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tv   Toledo Mayor  CSPAN  October 20, 2019 4:40pm-4:46pm EDT

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announcer: you can watch archival films on public affairs in their entirety on our weekly series "reel america." saturday at 10:00 p.m. and sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern here on american history tv. this weekend, american history tv is joining our buckeye broadband cable partners to showcase the history of toledo, ohio. to watch more video from the cities on our current tour, visit we continue now with our look at the history of toledo. i thinkapszukiewicz: places like toledo are often taken for granted because there is such wonderful history here.
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over the years, toledoans have built things. we are known as the glass city because the first big break this area got is when the glass pioneers moved from boston to toledo in 1800s, drawn by a rich reservoir of natural gas and sand. mr. libby brought his new england glass company to toledo and opened a plant on ash street in north toledo and it is on the exact same site today. that was 1888. they invented fiberglass, literally. the glass industry was important and as the economy changed and things evolved, we started building other things, too. about 120 years ago, when automobiles started coming to
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market, toledoans started doing that. john willy's and the willies overland company was the largest employer in toledo for number of years. toledoans created and built the first suv, the first atv. in 1941, when the federal government was looking for the vehicle that general eisenhower felt he needed to traverse the rocky roads to berlin, the willies overland company in north toledo won that contract and created something we now know as the jeep. it was the first off-road vehicle ever. it is an important part of our history and a primary employer. now, manufacturing is still crucial but we have diversified into health care and other fields that are more white collar and protect us from dips in the auto industry. frankly, i think we should
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market ourselves as the water belt. toledo, and other cities in the great lakes region, are sitting on 20% of the freshwater on planet earth. 20% of all the freshwater on planet earth is located in our backyard. i believe if this region can hang on and look for creative ways to reinvent itself, by the end of this century, when water is a desperately sought scarce not only in this country but across the globe, it will not be a bad thing to be sitting on top of 20% of the earth's freshwater capacity. i think if this region, the country can harness it, we can see a real growth that could turn the tables and tilt the scales in our direction. tour staffour cities recently traveled to toledo, ohio to learn about its rich history.
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to watch more video from toledo and other stops on our tour, visit you are watching american history tv, all weekend, every weekend, on c-span3. q&a,ncer: tonight on american university distinguished professor of history, alan crowd, looks back at policies on managing immigration. >> i would argue that the current waves of nativism, anti-immigrant sentiments him, of xenophobia is not different from what we have seen in the past. be while it seems to us to peppered with acts of violence and veracity, there have been other acts of violence. anti-immigrant riots in the period before the civil war. anti-immigrant riots in the 1880's. there have been a lot of moments in american history when the
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anti-immigrant sentiment has been translated into true ugliness. announcer: watch tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. announcer: in 1981, president ronald reagan nominated sandra day o'connor to be the first woman to serve on the supreme court. next on american history tv, panelists including one of o'connor's sons discuss the factors, characteristics, and qualifications that led to her appointment. this talk was part of an all-day conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of o'connor's -- 38th anniversary of o'connor's senate confirmation. the ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute hosted the event. [applause] john: good afternoon. for those i have not had a chance to meet, my name is john hi bush. i have the honor of being executive director of the ronald reaganre


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