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tv   House Judiciary Hearing on Issuing Subpoenas to Former Current WH...  CSPAN  July 17, 2019 6:47am-9:19am EDT

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captioning performed by vitac >> -- between the trump campaign and emissaries of the russian government and russian nationals. so there's lots of evidence of collusion. the special counsel said there was not sufficient evidence to charge criminal conspiracy, which i never thought there was because vladimir putin did not need eric trump and donald trump jr. to execute his plot against the american elections in 2016. all the trumps could do was mess it up, which they did because
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they blew the cover on the whole operation. that's the reality of the situation. but did the trumps call the fbi? did they call the federal election commission? no, they said come on in, let's see what we can do. i love it, i think we heard from the president's son. i love it. let's meet, let's see what you can give us about hillary clinton. well, then -- okay. well, i was just getting started. i wanted to respond to my friend from florida but i'm happy to take some other time if anybody yields back. >> the gentlelady from georgia, seat recognition. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i move to strike the last word. >> gentle lady is recognized. >> i would like to yield my time to my colleague ms. sheila jackson-lee from texas, please. >> i thank you so very much and i, first of all, thank the gentlelady from georgia for her leadership and all of my colleagues who have been superb on this issue. let me, first of all, because
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there have been a tone of my friends on the other side of the aisle make it very clear that democrats do not support open borders. that's the call for 2020, that democrats support open borders. as i sit next to my friend chairwoman laughlin we are reminded of our visits to the border in 2014 under president obama, both of us were standing at night as children came off of a bus and the administration handled it completely differently. it was not perfect, but they understood that they would not get the reputation that the united nations has declared owe bombable. in the eyes of the boards, the actions of this administration, the trump administration, are abominable. without mercy, without care. it is imperative that this committee that holds the highest ideals of investigation of this congress, the judiciary committee, over the decades of
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its incorporation, 1789 as i recall, that this committee has set to do justice. and i believe it is curious, if i might say so, that, first of all, the president of the united states are pushing law enforcement to do raids, to conspicuously announce national raids to create a massive hysteria and danger for officers and those, and to create more unaccompanied children. because the creation of unaccompanied children are not just those who come across, but as i was told at the border, oh, yes, they're unaccompanied because we have taken their family away. you take their family away from houston, san francisco, chicago and new york and elsewhere and you create unaccompanied children. and then i think it is
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particularly curious, and i want to thank the chairman, for the business insider said john kelly's new role on a detention center board set off ethics concern that he may be profiting from the children that he proposed and supported in a zero tolerance separation policy. amazing. absolutely amazing. that you leave from being the secretary of homeland security, the chief of staff of the president of the united states, promoting child separation, taking families away from their children, not being able to unite every single child with their parent who didn't speak the language and knew they were going to see their child again, and if anyone has joined me along with other members who saw the attempt to reunite and to see these mothers coming in with
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a pillowcase of clothing to get children who have been separated for months and to see the distance and the shock and the trauma of that child not even responding to that mother who was coming, longing to be reunited, the few that were lucky enough to be reunited and the child not responding because they had been traumatized. secretary kelly, you leave from this administration and go right to the actors who are in the midst of devastation and separating our children, my colleague from texas knows that we have something called emancipation center in our collective areas that we have been fighting against, that the doors are closed shut, that you can barely get up to the front yard when they are trying to remove you. we're doing the right thing and we will not be characterized as those who promote open borders. we will be characterized with
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those who are begging for comprehensive immigration reform or the right kind of response to those who want to come into this country in a legal way and those who are here undocumented who want to seek the opportunity to be status and citizens, the very ones who put on the uniform that i know that have gone to fight or to serve this nation. and so i hope that we can get a vote on this and that we will be able to move forward on these subpoenas so that we can do our oversight. i don't know if 11 sections is good, the gentlelady from georgia is not here and i don't know if i can give them to you. you have them. thank you. i yield back. >> gentle lady yields back. the question -- [ muted ].
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>> roll call was requested. >> no. >> all right. in the opinion of the chair the roll call is withdrawn. the amendment nature of a substitute is adopted. a reporting core rum being present the motion is to agree to the resolution as amended. those in favor respond by saying aye. >> aye. opposed no. >> now roll call. >> recorded vote has been requested. the clerk will call the roll. mr. nadler. >> aye. >> mr. nadler votes aye. miss laugh gr en. >> aye. >> ms. laugh gren votes aye. >> miss jackson-lee. >> aye. >> mr. cohen. >> aye. >> mr. johnson of georgia. >> aye. >> mr. johnson of georgia votes aye. >> mr. deutch. >> aye. >> ms. bass. >> aye.
