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  Joint News Conference With Pres. Trump Polish Pres. Duda  CSPAN  June 12, 2019 6:44pm-7:27pm EDT

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and they love our country too. and i'm always in favor of them. >> thank you. the two leaders completed their oval office meeting and held a news conference. president donald trump answer questions about a deadline for trade talks with china and relations with north korea. today millenials first lady melania trump and i are welcoming president and misses
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a duda. we hosted them in december and it's wonderful to see them again. the bond between united states and poland has grown closer. the nation marks 100 years and the polish alliance is a stronger by far than ever before. earlier today president duda and i signed a joint declaration. cooperation between our nations and as a declaration makes clear the united states and poland are not only bound by a strategic partnership, but common values, shared goals, and a very strong and abiding friendship. our people are united by the enduring ties of civilization,
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culture, and history. we revere individual rights, and prize our time is traditions. family, faith, and freedom. over the past century, brave polish and american patriots have stood together to defend our sovereignty, liberty, and our noble way of life. when i was last in poland i was proud to stand among the veterans, and remember their courage. today we honor the sacrifice of all those who came before, by doing our part to safeguard our independence and strengthen the u.s. and polish alliance. as stated in the joint declaration. the united states and poland continue to enhance the security operation. they will still provide
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infrastructure to support military presence of 1000 american troops. the polish government will build the projects at no cost to the united states. the polish government will pay for this. we thank president duda and the people of poland with their partnership in advancing our common security. this also extends to the nato alliance. where the eight nato allies are currently meeting the vitamin 2% of gdp. that is for defense spending in poland. you've been there from an early day and we appreciate that very much. the rest are coming along. because nations have $100
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billion towards nato defense. i was very pleased that they announce the intent to purchase 32 american made f 35 aircraft. we witnessed that impressive flybys. as it flew over the white house it came close to a halt over the white house. and i would say what's wrong with the plane is not going very fast? that plane can land dead straight. one of the few in the world that can do that considered to be the greatest fighter jet in the world. and i applaud president duda to strengthen the polish defense. i also want to congratulate poland for meeting criteria entering into the visa waiver program. they signed an agreement
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preventing serious crimes. a necessary step into the program. we still have work to do. and we hope to welcome poland into the visa waiver program. that's a very big deal. we know it is a national security in our meeting president duda and i discussed the vital energy. reliance that leaves nations vulnerable to coercion and extortion. we support the construction of the baltic pipeline which will help european countries diversify. and that is the way to go. we've also signed $25 billion worth 6 billion liters of
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liquefied natural gas. worth billion. natural gas. worth our countries also signed an agreement for civil neutral cooperation which will likely advance energy and deepen our bilateral commercial and economic relations are thriving . we are committed to further expanding commerce based on fairness and reciprocity across many vertical areas through
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energy and economics , the alliance between the united states and and is reaching extraordinary new heights in 2019. a long-standing partnership demonstrates the enormous possibility. president, it's an honor to have you with us, and thank you for being here. we usher in a very exciting new era in u.s./polish alliance and a very special alliance for very special people, and again the relationship is an extraordinary one and will mean that for a long time. thank you very much mr. president [ applause ]
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>> thank you mr. president and wonderful first lady of the united states of america distinguish ministers, all distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen. first and foremost got together with my wife who want to thank you very much mr. president, donald trump and thank you to the first lady, one your job and thank you for the opportunity of holding a special visit with the united states. here at the white house, this really demonstrates how close and how good contacts are today between poland and the united states. mr. president, all of us hope that you will visit us in all in september and that we will be able together to commemorate those who fell and perished through the second world war
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which started on the first of september poland to the attacks of germans on our country and unfortunately our country vanished after this attack together with [ null ] germany. that is our history, difficult and that the true ally of poland for both are true ally is the united states of america who helped that reunion to win the second world war and later established an independent which later turned into the european union and thanks to the support of the united states, thank you to the solidarity and solidarity and
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also we are a free world over poland which liberated itself from the iron curtain which later led to the collapse of the iron curtain after the election in 1989. poland developed today as an independent, country which wants to build the european community in a country which also wants to build the european community. this is another key element of peace and good cooperation across the globe. thank you very much, mr. president. thank you, you for sure are someone at the united states to understand how it worked perfect. you understand that a friend looks at europe and it plays a
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role for peace around the globe for this beautiful development thank you mr. president for the extreme kindness towards poland and perfect understanding of polish matters which during this war visit during your memorable state that today access the monument of the word uprising that so immensely with the words which were of historic determination in europe, they showed what and this is a thank you for uttering those words and thank you for the policies being implemented right now that demonstrate that you are this kind of man and politician that things first and foremost more important and -- esther
