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tv   Sen. Joe Manchin on West Virginias Economy  CSPAN  November 16, 2019 10:04am-10:31am EST

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instead, the secretary of war, part of the presidential cabinet , henry l simpson, put what we would think about the national guard on standby in nearby fort myers. when the crowd got really unruly and started manhandling and being aggressive towards the suffragist, that's when they literally called in the cavalry and had that group serve as protectors of suffragists. it was quite dramatic in that sense. the suffragists were not expecting these huge crowds. but they did upstage president wilson, the next day was his inaugural speech for his first term as president, and almost nobody showed up to his speech. andsked, where is everyone,
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he was told that all the spectators had come out the day before to see the suffragists. continue to tour on american artifacts, sunday at 6:00. you are watching american history tv. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] about wests learning virginia's history. we speak to current senator joe mansion on the state economy and his idea 80'ss for the future. -- on his ideas for the future. senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. virginia'sabout west sense of place, who lives here? sen. manchin: i was born and raised tears on one of the lucky and raisedwas born
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here, so i was one of the lucky ones. , at ourkennedy centennial, came back, west virginia was critical for him to win her he would not have been president. we were small percentage of catholics, mostly lutheran. they thought religion would be a stumbling block and he proved he could win in west virginia. 1963 for ourin centennial. it was raining cats and dogs and he says the sun may not always shine in west virginia, but the people do. that defines who we are as a people more than anybody could have done. the people always do shine, they are optimistic, hard-working, we have always done heavy lifting. whether it's the tendering -- the timbering from way back when, to the mining and the coal
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thatg that made the steel melted guns and ships and factories. west virginia plays a pivotal is the united are states of america. if you look at the shape of our state, there's not another state lines, many unbelievable borders, and boundaries. that duringoln did the civil war, we became estate during the conflict of the civil war. our culture is deep in history and tradition. >> what are the biggest economic drivers? , and the markets are changing. now we have gas and natural resources as far as gas, and properties from butane. we becamek into how an energy driver, first it was
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mines that led into the: doyle. .- the coal and oil and it became a tremendous driver for nearly a whole .entury now there are new forms. we have been a net exporter of energy. west virginia, has kept most of mines,t coast, the coal fueling world war i into to victory. now we have a technology sector that is blossoming. and we can be the playground of the east, the river gorge, the home to the boy scouts of america which is now boys and girls and a way to build teambuilding fortune 500 companies and companies from all over the world are coming there. you have the white water rafting
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, hiking, it goes on and on. we just need to sell ourselves little more than what people might know of us. there's an old saying that if you do not tell your story that someone will tell one on you. we have allowed too many people to tell stories about west virginia. ashley: there's a stereotype that goes along with west virginia and it can be the punchline to jokes. what do you think are the largest misconceptions? sen. manchin: i tell all of the .tudents that i grew up there i traveled with my parents out-of-state and someone would save where you from and you would say west virginia and it would be the first time i told your -- we joke about your state and they have never been. over time it wears. , in i got to public office had a chance to speak and try to educate kids.
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i said here's what i want you to do. when you are traveling out of state, and you know that question, where you from, and you know the responses you might get, if you don't enter into a properly, said here's what i want you to do. you say let me tell you where i'm from, you might be surprised, i'm from the most patriotic state in the nation, we have more veterans per capita and it produces the energy and has done heavy lifting. mined the coal -- we cold -- the coal. i'm from west virginia and you probably want to come and visit. take the offense and tell your story before they tell one end you have to defend it. that's what we are trying to do, to instill that pride. ashley: what problem does the fate -- the state faced today?
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sen. manchin: the same problem as a lot of other states. than any more energy state in part of the world. and suddenly southern west virginia gets left behind. we have to diversify, natural gas has come on strong, you look at people -- butane, propane, and ethane, those of the building blocks for manufacturing. river and wehio can invigorate that with manufacturing and become energy for the united states. right now all of our energy is clustered around louisiana and texas. this is what we are fighting for . there's always going to be a certain amount of fossils. we could be showing the world how to use it in a much cleaner way.
