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tv   Reel America Hunger Blockade - 1948  CSPAN  October 13, 2019 7:42pm-7:51pm EDT

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bernd: yes. hope: hear, hear! [applause] lovely reception planned. bernd: just enough chance to approach ralph, me, or hope. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: the u.s. office of government after world war ii produced the short film "hunger blockade." to tell the story of the berlin airlift from germany's perspective. originally in german, this english-language version was produced for distribution to audiences in europe.
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♪ word love the western sectors went into its first week. necessitated by the cold shortage, machines and the men who run them stood idle. prospects for normal working and living conditions looked dark. transportation was chaotic as each new day brought new hardships to the three western sectors. cut off from their radios come a people gathered at state corners to hear the u.s. operated
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loudspeakers. everyone asked the same question. where is the coal? the answer lay in homestead where train after train waited for the soviets to overcome their now famous technical difficulties. but the latest progress report issued by marshall's awful ski was merely the soviets are taking measures to repair the railroads. meanwhile, the western allies were continuing their own measures. measures to break the russian blockade. here, general sir brian robertson, british military governor, inspects operations at one field near hanover, as english planes load for the run to berlin. 50 minutes later, this air bridge unlike the bridge over
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the other is not in need of immediate repair and no technical difficulties. -- i no technical difficulties. this traffic. working together to aid berlin. whoever heard of a one-way bridge? why should 400 planes return empty everyday? that comes on the airmail stamps and letters reached the west and one day. class mail. day, another surprise. boatirst english flying goes onto the river. goodwill on the wing.
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eight tons of goodwill on every plane. and then it came. 54, rushed from the united states, alaska, and panama. coal over the air bridge. the western get sectors back into commission again. reminderk, a western that soviet sanctions are intolerable. meanwhile, the people of the western sectors took their own stand. all week, thousands turned out to hear their leaders pledge berlin freedom. here, a rally in the third berlin flats addressed by a doctor of the social democratic party. after all, was the least of berliners worries this week.
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through all the speeches ran the same appeal. berlin calls on the world. and the appeal was answered. first, from western germany itself. raymond,ony, frankfurt, cologne, bavaria. sending support, sending medical supplies, sending food. thecal of this action was support in hamburg where berlin's france floyd men appealed to a huge crowd before city hall. later, the city assembly called a special meeting to discuss the critical berlin situation. assembly president spoke first. the people of berlin has been cut off from all communications
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by land and water, through measures of their soviet authorities. this has brought about a hunger blockade. we consider this hunger blockade a crime against humanity. in the most that followed, all but the three commonest members supported measures designed to help the blockaded people of berlin. hamburg's mayor brower closed the meeting. berlin not to be pressured into surrendering their freedom and independence. no matter what measures are applied against them. but something further is necessary. an appeal to the other occupation powers.
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americans, the british, and the french. be steadfast. you must not give up berlin. dessert the berlin population. the berlin population. in london, foreign secretary bevins stated, we are lawfully in berlin and it is our intention to stay there. secretary of state marshall said, russia's attempt to isolate berlin raises basic questions with which we expect a deal probably. and then, the allied note to moscow issued simultaneously in
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london, paris, and washington, the meaning of this note was clear. berlin would be no second meaning. berlin would stay berlin. ♪ monday, columbus day, on american history tv, at noon, supreme court justices ruth bader ginsburg and sonia sotomayor discuss the judicial impact of the first woman on the u.s. supreme court. sandra day o'connor. >> let sandra, if you read between the lines, what she is saying is, if you want to improve the status of women in the nursing profession, the best way to do it is to get men to want to do the job because the pay inevitably will go up. [laughter] announcer: explore our nation's past on american history tv every weekend on c-span3


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