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president --. this and the agreement we are signing were a political case memorandums of understanding which re-signed a moment ago one of them is concerning the military cooperation. as you mentioned there will be more troops in poland that will enhance preparations and this will be an enduring presence which hopefully will increase gradually in terms of numbers which is very important. thank you for the participation as published it's important not only to poland but also to europe and the baltic states
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and all of those to whom the enhance forward and other cases along the mainstream we are grateful for that for the remaining agreement, thank you for the agreement that talks about presenting and combating serious crime because closer to a waiver program between poland and it's so important and of crucial importance and thank you for energy in terms of supplies and the gas from the united states typically is delivered and we are signing for contracts and gas from the united states is coming in the gas from the united states that
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thank you there will be the best sources of the site and it also means the development of security for those and is good business for the united states. thank you also for the agreement of nuclear energy in regards to those purposes. i hope that together we will be able to implement this program with the benefit of protection across the will for the development of the security of my homeland. i'm deeply grateful, mr. president for this visit and i'm that you were able to show the very good separation we have as part of the european union and the united date and i firmly believe that thanks to your audible view of european matters and understanding the polish matters and our history,
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this will develop better and better also with the benefit for the united states whose interests you are resenting and also understanding the others. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. i will take a few question. thank you mr. president. earlier in the oval office, before your meeting with president duda you were great critical of germany, do you think that a move like this will put pressure on germany to meet requirements? >> no, i don't think so i think very strongly that germany is making a tremendous mistake by relying so heavily on the pipeline i think it's a
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tremendous date but germany will do just fine. but, i have been critical, the tremendous amount of energy applied by the pipeline at the same time having nothing to do with germany, poland would like to build a great facility and would like to have you come to the validity, so we would be there with limited force, but we will be there and we appreciate poland doing what they're doing, it's a great location and a tremendous plan and facility and it's our honor to be a friend of poland and when malan you and i were there not so long ago it was a special day, it was a special day for and also but a very special day for our country. so i appreciate that and i were relationship is a strong one . >> if i may have one more question . >> go ahead .
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>> and more recently you got another letter from kim jong un loan and today we hear -- north korea. so give us enough date on more of what was in the letter and if there is something in the works? >> he wrote me a very nice letter, and expect and someday you will see what's in that letter that someday you will read about it, may be in 100 years or maybe two week, who knows. it was a nice, very warm letter and i appreciated it. >> thank you very much. if i may for president duda, you said you have more troops today but did you like to see more so what is the number of troops you like to see in poland? >> that will always be the
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decision of the united states of america. >> 250,000 troops. [ laughter ] >> madame, it will always up to the united states to decide how many troops in our nation. i know the real situation on the ground plus the evidence of the us sustainability and the alliance and the u.s. soldier kindly treated in poland are received as friends and we are happy that they are serving our country would like to bond between poland and the united date be tighter but were also trying to create the best
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possible conditions for american soldiers. >> thank you very much. think you president trump and president duda. i have questions for both of you. we plan to enhance the u.s. military presence in poland. last year you promise that you would send a military operation training intelligence missile defense and it's happening right now. people in poland still remember your incredible feats in warsaw, wipe:? >> i have a very warm feeling for poland i always have and even beyond that because of the relationship that we've developed with the president and first lady and they are incredible people, hard-working smart, very industrious people.
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what they've done with the country over the last five years has been something the world has watched and marveled at. we are looking at going back to poland and i don't know what the president has in store but we look to go back in september . >> thank you. >> we've been talking about permanent or enduring -- what does that mean and when can we expect the troops to arrive .
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>> we understand it in the following way that were implementing a very calm but consistent policy terms that the united states in poland and the military presence off u.s. troops which today is about the troops and in other words, there is no moment where there are no true in poland and today we find the document. this moves us to another era and say that the americans we are testing the situation in poland, how it moves and feels and logistics whether it's possible to successfully obtain
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the goals and implement the task made here. i think the commander of the u.s. army -- today the documentary entering the presence and by they can go to the present and look at the condition. this has beneficial for those really understood. therefore this is an enduring presence and that we hope we can develop the 1000 mentioned by trump today which is a great agreement and very differentiated. one special operations so
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there's another form in which the united states will gradually be evermore present. this will show our corporation and were not talking about one single fate but a more comprehensive health protection for soldiers and another element happening. please remember that right now there is a new sensibility building. so, talking about the polish corporations that there are more elements and the number is great and i'm very happy with that. thank you very much . >> let's see, who do i like. nobody. that's the answer. go ahead. >> i wasn't pointing to you but you can go.
