of our example. that is where the rest of the world comes to us that's why many people flock here. that is why america is an idea. it's not a joke. it's the most unique idea in
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all of history. and it is being damaged around the world. trump attended the 75th anniversary of d-day, the most important symbol in the world of the importance of american alliances, it was after that war that many of your fathers and mothers and others and grandparents gave their lives. what happened after? we decided that we were no longer going to allow for the abuse of power for anyone nation. so that's when we formed nato so that no one nation could act independently and abuse power like this happen before throughout history in europe at least twice in that century. man, you know, what has donald trump done? donald trump has said a few words about nato this time. they are completely against
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everything else he said and done including an interview he made with fox news before his injures before his speech. to threaten to leave nato. he talked about the obsolescence of it, he talked about the need for the same reason, the whole rationale for the european union. was for one nation to dominate that region. what has happened? they are the enemy. they are the enemy. did he do anything that he's prepared to signal her walk away from the thugs and dictators that he has embraced on the world stage? standing before the international community and turning to a dictator like putin and saying i believe him rather than all of our intelligence agencies? not only is this unbelievable but think about what this does to our allies who, in fact, share information with our intelligence communities? if the president of the united states is i don't believe them,
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mueller, it jeopardizes our security, it's not a joke. he embraces the north korean leader who is a thug and a murderer. he had his uncles brains blown out. i'm not joking. and by the way, i was pleased to know that his alliance with the north korean leader, they thought that maybe i should not be president. by the way, he quoted it. he quoted him while he was there. okay. all right. you know, he did not do any of the right things instead of that he goes up in the middle of the night while he's at normandy, he tweets an attack on that midler? the speaker of the house, who's
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there with him and normandy? a stunning display of childishness that the whole world watched. [ laughter ] >> but again, it wasn't just world leaders who are watching, it was all of our friends around the world, listening to what he was saying. look, the behavior, the character of a president matters a lot. it matters what presidents say. i want to say something that we don't say often enough, barack obama was the president of extraordinary character and
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decency. [ applause ] >> when he was the president our children could and did look up to. how many of you have turned your television off sometimes when he speaks? i'm not joking. i know that i missed the dinner that was here where the not long ago i guess it was last sunday, because my granddaughter was graduating from high school. her best friend is sasha obama. they've been to school together the whole time. so barack and i and the whole family, we got together
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afterward to have a light lunch or dinner for the family. i watch how they look, they know who this man was. i was proud to work with him. i was proud of the work that we did together, a recovery act that kept us from going into a depression from my point of view. healthcare. i'm most proud of the man that he was and is. ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] >> he was thinking , he was speaking, i was in california speaking at the same time. we were in different places around the country. we were both asked coincidentally, what we were most proud of in the administration. it turns out we said the same thing but a different way. you know what he was most proud
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of? eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal. not one. and if you did instinctively missed him he reminded why we need him back. look, donald trump, a threat to united states. attacking private citizens using language like total loser. barack obama would not do that. no president would do that. most teenagers wouldn't do that. he setting a standard. the standard of crude language and embarrassing behavior that is burrowing into our culture,
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for real. it's in our culture. it will take time to get rid of it but we must. we must. it is not who we are. and folks, frankly, our democracy, our democracy is at risk. i did not think i would use those words in my lifetime but it is true. everywhere you turn, trump is tearing down the guard rails of democracy. tearing down the things that prevent the abuse of power whether it is a man raising his hand to strike a woman or child or employer threatening workers or treating them like dirt or an american president who has no respect for a rule of law. fake news. enemy of the people. these aren't words to be laughed at or dismissed. look at what has happened here and around the world. think of the dictators using the same language that trump uses to justify their abuses of
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power in their countries. it's not a joke. think about it. trump's goal is simple. discredit the news, discredit the free press, and run over the american people in terms of their safeguards and rough shots his tack is on the independence of the courts. when he said a judge would not give him a fair hearing when he disagreed with them. he's looking bad because where he's looking to tear down the constraints the courts of put on him. from the fai to the intelligence community, think about it. i presided over both of these organizations as the chairman of the foreign relations committee and is doing major intelligence responsibilities for the president of the united states. he absolutely abuses them.