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should not be running out of methane -- running off of methane. that could be captured for valuable resources. the same with coal, which can be burned in a cleaner way. we are finding new technologies for sequestration. if you believe you can change the climate by lamination you are living in a fantasy. the rest of the world is using more fossil than ever before. they are coming into what we did 100 years ago. inyou lived in west virginia ,930, and most of rural america 20% of people have electricity. and if it was not for rural electrification from -- from fdr and co-ops going into the area , we werekets would not able to be really innovative in
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saying how can we get everyone in this country the opportunity to have access to electricity and energy. it changed to we were, who we are today. now we are talking about we have to do it with broadband and high-speed internet. we are behind there. that will be the game changer. so the opportunity for diversification, infrastructure including high-speed internet and cell services and getting ready for 5g, making sure that we are not getting left behind, these are the concerns that we are worried about and we are fighting every day to make sure we move together at the same time. hithe opioid epidemic has west virginia pretty hard. how does the state recover? sen. manchin: education, first of all. doctors should not be writing prescriptions for opioids every time you get a headache. every time you have a minor
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procedure. it has gotten out of hand. fda in the 1980's looked at pain being a symptom of wellness, it was really with , theylitary and the v.a. were saying our returning people from combat would have pain levels and purdue pharma cyst had a miracle drug called oxycontin which will give you 24 hours of relief with no side effects or addiction. that was a lie and the rest was history. that genie got out of the box. the fda started allowing things to come to market. asked ask a doctor -- doctor how much education you have had on dispensing, recurring education, continuing ed, did you have to have in order to keep the license -- there is no license for dispensing, if you are a doctor
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you should be able to dispense. we have seen so many segments of flooding the markets and destroying lives. a lot of people died in west virginia and around the country. death.lievable amount of more than any two wars put together. we have to have continuing education for doctors, who should have dispensing licenses and be up on their education of what's going on, not prescribing more than three to five days, not 30 to 90 days. in 2010 they were having vicodin on a schedule to -- schedule three, i'm sorry, and that means you could dispense the drug for 90 days, writing a prescription for 90 days. and it destroyed our state. when you have a state with a lot of hard workers there will be injuries.
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when there are injuries he will see doctors visits. .o here's a new miracle drug and we have a tremendous challenge on our hands across the country. ashley: you have been vocal on your feelings about washington, d.c. and missing west virginia. there was a lot of speculation you would come back and run for governor. but you have announced that you will stay in the senate, why? sen. manchin: there's public service and self-service. from the self-service, i want to come home. from the public service, i just got elected in 2018, i'm the ranking member on the energy and natural resources committee, in appropriations i'm able to make sure that west virginia does not get left behind. that is energy changes in the country that we are able to be
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able to provide the quality of energy this country needs in the cleanest fashion, and show the rest of the world. and making sure as we do broadband and high-speed disbursements, right now we are talking about a $20 billion investment in rural america. the sec maps are all wrong -- the fcc maps are all wrong. -- the only person fccce that challenged the in their speed testing with the for .5d we stopped first billion from being distributed, we were left behind and i said we were not. we showed official that we did not have the coverage. we are changing and i have the chance to do that. i could walk away and someone new would come into the senate,
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they would start over as a freshman. a lot is going to happen in andgy and infrastructure i'm thinking what's my purpose as a public service -- purpose, is it public service or self-service? ashley: you are one of the few moderate democrats and a key swing vote, how does partisanship play a role? sen. manchin: i've never been a partisan person. my grandparents were democrats and so were my parents and i'm a democrat because i always felt as a democrat, when everything is said and done, a democrat will go to the bottom of their hard to find a way to help -- their heart to find a way to help. there's no stopping. but i've always been a responsible democrat, saying i will give you a hand up, but i will not give you a hand out
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when you can help yourself. i think the good lord gave us different challenges and other people different challenges to see how we would react. some people need assistance for the remainder of their life and we have to be there for them. others should be contributing to help those people. when you have people who can contribute that are sucking off , and if we don't step up to the plate, then we are not doing our jobs. a lot of people believe that if you're a democrat you are for giveaway programs and holding nobody accountable. they are totally wrong. managedhe best financial position when i was the governor. if you cannot get your financial house in order you will not be able to help those. my grandfather once said don't
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-- i was a hip-hop, can i have five dollars. he would say sure, no problem, here's the broom and shovel, take care of the parking lot and come back over. he knew who needed help and he was going to help, but he wanted them to help themselves. a mine tragedy, he was the first with the local groceries and helping that family month after month until they got on their feet. i am, and i who want to get off the couch and do something, i will not give you a handout. i will be the best partner you have ever had but i will not be a provider and i will take care of those he cannot take care of themselves. that means you need to have a balance. i'm not challenge at all because i don't feel challenged.
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i feel good who i am, if i cannot come home and explain it i cannot vote for it. i don't care for the democrat issue. i have been many times the only democrat voting for something because it made sense and i could explain it back home. there has been times when i felt very strongly about what my republican colleagues were doing , and unfair tax bill or getting rid of the affordable care act, i'm not sure i would have a vote of 42,009, once i got there it was what we had in front of us and we had a chance to repair it . and we cannot get mitch mcconnell to put the bills through to repair it. they want to repeal because they promised to repeal. and i think we are there to fix things. west virginians with pre-existing conditions will lose their ability to have health care, that is sinful. soul, let's fix something.