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>> i was pointing to my friend with the beautiful hat on. back all right . >> i will give a follow-up question . >> we will share the might. >> mr. president you seemed to suggest yesterday that you were essentially to committing to not find on north area . >> no . >> what i said that and i think that the difference in the interpretation i think we are going to do very well over a period of time. i'm in no rush, we have hostages back, you saw full ceremony in hawaii and we are getting the remains back. there's been no new we are testing whatsoever they'd like to do something, i did get as i said yesterday, very nice letter from the chairman and i think were doing well. when i took over as president look take it would be war with
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north korea you know that, everybody knows that, and it was going to be quite brutal. with a strong force. and we started off a rough relationship but now i think we have a very good relationship right now. we will see what happens i'm in no rush but there's been no new we are testing whatsoever. when i took over it was we are testing all the time. if you look back to the last four, five or six years, go back 20 years, 15 years. it was a dangerous situation and i consider it to be different now. i might change, you will know it very quick read. i will be quick to tell you what's going on. i may change but right now we have a good relationship and i think probably better than we've had for 25 years, maybe forever.
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they've been there a long time the grandfather, father, son, they've been there for a long time and no one has except. so, we see how it will pan out i hope it pans out well for you and everybody . >> i will give this up quickly. you see russia as an ally? >> are you talking to me? >> was that us that up question? >> i would like russia to be a friend of because they are great neighbor and it's a country much bigger than poland with a bigger potential than poland in every respect but we have more courage and we are more brave and courageous and that was the world of world war
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ii and we have seen this many times around the globe. they died to make sure that poland was free, this did not happen but even then for almost 20 years after world war ii -- they were murdered and today they would call them unbreakable soldiers. we commemorate their memory although they were underground and making it impossible to find their remains. so, we always knew how to defend ourselves. nevertheless, we never had a great friendship with russia, russia was always looking out to take our territory. poland did not exist for 22 years because part of the territory was taken by russia. then came in aggression and it
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rose in 1918 from the first world war and in 1919 they brought communism to western europe. we defeated them and then we changed back to the east in 1939 and together with [ null ] germany and murdering our officers so, as you can see that this friendship is a diff one. today were in the same situation the and in 2014 of these are facts which are belonging to our history. we rely on russia to be her friend but in originally russia is showing its unkind and does not want to be part of this and
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today we sit boldly that we truly are first and foremost in terms of politics, part of the west because we've always been part of the west because from the west we adapt did diplomacy come more than 1000 years ago. since that time we have been part of western europe and part of uplifting europe . >> we have to fix this in terms of politics and i firmly believe this is the biggest desire of polish people to be part of the west in terms of politics. thank you for reporting -- supporting us in this respect . >> just to finish i hope poland will have a great relationship with russia i really do because of what you and the string and maybe we help also because of what we are doing but i hope
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poland will have a great relationship with russia and i hope we have a great relationship with russia and china and many other countries. we look forward to doing things with north korea just to go back to the original part of the question, to see how that works out. i do want to say that we are in no hurry. the sanctions are on the china has been helping us write a bit and despite our great differences, we thought we had a deal but in originally they decided they would change the deal, and they can't do that with me but something will happen and i think it will be some very positive. we think we will get along with a lot of countries but frankly they didn't respect us very much because they were ripping us off for many years but they're not ripping us off anymore . >> what is your deadline if you have one for china to make progress on trade before you impose the tariffs on the other 325 dollars in good? >> we will need the the
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president and myself, he is for china and i'm for the u.s. big difference., we thought we had a deal, we didn't have a deal but i would never make some less than what we already had we had china open up the trade, they've never done that both or. we had intellectual property taken care of beautifully than all of the sudden the things started to disappear after they were fully negotiated. but that is their decision. i think if they had it to do again and in light of the fact that we have 22% on 2% of kids coming into the united states and then like a lot of countries they subsidize the goods and we haven't had in elation and they keep saying that the american taxpayers pay for but no, very little. what it really does mean is that a lot of the companies in china will move back to the u.s. you have car companies, general motors that built
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plants in china but that doesn't work very well with the tariffs because now they have to get through that and they can so maybe they will build plants in the united states instead. i think we will end up making a deal with china, there's a good relationship although it's a little testy right now as you would expect. i think they have to make a deal, lots of companies need china as you know. in all the reports, they go to vietnam and various other bases they are also coming to the united states to make their product because they don't want to pay the tariff. there is a tariff if you do it in the united dates, people don't realize that there is no tariff if you just do exactly as you say, you brinker company back to the united dates. as far as mex was concerned which was a good topic and now people are finding out that reports written were totally false, we would never have had a deal without imposing tariffs. once the tariffs will impose an