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they make mistake, but he makes mistakes but my lord, treating like they are the enemy of the people in the deep state. the deep state. it's like out of a science fiction novel. as well as by the way attacking congress whether it's democratic or republican. he doesn't care. it's about breaking down the barriers that constrain his power. he's completely ignoring the legitimacy of congress. and he's doing it with full complicity of the republican congress that he knew better. they know better. they know it's wrong. look, in 2020, we not only have to repair his policies and values, we have to clearly and fully project our own safety sake, his view of the presidency. , "i have complete power," no
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you don't, donald trump. , "i have absolute power peer" no you don't, donald trump here could or, "only i can fix it pure" fix yourself first, donald trump. one has the president ever used those phrases? in the middle of the war no president has used those phrases. in a moment where we need to reset the constitutional norms in the country. the presidency is not without limits. the way our system is supposed to work, built by our founders it's allowing us to have the most successful democracy in the history of the world. and we are going to rue the day if we decide to walk away from the fundamentals of the democracy. i'm optimistic. if i get elected, when i was 29 years
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old i was elected to the united states senate i was not even old enough to be sworn in. i don't come from any material background. richard nixon was running in delaware, delaware got 64% of the vote i won by a landslide of 3100 votes. mainly because of the firefighters. [ laughter ] >> but folks, i was the young optimist and idealist. ladies and gentlemen, i'm more optimistic about america's possibilities today than i was then. but none of it can have been if he's still there. think about this, if we could think about a different presidency. not even me just different president. who better to lead the world in the 21st century.
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the u.s. had the best research universities in all the world the most innovative people in the world. three times as productive as workers in asia. no other nation could match us.. this idea is so big. it's more powerful than any dictator or tyrant. were bigger than anything only we can undo ourselves. so look, everybody knows who donald trump is. they have no illusions about who he is or his character. they may choose him because he's benefiting them in ways that in fact are, contrary to the basic norms.
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but here's what we have to do, we have to learn who we democrats are. what we stand for. truth overlies, and factor fiction. we have to pick our heads out, remember who we are. this is the united states of america. there's not a single thing beyond our capacity to do. together, god bless you all. and may god protect our troops. thank you-thank you-thank you. >> thank you-thank you-thank you.
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>> this time i'm not leaving. so good, something about this place. so good, something about the lipstick on your face. so good, something about this place. baby, it's you and i. you and i. . you and i. you-you and i. you
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checks democrats and nevada republican to discuss the plan vote in the house on a $1 trillion spending package and efforts to reach a broader spending agreement between congress and the white house. then the fulcrum editor-in- chief david hocking on the political and legal dispute between the white house and house of representatives of her congressional oversight. be sure to watch c-span washington journal live at seven eastern wednesday morning. joined the discussion. here's a look at live coverage wednesday on c-span, the house is back at 10 am eastern for general speeches, legislative business and noon. members take up a 2020 spending package that covers several federal agencies including defense, labor, hhs and the state department.
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on c-span 2 the senate returns for debates and votes on district court nominations in ohio, alabama, florida and georgia. and on c-span 3, the house oversight and reform committee considers whether to hold the attorney general william barr and congress secretary wilber ross in contempt of congress. for refusing to comply with subpoenas on the decision to add citizen ship question to the 2020 u.s. census. that gets underway at 10 am eastern. the reviews are in for c- span, the president >>. it recently topped the new york times new and noteworthy column. reviews colors eight milepost in the ever-changing reputations of our president. and from the new york journal of books, the president makes a fast and grossing read. this father's day is this weekend and c-span the president makes a great gift. read about how noted presidential historians rank the best and worst chief executives. from george washington to barack obama. explore the life
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