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tv   The Presidency Pat - A Tribute to the First Lady - 1972  CSPAN  October 20, 2019 7:50pm-8:00pm EDT

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he was not honest and truthful the president, which to me is unconscionable. announcer: watch afterwards tonight at 9:00 eastern on book tv on c-span 2. ♪ >> the house will be in order. announcer: for 40 years c-span has been providing america unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public events from washington dc and around the country so you can make up your own mind. 1979, c-spanble in is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. ♪
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>> now i am in a bit of an awkward position, because i have to welcome her back officially. welcome herave to back personally. protocolur chief of how i should address her. so he wrote me a memorandum. he said you can call her misses nixon or you can call her madame ambassador. but i guess i will just call her pat. welcome home, pat. ♪
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>> for 32 years, it is a partnership, forging a political career together, bringing up a family together. the bond strength things with the years -- strengthens with the years. share in the joy of victory, but their bond is also tempered in the crucible of defeat. >> and he does become our next president, that he will have my support. [applause] she shares with the triumph, the nation welcomes a new president and a new first lady. pat knows that the white house
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is many things. official ceremony, executive headquarters, but more than any time before, it is the place where the people are welcome. guests findeption, the first lady a hostess of dignity and warmth. theheir first two years, president and his first lady entertained 13,000 guests at dinner alone. pat is the president's lady and more. out of her desire to serve from her decent -- deep interest and love of all people, she emerges as a force in her own right. her ready warmth extends itself across the nation. when the president against his legacy and parks program, turning the eye of government land into recreational areas, pat goes there, participating in the front.
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>> oh my goodness. how marvelous. we wish you good luck. how about this for a golf ball? comes to mclean, virginia, medford, oregon. the first lady. elegant, but never aloof. reachable. a new park at border field, california is cause for a visit to another country. a fence separates the mexican people a few feet away, but they
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extend her welcome and she extends hers. >> i am going to come around. >> pat orders the fence taken down. are other hands that stretch out to pat. comfort, andng others equally in need. from the deprived to the infirmed, pat symbolizes and nation's concern. -- a nation's concern. that concern extends to the victim of peru's terrible earthquake in july 1970. pat asks if she can come and they say yes, please. she brings not only money but plane loads of precious medical supplies. they know what she feels is real. she, too, is wife, mother, parents. . -- with
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as befits the first lady in the president's daughter. [applause] now, she's officially made madame ambassador. the first president's lady to do so. she travels to africa as his representative. she talks to heads of state. she will brief them on the president's forthcoming trip to china and the soviet union. ghana, to the ivory coast, she meets the leaders and she meets the people. to common man and to the exalted, there is the same gentle directness, the same
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human warmth, as they take her to their hearts. ♪ has --t nixon: she will bring the report to the president. friendship between three african nations and her own. the president and his first lady go there together. >> it is difficult for anyone to
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be in the public eye all the time. it is difficult for anyone to be an example. i do not think there is any moment when she was not the first lady in her public appearances. >> accompanying the president, the first lady lends a quality only she can. while he negotiates with heads of state, she shows the softer side. her rapport with people, her interest in them, creates an atmosphere of affection and trust. she represents best the president's policy of reconciliation. the desire for a people to people bond that reinforces the universal desire for peace.
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♪ her return from the russian trip, pat is welcomed by congress with an outpouring of enthusiasm and appreciation. it is received by all and returned full measure. she has been by his side and she has been his ambassador through half 1,000,000 miles. 75 countries. in every state of the union. has emerged this new force and diplomacy, for goodwill, for concern. at, sheambassador, or p embodies something of this country at its best. a touch of the american dream. announcer: pat nixon entered the
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white house as first lady 50 years ago in january 1969. work,we hear about her interests and track -- contributions. the white house historical association and richard nixon foundation cohosted this event. >> good evening, everyone. to all of our friends here and those watching by c-span and on facebook live, my name is stuart. and i am the president of the white house historical association. it is my privilege to commute to the historic house as well as to the white house historical association. tonight's


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