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they've been trying to make this deal and older reporters with gray hair in the back, you know what i'm talking about they would've never made a deal with mike there was a great deal with mexico and we have a much better relationship right now with mexico because they respect us again. you would have never made the deal of we didn't impose the tariffs, they were ready to go monday morning. we made a deal on sunday night. that extra little page of the deal that you saw that brilliantly i had such respect when i held it up to the sunlight it was closed and you could read it through this tonight, that was not anticipated but that you knew enough of what is that i didn't do it on purpose but we have a lot of strength if we decide to use it, maybe we will and maybe won't there is a lot of power
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right now at the border and i will say this, i was right now doing more for the united dates with illegal immigration and all the problem of crime, and other problems on the border. than the democrats. we can solve our problem on the border in 15 minutes if the democrats with sitdown straighten out asylum which is a total mess that very uncomplicated, straighten out asylum and get rid of, it would take 15 minutes thank you. >> my original question was do you have a deadline for imposing . >> no i have no deadline, my deadline is what is a peer, they will figure out the deadline, no one can quite figure it out. >> you said in the oval office earlier that democracy and poland was strong but not all your european union, part agree with that how is forcing supreme court justices to retire early consisting with
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democratic principles trump, is that something you support >> no. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a very complex issue and it's hard to answer the question because a lot of people in europe, as within the u.s. do not fully understand it because they haven't grown up in a country such as mine. i was born in 1972 in poland which was in russia and this was made only when a member of the communist party called people's power with supreme authority and this is what happened for many years. as you know the solitary movement groups of people were imprisoned and tortured and killed during the martial law and after as well. they openly in a secret way,
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this is the reality of poland until 1999 now imagine, ladies and gentlemen that not too long ago two years ago i was surprised to discover that in this the import there is a list of justices who were issuing sentences as judges, members of the communist party before 1990 who were even passing sentences in martial law and they could go to prison based on martial law. when i was asked whether this of course could be performed i said yes, it's supposed to be democratic, a country for our children for the generation born after 1989 then those people had to leave, they had to retire and this is what we saw. everything we were doing was aimed at retiring those people. as you can see, unfortunately, although 30 years past they have influence they were building this after 1989 were
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they assumed a new identity of an elite state and let me assure you of one thing that this is absolutely respected in poland, poland respect all of the united states of the freedom of speech, there is everything in a democracy no one can announce with the thinking demonstrate and say what they think in poland, people are not attacked in european countries. please do not use guns or tear gas, people can express their minds and police asked polish journalist when was the last station in poland when tension happened? it didn't because we respect the right to demonstrate and express concern because this is a condition of democracy in poland.
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there are free and just selections and come to poland and the poland with your own eyes, do not read the severe apartheid of the west. poland has white a conservative government with the standards of action that not everyone has tried the standard but, this is a part of democracy and you have one full political power and then another part comes forward and there's nothing extraordinary this change is happening in poland. they have the right to implement the program before the election, however, realizing that omitting the program which is presented, they think and obligation rest and its exact what's happening in poland. >>
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>> we have question for both mr. president you suggested moments ago that poland will join the labor program soon the houston >> fairly soon that were doing well with it it's a complex duration but were bidding close that we allow few countries to join but poland is when we are thinking about letting in and we will make a decision over the next 90 days. >> do you think that maybe when you're in poland and september, you will make the announce? >> i think it's a good idea, thank you very much for giving me that idea. >> it's a waiver program and then from donald trump. i'm looking at the word optimistic that i'm optimistic about that because i think this
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is the first u.s. administration that is treated this problem in a serious and comprehensive way. so, when we talk, mr. president of the president expresses he did care about that and also when we talk about the u.s. ambassador to look at the problem all the time, i firmly believe i'm in accordance with law binding the united states, according to the law, by all the actions cesarean such as the agreement presenting but early sanctions and programs have a waiver around i will be possible soon but anyway, that will be possible for the first term . >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you very much, thank
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you. [ applause ] is washing coming up thursday morning, georgia republicans senator david perdue respected his proposal to reform the congressional budget process.
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