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>> ms. bass votes aye. >> mr. richmond. >> aye. >> mr. richmond votes aye. >> mr. jeffries. mr. cicilline. mr. swalwell. >> aye. >> mr. swalwell votes aye. mr. raskin. >> aye. >> mr. raskin votes aye. ms. demings. mr. core rayia. >> aye. >> ms. scanlon. >> aye. >> ms. scanlon votes aye. >> ms. garcia. >> mr. neguse. >> aye. >> ms. mcbeth. >> aye. >> mr. stanton. >> aye. >> mr. stanton votes aye. ms. dean. >> aye. >> ms. dean votes aye.
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ms. powell. >> aye. >> missessms. escobar. >> mr. collins. >> no. >> mr. gomer. >> no. >> mr. jordan. >> no. >> mr. jordan votes no. >> mr. buck. >> no. >> mr. buck votes no. >> mr. radcliffe. ms. roby. >> ms. roby votes no. >> mr. gates. mr. johnson of louisiana. mr. biggs. mr. biggs votes no. mr. mcclinton. >> no. >> mr. mcclinton votes no. ms. lesko. >> no. >> mr. rugs that you willer. >> no.
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>> mr. klein votes no. >> mr. armstrong. >> no. >> mr. armstrong votes no. mr. steube. >> mr. steube votes no. >> the gentleman from new york. >> aye. >> mr. jeff frees votes aye. >> gentle lady from washington. >> aye. >> ms. jie opal votes aye. >> has every member voted who wishes to vote? the clerk will report. mr. chairman, there are 21 ayes and 12 nos. >> the a's have it. the resolution is amended as agreed to.
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today the house considers a resolution that would hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt of congress for failing to comply with subpoenas related to the 2020 census and the trump administration's efforts to add a citizenship question. follow the house debate live on c-span when members gavel in for legislative business at noon easter eastern. >> former supreme court justice john paul stevens has died. he was nominated in 1975 by gerald ford and served on the court for more than three decades before retiring in 2010. a statement from the court stayed justice stevens passed away due to complications from a recent stroke. he was 99. this weekend on book tv, saturday at 8:55 p.m. eastern
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author suketu mehta and his would think "this land is our land." >> look at a border when asked what are you, the difference between refugee or migrant or economic migrant, you know, can mean literally the difference between life and death. >> then sunday at 9:00 eastern on afterwards in their new book "justice on trial" the federalists molly hem ming way and carrie severino examine the confirmation of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh and the future of the court. they are interviewed by langs times supreme court correspondent david savage. >> we were trying to figure out in talking to all of these people who was -- and we saw a different judge kavanaugh on martha mccallum earlier that week, much more the bushy approach and then on thursday
9:13 am
when he really came out strong and it was fascinating to learn that, in fact, that was the person he really had been early on. >> as the court has -- has become more political in its decision making, you know, when it makes -- when it makes law rather than interpreting the law as it is written, that creates a very political situation and it's not all together surprising that it becomes the -- that the process itself becomes more political. >> at 11:00 eastern cbs news legal analyst came wehle offers her guide to reading and understanding the u.s. institution in her new book "how to read the constitution and why." >> so a question i get a lot on television and in regular conversation is can he do that? can the president do that? and what my answer is that's the wrong question. the question is if he does that, and we've had up until now presidents who don't cross certain boundaries, what's the consequence? what are the processes for holding a president accountable? >> watch book tv every weekend
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on c-span 2. >> sunday night on c-span's q & a -- >> we found that public officials, the people who really govern this country, it's not congress, it's not the president, it's bureaucrats. they write thousands of rules and regulations that have the force of law and we found out that they don't think much of ordinary americans. >> benjamin ginsburg, professor of political science and chair of governmental studies at johns hopkins university discusses his book "what washington gets wrong: the unelected officials who actually run the government and their misconceptions about the american people." >> what do we learn. >> we learn we elect a congress that makes the law, the president executes the law, the courts reviews the laws, but that ain't exactly how the system works. much of it we think of as the
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law consists of rules and regulations written by bureaucratic agencies, by cure democrats who are not elected by anyone and who often serve for decades. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q & a. >> we're live on capitol hill this morning as the senate homeland security committee is gathered for a hearing on the humanitarian situation on the u.s./mexico border. among the witnesses at today's hearing are members of the customs and border protection family and children custody panel. this is live coverage on c-span 2. we do expect it to start in just a moment.
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