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you proposed a bill that would strengthen background checks on gun sales. is there any effort to revive that? sen. manchin: absolutely. in 2013, how i came about writing that legislation, after the horrible tragedy at sandy hook, and these babies, five and six years old, it was horrendous. something has to be done. you cannot just step back. i will never forget, it happened on friday, thursday or friday. by tuesday the next week we were on the floor and everybody on the senate was talking about banning this and banning that. i said you are assuming because that law-abiding gun owner i don't want to do something
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about these horrific people who are mentally deranged to have done what they've done. but you have to look at the whole picture. somebody says we will ban these weapons, these are people who probably had never shot a gun and did not know what they were talking about. i said why don't you think about this, you have some loopholes, mental school safety, health identification to prevent people who are mentally deranged to be able to purchase a gun. keeping guns away from the wrong people for the wrong reason should be the thing we should achieve. ,irst, you can go to a gun show wherever they are having it, and you can walk in there, and most s are licensed firearm dealers for they have to do a background check. but there may be a table, 5, 10, where collectors are selling their guns.
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they are not required to do background checks. so when you see isis and jihadists say go to your local gun show and purchase what you want and recap it can america -- and recap it in a mac -- greek havoc in america, they arise. i was taught not to sell to evenne who was -- i don't load my gun to a family member who is not responsible. give me that benefit. if that's the case, i just told you, a law abiding gun owner will not sell to a stranger. internet andon the with the way the law is, inter-and intra-state. if you are in charleston, west send it. you can
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if you're in columbus, ohio, you are supposed to, by law, send it to a dealer and have a person pick it up. there are many loopholes. so we set a commercial universal,check, not saying the father could not give it to their son without a background check, just give me the benefit of the doubt. so we took a very pragmatic approach. i think it's important and i've spoken to the president many times. every week it's another chaotic moment and we are not taking care of the business we should be. and there will be another horrendous tragedy in america that should not happen. we can get involved. andnts know, people families know, schools no, someone whose behavior is completely different, that we
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should be intervening before something horrible happens. ashley: as 2020 approaches, west virginians will go to the polls for a presidential and gubernatorial election. what did they want to see from elected officials? sen. manchin: someone who has west virginia first and foremost in their heart and soul, who understands who we are. who leads by example. that's what we need. who says be someone we're going to change education. jobs at ourot be public schools without a career path. community and technical education should move down to jr. high-end high school so we can develop skill sets early. fine,going to academia is but we need to do that, every child should come out of public education graduating from high
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school with an associate degree if they are not going into academia. we have to get involved. we have 10,000 children who are homeless and there should not be one child without a bed to sleep in. if someone does not have that in their heart and soul and leadership, then we will have a problem. when a person says i want you to for for me as a run governor, congress, senator, or any position, ask him why he wanted the job. if they cannot give you the answer, if they are not willing to fight, you have the wrong person. senator, thank you for your time. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> are cities tour stop recently charleston -- traveled to charleston, west virginia. can go to our
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website. you are watching american weekend, every weekend, on c-span three. this weekend, book tv will feature three new nonfiction books. donald trump, jr. talks about his book, triggered, on the tactics used by the political left that in his view slanders can hurt but if. -- slanders conservatives. about her minow talks book, one should law forgive? she is interviewed by a georgetown law professor, paul butler. serve theire who sentences have collateral consequences of their crimes, not allowed to vote in many places. not allowed to keep their children, not allowed to get housing in certain places read enough is enough, -- in certain
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places. enough is enough. we should find a way to acknowledge forgiveness. at 10:00, nikki haley with her book, with all due respect. watch book tv every weekend on c-span two. sunday night on q and a, pamela constable talks about her experiences covering her region. >> people say things that are critical of the united states, commonwest, that is more than somebody saying something offensive about being a woman are causing problems. -- four causing problems. and i'm speaking great -- or causing problems. i'm speaking very broadly here but people are more likely to be helpful to a woman than a man,
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but they may take advantage of you. but if they are not going to like something about you, it will not be because you're a woman, it will be because you are an american. >> watch sunday night on q and a. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] >> next on american history, the reasons men supported the 19th amendment, this national archives event is one of a series associated with an americanwifely hers, women and the vote. welcome to the, theater at the national archives. i'm deborah, deputy archivist of the united states. i'm pleased you could join us. whether you are here at the theater or joining us through facebook, youtube, or c-span. tonight's


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